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PL0T | Poplife Presents: Bob Moses “Never Enough” Tour 2016 at The Hangar

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Bob Moses

Miami, FL – October 30, 2016 – Celebrating the night of all things eerie, PL0T | Poplife presented an incredible performance from Bob Moses, who stopped at The Hangar on the “Never Enough”tour. The duo wowed the crowd with their sweet sounds, keeping everyone on their feet going wild the entire show.


Bob Moses

3-bob-moses44 4-bob-moses59 5-bob-moses61


Bob Moses

7-bob-moses16 8-bob-moses17 9-bob-moses27


Bob Moses

12-bob-moses31 13-bob-moses33 14-bob-moses34


Bob Moses

16-bob-moses18 17-bob-moses22 18-bob-moses23


Bob Moses

20-bob-moses50 21-bob-moses52 28-bob-moses58


Bob Moses

30-bob-moses57 30-1-img_5421


Simonett Pereira



Alexandra Ortelli & Daniela Gutierrez


Emily Howell


Kristy Duncan & Karin Henriksson


Matt Caines & Jake Jefferson


Rebeca Lange, Bob Moses, & Jake Jefferson


Tom Howie of Bob Moses & Kristina Metcalfe


Kristina Metcalfe & Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses


Aramis Lorie & Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses



Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses


Bob Moses


Tom Howie of Bob Moses



Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses


Beck’s Urban Canvas Miami Launch at The Citadel

Monday, June 27th, 2016


Miami, FL – June 23, 2016 – Beck‘s, the world’s most recognized German-style beer, returned to Miami to kick-off Beck’s Urban Canvas, a project that showcases emerging visual artists and aims to enrich local communities through artistic expression. The annual program provides artists a platform to showcase their stories and work to audiences they might not otherwise have access to, and supports the local community by fostering and strengthening its creative programs. The brand hosted a launch event in Little Haiti where five emerging artists identified by Beck’s showcased original works of art. The selected artists, Santiago Rubino, Christina Angelina, Juan Travieso, Leza One, and DJ Neff, were also asked to put their own distinctive style and twist on a Beck’s billboard – their take on what a Beck’s billboard could, or should, be and revealed these ‘remixed’ billboards at the event. The public can now vote for their favorite ‘remixed’ Beck’s billboard on The winning artwork will be used as the creative direction for the next Beck’s billboard campaign.

Guests enjoyed live music by Mr. Brown and Bedside as well as Beck’s beer and hors d’oeuvres by Chef Creole. Additionally, as part of Urban Canvas 2016, Beck’s will partner with the Rhythm Foundation to re-launch the recently defunded Big Night in Little Haiti event program later this year as an on-going annual series.


Juan Travieso

2.5-IMG_3358_new 3-IMG_3373_new 3.4-IMG_3877_new 4-IMG_3647_new 5-IMG_3629_new 6-IMG_3601_new 7-IMG_3741_new 8-IMG_3745_new

9-Gene de Souza Speaking & Daniel Blake9_new

Gene de Souza & Daniel Blake

10-Gene de Souza Speaking & Daniel Blake13_new

11-Gene de Souza Speaking1_new

Gene de Souza

12-Gene de Souza, Mack Bazile Speaking, & Daniel Blake2_new

Gene de Souza, Mack Bazile, & Daniel Blake

14-Gene de Souza & Mack Bazile Speaking2_new

Gene de Souza & Mack Bazile

15-Gene de Souza & Mack Bazile Speaking_new 16-IMG_3550_new 17-IMG_3951_new

18-Lia Figuera2_new

Lia Figuera

18.5-Zoe Fromer & Natasha Lopez1_new

Zoe Fromer & Natasha Lopez

19-Paula Isbel & Simonett Pereira2_new

Paula Isbel & Simonett Pereira

20-Paula Isbel, Maria Mendizabal, & Simonett Pereira2_new

Paula Isbel, Maria Mendizabal, & Simonett Pereira

21-David Sinopoli , Aileen Quintana, Veronica Gessa, & Michelle Granado1_new

David Sinopoli, Aileen Quintana, Veronica Gessa, & Michelle Granado

21.5-Veronica Gonzalez & Stacey Jimenez_new

Veronica Gonzalez & Stacey Jimenez

22-Erika Davis, Rodman Davis, & Carole Ann Hollant1_new

Erika & Rodman Davis, & Carole Ann Hollant

23-Jose Felix Rodriguez, Najja Moon, Nicole Grace, Juan Betancourt, & Aja Butler-Burns1_new

Jose Felix Rodriguez, Najja Moon, Nicole Grace, Juan Betancourt, & Aja Butler-Burns

23.5-IMG_3901_new 23.8-IMG_3906_new 24-IMG_3593_new 25-IMG_3586_new

26-Parris Pierce, D'ana Nunez, & Amelia Martinez1_new

Parris Pierce, D’ana Nunez, & Amelia Martinez

27-Zalez, Jojo Sunshine, & Katie Breuil_new

Jojo Sunshine & Katie Breuil

28-Kathy Rosario & Norma Moreno1_new

Kathy Rosario & Norma Moreno

29-Kathy Rosario & jana Rose Carrero_new

Kathy Rosario & Jana Rose Carrero

29.5-jana Rose Carrero & Friend3_new

Jana Rose Carrero

30-Martine Dieudonne & Roxy Cornier_new

Martine Dieudonne & Roxy Cornier

31-Karina Rodriguez, Lia Figuera, & Kelsey Rodriguez_new

Karina Rodriguez, Lia Figuera, & Kelsey Rodriguez

32-Angela Powers_new

Angela Powers

33-Anglea & Christy Powers2_new

Angela & Christy Powers

34-IMG_3490_new 35-IMG_4211_new 36-IMG_3788_new


DJ Neff


39-Carole Ann Hollant & Norma Moreno_new

Carole Ann Hollant & Norma Moreno




42-IMG_3766_new 44-IMG_3780_new 45-IMG_3769_new


Mr. Brown

47-IMG_3467_new 48-IMG_3313_new 49-IMG_4267_new 50-IMG_4273_new 51-IMG_3420_new 52-IMG_4326_new 53-IMG_4229_new 54-IMG_3457_new 55-IMG_3486_new z-IMG_3992_new

Sneak Peak of Coco’s at The Catalina

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – March 3, 2016 – Party goers received a sneak peek of The Catalina’s latest pop-up bar, Coco’s. Started by local DJ Coco Hara, Coco’s isn’t your average Miami scene as it includes endless arcade games, beer pong tournaments, and of course, dope beats by Coco Hara. If this sounds up your alley head out to the grand opening this Friday from 8pm – 12am.


3-Coco Hara15_new

Coco Hara

4-Coco Hara5_new 5-Coco Hara2_new 6-Coco Hara3_new

7-Coco Hara19_new

Coco Hara

8-Coco Hara, Katia Garoche, & Jodan Charvillat1_new

Coco Hara, Katia Garoche, & Jordan Charvillat

9-Brett Rivkind, Paige Rivkind, Coco Hara, Devon Rivkind, & Lisa Rivkind3_new

Brett & Paige Rivkind, Coco Hara, Devon & Lisa Rivkind

10-GG Mirvis, Sarah Pierce, Coco Hara, Anthony Roden, & Chino3_new

GG Mirvis, Sarah Pierce, Coco Hara, & Anthony Roden

10.4-Jessica Lieberman, Linus Ilario, Nathan Lieberman, Jorge Borreo, & Maria Mendizabal5_new

Jessica Lieberman, Linus Ilario, Nathan Lieberman, Jorge Moreno, & Maria Mendizabal

10.5-Larre Noel, Devon Rivkind, Lisa Rivkind, Brett Rivkind, & Jessica Lieberman1_new

Larre Noel, Devon, Lisa, & Brett Rivkind, & Jessica Lieberman

12-Denio & Twiga1_new


14-Darlene Dekker & Chris Dekker1_new

Darlene & Chris Dekker

15-DSC_3270_new 17-DSC_3142_new 18-DSC_3215_new 18.5-DSC_3154_new

19-Simonett Pereira, Maria Mendizabal, & Rafael Aguirre2_new

Simonett Pereira, Maria Mendizabal, & Rafael Aguirre


21-JBZ djing6_new


22-JBZ5_new 23-JBZ2_new 24-JBZ3_new

t-Larre Noel & Coco Hara21_new

Larre Noel & Coco Hara

u-Jeff Shub & Tess Jacoby3_new

Jeff Shub & Tess Jacoby

v-Tess Jacoby & Jeff Shub1_new

Tess Jacoby & Jeff Shub

x-Alex Mitchell & Nina Sanchez3_new

Alex Mitchell & Nina Sanchez

y-Anthony Roden & Chino2_new yz-DSC_3182_new z-DSC_3255_new

1306 Grand Opening Celebration

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Miami, FL – January 14, 2016 – The guys behind Grand Central introduced a new nightlife destination to Miami. Blending a passion for cocktail culture, live music and unpretentious vibes, 1306 is the perfect unison of a neighborhood cocktail bar and versatile event space, located in the heart of Downtown Miami, in a historic building from the 1920’s. At the grand opening celebration, guests enjoyed handcraft cocktails by Virginia King in the intimate bar space, while watching live performances by Afrobeta, Cleaveland Jones, and Ray Milian in the open-air event space just next door.
4-IMG_0377_new 5-IMG_0746_new

6-Cleveland Jones65_new

Cleaveland Jones

7-Cleveland Jones68_new 8-Cleveland Jones27_new 9-Cleveland Jones20_new

10-Cleveland Jones17_new

Cleaveland Jones

11-Cleveland Jones7_new 12-Cleveland Jones5_new 14-Cleveland Jones49_new 15-Cleveland Jones47_new

16-Cleveland Jones58_new

Cleaveland Jones


18-Aramis Lorie & Josh Wagner_new

Aramis Lorie & Josh Wagner

20-Michelle Leshem & Josh Wagner2_new

Michelle Leshem & Josh Wagner

21-Diego Martinelli, Michelle Leshem, Claudia Caballe, & Patrick Walsh1_new

Diego Martinelli, Michelle Leshem, Claudia Caballe, & Patrick Walsh

22-Emilia Menocal, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Carlos Lopez1_new

Emilia Menocal, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Carlos Lopez

23-Jackie Fernandez, Claudia Alonso, Michelle Rivero, & Christina Haramboure1_new

Jackie Fernandez, Claudia Alonso, Michelle Rivero, & Christina Haramboure

24-Simonett Pereira, Stefania Aronin, & Maria Mendizabal1_new

Simonett Pereira, Stefania Aronin, & Maria Mendizabal

25-Marina Sampaio, Victoria Sampaio, & Kevin Coster1_new

Marina & Victoria Sampaio, & Kevin Coster

25.5-Annie Louis & Diana Granados1_new

Annie Louis & Diana Granados

26-Virginia King6_new

Virginia King

27-Paula Duro & Edgar Alvarez_new

Paula Duro & Edgar Alvarez

27.5-Boris Lambertelli, Enrico Carducci, Sara Boni, & Dario Amaranto1_new

Boris Lambertelli, Enrico Carducci, Sara Boni, & Dario Amaranto

2-Darwin, Gio Borace, AholSniffsGlue, & Dreps Galvis1_new

Gio Borace, Ahol Sniffs Glue, & Dreps Galvis

1--AholSniffsGlue & Veronica Gessa3_new

Ahol Sniffs Glue & Veronica Gessa

28-Lindsay Pumpa, Catalina Martinez, & Francois Nehama1_new

Lindsay Pumpa, Catalina Martinez, & Francois Nehama

29-Viviana Torres, Mary Montero, Bellina Filigenzi, & Vincent Filigenzi1_new

Viviana Torres, Mary Montero, Bellina & Vincent Filigenzi

30-Monica Larcada, Marthica Galvis, & Kim Nolan_new

Monica Larcada, Marthica Galvis, & Kim Nolan

31-David Rodriguez & Vanessa Montoya_new

David Rodriguez & Vanessa Montoya

32-Jordyn Newsome, Andrea Arauz, & Melissa Rosko1_new

Jordyn Newsome, Andrea Arauz, & Melissa Rosko

33-Ariel Raboin & Sarah Bowers2_new

Ariel Raboin & Sarah Bowers

34-Giovanna Medina & Alejandro Gonzalez_new

Giovanna Medina & Alejandro Gonzalez


36-Diana Granados & Annie Louis1_new

Diana Granados & Annie Louis

37-Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja1_new

Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja

38-Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja2_new

39-Aramis Lorie & Barbara Basti1_new

Aramis Lorie & Barbara Basti

40-Marissa Martinelli, Mariana Michelson, Whitney Hawkin, & Mariel Schmidt1_new

Marissa Martinelli, Mariana Michelson, Whitney Hawkin, & Mariel Schmidt

41-Justine Zohar, Jackie Casey, & Cindy Lopez1_new

Justine Zohar, Jackie Casey, & Cindy Lopez

x-IMG_0560_new xy-v-IMG_0966_new y-IMG_0515_new z-IMG_0508_new


Pérez Art Museum Miami Presents Dimensions by Devonté Hynes & Ryan McNamara

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

0.32-Solange Knowles3_new

Solange Knowles

Miami, FL – December 3, 2015 – Pérez Art Museum Miami was transformed by PAMM Presents Dimensions by Devonté Hynes and Ryan McNamara. “Dimensions” was an interdisciplinary performance that spread across the museum’s expansive terrace and featured eight moving sculptural platforms holding live dancers and musicians. In a surprise finale, the platforms came together, like puzzle pieces, to reveal interwoven musical compositions and choreography. The performance was the result of the museum bringing Hynes and McNamara together for their annual Researcher-in-Residence program. As part of that program, they spent weeks exploring Miami and its diverse cultural history–the inspiration for “Dimensions.”

The evening began with a toast to artists who are currently on view at the museum, led by PAMM’s new director, Franklin Sirmans. Notable guests of the evening included singer Solange Knowles, gallerist Andrea Rosen, the Guggenheim’s JiaJia Fei, designer Mara Hoffman, editor Dorian Grinspan, musician Nelly Furtado, actress Arielle Kebbel, and R&B artist Miguel.

Gianni Choen, Miguel, & Jasmine Benjami








10-Dev Hynes2_new

Devonté Hynes

11-Dev Hynes1_new

12-Dev Hynes_new








22-Ryan McNamara_new

Ryan McNamera

23 - Ryan McNamara2_new

23.1-Tobias Ostrander, Sheela Gowda, & Christoph Storz_new

Tobias Ostrander, Sheela Gowda, & Christoph Storz

23.2-Danilo Mantilla & Iggy Gnzlz1_new

Danilo Mantilla & Iggy Gnzlz

23.3-Arielle Kebbel0_new

Arielle Kebbel

23.4-Doug Mandell & Arielle Kebbel_new

Doug Mandell & Arielle Kebbel

23.5-Ali Madigan, KESH, & Niko Karamyan2_new

Ali Madigan, Kesh, & Niko Karamyan

23.7-Katerina llanes & Venus X1_new

Katerina llanes & Venus X

24.3-Inez Bonilla & Charles Smart1_new

Inez Bonilla & Charles Smart

24.5-Kenny Araujo, Ashley Catuzzi, Juan Carlos, & Farfan Daniela Frewa1_new

Kenny Araujo, Ashley Catuzzi, Juan Carlos Farfan, & Daniela Frewa

24.7-José Bedia, Wendy Guerra, Atelier Morales, & Rafael miyar_new

José Bedia, Wendy Guerra, Atelier Morales, & Rafael Miyar

24.9-Charles Lawrie, Lydia Pinnell, & Christopher Pastor_new

Charles Lawrie, Lydia Pinnell, & Christopher Pastor

25-Maria Elena, Ortiz Sergio Vega, Miguel Rios, & Tobias Ostrander_new

Maria Elena, Ortiz Sergio Vega, Miguel Rios, & Tobias Ostrander

26-Franklin Sirmans & Tobias Ostrander1_new

Franklin Sirmans & Tobias Ostrander

27 - Franklin Sirmans Speaking5_new

Franklin Sirmans

27.5--Franklin Sirmans Speaking1_new

27.7--Franklin Sirmans Speaking_new

27.9-Franklin Sirmans Speaking2_new

28-Franklin Sirmans Speaking4_new

Frankiln Sirmans



31-Tobias Ostrander, Jose Bedia Jr, & Kristen Goodrich_new

Tobias Ostrander, Jose Bedia Jr, & Kristen Goodrich

32-Karla Baquedano & Davia Jay1_new

Karla Baquedano & Davia Jay

33-Keely Merritt & Leor Distenfeld1_new

Keely Merritt, Leor Distenfeld, & Typoe

34-Javier Hernandez & Christina Pettersson1_new

Javier Hernandez & Christina Pettersson

35-Quisqueya Henriquez & Florence Lynch_new

Quisqueya Henriquez & Florence Lynch

36-Wendy Guerra & José Bedia_new

Wendy Guerra & José Bedia

37-Erin Grant & Whitney Mallett_new

Erin Grant & Whitney Mallett


39-Nathan Carter, Eamon Ore-Giron, Kara Pickman, Cherry Pickman, & Diana Nawi1_new

Nathan Carter, Eamon Ore-Giron, Kara & Cherry Pickman, & Diana Nawi

40-Kara Pickman, Cherry Pickman, & Diana Nawi_new

Kara & Cherry Pickman, & Diana Nawi



43-Tom Van, Dorothy Podhurst, Debi Hoffman, & Aaron Podhurst_new

Tom Van, Dorothy Podhurst, Debi Hoffman, & Aaron Podhurst

44-Edouard Duval Carrie & Jason Yoon_new

Edouard Duval Carrie & Jason Yoon

45-Wendy Dubbeld_new

Wendy Dubbeld


s-Allana Jizelle, Alfredo Louis, Simonett Pereira & Maria Mendizabal_new

Allana Jizelle, Alfredo Louis, Simonett Pereira, & Maria Mendizabal

t-Simonett Pereira & Maria Mendizabal_new

Simonett Pereira & Maria Mendizabal

uv-Vashti Henriques & Marilyn Holifield_new

Vashti Henriques & Marilyn Holifield

v-Roksolana Kopotyuk & Eliecer Palacios_new

 Eliecer Palacios & Roksolana Kopotyuk

x-Harlod Saboga_new

Harold Saboga


Les Amis du Webster at The Webster Miami

Friday, October 2nd, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – October 2, 2015 – The Webster launched a new private rooftop gathering for the incredible friend’s of The Webster, as a way to reconnect on a monthly basis. Friday marked the inaugural celebration of “Les Amis du Webster” with music by Tony Disco and What Austin Wants powered by Perrier. Guests enjoyed Champagne Perrier-Jouët Grant Brut and two signature cocktails: first the Palomino a balanced and elegant partnership of ABSOLUT ELYX, Fino Sherry, Orange Wedge, Tonic Water and second the Chocolate Old Fashioned a devilishly light and refreshing twist to the old fashion with Tequila Avion, simple syrup, chocolate bitters, garnished with orange peel.


What Austin Wants



4-Gael Monfils & Jean Malecaze

Gael Monfils & Jean Malecaze

5-Shelby Spencer & Coco Hara

Shelby Spencer & Coco Hara

6-Brooke Buchanan, Camilo Rios White, & Baskin Champion4

Brooke Buchanan, Camilo Rios, & Baskin Champion

7-Alina Goryachikh, George Dufournier, & Hannah Blaser2

Alina Goryachikh, George Dufournier, & Hannah Blaser

7.5-Magela Pons, Juliana Mejia, & Daniela Moreno

Magela Pons, Juliana Mejia, & Daniela Moreno


8-Daniela Moreno, Camila Zurita, & Valentina Hernandez

Daniela Moreno, Camila Zurita, & Valentina Hernandez

8.5-Lili Quiveuro & Yoshika Hayashi

Lili Quiveuro & Yoshika Hayashi

9-William Geslin & Kimberley Ben

William Geslin & Kimberly Ben

10-Laurent Malecaze, George Dufournier, Caroline Fillaudeau, & Victor Blanquart

Laurent Malecaze, George Dufournier, Caroline Fillaudeau, & Victor Blanquart

13-Mario Martinez & Maria Von Sothan

Mario Martinez & Maria Von Sothen





17.5-Michael Browne & Angela Bailey1

Michael Browne & Angela Bailey

17.6-Lisa Alschibaya, Lilian Mustelier, & Simonett Pereira2

Lisa Alschibaya, Lilian Mustelier, & Simonett Pereira

19-Elissa De La Pedraja, Marion Atdjian, & Margaux Martignac

Elissa De La Pedraja, Marion Atdjian, & Margaux Martignac



y-Andrea & Adriana Fuentes7

Andrea & Adriana Fuentes



The Launch of Veuve Clicquot Rich

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Gabrielle Union

Miami Beach, FL – September 21, 2015 – Celebrities and influencers including Gabrielle Union, Annie Vasquez, Simonett Pereira, Amanda Tur and more celebrated the launch of Veuve Clicquot’s newest champagne, Clicquot Rich, with a champagne fete at a private residence on Star Island. As Clicquot Rich is designed to be mixed with fresh and seasonal ingredients, each room in the house offered guests a different Clicquot Rich cocktail and experience. Mixologists crafted Clicquot Rich cocktails using ingredients like cucumber, grapefruit, tea, peppers and more, while the crowd enjoyed dancing to music by DJ Ruen.













22-Gabrielle Union7

Gabrielle Union

23-Mandi Miranda, Gabrielle Union, Chantelle Christopher, & Jessica Borero

Mandi Miranda, Gabrielle Union, Chantel Christopher, & Jessica Borrero

28-Chantelle Christopher, Gabrielle Union, Mandi Miranda, & Jessica Borero

Chantel Christopher, Gabrielle Union, Mandi Miranda, & Jessica Borrero

25-Gabrielle Union3

Gabrielle Union


45-Chloe Stefani & Vanessa Kay

Chloe Stefani & Vanessa Kay

Nathalie Cadet-James & Edison Lozano

32.7-Ashley Turchin & Sebastian Guejamn

Ashley Turchin & Sebastian Guejamn

Ahol Sniffs Glue, Marcel Katz, & Posh God

29.2--Alina Pokidova & Alexis Reeves

Alina Pokidova & Alexis Reeves

30-Carrie Astute, Amanda Del Duca, & Meryl Villacorta

Carrie Astute, Amanda Del Duca, & Meryl Villacorta

31-Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, & Kevin O'Donnell

Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, & Kevin O’Donnell

32.5-Kevin O'Donnell & Simonett Pereira

Kevin O’Donnell & Simonett Pereira

33-Amanda & Mike Tur

Amanda & Mike Tur

34-Amanda Tur

Amanda Tur

35-Austin Horne & Christopher Pastor1

Austin Horne & Christopher Pastor

36-April Tambor & Michelle Luis

April Tambor & Michelle Luis

39-Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks

43-Maddy Marr & Mary Jo Shore

Maddy Marr & Mary Jo Shore

Mina Rofeh, Edison Lozano, & Sarah Mirmelli

Ginger Harris, Jorge Camaraza, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejamn

48-DJ Ruen

DJ Ruen

48.5--Kelly Saks, Annie Vazquez, Netty Del, & Gisselle Jimenez1

Kelly Saks, Annie Vasquez, Netty Del, & Gisselle Jimenez

Nicole Ochoa, Patricia Noir, & Marcel Katz

52-Julie Andersson, Trupty Patel, & Chloe Stefani

Julie Andersson, Trupty Patel, & Chloe Stefani

53-Mauricio Botero & Amanda Del Duca

Mauricio Botero & Amanda Del Duca

54-Bobbi O'Gilvie & Ria Michelle

Bobbi O’Gilvie & Ria Michelle

y-Tamara & Julia Medvedova

Tamara & Julia Medvedeva


Bud Light Lime-A-Rita’s YesJulz Influencer Brunch at Delano

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

1-Julz 1


Miami Beach, FL – August 23, 2015 – This past Sunday, Miami’s very own YesJulz partnered with Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas to create a Fiesta Forever experience at the Delano. The afternoon began with a private brunch at Bianca where guests were invited to enjoy everything from lobster tails to the omelette bar as they sipped on the many flavors of Lime-A-Ritas. Following the brunch, Julz’ and friends headed to the Privileged Sundays pool party to cool off on lime floats and fiesta. Signature towels and colorful custom visors kept partygoers well prepared so all they had to worry about was having a good time and swimming with the live mermaid.

Julz, Simonett Pereira, Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, & Sarah Akiba

Julz, Simonett Pereira, Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, & Sarah Akiba



Amanda Del Duca, Ria MIchelle, Julz, Sarah Akiba, & Simonett Pereira

Amanda Del Duca, Ria MIchelle, Julz, Sarah Akiba, & Simonett Pereira

Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, Simonett Pereira, Julz, & Sarah Akiba

Amanda Del Duca, Ria Michelle, Simonett Pereira, Julz, & Sarah Akiba

6-Amanda Del Duca, Simonett Pereira, & Ria Michelle

Amanda Del Duca, Simonett Pereira, & Ria Michelle

7-Julz & Sarah Akiba 1

Julz & Sarah Akiba









14-Erik Yehezkel, Tommy Neary, & Julz

Erik Yehezkel, Tommy Neary, Julz, & Olivia Ormos

15-Erik Yehezkel, Tommy Neary, Julz, & Friends

Tommy Neary, Julz, & Olivia Ormos

16-Simonett Pereira & Julz

Simonett Pereira & Julz


Matt Werner, Julian Cohen, Erik Yehezkel, Tommy Neary, & Olivia Ormos

Marko Gojanovic, Matt Werner, Julian Cohen, Julz, Erik Yehezkel, & Tommy Neary

Marko Gojanovic, Matt Werner, Julian Cohen, Julz, Erik Yehezkel, & Tommy Neary

18-Erik Yehezkel & Julian Cohen 1

Erik Yehezkel & Julian Cohen










29.5-DJ Hottpants djing 1

DJ Hottpants

29.6-26-DJ Hottpants djing


Privileged Sundays



2.5-Maria Juani & Andrea Mendes5

Maria Juani & Andrea Mendes

2.6-Maria Juani & Andrea Mendes3

3-Julz & friends14


4-Julz & friends8

5-Julz & Tika GM2


8-Julz, Tika GM, & friends1

Julz & Tika GM

9-Rodrigo Aldorino, Racquel Adzima, Sadie Benson, Ashley Armstrong, Tika GM India Sherman, & friends18

Rodrigo Aldorino, Racquel Adzima, Sadie Benson, Ashley Armstrong, Tika GM, & India Sherman

10-Rodrigo Aldorino, Racquel Adzima, Sadie Benson, Ashley Armstrong, Tika GM India Sherman, & friends9

11-Racquel Adzima, Sadie Benson, Rodrigo Aldorino, Ashley Armstrong, India Sherman, & friends1


13-Megan Martel & Maria Jibaja1

Megan Martel & Maria Jibaja

14-Maria Jibaja & Megan Martel1

Maria Jibaja & Megan Martel

15-Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin3

Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin

16-Racquel Adzima, Sadie Benson, & friends

Racquel Adzima & Sadie Benson

16.5-Rodrigo Aldorino & friend

Rodrigo Aldorino

17-Ashley Wilson & friend5

Ashley Wilson








22-Julz & friend3

Julz & Dave Sol



27-Soulection djing6


28-Soulection djing8


DIJANA Swim Launch at Bass Museum of Art

Monday, July 20th, 2015

1-Aileen Quintana & Dijana Molina

Aileen Quintana & Dijana Molina

Miami Beach, FL – July 17, 2015 – DIJANA Swim by Dijana Molina made its official launch during Miami Swim Week with a fashion show attended by 400 VIPs at Bass Museum of Art.. The dramatic fashion show, held with models sashaying down the museum’s tri-level ramp, began with an Indian-inspired interpretive dancer performance, setting the tone for the ethereal fashions to come.  Inspired by the values of symmetry, purity, sensuality, renewal and beauty, DIJANA Swim showcased bikinis, maillots and beachwear in a summer palette of pink, orange, yellow, purple, orange and green hues – in solid prints as well as graceful lotus and bamboo prints designed by Dijana – in Italian fabrics. Rompers, flowing Greek-inspired jumpers, and long dresses – as well as the swimwear — were elegantly finished with custom gold hardware. An artistic highlight of the show was a golden bamboo forest installation, which also served as a backdrop for the summer ’16 look book images.

2-Dijana Molina1

Dijana Molina

Dijana Molina & Kasey Ashcraft

4-Dijana Molina & Kasey Ashcraft

4.5-Dijana Molina, Aileen Quintana, & friends2

Dijana Molina & Aileen Quintana




Aileen Quintana




Dijana Molina

10-Lacey Nelson & Dijana Molina

Lacey Nelson & Dijana Molina


Renee Bhagwandeen


11-Dijana Molina, Aileen Quintana, & friends1A

Dijana Molina & Aileen Quintana

12-Dijana Molina, Aileen Quintana, & friends3

Aileen Quintana, Kasey Ashcraft, Dijana Molina, & Renee Bhagwandeen











22-Aileen Quintana4

Aileen Quintana














30.5-Eliane Gregory, Renee Bhagwandeen, & Joy Corrigan

Eliane Gregory, Renee Bhagwandeen, & Joy Corrigan



32-Elke Grunsch, Djiana Molina, & Jose Stemkens Welliver

Elke Grunsch, Djiana Molina, & Jose Stemkens Welliver


34-Aileen Quintana3

Aileen Quintana

35-Arin Maercks, Criselda & Jonathan Breene

Arin Maercks, Criselda & Jonathan Breene

36-Annie & Frank Chatburn, Ivette Atkinson, Sean Yazbeck, Nina Miguel, & Nalle Grinda

Annie & Frank Chatburn, Ivette Atkinson, Sean Yazbeck, Nina Miguel, & Nalle Grinda

37-Sean Yazbeck & Daniel Novela

Sean Yazbeck & Daniel Novela

38-Daniel Novela, Arin Maercks, & Jonathan Breene

Daniel Novela, Arin Maercks, & Jonathan Breene

39-Gary & Dana Shear

Gary & Dana Shear

39.5-Alena Graff & Malinka Max

Alena Graff & Malinka Max

40-Susan Chapman & Situ Bruce

Susan Chapman & Situ Bruce

41-Livia Silva, Amanda Murray, & Simonett Pereira

Livia Silva, Amanda Murray, & Simonett Pereira

42-Kevin O'Donnell, Simonett Pereira, Aileen Quintana, Livia Silva, & Amanda Murray

Kevin O’Donnell, Simonett Pereira, Aileen Quintana, Livia Silva, & Amanda Murray

43-Iva Kosovic & Daniela Frewa

Iva Kosovic & Daniela Frewa

43-Kaitlin Kiely & Luciana Scarabello

Kaitlin Kiely & Luciana Scarabello

44-Aileen Quintana & Lyly Villanueva

Aileen Quintana & Lyly Villanueva

Dana Shear & Maria Berguiristain

Dana Shear & Maria Berguiristain

y-Dijana Molina, Aileen Quintana, & friends

Eliane Gregory, Dijana Molina, Aileen Quintana, Renee Bhagwandeen, Kasey Ashcraft, & Joy Corrigan


3rd Annual Escape Miami Style Lounge at Shelborne Wyndham Grand

Monday, July 20th, 2015

1 - DSC_1269_new

Miami Beach, FL – July 18, 2015 – Escape Miami 3 once again proved to be Miami Swim Week’s top style lounge and fashion show. Creators Katya Bravo and Annie Vazquez of brought their innovative retreat to the newly revamped Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach. Over a thousand guests attended included NFL stars Leger Douzable of the Jets, Carlos Dunlap of the Bengals, Marysol Patton and members of the Shahs of Sunset reality show on Bravo as well as several top bloggers and media. The event featured a group fashion show and an assortment of complimentary activations to keep guests entertained from a cigar roller to henna tattoos to a fashion sketch illustrator to a variety of games (think domino and video). Guests shopped, sipped on drinks and snow cones and cooled off in the pool.


2 - DSC_1418_new

2.5-Marysol Patton & Lauren Gnazzo_new

Marysol Patton & Lauren Gnazzo

3-Eleana Urquiza & Lia Ames_new

Eleana Urquiza & Lia Ames

4-Lola Ponce1_new

Lola Ponce

5-Michelle Manon & Brian Ladder_new

Michelle Manon & Brian Ladder



8 - DSC_1525_new











17 - DSC_0379_new


18 - DSC_0415_new