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Rec Room – WMC

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – March 20-23, 2013 – Rec Room, the club at The Gale Hotel, brought a different tempo to the Winter Music Conference party scene. The retro spot had four nights in a row of cool, underground (literally) music. Wednesday and Thursday started things off with their signature Thursday Beach Kred party, and Friday a Studio 54 party that kept with the retro vibe by bringing back two legendary DJs from those days, Jellybean Benitez and Robbie Leslie, to put everyone in the disco mood. Friday and Saturday had Maseo and Jillionaire for a fresh and funky weekend spin.

3/20-21 – Studio 54 & Beach Kred

Jellybean Benitez

Jellybean Benitez & Robbie Leslie

Robbie Leslie

Sarah Wolfe

Stephanie Tart & Courtney Williams

Robbie Leslie & Bacho

Luis Mario, Bacho, & Robbie Leslie

Deejay Smeejay

Ray “Pinky” Velazquez & Robbie Leslie

Diva Vogue, Robbie Leslie, Ryan Mehmel, & Deejay Smeejay

Andres Asion, Michelle Minagori, Annie Goldman, & Sean Yamuni

Burton Wilkins

Jade Bokelund & Stephanie Aceves

Jona Cerwinske & Noah Becker

DZA, Rick Rude, & Mike B

Mike B & Rick Rude


Reid Waters & DZA

Jonah Small & Corinne Rivera

Norah Joffroy, Gabriela Toriello, & Elsa Silva

Kristy Olson, Stevie Anderson, & Samantha Cortes

Oliver Kurtz

3/22-23 – Maseo & Jillionaire

Blkkmorris, Sofa King, & Jillionaire

Dexter Love, Ruen, & Aysha Nitze

Jillionaire & Josh Wagner

Jillionaire, Dalia Cunow, & Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner & Marni Blickman

Katty Chavez, Elena Chavez, & Valentina Chavez

Marni Blickman

Maseo & Iron Lyon


Zachary Ralph & Dustin Heil

Robbie Rivera at Mansion

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May  5, 2012 – One of Miami’s favorite DJs, Robbie Rivera brought the Cinco de Mayo celebration to Mansion Saturday night. The crowd was hot and wild and the atmosphere was filled with the air of celebratory partying and the essence of tequila.

Robbie Rivera

Chrispy Alexander & Marko Gojanovic

Stevie Cooper & Beto Biscaia

Gioia Jansen

Yara Khmidan, Ismael Garcia, Noah Becker, & Gioia Jansen

Michael Malone, Marko Gojanovic, Beto Biscaia, & Noah Becker

Danielle Brown

Robbie Rivera

Taryn Aronson, Willy Monfret, & Olivia Ormos

Karen Lay & Jonathan Estallo

Marko Gojanovic & Patrick Slettman

Marko Gojanovic

Michael Malone, Craig David, & Marko Gojanovic

Alan T. & Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera

Stevie Cooper & Marko Gojanovic

Karen Jay, Jonathan Estallo, & Erin Cummins

Nadia Ali & John Dahlback at Mansion

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Nadia Ali

Miami Beach, FL – April 28, 2012 -Saturday night was a night full of performances and celebrity sightings at Mansion. John Dahlback set the tone for the night in the DJ booth and Nadia Ali gave a beautiful performance that the crowd could not get enough of.

Nadia Ali

John Dahlback

Marko Gojanovic, Carlotta Napoli, Jason Odio, & Maria Fontes

Lacie Dumont & Nadege Martinez

Marko Gojanovic & Jason Odio

John Dahlback

Tatiana Lina & Alina Sol

Alexander Soares & Maria Fontes

Gioia Jansen

Jelena Makovic & Andrea Hereida

Roy Barker

Alistar Overeem & Marko Gojanovic

Andrea Hereida & Francis Pittilloni

Noah Becker, Alex Larsson, Alistar Overeem, & Marko Gojanovic

Beto Biscaia, Jonathon Estallo, & Marko Gojanovic

Matt Root

John Dahlback

Yolanda Be Cool at Wall

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Yolanda Be Cool

Miami Beach, FL – April 7, 2012 – Yolanda Be Cool got the party going at Wall Saturday night with an upbeat and alternative house music set that was a great change of pace for Miami beach. With samples from big bands to current hits Yolanda be cool is a great music duo and proved it.

Yolanda Be Cool

Allyxsandra Jacqueline

Jaime Goldman

Ella Mashk & Alisa Bas

Pilar Sroka

Yolanda Be Cool

Becca Zeitloj

Nina Agnathae

Jessica Aiello & Nina Agnathae

Denise Rebollo, Angie Lee, & Zara Garza

Denise Rebollo

Angie Lee

Ginevra De Bellis

Netta Bodman, Michelle de Cespedes, & Brittany Heaps

Guendalina Porta & Ginevra De Bellis

Tatiana Ilina & Burton Wilkins

Noah Becker & Nicola Siervo

Emily Prone Ralby & Nicole Spiel Sky

Zara Garza

Jaime Goldman & Becca Zeitloj

Maria Avila & Chloe Gasset

Olivia Lasalle & Alyxsandra Jacqueline

Pilar Sroka

Matt Root

Yolanda Be Cool

Model Beach Volleyball – Day 2

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

James Marsden, Nina Agdal, & Geoff Stults

Miami Beach, FL – April 1, 2012 – Competition heated up on Ocean Drive for day two of the Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament. Teams returned for elimination games and team Runways took home the gold. Runner ups and teams accompanying Runways to the Sakara Beach Club at Bimini Bay Resort on April 14 are Elite Models & Wilhelmina to rematch for south beach supremacy.

The NVL athletes competed in the pro and celebrity exhibition match with Real Housewife of Miami & Supermodel Joanna Krupa & Guess by Marciano model Heide Lindgren of Models4Water.  The agencies also competed in the Spike Contest judged by Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year Nina Agdal & the Olympic USA Women’s team Jennifer Kessy & April Ross.

Nina Agdal also took the time to sign autographs for fans and encouraged volleyball goers to donate to Models4Water. Agency teams sported t-shirts by Noah Becker and his clothing line Fancy. After completing the Nautica triathlon, actors James Marsden, Geoff Stults, and Josh Hopkins stopped by to admire the eye candy in the VIP.

Karent Sierra, Joanna Krupa, & Lisa Hochstein

Nina Agdal

Marko Gojanovic

Geoff Stults, Michael Malone, James Marsden, & Linley Edwards

Albert Hannemann, Michael Malone, Rick Delgado, & Olivia Ormos

Heide Lindgren, Nina Agdal, Albert Hannemann, Jennifer Kessy, & April Ross

Heide Lindgren

Jennifer Kessy & April Ross

Jennifer Kessy, April Ross, Chara Harris, Megan Wallin, Heide Linden, & Joanna Krupa

Jennifer Kessy, Nina Agdal, & April Ross

Jennifer Kessy

Megan Wallin & Chara Harris

Michael Malone & Taylor Hannum

Michael Malone, Noah Becker, & Olivia Ormos

Nina Agdal

Rick Delgado & Heide Lindgren


FDR at Delano Grand Opening

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Rashad Evans & Mos Def

Miami Beach, FL – February 27, 2012 – The Iconic Delano hotel opened its new nightlife venue, FDR Lounge, in true Miami Fashion on Monday night. Bringing out Miami’s best and brightest, the opening of the new subterranean venue left guests in awe with its new sexy decor and vibe. Partygoers  were entertained by an intimate live performance by Mos Def.

Rashad Evans & Mos Def

Mos Def

Natalie Nieves

Burton Wilkins

Rebekah Keida

David Simkins & Alejandro Cabanellas

Ben James & Charlie Garcia

Noah & Barbara Becker

Sam Robin, Noah & Barbara Becker

Sam Robin

Natalie Nieves

Malinka Max & Lei Marco


Mark Lehmkuhl

Antonio Martucci

Nicola Siervo, Natalie Nieves, Navin, & Antonio Martucci with Wall staff

Mos Def

David Simkins, Flip, Francisco Pinto, & Alejandro Cabanellas

Sebastian Puga & Nicola Siervo

Cedric Gervais

David Simkins & Joey Goldman

Greg Mirmelli

Sebastian Puga & Lyndon Smith

Linley Edwards & Chiara Cucinella

Marko Gojanovic & Johnny The Boy

Ryan Black

Michael Shore

Mos Def


Keith Paciello & Alfred Spellman

JP Oliver, Eliana Andrea, & Keith Menin

Ami James & Mark Batievsky

Phillip Buchanon & Jon Beason

Francesco Caracciolo Di Marano & Sam Robin

David Grutman & Maverick Carter

Michael Malone, Maria Juani, & Willy Monfret

Stacie Todd, Burton Wilkins, Gillian Cook, Caroline Petryshyn, & Zachary Ralp

Sebastian Puga, Francisco Pinto, & Alejandro Cabanellas

Lia Shahrebani, Rashad Evans, & Keith Paciello

Favela Beach at Wall

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – February 14, 2012 – Favela Beach heated up Valentine’s Day at WALL at the W South Beach this week, bringing out couples and singles looking for a good time. Favela Beach at WALL is undeniably one of the most popular and most exciting parties in Miami.


Jenn Dasilva

Carolina Baumanooii

Ismael El Haitamy

Mike Troy

DJ Ruen

Diana Montoya & Corrie Elizabeth

Jaanika Uiga & Liis Vilipson

Leesha Martin & Jenn Bond

Lesley Sanders

Tanya Ilina & Vilena Viktorovnav

Annie Gustafsson

Noah Becker & Tatanka

Melissa Katz, Seth Browarnik, & Purple

Vilena Viktorovnav, Antonio Martucci, Cameron Cervera, & Tanya Ilina

Josh Button

Courtney Williams

Noah Becker & Taylor McCord

Emilio Guerra & Jonathan Estallo

Gaudi Castro & Carolina Baumanooii

Kairo, DJ Ruen, & DJPS

Vilena Viktorovnav, Ryan Troy, & Tanya Ilina

Shelborne Tuesdays

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – December 20, 2011 – After 5 years at the Astor Hotel, and another 5 years at the Delano Hotel, TAI Entertainment‘s famous Tuesday Night party has made it’s way down the block to it’s new home, the newly renovated Shelborne South Beach. Like the opening night, expect nothing but fun and exciting times ahead from the weekly party.

Alan Roth, Keith Menin, & Tommy Pooch

Alan Roth, Keith Menin, Tommy Pooch, & Steven Bauer

Carley Johnston & Paulo Cardosa

Carley Johnston, Burton Wilkins, Courtney Williams, & Jinni Pan Akararungpradit

DJ Irie & Danielle Almeida

Tatanka & Tommy Pooch

Alan Roth & Diana Garcia

DJ Sandman

Janna Vanburkleo & Kristen Lynn Gorano

Angela Kersten & Ashley Manno

Whitney Moore, Marta Ortiz, Aga Lea, Barbara Victoria, & Laela Vastrick

Beau Beasley, Ani Siera, Suzie Ketchum, & Jennifer Leong

Jinni Pan Akararungpradit, Derek Williams, & Sandra Kubicka

Candace Lott, Elizabeth Wright, & Adam Risolia

Jessica Palu, Morganne Wray, & Courtney Williams

Brandon Corone & Patrick Slettman

Mike Aaron & Paulo Cardosa

Mike Aaron & Kim Beatrice

Keith Menin, Evyln Castro, & Zac Courtney

Julie Burstein, Trixia Angel, & Marizza Contreras

Daniele Brown & Rebekah Keida

Tina Powers & Elizabeth Powers

Laela Vastrick

Giselle Orentis

Janira Hernandez, Chris Phashion, Daniella Perez, & Edwin Muhammad

Rami Sarafa, Paola Ekelund, Steven Bauer, Noah Becker, & Beau Beasely

Alan Roth & Keith Menin

Antonio Martucci, Tommy Pooch, Jonathan Babicka, & Michelle Pooch

Ashley Manno & Angela Kersten

Brie Eltz, Erika Gamboa, Rakhi, & Chandra

Cheryl Hohweiler & Daniele Brown

Chris Tellbuescher

Derek Williams & Courtney Williams

Elizabeth Powers, Tina Powers, Monika Arenas, & Barbie Jean

Giselle Orentis & Julissa Gugman

Greg Shepard

Lyndon Smith & Daniele Brown