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Happy Hour at Ball & Chain

Friday, October 10th, 2014


Miami, FL – October 10, 2014 – What better way to wind down from the work week than with a killer happy hour? Thankfully, Ball & Chain has got you covered. They’ve launched their weekly specials, encompassing the flavors of Little Havana and the memory of legends past. With 2-4-1 drinks, such as their classic Mojito or the cleverly named Jam Session, and live jazz filling the lounge, this is sure to become one of Miami’s hottest spots for a good wind down cocktail. Missed it this past Friday? No fear, you can enjoy these specials Monday through Saturday from 4-7pm!








Jamie Coco, Zack Bush, & Martinique Smith


Lidia Llanes


Lelany Barea, Noelle Iglesias, & Melissa Hernandez


Holly O’Dell & David Briedis


Arnaldo Cantero III & Elise Toruno


Nick Tannura


Aaron Glueckauf, Dion Kerr, & Nick Tannura


Dion Kerr




Paula Antoniazzi, Roger Duarte, Zack Bush, & Matt Krieger

Paula Antoniazzi, Roger Duarte, Zack Bush, & Matt Krieger


Zack Bush & Danny Valdez


Daryl Shevin & Zack Bush


Daryl & Ivory Shevin


Ivis Guerra & Henry Saumell


Jason Schlenker, Sacha Suarez, & Bill Fuller


Matt Krieger & Zack Bush


Michael & Lisa Marie Mena


Jim Brooks & David Brooks


Aaron Glueckauf & Dion Kerr

Favela Beach at WALL

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 13, 2012 – Tuesday at WALL was a wild weeknight Favela Beach party with music from DJs Ross One and Ruen. It was obvious that another round of Spring breakers had made their way to Miami and they got their full satisfaction at WALL.

Corey Shapiro & Ross One

Annabel Gonzalez & Lee Joss

Sophie Ilebakke, Vera Rejtinger, & Rachel Smith

Alexis Platini & Sarah Ribeiro

Chloe Gasset

Amanda Marra

Vera Rejtinger

Bre Coe & Kate Countryman

Ross One

Jasmine Ledger

Emily Singleton, Alexis Jasmin, & Luaren Celena

Jen Nguye, Heather Marti, & Alexa Battisi

Karen Robledo & Maira Avila

Monica Nizzare & Amanda Marra

Tina Petrova, Jon Estallo, & Roger Duarte

Tina Petrova

Ally Ellison, Farah Samarrai, & Cristina Gram

The Little Lighthouse Foundation Holiday Party

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – December 21, 2011 – The Little Lighthouse Foundation celebrated its iconic holiday party and toy drive on December 21, 2011 at the home of Aaron Resnick. Guests including Melissa Katz, Angela Santamaria, Robert Sena, Charlie Venturi, Aracibo Quintana, and Roger Duarte enjoyed a night of champagne, and  Stone Crabs from George Stone Crabs and music.  The party raised over $5,000.00 and attendees donated over 300 gifts for the children living at  the Community Partnership for Homeless.  Volunteers from the LLF then delivered the gifts to the children on Friday, December 23rd.

The LLF,, raises funds for South Florida children and families in need as well as sends volunteers to a number of children’s organisations.

Angela Santa Maria & Aaron Resnick

Dina Goldentayer & Genevieve Lake

Holly Katsaros & Anastasia Wachter

Christina Anderson McDonald, Linda Hill, & Krisztina Kovary

Carmelle Dubuque, Tara Zottloa, Lily Espinoza, & Jamie Coco

Zac Courtney & Martinique Smith

Victoria Shvets, Brett Fingerhut, Michelle Varet, & Rob Fishman

Emily Caplan & Nicole Jeary

Whitney Moore & Mariah Watchman

Jinni Pan & Ekaterina Khodorich

Melanie Hyre & Jeile Marie

Sonya Olson & Lauren Hornstein

Roger Duarte & Karim Vegas

Rebekah Keida

Alla Bobina & Zoya Ezergaile

Angela Santa Maria

Linda Hill & Krisztina Kovary

Luis Fernandez & Iti Armpalu

Priscilla Guimarais, Marnie Howard, Eric Smith, Lola Smith, & Ariel Glassman

Sorah Daiha, Carol Correia, & Kacey Goldstein

Gilt Groupe Summer Cocktails

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Key Biscayne, FL – July 12, 2011 – In celebration of Mercedes-Benz Swim week, Gilt Groupe and Gilt City hosted a chic and stylish summer cocktail party at the Key Biscayne home of co-founder, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, with lead curator James Wark of Gilt City Miami.

Belkys Nerey, Marcia Martinez, & Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Edison Lozada, David Sabin, & Jilian Sanz

Matt Brooks, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, & Kevin Wilson

Silvia Garcia-Serre, Mario Garcia-Serre, Michelle Gonzalez, Roger Duarte, Gisela Horvilleur, & Camilo Horvilleur

Roger Duarte, Mario Garcia-Serre, & Camilo Horvilleur

Dale LoSasso & Katya Segovia

Michelle Levy, James Wark, & Susanne Birbragher

James Wark & Jilian Sanz

Adrian Saravia & Michelle Stone

Nadav Benjamin, Alan Wilkis, Elsa Wilkis, & Veronica Raaijen

David Sabin & Lyndsey Cooper

Emily Moses & James Wark

Michelle Gonzalez, Gisela Horvilleur, & Silvia Garcia-Serre

Greg Lotus & Emily Moses

Greg Mikusinski & Lauren Perry

Michelle Levy, Cristina Sorondo, & Katiria Gonzalez

Lilaj Battista & Greg Lotus

Lorelle Kahn & Jourdan Binder

Marcia Martinez & Liza Walton

Mauricio Pasos & Veronica Raaijen

Miki Nenezie, Tiziana Nenezie, Lilaj Battista, & Andrea Battista

Lauren Perry, Levi Cassel, & Luisa Jimenez

Lauren Perry, James Wark, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, & Luisa Jimenez

David Sabin, Edison Lozada, & Greg Lotus

Truly Burton & Elsa Wilkis

Damien Van Der Schueren, Cayetana Dal-zio, & Marc de Kuyper

Elsa Wilkis, Veronica Raaijen, & Truly Burton

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Maria Frallicciardi, Alexandra Penso, & Silvia Campello

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Belkys Nerey, & Marcia Martinez

Kevin Wilson, Mauricio Pasos, & Veronica Raaijen

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, James Wark, Luisa Jimenez, & Lauren Perry

Kevin Wilson, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Richard Burton, & Truly Burton

Seth’s Birthday at Soho Beach House

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – May 19, 2011 – The thought of getting older never seems like a good one, but when you have the amazing friends that Seth has gained over the years all in one place it’s bound to be amazing. On Friday,  Soho Beach House held an intimate party for Seth’s 33rd birthday, with the Moet flowing all night and Josh Lecash on the decks the night was not one to forget. Happy Birthday Seth !!!

Alan Roth, Lance Burstyn, Nikki Simkins, Max Pierre, & David Simkins

Drew & Lisa Mandela, Matt Brooks, Seth, Melissa Katz, Greg Frehling, & Karina Ors

Drew & Lisa Mandela, Greg Frehling, & Karina Ors

Greg Frehling & Karina Ors

Drew & Lisa Mandela

Miss Turnbo

James Wark, Seth, Lyndon Smith, Sean Drake, & Josh Wagner

Joshua Phillips & Roger Duarte

Nicole Sowden & Ben Chandler

Bridgette Loy

Seth, James Wark, & Melissa Katz

Joshua Phillips, Jordana Mesner, & Courtland Lantaff

Tyler Loy, Spencer Strayer, Seth, & Ben Chandler

Spencer Strayer & Seth

Tyler Loy

Allegra Riggio

Lisa Mandela, Jonathan Nesbaum, & Shelby Seymore

Tatanka, Ashley Perich, & Josh Wagner

Courtland Lantaff & Seth

Courtland Lantaff & Lyndon Smith

Alex Orlofsky, Vanessa Menkes, & Joshua Phillips

Tatanka & Ashley Perich

Steve Watson, Lauren Gnazzo & Tito Gaudenzi

Drew Mandela, Ricardo Dunin, & Melissa Katz

Rich Santelises, Marysol Patton, & Seth

Rich Santelises & Seth

Jordana Mesner

Josh Lecash

Seth & Tyler Loy

Bridgette Loy

Jordanna Cantor

Lilaj Segal & Andrea Battista

Sasha Lauzon, Michelle Leshem, & Sean Drake

Alan Roth, Michael Capponi, Miss Turnbo, & Lyndon Smith

Jordana Mesner

Seth, Michelle Leshem, Josh Wagner, Max Pierre, & Sean Drake

Seth & Lance Burstyn

Jordana Mesner & Melissa Katz

Lauren Gnazzo & James Wark

Ricardo Dunin & Belkys Nerey

Seth, Mike Levy, Cisar Ocana, & Armando Antonini

Jenn & Cisar Ocana & Armando & Raquel Antonini

David Grutman & Seth

Phillip Sylverster, Jonas, & Josh Wagner

Dora Puig