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Q&A: Fashion for Breakfast at Cecconi’s – Rebecca Taylor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Rebecca Taylor

Miami Beach, FL – October 26, 2016 – Cecconi’s at Soho Beach House hosted another edition of its Fashion for Breakfast series, this time featuring New York designer, Rebecca Taylor. Throughout the talk, Taylor discussed with Ocean Drive magazine’s Editor-in- Chief, Jared Shapiro, how she launched her eponymous brand nearly 20 years ago and how it has evolved her collections while maintaining a distinct point of view.

World Red Eye caught up with the famed designer who gave us a closer look into what makes her brand so successful, and what she does to stay at the top of her game in the fashion world.


Jared Shapiro & Rebecca Taylor

WRE: Has fashion design always been your calling, or did something click along the way that made you choose this path?

RT: Growing up in New Zeland I always designed but didn’t know I could be a fashion designer. It didn’t seem like a possibility at the time, we didn’t have social media and the opportunities that students have now.

WRE: With fashion boutiques all over the US from L.A., NYC, to now the first store opening in Florida at Aventura Mall, tell us about why you chose Miami to open up your latest boutique?

RT: It’s been a long term goal of mine to open up a boutique in Miami. The city’s really trending and it’s a huge market. Miami has become iconic for luxury shopping and there’s a huge international customer base. We’re very excited to bring our unique point of view and aesthetic to the South Florida shopper.


WRE: Tell us about some of the pieces you are presenting at this Fashion for Breakfast?

RT: Fil coupe’ V-neck ruffle dress, Cashmere striped voluminous sleeve sweater, and Velvet floral short sleeve lattice dress.

WRE: What do you think is the most important aspect of fashion in order to maintain a top brand such as yours?

RT: I think it’s really important to evolve with the current trends but to always stay true to your brand DNA.


WRE: Describe your fashion aesthetic in three words.

RT: Femme-cool, modern, versatile.

WRE: All around the world eyes look to you as an inspiration in fashion. Is there anyone in particular who has inspired you and what you do?

RT: My mom has been a big influence on my design aesthetic. Growing up, she made all of our clothes and I remember all of the detail that went into each piece. That has really stuck with me throughout my career.

WRE: What kind of girl is rocking Rebecca Taylor clothing?

RT: The Rebecca Taylor girl is smart, confident and loves fashion. She likes to have fun with fashion and doesn’t take it too seriously.



Jared Shapiro & Rebecca Taylor

WRE: You have gained a lot of notoriety for empowering women to love themselves for what they are, it has spilled into your fashion design. Was there a specific instance that prompted you to be this light for so many?

RT: I think singularity and being different both physically and internally is to be celebrated. I want women to feel confident and I do think when you wear something you feel good in it transcends.

WRE: What are some of your closet essentials?

RT: The LA VIE Rebecca Taylor high-waisted patch wash denim, my Celine cross body bag, a great Victorian blouse, Marni block heel boots, the Rebecca Taylor Liane Jacquard Jacket, and my vintage army green pants.


Rebecca Taylor

The Rebecca Taylor girl is smart, confident and loves fashion. She likes to have fun with fashion and doesn’t take it too seriously.

Rebecca Taylor

Jared Shapiro & Rebecca Taylor


WRE: What is it like seeing fashion icons and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wear your clothing?

RT: It’s very flattering especially because I am such a royalist, but I feel just as excited when I see a women walking by me on the street in NYC wearing Rebecca Taylor.

WRE: What attributes about yourself do you think have contributed to your success?

RT: Hopefully some of our aspiring fashionistas can use this to channel their inner Rebecca in their own work. I think it’s my KIWI mentality that anything is possible. I think you have to be extremely tenacious, believe in yourself and surround yourself with a great team.


WRE: What vision do you have for the future of your brand?

RT: I think it’s a really interesting time in the fashion industry right now. There’s so much change happening, between fashion week and the increasing importance of social media, and everyone is trying to figure out what works best for their brand. For Rebecca Taylor, it’s important for us to continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition with special and unique product, have an increased focus on mobile to be accessible to our customer at all times, and increase two-way conversation between the Rebecca Taylor brand and our customer.



Rebecca Taylor

Miami has become iconic for luxury shopping and there’s a huge international customer base. We’re very excited to bring our unique point of view and aesthetic to the South Florida shopper.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor & Jared Shapiro



Rebecca Taylor & Jared Shapiro


Lana Bernstein & Jordana Mesner


Amy Poliakoff & Carla Maria


Olatz Zanguitu & Cheryl Herger


Carolina & Cathy Lopez


Ky Jade

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Rebecca Taylor

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Rebecca Taylor

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Cori Mizrahi


Lauren Fannon & Patty Martin

Lauren Fishbane, Cynthie Deguzman, & Diana Gdula

Lauren Fishbane, Cynthie De Guzman, & Diana Gdula

Sunita Bhagwan, Fazia Ali, Jennifer Nagle, & Sarah Eliav

Sunita Bhagwan, Fazia Ali, Jennifer Nagle, & Sarah Eliav

Janice Sullivan, Mariela Rovito, Elise Granjot, & Alicia Bilbao

Janice Sullivan, Mariela Rovito, Elise Granjot, & Alicia Bilbao

Elise Granjot, Mariela Rovito, Rebecca Taylor, & Alicia Bilbao

Elise Granjot, Mariela Rovito, Rebecca Taylor, & Alicia Bilbao

Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates Rebecca Taylor Boutique Opening

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


Aventura, FL – October 25, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine celebrated the opening of the Rebecca Taylor boutique – Aventura Mall’s newest store front. The evening was hosted by New Zealand born designer, Rebecca Taylor and benefitted The Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program drawing an exclusive mix of attendees. Style-setters, philanthropic leaders, and South Florida VIPs savored light bites and sipped wine courtesy of Artesa Wines and Rose courtesy of Anna de Codorníu while perusing Rebecca Taylor’s latest collection and shopping for a cause.


Michele Berlowitz, Rebecca Taylor, & Emilie Sobel


Lori Sobel, Rochelle Weinstein, Lisa Petrillo, & Emilie Sobel


Emilie Sobel, Michele Berlowitz, Rebecca Taylor, & Lori Sobel

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Rebecca Taylor & Jane Sale


Margo Brilliant & Jane Sale


Rebecca Taylor, Margo Brilliant, & Jane Sale


Rebecca Taylor, Margo Brilliant, & Jane Sale


Michele Berlowitz, Jane Sale, & Rochelle Weinstein


Thalia Ramirez & Matt Levinson


Lori Sobel & Marcia Franz

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Rebecca Taylor, Bat-Ami Gordon, & Cathie Cameron


Jane Sale & Lisa Petrillo


Oscar Romero, Margine Munoz, & Richard Angles


Bat-Ami Gordon, Margo Brilliant, & Jane Sale


Antonella Spina & Michele Addison


Joni Braunstein & Debbie Spiegelman


Cathie Cameron, Erin Ryder, & Antonella Spina


Margine Munoz, Oscar Romero, Sandra Bonlla, Neysmen Garcia, & Richard Angles

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Niche Media & Art Basel magazine Host 5th Annual Women in Arts Luncheon

Friday, December 5th, 2014


Miami Beach, FL – December 5, 2014 – Niche Media, the premier regional, luxury lifestyle publishing company and Art Basel magazine, its custom magazine for the Art Basel Miami Beach contemporary art fair, celebrated the industry’s most influential women in the art world at their exclusive luncheon on Friday morning at Katsuya at the SLS Hotel. The afternoon celebration was hosted by Art Basel magazine Editor-in-Chief, Sue Hostetler, with partnership by presenting sponsor Baha Mar. Four women whose careers have made a long-lasting impact on the art community were celebrated. This year’s honorees included: Lynda Benglis, American sculptor and visual artist; Teresita Fernandez, contemporary sculptor; Madeleiene Gyrnzstejn, the Pritzker Director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago; and Brooke Neidich, philanthropist and co-chair of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Guests of the fete included international luminaires incorporated leaders across art, culture and technology.












Angela Nazarian & Brooke Neidich


Brooke Neidich & Sue Hostetler


Angela Nazarian & Brooke Neidich


Tracey Emin & Sue Hostetler


Sue Hostetler & Madeleiene Gyrnzstejn

Sue Hostetler, Teresita & Dolores Fernandez

Sue Hostetler, Teresita & Dolores Fernandez

Sue Hostetler, Jessica Lichtenstein, & Natasha Schlesinger

Sue Hostetler, Jessica Lichtenstein, & Natasha Schlesinger

Marianne Boesky, Sue Hostetler, Marcia Dunn, & Felicia Levy

Marianne Boesky, Sue Hostetler, Marcia Dunn, & Felicia Levy


Sue Hostetler & Courtland Lantaff


John Cox & Tracey Emin

Brooke Neidich, Teresita Fernandez, Madeleiene Gyrnzstejn, & Sue Hostetler

Brooke Neidich, Teresita Fernandez, Madeleiene Gyrnzstejn, & Sue Hostetler


Sara Fitzmaurice & Rebecca Taylor











John Cox


 Teresita Fernandez 



Madeleiene Gyrnzstejn


Sue Hostetler



Teresita Fernandez 

Patricia Hanna, Michele Oka Donner, & Allison Goldberg

Patricia Hanna, Michele Oka Donner, & Allison Goldberg

Jorge Perez, Patricia Hanna, & Courtland Lantaff

Jorge Perez, Patricia Hanna, & Courtland Lantaff

Jared Shapiro, Debora Halpert, & Courtland Lantaff

Jared Shapiro, Debora Halpert, & Courtland Lantaff


Michelle Oka Donner & Jared Shapiro

Carrie Mae Weems, Amanda Coulson, & John Cox

Carrie Mae Weems, Amanda Coulson, & John Cox


Royann Dean & John Cox


Michelle Oka Donner & Jorge Perez

Courtland Lantaff, Jorge Perez, & Kevin Systrom

Courtland Lantaff, Jorge Perez, & Kevin Systrom

Courtland Lantaff, Jorge Perez, & Kevin Systrom

Courtland Lantaff, Kevin Systrom, & friend

Courtland Lantaff & Kevin Systrom


Nadja Swarovski & Sue Hostetler

Amanda Coulson, Bibi Gritti, & Anne-Shelton Aaron

Amanda Coulson, Bibi Gritti, & Anne Shelton Aaron


Stefano Tonchi & Nadja Swarovski 

Favela Beach at WALL

Monday, June 30th, 2014


Piti Zion & Niki Perez

Miami Beach, FL – June 24, 2014 – Miami’s favorite Tuesday night party, Favela Beach at WALL was a force to be reckoned with last week. Yet again, all inhibitions were left at the door and the hot crowd partied the night away until the lights came on.


Pauline Petta



Zoe Rodriguez




Pamela Keys







Cayla Parks



Rachel Falic & Renat Lifshitz



Jess Terry & Brigita Blair


Joanne Fleischman






Zulimar Toro & Natalia Minota


Navin Chatani & Cayla Parks


Navin Chatani


Rebecca Taylor



Ashley Cherry & Brenna Brito


Desiree Luster & Cheri Sara

Pauline Petta, Elodie Laduron, & Veronica Gomez

Pauline Petta, Elodie Laduron, & Veronica Gomez

Courtney MacDonald, Rebecca Taylor, Cayla Parks, Navin Chatani, & Lisa Martin

Courtney MacDonald, Rebecca Taylor, Cayla Parks, Navin Chatani, & Lisa Martin






Chris Lake at WALL

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Chris Lake

Miami Beach, FL – September 1, 2012 – Saturday night Chris Lake kicked Labor Day weekend into gear at WALL, playing a ridiculously varied set of tracks that hit all of the right notes and stimulated the crowd.

Chris Lake

Lara Kaye & Chris Lake

Cassandra Schindler

Fernanda Izola & Michelle Mavris

Danielle Samuels & Amanda Nielsen

Amanda Nielsen

Hollie Lipkins & Viktoria Ekelund

Jacqueline Westman & Alana Turovetskaya

Hollie Lipkins

Chicco Secci

Chris Lake

Lara Kaye & Rebecca Taylor

Sandra Reisch & Logan Pemberton

Maribel Marini

Kelly Osborne & Tiphanie Rood

Caroll Malloy & Jennifer Solis

Ana Knickerbocker & Karen Berrio

Kimber Kautz & Kim Alter

Reid Nicol, Bailey Murray, Liz Carzich, Marissa G, Elena Di Mento, & Blaze Berry

Justin Balik, Ella Campbell, & Reid Nicol

Harrison Potak

Sandra Reisch & Logan Pemberton

Brittney George & Kristen Metelsky

Tatiana Arroyo, Ana Knickerbocker, & Lina

Capponi’s 5 Years of SET Celebration

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 10, 2012 – Michael Capponi, Eric Milon, Francis Milon, Roman Jones, Gilles Curtat, Laurent Bourgade & Beto Biscaia celebrated 5 years of SET Nightclub in grand style. The Amazonia event began on Hibiscus Island at the home of Michael Capponi. Guests in attendance included Miami Beach City Commissioners Michael Gongora, Deede Weithorn, Jerry Libbin; North Miami Councilman Michael Blynn; Professor Deborah Mash; and Music Artist Melky Jean;

The Hibiscus home emulated a soulful environment with amber lighting, rhythmic sounds and natural overtones by DJ Adam Lipson alongside live drum percussions. Afterwards local patrons – dressed in bohemian attire and carrying branded tambourines – proceeded to the main reception at SET Night Club, which was magnificently transformed into an Amazon Jungle.

Michael Gongora, Michael Capponi, Deede Weithorn, & Eilidh Bennett

Krisztina Kovari & Chia Fae

Barbie Moros & Jess Smith

Chris Dischino & Emily Mateer

Juan Carlos, Michael Capponi, & Jamie Isicoff

Saun Lightbourne, Nicole Boswell, Javier Diaz, & Egor Tatarenko

Alan Smurfit, Danielle Parets, & Alexander Mijares

Gracia Maria, Emily Mateer, & Giuliana Ramirez

Chris Dischino, Michael Capponi, & Felicia Marquez

Dayana Pelaez & Norbert Isaacs

Ezra Van & Randy Singer

George Walner & John Guarino

Juliana Rojas & Alina Arboleda

Lara Kaye & Rebecca Taylor

Jennifer Keller, Ed Arenas, & Michael Capponi

Jared Krupnick, Michael Capponi, Luchi Estevez, & Sylvia Latimer

Chris Swift Perez & Felicia Marquez

Constantine Max & Felicia Marquez

Mary Jane, Hilda Cox, Annie Dayes, & Tiffany Levy

Michael Capponi

Wood Tavern Happy Hour

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Miami, FL – March 30, 2012 – Rakontur celebrated their 10 year restrospective after party at Wood Tavern on Friday night during the weekly Friday night happy hour party. Wood is the perfect spot to start off the weekend with an upbeat and cool atmosphere.

Farina Mackliff

Nick McKissick

Felipe Kaizedo, Steve Kehayias, & Tatiana Merchan

Jessica Fitzgerald, Kim Ricardo, & David Snow

Katya Bravo, Arash Yazdani, & Heather Cook

Priscilla Rodriguez, Gregory Duhamel, & Bert Garnier

Blake Taylor & Rebecca Taylor

Andrea Ciatti & Maria Elena Sanchez

Taryn Timmons & Desiree Ramirez