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Rosé Sundays at Nautilus

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

1-Chaing Y Su Trova Espiritúana5

Miami Beach, FL – January 15, 2017 – Rosé Sundays at Nautilus called for lots of bubbly and endless eats under the sun.

3-DSC_7340 4-DSC_7352 5-DSC_7374 6-DSC_7343 7-DSC_7347 8-DSC_7370 9-DSC_7498 10-DSC_7504 11-DSC_7513 12-DSC_7558

13-Arnaud Espineira & Loypa Betancourt1

Arnaud Espineira & Loypa Betancourt

14-DSC_7533 15-DSC_7526 15.1-DSC_7563

15.2-Yarlene Solano, Richard Fuentes, & Elie Delphin2

Yarlene Solano, Richard Fuentes, & Elie Delphin


15.4-Richard Fuentes9

Richard Fuentes

15.5-DSC_7452 15.6-DSC_7380 15.7DSC_7384 15.8-DSC_7407 15.9-DSC_7399 17-DSC_7397

Sundays at The Deck at Island Gardens

Thursday, January 19th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 15, 2017 – The Deck at Island Gardens is the perfect way to end the weekend by sipping cocktails and enjoying the view.

1.3-DSC_8418 3-DSC_8318 4-DSC_8314 5-DSC_8384 6-DSC_8388 7-DSC_8392 8-DSC_8424 9-DSC_8435 10-DSC_8442 11-DSC_8448

12-Daniella & Iris Green10

Daniella & Iris Green

12.3-Marcela Gomez, Sara Mesa, Christina Iagoudes15

Marcela Gomez, Sara Mesa, & Christina Lagoudes

13-Brittany Pelaez, Belkis Pelaez & friends

Brittany Pelaez& Belkis Pelaez


14.3-Mila Kravtsova & friends12

Mila Kravtsova

15-Christina Iagoudes & friend17

Christina Lagoudes

16-Alena Kozhevnikova & Ksenia Bova2

Alena Kozhevnikova & Ksenia Bova


16.2-Yazmine & Ines Cortes5

Yazmine & Ines Cortes

16.3-Kristen & Josh Thomas4

Kristen & Josh Thomas

17-DSC_8563 17.1-DSC_8560 17.9-DSC_8495 18-DSC_8502 19-DSC_8512 20-DSC_8357


DJ Apache

22-Apache5 23-DSC_8524 24-DSC_8588 25-DSC_8597 26-DSC_8573 27-DSC_8453 28-DSC_8614

Secret Sin Sundays at WALL

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 15, 2017 –WALL’s Secret Sin Sundays was the place to be to end the weekend with a bang.

1.5-IMG_4815 2-IMG_4802 3-IMG_4771 4-IMG_4759 5-IMG_4821 6-IMG_4680 7-IMG_4721 8-IMG_4709 8.1-IMG_4789

8.2-Leo Medina1

DJ Leo Medina

8.3-Jonathan Estallo & Leo Medina 2

Jonathan Estallo & DJ Leo Medina

8.4-Jonathan Estallo, Livitup, Leo Medina & Friends0 8.5-Jonathan Estallo, DJ Liv It Up, DJ Leo Medina & Friends3

8.6-Louis Dee, Jonathan Estallo & DJ Liv It Up 7

Louis Dee, Jonathan Estallo,DJ Leo Medina, & DJ Liv It Up

8.7-IMG_4837 8.8-IMG_4776

9-Amber-Leigh Caropolo & Tessa Caropolo3

Amber-Leigh Caropolo & Tessa Caropolo

12-IMG_4607 13-IMG_4611 14.1-IMG_4782 14.2-IMG_4747 15-IMG_4634

16-Jonathan Estallo & Friends1

Jonathan Estallo

17-IMG_4797 18-IMG_4630 19-IMG_4622 20-IMG_4798 21-IMG_4828

Crew Love at Basement Miami

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach , FL – January 15, 2017 – Sunday night at Basement was filled with adventure when party-goers came to end their weekend the right way with music, bowling, and iceskating.


4-Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj3_new

Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj

5-Just Dimy0_new

Just Dimy


7-Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas9_new

Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas


Arielis Fuentes

8-IMG_4539_new 9-IMG_4546_new 10-IMG_4582_new 11-IMG_4551_new 13-IMG_4547_new 15-IMG_4567_new 16-IMG_4553_new

BOOMBOX at Basement Miami

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Basement Miami kept party goers entertained all night long with its one of a kind atmosphere and killer music.

1.1-DSC_8144 1.2-DSC_8163 1.3-DSC_7720 1.4-DSC_7734

1.6-Dj Justdimy0

Just Dimy

1.7-Dj Justdimy2 1.8-DSC_7780 1.9-DSC_7996 2-DSC_7888

3-Morgan Paige

Morgan Paige

4-Gio Profera1

Gio Profera

5-Gio Profera2

6-Anabelle Rodriguez, Monica Coleman & Friend2

Anabelle Rodriguez & Monica Coleman

6.5-Anabelle Rodriguez, Monica Coleman & Friend4

6.7-Katia Herrera & Elisa Rodriguez1

Katia Herrera & Elisa Rodriguez

6.9-Arthur Sotelo & Fruend

Arthur Sotelo

8-Hector Posada & Friends1

Hector Posada

8.5-DSC_7743 9-DSC_7965 10-DSC_8086 11-DSC_7797 11.3-DSC_7784.jpg. 11.4-DSC_7976 12-DSC_7902

House Saturdays at WALL

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Saturday night at WALL was live when dancers filled the room with energy.

2-DSC_6647_new 2.1-DSC_7038_new

2.2-Ekaterina Sokareva & friend2_new

Ekaterina Sokareva

2.3-Marko Gojanovic & friends_new

Marko Gojanovic


3-Greta Kriauciunaite_new

Greta Kriauciunaite

5-Diaine Freitas2_new

Diaine Freitas

9-Denian Costa & friend_new

Denian Costa


11-DSC_6942_new 12-DSC_6094_new

13-Andrew Stankus & friend_new

Andrew Stankus

14-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

15-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret1_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

16-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret3A_new 17-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret1A_new 18-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret2A_new

19-Willy Monfret & Antonio Martucci3_new

Willy Monfret & Antonio Martucci

20-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, Patrick Pizzorni & friends9_new

Willy Monfret

21-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & friends8_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

22-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & friends3_new

22.4-Willy Monfret, Patrick Pizzorni, & friend13_new

Willy Monfret & Patrick Pizzorni

23-Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, Willy Monfret, & friends6_new

Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, & Willy Monfret

24-Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, Willy Monfret, & friends4_new

25-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & Patrick Pizzorni9_new

25.2-Marko Gojanovic & friends1_new

Marko Gojanovic

25.3-DSC_6519_new 26.1-DSC_6000_new 26.3-DSC_5958_new

27-Antonio Martucci_new

Antonio Martucci

28=DSC_6888_new 30-DSC_6915_new 33-DSC_6104_new 33.7-DSC_7024_new 34-DSC_7020_new

Cherry Pop Saturdays at Sidebar

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Sidebar is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy the Miami weather with good vibes and even better music.

2-DSC_1887 3-DSC_1891 3.5DSC_1907

5-Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

5.5-DSC_1934 5.6-DSC_1870

6-Derek Rosada & Friend

Derek Rosada

7-Dainel Smanrara & Friends

Daniel Smanrara

8-DSC_1815 9-DSC_1843 10-DSC_1875

11-Nathalie Acevedo

Nathalie Acevedo


13-Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

15-Carla Andrenia & Domingo Murillo

16-Domingo Murillo & Friends

Domingo Murillo


19-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs DJing

Spinser Tracey & DJ Rob Riggs

20-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs

Miami City Ballet’s Hip, Hop, Plié at 1306

Monday, January 16th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Members of Miami City Ballet’s Upper Room enjoyed a unique event: “Hip, Hop, Plié.” Guests and MCB dancers gathered at 1306 Miami after Program Three at the Adrienne Arsht Center to witness live art by Phil Shapiro/Philson Art, enjoy complimentary Absolut ELYX cocktails and to dance to the sounds of DJ Hans, courtesy of PopLife. MCB welcomed several of their young patron’s society members and friends, including notable guests Matthew Ferrara, Sean McCormick, Elena Vertlib, Kesi Gibson and Florian Jouin, and Upper Room Committee members Danny Jelaca and Jessica Shults Figueroa.

1.1-DSC_4031 1.2-DSC_4004 1.3-DSC_3998 12.1-DSC_4160

12.2-Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, & Paula Frederic2

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, & Paula Frederic

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, Caroline Bidermann, Sylviane Mauboussin, & Patrick Mauboussin

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, Caroline Bidermann, Sylviane & Patrick Mauboussin

Antonio Beck, Savine Otamensi, Julian Duque, Roberto Rubalcaba, & Richard Tojdowski

Antonio Beck, Savine Otamensi, Julian Duque, Roberto Rubalcaba, & Richard Tojdowski

Kristen Haake, Chris Haake, Elena Vertlib, Beau Hequin, & Gustavo Perez

Kristen Haake, Chris Haake, Elena Vertlib, Beau Hequin, & Gustavo Perez

Carlos Lopez, Nina Bergeret, Adrian Burke, & Anabella Harvey

Carlos Lopez, Nina Bergeret, Adrian Burke, & Annabel Harvey

16.2-Andy Nichelson, Christina Choi, & Julian Duque1

Andy Nichelson, Christina Choi, & Julian Duque

16.3-Matthew Ferrara & Chanei Ferrara1

Matthew & Chanei Ferrara

16.4-DSC_4228 16.5-DSC_4240

16.6-Zoe Sigle & Gabriel Villar del Saz2

Zoe Sigle & Gabriel Villar del Saz

17-Christina Choi & Andy Nichelson

Christina Choi & Andy Nichelson

18-Billy Cordon & Danny Jelaca4

Billy Cordon & Danny Jelaca

19-DJ Hans4

DJ Hans

21-DSC_4149 22-DSC_3990 23-DSC_3978 24-DSC_4316 25-DSC_4318 26-DSC_4274 27-DSC_4268 28-DSC_4283 29-DSC_4049

30-Elena Vertlib & Beau Hequin1

Elena Vertlib & Beau Hequin

31-Alex Soto & Laura Soto4

Alex & Laura Soto

32-Anton Kuzmin & Kesi Gibson7

Anton Kuzmin & Kesi Gibson

33-Katherine Grace McGee & MacGregor McGee2

Katherine Grace & MacGregor McGee

34-Ray Figueroa & Jessica Figueroa2

Ray & Jessica Figueroa

Teresa Cerrico, Aramis Lorie, & Anabella Harvey

Teresa Cesario, Aramis Lorie, & Annabel Harvey

Justin Pallack, Teresa Cesario, Josh Wagner, Jannelle Urrutia, & Gabe Urrutia

Justin Pallack, Teresa Cesario, Josh Wagner, Jannelle & Gabe Urrutia

Miami City Ballet Celebrates Opening of Program II with Exclusive Reception at The Deck at Island Gardens

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 13, 2017 – Miami City Ballet celebrated the stunning opening of Program II at the Adrienne Arsht Center with a spectacular post-performance reception for donors and VIP guests at The Deck at Island Gardens. Two hundred top-tier guests and all 51 MCB dancers attended the members-only Artist’s Circle party hosted by the Exclusive Season Venue Sponsor, The Deck at Island Gardens. Guests enjoyed the exquisite superyacht marina outdoor lounge for a scenic and moonlit affair on the water with a DJ, dancing and sumptuous bites provided by The Deck at Island Gardens Chef Alfredo Alvarez. Guests mingled, danced and relived the remarkable evening of performances while enjoying champagne provided by Perrier Jouet and wine provided by Frey Vineyards.

1.1-IMG_9721 2-IMG_9789 3-IMG_9625

5-Sofia Sohl, Jennifer Lauren Ragnhild, & Greve-Isdahl1

Sofia Sohl, Jennifer Lauren Ragnhild, & Ragnhild Greve-Isdahl

6-Margot London, Alllen London, & Patty Verbeeck1

Margot London, Allen London, & Patty Verbeeck

7-Annabel Harvey ,April Jianto, Irene Tai, & Lydia Lane1

Annabel Harvey, April Jianto, Irene Tai, & Lydia Lane

7.1-Ella Titus & Leanna Rinaldi2

Ella Titus & Leanna Rinaldi

8-Anton Gopka, Lourdes Lopez, George Skouras, Kristi Jernigan, & Dean Jernigan1

Anton Gopka, Lourdes Lopez, George Skouras, Kristi Jernigan, & Dean Jernigan

9-Beatrice Affron, Kristi Jernigan, & Lourdes Lopez

Beatrice Affron, Kristi Jernigan, & Lourdes Lopez

9.1-Morgan Stockmayer, Bradley Dunlap, & Lexie Overholt

Morgan Stockmayer, Bradley Dunlap, & Lexie Overholt

12-Raechel Sparreo & Bradley Dunlap

Raechel Sparreo & Bradley Dunlap

14-Max Leifer, Max Baum, & Andrew Reid

Max Leifer, Max Baum, & Andrew Reid

15-IMG_9819 16-IMG_9737 17-IMG_9740 18-IMG_9799

19-JR Wong & Irene Tai

JR Wong & Irene Tai

19.1-Rebecca Setareh & Paula Turco1

Rebecca Setareh & Paula Turco

20-Jordan Long & Charlie Adelman1

Charlie Adelman & Jordan Long

22-Max Osbon & Rachel Cossar

Max Osbon & Rachel Cossar

23-Debbi Adelman & Troy Schumacher1

Debbi Adelman & Troy Schumacher

24-Carol Press, Renan Cerdeiro, & Diana Siegel1

Carol Press, Renan Cerdeiro, & Diana Siegel

25-Jonah Pruitt, Frank Armstrong, & Judy Pruitt

Jonah Pruitt, Frank Armstrong, & Judy Pruitt

26-Gabriele Armstrong & Jessica Ginsberg1

Gabriele Armstrong & Jessica Ginsberg

27-IMG_9753 28-IMG_9723

29-Ted Weinreich, Ellen Goldschild, Onnie Wmhitef, Phyllis Weitman, & Joyce Bloch

Ted Weinreich, Ellen Goldschild, Onnie Wmhitef, Phyllis Weitman, & Joyce Bloch

30-Shaina Goodman, Vicki Haupt, Margot Collins, & Amy Buchman1

Shaina Goodman, Vicki Haupt, Margot Collins, & Amy Buchman

31-Roberto Ruvalcaba, Nicky Coachman, & Julian Duque1

Roberto Ruvalcaba, Nicky Coachman, & Julian Duque

33-Kiera Ingalls & Connie Shapiro1

Kiera Ingalls & Connie Shapiro

R3hab at LIV

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – R3hab’s beats were bumping when he took over LIV on Saturday. The party-goers could not get enough and stayed till closing hour.



2.2-DSC_4806_new 2.3-DSC_4770_new 3-DSC_4779_new



5-DSC_4851_new 6-DSC_4826_new 7-DSC_4889_new



19-DSC_4957_new 20-DSC_4912_new

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young4_new

Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young14_new

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young, & Savannah Young


Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

25-DSC_5114_new 26-DSC_5148_new 27-DSC_5143_new

27.1-Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake12_new

Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake

28.1-DSC_4430_new 29-DSC_4862_new

30-Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov5_new

Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov

31-Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino3_new

Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino



33.1-DSC_4700_new 34-DSC_4715_new

35-R3hab & Purple1_new

R3hab & Purple

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

39.1-Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez2_new

Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez

38-DSC_4458_new 39-DSC_4335_new 40-DSC_4341_new

41-Mednas & Sarah Irish32_new

Mednas & Sarah Irish

Wine & Dine Series Featuring Jordan Winery Cocktail Reception at Matador Room with Chef Jeremy Ford

Friday, January 13th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 12, 2017 – Ringing in the new year was the first installation of 2017’s monthly Wine & Dine series at The Miami Beach EDITION. This month Matador Room paired it’s exquisite cuisine with wines from the Jordan Estate. Top Chef winner and Executive Chef of Restaurants at The Miami Beach EDITION, Jeremy Ford, hosted a five-course dinner following hors d’oeuvres at the Matador Bar welcome reception. Jordan Estate lies in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County overlooking nearly 1,200 acres of hills and vineyards. Jordan Vineyard & Winery, established in 1972, was inspired by the great wine estates of France and the timeless connection between food, wine and hospitality.

1.1-DSC_4945 3-DSC_4903 4-DSC_4899 5-DSC_4908 6-DSC_5017 7-DSC_5019 8-DSC_5025

11-Gabe Urrutia Speaking2

Gabe Urrutia

12-Gabe Urrutia Speaking1 13-Gabe Urrutia Speaking10 14-Gabe Urrutia Speaking6

15-Gabe Urrutia2

Gabe Urrutia

16-Gabe Urrutia & Josh Wagner1

Gabe Urrutia & Josh Wagner

17-Naresh Nagpal & Beena Nagpal1

Naresh Nagpal & Beena Nagpal

17.1-Maryam Chaudry, Harris Mir & Leiqua Mir

Maryam Chaudry, Harris & Leiqua Mir

18-Jose Rodriguez & Remberto Rodriguez

Jose & Remberto Rodriguez

18.1-Miriam Soberanes & Deydre Reyes1

Miriam Soberanes & Deydre Reyes

19-Jeremy Ford Cooking6

Jeremy Ford

24-Jeremy Ford Cooking5

26-Gabe Urrutia & Jeremy Ford1

Gabe Urrutia & Jeremy Ford


Jeremy Ford

22-Jeremy Ford Cooking

27-Gabe Urrutia & Jeremy Ford

Gabe Urrutia & Jeremy Ford

27.1-Lynne Landau & Annick Van Wulpen1

Lynne Landau & Annick Van Wulpen

27.2-Fabiana Moraes, Ricardo Silva, Michelle Moraes & Vinicius Barbosa

Fabiana Moraes, Ricardo Silva, Michelle Moraes, & Vinicius Barbosa

28-DSC_4992 29-DSC_4836 33-DSC_4921 34-DSC_4918 35-DSC_4928

DISCOBOX at Basement Miami

Friday, January 13th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 13, 2017 – Friday night at Basement was the perfect way to start the weekend with bottles and throwback jams.

1-Sandi Woodley9

Sandi Woodley

2-Jamile Freitas3

Jamile Freitas

3-Tiffany Larson1

Tiffany Larson

4-Kristen Fabrizio & Abigail Riechman1

Kristen Fabrizio & Abigail Riechman

4.5-Delilah Walker & Friend

Delilah Walker

5-Matt Werner & Kristen Fabrizio1

Matt Werner & Kristen Fabrizio

8-Dariana Mutina & Brin Abel4

Daria Mutina & Brin Abel

9-DSC_2755 9.5-DSC_2793

9.7-Tiffany Larson, Kristen Fabrizio, Abigail Riechman, & Klaudia Tryskuc5

Tiffany Larson, Kristen Fabrizio, Abigail Riechman, & Klaudia Tryskuc

10-DSC_2930 11.5-DJ Jessica Who26

12-DJ Jessica Who12

DJ Jessica Who

13-DJ Jessica Who9 14-DJ Jessica Who21 15-DSC_3038 16-DSC_2723 17-DSC_2912

27-Heather Blaze & Navin Chatani1

Heather Blaze & Navin Chatani

7-Sandi Woodley & Sylvia Kasikova1

Sandi Woodley & Sylvia Kasikova

7.5-Arina Blake & Dariana Mutina2

Arina Blake & Dariana Mutina

17.9-Marni Wexelman, Emma Zafran, & Emily Lipson3

Marni Wexelman, Emma Zafran, & Emily Lipson

18-Sam Nelson, Sydney Alexander, & Erin Alexander5

Sam Nelson, Sydney Alexander, & Erin Alexander

19.3-DSC_2589 19.5-DSC_2895

20-Belle Perkins & Delilah Walker4

Belle Perkins & Delilah Walker


23-Christina Cocuy & Lauren Blake2

Christina Cocuy & Lauren Blake

24-Linda Zhao, & Kelly Funderburk8

Linda Zhao & Kelly Funderburk

25-Sarah Abraham, Alison Beskin, Gretchen Jewel, & Jackie Scioli3

Sarah Abraham, Alison Beskin, Gretchen Jewel, & Jackie Scioli

26-Kenyatta Walker, Navin Chatani, & D Jack

Kenyatta Walker, Navin Chatani, & D Jack