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Adoré Opening Night with Morgan Page

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


Cy Waits

Miami Beach, FL – March 25, 2014 – The mastermind behind Las Vegas’ most sought after nightlife establishments Tryst and XS, unveiled his newest South Beach outpost just in time for Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference. Last night, Cy Waits opened the doors to South Beach’s latest and greatest nightlife hotspot, Adoré Nightclub. Inspired by a forgotten cathedral’s fall from grace, Adoré is an experience of sensuality and intrigue. A glowing cathedral ceiling floats above the stage and DJ booth while luxurious VIP tables circle the dance floor. Guests will undoubtably be able to feel the magnetic energy of the 3D LED sphere in a club that lives and breathes extravagant nights. EDM superstar Morgan Page kicked off the evening with an incredibly energetic and upbeat set that immediately got the crowd moving to the beats. Notable guests who came to check out the ultra swanky club include Jason Binn, Michael Brun, Alec Monopoly, and Romero Britto.


 Cy Waits


Jason Binn


Jason Binn, Cy Waits, & John Turchin


Cy Waits, Mischa Deeter, Meesha Farzaneh, & Anna Rose


Ian Staller, Colin Watson, Larry Ruvo, & Romero Britto


Victor Leicher, Michael Brun, Stephan Leicher, & Guido Weijerman


Seth Browarnik, Jason Binn, & Steven Martocci


Alec Monopoly




Morgan Page




Morgan Page








 Michelle Madonna




Morgan Page




Anna Rose



Meesha Farzaneh





Jason Binn & Dan Agne


Jason Binn & Gino LoPinto


Jason Binn & Lily Zanardi


 Clinton Cox & Dade Sokoloff


 Clinton Cox, Dade Sokoloff, & Stephen Lieberman


 Vito Reznik & Hardy Hill


Jermey Maul


 Leno, Andrew Harr, & Elie Deshe


Samantha Shorter, Melinda Filstrup, & Berenice Noelle


Amy Maloney





Cynthia Martin




Morgan Page





Morgan Page







Jason Binn


Jason Binn & Seth Browarnik



Jason Binn & Steven Martocci


Larry Ruvo & Romero Britto


Patrik Slettman, Mio Danilovic, & TAMZ


Lexi Lynn




Anca Barbu & Sarah Westbrooke


Anna Rose & Meesha Farzaneh


Sam Baum & Max Baum






Axel Beca



Morgan Page
















Anna Rose & Meesha Farzaneh




Lindsey Waters, Jill Gelinas, & Sauce



Mischa Deeter & Cayla Parks


Yani Kontos & Kasha Del


Chad Love & Manuso


Jessica Harbour & Jermey Maul


Susana Montez, Stefan Bossems, Nivia Bejarano, & Alina Shenko


Jimmy Doddo, Eric Lesperance, Derek Young, & Gregory Siff


Marcel Katz & Beto Biscaia


Dina Roud & Bojana Djukic


Sarah Westbrook & Anca Barbu


Sauce & Jill Gelinas


Shaunna Sands, Meagan Tanner, & Joshua R. Bratchett


Melissa Khorram & Angelica Delboni



Emily Farache & Victoria Lynn Allen


Oksana Ramirez


Gabriella Almeida & Natalia Aristizabal


Elina Dmitrieva & Yelena Payutko


Brandy Brown & Mel Alvarez


Shaunna Sands & Meagan Tanner



 Cynthia Martin

Sasha at Mansion

Monday, June 18th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – June 14, 2012 – Dance music legend, Sasha came out to prove his reputation to be true at Mansion last Thursday. Mansion lit up with a fiery feeling and the night was full of heat and powerful tracks.


Jeremy Ismael

Jeremy Ismael & Sasha

Lyly Villanueva & Chris De La Fe

Xiomarra De Los Santos

Patrik Slettman

Lizza Parra & Alexis Vrba


Hardwell at Mansion

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – June 13, 2012 – Everyone, literally everyone flocked to Mansion for Hardwell on Wednesday to see and hear the greatness he brings to his performances. Afrojack and DJ R3hab also came out which made the night even more exciting and made it feel like WMC.

Afrojack & Roman Jones


Jordan Cordoba

Stephanie Alteta

Stephanie Alteta & Alexandra Fililippucci

Fernanda Izola

Ludvie & Stephanie Alteta




Marko Gojanovic & Lyndon Smith

Marko Gojanovic

Roman Jones & Afrojack

Roman Jones, Morgan Osmen, & Afrojack


Andrea Castaldo

Alexandra Flilippucci & Katia Fillippucci

Jordan Cordoba & Michael Croziet

Fernanda Izola & Mariana Londono

Katia Fillippucci

DJ R3hab

Yelena Gruahko & Christina Rodriguez

Marko Gojanovic

Lyndon Smith

Najib Elmrasi & Eric Milon

Beto Biscaia

Yelena Grushko & Christina Rodriguez

DJ John Cash, Andres Fresko, Ludvie, & DJ R3hab

Christopher Wayne & DJ John Cash

Patrick Pizzorne & Beto Biscaia

Patrik Slettman

Mathilda Darling

Dash Berlin at Mansion

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Dash Berlin

Miami Beach, FL – June 9, 2012 – Dance music phenomenon Dash Berlin made a huge impression on Miami at Mansion Saturday night with his modern trance sounds. Mansion was packed full of Dash Berlin fans that were full of passion for the music and the dance floor.

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

Jonathan Estallo

Dash Berlin

Stefanie Smolski & Dash Berlin

Rashad Evans & Patrik Slettman

Heidi Northcott & Chuck Liddell

Marko Gojanovic

Joseph Souto & Yhasmina Tiphane

Marcus Santos & Steve Berke

Michael Malone & Taylor Hannum

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

Laurent Simeca

Laurent Simeca & Michael Malone

Dash Berlin

Ryan Van Milligan

Armin van Buuren at Mansion

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Armin van Buuren

Miami Beach, FL – June 2, 2012 – Mansion stepped it up this past weekend bringing out one of the biggest names in music right now, Armin van Buuren. Everyone who knows Armin’s style knows that his shows are not to be missed. The Mansion crowd was passionate and exhilarated, definitely a night for the books.

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Willy Monfret, Nina Agdal, & Patrick Pizzorni

Carly McCall

Annabel Gonzalez

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Carly McCall

Armin van Buuren

Carly McCall & Patrik Slettman

Dominique Clerc, Gioia Jansen, & Olivia Ormos

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Marko Gojanovic, Willy Monfret, Nina Agdal, & Patrick Pizzorni

Marko Gojanovic

Marko Gojanovic & Gerda

Marko Gojanovic & Willy Monfret

Melissa Barragan

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Julz Hart

Carly McCall, Armin van Buuren, & Nina Adgal

Triarchy & Armin van Buuren

Gerda, Marko Gojanovic, & Alex Larsson

Beto Biscaia

Jakub & Priscilla Soprano

Eric & Stacy Milon

Julz Hart & Danielle Joss

Armin van Buuren

Cosmic Gate at Mansion

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Cosmic Gate

Miami Beach, FL – May 19, 2012 – Saturday was explosive at Mansion with Cosmic Gate in the DJ booth for a highly anticipated performance that Miami has been waiting for since their last appearance in South Beach. Cosmic Gate proved themselves once again, getting Mansion all riled up and lasting all night long.

Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate

Nina Agdal

Matt Root, Patrick Pizzorni, & Nina Agdal

Marcos Santos

Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate

Roman Jones & Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate

Lindsay Pulaski

Olivia Ormos & Nina Agdal

Gioia Jansen

Beto Biscaia & Jonathan Estallo

Cosmic Gate & Triarchy

Patrik Slettman

Giles Curat

Nic Changall of Cosmic Gate & Laurent Simeca

Miss Cady at SET

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Miss Cady

Miami Beach, FL – May 18, 2012 – This past Friday, a new, powerful DJ stepped into the booth at SET, Miss Cady. She wowed everyone with her charming demeanor and her relevant, upbeat tracks.

Miss Cady

Miss Cady & DJ John Cash

Miss Cady

Rasa Kvedaryte & Sandra Zauraite

Ricardo Esteves & Alyxandra Freud

Ricardo Esteves, Alyxandra Freud, & Rasa Kvedaryte

Beau Beasley & Miss Cady

Alexandria Ruiz & Debbie Sagot

Evelyne Verpaalen & Zhaila Gonzalez

Patrik Slettman & Miss Cady

Ana Isabel Alvarado, Eric Even, Victor Carrillo, & DJ N’Dy

Industry Tuesdays at Bamboo

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Marius Mates & Flo Rida

Miami Beach, FL – April 24, 2012 – This week Bamboo introduced “Industry Tuesdays” with electric dance performances and Flo Rida to kick off the new party. Bamboo continues to step it up each week and the originality of Tuesday night’s party will surely keep everyone coming back for more.

Peyton Fannin

Michella Filipowitz

Michella Filipowitz & Magdalena Filipowitz

Michella Filipowitz

Evgenia Pikaleva & Nastya Kaminskih

Roxana Stevens

Claudia Maria Carracci

Shelbi Arielle & Renee Booker

Shelbi Arielle

Josetty Hurtado

Nathalie Perret, Soraya Azzabi, Mio Danilovic, & Patrik Slettman

Lauri Cotarelo

Tracey Cabrera & Katie Hinden

Alan Roth, Tommy Pooch, & Chop

Michelle Pooch & Beau Beasley

Barbara Brook & Cassie Yasso

Carina Olivia

Catherine Cozias, Krina Cozias, & Laurent Bourgad

Charles Daucourt, Leili Dehnad, & Zachary Scott

Isadora Reyes, Monica Hernandez, Irons Chil, & Lauri Cotarelo

Jenny Arzola & Floribel Maldonado

Mary Connolly, Dustin Schlamen, & Kendra Harper

Michael Woods at Mansion

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Michael Woods

Miami Beach, FL – April 7, 2012 – Saturday night was a huge party at Mansion with Michael Woods, along with Rebecca & Fiona. The music surrounded Mansion and enveloped the crowd. Everyone was loving the mix of the DJs and what they had to bring to the table.

Michael Woods

Rebecca & Fiona

Patrick Pizzorni

Michael Woods

Rebecca & Fiona

Fiona, Patrik Slettman, & Rebecca

Laurent Simeca & Rebecca

Najib Elmrasi & Rebecca

Michael Woods & Stefanie Smolski

Michael Woods


Stefanie Smolski

Taylor Hannum & Olivia Ormos

Stephane Keyser

Beto Biscaia

Ismael Garcia & Michael Malone

Jamahl Thompson

Beto Biscaia, Marko Gojanovic, & Ismael Garcia

Patrick Pizzorni & Patrik Slettman

Rebecca, Michael Woods, & Fiona

Nervo at Mansion

Saturday, April 7th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – April 4, 2012 – Wednesday’s at Mansion have perhaps become the wildest party in Miami, Nervo, compromised of twin sisters  from Australia came into town to show us that although WMC may be over, that the talent and music coming through Miami right now is absurd. The crowd was rampant and anything but tame and the party lasted till… well it actually didn’t stop



Melissa Barragan & Victoria Allen

Giada Andreoli



Gioia Jansen

Luana Anderson

Nervo & Roman Jones

Patrick Slettman, Gioia Jansen, &  Roman Jones

Angie Janitschke & Nadia

Beto Biscaia & Marion Vijar

Brooke Parsons & Kelly Gibbons

Lyndon Smith

Melissa Barragan & Victoria Allen

Nervo & DJ N’Dy

Nervo & Matt Root



Style of Eye at Mansion

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 31, 2012 – Saturday night was another wild night at Mansion and we were there to catch all the action. Swedish DJ Style of Eye put on a great show and kept the party going until the early hours of the morning. Once again Mansion did not disappoint!

Style of Eye

Style of Eye

Stavros Mitchelides, Stefanie Smolski, & Mike Henderson

Vladimir Jean

Style of Eye

Style of Eye & Patrik Slettman

Style of Eye & Laurent Simeca

Channing Tatum at SET

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Lyndon Smith & Channing Tatum

Miami Beach, FL – March 3, 2012 – Contagious Behavior at SET was hosted by Channing Tatum Saturday night. Tatum, the star of the new movie 21 Jump Street partied with the people while DJ Konflikt & Joe Maz took turns on in the DJ booth. The packed club had people partying hard all night, while many were popping bottles of Moet. With a party like this, Channing will most definitely be back and maybe bring along his celeb friends to the Opium staple.

Kalyna Sanajko

Danny Orta, Jordana Saud, & Stefanie Smolski

Jason Odio

Joe Maz, Jeremy Spund, & DJ Konflikt

Channing Tatum & Jeff Barbero

Channing Tatum & Josh Wagner

Stefanie Smolski

Channing Tatum, Charles Gibb, & Gene Robinson

Charles Gibb

Ismael Garcia & Patrik Slettman

Ismael Garcia

Jeremy Spund & DJ Konflikt

Joshua Phillips & Josh Wagner

Kalyna Sanajko

Mike Angel & Jordana Saud

Mike Angel & Rodrigo Gaya

Sadie Wells