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Style of Eye at Mansion

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – July 11, 2012 – Mansion started the weekend early with their Wednesday night party featuring Style of Eye. Mansion took the night to a place of fantasy and excitement as Style of Eye pleased the crowd’s ears.

Sephora Tchaikowsky & Marie Tchaikowsky

Marie Tchaikowsky

Julia Moreira

Erika Auares & Giada Andreoli

Style of Eye

Style of Eye

Marie Tchaikowsky

Annabel Gonzalez & Raquel Moyes

Annabel Gonzalez & Beto Biscaia

Juan Stapff

Sephora Tchaikowsky & Marie Tchaikowsky

Liz Carmona & Marie Tchaikowsky

Annabel Gonzalez, Raquel Moyes, & Marcus Santos

Sultan & Ned Shepard at LIV

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Brittany Sue

Miami Beach, FL – May 10, 2012 – Sultan and Ned Shepard tore down LIV last Thursday night and it was obvious that the crowd was in pure euphoria. It was a night full of wild antics including mechanical bull riding and just full on raging partygoer behavior.

Brittany Sue

Sultan & Ned Shepard

Ned Shepard & Sultan


Brittany Sue

Matt Root

Lauren Byrne, Ashley Woolbert, Cailin Byrne, & Rebecca Kingsdorf

Lauren Byrne, Ashley Woolbert, Cailin Byrne, Ryan Troy, & Todd Gardner

Liz Nolan & Tyler Loy

Lee Joss

Sunny Middleton

Karen Benmeleh

Amanda Gustafson

Annabel Gonzalez & Lee Joss

Shelbi Arielle & Alyxandra Freud

Shelbi Arielle, Alyxandra Freud, & Olivia LaSalle

Olivia LaSalle

Sofia Terrazas & Brittany Sue

Xiomarra De Los Santos

Boglarka Leon, Katie Barta, & Amanda Cox

Danielle Goodwin

Jennifer Bond

Kristin Vahl & Megan Rossee

Matt Root, Ryan Troy, & Todd Gardner

Raquel Moyes, Denian Costa, & Amanda Cox

Stephanie Dionne & Karlita Pinto

James Fowell & Max Baum

Sultan & Ned Shepard

Favela Beach’s Fat Tuesday at Wall

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Travis McCoy & Jeremy Shockey

Miami Beach, FL – February 7, 2012 – Favela Beach Tuesday night at Wall at the W South Beach was the hotspot for sure on South Beach. A special “Fat Tuesday” Edition of Favela Beach with appearances by Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush, and Travis McCoy.

Travis McCoy & Shannon James

DJ Ruen

Mala Bryan

Nicki Zwiesler

Molly Stubstad

Morganne Wray

Molly Stubstad & Maria Bove

Maria Avila & Chloe Gasset

Charish Glaze & Whitney Moore

Julia Musch & Christina Haddad

Tatanka & Paulo Cardosa

Burton Wilkins, Morganne Wray, Sonja Ewy, Courtney Williams, & Mike Aaron

Maria Bove

Sonja Ewy & Morganne Wray

Raquel Moyes, Alexa Prosniewski, & Lee Joselowitz

Marbella Oliveira & Mariana Barone

DJ Ruen, Mr. Mauricio, & Tatanka

Travis McCoy, Matt Werner, & Shannon James

Whitney Moore, Charish Glaze, & Mike Aaron