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A Night at Sugar

Monday, May 30th, 2016


Miami, FL – May 21, 2016 – Saturday night was more of an intimate party for the official opening of EAST, Miami’s Sugar – an Asian inspired 40th floor rooftop bar and garden. Locals and friends enjoyed an extended evening of libations under the stars, complemented with savory shared bites from Sugar. As the night transitioned,  EAST, Miami’s General Manager, Laurent Fraticelli relocated guests to the 39th floor to view the unveiling of the hotel’s grand staircase mural, designed by famed local artist, Alexander Mijares. As art is an integral part of the hotel’s DNA, Fraticelli said he chose Mijares because he exemplifies Miami and  he wanted something to reflect its culture; “to create something that pops with subliminal tones and designs.” Mijares spoke about his inspiration behind the mural and said “if you look really carefully you can see images throughout the mural of women laying down and dancing.”

3-WRE_3513_new 4-WRE_3538_new 5-WRE_3563_new

5.4-Jonathan Jordan & Cornel Ruhland_new

Jonathan Jordan & Cornel Ruhland

5.5-WRE_3498_new 6-WRE_3425_new 7-WRE_3601_new

8-Alexander Mijares2_new

Alexander Mijares

8.5-Alexander Mijares & Greta Jimenez2_new

Alexander Mijares & Greta Jimenez

9-Alexander Mijares & Laurent Fraticelli1_new

Alexander Mijares & Laurent Fraticelli

10-Alexander Mijares & Laurent Fraticelli_new

11-Alexander Mijares speaking & Laurent Fraticelli3_new

Alexander Mijares

12-Alexander Mijares speaking & Laurent Fraticelli1_new

Alexander Mijares & Laurent Fraticelli

14-Alexander Mijares speaking & Laurent Fraticelli_new 15-Alexander Mijares & Laurent Fraticelli speaking_new

15.5-Arshan Borhan, Ari Psaltis, Loren Psaltis, Keston Superville, & Marc DuPain_new

Arshan Borhan, Ari & Loren Psaltis, Keston Superville, & Marc DuPain

15.6-Fernando Cerna, Laurent Fraticelli, Clodagh, Amanda Harris, Nancie Min, Alexander Mijares, David Arraya, & Arnaud Espineira_new

Fernando Cerna, Laurent Fraticelli, Clodagh, Amanda Harris, Nancie Min, Alexander Mijares, David Arraya, & Arnaud Espineira

17-WRE_4129_new 18-WRE_4718_new

19-Fee Ann Marie Manning Sumner Iman Hasan_new

Fee Ann Marie, Manning Sumner, Iman Hasan, & Greta Jimenez

20-Isabelle Fontes, Amanda Harris, David Arraya, Laurent Fraticelli, & Fernando Cerna_new

Isabelle Fontes, Amanda Harris, David Arraya, Laurent Fraticelli, & Fernando Cerna

21-Isabelle Fontes & Fernando Cerna_new

Isabelle Fontes & Fernando Cerna

22-Alexandra Nicole & Seth Browarnik_new

Allie LaSorte & Seth Browarnik

23-Laurent Fraticelli & Seth Browarnik1_new

Laurent Fraticelli & Seth Browarnik

24-Laurent Fraticelli & Friend_new

Laurent Fraticelli

25-David Arraya, Laurent Fraticelli, & Fernando Cerna_new

David Arraya, Laurent Fraticelli, & Fernando Cerna

26-Arnaud Espineira, Laurent Fraticelli, James Wark, & Friend_new

Arnaud Espineira, Laurent Fraticelli & James Wark

27-Brad Alphonso, Soledad Lowe, & Nick D'Annunzio_new

Brad Alphonso, Soledad Lowe, & Nick D’Annunzio

28-Timothy Walker, Matthew Liberman_new

Timothy Walker, Matthew Lieberman, Soledad & Justin Lowe

28.5-Malcolm Domecq, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Solead Lowe, Timothy Walker_new

Malcolm Domecq, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Solead Lowe, & Timothy Walker

29-Soledad Lowe & Angie Ferrer Domecq_new

Soledad Lowe & Angie Ferrer Domecq

30-Michael O'Brian, Clodagh, & Daniel Aubry_new

Michael O’Brian, Clodagh, & Daniel Aubry

31-Maria Mejia, Pascal Kouwenhoven, & Melody Alexander_new

Maria Mejia, Pascal Kouwenhoven, & Melody Alexander

32-Alex Norton, Carrie Hyman, Liana Lozada, & Robert Ferrara_new

Alex Norton, Carrie Hyman, Liana Lozada, & Robert Ferrara

33-Alex Norton, Molly M, Rebecca Brooks, & Tripp Potts_new

Alex Norton, Molly M, Rebecca Brooks, & Tripp Potts

34-Alex Norton, Molly M, Rebecca Brooks, & Tripp Potts2_new

35-Bruce Starr, Seth Browarnik, Ruth Zelcer, & Alan Zelcer_new

Bruce Starr, Seth Browarnik, Ruth & Alan Zelcer

36-Seth Browarnik, Alan Zelcer, Laurent Fraticelli, & Ruth Zelcer_new

Seth Browarnik, Alan Zelcer, Laurent Fraticelli, & Ruth Zelcer


38-Jonathan Jordan_new

Jonathan Jordan

39-Cornel Ruhland_new

Cornel Ruhland

40-Clodagh, Daniel Aubry, Kirsten Nicholas, Pepe Carmona, Marthica Galvis, Leonardo Galvis, & Friend_new

Clodagh, Daniel Aubry, Kirsten Nicholas, Pepe Carmona, Marthica & Leonardo Galvis



43-Lucas Worthing, Christian Schulz, Laure Vincent-Bouleau, & Leslie Kale_new

Lucas Worthing, Christian Schulz, Laure Vincent-Bouleau, & Leslie Kale


45-Christopher Pastor, Bibi Pestana, & Austin Horne_new

Christopher Pastor, Bibi Pestana, & Austin Horne

46-Lydia Pinnell, Charles Lawrie, Ana Wolfington, & Sean Wolfington_new

Charles Lawrie, Lydia Pinnell, Ana & Sean Wolfington

n-Nancie Min, Alexander Mijares, Greta Jimenez, & Liza Buzytsky_new

Nancie Min, Alexander Mijares, Greta Jimenez, & Liza Buzytsky

o-Alexander Mijares & Brandon Cauff_new

Alexander Mijares & Brandon Cauff

p-Yossi Bibas_new

Yossi Bibas

q-David Sinopoli & Lauren Fraticelli_new

David Sinopoli & Lauren Fraticelli

r-David Sinopoli & Lauren Fraticelli1_new

u-David Sinopoli djing1_new

David Sinopoli

v-David Sinopoli djing_new vx-z-WRE_4864_new y-WRE_4932_new


Haute Living’s Annual Haute 100 Miami Celebration at Faena

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016
1-Anthony Shriver & Brett Ratner1_new

Anthony Shriver & Brett Ratner

Miami Beach, FL – May 4, 2016 – Haute Living held its annual Haute 100 dinner at luxurious new Faena Hotel honoring the most influential and philanthropic people in the city of Miami. Partners of the night included Hublot, Prestige Imports, Dom Perignon, Douglas Elliman, VULT and Jet Smarter. Movie director Brett Ratner was honored with Haute Living’s “Outstanding Achievement Award” for his philanthropic and business success. Later, Ratner hosted the after party in Faena’s Living Room where he introduced The Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey.

2-Scottie Pippen2_new

Scottie Pippen

3-Romero Britto4_new

Romero Britto

4-DSC_2333_new 5-DSC_2338_new 6-DSC_2343_new 7-DSC_2354_new 8-DSC_2363_new 9-DSC_2365_new 11-DSC_2598_new 12-DSC_2628_new 14-DSC_2558_new 15-DSC_2549_new 15.5-DSC_2552_new 16-DSC_2545_new

17-Anthony Shriver Speaking2_new

Anthony Shriver

18-Anthony Shriver Speaking3_new 19-Anthony Shriver Speaking16_new 20-Anthony Shriver Speaking26_new

21-Brett Ratner & Anthony Shriver Speaking13_new

Brett Ratner & Anthony Shriver

22-Brett Ratner & Anthony Shriver Speaking15_new 23-Brett Ratner & Anthony Shriver Speaking20_new

24-Brett Ratner Speaking2_new

Brett Ratner

25-Brett Ratner Speaking15_new 26-Brett Ratner Speaking6_new 27-Brett Ratner Speaking16_new 28-DSC_2797_new

28.3-Romero Britto_new

Romero Britto

28.4-Philip Goldfarb & Oren Alexander1_new

Philip Goldfarb & Oren Alexander

28.6-Trish Bell & Swanee DiMare2_new

Trish Bell & Swanee DiMare

29-DSC_2682_new 30-DSC_2665_new 31-DSC_2700_new

31.5-Tea Moir & Gabriella Katia4_new

Tea Moir & Gabriella Katia

32-ARKiTEKT & Scottie Pippen3_new

ARKiTEKT & Scottie Pippen

33-Cindy Gold, Fernanda Frascino, & Brooke David1_new

Cindy Gold, Fernanda Frascino, & Brooke David

33.5-Patrick Richards, Eduardo Vivas, & Israel Cancel2_new

Patrick Richards, Eduardo Vivas, & Israel Cancel

34-10-DSC_2639_new 35-DSC_2185_new 36-DSC_2176_new 37-DSC_2647_new 38-DSC_2208_new 39-DSC_2216_new

39.2-Jeff Berkowitz & Yolanda Berkowitz2_new

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

39.4-Ugo Colombo & Gil Dezer2_new

Ugo Colombo & Gil Dezer

39.5-Brett David, Sean Wolfington, Romero Britto, Ana Wolfington, & Nicole Bostick1_new

Brett David, Sean Wolfington, Romero Britto, Ana Wolfington, & Nicole Bostick

40-Romero Britto, Chip Russo, & Nicole Bostick1_new

Romero Britto, Chip Russo, & Nicole Bostick

41-Jeff Berkowitz & Alan Lieberman2_new

Jeff Berkowitz & Alan Lieberman

41.3-Kamal Hotchandani, Brett Ratner, & Brett David_new

Kamal Hotchandani, Brett Ratner, & Brett David

42-Kamal Hotchandani & Al Malnik1_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Al Malnik

43-Kamal Hotchandani & Al Malnik4_new

44-Gabrielle Anwar & Kamal Hotchandani_new

Gabrielle Anwar & Kamal Hotchandani

45-Kamal Hotchandani & Nancy Malnik1_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Nancy Malnik

45.5-Brett David & Kamal Hotchandani2_new

Brett David & Kamal Hotchandani

47-Kamal Hotchandani & Eduardo Vivas Speaking6_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Eduardo Vivas

48-Kamal Hotchandani & Eduardo Vivas Speaking12_new

49-Kamal Hotchandani Speaking4_new

Kamal Hotchandani

50-Kamal Hotchandani Speaking25_new 51-Kamal Hotchandani Speaking7_new 52-Kamal Hotchandani Speaking13_new

53-Kamal Hotchandani & Eduardo Vivas1_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Eduardo Vivas

54-Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner9_new

Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner

55-Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner16_new

56-Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner13_new

Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner

57-Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner11_new

Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, & Shareef Malnik

58-Kamal Hotchandani, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner4_new

Romero Britto & Shareef Malnik

59-Kamal Hotchandi, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner17_new

Shareef Malnik & Romero Britto

60-Kamal Hotchandi, Romero Britto, Shareef Malnik, & Brett Ratner19_new

61-Kamal Hotchandi, Rick Delacroix, Brett Ratner, Shareef Malnik, & Romero Britto_new

Kamal Hotchandani, Rick Delacroix, Brett Ratner, Shareef Malnik, & Romero Britto

62-Jean-Francois Sberro, Daniel de la Vega, Kamal Hotchandani, Mehmet Bayraktar, & Bahar Bayraktar1_new

Jean-Francois Sberro, Daniel de la Vega, Kamal Hotchandani, Mehmet & Bahar Bayraktar

64-Shareef Malnik, Jae Goodman, Marc Roberts, & Kamal Hotchandani1_new

Shareef Malnik, Jae Goodman, Marc Roberts, & Kamal Hotchandani

65-Mehmet Bayraktar, & Kamal Hotchandani_new

Mehmet Bayraktar & Kamal Hotchandani

66-Mehmet Bayraktar & Bahar Bayraktar1_new

Mehmet & Bahar Bayraktar

67-Viktoriya Sasonkina & Philip Goldfarb1_new

Viktoriya Sasonkina & Philip Goldfarb

68-Diane Lieberman & Alan Lieberman2_new

Diane & Alan Lieberman

69-Alan Lieberman & Mayor Philip Levine1_new

Alan Lieberman & Philip Levine

70-Wayne Boich & Mayor Philip Levine2_new

Wayne Boich & Philip Levine

71-Trish Bell & Hadley Henriette2_new

Trish Bell & Hadley Henriette

72-Nancy Malnik & Al Malnik2_new

Nancy & Al Malnik

73-Al Malnik & Shareef Malnik2_new

Al & Shareef Malnik

74-Gabrielle Anwar, Christina Russo, Nancy Malnik, Al Malnik, & Shareef Malnik1_new

Gabrielle Anwar, Christina Russo, Nancy, Al, & Shareef Malnik

75-Jay Parker, Dora Puig, Nat Roura, Daniela Swaebe, & Michael Comras2_new

Jay Parker, Dora Puig, Nat Roura, Daniela Swaebe, & Michael Comras

76-Anna Cristina, Edgardo Defortuna, David Martin1_new

Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna, & David Martin

77-Oren Alexander & Chapman Ducote4_new

Oren Alexander & Chapman Ducote

78-DSC_2135_new 79-DSC_2195_new 80-DSC_2203_new 81-y-DSC_2288_new

82-Yolanda Berkowitz & Swanee DiMare2_new

Yolanda Berkowitz & Swanee DiMare


84-Marc Bell & Jennifer Bell4_new

Marc & Jennifer Bell

85-Gabriela McLeod & Patrick Richards1_new

Gabriela McLeod & Patrick Richards

86-Shareef Malnik & Gabrielle Anwar_new

Shareef Malnik & Gabrielle Anwar

86.5-89-Morton Aagaard & Edgardo Defortuna2_new

Morten Aagaard & Edgardo Defortuna

87-Violet Camacho3_new

Violet Camacho



Louis XIII Celebrates Kamal Hotchandani at Komodo

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
1-Scottie Pippen, Larsa Younan, Kamal Hotchandani, John Simonian_new

Scottie & Larsa Pippen, Kamal Hotchandani, & John Simonian

Miami, FL – April 16, 2016 – Haute Living celebrated the birthday of CEO Kamal Hotchandani at Miami hotspot, Komodo. Louis XIII partnered in the affair, presenting Hotchandani with a special birthday bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin at the end of the evening and toasted to a decade-long partnership and friendship with Haute Living. Afterwards, guests joined the birthday boy as he blew out his birthday candles and celebrated an over-the-top evening.


5-DSC_5357_new 5.5-DSC_5419_new 6-DSC_5548_new 7-DSC_5400_new 8-DSC_5738_new 9-DSC_5860_new 10-DSC_5883_new

11-Yves De Launay, Kamal Hotchandani & David Grutman_new

Yves De Launay, Kamal Hotchandani, & David Grutman


Yves De Launay, Kamal Hotchandani, JR Ridinger, & Keith Menin



Kamal Hotchandani

16-DSC_6039_new 17-DSC_6030_new

18-11-Sean Wolfington & Kamal Hotchandani1_new

Sean Wolfington & Kamal Hotchandani

Victor Blanquart, Yves De Launay, & Scottie Pippen

20-Victor Blanquat, John Simonian, Kamal Hotchandani, Yves De Launay, JR Ridinger & Scottie Pippen_new

Victor Blanquart, John Simonian, Kamal Hotchandani, Yves De Launay, JR Ridinger, & Scottie Pippen

21-Sunjay Hotchandani, Ives De Launay, Scottie Pippen, Kamal Hotchandani, Victor Blanquart & JR Ridinger_new

Sunjay Hotchandani, Ives De Launay, Scottie Pippen, Kamal Hotchandani, Victor Blanquart, & JR Ridinger

21.2Jeffrey Robinson, Victor Blanquart, JR Ridinger, Claudio Stivelman, Kamal Hotchandani & Ives De Launay2_new

Jeffrey Robinson, Victor Blanquart, JR Ridinger, Claudio Stivelman, Kamal Hotchandani, & Yves De Launay

21.5-John Simonian, Kamal Hotchandani & Yves De Launay_new

John Simonian, Kamal Hotchandani, & Yves De Launay

22-Yves De Launay & Scottie Pippen1_new

Yves De Launay & Scottie Pippen

23-Victor Blanquart & Scottie Pippen_new

Victor Blanquart & Scottie Pippen

24-Kamal Hotchandani & Sunjay Hotchandani_new

Kamal & Sunjay Hotchandani

25-Keith Menin & Lance Burstyn0_new

Keith Menin & Lance Burstyn

26-Keith Menin, Joey Goldman, Kamal Hotchandani, Sunjay Hotchandani, Yves De Launay, Lance Burstyn_new

Keith Menin, Joey Goldman, Kamal & Sunjay Hotchandani, Yves De Launay, David Martin, & Lance Burstyn

26.5-Larsa Younan, Scottie Pippen, Jr Ridinger, Kamal Hotchandani, Loren Ridinger, Natalia Diaz, Andrew Weissman_new

Larsa & Scottie Pippen, Jr Ridinger, Kamal Hotchandani, Loren Ridinger, Natalia Diaz, & Andrew Weissman

27-DSC_5745_new 28-DSC_5783_new 29-DSC_5695_new

30-Larsa Younen, Natalia Diaz, Kamal Hotchandani & Loren Ridinger_new

Larsa Pippen, Natalia Diaz, Kamal Hotchandani, & Loren Ridinger

31-Viktoriya Sasonkina & Phil Goldfarb_new

Viktoriya Sasonkina & Charles T Moreau

32-Keith Menin & Evelyn Menin_new

Keith & Evelyn Menin

34-DSC_5823_new 35-DSC_5665_new

36-Larsa Younen, Loren Ridinger, Kamal Hotchandani, Natalia Diaz & Andrew Weissman1_new

Larsa Pippen, Loren Ridinger, Kamal Hotchandani, Natalia Diaz, & Andrew Weissman

37-Lance burstyn, Kamal Hotchandani & Loren Ridinger_new

Lance Burstyn, Kamal Hotchandani, & Loren Ridinger

38-Kamal Hotchandani & John Simonian_new

Kamal Hotchandani & John Simonian

39-Kamal Hotchandani & Yves De Launay_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Yves De Launay

40-Jake Goldman, Antonio Mizuraca & Yves de Launay_new

Jake Goldman, Antonio Misuraca, & Yves de Launay

41-Jake Goldman & Sammy Hertzberg_new

Jake Goldman & Sammy Hertzberg

42-Jake Goldman, Isanella Velasco & Sammy Hertzberg_new

Jake Goldman, Isabella Velasco, & Sammy Hertzberg

43-Jake Goldman & Isanella Velasco_new

Jake Goldman & Isabella Velasco

44-Scottie Pippen, Jake Goldman & Isabela Velasco_new

Scottie Pippen, Jake Goldman, & Isabella Velasco

45-Scottie Pippen, Sammy Hertzberg, Kamal Hotchandani & Antonio Misuraca_new

Scottie Pippen, Sammy Hertzberg, Kamal Hotchandani, & Antonio Misuraca

46-Scottie Pippen_new

Keith Menin, Joey Goldman, Scottie & Larsa Pippen

47-Cess Silvera_new

Cess Silvera

48-Kamal Hotchandani & Bigram Zayas_new

Kamal Hotchandani & Bigram Zayas

49-Kara Nisbet, Sunjay Hotchandani, Joey Goldmam & Alena Goldman_new

Kara Nisbet, Sunjay Hotchandani, Joey & Alena Goldman

50-Victor Blanquart, Ruth Zelcer & Alan Zelcer_new

Victor Blanquart, Ruth & Alan Zelcer

51-Victor Blanquart, Luis Garcia Fanjul, Kamal Hotchandani, Judith Kamps Garcia &Yves de Launay_new

Victor Blanquart, Luis Garcia Fanjul, Kamal Hotchandani, Judith Kamps Garcia, & Yves de Launay

52-Cesar Conde, Pamela Conde, Kamal Hotchandani, Sean Wolfington, Alan Zelcer & Ruth Zelcer_new

Cesar & Pamela Conde, Kamal Hotchandani, Sean Wolfington, Alan & Ruth Zelcer

53-Charles T Moreau, Viktoriya Sasonkina & Phil Goldfarb1_new

Philip Goldfarb, Viktoriya Sasonkina, & Charles T Moreau

54-Andrew Ferraro & Shuichi Take_new

Andrew Ferraro & Shuichi Take

55Albert Price & Jake Goldman_new

Albert Price & Jake Goldman

56-Gonzalo & Joe Fournier1_new

Gonzalo & Joe Fournier

57-Alan Zelcer & Sunjay Hotchandani1 _new

Alan Zelcer & Sunjay Hotchandani

58-Karen Sierra & Annie Moreno1_new

Karent Sierra & Annie Moreno

59-Jeffrey Robinson & Jessica Doyle_new

Jeffrey Robinson & Jessica Doyle

60-Claudio Stivelman & Stephanie Stivelman_new

Claudio & Stephanie Stivelman

61-Luis Garcia Fanjul, Violet Camacho & Judith Kamps Garcia_new

Luis Garcia Fanjul, Violet Camacho, & Judith Kamps Garcia

y-DSC_5723_new z-DSC_5683_new

Cast of the Film “Little Boy” at Seaspice

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

1-Sean Wolfington, Jakob Salvati, & Eduardo Verastegui1 _new

Sean Wolfington, Jakob Salvati, & Eduardo Verastegui

Miami, FL – April 22, 2015 – Seaspice is known to attract celebrities of all kinds to the unique and upscale venue and last night was no exception. Cast members of the new movie “Little Boy” Eduardo Verastegui and Jakob Salvati, along with producer Sean Wolfington, were the most recent in attendees to this nightlife gem. The group enjoyed a delicious meal while enjoying all the amazing energy this city has to offer.

2-Sean Wolfington, Jakob Salvati, Carlos Cruz & Eduardo Verastegui1_new

Sean Wolfington, Jakob Salvati, Carlos Cruz, & Eduardo Verastegui

International Dermatology 7th Annual “It’s All About the Kids”

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


Camila Galavis & Juan Pablo

Miami, FL – October 4, 2014 – It was all about partying for a cause on Saturday night as Friends of St. Jude (FOSJ) Miami, a young professionals group dedicated to supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, celebrated its seventh annual International DermatologyIt’s All About the Kids” event, presented by the Andrés Asion Foundation at the JW Marriott Marquis. Kicking off the evening, respected actor, producer and philanthropist Eduardo Verastegui received the “Friends of St. Jude Ambassador Award.” St. Jude also presented the “St. Jude Stephan Gutierrez Award” to Lourdes Milian for her philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. Following the award presentations, guests then danced the night away to killer music performances by The Culture Band and DJ Troubles. International Dermatology served as the event’s title sponsor for the sixth consecutive year, with other sponsors including Andres Asion Foundation, Walmart, Rana Furniture, LAAD, Richmond Global, Erik Fresen, Academica, Comcast, Univision America to name a few. Photography for the evening was sponsored by


Natalia Murillejo, Christine Martinez de Castro, Angela Santamaria, Juan Pablo & Camila Galavis, Lisette Castillo, Ana M Uribe, & Michelle Judd


Andres Asion, Maria Mercedes Ferre, Tony & Sandra Priscal, Maria & Julian Asion, Ileana & Orlando Martinez de Castro, Susan & Dr. David Priscal








Maria Mercedes Ferre & Andres Asion


Beau Ferrari, Sean Wolfington, Peter Kellner, & Andres Asion


Cesar Conde, Pamela Silva Conde, Clara Pablo, & Marcos Suarez


Eduardo Verastegui, Pamela Silva Conde, & Jencarlos Canela


Stephan Gutierrez, Eduardo Verastegui, & Lourdes Milian


Eduardo Verastegui


Pamela Silva Conde, Jencarlos Canela, Stephan Gutierrez, & Eduardo Verastegui


Pamela Silva Conde & Jencarlos Canela


Pamela Silva Conde, Lourdes Milian, Stephan Gutierrez, & Jencarlos Canela





Mateo Martinez, Joe Gonzalez, & Kevin O’Donnell


Michelle Judd, Natalia Murillejo, Angela Santamaria, Lisette Castillo, & Ana M Uribe


Andres Asion


Joe Gonzalez & Susset Cabrera


Laura Acker & Carolina Nunez


Angela Santamaria, Ruth Palma, & Ana M Uribe


David Grubbs, Vanessa Salgueiro, Simone Azcarate, & Nicolas Bofill


Gian Carlo Alonso & Lizette Castillo




The Culture Band 





The Culture Band 




Ana M Uribe & Natalia Murillejo






Ingrid Trigo de Serrano



Nicole Valls & Victoria Gonzalez




DJ Troubles




Carmen Mallea, Camille De Marchena, Ingrid Trigo de Serrano, Silva Camps, & Olga Arguello 


Nicole Perez Vargas & Clara Suaez



Nicole Perez Vargas, Luly Valla, & Clara Suaez


Andres Asion & Norma Echarte


Paki Fernandez & Francisca Power


Stephan Gutierrez & Lourdes Milian


Vanessa Salgueiro, David Grubbs, & Simone Azcarate


Andres Asion’s Birthday

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Miami- Jan. 14, 2012– The lights shined bright above the Miami skyline at the penthouse rooftop of the Icon South Beach. Andres Asion and Wendy Grant, celebrated their birthdays together with close family and friends, where donations were collected to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. DJs Sandman and Irie kept the dance floor hot and momentum high during the cool evening with their sounds. The soiree proved to be a great success, benefiting a good cause.

Wendy Grant & Andres Asion

Wayne Boich, Dora Puig, & Andres Asion

Olga Garrido, Wendy Grant, Luly Valls, & Sofia Ilaneza

Olga Garrido, Sofia Ilaneza, & Luly Valls

Claudia Cardona, Jamie Coco, Tara Zottola, & Marianne Delionado

DJ Irie, Andres Asion, & DJ Sandman

Sean Wolfington, Beau Ferrari, Maria Elena Salinas, & Wendy Grant

Ana Wolfington & Juliana Velez

Andres Asion & Sean Wolfington

Brian Burke, Christine Martinez, & Andres Asion

Andres Asion & Wendy Grant

Karelia Leon & Yani Salgado

Colleen Chambers & Jaedra Wedel

Lisette Riera, Karen Lapekas, & Talia Matey

Yani Salgado

Andres Asion

Andres Asion

Austin Gorris, Jeremy Doan, Ashlee Doan, & Kari Herrick

Dora Puig & Daisy Olivera

Eugene Ramirez & Daisy Olivera

Ignacio Caltagirone & Alexia Bermello

Jason Dubler, Nicole Cunnigham, Laura Buccellati, & Chad Lehman

Manny Arvesu & Saline Arvesu

Maria Asion & Andres Asion

Nicole Sontica & Benjamin Jaras

Roger Borges & Rodner Figueroa

Susie Valls, Alfredo Gonzalez, Christi Elias, Rita Dargham, & Israel Gonzalez

Talia Matney & Karen Lapekas

Wayne Boich & Andres Asion

Wendy Grant