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Saks Fifth Avenue at Brickell City Centre & Dolphins Cancer Challenge Host Cocktail Celebration

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 1, 2016 – Saks Fifth Avenue has joined forces with Dolphins Cancer Challenge, benefiting Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, in celebration of the new Saks location at Brickell City Centre. Saks Fifth Avenue and the Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) hosted a cocktail and store preview event at the new Saks Brickell City Centre. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to support the DCC while touring and shopping the new store before it officially opened to the public. Saks contributed 100 percent of ticket sales and five percent of proceeds from the evening’s sales at the Brickell City Centre store to Sylvester.

2-dsc_5035_new 2-1-wre_8008_new 5-wre_7991_new 7-wre_8218_new 10-wre_8192_new


Nancy Di Bernardo, Maria Saavedra, & Konrad Janus


Ramona Messore, Jose Lopez, & Dianna Corpus


Stuart Barnes, Reggie Brooks, & Stephen Brunelle


Alicia Lamadrid, Paulie Hankin, & Alicia Cervera Lamadrid


Giulia Verardi, Daniela Riveros Juliao, Alicia Lamadrid, & Jessica Juliao


Katelin Retay, Oscar & Alejandro Vargas, & Ramona Messore


Elysze Held, Galia Pennekamp, & Carolyn Travis


Diana Riser, Elysze Held, & Corey Feinsilver


Diana Riser, Konrad Janus, Corey Feinsilver, & Elysze Held


Diana Riser & Corey Feinsilver


Leslie Wolfson & Liz Feder


Nancy & Jon Batchelor


Alex Norton

25-dsc_5041_new 26-dsc_5001_new 26-2-dsc_5014_new 27-dsc_4817_new 28-29-dsc_5040_new


Theresa McLaughlin & Debora Overholt


Ashley Melisse Abess & Matthew Vander Werff


Ashley Melisse, Jayne, & Taylor Abess, & Lana Bernstein


Caroline & Emanuel Thomas, & Stephan Philias



Michael Bernstein & Lucio Zanon


Sara Mesa & Eric Valinder

34-wre_8252_new 35-dsc_5140_new 36-dsc_5149_new 36-1-dsc_5154_new 37-wre_8078_new 38-dsc_4830_new 39-dsc_4825_new 40-dsc_4837_new


Elizabeth Mackinlay, Karem Santaella, Alejandro Vargas, & Ramona Messore


Diana Riser, Elysze Held, & Konrad Janus


Michael Bernstein & Lucio Zanon


Eric Feder & Stephen Nimer


Carlos Guzman & Michael Mandich


Michael Mandich, Ryan &, Nicole Loftus, & Eric Feder

46-1-wre_8586_new 46-2-wre_8506_new 46-3-wre_8162_new 46-4-wre_8160_new 46-5-wre_8165_new 47-wre_8815_new 48-dsc_5227_new 50-dsc_5156_new 51-dsc_4905_new 51-2-wre_8582_new 51-3-wre_8812_new


Sabrina Robinson & Nancy Bernstein


Jeff Peck & Stan Rudman


Juan Lopez & Sophia Macris

54-dsc_5070_new 54-1-dsc_5072_new 100-dsc_4800_new


Neiman Marcus Coral Gables & Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrate The ART OF FASHION

Saturday, September 10th, 2016


Coral Gables, FL – September 7, 2016 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and Ocean Drive Magazine kicked off the highly anticipated fall fashion season with their much awaited ART OF FASHION event – always the most stylish soiree of the fall season. Giving back to the community is always in fashion, and this year Neiman Marcus partnered with the next generation of Miami philanthropists: PAMM Contemporaries, the United Way of Miami-Dade Young Leaders, and The Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health. The evening celebrated fall with a runway fashion show MC’d by Lisa Petrillo, Entertainment and lifestyle Correspondent for CBS-4.  The fashion show showcased the must-have fall fashion trends, including velvets, high-shine metallics, ripe berry shades, florals, skirts that move, the bomber jacket, and the adorned shoe. Over 500 of Miami’s socialites and trendsetters laced up their stilettos for an evening of fashionably fun activities throughout the store. Guests enjoyed a braid bar by GLAMSQUAD, a red lip bar by YSL Cosmetics, a stop at the Miami Marlins pop up for a chance to win tickets and batting practice. Many also enjoyed striking a pose in the South Beach Photo Booth while wearing floral crowns by, as well as visiting the LAGUNA HOUSE lounge. Bites were graciously provided by Bulla Gastrobar, STK Miami, and Neiman Marcus’ own Mariposa Restaurant, with cocktails provided by Fleur de Lis Vodka and gold medal award winning wines awarded at Veritage Miami’s Best in Glass Wine Challenge.

2-wre_0542 4-wre_0628 5-wre_0589 6-wre_0606 7-wre_0436 9-wre_0415 12-wre_0701


Stephen Brunelle

14-stephen-brunelle-speaking2 15-stephen-brunelle-speaking


Jared Shapiro



Lisa Petrillo

19-lisa-petrillo-speaking1 22-wre_1607



24-wre_2425 25-wre_2431 26-wre_2435 27-wre_2364 29-wre_2378 30-wre_1918 31-wre_1937 32-wre_2296 33-wre_2303 34-wre_2308 34-1-wre_2542 34-2wre_2552 35-wre_2244 36-wre_2249 37-wre_2255 38-wre_1898 39-wre_1909 40-wre_2184 41-wre_2195 42-wre_2464 43-wre_2469 44-wre_2487 46-wre_2608 47-wre_2615 48-wre_2644 60-wre_2699


Johanna Da Ru & Stephen Brunelle

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu

Christopher Adeleke, Monica Defortuna, Kate Valois, Danny Rodriguez, Katie Henriques, & Silvia Larrieu


Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Petrillo, & Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro, Anthony Liggins, & Courtland Lantaff


Emily & Courtland Lantaff


Alana Burstyn, Monica Defortuna, & Emily McKenzie


Lisa Petrillo & Jared Shapiro



Sandra Rodriguez


69-1-wre_1156 70-wre_1124 71-wre_0766



Elie Tahari’s Creative Director Fred Tutino Presents Spring 2016 Collection at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
1-Fred Tutino8_new

Fred Tutino

Miami, FL – April 15, 2016 –  Neiman Marcus Coral Gables welcomed Elie Tahari Creative Director, Fred Tutino, as he presented the Elie Tahari Spring 2016 Collection.

2-Fred Tutino_new

Fred Tutino

3-WRE_8111_new 4-WRE_8122_new 5-WRE_8128_new 6-WRE_8166_new 7-WRE_8169_new 8-WRE_9041_new 8.5--WRE_9037_new 9-WRE_9021_new

9.5-Fred Tutino & Neiman Marcus Models1_new

Fred Tutino

10-Fred Tutino & Neiman Marcus Models_new 11-Fred Tutino speaking_new 12-Fred Tutino speaking3_new 12.2-WRE_8301_new 14.6-WRE_8314_new

15-Fred Tutino speaking9_new

Fred Tutino

16-Fred Tutino speaking23_new 17-Fred Tutino speaking25_new 18-WRE_8430_new

20-Fred Tutino speaking31_new

Fred Tutino

21-Fred Tutino speaking32_new 22-Fred Tutino35_new

23-Fred Tutino speaking36_new

Fred Tutino

24-Fred Tutino speaking37_new 25-WRE_8566_new 26-WRE_8574_new

27-Fred Tutino speaking29_new

Fred Tutino

28-Fred Tutino speaking51_new 28.5-WRE_8788_new 30-Fred Tutino speaking55_new 32-WRE_8809_new 33-Neiman Marcus Models2_new

34-Fred Tutino & Stephen Brunelle1_new

Fred Tutino & Stephen Brunelle

35-Fred Tutino & Karen Dudley_new

Fred Tutino & Karen Dudley

36-Fred Tutino & Friends1_new

37-Rosana Coppola, Fred Tutino, & Evelyn Rothenberg_new

Rosana Coppola, Fred Tutino, & Evelyn Rothenberg

39-Bounce djing2_new



41-Laura Munilla & Fred Tutno1_new

Laura Munilla & Fred Tutino

42-Liliana Balepohi, Laura Munilla, Judy Kramer, & Marile Lopez1_new

Liliana Balepogi, Laura Munilla, Judy Kramer, & Marile Lopez

43-Rosa Coppola, Rosana Coppola, & Evelyn Rothenberg1_new

Rosa Coppola, Rosanna Coppola, & Evelyn Rothenberg

44-Raul Rodriguez & Pamela Guilarte_new

Raul Rodriguez & Pamela Guilarte

45-WRE_8172_new 47-WRE_8218_new

48-Kati Foley & Duree Ross_new

Kati Foley & Duree Ross

49-Natalia Magalhaes & Renata Rebelo_new

Natalia Magalhaes & Renata Rebelo

50-Mazerine Cruz Lima & Natalia Magalhaes1_new

Mazerine Cruz Lima & Natalia Magalhaes


Neiman Marcus Coral Gables Hosts Breakthrough Miami Luncheon

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Coral Gables, FL – February 18, 2016 – What do you get when you mix high fashion, education, philanthropic women and rose wine? A successful event that raised over $48,000 for Breakthrough Miami, a program that targets high potential, motivated students from under-resourced backgrounds and provides the tools necessary for them to graduate high school on time and attend and graduate from college. Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables hosted a sit-down lunch to benefit Breakthrough Miami. Over 70 of Miami’s most conscientious women were invited to attend by event chair, Michele King Soffer. Table hosts included, Boo Zamek, Eilah Beavers, Hayley Denman, Kinga Lampert, Lana Bernstein, Lindsay Spalding-Steven and Julie Spalding- Steven. Guests learned about the impact that Breakthrough Miami makes from Carrollton senior, Cachay Byrd and Breakthrough Miami board member Sara Herald. Guests were treated to a fashion show featuring the Spring 2016 collections from Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, Narcisco Rodriguez, Co, Tom Ford, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, and Dries Van Noten. All enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Mariposa Restaurant and rose wine by Chateau D’Esclans.

2-IMG_0034_new 3-IMG_0011_new 4-IMG_0006_new 5-IMG_0013_new

Hayley Dunman, Lana Bernstein, Eilah Beavers, Michele King Soffer, Kinga Lampert, Boo Zamek, Lindsay Spalding-Steven, &

Hayley Denman, Lana Bernstein, Eilah Beavers, Michele King Soffer, Kinga Lampert, Boo Zamek, Lindsay & Julie Spalding-Steven

Hayley Dunman, Lana Bernstein, Eilah Beavers, Kinga Lampert, Stephen Brunelle, Michele King Soffer, Lindsay Spalding-Steven, & Boo Zamek

Hayley Denman, Lana Bernstein, Eilah Beavers, Kinga Lampert, Stephen Brunelle, Michele King Soffer, Lindsay & Julie Spalding-Steven, & Boo Zamek

12.3-Michele King Soffer, Laurence Stott, & Jennifer Kennedy3_new

Michele King Soffer, Laurence Stott, & Jennifer Kennedy

12.5-Michele King Soffer & Jeannie Lewin2_new

Michele King Soffer & Jeannie Lewin

12.7-Jeannie Lewin & Conny Nixdorf_new

Jeannie Lewin & Conny Nixdorf

14-Adriana Sanchez & Kinga Lampert1_new

Adriana Sanchez & Kinga Lampert

15-Amanda S Gluck & Tessa Hahn2_new

Amanda S Gluck & Tessa Hahn

15.5-Tessa Hahn, Michele King Soffer, Eilah Beavers, & Lydia Touzet_new

Tessa Hahn, Michele King Soffer, Eilah Beavers, & Lydia Touzet

16-IMG_0097_new 17-IMG_0403_new 18-IMG_0457_new

19-IMG_0517_new 20-IMG_0441_new 21-IMG_0452_new 22-IMG_0434_new 22.1-8-IMG_0045_new

22.2-9-Michele King Soffer3_new

Michele King Soffer

22.3-10-Michele King Soffer5_new

Cachay Byrd


41-Galia Pennekamp, Jill Swerdlow, Hayley Dunman, Bubbles Smolev, & Denise Lerner_new

Galia Pennekamp, Jill Swerdlow, Hayley Denman, Arlene “Bubbles” Smolev, & Denise Lerner

42-Nicole Ruiz & Galia Pennekamp1_new

Nicole Ruiz & Galia Pennekamp

43-Lucy Hassan & Betsy Steel1_new

Lucy Hassan & Betsy Steel

44-Lana Bernstein, Andreea Baclea, & Eilah Beavers1_new

Lana Bernstein, Andreea Baclea, & Eilah Beavers

45-Kim Wood, Barbara Hevia, & Daysi Johansson1_new

Kim Wood, Barbara Hevia, & Daysi Johansson

46-Lauren Amron, Ana Behar, & Lindsay Spalding-Steven1_new

Lauren Amron, Ana Behar, & Lindsay Spalding-Steven

47-Marsha Soffer, Rosy Bild, & Tracey Spiegelman_new

Marsha Soffer, Rosy Bild, & Tracey Spiegelman

48-Pam Shapiro, Sabrina Robinson, & Vivian Feinberg_new

Pam Shapiro, Sabrina Robinson, & Vivian Feinberg

z-DJ Bounce_new

DJ Bounce

Neiman Marcus Coral Gables Fifth Annual Splendor in the Garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Dashil Hernandez

Miami, FL – January 14, 2016 – Fashion and philanthropy were in style at Fairchild’s Splendor in the Garden Fashion show and Fundraiser. More than 300 fashion-forward philanthropists attended the 5th Annual Splendor in the Garden fashion show and fundraiser held at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Guests gathered for a fun-filled day of fashion supporting Fairchild’s programs in education, conservation science, and horticulture. The event was presented by Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay, and Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables with sponsorship from Ocean Drive magazine and Marquis Bank and support from Selecta magazine and Miami In Style TV. This year’s 2016 Fairchild Philanthropy Honorees were Swanee DiMare, Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Lydia Touzet, Gigi Whitman, Laurie Jennings, Christy Martin, and Marie Ilene Whitehurst.

The day began with an outdoor cocktail reception in front of the Visitor Center. Once in the lakeside marquee, emcee Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard welcomed guests and introduced Co-Chair Swanee DiMare, who thanked the sponsors, partners, and audience for supporting Fairchild. Dr. Carl Lewis, Fairchild’s Director, spoke about the science and education initiatives that fundraisers like Splendor in the Garden help to sustain.

Stephen Brunelle, VP and General Manager of Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, introduced Ken Downing, Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, lauding his achievements in the fashion industry. Ken Downing took the stage to much applause by an adoring crowd. This was Ken Downing’s 5th year producing the now highly anticipated fashion show. He presented a first look at the Spring 2016 collections. The first Spring trend was lace – models graced the runway with flower crowns wearing lace and light colors accented with floral motifs. The second trend showcased denim; “denim redefined,” an assortment of wide-legged pants, jackets, and coats made from the iconic fabric. The third trend featured was red, reds in everything from solid colors to geometric shapes to intricate patterns. The finale highlighted evening looks including show stoppers, including shiny and metallic looks.

6-DSC_7826_new 7-DSC_7813_new 9-DSC_7819_new 14-DSC_7905_new 15-DSC_7902_new 16-DSC_8011_new 17-DSC_8038_new 18-DSC_8041_new 19-10-DSC_8044_new 19.5-DSC_9097_new 20-11-DSC_7866_new 20.6-DSC_7798_new 21-DSC_8150_new 22-DSC_8122_new 23-DSC_8156_new


Brianna Addolorato

26-DSC_8141_new 26.5-DSC_8112_new


Ken Downing

29-Miguel Espinoza & Troy Cannava2_new

Miguel Espinoza & Troy Cannava

29.5-Stephen Brunelle Speaking15_new

Stephen Brunelle

29.6-Stephen Brunelle Speaking11_new

29.8--Ken Downing Speaking15_new

Ken Downing

32-Ken Downing Speaking20_new 33-Ken Downing Speaking3_new 33.5-Ken Downing Speaking22_new 34-DSC_8334_new 35-DSC_8340_new 36-DSC_8348_new 36.5-DSC_8680_new 36.8-DSC_8696_new 38-DSC_8835_new 39-DSC_8857_new 40-DSC_8875_new 41-DSC_8663_new 42-DSC_8670_new 43-DSC_8675_new 44-DSC_8800_new 45-DSC_8798_new 47-DSC_8779_new 48-DSC_8804_new 49-DSC_8861_new 51-DSC_8603_new 51.5-DSC_8463_new 52-DSC_8581_new 53-DSC_8587_new 54-DSC_8611_new 55-DSC_8652_new 56-DSC_8569_new 57-DSC_8455_new 58-DSC_8573_new


Ken Downing

58.7-DSC_8945_new 59-Frances Sevilla-Sacasa & Ken Downing5_new

60-Frances Sevilla-Sacasa & Ken Downing3_new

Frances Sevilla-Sacasa & Ken Downing

61-Christy Martin & Ken Downing2_new

Christy Martin & Ken Downing

62-Lori Jennings & Ken Downing2A_new

Lydia Touzet & Ken Downing

63-Swanee DiMare & Ken Downing2_new

Swanee DiMare & Ken Downing

64-Swanee DiMare Speaking15_new

Swanee DiMare

65-Swanee DiMare Speaking11_new 66-Swanee DiMare Speaking8_new 70-DSC_8907_new 71-DSC_8910_new 72-DSC_8918_new

73-Christy Martin & Ken Downing5_new

Christy Martin

Christy Martin, Lydia Touzet, Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Ken Downing, Swanee DiMare, Gigi Whitman, Stephen Brunelle, Marie Whitehurst, & Lori Jennings

Christy Martin, Lydia Touzet, Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Ken Downing, Swanee DiMare, Gigi Whitman, Stephen Brunelle, Marie Whitehurst, & Laurie Jennings

Christy Martin, Gigi Whitman, Marie Whitehurst, Swanee DiMare, Lori Jennings, Lydia Touzet, & Frances Sevilla-Sacasa

Christy Martin, Gigi Whitman, Marie Whitehurst, Swanee DiMare, Laurie Jennings, Lydia Touzet, & Frances Sevilla-Sacasa

76-y-Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Marie Whitehurst, Swanee DiMare, & Gigi Whitman1_new

Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Marie Whitehurst, Swanee DiMare, & Gigi Whitman

Yolanda Berkowitz, Laurence Stott, & Ana Milton

Yolanda Berkowitz, Laurence Stott, & Ana Milton

Lesli Brown, Elysze Held, Hayley Sloman, & Ana Milton

Lesli Brown, Elysze Held, Hayley Sloman, & Ana Milton

Georgia Shubin, Elysze Held, & Susanna Shubin

Georgia Shubin, Elysze Held, & Susannah Shubin

80-Hayley Sloman & Lesli Brown1_new

Hayley Sloman & Lesli Brown

81-Michelle Areces & Alexa Wolman1_new

Michelle Areces & Alexa Wolman

82-Michelle Areces & Stephanie Sayfie5_new

Michelle Areces & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

83-Lori Jennings & Stephanie Sayfie3_new

Laurie Jennings & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

84-Lori Jennings & Ken Downing2B_new

Laurie Jennings & Ken Downing

Ken Downing, Katherine Rubino, & Stephen Brunelle

Ken Downing, Katharine Rubino, & Stephen Brunelle

86-Daniela Swaebe & Kim Wood1_new

Daniela Swaebe & Kim Wood

86.5-Tara Solomon3_new

Tara Solomon

Kristin Ducote, Patricia Delinois, & Christy Martin

Kristin Ducote, Patricia Delinois, & Christy Martin

88-Meghana Raj & Kristin Ducote4_new

Meghana Raj & Kristin Ducote

89-Ana Hughes Freund & Kim Wood1_new

Ana Hughes-Freund & Kim Wood

90-Pamela Silva Conde & Christy Martin1_new

Pamela Silva Conde & Christy Martin

Bonnie Learner, Ellen Miller, Beth Serrate, & Michelle Brockway

Bonnie Learner, Ellen Miller, Beth Serrate, & Michelle Brockway

Gigi Whitman, Lydia Touzet, & Brian Ohara

Gigi Whitman, Lydia Touzet, & Brian O’Hara

Julie Dill, Tina Carlo, & Lydia Touzet

Julie Dill, Tina Carlo, & Lydia Touzet

93-Bronwyn Miller & Suzie Sayfie2_new

Bronwyn Miller & Suzie Sayfie

94-Marie Whitehurst & Swanee DiMare2_new

Marie Whitehurst & Swanee DiMare

95-Christina Termine & Bertha Termine1_new

Christina & Bertha Termine


Neiman Marcus Coral Gables Spring 2016 Trend Report

Sunday, January 17th, 2016


Coral Gables, FL – January 13, 2015 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables welcomed Ken Downing, Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus to the store for an intimate fashion chat and sneak peek at the Spring 2016 Collections. Downing interprets, articulates and sets the fashion direction for the Neiman Marcus brand as well as serves as their international fashion ambassador and spokesperson. In his role as Fashion Director, Downing travels the globe to bring luxury and style to the Neiman Marcus customer. Downing presented the new Spring trends for Neiman Marcus at the Coral Gables store. Over 50 of Miami’s fashion set sat front row to hear what’s new for Spring. Among the hot trends for Spring are lace, denim everything, confident reds – all shades, the wide leg pant, the blazer redefined, shoes that wrap and tie, and top it off with a vivid matte lip.


2-DSC_6723_new 3-DSC_6726_new 4-DSC_6727_new 5-DSC_6731_new 6-DSC_6744_new 8.2-DSC_6852_new


Ken Downing



Dashil Hernandez

8.8-DSC_6856_new 8.9-DSC_6889_new

9-33-Ana Maria Davide & Ken Downing_new

Ana Maria Davide & Ken Downing


Ken Downing

11-DSC_6944_new 12-DSC_7006_new 14-DSC_7013_new


Ken Downing



Ken Downing



Ken Downing

19.5-DSC_7099_new 20-DSC_7098_new 21-DSC_7105_new 21.5-DSC_7272_new


Ken Downing

21.9-DSC_7157_new 22-DSC_7166_new


Ken Downing

24-DSC_7147_new 25-DSC_6980_new 25.5-DSC_6986_new


Ken Downing

26-DSC_6972_new 27-DSC_6967_new 28-DSC_6952_new 29-DSC_6927_new 30-DSC_7353_new 31-DSC_7358_new 32-DSC_7374_new

32.5-Stephen Brunelle Speaking14_new

Stephen Brunelle

32.6-Stephen Brunelle Speaking3_new

32.7-Katherine Rubino & Stephen Brunelle_new

Katharine Rubino & Stephen Brunelle

33-Bronwyn Miller & Lesli Brown2_new

Lesli Brown & Bronwyn Miller

34-Elysze Held & Bronwyn Miller2_new

Elysze Held & Bronwyn Miller

35-Ruth Schwalbe & Peggy Smith2_new

Ruth Schwalbe & Peggy Smith

36-Rebecca Whited & Amanda Dobin2_new

Rebecca Whited & Amanda Dobin

37-Nicole Lozano & Pearl Katz2_new

Nicole Lozano & Pearl Katz

y-DSC_6899_new z-DSC_6776_new

Neiman Marcus Coral Gables & Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrate The ART OF FASHION

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015


Coral Gables, FL – September 10, 2015 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and Ocean Drive Magazine celebrated the ART OF FASHION with the most fashionable event of the fall season. The evening celebrated fall – the new hot trends and must have items of the season. Over 500 of Miami’s most fashionable joined host committee Randi Wolfson Adamo, Ana Codina Barlick, Gina Beekman, Lesli Brown, Cynthia Demos, Barbara Havenick, Annie Kadre, Jessica Lopez, Christy Martin, Michele Reese, and Valentina Salas. Neiman Marcus honored esteemed arts charities in the community including Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, Beaux Arts, Miami City Ballet and Young Patronesses of the Opera. Guests enjoyed fashion and beauty stops throughout the store including Nail Art from high-end nail art atelier, Vanity Projects, and hair touch ups by Glamsquad. Partygoers loved to strike a pose in PHHHOTO, animated social photo booth, and snapped #ShoeSelfie’s in their new stilleto’s. CBS 4’s Lisa Petrillo served as the MC the runway fashion show, with fashionable beats by DJ YSL. Guests enjoyed bites from BULLA Gastrobar, The Local Craft Food & Drink, Piripi, Swine Southern Table + Bar, and crafted cocktails from Fleur de Lis Vodka, as well as wines from Barton & Guestier.



4-Kalyn James, Lisa Petrillo, Eva Silverstein, Barbara & Michele Reese

Kalyn James, Lisa Petrillo, Eva Silverstein, Barbara & Michele Reese

5-Kalyn James, Lisa Petrillo, Stephen Brunelle, Eva Silverstein, Barbara & Michele Reese

Lisa Petrillo, Kalyn James, Stephen Brunelle, Eva Silverstein, Barbara & Michele Reese

6-Adrienne Carter, Stephen Brunelle, Lexie Overholt, & friends

Adrienne Carter, Stephen Brunelle, & Lexie Overholt

7-Suzette Logue, Eva Silverstein, Adrienne Carter, Maria Tettamanti, & Lexie Overholt

Suzette Logue, Eva Silverstein, Adrienne Carter, Maria Tettamanti, & Lexie Overholt


Maria Tettamanti, Lexie Overholt, Adrienne Carter, & Eva Silverstein







15-Ani Sanchez, Courtney Rodriguez, & Constanza Montalva

Ani Sanchez, Courtney Rodriguez, & Constanza Montalva

15.5-Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Pretrillo, & Jared Shapiro

Stephen Brunelle, Lisa Pretrillo, & Jared Shapiro

16-Kalyn James & Lisa Petrillo

Kalyn James & Lisa Petrillo

16.5-Johanna da Ru & Kiki Barth

Johanna Da Ru & Kiki Barth

17-Kiki Barth & Fernanda Uesler

Kiki Barth & Fernanda Uesler

17.5-Kiki Barth

Kiki Barth

18-Johanna da Ru

Johanna Da Ru







23-Lisa Petrillo Speaking1

Lisa Petrillo

24-Lisa Petrillo Speaking2

25-Stephen Brunelle speaking

Stephen Brunelle

26-Stephen Brunelle speaking2












36.5-Fernanda Uesler3





40-Stephen Brunelle & friends1

Stephen Brunelle 

41-Paola & Maria Cueva, & Ana Maria Sanin

Paola & Maria Cueva, & Ana Maria Sanin

42-Barbara Reese, Brenda Nestor, & Michele Resse

Barbara Reese, Brenda Nestor, & Michele Resse



44-Benjamine Beaufils & Sakia Miller

Benjamine Beaufils & Sakia Miller

45-Gina Beekman, Lidia Pefaur, & Valentina Salas

Gina Beekman, Lidia Pefaur, & Valentina Salas

46-Sabrina Rudolph, Lisa Petrillo, & Nina Rudolph

Sabrina Rudolph, Lisa Petrillo, & Nina Rudolph

47-Maria Tettamanti & Lisa Petrillo

Maria Tettamanti & Lisa Petrillo

48-Lais Bacchi & Cristine Martin

Lais Bacchi & Christine Martin

49-Jessica Hernandez Lopez, Alicia Perez Carillon, Arlene Assalon,

Jessica Hernandez Lopez, Alicia Perez Carillon, & Arlene Assalon 


51-Fernanda Uesler4

Fernanda Uesler


Collection Party for Fashionably Conscious at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Coral Gables, FL – August 19, 2015 – Neiman Marcus Coral Gables hosted a Collection Party for Fashionably Conscious, Miami’s beloved fashion fundraiser, during Neiman Marcus’ highly anticipated semi-annual Trend Event. Over 100 of Miami’s fashion elite attended, including host committee Maria Eugenia Baco, Ali Codina, Laura Garcia, Marcia Martinez Laas, Rima Otrakji, Darlene Perez and Christopher Adeleke. The Trend Event featured a fashion showcase of the latest styles for Fall 2015. Guests sat front row to see the latest must-have trends, including the Folklorica Trend – handcrafted, artisanal details and embellishments, embroidery, romantic ruffles, lace and fringe. The Winter White Trend graced the runway, as well as the color Red – rich red’s, from full bodied Bordeaux to siren bright.  Shoppers enjoyed bubbly and bites from Bulla Gastrobar as well as a Herradura Tequila tasting. The event served as a kickoff to the Fashionably Conscious main fundraising sale event from Sept. 25-27 at Cocowalk, benefitting Coconut Grove Cares’ The Barnyard Community Center. For more information visit


3.5-Ali Codina, Laura Garcia, Maria Eugenia Baco, Stephen Brunelle, Rima Otrakji, Marcia Martinez Baco_new

Ali Codina, Laura Garcia, Maria Eugenia Baco, Stephen Brunelle, Rima Otrakji, & Marcia Martinez Laas

4-Katharine Rubino, Ali Codina, & Darlene Perez_new

Katharine Rubino, Ali Codina, & Darlene Perez

5-Marcia Martinez Laas & Darlene Perez_new

Marcia Martinez Laas & Darlene Perez

6 - Iva Kosovic, Rima Otrakji,& Marcia Martinez Laas_new

Iva Kosovic, Rima Otrakji, & Marcia Martinez Laas




8 - DSC_5127_new

8.5-Ali Codina speaking_new

Ali Codina


Katharine Rubino



13 - DSC_5086_new







19 - DSC_4936_new




22 - DSC_4450_new


23-Katharine Rubino, Vivian Duenas, Rebecca Millare-Macias_new

Katharine Rubino, Vivian Duenas, & Rebecca Millare-Macias

24-Katharine Rubino & Rima Otrakji_new

Katharine Rubino & Rima Otrakji

25-Teresa Sarnoff & Rima Otrakji_new

Teresa Sarnoff & Rima Otrakji

26-Eli Otero, Annette Lopez Teal, Iva Kosovic, & Holly Morganelli_new

Eli Otero, Annette Lopez Teal, Iva Kosovic, & Holly Morganelli

27-Ali Codina & Olee Fowler_new

Ali Codina & Olee Fowler

28-Christopher Adeleke & Bridget Dadd_new

Christopher Adeleke & Bridget Dadd

29-Christopher Adeleke,Olee Fowler, Bridget Dadd, & Rick Hertan_new

Christopher Adeleke, Olee Fowler, Bridget Dadd, & Rick Hertan



32 - Laura Garcia, Eloisa Morales, Maria Luchsinger, & Marcela Erana_new