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Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Gala

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

1-Don Shula & Emilio Estefan_new

Don Shula & Emilio Estefan

Miami Beach, FL – May 9, 2015 – More than 1,200 guests joined the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce to honor local leaders and celebrate at the Chamber’s 93rd annual Dinner Gala and Silent Auction. Celebrating 100 years of business in Miami Beach, the event honored 5 pillars of the community and party goers enjoyed an entertaining evening with an auction, dinner, dancing and much more. The evening’s festivities were hosted by media personality Tara Solomon and Michael S. Goldberg SVP of Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, who introduced videos of the honorees and were joined by Chamber CEO & President Jerry Libbin in presenting the awards. The program was opened by performances by world renowned DJ Irie, local songstress Maryel Epps and child prodigy Biana Pinchuk. After walking the red carpet, guests and celebrities, including Bruce Weber, Daymond John and Gloria and Emilio Estefan, enjoyed international fare and sipped signature Bacardi beverages. Guests were able to bid, electronically via BidPal, on more than 300 silent auction items. Guests also participated in an exciting live auction for items such as a one-year lease of a Land Rover from Warren Henry; travel package to the MTV Movie Awards courtesy of Viacom, Baha Mar trip for six and a commissioned are piece by renowned artist Havi Schanz, which was sold with help John. Guests continued the evening in true Miami Beach style at the “Party Through The Decades” After Party hosted by City National Bank where guests filmed Slow Motion Videos and danced the night away to a live DJ.

2-Emilio Estefan, Don Shula, & Gloria Estefan_new

Emilio Estefan, Don Shula, & Gloria Estefan

3-Bernie Yuman, Nan Bush, & Bruce Weber 1_new

Bernie Yuman, Nan Bush, & Bruce Weber

4-Daymond John_new

Daymond John

6-Nathan, Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman_new

Nathan, Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman

7-Jimmy, Stanley, Joni, Linda & Stanley Jr Tate_new

Jimmy, Stanley, Joni, Linda, & Stanley Jr. Tate

8 -Bernie Yuman, Candace Yuman, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, & Friend 1_new

Bernie & Candace Yuman, Gloria & Emilio Estefan

8.5-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg



12-Alfredo J Gonazlez, Steven Rodriguez, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alan Randolph_new

Alfredo J Gonazlez, Steven Rodriguez, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alan Randolph

13 -Lauren & Ron Book_new

Lauren & Ron Book

13.2-Don Shula & Maryel Epps_new

Don Shula & Maryel Epps

13.3-Nan Bush & Bruce Webber_new

Nan Bush & Bruce Weber

13.4-Emilio Estefan & Gloria Estefan1_new

Emilio & Gloria Estefan

13.5-Alina Shriver & Bernie Yuman_new

Alina Shriver & Bernie Yuman

14-Bernie Yuman, Daymond John, & Edith & Joel Newman_new

Bernie Yuman, Daymond John, Edith & Joel Newman

15-Carlos Jimenez, Evelyn & Keith Menin_new

Carlos Jimenez, Evelyn & Keith Menin

16 -Michael & Lana Bernstein, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alfredo J Gonzalez_new

Michael & Lana Bernstein, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alfredo J Gonzalez

16.5-Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Tara Solomon, & Nick D'Annunzio_new

Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Tara Solomon, & Nick D’Annunzio

17 -Nick D'Annunzio & Tara Solomon_new

Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon

17.5-DJ Irie_new

DJ Irie




21.5-Stanley Tate & Emilio Estefan2_new

Stanley Tate & Emilio Estefan

22-Tara Solomon & Emilio Estefan4_new

Tara Solomon & Emilio Estefan

23-Tara Solomon & Gloria Estefan3_new

Tara Solomon & Gloria Estefan

24-Maryel Epps - LIVE5_new

Maryel Epps

25-Maryel Epps - LIVE_new

26 -DSC_8950_new


27-Bernie Yuman & Daymond John5_new

Bernie Yuman, Jerry Libbin, & Daymond John

28-Daymond John Speaking & Jeffery Greene5_new

Daymond John & Jeffery Greene

29-Bernie Yuman Speaking5_new

Bernie Yuman

30 -George Gonzalez Speaking11_new

George Gonzalez

30.4 -DSC_8971_new

30.4 -Jessica Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, & Alan Lieberman1_new

Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman

30.4a-Nathan Lieberman & Jessica Lieberman1_new

Nathan & Jessica Lieberman

30.5-34.6-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg Speaking15_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg

31-Gloria Estefan & Emilio Estefan Speaking14_new

Gloria & Emilio Estefan

32-Gloria Estefan & Emilio Estefan Speaking27_new

33-Gloria & Emilio Estefan speaking 3_new

34 -Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg speaking copy_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg 

34.5-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg speaking1_new

35-Jerry Libbin speaking2_new

Jerry Libbin

36 -Jerry Libbin speaking_new

36.5-Jessica Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Nathan Lieberman, & Alan Lieberman4_new

Jessica, Diane, Nathan, & Alan Lieberman

37-Diane Lieberman, Jessica Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, & Nathan Lieberman8_new

Diane, Jessica, Alan, & Nathan Lieberman

38-Rabbi Gary Glickstein Speaking9_new

Rabbi Gary Glickstein

39 -Tara Solomon, Michael Goldberg, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, Sherry Roberts, & Robin Jacobs5_new

Tara Solomon, Michael Goldberg, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, Sherry Roberts, & Robin Jacobs

39.5-Bob Best, Andy Best, Sandy Tate, Linda Best, Kenny Tate, Joni Tate, Jimmy Tate, Stanley Tate, Megan Tate, Jordyn Tate, Erin Tate, Jackie Tate, & Janie Tate5_new

Bob & Andy Best, Sandy Tate, Linda Best, Kenny, Joni, Jimmy, Stanley, Megan, Jordyn, Erin, Jackie & Janie Tate

40-Tara Solomon, Nathan Lieberman, Jessica Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Sherry Roberts, Robin Jacobs, & Michael Goldberg11_new

Tara Solomon, Nathan, Jessica, Alan, & Diane Lieberman, Sherry Roberts, Robin Jacobs, & Michael Goldberg

42-Bernie Yuman, Sherry Roberts, & Jacob Roberts_new

Bernie Yuman, Sherry, & Jacob Roberts

43-Bernie Yuman & Valerie Roy1_new

Bernie Yuman & Valerie Roy

44 -Alan Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Nathan Lieberman, & Jessica Lieberman1_new

Alan, Diane, Nathan, & Jessica Lieberman

44.5-Michael & Christine Grieco_new

Michael & Christine Grieco

45-Ino Halegua & Michael Gongora_new

Ino Halegua & Michael Gongora

46 -Marc Lippman & Julia Ford Carther_new

Marc Lippman & Julia Ford Carther

46.5-Robin Jacobs, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, & Sherry Roberts_new

Robin Jacobs, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, & Sherry Roberts

47-Maryel Epps & DJ Irie_new

Maryel Epps & DJ Irie





52-Maria Guadamuz, Katherine Hernandez, Manal Tarhini, & Alicia Pardey_new

Maria Guadamuz, Katherine Hernandez, Manal Tarhini, & Alicia Pardey






58-Dustin Symes, Steven Rodriguez Mato, & Olivia Symes_new

Dustin Symes, Steven Rodriguez Mato, & Olivia Symes

59 -DSC_1719_new

59.5-Melanie Tillbrook_new

Melanie Tillbrook & Marc Megna

60 -Crystal Hendricks, Melanie Tillbrook, Carmela Owens, Alexia Ayars, & Damaris Aguilar_new

Crystal Hendricks, Melanie Tillbrook, Carmela Owens, Alexia Ayars, & Damaris Aguilar

60.5-David Pulley & Stephen Macricostas_new

David Pulley & Stephen Macricostas

61-Steven Rodriguez, Joy Malakoff, & Alan Randolph_new

Steven Rodriguez, Joy Malakoff, & Alan Randolph



Miami Children’s Museum Gala

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 31, 2012 – On Saturday Miami Children’s Museum transported more than 600 attendees back in time with a 60s inspired evening at the 2012 Be A Kid Again Gala, “All You Need is Love”. More than $1 million was raised in support of educational programming with the help of generous donors, sponsors, an extensive silent auction and an exclusive live auction hosted by Big 105.9 FM Morning Host Paul Castronovo and humorist, Dave Barry. The event was chaired by Lisa Schejola Akin, Melissa Netkin and honored world-renowed artist, Romero Britto, for his longstanding commitment to the Museum. The night’s major sponsors included Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, Alan Potamkin and Brigitt Rok, the Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation, Baptist Health South Florida, Coastal Construction, The Fairholme Foundation, Gloria Martin, and the Miami Marlins.

Dave Barry & Paul Castronovo

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

Dave Barry, Jeff Berkowitz, & Deborah Spiegelman

Jeff Berkowitz, Deborah Spiegelman, Romero Britto, & Dave Barry

Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, Gloria Porcella, Francesca Cancellara, & Susan Abraham

Jeff Berkowitz, Melissa Netkin, Kimberley Crespo, Fernando Crespo, John Moore, & Kelly Moore

Paul Castronovo & Dave Barry

Jeff Berkowitz & Romero Britto

Melissa Netkin

Melissa Medina & Yolanda Berkowtiz

Jilian Sanz & Sarah Mimelli

Katherine & Anthony Rubino

David Resnick

Romero Britto & Melissa Netkin

Siri Willoch & Shannon Hori

Pamela Merz & Faith Hogen

Sarah Sullivan, Jackie Allen, Eddie Allen, & Lisa Schejola Akin

Richard Berkowitz, Jeff Berkowtiz, Romero Britto, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Deborah Spiegelman & Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz

Paul & Gina Castronovo

Katrina Chebotar & Matt Reynolds

Marlin Pernetti, Alexis Sims, & Rullina Acra

Thomas Abraham, Alina Shriver, & Pavlo Munoz

Abigail & FJ Pollack

Crystal Crocker & Allana Katt

Debra Weiss Goodstone, Jeri Beth Cohen, & Abby Cynamon

Emily Devine, Nick Debiase, & Larry Goodman

Eric Johnson & Ana Perez

Isabel Jaubert, Katherine Davis, & Jilian Sanz

Jeff Berkowitz & Dave Barry

Jennifer Elegant & Lisette Owens

Jimmy & Lauren Newmeyer

Jordana Davis, Jolie Berkowtiz, Melissa Medina, & Lisa Gelfman

Lauren Bacon, Patrick Ahern, Amanda Abril, Alejandro Rodriguez, Olivia Symes, & Dustin Symes

Naomi Gordon, Vince Cecilia, Sandy Grossman, & Richard Berkowitz