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Neiman Marcus Coral Gables & Breakthrough Miami Luncheon

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Coral Gables, FL – February 8, 2017 – What do you get when you mix high fashion, education, philanthropic women and rose wine? A successful event that raised over $33,000 for Breakthrough Miami, a program that targets high potential, motivated students from under-resourced backgrounds and provides the tools necessary for them to graduate high school on time and attend and graduate from college. Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables hosted a sit-down lunch to benefit Breakthrough Miami. Over 80 of Miami’s most conscientious women were invited to attend by event chair, Nikki Spoelstra and table hosts Stephanie Rosen, Conny Nixdorf, Martha de Zayas, Shannon Signorello, Heather Bass and Kinga Lampert. Guests learned about the program from a Breakthrough Miami family, University of Miami Hammond Scholar, Cachay Byrd, her sisters Lauryn and Angie Byrd, who are currently in the program and their mother MDCPS teacher, Camille Pickard. Breakthrough Miami board member, Sara Herald, Guests were treated to a fashion show featuring the Spring 2017 collections All enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Mariposa Restaurant and Whispering Angel rose wine provided by Chateau D’Esclans. Notable guests include Chris Riley, Madeleine Arison, Tracey Mourning, Alison Garfinkle, Jenny Kennedy, Munisha Underhill, JuliAnne McDowell, Beth Tasca, Yolanda Berkowitz, Kaisa Levine, Lana Bernstein, Molly Snyder, Tina Tolles, Tic Kauderer,Leslie Wolfson and Elissa Vanaver.

Stephanie Rosen, Heather Bass, Kinga Lampert, Stephen Brunelle, Conny Nixdorf, Nikki Spoelstra, Martha de Zayas, & Shannon Segnorello

Stephanie Rosen, Heather Bass, Kinga Lampert, Conny Nixdorf, Nikki Spoelstra, Martha de Zayas, & Shannon Segnorello

Kinga Lampert, Stephanie Rosen, Heather Bass, Nikki Spoelstra, Martha de Zayas, Shannon Segnorello, & Conny Nixdorf

Nikki Spoelstra

Stephen Brunelle & Nikki Spoelstra

Stephen Brunelle

Nikki Spoelstra

Tracy Mourning & Nikki Spoelstra

Tracy Mourning, Katharine Rubino, & Nikki Spoelstra

Nikki Spoelstra, Kinga Lampert, & Heather Bass

Alisa Romano, Jennifer Kennedy, Kinga Lampert, & Soledad Picon

Galia Pennekamp & Kinga Lampert

Yolanda Berkowitz & Leslie Wolfson

Allison Feldman & Lana Bernstein

Debbie Gomez & Christina Rivera



Miami City Ballet’s 31st Anniversary Gala at Faena Forum

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Miami, FL – January 28, 2017 – Miami City Ballet celebrated its 31st annual gala, the first charity gala hosted at Miami Beach’s cultural cornerstone Faena Forum. The event raised more than $1 million to support Miami City Ballet’s work both onstage and in the community. The theme of this year’s ball—an ice-kissed fairytale—was inspired by the world premiere commission of Alexei Ratmansky’s The Fairy’s Kiss, debuting on February 10th at Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center. Guests experienced an evening with dinner, dancing and artistic prowess that began with a cocktail reception showcasing a life-sized glacier and a Miami City Ballet ballerina greeting more than 400 attendees. Notable Miami, Palm Beach and New York philanthropists, together with community leaders and ballet aficionados, sipped Bacardi cocktails from frozen shot glasses while child prodigy pianist Brandon Goldberg played jazz tunes. The dramatic ballroom was furnished with an ice bar and centerpieces featuring pointe shoes frozen into them. Miami City Ballet dancers dined at each guest table then hit the dance floor for an unforgettable party that included a surprise flash mob as snow fell from the balconies of the Forum.

The fantastical fundraiser, followed by a Remy Martin sponsored after-party at the Faena penthouse, was the perfect setting to announce the Miami City Ballet’s new take on the classic Nutcracker performance, premiering next year with a Miami-inspired twist, featuring costume and set design by artistic power couple Ruben and Isabel Toldeo. The gala was co-chaired by Alexa and Adam Wolman, Meghana Rajadhyaksha and Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha, Tina and Dan Carlo, Susan Kronick and Edward Shumsky, Nancy and Jon Batchelor, Margaret and Mike Eidson, Christy and David Martin, with notable guests including Alan Faena and Ximena Caminos. Specially designed gift bags were presented courtesy of sponsors Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and Aqua di Parma at Brickell City Centre.

Alan Faena, Ximena Caminos, Lourdes Lopez, & George Skouras

Alan Faena & Ximena Caminos

Eva Silverstein, Alan Faena, & Ximena Caminos

Toby Lerner Ansin & Sanford Evans

Michael Scolamiero & Swanee DiMare

Tina Carlo & Swanee DiMare

Tina Carlo, Susan D Kronick, Michael Scolamiero, & Lourdes Lopez

David Martin & Mike Eidson

Christy & David Martin

Meghana & Amar Rajadhyaksha

Olivia Flatto, Kinga Lampert, & Tina Carlo

Michelle Herbert Eva Silverstein

Alexa Wolman

Alexa Wolman, Soledad Lowe, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Timothy Walker, & Lesli Brown

Alexa Wolman & Swanee DiMare

Hilary Tisch, Suzy Buckley Woodward, & Martin Rosenblum

Stephen Brunelle, Katharine Rubino, & Criselda Breene

Morten Aagaard & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

Christy Martin & Rene Gonzalez

Adam Wolman, Lesli Brown, Ella Titus, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Alexa Wolman, Maria Beguiristain, Rene Gonzalez, Criselda Breene, Tara Solomon, & Timothy Walker

Caterina Cicerone, Rene Gonzalez, Gabrielle Parisi, Milana & Daniel Roizner

Soledad Lowe & Olga Blavatnik

Soledad & Justin Lowe

Alisha Talbot, Adam Koffler, & Zoe Lukov

Lourdes Lopez, Claudia Perles, Natalie Neubert & Steve Wigler

Diana Zeydel, Deborah Aidelman, Charles Eidelman, Susan D Kronick & Edward Manno Shumsky

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

Asha & Jamie Elias

Isabel & Ruben Toledo, & Lourdes Lopez

Tina Carlo, Lesli Brown, Olga Blavatnik, Suzy Buckley Woodward, & Michelle Herbert

Lourdes Lopez

Tina Carlo & Susan D Kronick

Isabel & Ruben Toledo

Michael Scolamiero

Stephen Brunelle & Linda Levy Goldberg

Jon & Nancy Batchelor

Elysze Held, Toby Lerner Ansin, & Sanford Evans

Hank Greenberg, Michael Miller, Jeff Davis, Chris Roy & Lynn Herald

Lexïng Zhang, John Lin, & Lisa Leone

Maria Beguiristain & Carol Iacovelli

Timothy Walker & Tara Solomon

Morten Aagaard, Tina Carlo, & Amar Rajadhyaksha

Laurence Stott & Eilah Beavers

Ruben Toledo, Lourdes Lopez, Isabel Toledo, & Michael Scolamiero

Eva Silverstein

Lydia Pinnell & Charles Lawrie

Charles Lawrie & Lydia Pinnell

Ellen Grocki

Ellen Grocki & Lexie Overholt

Maria Beguiristain, Carol Iacovelli, Daysi Johansson, Suzy Buckley Woodward, & Meghana Rajadhyaksha

Luis Rigual, Maria Beguiristain, John Lin, & Lexïng Zhang

Grela Orihuela, Timothy Walker, Soledad Lowe, Lexïng Zhang, & Annie Lee

Nathalia Arja, Rainer Krenstetter, & Thomas Dupoux

Luiz Silva, Rene Gonzalez, & Maya Collins

The Landmark at Merrick Park VIP Opening Celebration

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016


Coral Gables, FL – December 8, 2016 – The Landmark at Merrick Park hosted a sneak peek VIP celebration at the Shops at Merrick Park in Coral Gables. A luxury cinema, The Landmark at Merrick Park features stone and wood finishes, along with a sophisticated, contemporary bar and lounge area, presenting a full bar menu, along with classic concessions and edgier fare unique to Landmark Theatres. The Landmark at Merrick Park is an all-encompassing destination for food, drink and entertainment. Landmark Co-owner Todd Wagner and CEO Ted Mundorff were in attendance and welcomed by Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason and other local dignitaries. Each of the theatre’s seven auditoriums features luxury leather seats in stadium settings, with large screens, laser projection and Dolby Surround 7.1.


Ted Mundorff


John Charters, Ted Mundorff, & Jeannett Slesnick


Jeannett Slesnick, Jim Cason, & John Allen


John Charters, Ted Mundorff, Jeannett Slesnick, Jim Cason, John Allen, Mabel Tam, Mark A. Trowbridge, & Craig Leen

7-jhon-charters-ted-mundorff-commissioner-jeannett-slesnick-mayor-jim-vason-jhon-allen-mabel-tam-mark-a-trowbridge-craig-leen5_new 8-jhon-charters-commissioner-jeannett-slesnick-mayor-jim-vason-ted-mundorff-commissioner-pat-keon-jhon-allen-mark-a-trowbridge-mabel-tam-craig-leen1_new 9-jhon-charters-commissioner-jeannett-slesnick-mayor-jim-vason-ted-mundorff-commissioner-pat-keon-jhon-allen-mark-a-trowbridge-mabel-tam-craig-leen2_new


John Charters, Ted Mundorff, Jeannett Slesnick, Jim Cason, John Allen, Mabel Tam, Mark A. Trowbridge, & Craig Leen



Ted Mundorff, John Allen, & Jim Cason



Ted Mundorff & John Allen


Ted Mundorff, Craig Leen, & Laura Russo



Craig Leen, John Allen, & Jim Cason


Pat Keon & Mark A. Trowbridge

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Pat Keon & Mark A. Trowbridge


Emilia Stefanczyk & Betty Landa



Ted Mundorff & Todd Wagner


Robert Colom, Jaie Laplante, & Victor Gimenez


Stephen Brunelle, Eddie Alford, Adriana Imbert, Michael Cook, & Katharine Rubino

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Q&A: Roland Mouret Presents Resort/Spring 2017 Runway Collection at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Brittany Butler, Courtney Quinn, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Roland Mouret, Brianna Addolorato, Dashil Hernandez, & Martina Vs

Coral Gables, FL – November 29, 2016 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and VP/General Manager Stephen Brunelle welcomed designer Roland Mouret. Roland flew in from London to meet his adoring fashion fans. He presented his Resort/Spring 2017 Runway Collection to over 40 fashionistas, including hostess Barbara Hevia, along with Swanee DiMare, Katy Stoka, Christy Martin, Amanda Church, Carol Iacovelli, Daniela Swaebe, Ortenzia Padilla,  Valeria Simon, Wendy Safchik, Yolanda Gasalla, Mari Alarcon Grimalt, Annie Hernandez, and Gioconda Baltodana. Guests enjoyed a seated four-course lunch catered by Neiman Marcus’s own Mariposa Restaurant.


WRE: How did you first get your start in design?

RM: I was the son of a butcher, and I used to watch him fold his apron in ways to hide the blood. I learned my technique from watching him and developed it into what I do today.

WRE: Tell us about the collection you are presenting at Neiman Marcus?

RM: The collection has a lot of volume and flare, with beautiful, intricate details. It’s modern and direct, which allows the woman to bring her own personality to the pieces. The collection is a juxtaposition of nature and power. The lines of the silhouette are simple and elegant, but they are met with bold metallic, boucle and geometric fabrics.


WRE: Where do you look for inspiration for each collection?

RM: I don’t work to create trends and therefore have no real strategy; the process matures independently. Inspiration comes in many forms. When I drape I am immersed, focused in the moment and from this, with each fold of the material and fall of the fabric, inspiration begins to take shape and develop.

Roland Mouret

All the skills that I use to create my collection are a sum of all my past experiences and professions.

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret & Stephen Brunelle

WRE: How has your culture had an influenced your brand/design aesthetic?

RM: I am a designer and a preserver of my own past. My identity, which is partly heritage and partly upbringing, is mostly the sum of the choices I have made in life. All the skills that I use to create my collection are a sum of all my past experiences and professions.

WRE: What are some things you keep in mind when designing for a woman’s body type?

RM: You know, life is fluid and this is what I try to capture through the cut and material of my pieces. It is essential the dresses I create move with the freedom of the woman who is wearing it. I’m always conscious of this, and this is why I drape. I can see immediately the movement of the fabric and its liberation.

Carol Iacovelli, Roland Mouret, Barbara Hevia, & Stephen Brunelle

Carol Iacovelli, Roland Mouret, Barbara Hevia, & Stephen Brunelle

WRE: Describe the kind of person who is rocking your clothing?

RM: The Roland Mouret woman is constantly on the move, and requires a wardrobe to take her from place to place. The reason separates are so important in my collections, is that it allows for a woman to interpret and reinterpret her look, without compromising her style.

WRE: What has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far?

RM: Every actress and woman who has worn one of my dresses has given me so much pleasure. However, I will always cherish the Demi Moore moment, who was the first to wear the Galaxy in LA. She took the dress and made it her own, styling it with long strands of pearls. It was that moment in which I realized what an ‘icon’ was.

Brianna Addolorato, Brittany Butler, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Martina Vs, Dashil Hernandez, & Courtney Quinn

Brianna Addolorato, Brittany Butler, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Martina Vs, Dashil Hernandez, & Courtney Quinn


Dashil Hernandez & Martina Vs


Martina Vs & Courtney Quinn


Brittany Butler & Maria Soler Dubreuil


Brittany Butler

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Roland Mouret


The reason separates are so important in my collections, is that it allows for a woman to interpret and reinterpret her look, without compromising her style.

Roland Mouret

Brittany Butler, Courtney Quinn, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Roland Mouret, Brianna Addolorato, Dashil Hernandez, & Martina Vs

Brittany Butler, Courtney Quinn, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Roland Mouret, Brianna Addolorato, Dashil Hernandez, & Martina Vs

Brittany Butler, Courtney Quinn, Maria Soler Dubreuil, Roland Mouret, Brianna Addolorato, Dashil Hernandez, & Martina Vs


Roland Mouret, Lilly Ann Sanchez, & Barbara Hevia


Barbara Hevia & Daniela Swaebe


Swanee DiMare & Barbara Hevia

Christy Martin, Vivianne Kurzweil, Swanee DiMare, & Carol Iacovelli

Christy Martin, Vivianne Kurzweil, Swanee DiMare, & Carol Iacovelli

Swanee DiMare, Carol Iacovelli, Valeria Simon, Candise Shanbron, & Yolanda Colindres

Swanee DiMare, Carol Iacovelli, Valeria Simon, Candise Shanbron, & Yolanda Colindres


Amanda Church & Daniela Swaebe


Roland Mouret & Carol Iacovelli

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Saks Fifth Avenue at Brickell City Centre & Dolphins Cancer Challenge Host Cocktail Celebration

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 1, 2016 – Saks Fifth Avenue has joined forces with Dolphins Cancer Challenge, benefiting Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, in celebration of the new Saks location at Brickell City Centre. Saks Fifth Avenue and the Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) hosted a cocktail and store preview event at the new Saks Brickell City Centre. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to support the DCC while touring and shopping the new store before it officially opened to the public. Saks contributed 100 percent of ticket sales and five percent of proceeds from the evening’s sales at the Brickell City Centre store to Sylvester.

2-dsc_5035_new 2-1-wre_8008_new 5-wre_7991_new 7-wre_8218_new 10-wre_8192_new


Nancy Di Bernardo, Maria Saavedra, & Konrad Janus


Ramona Messore, Jose Lopez, & Dianna Corpus


Stuart Barnes, Reggie Brooks, & Stephen Brunelle


Alicia Lamadrid, Paulie Hankin, & Alicia Cervera Lamadrid


Giulia Verardi, Daniela Riveros Juliao, Alicia Lamadrid, & Jessica Juliao


Katelin Retay, Oscar & Alejandro Vargas, & Ramona Messore


Elysze Held, Galia Pennekamp, & Carolyn Travis


Diana Riser, Elysze Held, & Corey Feinsilver


Diana Riser, Konrad Janus, Corey Feinsilver, & Elysze Held


Diana Riser & Corey Feinsilver


Leslie Wolfson & Liz Feder


Nancy & Jon Batchelor


Alex Norton

25-dsc_5041_new 26-dsc_5001_new 26-2-dsc_5014_new 27-dsc_4817_new 28-29-dsc_5040_new


Theresa McLaughlin & Debora Overholt


Ashley Melisse Abess & Matthew Vander Werff


Ashley Melisse, Jayne, & Taylor Abess, & Lana Bernstein


Caroline & Emanuel Thomas, & Stephan Philias



Michael Bernstein & Lucio Zanon


Sara Mesa & Eric Valinder

34-wre_8252_new 35-dsc_5140_new 36-dsc_5149_new 36-1-dsc_5154_new 37-wre_8078_new 38-dsc_4830_new 39-dsc_4825_new 40-dsc_4837_new


Elizabeth Mackinlay, Karem Santaella, Alejandro Vargas, & Ramona Messore


Diana Riser, Elysze Held, & Konrad Janus


Michael Bernstein & Lucio Zanon


Eric Feder & Stephen Nimer


Carlos Guzman & Michael Mandich


Michael Mandich, Ryan &, Nicole Loftus, & Eric Feder

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Sabrina Robinson & Nancy Bernstein


Jeff Peck & Stan Rudman


Juan Lopez & Sophia Macris

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Neiman Marcus Coral Gables & Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrate The ART OF FASHION

Saturday, September 10th, 2016


Coral Gables, FL – September 7, 2016 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and Ocean Drive Magazine kicked off the highly anticipated fall fashion season with their much awaited ART OF FASHION event – always the most stylish soiree of the fall season. Giving back to the community is always in fashion, and this year Neiman Marcus partnered with the next generation of Miami philanthropists: PAMM Contemporaries, the United Way of Miami-Dade Young Leaders, and The Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health. The evening celebrated fall with a runway fashion show MC’d by Lisa Petrillo, Entertainment and lifestyle Correspondent for CBS-4.  The fashion show showcased the must-have fall fashion trends, including velvets, high-shine metallics, ripe berry shades, florals, skirts that move, the bomber jacket, and the adorned shoe. Over 500 of Miami’s socialites and trendsetters laced up their stilettos for an evening of fashionably fun activities throughout the store. Guests enjoyed a braid bar by GLAMSQUAD, a red lip bar by YSL Cosmetics, a stop at the Miami Marlins pop up for a chance to win tickets and batting practice. Many also enjoyed striking a pose in the South Beach Photo Booth while wearing floral crowns by, as well as visiting the LAGUNA HOUSE lounge. Bites were graciously provided by Bulla Gastrobar, STK Miami, and Neiman Marcus’ own Mariposa Restaurant, with cocktails provided by Fleur de Lis Vodka and gold medal award winning wines awarded at Veritage Miami’s Best in Glass Wine Challenge.

2-wre_0542 4-wre_0628 5-wre_0589 6-wre_0606 7-wre_0436 9-wre_0415 12-wre_0701


Stephen Brunelle

14-stephen-brunelle-speaking2 15-stephen-brunelle-speaking


Jared Shapiro



Lisa Petrillo

19-lisa-petrillo-speaking1 22-wre_1607



24-wre_2425 25-wre_2431 26-wre_2435 27-wre_2364 29-wre_2378 30-wre_1918 31-wre_1937 32-wre_2296 33-wre_2303 34-wre_2308 34-1-wre_2542 34-2wre_2552 35-wre_2244 36-wre_2249 37-wre_2255 38-wre_1898 39-wre_1909 40-wre_2184 41-wre_2195 42-wre_2464 43-wre_2469 44-wre_2487 46-wre_2608 47-wre_2615 48-wre_2644 60-wre_2699


Johanna Da Ru & Stephen Brunelle

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu


Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, & Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro, Anthony Liggins, & Courtland Lantaff


Emily & Courtland Lantaff


Alana Burstyn, Monica Defortuna, & Emily McKenzie


Lisa Petrillo & Jared Shapiro



Sandra Rodriguez


69-1-wre_1156 70-wre_1124 71-wre_0766



Elie Tahari’s Creative Director Fred Tutino Presents Spring 2016 Collection at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
1-Fred Tutino8_new

Fred Tutino

Miami, FL – April 15, 2016 –  Neiman Marcus Coral Gables welcomed Elie Tahari Creative Director, Fred Tutino, as he presented the Elie Tahari Spring 2016 Collection.

2-Fred Tutino_new

Fred Tutino

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9.5-Fred Tutino & Neiman Marcus Models1_new

Fred Tutino

10-Fred Tutino & Neiman Marcus Models_new 11-Fred Tutino speaking_new 12-Fred Tutino speaking3_new 12.2-WRE_8301_new 14.6-WRE_8314_new

15-Fred Tutino speaking9_new

Fred Tutino

16-Fred Tutino speaking23_new 17-Fred Tutino speaking25_new 18-WRE_8430_new

20-Fred Tutino speaking31_new

Fred Tutino

21-Fred Tutino speaking32_new 22-Fred Tutino35_new