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White Rabbit Pool Party at Delano

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 12, 2012 – This Sunday was another great success at the White Rabbit Pool Party at the Delano. All of the bathing beauties soaked up the sun and Miami locals celebrated the birthday of resident DJ Spencer Gordon.

Debora Cianflone, Amanda Leng, & Alyssa Lotto

April, Marlene, & Nancy

Iana Yael

Karla Deleon

Iana Yael, Dave Sol, & Karla Deleon

Iana Yael, Brittany Thomas, Vanessa Fernandez, & Karla Deleon

Brittany Thomas, Vanessa Fernandez, Spencer Gordon, Iana Yael, & Karla Deleon

Vanessa Fernandez, Iana Yael, Spencer Gordon, & Karla Deleon

Justin Sheppard, George Acosta, & Spencer Gordon

Lala & Candice

Lala, Candice, & Dave Sol


Leslie Fernandez, Yani Salgado, & Malinda Hernandez

Ninna Cooper

Jessica Touzet & Laura Rodriguez

Jonathan de Castro & Adri Pavon

Spencer Gordon & Iana Yael

Spencer Gordon

Annelisse Curra & Lise Fontanilles

Andres Asion’s Birthday

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Miami- Jan. 14, 2012– The lights shined bright above the Miami skyline at the penthouse rooftop of the Icon South Beach. Andres Asion and Wendy Grant, celebrated their birthdays together with close family and friends, where donations were collected to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. DJs Sandman and Irie kept the dance floor hot and momentum high during the cool evening with their sounds. The soiree proved to be a great success, benefiting a good cause.

Wendy Grant & Andres Asion

Wayne Boich, Dora Puig, & Andres Asion

Olga Garrido, Wendy Grant, Luly Valls, & Sofia Ilaneza

Olga Garrido, Sofia Ilaneza, & Luly Valls

Claudia Cardona, Jamie Coco, Tara Zottola, & Marianne Delionado

DJ Irie, Andres Asion, & DJ Sandman

Sean Wolfington, Beau Ferrari, Maria Elena Salinas, & Wendy Grant

Ana Wolfington & Juliana Velez

Andres Asion & Sean Wolfington

Brian Burke, Christine Martinez, & Andres Asion

Andres Asion & Wendy Grant

Karelia Leon & Yani Salgado

Colleen Chambers & Jaedra Wedel

Lisette Riera, Karen Lapekas, & Talia Matey

Yani Salgado

Andres Asion

Andres Asion

Austin Gorris, Jeremy Doan, Ashlee Doan, & Kari Herrick

Dora Puig & Daisy Olivera

Eugene Ramirez & Daisy Olivera

Ignacio Caltagirone & Alexia Bermello

Jason Dubler, Nicole Cunnigham, Laura Buccellati, & Chad Lehman

Manny Arvesu & Saline Arvesu

Maria Asion & Andres Asion

Nicole Sontica & Benjamin Jaras

Roger Borges & Rodner Figueroa

Susie Valls, Alfredo Gonzalez, Christi Elias, Rita Dargham, & Israel Gonzalez

Talia Matney & Karen Lapekas

Wayne Boich & Andres Asion

Wendy Grant