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Ricky’s Grand Opening

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 11, 2016 – Miamians celebrated opening night at Ricky’s, South Beach’s newest live entertainment venue featuring multiple projection screens, arcade games, carnival inspired food menu, craft cocktails and multiple beers on tap. Ricky’s will be mixing it up every night of the week with nightly programming to cater to a variety of audiences with live bands, sporting event watch parties and karaoke nights.

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Tommy Cabrerizo

Justin Levine, Jared Galbut, & Keith Menin

Justin Levine, Jared Galbut, & Keith Menin


Stacey Galbut, Evelyn Menin, & Dana Rosen


Erik Guanche & Philip Goldfarb


Jon Paul Pérez & Adam Sosnick

Lauren Stoner, Lyndon Smith, Stacey Milon, & Tommy Pooch

Lauren Stoner, Lyndon Smith, Stacey Milon, & Tommy Pooch


Dashil Hernandez, Cheryl Hohweiler, Irina Ginzburg, & Lauren Stoner


Adam Sosnick, Stephanie Smolski, & Annie Gustafsson

Jared Galbut, Manny Diaz, & Eddie Smith

Jared Galbut, Manny Diaz, & Eddie Smith


Samantha Goodman, Alexandra Mesa, & Samantha Rosen

Chanel Ibanez, Amy Green, Laura Shapiro, & Marissa Scarpulla

Chanel Ibanez, Amy Green, Laura Shapiro, & Marissa Scarpulla


Joseph Natale, Bryan Canales, & Marisa Marcus


Eddie Smith & Lyndon Smith


Keith Menin & Eddie Smith

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Annie Gustafsson


Stephanie Smolski


Alex Norton

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Katya Demina & Demetri Demascus


Keith Menin & Flavia Tallo


Marisa Marcus & Mitch Sklawer


Irina Ginzburg & Lauren Stoner


Kayla Vetack & Mackenzie Leigh


Sierra Akhdar & Antonia Gazetas


Tony Merenda


Diego Palomo, Sari Libbin, & Price Shaprio


Bianca Coletti & Stacy Milon


Manny Diaz


Mister Grey


Mokai Mondays

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – September 23, 2013 – Mokai knows how to start the week off by always surprising party goers and keeping them coming back for more.

Ryann Dickinson & Melany Doucette

Vanessa Binggeli

Dayenne Huipen & Cecilie Krogh

Annie Persson

Vanessa Binggeli & Samantha Onn

Alexandra Alruiz & Elina Sol

Emily Woerle & Josie Franz

Josie Franz

Ryann Dickinson & Melany Doucette

Stephanie Smolski

Vanessa Binggeli & Samantha Onn

Victoria Jenner & Emma Hammand

Mokai Mondays

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – November 19, 2012 – People lined up to enter Mokai on Monday, knowing that once they got inside they would be along for a ride of partying that rivals the energy of the weekend and keeps the thoughts of the work week on the back burner.

Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan & Chris Jones

Ally Nicotra

Stephanie Smolski

Annabel Gonzalez

Eva Art & Tiffany Fernandez

Ally Nicotra

Jason Odio & KidKiddo

Jason Odio & Mr. Mauricio

Nick Hogan & Chris Jones

Ally Nicotra & Ryan Troy

Hugh Hefner Impersonator

Tiffany Golan & Amanda Bella Cohen

Raquel Ofir, Becky Mizne, Tiffany Golan, & Amanda Bella Cohen

Gabby Benesh, Rachel Costa, & Sammi Blake

Nicole McCarty & Kelly Gray

Joe Maz & Aris

Eric Hower & Mr. Mauricio

Mr. Mauricio, DJ Konflikt, & Joe Maz

Sammi Blake

Kelly Gray & Matt Root

Ryan Troy & Kelly Gray

Laura Leigh Smith

Lily McCloskey & Kat McDonough

Adam Risolia, Ally Nicotra, & Vanessa Orsino

Alex Metric at Mansion

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 10, 2012 – Alex Metric slipped into Mansion Saturday night, taking the crowd to another level of musical enjoyment. Though Metric’s demeanor was calm and collected, his heavy hits impressed the South Beach crowd and left them wanting more.

Alex Metric

Alex Metric

Lex Hernandez & Stephanie Smolski

Jeremy Spund

Lex Hernandez, Xenia Baque, Daniella Frigenti, & Jeremy Spund

Alex Metric

Jess Cope & Alli Hagan

Tera Greenberg & Dana Davidson

Marissa Gould

Najib Elmrasi & Marko

Lex Hernandez & Frankie Flux

Alex Metric

Axwell at Fontainebleau NYE

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler

Miami Beach, FL – December 31, 2011 – Is there any other way to celebrate the New Year than under the stars partying with the stars? Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, JC Chasez, Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck, and Maria Menounos were all out to take in the sights and sounds as Axwell delivered a legendary set at the Fontainebleau.

Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens, & Jonathan Cheban

Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, & Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban, Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, & Maria Menounos

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens & Maria Menounos

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens & Maria Menounos

Jessica Lowndes

Austin Butler & Vanessa Hudgens

JC Chasez




David Grutman & Jeff Soffer

Joe Lahoud, David Grutman, & Chris Lighty

Jessica Lowndes & David Grutman

Maria Menounos & Simon Huck

Joe Francis

Joe Francis & Danny A

Alex Saladrigas

Chelsea Brown & Alee Schwartz


Jon Blank

Jon Oberti