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Secret Sin Sundays at WALL

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Miami Beach, FL – February 19, 2017 – Sunday night was another success as WALL threw down their weekend party making sure party goers took memories with them until the next Secret Sin.

Anastasiia Karelova & Giulliana Barrios

Jonathan Estallo

DJ Rascal

DJ Rascal

Dilo & DJ Rascal

Jonathan Estallo

Secret Sin Sundays at WALL

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Miami Beach, FL – February 12, 2017 – Secret sins are a lot more fun when you live them at WALL with a house full of party goers and DJ Livitup.

Kamila Dela Vega

DJ Livitup

Carlos Martinez & DJ Livitup

Vladimir Jean & Lara Gonzalez Jean


SKAM Fridays at WALL

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Miami Beach, FL – February 3, 2017 – Fridays edition of SKAM was a never ending party when shot glasses fired and had the WALLers go nuts with PS1.

Priscilla Somogie

Fany Palmieri

Cecelia Spencer

Antonio Martucci & Cecelia Spencer

Brittany Harker

Sasha & Celeste Matson

Denian Costa, Paige Fairman & Courtney Robinson


PS1 & Antonio Martucci


PS 1, Navin Chatani, Jeremy Spund, & Antonio Martucci

PS 1 & Antonio Martucci

Marko Gojanovic & Skylar Hauswirth

Tara Schmidt & Jason Salvatore

Fany Palmieri, Priscilla Somogie, & Hannah Margolis

Navin Chatani & Skylar Hauswirth

Shan Gillespie & Natalie Hollo

Monika Kocso & Nathalie Marquez

Hailey Jurgs & Alessandra Freeant

Kate Worth & Whitney Howell

Claire & Leigh Fisher

Daiane Freitas & Caroll Malloy

Skylar Hauswirth, Nicola Siervo, Marko Gojanovic, Navin Chatani, & Antonio Martucci

WALL Thursdays

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Miami Beach, FL – February 2, 2017 – Talk about a wild Thursday night, everyone at WALL was bouncing off the walls until the early morning hours.

Raquel Vera

DJ Africa

Jennifer Salcedo

Antonio Martucci

DJ Don P & Shifta

Harold Lozano, Mr Mauricio, & DJ Africa

Harold Lozano

SKAM Fridays at WALL

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Deux Twins

Miami Beach, FL – January 27, 2017 – SKAM Fridays was kicked off in doubles this weekend, the Deux Twins Dj’d the night away at WALL.

Deux Twins

Deux Twins

Deux Twins & Antonio Martucci

House Saturdays at WALL

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


Miami, FL – January 21, 2017 – Saturday was bright and heavy as WALL emerged with tons of party goers getting down to DJ Maga.

2.1-IMG_0278 3-IMG_0322 4-IMG_0157 5-IMG_0158 6-IMG_0366 7-IMG_0348

8-Antonio Martucci & Friend1A

Antonio Martucci

9-IMG_0152 10-IMG_0360 10.5-IMG_0237 11-IMG_0199

12-Navin, Antonio Martucci & DJ Maga0

Navin Chatani, Antonio Martucci & DJ Maga

13-Navin & Friends1

Navin Chatani

14-Antonio Martucci & Friends4

Antonio Martucci

15-Antonio Martucci & Friends1

Antonio Martucci & Nick Rose

16-IMG_0222 17-IMG_0202

SKAM Fridays at WALL

Friday, January 20th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 20, 2017 – SKAM Fridays at WALL was a hit as friends kicked off the night with DJ Youssef and DJ Le Crooked.

4-Brigette Alvarez & Paige Fairman 0

Paige Fairman & Brigette Alvarez

5-IMG_9970 6-IMG_9985 7-IMG_9920 8-IMG_9908 9-IMG_9974 10-IMG_9839

10.1-DJ Youssef7

DJ Youssef

11-DJ Crooked11

DJ LE Crooked

12-DJ Crooked12 13-DJ Crooked16 14-DJ Crooked19

15-DJ Crooked20

DJ LE Crooked

16-IMG_9858 17-IMG_9977 19-IMG_9906 20-IMG_9923

21-Navin & Antonio Martucci1

Nick Rose, Navin Chatani, & Antonio Martucci

22-IMG_9896 23-IMG_9899 24-IMG_9903

Ocean Drive Magazine’s March Issue Release Hosted by Zoë Kravitz at WALL

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

01- 1-DSC_9971_new

Zoë Kravitz

Miami Beach, FL – March 5, 2015 – Ocean Drive magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Jared Shapiro and Publisher Courtland Lantaff toasted Zoë Kravitz, the magazine’s March cover star at WALL at W South Beach. The VIP event was supported by beautiful Invicta timepieces and served refreshing Crown Imports beer. Guests danced with Zoë to music by her good friend, DJ Ruckus, while sipping on delicious cocktails made exclusively by Baron Tequila. Inside the spring issue of Ocean Drive magazine, the talented Ms. Kravitz explains what it was really like to grow up in Miami, saying, “Miami is so beautiful, you have that to fall back on when everything else is falling apart because you’re 13 and confused. You can go to the beach and lie outside.” The busy model, singer and actress who can next be seen on the big screen in the highly anticipated film, Insurgent – the follow up to the sci-fi blockbuster Divergent – out later this month, and in May in Mad Max: Fury Road, reveals how she spends her downtime in the magazine:  “I’m never in one place for more than a couple of weeks, and when I’m home, I just want to be home and do normal things-do the laundry and clean my house and have brunch with friends.”

02- 2-DSC_9935_new

Zoë Kravitz

03- 3-Jared Shapiro & Zoe Kravitz10_new

Jared Shapiro & Zoë Kravitz

04- 3.5-Zoe Kravitz, Ruckus, & Jona Cerwinske2_new

Zoë Kravitz, Ruckus, & Jona Cerwinske

05- 4-DSC_0712_new

Ruckus & Zoë Kravitz

06- 5-DSC_0715_new

07- 6-DSC_0717_new

08- Jona Cerwinske, Los de La Vega & Ruckus3_new

 Jona Cerwinske, Los de La Vega, & Ruckus

09- DSC_0761_new

10- DSC_0765_new

11- DSC_0834_new

12- DSC_0791_new

Jona Cerwinske

13- Jona Cerwinske & Zoe Kravitz0_new

 Jona Cerwinske & Zoë Kravitz

14- Zoe Kravitz3_new

Zoë Kravitz

15- DSC_9805_new

16- DSC_9679_new

17- Gary Lann & Courtland Lantaff1_new

 Gary Lann & Courtland Lantaff

18- Jared Shapiro, Marcel Van Gemerden, & Jason Witrock1_new

 Jared Shapiro, Marcel Van Gemerden, & Jason Witrock

19- Natalie Arroyave, Lai-Wan Elizabeth, & Michelle Chala1_new

Natalie Arroyave, Lai-Wan Elizabeth, & Michelle Chala

20- Natalie Arroyave & Lai-Wan Elizabeth3_new

Natalie Arroyave & Lai-Wan Elizabeth

21- Jessika Angartia & Katherine Parra1_new

Jessika Angartia & Katherine Parra

22- Kayla Kotalik & Karin Pituchova1_new

Kayla Kotalik & Karin Pituchova

23- Karin Pituchova, Jessica Anderson, & Andi DeField1_new

 Karin Pituchova, Jessica Anderson, & Andi DeField

24- DSC_0616_new

25- Los de la Vega & Ruckus0_new

Los de la Vega & Ruckus

26- Karim Mazri & Ruckus2_new

Karim Masri & Ruckus

27- Ruckus8_new


28- Ruckus12_new

29- DSC_9645_new

30- DSC_9626_new

31- DSC_9630_new

32- DSC_9639_new

33- DSC_9634_new

34- Jessica Anderson & Andi DeField4_new

Jessica Anderson & Andi DeField

35- Jared Shapiro0_new

Jared Shapiro

36- Jona Cerwinske & Zoe Kravitz1A_new

Jona Cerwinske & Zoë Kravitz

37- Jona Cerwinske5_new

Jona Cerwinske

38- DSC_0074_new

39- Nicola Siervo & Jona Cerwinske3_new

Nicola Siervo & Jona Cerwinske

40- DJ John Cash & Friend4_new

 DJ John Cash

41- Alyssa Riley & Marko Gojanovic1_new

Alyssa Riley & Marko Gojanovic

42- Zoe Galitz, Stephanie Roy, & MIchelle Petrillo1_new

 Zoe Galitz, Stephanie Roy, & Michelle Petrillo

43- Kayla Kotalik, Zoe Galitz, Carly Galitz, & Stephanie Roy4_new

Kayla Kotalik, Zoe Galitz, Carly Galitz, & Stephanie Roy

44- Heather Erdmann, Ashley Berg, & Michelle Miller6_new

Heather Erdmann, Ashley Berg, & Michelle Miller

45- Heather Erdmann, Ashley Berg, & Michelle Miller1_new

46- Stephanie Roy, Zoe Galitz, Carly Galitz, & Kayla Kotalik3_new

Stephanie Roy, Zoe Galitz, Carly Galitz, & Kayla Kotalik

47- DSC_9717_new

48- DSC_9896_new

49- DSC_0671_new

Favela Beach at WALL

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

01- DSC_6768_new

Miami Beach, FL – March 3, 2015 – WALL kept its party game strong yet again last week at their wild weekly Favela Beach bash. Tons of party goers including Ruckus flocked to this electric spot to get down and dirty and let all their worries float away.

02- DSC_6780_new

03- DSC_6786_new

04- DSC_6746_new

05- DSC_6357_new

06- DSC_6338_new

07- DSC_6515_new

08- DSC_6243_new

09- DSC_6518_new

10- DSC_6222_new

11- Katy Becker & Eve Lyn5_new

Katy Becker & Eve Lyn

12- DSC_6218_new

13- Julie Klein & Melanie Klein5_new

Julie & Melanie Klein

14- Julz_new


15- Ruckus & Julz6_new

Ruckus & Julz

16- Ruckus & Phresh James1_new

Ruckus & Phresh James

17- DSC_6792_new

18- DSC_6284_new

19- Jessica Dolan5_new

Jessica Dolan

20- Amanda Miller & Baylee Werner0_new

Amanda Miller & Baylee Werner

21- Amanda Miller & Baylee Werner10_new

22- DSC_6684_new

23- Julz & Reid Waters0_new

Julz & Reid Waters

24- Marko Gojanovic & Julz0_new

Marco Gojanovic & Julz

25- Matt Werner & Ruen0_new

Matt Werner & Ruen

26- Reid Waters & DJ Price0_new

Reid Waters & DJ Price

27- Ruckus0_new


28- Ariel Weltz & Sharon Faur3_new

Ariel Weltz & Sharon Faur

29- DSC_6383_new

30- DSC_6584_new

31- DSC_6227_new

32- DSC_6436_new

33- DSC_6444_new

WALL Saturdays

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

01- DSC_0411_new

Miami Beach, FL – February 28, 2015 – WALL doesn’t mess around when it comes to throwing a memorable party. Last Saturday, those in search of a killer night with dope sounds and good comany flooded into this hot spot for an unforgettable night out.

02- DSC_0372_new

03- Michael Calfan4_new

Michael Calfan

04- DSC_0312_new

05- DSC_0434_new

06- DSC_0288_new

07- Agata Ziarek, Veronika Thielova, Veronica Jelinkova_new

Agata Ziarek, Veronika Thielova, & Veronica Jelinkova

08- Whitney Cappellazzo & Candice Shantz_new

Whitney Cappellazzo & Candice Shantz

09- Noreen ismail, Robin Pardo, Nina Sicurella2_new

 Noreen Ismail, Robin Pardo, & Nina Sicurella

10- DSC_0284_new

11- DSC_0305_new

12- Michael Calfan5_new

Michael Calfan

13- Michael Calfan2_new

14- DSC_0421_new

15- Nicolas Hasni, Alessandro Hasni, Phil Pazurek_new

Nicolas Hasni, Alessandro Hasni, & Phil Pazurek

16- DSC_0444_new

17- Jamie ferguson, Zoe Klein, Anastasia Skibinskaya_new

 Jamie Ferguson, Zoe Klein, & Anastasia Skibinskaya

18- Jamie ferguson, Zoe Klein, Anastasia Skibinskaya, Agata Ziarek, Veronika Thielova, Veronica Jelinkova_new

19- DSC_0453_new

WALL Fridays

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

01- DSC_2273_new

Miami Beach, FL – February 27, 2015 – With the arrival of the weekend, partiers were on the prowl for a memorable night at WALL. With mesmerizing lights and entrancing sounds, party goers found exactly what they were looking for.

02- DSC_2302_new

03- Katya Dimena & Friends5_new

Katya Dimena

04- Katya Dimena & Friends12_new

05- Katya Dimena & Friends8_new

06- Celeste Brodercik & Isa de la Fuente_new

Celeste Brodercik & Isa de la Fuente

07- Sarah Amores & Emily Farias 1_new

 Sarah Amores & Emily Farias

08- DSC_2269_new

09- DSC_2004_new

10- Caroline Aimee & Charo Thomas 3_new

Caroline Aimee & Charo Thomas

11- DSC_3769_new

12- DSC_2003_new

13- DSC_1998_new

14- Mr Mauricio djing 5_new

Mr. Mauricio

15- Mr. Mauricio6_new

16- Mr Mauricio djing_new

17- Mr Mauricio djing 2_new

18- Lorenzo Draghi2_new

 Lorenzo Draghi

19- DSC_2074_new

20- Carmel Cooper, Amanda Brunn, & Friends_new

Carmel Cooper & Amanda Brunn

21- Brooke Shotota & Friend_new

 Brooke Shotota

22- Lorenzo Draghi & Karina Oliveros Palomino_new

Lorenzo Draghi & Karina Oliveros Palomino

23- Vick Jan, Maxx Harley, & Harley Gusman_new

 Vick Jans, Maxx Harley, & Harley Gusman

24- Ryan McQuaid, Max, Harley, & Vick Jans_new

Ryan McQuaid, Max Harley, Harley Gusman, & Vick Jans

25- Marko Gojanovic & Friend1_new

Marko Gojanovic

26- Marko Gojanovic & Friend7_new

Marko Gojanovic

Favela Beach at WALL

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

01- Katrina Stemgmann5

Katrina Stemgmann

Miami Beach, FL – February 17, 2015 – WALL was packed to the walls last Tuesday with hot babes and amazing vibes. The energy was high as the Favela Beach party kicked off with a bang and transformed partiers into animals.

02- Katrina Stemgmann9

Katrina Stemgmann

03- Ewelina Sahloul1

Ewelina Sahloul

04- Annie Gustafsson1

Annie Gustafsson

05- DSC_7392

06- Annie Gustafsson11

Annie Gustafsson

07- Jessi Simon & Ida Reiche6

 Jessi Simon & Ida Reiche

08- Macy Mariano6A

Macy Mariano

09- Macy Mariano3A

10- Macy Mariano12

11- DSC_7963

12- DSC_7943

13- DSC_7998

14- DSC_7933

15- DSC_7405

16- DSC_7575

17- DSC_7565

18- DSC_7607

19- Paula Jensen3

Paula Jensen

20- Maria Prat & Helena Borell4

Maria Prat & Helena Borell

21- Katya Dimena10

Katya Dimena

22- Olga Dunaeva & Anya Mel8

Olga Dunaeva & Anya Mel

23- Veronika Thielova & Veronika Jelinkova5

Veronika Thielova & Veronika Jelinkova

Paulo Cardoso, Phresh James, & Reid Waters

Paulo Cardoso, Phresh James, & Reid Waters

25- Reid Waters1

Reid Waters

26- DSC_7459

27- DSC_7485

28- DSC_7442

29- DSC_7502

30- DSC_7556

31- DSC_8087

32- Paulo Cardoso2

Paulo Cardoso

33- DSC_7635

34- Lana Svetlana & Doris Grey7

Lana Svetlana & Doris Grey

Ewelina Sahloul, Amy Adamini, & Paula Jensen

Ewelina Sahloul, Amy Adamini, & Paula Jensen

36- Ronstad Dominguez & Melody Ventocilla0

Ronstad Dominguez & Melody Ventocilla

37- DSC_7711

38- DSC_7651