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Little Farm House Grand Opening

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

 Nina Agdal

Miami, FL – March 8, 2015 – Miami’s historic Little Farm House was finally unveiled this past weekend after a grand restoration by new owner, writer Gabriella von Rosen. Guests including Nina Agdal spent time touring the new space, listening to music and munching on delicious bites throughout the fete. A longtime admirer of the eclectic property, von Rosen purchased the Little Farm House in 2014 and lovingly restored it to its former grandeur. von Rosen is now using the unique enchanted garden as a dog sanctuary and event space. Built in the 1920’s, this property is located on a bend of the Little River section of the Miami River on the edge of Little Haiti. An eclectic one-acre oasis consisting of a 1,200 square foot farm house, two story boathouse, and six colorful cottages featuring rustic furnishings – all made out of Dade County Pine, rescued from a trailer park down the road. A throw back in time, wildlife freely roam on or about the property, from the manatees that drift by slowly on the river close to the three hundred foot sea wall, to the ducks, chickens and iguanas that can be seen as they wander about on the lush grounds, a large area planted with native and exotic trees. Each of the eight structures on the property is charming in its own way, some painted in cheerful Caribbean colors, others in varying tones of white. The cabins, some of which have kitchens and bathrooms, and the boathouse, which has both, have been leased for short stays. A portion of the property is used as a dog rescue called “The Dog Rescue,” and von Rosen has placed several dogs in forever homes since purchasing the property. Proceeds from event rentals, film and photo shoots are used to support The Dog Rescue’s efforts.

01- Nina Adgal & Reid Heidenry 1_new

Nina Agdal & Reid Heidenry

03- Nina Agdal, Antonia Wright, & Reid Heidenry_new

Nina Agdal, Antonia Wright, & Reid Heidenry

04- Nina Agdal, Gabriella Von Rosen, Reid Heidenry, Alex Orlofsky, & Vanessa Mankes_new

Nina Agdal, Gabriella von Rosen, Reid Heidenry, Alex Orlofsky, & Vanessa Menkes

05- Gabriella Van Rosen & Tobi Salver_new

Gabriella von Rosen & Tobi Salver

06- Antonia Wright & Carolina Garcia Aguilera_new

 Antonia Wright & Carolina Garcia Aguilera

07- DSC_0502_new

08- DSC_0499_new

09- DSC_0961_new

10- DSC_0933_new

11- DSC_0344_new

12- DSC_0356_new

13- DSC_0371_new

14- DSC_0378_new

15- DSC_0395_new

16- DSC_0388_new

17- DSC_0401_new

18- DSC_0724_new

19- DSC_0600_new

20- DSC_0608_new

21- DSC_0604_new

22- Jamilet Fals & Brigitte Schambon 1_new

Jamilet Fals & Brigitte Schambon

23- Patrick McMullan, Carolina Garcia Aguilera, Scott Hole, Antonia Wright, & Ruben Millares_new

Patrick McMullan, Carolina Garcia Aguilera, Scott Hole, Antonia Wright, & Ruben Millares

24- DSC_0995_new

25- DSC_1001_new

26- DSC_1003_new

27- DSC_0665_new

28- DSC_0871_new

29- Stephen Eichenbaum, Francine Madera, & Leslie Bosson_new

 Stephen Eichenbaum, Francine Madera, & Leslie Bosson

30- Robert Alas & Gary Feinperg_new

Robert Alas & Gary Feinperg

31- Brigitte Schambon, Rayne Ivanushka, Jamilet Fals, Alex McKenzie, Jose Romero, & Friend_new

 Brigitte Schambon, Rayne Ivanushka, Jamilet Fals, Alex McKenzie, & Jose Romero

32- The French Horn 1_new

The French Horn

33- The French Horn 7_new

34- Gabriella Von Rosen, Christian Barby, & Alex Orlofsky_new

Gabriella von Rosen, Christian Barby, & Alex Orlofsky

35- Mooli & Tami Freiman_new

Mooli & Tami Katz-Freiman

36- Aaron Von Powell & Tobi Salver_new

Aaron Von Powell & Tobi Salver

37- Bernerd Garsen & Daisy Olivera_new

Bernerd Garsen & Daisy Olivera

38- Caley Abrahams & Gabriella Van Rosen_new

 Caley Abrahams & Gabriella von Rosen

39- Maria Millares, Richard Steele, & Sara Oconnell_new

Maria Millares, Richard Steele, & Sara O’Connell

40- J Penry & Megan Pflug_new

J Penry & Megan Pflug

41- DSC_1058_new

42- DSC_0980_new

43- DSC_0984_new

44- DSC_1101_new

45- Ruben Millares & Christian Barby 1_new

Ruben Millares & Christian Barby

46- DSC_0516_new

47- DSC_0520_new

48- Antonia Wright, Ruben Millares, Gabriella Von Rosen, & Carley Abrahams_new

Antonia Wright, Ruben Millares, Gabriella von Rosen, & Carley Abrahams

49- Antonia Wright & Ruben Millares_new

Antonia Wright & Ruben Millares

50- Scott Hole & Carolina Garcia Aguilera_new

Scott Hole & Carolina Garcia Aguilera

51- Jorge Azze & Brittany Melone_new

Jorge Azze & Brittany Melone

52- Brookhart Jonquil, Antonia Wright, Jason Dubin, & Perseus Dubin_new

Brookhart Jonquil, Antonia Wright, Jason & Perseus Dubin

53- Perseus Dubin_new

Perseus Dubin

54- DSC_1009_new

55- DSC_1043_new

56- DSC_0535_new

57- DSC_0434_new

58- DSC_0440_new

59- DSC_0638_new

60- DSC_0648_new

61- Gabriella Von Rosen, Jose Diaz, Eric Beare, & Jonathan Smith_new

 Gabriella von Rosen, Jose Diaz, Eric Beare, & Jonathan Smith

62- Vanessa Mankes & Friend_new

 Vanessa Menkes 

63- Charlotte Tibi & Vanessa Mankes_new

Charlotte Tibi & Vanessa Menkes

64- DSC_0483_new

65- DSC_0650_new

66- DSC_0657_new

67- DSC_0810_new

68- DSC_1092_new

69- DSC_0410_new

70- DSC_0420_new

71- DSC_0485_new

Barneys & Schragers Foodie Holiday

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, & Emeril Lagasse

New York, NY – November 16, 2010 – Barneys New York’s tradition of unveiling their legendary holiday windows is anything but traditional with this year’s “Have a Foodie Holiday” theme. Taking inspiration from the extraordinary popularity of foodie culture and personalities, Barneys’ Creative Director Simon Doonan & Lee Schrager‘s South Beach Food Network Book Launch captured this phenomenon in pop culture with windowss coined: “The Bad Boys,” “The Gals,” “Revolutionary Stew” and “Miss Illy.” To toast this collaboration with Food Network, Cooking Channel and illycaffè, the country’s most acclaimed chefs came together on Madison Avenue.

Lee Schrager

Simon Doonan

Jamie Oliver & Mario Batali

Richard Jay-Alexander

Paula Deen & Simon Doonan

Michelle Bernstein

Jonathan Waxman

Jacque Torres

Simon Doonan & Bobby Flay

Daniel Boulud & Jamie Oliver

Daniel Boulud, Simon Doonan, Mario Batali, & Lee Schrager

Mario Batali

Art Smith

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, Lee Schrager, Simon Doonan, Mario Batali, & Brooke Johnson

Masaharu Morimoto

Gail Simmons, Daniel Boulud, Dana Cowin

Anne Burrell & Masaharu Morimoto

Anne Thornton, Donatella Arpaia, & Bobby Flay

Mario Batali & Anthony Bourdain

Bobby Flay & Paula Deen

Bobby Flay & Emeril Lagasse

Fern Mallis & Lisa Silhanek

Emeril Lagasse & Mario Batali

Lizzy Rudnick, Jonathan Tisch, Dori Cooperman, & Jason Pomeranc

Bobby Flay & Anthony Bourdain

Jonathon Eisman, Alan Roth, Seth Unger, & David Simkins

Lee Schrager with South Beach Wine & Food Festival Team