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Rockwell Mondays

Monday, December 26th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 26, 2016 – Party goers kicked off the last week of 2016 with a bang as they popped bottles and got wild at Rockwell Monday night.

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Iron Lyon

15-dj-iron-lyon 16-dj-iron-lyon5


Dex Oliver Hobbes & Nathan Lieberman


Tommy Pooch & Rocsi Diaz

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Rodrigo Aldorino


DJ Mos at LIV

Friday, December 9th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 9, 2016 – LIV never fails to be packed to the walls and with DJ Mos on the decks, party goers were popping bottles and getting crazy until the early morning hours.



DJ Mos

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DJ Mos

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DJ Mos & Moe Garcia

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Karla Figuera & Lia Iman

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Jennifer Valdez


Karla Figuera & Lia Iman

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Ugi, Tommy Pooch & Moe Garcia


Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell & Tommy Davidson at STORY

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell

Miami Beach, FL – November 26, 2016 – STORY was a straight movie on Saturday night as Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell took over the mic and provided the ultimate party atmosphere for everyone there, including comedian and actor Tommy Davidson who also joined in on the wild night.



Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell

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Rascal & Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell



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Irene Vargas & Alessia Crystal


Amanda Moore & Tommy Davidson


Tommy Davidson & Tommy Pooch


Mike Yansen, Amanda Moore, & Tommy Davidson

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Q&A: Spike Mendelsohn, David Grutman, & Tommy Pooch Welcome Shep Gordon to Miami at Campton Yard

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Shep Gordon

Miami Beach, FL – November 14, 2016 – In honor of Supermensch Shep Gordon’s book launch, “They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll,” Top Chef star and celebrity chef, Spike Mendelsohn, alongside Miami Beach nightclub owner, David Grutman, and nightlife guru, Tommy Pooch, hosted a Hawaiian luau. The Hall’s Campton Yard was transformed into a Hawaiian oasis. Chill, backyard vibes took over the 1940s Art Deco hotel, as guests engaged in conversations with Gordon about his fascinating career and new book. Guests played games including ping pong, and giant jenga while listening to beats by DJ Sasha Lauzon. There was plenty food with a whole roasted pig and Hawaiian inspired bites including poke bowls, ceviche and fried avocado tacos from Sunny’s, Mendelsohn’s first F&B outlet at The Hall. Specialty cocktails from Casamigos Tequila and TOAST Vodka were served, and guests left the event with books signed by Gordon. Guests included the legendary Shep Gordon, celebrity chef Spike Mendelson, Miami HEAT President, Pat Riley and wife Chris Riley, Miami HEAT owner, Micky Arison and wife Madeleine Arison, renowned magician, James Randi, nightclub owner Dave Grutman and wife Isabela Rangel Grutman, Tommy Pooch, Gabriel Cardallera, Zak Siddons, Trisha McCarthy, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Jim Pulaski, Nick Smith, David Weisser, Brittany Miller, Michael Tuck, and Mo Garcia.

World Red Eye had the honor of speaking to Shep Gordon before the big night, who gave us a closer look into his wild ride through the entertainment industry and who has inspired him most.


WRE: Tell us about your latest book “They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll”?

SG: They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll was published by Anthony Bourdain. I was at a book signing in California and Anthony came up to me, I had never met him and he said “I would really love to do a book with you because if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have had the career I had” and I said, “Why is that?” because hadn’t realized I worked with him. He said, “Well you made Emeril Lagasse famous and I made myself famous by beating up Emeril Lagasse, so I owe you a lot.” That was the start of the book.

WRE: Any story behind the coined name, “Supermensch”?

SG: Yes. The name came from a note from Norman Lear. When I was younger my father and I used to watch Leer’s show, All in the Family, and would laugh and bond over it. Later on in life I had the pleasure of having dinner with Norman Lear, and about a week after the dinner he sent me a note and he called me a mensch. I always kept the note thinking how proud my dad would’ve been knowing Norman Lear called me a mensch. When Mike Myers was getting ready to do the movie he asked me what three things I would want to save if a tidal wave hit my house, because I live on the ocean, and one of the things was this note from Norman Lear. That’s where he got the name of the movie from.


Spike Mendelsohn & Shep Gordon

WRE: You’re behind some of the biggest names that have ever graced the entertainment industry. How did that begin?

SM: I was out in California working as a probation officer. I lasted one day. In college, I had a second profession, which was a pharmaceutical salesman, not a legal one, but a pharmaceutical salesman nonetheless. When I quit my probation officer job I got some of that product on me, drove to LA, checked into a motel that had a vacancy sign and took some psychedelics. I then heard a girl screaming and could see there were two people sort of jostling on the ground by the pool. I had just come from a jail so I thought of bad stuff like the girl getting raped, assaulted, attacked or robbed, so I ran down like on a white horse with child in the 60’s to save the day. I separated the two of them and she punched me; they were making love, she wasn’t getting raped. When I went down to the pool in the morning I realized it was Janis Joplin. She then introduced me to Jimi Hendrix, The James Brothers, The Doors, who were all around the pool as well, and as a pharmaceutical salesman this was my target audience. I stayed at the motel for a while and after about six weeks Jimi Hendrix said to me and my partner, “What else do you guys do for a living except sell pharmaceuticals?” and we said, “Well, not really anything” and he replied “You know, you better have some story to tell if the police ever ask”. Hendrix continued, “Are you Jewish?” and we said “Yea” and he said “Well you should be a manager” because in those days in the entertainment industry most of the studio heads, agents and managers were Jewish. Jimi Hendrix then introduced me to Alice Cooper and soon after I became Cooper’s manager. Alice says that we met on a lie; he told me he was a singer I told him I was a manager and that started my journey. We’re still together forty-seven years later.


Jimi Hendrix then introduced me to Alice Cooper and soon after I became Cooper’s manager. Alice says that we met on a lie; he told me he was a singer I told him I was a manager and that started my journey. We’re still together forty-seven years later.

Shep Gordon, author of They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll
Spike Mendelsohn, David Grutman, Shep Gordon, & Tommy Pooch

Spike Mendelsohn, David Grutman, Shep Gordon, & Tommy Pooch

WRE: As you just mentioned, you’ve had a long-running relationship with Alice Cooper, what was it that made you two work so well together?

SG: I think we both are completely different in almost everything in life except our moral foundation, which is to be compassionate and to treat people how you’d like to be treated. He’s a nice man and never wants to leak blood, we’ve gone through so much together and have had so many failures as well as successes. Alice and I just really meet at a place of human kindness. Everything else we’re completely different in. He’s very Christian, I’m very Jewish. He loves to go shopping in malls, I can’t stand shopping. He watches a movie everyday, I never watch a movie. But, we meet at the way we treat humans and we also have created this character, Alice Cooper, together. We both love the character; he loves performing it and I love helping to create it. It’s almost like body extensions for both of us.


Micky Arison, Shep Gordon, & Spike Mendelsohn

WRE: Being in the entertainment industry for some time now, what has been the craziest / most outlandish thing you have witnessed thus far?

SG: You know, I think more of it was during the early days of rock and roll when it seemed to be cool to be really out of your mind and reckless. I remember seeing Led Zeppelin throw a television into the pool of the InterContinental Hyatt House. Really weird, crazy things. Luckily nobody got hurt, but I would say those were the craziest days.

WRE: Of all the things you have accomplished in your life, is there one thing that  makes you feel more proud than any other?

SG: I think Alice Cooper getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was really a magical moment for all of us because we had worked so hard and never thought when we started that it would happen. That was a really special moment for both of us. The mere thought that in 1969 that Alice Cooper would get in the hall of fame was just insane.

Madeleine Arison, Chris Riley, Pat Riley, & Micky Arison

Madeleine Arison, Chris & Pat Riley, & Micky Arison

WRE: Was there anyone who has inspired you to take the course of life you took?

SG: Yes, a few people, not so much the course of a manager but the courses of humans. Chef Roger Vergé was one of the first people I met who was really successful and happy, something I didn’t really see in the entertainment world. There was a lot of success and misery, people dying all around me, so he became a great mentor. When I had the good luck to cook for his holiness, the Dalai Lama, I got to spend some time with him and that was a  huge influence in my life. My father was also a gigantic influence.

WRE: Can you speak briefly on your work relationship with Salvador Dalí?

SG: My relationship with Dalí was focused around Alice Cooper. One of the techniques I had used as a manager was called “guilt by association,” putting my client next to someone famous and have that fame bleed off. Salvador Dalí was a very important part of the Alice Cooper experience. Three of the band members were art students, their hero was Salvador Dalí, including Alice. When you think about the Alice stage shows and you stop frame almost anywhere it’s like a Salvador Dalí painting. It’s weird, think about, you know, the makeup, the guillotine, everything juxtaposed nothing quite makes sense but everything makes sense, so he was a very important influence in our life. One of the things that I like to do for my artists is always put them into the new technology. The hologram had just started to come out and was being used by car companies to display their cars and I said, “Alice we have to figure out how to jump this wave of the hologram” and then we thought “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get Salvador Dalí to do a hologram of you?” So my partner actually got a hold of Salvador Dalí’s manager and set up a meeting. We went to the St. Regis hotel and his wife Gala came down and talked to us first. We were told to address Salvador Dalí as “The Dalí” and never speak about money with him. He later came down wearing an orange smock and didn’t even say hello. He took a jar of honey out of one pocket, walked to the table, opened the jar very slowly, held it up and poured it into the cup of hot water and then out of his other pocket, took out a scissor and cut the honey. Alice and I looked at each other like “Oh my god, here we go!”


WRE: You have referred to chefs being in the same realm as rock stars, can you expand on this?

SG: Being mentored by a chef I felt like I owed him an obligation. I got to see that the culinary arts were very much like the music world. Artists had to make new songs, chefs had to make new recipes. Chefs had to serve the dishes for twenty years, which can get boring for the chef but you have to do it, Alice has to play “School’s Out” for his audience. Alice changes to do a show, the chef changes to do his culinary art. The only difference was they weren’t getting paid and there was no access to them outside of their restaurants whereas someone like Michael Jackson had outlets like records, radio, videos and MTV or he would’ve been a wandering minstrel. That started my journey with the chefs and my goal was to build highways where they could touch their audience outside of their restaurant. The Food Network was very significant getting on the air; pots and pans, spices, all the things that you could touch and feel.


WRE: Whats the best piece of advice you could give to a young person who wants to get into management?

SG: Go for it. I don’t mean this in a morbid way, but everybody’s going to die. Do what you want to do. Try and make yourself happy. If you think being a manager will make you happy, the worst that happens is you fail. Whether you fail or you win you’re going to die so you might as well do what you want to do.


Spike Mendelsohn

Shep Gordon very much defined the value of chefs and continuously helps to improve it. I very much enjoy being a globally known Chef (although I think thats quite generous to say about me) because its defined my two greatest passions in life which is traveling and cooking.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn

Spike Mendelsohn & Mike Colletti

WRE: You’ve accomplished quite a lot thus far, is there anything you haven’t tackled yet that you are hoping to?

SG: I would like to make better stuffed cabbage. Most of my desires now are cooking. I’d also love to be able to cook Chinese food.

WRE: Tell us more about the Hawaiian luau that Spike Mendelsohn, David Grutman and Tommy Pooch are hosting in honor of your book launch?

SG: I’m really excited. I’m excited to see the whole thing come out. It’s being done in a Cuban box, which is really exciting to me and I think a lot of old friends are coming and I’ll hopefully make some new ones. I’m always excited to eat Spike Mendelsohn’s food, anywhere I can find it. He usually leaves some in my freezer when he comes to Maui, so I’m getting the fresher part of it this time.


Monsieur Marcel & Mister E


Monsieur Marcel & Shep Gordon

I always kept the note thinking how proud my dad would’ve been knowing Norman Lear called me a mensch.

Shep Gordon, author of They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll

Shep Gordon, Mister E, & Monsieur Marcel


Tommy Pooch, Shep Gordon, & Joe Bravo


JP Parlavecchio, Tommy Pooch, & John Enos

Shep Gordon, James Randi, & Jose Alvarez

Shep Gordon, James Randi, & Jose Alvarez

Tommy Pooch, Shep Gordon, Marcus Suarez, James Randi, Moe Garcia, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Isabla Rangel Grutman, & David Grutman

Tommy Pooch, Shep Gordon, Marcus Suarez, James Randi, Mo Garcia, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Isabela Rangel Grutman, David Grutman, & DawnChere Wilkerson

Tommy Pooch, Shep Gordon, Marcus Suarez, James Randi, Moe Garcia, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Isabla Rangel Grutman, & David Grutman

Shep Gordon, Marcus Suarez, James Randi, Mo Garcia, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Isabela Rangel Grutman, David Grutman, & DawnChere Wilkerson


James Randi



Shep Gordon

I’m always excited to eat Spike Mendelsohn’s food, anywhere I can find it. He usually leaves some in my freezer when he comes to Maui, so I’m getting the fresher part of it this time.

Shep Gordon, author of They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n Roll


Anie Louis, Shep Gordon, & Mr. Toast

Annie Louis, Shep Gordon, & Mr. Toast

Mariana Michelsen, Shep Gordon, & Marisa Batista

Mariana Michelsen, Shep Gordon, & Marisa Batista

Rich Wilkerson Jr., Marcus Suarez, & Tommy Pooch

Rich Wilkerson Jr., Marcus Suarez, & Tommy Pooch

Tommy Pooch, Pat Riley, Mr. Toast, & Shep Gordon

Tommy Pooch, Pat Riley, Mr. Toast, & Shep Gordon

Tommy Pooch, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Marcus Suarez, & Shep Gordon

Tommy Pooch, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Marcus Suarez, & Shep Gordon

Chris Riley, Madeleine Arison, Micky Arison, Shep Gordon, & Spike Mendelsohn

Chris Riley, Madeleine & Micky Arison, Shep Gordon, & Spike Mendelsohn

Isabela Rangel Grutman, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Jim Pulaski, & Nick Smith

Isabela Rangel Grutman, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Jim Pulaski, & Nick Smith


Andy Kostas, Shep Gordon, & JP Parlavecchio


Spike Mendelsohn & Andrew Fehretdinov


Spike Mendelsohn & Paulo Cardoso


Mark Gamez & Paulo Cardoso


Nick Smith & Mo Garcia


Kat Hicks & Ashlen Alexandra

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Ricky’s Grand Opening

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 11, 2016 – Miamians celebrated opening night at Ricky’s, South Beach’s newest live entertainment venue featuring multiple projection screens, arcade games, carnival inspired food menu, craft cocktails and multiple beers on tap. Ricky’s will be mixing it up every night of the week with nightly programming to cater to a variety of audiences with live bands, sporting event watch parties and karaoke nights.

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Tommy Cabrerizo

Justin Levine, Jared Galbut, & Keith Menin

Justin Levine, Jared Galbut, & Keith Menin


Stacey Galbut, Evelyn Menin, & Dana Rosen


Erik Guanche & Philip Goldfarb


Jon Paul Pérez & Adam Sosnick

Lauren Stoner, Lyndon Smith, Stacey Milon, & Tommy Pooch

Lauren Stoner, Lyndon Smith, Stacey Milon, & Tommy Pooch


Dashil Hernandez, Cheryl Hohweiler, Irina Ginzburg, & Lauren Stoner


Adam Sosnick, Stephanie Smolski, & Annie Gustafsson

Jared Galbut, Manny Diaz, & Eddie Smith

Jared Galbut, Manny Diaz, & Eddie Smith


Samantha Goodman, Alexandra Mesa, & Samantha Rosen

Chanel Ibanez, Amy Green, Laura Shapiro, & Marissa Scarpulla

Chanel Ibanez, Amy Green, Laura Shapiro, & Marissa Scarpulla


Joseph Natale, Bryan Canales, & Marisa Marcus


Eddie Smith & Lyndon Smith


Keith Menin & Eddie Smith

9-dsc_4144 10-dsc_4133 10-1-dsc_3920


Annie Gustafsson


Stephanie Smolski


Alex Norton

13-1-dsc_4195 14-dsc_3915 15-dsc_3943 17-dsc_4060 18-dsc_4188


Katya Demina & Demetri Demascus


Keith Menin & Flavia Tallo


Marisa Marcus & Mitch Sklawer


Irina Ginzburg & Lauren Stoner


Kayla Vetack & Mackenzie Leigh


Sierra Akhdar & Antonia Gazetas


Tony Merenda


Diego Palomo, Sari Libbin, & Price Shaprio


Bianca Coletti & Stacy Milon


Manny Diaz


Mister Grey


Ja Rule at LIV

Monday, July 18th, 2016
1-Ja Rule_new

Ja Rule

Miami Beach, FL – July 15, 2016 – Ja Rule ruled the stage as he gave a dope performance at LIV on Friday night in the midst of Miami Swim Week madness.

2-Jimmy Vargas, Ja Rule, & Tommy Pooch_new

Jimmy Vargas, Ja Rule, & Tommy Pooch

3-Purple & Ja Rule_new

Purple & Ja Rule


5-Ja Rule - LIVE6_new

Ja Rule

5.1-Ja Rule - LIVE35_new 6-Ja Rule - LIVE30_new 7-Ja Rule - LIVE43_new

8-Ja Rule - LIVE42_new

Ja Rule

9-Ja Rule - LIVE13_new 10-Ja Rule - LIVE22_new 10.3-Ja Rule - LIVE1_new

10.5-Ja Rule - LIVE27_new

Ja Rule

10.6-Ja Rule - LIVE33_new 11-Ja Rule - LIVE31_new 11.1-Ja Rule - LIVE8_new

11.2-Ja Rule - LIVE24_new

Ja Rule

11.5-Ja Rule - LIVE39_new 12-Ja Rule - LIVE19_new 13-Ja Rule - LIVE25_new

15-Ja Rule - LIVE4_new

Ja Rule

16-Ja Rule - LIVE28_new 17-Ja Rule - LIVE26_new 18-Ja Rule - LIVE2_new 18.5-48-IMG_5873_new 18.7-49-IMG_5870_new 18.8-50-IMG_5777_new 19-IMG_5892_new 20-IMG_6011_new

21-Madisonraye Sutton & Nicole Ka_new

Madisonraye Sutton & Nicole Ka

23-Claudia Morales & Paulette Padilla_new

Claudia Morales & Paulette Padilla


25-Natalie Centeno & Claudia Ruiz1_new

Natalie Centeno & Claudia Ruiz


25.2-Natalie Kimmel, Clare Dreher, & Friend1_new

Natalie Kimmel & Clare Dreher


28-Natalie Diaz & Ashley Paige2_new

Natalie Diaz & Ashley Paige

29-IMG_5858_new 30-IMG_5854_new

Sigala at Just Dance at LIV

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Kayla Holts

Miami Beach, FL – June 23, 2016 – Miami’s party people all came out to dance in confetti and enjoy a sick set by Sigala for another edition of LIV‘s Just Dance Thursdays.

1-41-DSC_7310_new 1.5-40-DSC_7307_new














44-Kayla Holts & Maggie Setton3_new

Kayla Holts & Maggie Setton

45-Nesli Ayhan & Danielle Davis2_new

Nesli Ayhan & Danielle Davis

46-Patricia Santos, Wansusa Santos, & Ste Lagos3_new

Patricia Santos, Wansusa Santos, & Ste Lagos

47-Aimee Martinez & Arceli Martinez4_new

Aimee & Arceli Martinez

48-Ashley Rose & Taylor Rose8_new

Ashley & Taylor Rose

49-Ashley Rose & Taylor Rose4_new 50-Ashley Rose & Taylor Rose2_new

51-Ashley Rose, Cristiano Roma, & Taylor Rose4_new

Ashley Rose, Cristiano Roma, & Taylor Rose

52-Austin Applegate, Kelly Jimenez, & Katie Gleason6_new

Austin Applegate, Kelly Jimenez, & Katie Gleason

55-Tommy Pooch & Friend2_new

Tommy Pooch

57-DSC_6941_new 58-DSC_6877_new 59-DSC_6894_new 60-DSC_6883_new 61-DSC_6817_new



63-DSC_7446_new 64-DSC_7450_new 65-DSC_7077_new



67-DSC_7103_new 68-DSC_7098_new 69-DSC_7125_new



72-DSC_7228_new 73--DSC_7242_new

74-Jonathan Estallo, Normi Arco, & Liahnni Harris3_new

Jonathan Estallo, Normi Arco, & Liahnni Harris


Steven Bauer at Soho Bay

Monday, January 4th, 2016
Lydia Loudon, Steven Bauer, Tommy Pooch, Jorge Moreno, & Morgan More

Lyda Loudon, Steven Bauer, Tommy Pooch, Jorge Moreno, & Morgan More

Miami Beach, FL – January 1, 2016 – Steven Bauer started off the New Year by enjoying a fabulous dinner with great company at Soho Bay on the water.

Lance Armstrong & DJ Whoo Kid at LIV

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Lance Armstrong & Conrad Gomez

Miami Beach, FL – October 9, 2015 – Another Friday night meant another epic night at LIV. Party goers including Lance Armstrong got their weekend started off right by letting loose the the sounds of DJ Whoo Kid until the early morning hours.

2-Tommy Pooch, Lance Armstrong, & Conrad Gomez

Tommy Pooch, Lance Armstrong, & Conrad Gomez













13-Whoo Kid DJing9

DJ Whoo Kid

14-Whoo Kid DJing13

15-Whoo Kid DJing8

16-Whoo Kid DJing7

DJ Whoo Kid

17-Whoo Kid DJing10

18-Whoo Kid DJing5

19-Whoo Kid DJing4

DJ Whoo Kid

20-Whoo Kid DJing2

21-Whoo Kid DJing1

22-Whoo Kid DJing

DJ Whoo Kid

23-Whoo Kid & Joey Butera

DJ Whoo Kid & Joey Butera

24-Whoo Kid3

DJ Whoo Kid

25-Tommy Pooch & Whoo Kid1

Tommy Pooch & DJ Whoo Kid

26-Tommy Pooch & Whoo Kid




29-Ashlen Alexandra, Purple, & Friends2

Ashlen Alexandra & Purple

30-Ashlen Alexandra, Purple, & Friends1

30.5-Purple & Friend



Ashlen Alexandra

31.5-Krystal Ramirez, Jamez Rave, Bianca Taraschi, & Kelsey VanZante

Krystal Ramirez, Jamez Rave, Bianca Taraschi, & Kelsey VanZante




35-Bianca Taraschi & Kelsey VanZante

Bianca Taraschi & Kelsey VanZante






Indira Rubio & Hannah Gastiger

v-Indira Rubio & Hannah Gastiger1





Paris x Simo at WALL

Friday, July 31st, 2015

2-Neeve Shimon1_new

Neeve Shimon

Miami Beach, FL – July 31, 2015 – Paris x Simo were a dynamic duo at the decks of WALL last weekend, and partiers were not disappointed in what they had to offer.

3-Neeve Shimon_new

Neeve Shimon

4 - Neeve Shimon & Maya Evron_new

Neeve Shimon & Maya Evron


5-Atmosphere at Wall at W4_new

6-Atmosphere at Wall at W3_new

7-Dancers at Wall at W4_new

8-Dancers at Wall at W5_new

11-Paris x Simo1_new

Paris x Simo

13-Paris x Simo5_new

14-Paris x Simo6_new

15-Paris x Simo7_new

16-Paris x Simo9_new

Paris x Simo


18 - Ashly Noe_new

Ashly Noe

18.5-Irina Ansell1_new

Irina Ansell

20 - Jessica Weise, Taylor Walker, & Barbara Figueredi_new

 Jessica Weise, Taylor Walker, & Barbara Figueredi

20.5-Jessica Weise & Taylor Walker_new

 Jessica Weise & Taylor Walker

21-Mike Taitz & Sandy Rec_new

Mike Taitz & Sandy Rec



24-Rhiannon Panopoulos & Sara Marino_new

Rhiannon Panopoulos & Sara Marino

25-Rhiannon Panopoulos & Sara Marino1_new

26-Tommy Pooch, Sara Marino, & Ray Kay_new

Tommy Pooch, Sara Marino, & Ray Kay

27-Sara Marino & Ray Kay_new

Sara Marino & Ray Kay 5 Year Anniversary Private Party Presented by Moët & Chandon at 1 Hotel South Beach

Friday, June 5th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – May 29, 2015 – Although this town is notorious for its endless parties and gatherings, there are very few times where the various social circles of Miami’s elite come together under one roof. Friday night was a scene to be seen as World Red Eye and Moët & Chandon celebrated our 5-year anniversary at 1 Hotel South Beach, bringing out all of our favorite clients, friends, celebrities, artists, models and influencers in the community who have solely chosen to work with us to capture their most important moments and affairs over the years.  Held at 1 Hotel South Beach’s private room – which was transformed into a true Miami club, was the perfect backdrop for all the legends of the night. VIPs that came out to this special landmark occasion included: Mayor Philip Levine, Christian Slater, Molly Sims, Timbaland, Dennis Rodman, Rico Love, Simon Rex, Janice Combs, Amaris Jones, Real Housewives of Miami starlets: Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, and Alexia Echevarria; Nightlife icons: David Grutman, Eric Milon, Roman Jones, Tommy Pooch, Keith Menin, and Louis Puig. Miami’s beloved DJ Irie and Sasha Lauzon kept the energy high as everyone sipped Moët & Chandon champagne throughout the evening. Whether it was breaking it down to Irie’s killer set or capturing #MoetMoments in the photo booth, the #WRE5 year anniversary party was certainly one for the books. There was no better way for our team to say thank you, than to host this epic evening and we certainly can’t wait for many years of memories to come.


Timbaland, Philip Levine, & Seth Browarnik


Seth Browarnik & Philip Levine

Christian Slater, Brittany Lopez, Lauren Gnazzo, & Seth Browarnik

Christian Slater, Brittany Lopez, Lauren Gnazzo, & Seth Browarnik

1.7-Christian Slater & Brittany Lopez 1

Christian Slater & Brittany Lopez

Molly Sims & Lauren Kucerak

Molly Sims & Lauren Kucerak


Dennis Rodman & Seth Browarnik




6-10-Seth Browarnik, Timabaland, Janice Combs, DJ Irie, & Amaris Jones

Seth Browarnik, Timbaland, Janice Combs, DJ Irie, & Amaris Jones

6.5--Janice Combs & Timbaland

Janice Combs & Timbaland

7-Timbaland & Janice Combs

Timbaland & Janice Combs

8-Janice Combs & DJ Irie

Timbaland, Janice Combs, & DJ Irie


Navin Chatani, Rico Love, Seth Browarnik, & DJ Irie


Navin Chatani, Simon Rex, Rico Love, Seth Browarnik, & DJ Irie


DJ Irie

11-Rico Love & Irie

Rico Love & DJ Irie

12-Dennis Rodman & DJ Irie2

Dennis Rodman & DJ Irie




Eric Milon, David Grutman, & Roman Jones


Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, & Alexia Echevarria 

17-Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, & Simon Rex

Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, & Simon Rex


Billy Corben, Seth Browarnik, & Meghan Perkins


Billy Corben, Meghan Perkins, & Alfred Spellman


Marysol Patton, Nick D’Annunzio, Tara Solomon, & Alfred Spellman

21-Gioia Jansen, Rebekah Keida, Dashil Hernandez, Priscilla Huggins, & Andrea Yurko5

Gioia Jansen, Rebekah Keida, Dashil Hernandez, Priscilla Huggins, & Andrea Yurko


DJ Irie & Seth Browarnik


21.2-DJ Irie1

DJ Irie

21.3-DJ Irie




Amy Zakarin, Keith Menin, & Leslie Wolfson


Keith & Evelyn Menin, Linda Levy Goldberg, Shelby Lee Goldberg, & Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque

22.5-Brian Elias, Jean Marie Kouri & Matias Goldenhorn

Brian Elias, Jean Marie Kouri, & Matias Goldenhorn

22.6-Jean Marie Kouri & Matias Goldenhorn

Jean Marie Kouri & Matias Goldenhorn

23-Daniel Novela, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman2

Daniel Novela, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman

23.2-Philip Goldfarb & Friend2

Jeana Stone & Philip Goldfarb

23.3-Jacob Reyf & Typoe2

Jacob Reyf & Typoe


Carlos & Maryam Miranda


DJ Irie, Seth Browarnik, & David Fizdale


DJ Irie & Seth Browarnik

27.5-DJ Irie & Seth Browarnik

DJ Irie & Seth Browarnik

28-DJ Politik & Dennis Rodman

DJ Politik & Dennis Rodman

29-Lisa Hochstein, Janice Combs, & friend

Lisa Hochstein, Janice Combs, & Pritty Gaji

29.5-Tommy Pooch, Janice Combs & Seth Browarnik, & firend

Tommy Pooch, Pritty Gaji, Janice Combs, & Seth Browarnik


Pritty Gaji, Tommy Pooch, Janice Combs, & Seth Browarnik


Rene Pereda, Alfred Spellman, Jordana Mesner, Chris Hudnall, Seth Browarnik, & Lauren Gnazzo


Nick D’Annunzio, Paulo Cardoso, & Burton Wilkins


Tommy Pooch, Paulo Cardoso, Nick D’Annunzio, Burton Wilkins, Macy Mariano, Kat Jade, & Alexandra Dickinson


Max Baum, Josh Wagner, & Nathan Lieberman


Roman Jones, Tina Powers, & Josh Wagner


David Fizdale, Natasha Sen, & Roman Jones

38-Sam Baum, Typoe, & Max Baum

Sam Baum, Typoe, & Max Baum


Tommy Pooch & Eric Milon




Addison Smith


Tara Solomon & Andres Asion


Louis Puig & Dade Sokoloff

46-Ira Lang, & Lisa & Lenny Hochstein

Karina Choza, Ira Lang, Lisa & Lenny Hochstein


Marc Wachter & Lance Burstyn

48-Tara Sokolow Benmeleh, Jack benmeleh, Keith & Evelyn Menin, & friend

Tara & Jack Benmeleh, Keith & Evelyn Menin

49-Seth Browarnik, Eric Milon, Roman Jones, & friend

Seth Browarnik, Eric Milon, Roman Jones, & Emi Guerra



Rico Love, Janice Combs, & Pritty Gaji

50.5-David Fizdale, Natasha Sen, DJ Irie & Tina Powers

David Fizdale, Natasha Sen, DJ Irie, & Tina Powers


Rene Pereda, Adrian Baschuk, Stefanie Smolski, & Andy Guze


Evan Kaye, Floyd Raglin, Dan Goodstadt, Michael Robbins, Rudy Esther, & Angelo Fresquet


Aramis Lori, Angelo Fresquet, Jorge Moreno, Emi Guerra, & Louis Puig


Marysol Patton, Hernan Arriaga, & Amaris Jones

55-Martina Basabe & Mary Jo Shore

Martina Basabe & Mary Jo Shore


Nick D’Annunzio & Christy Cartaya


Keith & Evelyn Menin, Lance Burstyn, & Dan Goodstadt


Noelia Madied, Amanda Tamis, & Lori Laquatra


Carley Johnston & Lauren Turchin

58.5-Flip, Cameron Cervera, & friend

Flip Falca, Alejandro Puga, & Cameron Cervera



Sasha Lauzon


Sasha Lauzon & Seth Browarnik


Sasha Lauzon




Macy Mariano, Kat Jade, & Alexandra Dickinson


Lauren Kucerak, Seth Browarnik, & Lori Levine

Andrea Yurko, Max Baum, Sam Baum, & Zach Jukel

Andrea Yurko, Max & Sam Baum, & Zach Jukel

68-Matt Brooks, Dan Grantham, & Jackie Mailhe2

Matt Brooks, Dan Grantham, & Jackie Mailhe


Antonio Misuraca & DJ Irie

71-Juan Carlos - check spell & Petta Mason1

Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque & Petra Mason

72-Leila Depina

Leila Depina

Roman Jones, Lyndon Smith, & Sam Baum

Roman Jones, Lyndon Smith, & Sam Baum

74-Roman Jones, David & Natasha Fizdale

Flip Falca, Roman Jones, David & Natasha Fizdale

75-Eric Milan, Lyndon Smith, & Seth Browarnik

 Rich Santelises, Eric Milon, Lyndon Smith, Melina Parman, Rudy Esther, & Seth Browarnik

75.4-Seth Browarnik, Typoe, Sam & Max Baum

David Simkins, Alejandro Gonzalez, Alfred Spellman, Angelo Fresquet, Seth Browarnik, Typoe, Sam & Max Baum


Conrad Gomez, Tony Bird Torrellio, Jona Cerwinske, David Simkins, Seth Browarnik, Flip Falca, Alejandro Gonzalaz, & Steve Lieberman

75.5a-Jona Cerwinske, Seth Browarnik, & Lauren Gnazzo

David Simkins, Jona Cerwinske, Seth Browarnik, Lauren & Jacqui Gnazzo

75.7-Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, & Jona Cerwinske4

Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, Jona Cerwinske, & Monica Estupinan

75.8-Seth Browarnik & Lauren Gnazzo

Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, Matt Brooks, & David Simkins

78-Lauren Gnazzo, Ashley Turchin, & Seth Browarnik

David Simkins, Lauren Gnazzo, Ashley Turchin, & Jon Warech



Lance Burstyn & Dimitri Fragoulias

80-Moe Garcia & Keith Menin2

Mo Garcia & Keith Menin

81-Jessica Lieberman, Jonathan Naussbaum, Stefanie Smolski & friend

Jessica Lieberman, Jonathan Naussbaum, & Stefanie Smolski


Kaitlin kiely, Tristan & Myfanwy Hanley


Emi Guerra, Roman Jones, Seth Browarnik, Louis Puig, & Clinton Cox


Rachael Russell, Zack Kummings, & Nikole Powers

84-Leslie Wolfson, Gary Lann, & Michelle Addison

Leslie Wolfson, Gary Lann, & Michelle Addison


Nathan Lieberman, Jorge Moreno, & Clinton Cox


Steve Shapiro, Marysol Patton, Raquel & Rick Waters

88-Cameron Cervera, Flip, & Paulo Cardoso, & friend

Alejandro Pruga, Cameron Cervera, Flip Falca, & Paulo Cardoso

89-Cristy Cartaya & friends

Maria Houck, Christy Cartaya, Sylvie Galvez-Cuesta, & Montsy Smithies


91-Cori Mizrahi, Emilie Sobel, & Gant Thiede

Cori Mizrahi, Emilie Sobel, & Gant Thiede

91.5-Liubasha Rose, Maria Ferre, Andres Asion, & Laura Acker

Liubasha Rose, Maria Ferre, Andres Asion, & Laura Acker

92-Ben & Stehane Kay

Ben Ardnt & Stehane Kay

93-Alejandro Gonzalez & Steve Lieberman

Alejandro Gonzalez & Steve Lieberman

94-Penelope Pierce & Gigi

Penelope Pierce & Gigi

95-Seth Browarnik & Rico Love

Seth Browarnik & Rico Love

96-Jason Hardi, Priscilla Huggins, & Yago

Jason Hardi, Priscilla Huggins, & Yago

97-Yago, Jason Hardi, & Marko Gojanovic

Yago, Jason Hardi, & Marko Gojanovic


Rene Pereda & Lindsey Shook


Nicole Lodl & Flip Falca


Angelo Fresquet, Hardy Hill & Tommy Pooch

99.5-Marko Gojanovic, Paulo Cardoso, Aramis Lorie, & friends

Hardy Hill, Marko Gojanovic, Anthony Corral, Justin Eriksen, Paulo Cardoso, & Aramis Lorie


Eric Milon & Oliver Jay


Marnie Blickman, Gideon Kimbrell, & Matt Brooks


Victoria Sampaio, Kevin Coster, & Sara Wolfe


Molly Stubstad Forenza, Brandon Shores, & Micaela Weiss

104-Navin Chatani, DJ Irie, Seth Browarnik, Simon Rex, Alfred Spellman, & DJ Politik3

Navin Chatani, DJ Irie, Seth Browarnik, Simon Rex, Angelo Fresquet, & DJ Politik

104.5-Rodrigo Gaya, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Newberg, & DJ Irie8

Rodrigo Gaya, Lauren Kucerak, Seth Browarnik, Lori Levine, Jessica Newberg, & DJ Irie

104.6-Carmel Dubuque, Vanessa Menkes, & Alexander Orlofsky2

Carmel Dubuque, Vanessa Menkes, & Alexander Orlofsky

105-Purple & Chelsea Olson2

Purple & Chelsea Olson

106-Michael Malone & Olivia Ormos1

Michael Malone & Olivia Ormos

107-Rob Crosoli, Gino LoPinto, & Frankie Rags

Rob Crosoli, Gino LoPinto, & Danny Solomon

107.5-Marni Blickman, Nikole Powers, Gino Campodonico, & Rachael Russell1

Marni Blickman, Nikole Powers, Gino Campodonico, & Rachael Russell


Israel Cancel & Jenn Sobel

109-Rebekah Keida & Friends2

Rebekah Keida, Rachael Russell, Allison Phillips, Axi Mines, Zack Kummings, & Nikole Powers




Penelope Pierce, Tara Solomon, & Ginger Harris

114-Zach Jukel, Vito Reznik, Lenny Hochstein

Zach Jukel, Vito Reznik, & Lenny Hochstein


Seth Browarnik & Lauren Gnazzo

114.6-Joulian Chebat, Fabio Lopes, Lauren Gnazzo, & Hernan Arriaga

Joulian Chebat, Fabio Lopes, Lauren Gnazzo, & Hernan Arriaga



Lisa & Lenny Hochstein, Alexia Echevarria, & Andres Asion

118-Seth Browarnik & Lisa Hochstein

Seth Browarnik & Lisa Hochstein