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I Have Nothing to Wear

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Jill Martin & Dana Ravich

Miami Beach, FL – August 19, 2011 – Nothing was hotter in Miami Friday night than the Soho Beach House, where two local girls swept in from NYC to bring fashion to the beach. In true Sex and the City style, Jill Martin and Dana Ravich gathered a group of South Beach’s hottest ladies for a fabulous lesson on closet purging and a custom jean fitting by NYDJ. The Soho Beach House library was the perfect backdrop while Jill and Dana gave a fabulous talk about everything from closet purging to red skinny jeans and everything in between. As if a fabulous fashion lesson and a Moet Imperial cocktail weren’t enough,  Jill, Dana, and the NYDJ experts gifted everyone with the perfect fit for their individual body and style. After an impromptu book signing with local favorite Books and Books, the guests gathered on the 8th floor to celebrate Jill and Dana and the success of “ I Have Nothing to Wear”. Jill and Dana’s South Florida roots brought out an amazing crowd of loved ones and friends. The girls’ Miami family was so excited to celebrate their success. Cupcakes by Stella’s Sweet Shop added the perfect touch to a perfect night.

Tara Soloman, Dana Shear, & Lana Bernstein

Natasha Diaz & Todd Goldenfarb

Melissa Katz, Tara Solomon, Daniela Swaebe, &  Jacquelynn Powers

Jill Martin & Myles Chefetz

Jordan Schimmenti & Sussane Bartsch

Jordana Mesner & Alan Roth

Bill McCue, Lisa Petrillo, Nina & Doug Rudolph

Mark & Amanda Tamis

Carlos & Lori Suarez

Brian Elias & Juliet Velez

Jordana Mesner & Sean Drake

Lana Bernstein & James Wark

Lana Bernstein, James Wark, Michael Bernstein, & Chad Fabrikant

Daniela Swaebe & Kim Wood

Todd Goldenfarb, Alan Roth, & Adrian Gonzalez

Meredith & Carlos Wolf, Kim Wood, & Janet Bochmer

John & Jenny Zalkin, Sofia Kouchevska, & Jonathan Nessbaum

Jacquelynn Powers & Daniela Swaebe

Lolo Reskin

Lolo Reskin & Sean Drake

Jill Martin & Dana Ravich

Lana Bernstein, Hadley Henriette, & Dana Shear

Rachel & Lyle Hauser

Lori Laquatra, Mark & Amanda Tamis, & Heather Boucher

Jordana Mesner, & Brian Ehrlich

Dana Ravich, Jill Martin, Carlos Suarez, & Lana Bernstein

Lana Bernstein & Melissa Katz

Chad Fabrikant & James Wark

Sofia Kouchevska & Jonathon Nessbaum

Michael Comras, Daniela Swaebe, Jerry Powers, Jill Martin, Jacquelynn Powers, & Craig

Craig, Jacquelynn & Jerry Powers

Tara Soloman & Jill Martin

Iban Abuchaibe & Sarah Schwartz

Jill Martin & Melissa Katz

Rachel Houser & Dana Ravich

my old home TRUMP TOWERS

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

BACK HOME AT TRUMP TOWERS where I lived with my old roommate OMAROSA during our time on The Apprentice- Season 1.

Celebrating with The Donald as he kicks off his new TV show “The Ultimate Merger”.  Trump & Omarosa recruited me to appear on the first episode of the show as they kick it off!  Stay tuned, it’s actually pretty funny!!!!!

Fans lined up outside the building to get a peek at a bevy of hot bachelors and celebrities attending the event.

Jill Martin, Emmy-Nominated television personality extraordinaire came to paint the town with me!!!!!!!   Author of “Fashion for Dummies”, Jill is also a contributor for The Today Show, US Weekly magazine, and The Insider. A diehard sports fan, Jill is also a broadcaster for the New York Knicks, reporting during pregame and postgame shows and doing celebrity interviews at halftime.  We have been friends for year; in fact, we discussed it over dinner at Soho House last night after the premiere… We initially meet doing a Cribs style segment together with clients/friends of mine from The University of Miami back in the day!

The Campins Company at Your Service!

Have a Greater DAY!

Katrina Campins
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She Ain’t No Dummy

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


June 2, 2010 – Jill Martin, our best friend and author of Fashion For Dummies, Today Show correspondent, and The Insider contributor will be our newest guest blogger. We are excited to have her post her first fashion column this week on