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Wednesdays at Bâoli Miami

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – November 30, 2016 – With no shortage of sparklers, Bâoli Miami was shining this hump day as party goers had high energy and danced all night.

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Stephanie McQueen & Juana Gregory

11-6-dsc_0744_new 11-7-dsc_0865_new 11-8-dsc_1143_new 11-9-dsc_0754_new 12-dsc_0769_new


Destiny Sierra & Erin Cummins


Natalia Kapchuk, Natalia Bond, & Jenna Penrod

15-dsc_0873_new 16-dsc_1025_new


Jason Kim, Donae Burston, Nelson Giacometto, & Patrick Richards


Hugo M

19-dsc_1101_new 20-dsc_1005_new 21-dsc_1024_new 22-dsc_1019_new

Robbie Rivera & Caked Up at One Epic Summer Pool Party at Epic Hotel

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016


Miami, FL – September 5, 2016 – The#OneEpicSummer series at Epic Hotel ended its monthly pop-up event One Epic Labor Day Edition with epic performances from Robbie Rivera and Caked Up. A little rain didn’t stop Miami’s party goers as nearly 2,000 party goers stayed and let loose throughout the day. In case you missed out, the next event series pop-up is scheduled for Oct 9th at a new location, stay tuned!



Sommer Ray


Iris Torres & Allie Dimeco


Allie Dimeco & Iris Torres


Iris Torres & Allie Dimeco

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Zenia Gonzalez, Soshill Gonzalez, & Cassandra Cabal


Gergana Kotelova



Amanda Canellas


Matt Werner & Sommer Ray



Sommer Ray & Angelo Fresquet


George Dukes & Angelo Fresquet


Emily Leon, Sommer Ray, Anthony Aiello, Johnathan Bezianis, Angelo Fresquet, & Orlando Robinson



Julio Castells, Josh Wagner, & Angelo Fresquet


John Cicero, Teresa Cesario, Max baum, Nelson Giacometto, & Josh Wagner


Rachel Duester, Lauren Mullis, & Rachel Rekseit



Sandman, Angelo Fresquet, & Michelle Pooch

Caked Up & Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera & Angelo Fresquet

Orlando Robinson, Peter Asad, Caked Up, Robbie Rivera, & Angelo Fresquet

Robbie Rivera


Mikey Rawk



Max Baum


Max Baum & Angelo Fresquet


Darren Geltch

39-img_5963 40-img_5697

El Tucán Saturdays

Saturday, August 13th, 2016


Miami, FL – August 13, 2016 – El Tucán was full of good vibes as guests enjoyed another insane evening of jaw-dropping entertainment at Brickell’s hottest dinner cabaret.

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18.10-Teresa Cesario & friend

Teresa Cesario

18.20-Nelson Giacometto, Teresa Cesario, & friend

Nelson Giacometto & Teresa Cesario

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World Red Eye Cultural Exchanges Speaker Series: The Next Genesis of Miami Real Estate Presented by Perrier-Jouët & Tequila Avión

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, Jorge Pérez, & Alfred Spellman

Miami, FL – May 5, 2016 – It was a night of celebrating the old school versus new school as Miami’s most notorious real estate tycoons were joined by their family industry successors in a first-of-its-kind panel discussion on the South Florida market from two generational perspectives. At center stage in Brickell’s El Tucán were panelists: Related Group’s Jorge Pérez and son Jon Paul Pérez; Dezer Development’s Michael Dezer and son Gil Dezer; and Crescent Heights’ Russell Galbut and nephew Keith Menin of Menin Hospitality. The evening, entitled “The Next Genesis of Miami Real Estate,” was hosted by World Red Eye along with Perrier-Jouët and Tequila Avión. The occasion served as the second edition of the acclaimed World Red Eye Cultural Exchanges Series.


Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, & Avra Jain

More than 500 VIP’s and real estate heavy hitters attended to hear the panel in which South Florida’s real estate magnates discussed passing their legacies to the new generation of power. Participants exchanged views on various topics, including the changing city skyline, while sharing personal experiences about achieving their “big break,” lessons learned through their first jobs, and how the successors differ in their approach to business, while still adopting the visionary qualities of their family patriarchs.

1.2-Michael Dezer, Gil Dezer, Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Jorge Pérez, Jon Paul Pérez, Jessica Goldman, & Seth Browarnik_new

Michael D& Gil Dezer, Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Jorge & Jon Paul Pérez, Jessica Goldman, & Seth Browarnik

When discussing Miami’s transformation from a faded resort destination to an internationally-renowned city, Jorge Pérez said, “The growth we’ve experienced is greater than any metropolis in the last three decades.” His son, Jon Paul Pérez, also noted that he has enjoyed “creating and seeing neighborhoods change. I connect with the neighborhoods that attract me, and love to play an integral role in their next phase.”

1.6-Seth Browarnik, Jessica Goldman, Alfred Spellman, & Friend_new

Seth Browarnik, Avra Jain, Jessica Goldman, & Alfred Spellman

The event was moderated by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Alfred Spellman (“Cocaine Cowboys,” “Square Grouper,” “The U”) and progressive real estate developer Avra Jain (pioneering MiMo Miami’s transformation and owner of the Vagabond Hotel). Goldman Properties CEO, Jessica Goldman, daughter of the late Tony Goldman, opened the event with a heartwarming tribute to her father.

“I am humbled by the success of the second edition of the Cultural Exchanges Series, which celebrated and paid tribute to one of Miami’s most significant industries — real estate,” said Browarnik. “These real estate luminaries provided the audience with a glimpse of how they rose to fame and their plans to continue family legacies, while staying true to their personalities and humor throughout the discussion.”

1.7-Alfred Spellman, Seth Browarnik, & Friend_new

Alfred Spellman, Seth Browarnik, & Avra Jain

WRE Cultural Exchanges Series launched in 2015 with the inaugural panel paying tribute to “The Influence of Nightlife on the Modern Renaissance of Miami.” The Series was founded to ignite conversations surrounding the “Magic City’s” famed industries and economic drivers, including nightlife, real estate, art and design, and fashion, which have all been chronicled through the lens of WRE for decades.

1.8-WRE_4294_new 1.9-WRE_4334_new 2-WRE_4314_new 3-WRE_4750_new

4-Gil Dezer, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, & Jean Paul Perez2_new

Gil Dezer, Jessica Goldman, & Jon Paul Pérez

4.1-Russell Galbut, Matieu Massa, Hugo Colombo, & Seth Browarnik_new

Russell Galbut, Mathieu Massa, Ugo Colombo, & Seth Browarnik

4.1a-Russell Galbut, Matieu Massa, Keith Menin, Hugo Colombo, & Friend_new

Russell Galbut, Mathieu Massa, Keith Menin, Ugo Colombo, & Fernando Crespo

4.2 - Robert Curan, George Lindemann & Seth Browarnik_new

Robert Curran, George Lindemann, & Seth Browarnik

4.5-George Lindemann, Christina Getty-Maercks, Juan Pablo Cappello, & Friend_new

George Lindemann, Alison Zhuk, Christina Getty-Maercks, & Juan Pablo Cappello

5-Moe Garcia & David Grutman_new

Mo Garcia & David Grutman

6-Bill Corben, Seth Browarnik, & Alfred Spellman_new

Billy Corben, Seth Browarnik, & Alfred Spellman

7-Bill Corben & Jessica Goldman1_new

Billy Corben & Jessica Goldman

8-Avra Jean & Jessica Goldman_new

Avra Jain & Jessica Goldman

9-Jessica Goldman, Keith Menin, Seth Browarnik, Ronalee Galbut, & Russell Galbut_new

Jessica Goldman, Keith Menin, Seth Browarnik, Ronalee & Russell Galbut

11.5-Russell Galbut, Bill Corben, & Francis Suarez_new

Russell Galbut, Billy Corben, & Francis Suarez

11.6-Keith Menin, Frank Carollo, Russell Galbut, Jon Paul Pérez, & Francis Suarez_new

Keith Menin, Frank Carollo, Russell Galbut, Jon Paul Pérez, & Francis Suarez

12-Keith Menin, Frank Carollo, Russell Galbut, Seth Browarnik, Jon Paul Pérez, & Francis Suarez_new

Keith Menin, Frank Carollo, Russell Galbut, Seth Browarnik, Jon Paul Pérez, & Francis Suarez

13-Jason Katz, Ron Mann, Avra Jean, & Ezra Katz_new

Jason Katz, Ron Mann, Avra Jain, & Ezra Katz

14-Fabian Basabe & Martina Borgomanero Basabe1_new

Fabian Basabe & Martina Borgomanero Basabe

14.5-Luis Rigual, Vanessa Fioravante, & Jilian Sanz_new

Luis Rigual, Vanessa Fioravante, & Jilian Sanz

15-Laurent Fraticelli, Michael Ridard, & Matieu Massa_new

Laurent Fraticelli, Michael Ridard, & Mathieu Massa

16-Leslie Wolfson & Friends_new

Adrian Gonzalez, Todd Goldenfarb, Leslie Wolfson, Dan Goodstadt, & Michael Tronn

17-Julian Kasdin & Michael Capponi_new

Julian Kasdin & Michael Capponi

19-WRE_4745_new 20-WRE_4511_new 21-WRE_4435_new 22-WRE_4380_new


Russel Galbut, Mathieu Massa, & Keith Menin

22.2-Tony Cho & Keith Menin3_new

Tony Cho & Keith Menin

23-Harvey Hernandez & Jared Galbut1_new

Harvey Hernandez & Jared Galbut

24-Ira Lang, Sam Bernstein, & friend_new

Ira Lang, Sam & David Herzberg

24.5-Tony Cho, Ira Lang, & Friend_new

Tony Cho, Jamil Bouchareb, & Ira Lang

24.5a-Jon Paul Pérez, Gil Dezer, & Friend_new

Jon Paul Pérez, Avra Jain, & Gil Dezer

24.6-Gil Dezer, Jessica Goldman, & Seth Browarnik_new

Gil Dezer, Jessica Goldman, & Seth Browarnik

26-Gil Dezer & Jessica Goldman_new

Gil Dezer & Jessica Goldman

27.5-Jessica Goldman & Michael Capponi_new

Jessica Goldman & Michael Capponi


27.6a-Gil Dezer, Jon Paul Pérez, Jorge Pérez, & Michael Dezer1_new

Gil Dezer, Jon Paul & Jorge Pérez, & Michael Dezer


Keith Menin, Alfred Spellman, Jessica Goldman, Ugo Colombo, Gil Dezer, & Jon Paul Pérez

28-Jon Paul Pérez, Jared Shapiro, & Seth Browarnik_new

Jon Paul Pérez, Jared Shapiro, & Seth Browarnik

29-Harvey Hernandez & Amir Ben ion_new

Harvey Hernandez & Amir Ben Zion


Gaudi Castro, Jason Odio, & Christian de le Fe


Shannon Casey & Luis Rigual

32-Michelle Thomson & Andres Fanjul_new

Michelle Thomson & Andres Fanjul

32.2-Navin Chatani, Antonio Martucci, Nicola Siervo, Paulo Cardoso, & Friend1_new

Navin Chatani, Antonio Martucci, Nicola Siervo, & Paulo Cardoso

32.5-Andres Asion & Friends_new

Flavia Tallo, Grisell Tudisco, Arlyz Morales, Olga Monson, Vicky Perez Lorido, Catalina Martinez, & Andres Asion

34-Michael Dezer, Seth Browarnik, Keith Menin, & Russell Galbut1_new

Michael Dezer, Seth Browarnik, Keith Menin, & Russell Galbut

35-Gil Dezer, Jon Paul Pérez, & Michael Dezer_new

Gil Dezer, Jon Paul Pérez, & Michael Dezer

35.5-WRE_5080_new 35.6-41-WRE_5254_new

36-Seth Browarnik speaking4_new

Seth Browarnik

I am humbled by the success of the second edition of the Cultural Exchanges Series, which celebrated and paid tribute to one of Miami’s most significant industries — real estate.

Seth Browarnik, Founder of World Red Eye
36.5-Jessica Goldman speaking8_new

Jessica Goldman

Around our dinner table we talked about mortgages, finance, tendencies, joined ventures, art, architecture, preservation, hospitality and customer service. It has been that way my entire life, where business was a way of life, it wasn’t just a job.

Jessica Goldman, CEO of Goldman Properties

Alfred Spellman


Developers have transformed a steaming swamp filled with alligators and mosquitos into a thriving metropolis in just over 100 years.

Alfred Spellman
39-Lauren Gnazzo & Seth Browarnik2_new

Diane Browarnik, Avra Jain, Lauren Gnazzo & Seth Browarnik

40-Gil Dezer4_new

Gil Dezer


Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, Jorge Pérez, & Alfred Spellman



Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, Jorge Pérez, & Alfred Spellman

The growth we’ve experienced is greater than any metropolis in the last three decades.

Jorge Pérez, Chairman and CEO of The Related Group



Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, & Jorge Pérez


Miami Beach really underwent a transition. Part of it was that the world started looking at South Florida differently; it was the climate, weather, people that were here, and it was the opportunity for change. Also, everybody loves a beautiful beach.

Russell Galbut, Managing Principal of Crescent Heights

43.6-DSC_4267_new 43.7-DSC_4280_new


Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, & Jorge Pérez



Michael Dezer & Russell Galbut

They used to call me the loft king because I used to buy the lofts like pac man; one building after the other.

Michael Dezer, Founder of Dezer Development
46-Luis Rigual1_new

Luis Rigual



Russell Galbut & Jorge Pérez


Michael Dezer, Jon Paul Pérez, Russell Galbut, Jorge Pérez, & Avra Jain


Jon Paul Pérez & Jorge Pérez


Michael Dezer, Russell Galbut, & Jon Paul Pérez


Michael Dezer, Keith Menin, Russell Galbut, & Jon Paul Pérez


Gil & Michael Dezer, & Keith Menin

My dad is the captain, but I am the navigator; I find a way on how to go where he wants to go.

Gil Dezer, President of Dezer Development

Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, & Jon Paul Pérez

We look at our hospitality business as art. We have a blank canvas, whether it be a building for a hotel or an empty space for a restaurant, then we create it from A-Z.

Keith Menin, Principal of Menin Hospitality



Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, & Avra Jain

I think some of the differences between my father and I is that when I see a place like Wynwood, I see it develop and appeal to me more as a youth. I can see myself hanging out, going to lunch, dinner, bars, shopping, and more as opposed to my father, who mostly did more of the high rise development.

Jon Paul Pérez, Co-Vice President of The Related Group



Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, & Avra Jain


Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, Seth Browarnik, & Avra Jain


Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, & Seth Browarnik

57.5-Nelson Giacometto Speaking2_new

Nelson Giacometto


Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, & Nelson Giacometto


Michael & Gil Gezer, Russell Galbut, Nelson Giacometto, Keith Menin, Jorge & Jon Paul Pérez

59-Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Jorge Pérez, Jon Paul Pérez, & Jessica Goldman_new

Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Jorge & Jon Paul Pérez, & Jessica Goldman

60-Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, & Jon Paul Pérez_new

Gil Gezer, Keith Menin, & Jon Paul Pérez

60.5-Russell Galbut & Keith Menin1_new

Russell Galbut & Keith Menin

61-Russell Galbut & Jon Paul Pérez_new

Russell Galbut & Jon Paul Pérez

62-Avra Jein & Commisioner Frank Carollo_new

Avra Jain & Frank Carollo

63-Bill Corben & Francis Suarez_new

Billy Corben & Francis Suarez

64-Fabio Lopes & Hernan Arriaga_new

Fabio Lopes & Hernan Arriaga

65-Paulo Cardoso & Jason Odio2_new

Paulo Cardoso & Jason Odio

66-Tony Cho, Sandor Scher, & Hernan Arriaga1_new

Tony Cho, Sandor Scher, & Hernan Arriaga

y-Michael Dezer, Gil Dezer, Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Goldman, Alfred Spellman, & Friends_new

Michael & Gil Dezer, Russell Galbut, Keith Menin, Avra Jain, Jon Paul Pérez, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Goldman, Nelson Giacometto, & Alfred Spellman


World Red Eye Cultural Exchanges Speaker Series: The Next Genasis of Miami Real Estate Private Dinner Presented by Perrier-Jouët & Tequila Avión

Following the successful talk, Miami’s top developers, tastemakers, philanthropists and business leaders gathered at one of the city’s most sought-after dining establishments, Marion, to enjoy an exceptional evening to experience a curated celebration of the art of tequila hosted by Seth Browarnik and Nelson Giacometto. Guests began the evening sipping on specialty cocktails from Tequila Avión such as the Avión Lemonade and the Añejo Sour. Brand Director, Walid Hamid, led the intimate crowd through a journey of the three master marques of the Collection: Avión SIlver, Avión Añejo, and Avión Reposado. Each of the variants were paired with hand-picked menu items, including a delectable feast of Marion’s Seafood Platter of oysters, shrimp, and mussels, Paella, and a Three Layers Chocolate Cake. The pinnacle of the dinner featured a tasting of Avión’s Reserva 44, an extra añejo tequila aged for fourty-four months.

1-DSC_4414 2-DSC_4420 3-DSC_4027 4-DSC_3965 5-DSC_4062 5.5-DSC_4983 6-DSC_3939 7-DSC_3944


Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, & Alfred Spellman


Seth Browarnik & Lauren Gnazzo


Tony Cho, Seth Browarnik, & Lauren Gnazzo


Avra Jain, Tony Cho, & Seth Browarnik


Avra Jain & Tony Cho

13-Evelyn Castro & Keith Menin1

Evelyn & Keith Menin


Evelyn & Keith Menin, Jon Paul Pérez, Michelle Thomson, Michael & Gil Dezer



Walid Hamid



Nelson Giacometto



Evelyn & Keith Menin


Jon Paul Pérez & Michelle Thomson

Wednesdays at Bâoli Miami

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – April 6, 2016 – Party goers packed Bâoli Miami to forget the weekday blues at the hottest spot to be when your boyfriend’s out of town.

18-DSC_1615_new 21-DSC_1571_new 22-DSC_1685_new 23-DSC_1537_new

24-Miranda Rodriguez & Diana Torres1_new

Miranda Rodriguez & Diana Torres

25-DSC_1550_new 26-DSC_1705_new

26.1-Mency Acosta1_new

Mency Acosta

27.1-DSC_1936_new 27.2-DSC_1842_new 27.4-DSC_1983_new

27.5-Hugo M, Sam Ettenberg & friends1_new

Hugo M & Sam Ettenberg

27.7-Seth Browarnik, Nelson Giacometto & Alfred Spellman1_new

Seth Browarnik, Nelson Giacometto, & Alfred Spellman

27.8-Alina Denikin & Diana Mane_new

Alina Denikin & Diana Mane

27.9-Anahita Beirun & Cecilia Arantilan_new

27.11-Sarah Wright_new

Sarah Wright

29-DSC_1663_new 30-DSC_2009_new

30.1-Monica Alvarez & Lumina Blanco_new

Monica Alvarez & Lumina Blanco

31-DSC_1719_new 32-DSC_2042_new

Haute Living Celebrates Kygo Cover Launch with Avión Reserva 44 & Hublot at Komodo

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016
1-KYGO & Olav Stubberud_new

Kygo & Olav Stubberud

Miami, FL – March 16, 2016 – Haute Living honored cover star and EDM music sensation Kygo with a private dinner party at Komodo. Avión Reserva 44 and Hublot helped put on the affair, presenting Kygo with a special Aero Bang Carbon 44 Hublot timepiece and a custom Avión Reserva 44 Bottle personalized with Kygo’s face. To congratulate him on his cover release and upcoming album, Hublot presented the Big Bang Aero Bang Carbon 44 to Kygo, one of their most desired timepieces boasting sapphire, anti-reflective treatments, a mat black skeleton dial, and satin-finished rhuthenium-plated appliques and hands with white luminescent.


1.2-DSC_8937_new 1.3-DSC_8688_new

2-KYGO & Jason Kin_new

Kygo & Jason Kin

3-Matt Medved, Thomas Jack, & Mike Hoerner_new

Matt Medved, Thomas Jack, & Mike Hoerner

4-Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Joey Goldman, & Kamal Hotchandani_new

Gil Dezer, Keith Menin, Joey Goldman, & Kamal Hotchandani

4.5-Tommy Cab, Kamal Hotchandani, Lyndon Smith, & Rony Vogel_new

Tommy Cabrerizo, Kamal Hotchandani, Lyndon Smith, & Rony Vogel

5-Gil Dezer, Lyndon Smith, & Tommy Cab1_new

Gil Dezer, Lyndon Smith, & Tommy Cabrerizo

6-DSC_8844_new 7-DSC_8785_new 8-DSC_8879_new

9-3.5-Scottie & Larsa Pippen_new

Scottie & Larsa Pippen

10-Kamal Hotchandani_new

Kygo & Kamal Hotchandani

12-Jan M Bjordal & Kjersti Gjerde_new

Jan M Bjordal & Kjersti Gjerde

Dana Shear, Thomas Jack, & Gary Shear

15-Mike Hoerner, Matt Medved, Thomas Jack, Scott Carlsen, & Myles Shear1_new

Mike Hoerner, Matt Medved, Thomas Jack, Scott Carlsen, & Myles Shear

16-Laura Pitaluga & Olav Stubberud_new

Laura Pitaluga & Olav Stubberud

17- Dmitry & Natalia Zelenov_new

Dmitry & Natalia Zelenov

Thomas Jack & Zachary Scott

19-Zack Scott & Kamal Hotchandani_new

Zachary Scott & Kamal Hotchandani

20-Olav Stubberud & Maren Platou_new

Olav Stubberud & Maren Platou

21-Olav Stubberud_new

Olav Stubberud

22-Keith Menin & Joey Goldman_new

Keith Menin & Joey Goldman

23-Nelson Giacometto & Marina Karaman_new

Nelson Giacometto & Marina Karaman

24-Hadley Henriette, Yannick Henriette, & April Donelson_new

Hadley & Yannick Henriette, & April Donelson

25-Marcos Soberano, Dana Dwyer, & Jason Kim_new

Marcos Soberano, Dana Dwyer, & Jason Kim

Maren Platou & Kygo

Jan M Bjordal, Kygo, & Kjersti Gjerde

Jan M Bjordal, Maren Platou, Kygo, Kjersti Gjerde, Dana & Myles Shear

28-Paola Paulin & Luna Voce_new

Paola Paulin & Luna Voce

29-Alena Shaukum & Joey Goldman_new

Alena Shaukum & Joey Goldman

World Red Eye Cultural Exchanges Speaker Series: Inaugural Installment // Nightlife Presented by Perrier-Jouët & Absolut Elyx

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Alfred Spellman, David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Nicola Siervo, Navin Chatani, & Eric Milon

Miami, FL – October 21, 2015 – World Red Eye’s Cultural Exchanges Speaker Series, Presented by Perrier‐Jouët and Absolut Elyx, kicked off for its inaugural installment, exploring the history and future of nightlife at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Some of the biggest names in Miami nightlife took the stage to discuss the city’s riveting after-hours scene and offer incredible firsthand accounts, exploring the future possibilities that lie ahead for a city in its prime.

Led by famed ‘Lensman of South Beach,’ Seth Browarnik and moderated by Emmy award-winning producer, Alfred Spellman, panelists Chris Paciello, David Grutman, Eric Milon, Navin Chatani, and Nicola Siervo discussed the EDM/DJ boom; the rise of music festivals and their impact on nightclubs; the transformation of South Beach from sleepy bedroom town to glittering mecca; restored ties with Cuba and how the change will effect Miami; and Millennials nightlife trends, among other relevant topics. “These guys represent the past, present, and the future of Miami nightlife,” says World Red Eye founder Seth Browarnik.

This is the first in series of upcoming cultural exchanges World Red Eye will be hosting on a range of topics in different locations with subjects to include: real estate, art and design and fashion.


Eric Milon, Navin Chatani, Seth Browarnik, Alfred Spellman, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello

3 - Eric-Milon,-Navin-Chatani,-Seth-Browarnik,-Alfred-Spellman,-David-Grutman,-Niocla-Siervo,-&-Chris-Paciello1_new

3.5 - Eric-Milon,-Navin-Chatani,-David-Grutman,-Nicola-Siervo,-Chris-Paciello,-&-Alfred-Spellman_new

 Eric Milon, Navin Chatani, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, Chris Paciello, & Alfred Spellman


Nicola Siervo, Chris Paciello, David Grutman, Eric Milon, & Mr. Brainwash


Kamal Hotchandani, Chris Paciello, Mr. Brainwash, David Grutman, & Seth Browarnik


David Grutman, Mr. Brainwash, & Miguel Paredes


Seth Browarnik & Mr. Brainwash


Seth Browarnik, Nelson Giacometto, & Alfred Spellman


Alfred Spellman & David Grutman


10 - Michael-&-Nikki-Simkins,-&-Therese-&-Barry-Gibbs_new

Michael & Nikki Simkins, Therese & Ashley Gibb


Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard & Nikki Simkins

Adriana De Moura, Amaris Jones, Iran Issa Khan, & Criselda Breene

12 - MG_5061_new

Fabian Basabe, Lauren Gnazzo, & Nick D’Annunzio


Lauren Gnazzo & Anna Williams


Diane & Seth Browarnik, & Lauren Gnazzo


Michele Addison, Amy Zakarin, & Seth Browarnik


John Turchin, Karim Masri, & Antonio Martucci

14-Michelle-Pooch,-Violet-Camacho, Johnny Turchin, & Stacy Milon_new

Michelle Pooch, Violet Camacho, John Turchin, & Stacy Milon

Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura, Elaine Lancaster, & Maxwell Blanford


Alfred Spellman & Lyndon Smith

18.5 - Seth-Browarnik,-Behrouz,-Eric-Milon,-&-Lyndon-Smith_new_new

Seth Browarnik, Behrouz, Eric Milon, & Lyndon Smith


Lyndon Smith & Aaron Resnick


Seth Browarnik, Wes Farnum, Diane Browarnik, & Mike Scally

19 - Mr-Brainwash-&-friend_new

Mr. Brainwash & Miguel Paredes


Lisa Petrillo, Seth Browarnik, & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

20 - Michelle-Leshem-&-Anthony-Spinello_new

Michelle Leshem & Anthony Spinello


Iran Issa Khan & Eric Milon


Iran Issa Khan, Mr. Brainwash, & Jona Cerwinske

21 - Criselda-Breene,-Fabian-Basabe,-Iran-Issa-Khan,-Mr-Brainwash,-Jona-Cerwinske,-Mr-Mauricio,-&-friend_new

Criselda Breene, Fabian Basabe, Iran Issa Khan, Mr. Brainwash, J.P. Parlavecchio, Jona Cerwinske, & Mr. Mauricio


Mr. Mauricio, Lyndon Smith, Jason Odio, Joe Lahoud, & Mo Garcia

Amaris Jones, Iran Issa Khan, Criselda Breene, & Adriana De Moura


Karim Masri, Mathieu Massa, Michael Ridard, & Nicola Siervo

23 - Karim-Masri,-Michael-Ridard,-Matieu-Massa,-&-Eric-Milon_new

Karim Masri, Mathieu Massa, Michael Ridard, & Eric Milon


Eric Milon & Iran Issa Khan


Eric Milon, Tony Cho, Michelle Leshem, & Anthony Spinello


Behrouz, Ximena & Tony Cho, Michelle Leshem, & Anthony Spinello

26 - Coloma-Kamboosky-&-Lucaz-Zagul_new

Coloma Kamboosky & Lucaz Zaglul




Seth Browarnik



Alfred Spellman

30 - Alfred-Spellman-speaking_new


Alfred Spellman, David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Nicola Siervo, Navin Chatani, & Eric Milon

30.6 - Alfred-Spellman,-David-Grutman,-Chris-Paciello,-Nicola-Siervo,-Navin-Chatani,-&-Eric-Milon-speaking16_new



Alfred Spellman, Chris Paciello, Nicola Siervo, Navin Chatani, Eric Milon, & David Grutman

32 - Alfred-Spellman,-David-Grutman,-Chris-Paciello,-Nicola-Siervo,-Navin-Chatani,-&-Eric-Milon-speaking5_new

Alfred Spellman, David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Nicola Siervo, Navin Chatani, & Eric Milon

32.5 - Alfred-Spellman,-David-Grutman,-Chris-Paciello,-Nicola-Siervo,-Navin-Chatani,-&-Eric-Milon-speaking10_new


David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Nicola Siervo, & Navin Chatani


Alfred Spellman, David Grutman, & Chris Paciello


34 - Alfred-Spellman,-David-Grutman,-Chris-Paciello-speaking_new

Alfred Spellman & David Grutman


Eric Milon, Navin Chatani, Nicola Siervo, Chris Paciello, Alfred Spellman, & David Grutman


Eric Milon, Navin Chatani, Nicola Siervo, Chris Paciello, David Grutman, Seth Browarnik, Alfred Spellman, & Nelson Giacometto


Navin Chatani, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello


Eric Milon, Alfred Spellman, & Navin Chatani


Nelson Giacometto, Seth Browarnik, & Josh Wagner


Lyndon Smith, Michelle Leshem, Mr. Mauricio


Andres Asion, Tamz, & Mr Mauricio


Antonio Martucci, Joe Lahoud, Marcelo, Mo Garcia, & Paolo Cardoso


Tony Cho, Keith Paciello, David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Tamz, & Andres Asion


David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Lisa Petrillo, Alfred Spellman, & Seth Browarnik


David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Alfred Spellman, & Seth Browarnik


Lisa Petrillo, David Grutman, Chris Paciello, Alfred Spellman, & Seth Browarnik



Behrouz, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello


Heather Blaze, Navin Chatani, Kamal Hotchandani, & Violet Camacho


John Andrew & Max Pierre


Marko Gojanovic & Nicola Siervo

Mr. Brainwash, Laurent Fraticelli, & Nelson Giacometto


Laurent Fraticelli, Christophe Baraton, & Dominic Scoles


Michael Martin, Carolinne Rosso, & Ryan Van Milligen

54 - Manny-Hernandez-&-Aileen-Quintana_new

Manny Hernandez & Aileen Quintana


Mishel & Mike Saladino


Sean & Karla Saladino

55 - Kiko-Baixauli-&-Felicia-Marquez_new

Kiko Baixauli & Felicia Marquez


Michelle Chala, Angel Febres, Lara & Adrian Gonzalez


Seth Browarnik, Michael Ridard, Mathieu Massa, & Alfred Spellman


Rachael Russell & Martin Solorzano


Todd Goldenfarb & Alma Rodriguez

58 - Purple-&-Ashley-Alexander_new

Purple & Ashlen Alexandra


Tatiana Munoz & Katya Abouarab


Tara Benmeleh, Edison Lozano, & Jack Benmeleh


Antonio Martucci, Joe Lahoud, Mo Garcia, & Keith Paciello

62 - Ryan-Van-MIlligan,-Christine-Fernandez,-Fred-Frosini,-&-Dana-Dwyer_new

Ryan Van Milligen, Christine Fernandez, Fred Frosini, & Dana Dwyer


Seth Browarnik, Rene Pereda, Mike Scally, & Wes Farnum


Lisa Koch, Mr. Brainwash, Ashley Turchin, & Aileen Quintana

63 - Navin-Chatani,-Heaather-Blaze,-Manoela-Corradi-&-Lance-Burstyn_new

Navin Chatani, Heather Blaze, Manoela Corradi, & Lance Burstyn


Navin Chatani & Tatanka


Jon Warech & Ashley Turchin


Michael & Mary Jo Shore


Chris Paciello, Coloma Kamboosky, & Lucaz Zaglul

71 - Tatanka,-Lyndon-Smith,-Luiz-Fleury,-Rene-Pereda,-&-Angelo-Fresquet_new

Tatanka, Lyndon Smith, Luiz Fleury, Rene Pereda, & Angelo Fresquet


Navin Chatani, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, David Farcy, & Karim Masri


Bill Kearney, Lance Burstyn, Manny Hernandez, Tony Cho, Max Pierre, Nick D’Annunzio, Michelle Leshem, Anthony Spinello, & Lauren Gnazzo


JennyLee Molina, Bill Kearney, Stacey Russell, Ximena & Tony Cho, Rachael Russell, Lyndon Smith, Lauren Gnazzo, Alejandro Gonzalez, Michelle Leshem, Alfred Spellman, Mr. Mauricio, Seth Browarnik, Anthony Spinello, Aileen Quintana, & Valerie Graves



Aileen Quintana


Jessica Newberg, Whitney Prior, Diane & Seth Browarnik, Rodrigo Gaya, Sofia Zamboli, Kylie Kertesz, & Jenny Moscoso

Stretch Armstrong at Rec Room

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Josh Wagner

Miami Beach, FL – January 19, 2014 – Sunday at Rec Room was more than your average weekend night as party goers and friends had something special to celebrate, the birthday of LDV Hospitality’s Miami Managing Partner Josh Wagner. The wild festivities brought out some famous faces including NBA Celtics player Kris Humpries and music producer Junior SanchezStretch Armstrong took over the DJ booth playing a killer set that had the whole party poppin’ off, allowing for everyone to let loose and dance the night away.


Josh Wagner


Adam Sosnick, Kris Humphries, Adrian Baschuk, & Josh Wagner




Josh Wagner, Sam Dargis, Nelson Giacometto, & Andrea Wagner


Josh Wagner & Sam Dargis


Josh Wagner & Nelson Giacometto


Josh Wagner & Elad Zvi



Josh Wagner & Aramis Lorie







Junior Sanchez, Armand Pena, & DJ Stretch Armstrong


Gunars Elmuts, Josh Wagner, & DJ Stretch Armstrong


DJ Stretch Armstrong









DJ Jessica Who & DJ Boe

_27-Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez, Granvile Adams, & Josh Wagner


Maggie Badgar, Sam Dargis, & Josh Wagner


Cheryl Hohweiler & Josh Wagner


Josh Wagner & Gunars Elmuts


Andrea Wagner & Roy




Lauren Fitzpatrick


Hannah Artman


Miriam Eyal & Rebeca Esparza



Janine Madonna, Alyssa Madonna, & Laura Madonna


Granvile Adams & Gunars Elmuts


Maggie Badger & Josh Wagner



Natalie Thomas








Alyssa Madonna



Armand S & JP Salcedo


Aramis Lorie & Cheryl Hohweiler

_50-Armand-Pena,Junior Sanchez,-,Josh-Wagner001

Armand Pena, Junior Sanchez, & Josh Wagner


Bibs & Curt Carrillo


Natalie Thomas, Bibs, & Maggie Badger





DJ Stretch Armstrong




Josh Wagner


Zach Ralph & Besmah Marouf



Cheryl Hohweiler


Christa Graziano, Victoria Foster, Lauren Andrews, & Jennie Costa




Maggie Badger & Bibs


Alyssa Madonna & Janine Madonna




Villa Azur Thursdays

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – October, 17 2013 – Villa Azur’s Thursday night party continued to impress this week. The amazing food and great music kept guests entertained all night long.

Simona Blaja