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E11EVEN Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary with Big Sean

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Big Sean

Miami, FL – February 18, 2017 – All eyes were on Big Sean as he took over the stage for an insane performance to celebrate E11EVEN’s 3 year anniversary.

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean & Gino LoPinto

Ken DeGori, Derick Henry, Daniel Solomon, Gino LoPinto, & Dennis DeGori

Daniel Solomon, Gino LoPinto, DJ Affect, Ken DeGori, AM75, & Zac Bouch

Suelen Ferreira, Adriana Udiloff, & Fernanda Allegrini

Aubrey Huffman, Melissa Matos, & Alyssa Carman

Camila Peixoto & Fernanda Delboni

Darren Criss at Villa Azur For Her

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Darren Criss

Miami Beach, FL – January 30, 2017 – Villa Azur on Monday was filled with beautiful women that enjoyed the night. Glee star Darren Criss also made an appearance to enjoy the Miami night away.

Genevieve Bernard & Darren Criss

Nadia Hope & Petra Huszio

DJ Yez

Carlene Sosa & Basar Kirang

Basar Kirang


Wednesday, January 25th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 21, 2017 –STORY on Saturday was filled with instant energy once the beats from DJ MOS started the party-goers couldn’t stop themselves from dancing till the AM.




4-Dj Mos Spinning2_new 5-Dj Mos Spinning19_new 6-Dj Mos Spinning18_new

7-Dj Mos Spinning11_new


8-Dj Mos Spinning14_new 9-DSC_4060_new 9.1-DSC_4596_new 9.2-DSC_4576_new

10-Katrina Conway1_new

Katrina Conway


12-Sara Brickner & Friend_new

Sara Brickner


14-Nicole Fisher & Alexa Lajoie_new

Nicole Fisher & Alexa Lajoie

15-DSC_3658_new 16-DSC_3668_new 17-DSC_3684_new 18-DSC_3837_new 19-DSC_3910_new 19.1-DSC_3803_new 19.2-DSC_3797_new 20-DSC_3816_new 21-DSC_3710_new 22-DSC_3965_new 23-DSC_4015_new 25-DSC_3971_new

Crew Love at Basement Miami

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Miami Beach , FL – January 15, 2017 – Sunday night at Basement was filled with adventure when party-goers came to end their weekend the right way with music, bowling, and iceskating.


4-Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj3_new

Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj

5-Just Dimy0_new

Just Dimy


7-Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas9_new

Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas


Arielis Fuentes

8-IMG_4539_new 9-IMG_4546_new 10-IMG_4582_new 11-IMG_4551_new 13-IMG_4547_new 15-IMG_4567_new 16-IMG_4553_new

R3hab at LIV

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – R3hab’s beats were bumping when he took over LIV on Saturday. The party-goers could not get enough and stayed till closing hour.



2.2-DSC_4806_new 2.3-DSC_4770_new 3-DSC_4779_new



5-DSC_4851_new 6-DSC_4826_new 7-DSC_4889_new



19-DSC_4957_new 20-DSC_4912_new

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young4_new

Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young14_new

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young, & Savannah Young


Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

25-DSC_5114_new 26-DSC_5148_new 27-DSC_5143_new

27.1-Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake12_new

Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake

28.1-DSC_4430_new 29-DSC_4862_new

30-Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov5_new

Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov

31-Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino3_new

Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino



33.1-DSC_4700_new 34-DSC_4715_new

35-R3hab & Purple1_new

R3hab & Purple

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

39.1-Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez2_new

Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez

38-DSC_4458_new 39-DSC_4335_new 40-DSC_4341_new

41-Mednas & Sarah Irish32_new

Mednas & Sarah Irish

ORA Saturdays

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Party goers popped champagne at Miami’s favorite hotspot ORA.

2-DSC_2411 3-DSC_2797 4-DSC_2745

5-Jennyfer Roxan1

Jennyfer Roxan


5.2-Irina Vasina, Maria Mia, & Yana Saikouskaya

Irina Vasina, Maria Mia, & Yana Saikouskaya

5.3-Irina Vasina, Maria Mia, & Yana Saikouskaya2 5.4-DSC_2624 5.5-DSC_2606

5.5-Tony Martinez djing2

DJ Tony Martinez

5.6-Tony Martinez djing1 6-DSC_2333 7-DSC_2353 9-DSC_2358

14-Gabriela Pinango, Carolina Huber, & Brittany Arlington

Gabriela Pinango, Carolina Huber, & Brittany Arlington


16-Lorena Lopez & Stephany Cortes

Lorena Lopez & Stephany Cortes

17-Bruno Cardinali & Paulo Cardoso

Bruno Cardinali & Paulo Cardoso


19-Coco Hara djing

DJ Coco Hara

20-Coco Hara djing1 20.5-DSC_2630 21-DSC_2640

Cherry Pop Saturdays at Sidebar

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Sidebar is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy the Miami weather with good vibes and even better music.

2-DSC_1887 3-DSC_1891 3.5DSC_1907

5-Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

5.5-DSC_1934 5.6-DSC_1870

6-Derek Rosada & Friend

Derek Rosada

7-Dainel Smanrara & Friends

Daniel Smanrara

8-DSC_1815 9-DSC_1843 10-DSC_1875

11-Nathalie Acevedo

Nathalie Acevedo


13-Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

15-Carla Andrenia & Domingo Murillo

16-Domingo Murillo & Friends

Domingo Murillo


19-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs DJing

Spinser Tracey & DJ Rob Riggs

20-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs

House Saturdays at WALL

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Saturday night at WALL was live when dancers filled the room with energy.

2-DSC_6647_new 2.1-DSC_7038_new

2.2-Ekaterina Sokareva & friend2_new

Ekaterina Sokareva

2.3-Marko Gojanovic & friends_new

Marko Gojanovic


3-Greta Kriauciunaite_new

Greta Kriauciunaite

5-Diaine Freitas2_new

Diaine Freitas

9-Denian Costa & friend_new

Denian Costa


11-DSC_6942_new 12-DSC_6094_new

13-Andrew Stankus & friend_new

Andrew Stankus

14-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

15-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret1_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

16-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret3A_new 17-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret1A_new 18-Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret2A_new

19-Willy Monfret & Antonio Martucci3_new

Willy Monfret & Antonio Martucci

20-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, Patrick Pizzorni & friends9_new

Willy Monfret

21-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & friends8_new

Antonio Martucci & Willy Monfret

22-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & friends3_new

22.4-Willy Monfret, Patrick Pizzorni, & friend13_new

Willy Monfret & Patrick Pizzorni

23-Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, Willy Monfret, & friends6_new

Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, & Willy Monfret

24-Antonio Martucci, Patrick Pizzorni, Willy Monfret, & friends4_new

25-Antonio Martucci, Willy Monfret, & Patrick Pizzorni9_new

25.2-Marko Gojanovic & friends1_new

Marko Gojanovic

25.3-DSC_6519_new 26.1-DSC_6000_new 26.3-DSC_5958_new

27-Antonio Martucci_new

Antonio Martucci

28=DSC_6888_new 30-DSC_6915_new 33-DSC_6104_new 33.7-DSC_7024_new 34-DSC_7020_new

Rec Room Saturdays

Friday, January 13th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Party goers let loose at Rec Room Saturday and danced the night away.

1.2-Zach Jukel & friend18

Zach Jukel

1.3-DSC_5865 2-DSC_5868

2.5-Amy Martinez & Tim Cook

Amy Martinez & Tim Cook

4-DSC_5850 5-DSC_5832 7-DSC_5888 8-DSC_5874 8.5-DSC_5766 9-DSC_5871 9.1-DSC_5900 9.2-DSC_5889 11-DSC_5756 11.5-DSC_5916

15-Roddy Yo7

DJ Roddy-Yo


17-Roddy Yo & Iron Lyon2

DJ Roddy-Yo & Iron Lyon

Rec Room Saturdays

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 7, 2017 – Rec Room was electric on Saturday night when party goers came to dance to DJ R Silva’s beats. The night was unforgettable as the drinks were flowing and the dance floor was full.

2-dsc_9849_new 3-dsc_9858_new 3-5-dsc_9815_new 4-dsc_9774_new 5-dsc_9778_new 6-dsc_9717_new 7-dsc_9696_new 8-dsc_9710_new 9-dsc_9880_new 10-dsc_9894_new 11-dsc_9786_new 12-dsc_9779_new 13-dsc_9751_new 14-dsc_9766_new 15-dsc_9807_new 16-dsc_9822_new 17-dsc_9741_new


DJ R Silva



DJ R Silva


DJ R Silva & Romi Quintana


Damion Yancy & DJ R Silva


Damion Yancy

24-dsc_9922_new 25-dsc_9923_new

Full Moon Party at The Confidante

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 12, 2017 – Guests danced the night away in the hidden backyard oasis of The Confidante for the Full Moon Party with sounds by Kike Roldan. Later in the night, guests sipped on cocktails sponsored by Bulldog Gin. The Full Moon Party admission is free and takes place every full moon poolside at The Confidante Miami Beach.

2-Lara Gonzalez Jean & Vladimir Jean14_new

Lara Gonzalez Jean & Vladimir Jean


3.2-Alexandra Zuluaga, Vanessa Toruno, & Orsolya Erdelyi10_new

Alexandra Zuluaga, Vanessa Toruno, & Orsolya Erdelyi

4-Bridget Maxine & Alexis Isasky16_new

Bridget Maxine & Alexis Isasky

5-Be Bert, & Bridget Maxine5_new

Be Bert, & Bridget Maxine

7-Taylor Rezzetano, Sara Lee Norris, & Be Bert11_new

Taylor Rezzetano, Sara Lee Norris, & Be Bert

7.5-Tatiana Biess, Lara Gonzalez, & Alexandra Zuluaga2_new

Tatiana Biess, Lara Gonzalez, & Alexandra Zuluaga

8-Taylor Rezzetano, Sara Lee Norris, Alexis Isasky, Be Bert, & Bridget Maxine1_new

Taylor Rezzetano, Sara Lee Norris, Alexis Isasky, Be Bert, & Bridget Maxine

11-Jalesha Fisher, Katja Tassler, Nicoline Wickel, Gabriel Hernandez, & friends9_new

Jalesha Fisher, Katja Tassler, Nicoline Wickel, & Gabriel Hernandez

11.2-17-DSC_2929_new 11.5-18-DSC_2904_new 12-DSC_2774_new 13-DSC_2819_new 14-DSC_2782_new 15-DSC_2776_new 16-DSC_2839_new

16.5-Sigal Hillel & Gaia Giordano_new

Sigal Hillel & Gaia Giordano

19-Alex Miller, & Inga Boshova1_new

Alex Miller & Inga Boshova

20-Alexandra Zuluaga & Vladimir Jean10_new

Alexandra Zuluaga & Vladimir Jean

21-Bianca Gavril, Vladimir Jean, & Alexandra Zuluaga4_new

Bianca Gavril, Vladimir Jean, & Alexandra Zuluaga

22-Rob Fex & Vladimir Jean13_new

Rob Fex & Vladimir Jean

25-Lara Gonzalez Jean, Greg Kocsis, Vladimir Jean, & Henry Scott22_new

Lara Gonzalez Jean, Greg Kocsis, Vladimir Jean, & Henry Scott

26-Kike Roldan djing2_new

Kike Roldan

29-Kike Roldan & Vladimir Jean9_new

Kike Roldan & Vladimir Jean

28-Kike Roldan1_new

Kike Roldan

30-DSC_2789_new 32-DSC_2738_new 33-DSC_2744_new

P.Y.T. Wednesdays at LIV

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 11, 2017 – Dancers from all around gathered at LIV on Wednesday night to let loose and enjoy the middle of the week. The music kept the party-goers going all night long.



Damaged Goods


6-Dj Damaged Goods Spinning2_new 7-Dj Damaged Goods Spinning4_new

8-Dj Damaged Goods Spinning7_new

Damaged Goods

9-Dj Damaged Goods Spinning14_new

DJ Damaged Goods

9.1-DSC_3663_new 10-DSC_3451_new 11-DSC_3563_new 12-DSC_3500_new 13.1-DSC_3690_new 14-DSC_3556_new

16.5-Yessenia Cardona_new

Yessenia Cardona

17-Ana Maria1_new

Ana Maria


19-Sumi Ishikawa_new

Sumi Ishikawa

19.5-Maria Luiza & Isabela Santos2 _new

Maria Luiza & Isabela Santos

20-Beatriz Grover & Ana Gomez_new

Beatriz Grover & Ana Gomez


22-Sofia Morgan & Friend_new

Sofia Morgan

23-Kelsey Proctor & Heidi Gomez_new

Kelsey Proctor & Heidi Gomez



27-Caroline James & Friend0_new

Caroline James


29-Susa Romero, Juliana Souza & Katia Casillas1_new

Susa Romero, Juliana Souza, & Katia Casillas

30-DSC_3046_new 30.5-DSC_3146_new 31-DSC_3105_new