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Ralph Pucci & Bal Harbour Magazine Celebrate Vladimir Kagan & Rebecca Moses

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


Miami, FL – April 7, 2016 – Ralph Pucci and Bal Harbour Magazine co-hosted an event for designers Rebecca Moses and the late Vladimir Kagan at the Ralph Pucci showroom, located in the Miami Design District.


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14-Alexander Pernhorst_new

Alexander Pernhorst

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20-Marc Manenchelo Speaking1 _new

Mark Minichiello

21-Marc Manenchelo Speaking18 _new 22-Marc Manenchelo Speaking17 _new 23-Marc Manenchelo Speaking10 _new

24-Marc Manenchelo & Ralph Pucci_new

Mark Minichiello & Ralph Pucci

25-Deana Anais, Andre Swindell & Nina Lares_new

Deana Anais, Andre Swindell, & Nina Lares

27-Hillary Strickland, Christopher Dischino, Crista Azqueta & Stefanie Schmalz1_new

Hillary Strickland, Christopher DiSchino, Crista Azqueta, & Stefanie Schmalz

28-Juan Carlos Arcila Duque, Kilu Horecki & Jose Frances _new

Juan Carlos Arcila Duque, Kilu Horecki, & Jose Frances

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33-Lissa Delorenzo, Jordan Tomback & Shoni Golding3_new

Lissa Delorenzo, Jordan Tomback, & Shoni Golding

34-Lucrezia DiPersia, John Roscio & Elysze Held1_new

Lucrezia Di Persia, John Roscio, & Elysze Held

35-John Roscio & Elysze Held_new

John Roscio & Elysze Held

36-Crista Azqueta, Rizzy Byckovas & Catalina Byckovas_new

Catalina Byckovas, Rizzy Byckovas, & Crista Azqueta

37-Ann Pucci & Roxie dragoo_new

Ann Pucci & Roxie Dragoo

u-Ben Festa Bianchet & Rick Johnson_new

Ben Festa Bianchet & Rick Johnson

v-Ellen Schatz & Rebecca Moses_new

Ellen Schatz & Rebecca Moses

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BrickellFest Cinco de Mayo

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Miami, FL – May 5, 2013 – Since last year was such a big success, BrickellFest brought back its Cinco de Mayo festival for the second year on Sunday. It was sponsored by Dos Equis, which means The Most Interesting Man in the World gave it his seal of approval. The huge block party had a live band, DJ, margaritas, mariachis, mini-wrestlers, a mechanical bull, Mexican bites, and a whole lot going on. There was even a VIP area for those who wanted the supreme Cinco experience.

La Linea

La Linea

Angel Sanchez & La Linea

Ana Rivera

Debbie Rodriguez & Shoni Golding

Haydar Alchalaby & Debbie Rodriguez

Shoni Golding & Carlos Revilla

Antonella Gianturco, Silabel Aguilera, Nicole Escalante, & Andrea Reveron

Amanda Wilthew

Ivana Grunewald & Adriana Grunewald

Stephanie Hamden, Teressa Cee, & Sophie Cook

Jessica Escobar

Jessica Escobar, Jenny Valdez, & Jessica Valdez

DJ Crespo

Villa Azur Thursdays

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – March 28, 2013 – Thursday at Villa Azur kept the party going through the final days of March. Everyone came out for a classic French dinner and drinks after while the tunes didn’t stop, and there’s no telling how late the night will go.

Alexia Ayars & Izabela Stancu

Lisa Marie & Biby Berenice

Michelle Hernandez & Silvina Willhuber


Ana Carolina Jorge, Marcos Caputo, & Stefanny Lagos

Saun Lightbourne & Lisa Marie

Talita Correa & Juliana Mueller

Valentina Sarria & Antonio Misuraca

Shoni Golding & Swan

Sir Ivan

Talita Correa, Juliana Mueller, & Juan Pablo Zepeda

Alexia Ayars, Izabela Stancu, Michelle Hernandez, Silvina Willhuber, Shoni Golding, & Swan

Karess Swimwear Fashion Show

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Kelley Harris, Shoni Golding, Yasmelia Palerm, AJ Knapp, & Marti Flothmann

Miami, FL – August 5, 2012 – Kristin Gilliam, designer and creator of Karess Swimwear, hosted a fashion show to celebrate her new 2013 “Aqua Flow” Swimwear Collection.  The event was held in the exclusive Palm Terrace Floor at the luxurious Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Miami, Fl. Attendees were welcomed with complimentary drinks, sweet treats and mini massages courtesy of Jurlique Spa.

A special performance by MTV’s U4RIA Dance Crew set up a perfect intro to the focus of the event: the Aqua Flow 2013 Collection. The fashion show closed with a raffle of two gift baskets, with prizes including a Jaguar Restaurant gift card and Mirta de Perales Couture products. Following the end of the show, guests were invited to join the after-shine party on the Rooftop Pool Bar & Grill, and mingle with the designer and models.

As an effort to improve the life, love and happiness globally, Karess is devoted to donating a percentage of each purchase of a “Karess Love” suit to a charity or foundation that correlates with the collection’s theme. For this occasion, Kristin Gilliam has teamed-up with The Water Project, a non-profit organization committed to providing clean water to communities around the globe.

Kelley Harris, Shoni Golding, Yasmelia Palerm, AJ Knapp, Marti Flothmann, & Kristin Gilliam

Kelley Harris, Yasmelia Palerm, Veronika Mejia, Kristin Gilliam, Dee Trillo, Marti Flothmann, Shoni Golding, & AJ Knapp

Shoni Golding

Marti Flothmann

Shoni Golding & AJ Knapp

Kelley Harris, Yasmelia Palerm, Marti Flothmann, Shoni Golding, & AJ Knapp

Kelley Harris, Shoni Golding, Yasmelia Palerm, AJ Knapp, & Marti Flothmann

Kelley Harris, Yasmelia Palerm, Marti Flothmann, Shoni Golding, & AJ Knapp

Shoni Golding & Yasmelia Palerm

AJ Knapp

Marti Flothman

Shoni Golding

Marti Flothmann, Yasmelia Palerm, Shoni Golding, & Kelley Harris

Kelley Harris, Yasmelia Palerm, Marti Flothmann, Shoni Golding, & AJ Knapp

DJ Sterl

U4rIA Dance Crew

Brenton Nickerson, Eric Jewell, & DJ Sterl

Sofia Rodriguez, John Olin, & Maria Rodriguez

Veronica Gunnarsson, Unrika Eriksson, Alexandra Chiarini, & Cathy Golden

Kristin Gilliam & Catalina Rodriguez Edwards

Kelley Harris

AJ Knapp

Marti Flothmann, Kristin Gilliam, & Shoni Golding

Tommy Trash at Amnesia

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May 5, 2012 – Tommy Trash brought incredible, hard hitting energy to Amnesia on Cinco de Mayo, and his raw input spilled over to the crowd. The confetti was glittering in the reflections of everyone’s eyes and the lights were a mix between trance and soothing visuals.

Tommy Trash

Bailey Murray & Lauren Quattro

Tommy Trash

Bailey Murray

Jamil Array

Brittany Repose & Bryanna Hurley

Michelle Alexander

Nicole Mcpherson & Javier Ponce

Jamil Array & Lauren Quattro

Matt Werner

Vanessa Colvett

Shoni Golding

Gaston Ponce & Annabelle Lz

Twin Beatz

Favela Beach at Wall

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – February 21, 2012 – So many events, parties and clubs to party at, but Favela Beach at Wall at the W hotel South Beach always stands out as one of hottest parties in Miami Beach. This is largely due to the authentic crowd of people that always show up with the right vibe just to enjoy a great night with great music!

Julia Ines

Emma Kay & Abbie Stone

Angelique Miller & Britney Miller

Caroline Petryshyn, Stevie Kemp, & Stacie Todd

Andres Fresko & Shoni Golding

Brin Abel, Tatanka, & Ross One

Caroline Petryshyn

Alina Soll

Chris Jones & Chanel Ibanez

Gaudi Castro

Jessica Smith & Sam Smith

Julia Ines & Julia Musch

Lyndsay Hall & Kelly Werme

Mike Troy & Ismael El Haitamy

Paulo Cardosa

Ryan Troy, Courtney Williams, & Mike Aaron

Shoni Golding

Stine Jontvedt