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Darren Criss at Villa Azur For Her

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Darren Criss

Miami Beach, FL – January 30, 2017 – Villa Azur on Monday was filled with beautiful women that enjoyed the night. Glee star Darren Criss also made an appearance to enjoy the Miami night away.

Genevieve Bernard & Darren Criss

Nadia Hope & Petra Huszio

DJ Yez

Carlene Sosa & Basar Kirang

Basar Kirang


Wednesday, January 25th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 21, 2017 –STORY on Saturday was filled with instant energy once the beats from DJ MOS started the party-goers couldn’t stop themselves from dancing till the AM.




4-Dj Mos Spinning2_new 5-Dj Mos Spinning19_new 6-Dj Mos Spinning18_new

7-Dj Mos Spinning11_new


8-Dj Mos Spinning14_new 9-DSC_4060_new 9.1-DSC_4596_new 9.2-DSC_4576_new

10-Katrina Conway1_new

Katrina Conway


12-Sara Brickner & Friend_new

Sara Brickner


14-Nicole Fisher & Alexa Lajoie_new

Nicole Fisher & Alexa Lajoie

15-DSC_3658_new 16-DSC_3668_new 17-DSC_3684_new 18-DSC_3837_new 19-DSC_3910_new 19.1-DSC_3803_new 19.2-DSC_3797_new 20-DSC_3816_new 21-DSC_3710_new 22-DSC_3965_new 23-DSC_4015_new 25-DSC_3971_new

Silvia Tcherassi Atelier Opens at Merrick Park

Friday, January 20th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 17, 2017 – Renowned international designer Silvia Tcherassi, celebrated the grand opening of the Silvia Tcherassi Atelier in Merrick Park with a glamorous cocktail party for more than 120 VIPs complete with champagne and bites from Thierry’s Catering. A cadre of towering models showed off the right-off-the-runway Silvia Tcherassi evening gowns from Tcherassi’s Macondo collection. The diaphanous printed fabrics and  shapes that were simultaneously fluid and structured, were inspired by the fictional  Colombian town in author Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of  Solitude. Throughout the evening, models changed outfits allowing party-goers to see various ensembles from the collection, which features plentiful tulle, couture embellished lace and waistlines highlighted with embroidered sashes. Tcherassi has hand-picked an assortment of glamorous accessories for the Atelier and  designed the store’s spacious interiors in a minimal but luxurious style. This comes as no surprise as the womenswear designer started her career as an interior designer, and  continues to design with projects such as the TCHERASSI HOTEL + SPA in Cartagena and Silvia Tcherassi Home Collection.

2-DSC_9333 3-DSC_9271

3.1-Raúl De Molina

Raúl De Molina


Dashil Hernandez

5-DSC_9381 6-DSC_9369 6.5-DSC_9296 7-DSC_9633 7.8-DSC_9651

7.9-8.5-Raúl De Molina3

Raúl De Molina

8.1-23-Solita Cohen & Silvia Tcherassi

Solita Cohen & Silvia Tcherassi

8.2-22-Silvia Tcherassi, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi & Clarissa Losciale1

Dashil Hernandez, Silvia Tcherassi, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi, & Clarissa Losciale


Danie Gomez Ortigoza, Athina Marturet, Yona Puri, & Eduardo Marturet

8.4-24-Yona Puri & Athina Marturet1

Yona Puri & Athina Marturet

8.5-21.5-Yona Puri & Jocelyn Ortega

Yona Puri & Danie Gomez Ortigoza


Dashil Hernandez

8.7-20-DSC_9494 8.8-19-DSC_9502 8.9-18-DSC_9478 9-17-DSC_9446 9.1-16-DSC_9681 9.2-9.4-12-DSC_9699 9.3-9.3-14-DSC_9240 9.4-9.2-15-DSC_9436 10.9-9-DSC_9324

11-28-Edwin Berrios, Adriana Castro & Juan Sebastian1

Edwin Berrios, Adriana Castro, & Juan Sebastian

25-Gisella Esteves & Alicia Barba0

Gisella Esteves & Alicia Barba

26-Oscar Guerra & Maria Pineda1

Oscar Guerra & Maria Pineda

27-Lale Branz & Jocelyn Ortega

Lale Branz & Jocelyn Ortega

29-Annelies Da Costa Gomez, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque & Carolina Lanao1

Annelies Da Costa Gomez, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque, & Carolina Lanao

30-DSC_9672 z-DSC_9727

BOOMBOX at Basement Miami

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – Basement Miami kept party goers entertained all night long with its one of a kind atmosphere and killer music.

1.1-DSC_8144 1.2-DSC_8163 1.3-DSC_7720 1.4-DSC_7734

1.6-Dj Justdimy0

Just Dimy

1.7-Dj Justdimy2 1.8-DSC_7780 1.9-DSC_7996 2-DSC_7888

3-Morgan Paige

Morgan Paige

4-Gio Profera1

Gio Profera

5-Gio Profera2

6-Anabelle Rodriguez, Monica Coleman & Friend2

Anabelle Rodriguez & Monica Coleman

6.5-Anabelle Rodriguez, Monica Coleman & Friend4

6.7-Katia Herrera & Elisa Rodriguez1

Katia Herrera & Elisa Rodriguez

6.9-Arthur Sotelo & Fruend

Arthur Sotelo

8-Hector Posada & Friends1

Hector Posada

8.5-DSC_7743 9-DSC_7965 10-DSC_8086 11-DSC_7797 11.3-DSC_7784.jpg. 11.4-DSC_7976 12-DSC_7902

Bisou Bisou at ORA

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 18, 2017 – Miami partied hard at ORA for some mid week shenanigans.

3-IMG_9204 4-IMG_9311

8-Maciel Martinez && Karen Recalde0

Maciel Martinez & Karen Recalde

9-IMG_9450 10-IMG_9479 11-IMG_9491 12-IMG_9480 13-IMG_9483 14-IMG_9514 15-IMG_9522 16-IMG_9526

16.1-DJ Subzero2

DJ Sub Zero

16.2-DJ Subzero34 16.3-DJ Subzero14 17-IMG_9381 18-IMG_9315 18.1-IMG_9422 18.2-IMG_9284 20-IMG_9540 21-IMG_9545 23-IMG_9539 24-IMG_9534 27.1-IMG_9410 28-IMG_9401

Miami City Ballet’s Hip, Hop, Plié at 1306

Monday, January 16th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Members of Miami City Ballet’s Upper Room enjoyed a unique event: “Hip, Hop, Plié.” Guests and MCB dancers gathered at 1306 Miami after Program Three at the Adrienne Arsht Center to witness live art by Phil Shapiro/Philson Art, enjoy complimentary Absolut ELYX cocktails and to dance to the sounds of DJ Hans, courtesy of PopLife. MCB welcomed several of their young patron’s society members and friends, including notable guests Matthew Ferrara, Sean McCormick, Elena Vertlib, Kesi Gibson and Florian Jouin, and Upper Room Committee members Danny Jelaca and Jessica Shults Figueroa.

1.1-DSC_4031 1.2-DSC_4004 1.3-DSC_3998 12.1-DSC_4160

12.2-Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, & Paula Frederic2

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, & Paula Frederic

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, Caroline Bidermann, Sylviane Mauboussin, & Patrick Mauboussin

Alexis Bitterman, Florian Jouin, Caroline Bidermann, Sylviane & Patrick Mauboussin

Antonio Beck, Savine Otamensi, Julian Duque, Roberto Rubalcaba, & Richard Tojdowski

Antonio Beck, Savine Otamensi, Julian Duque, Roberto Rubalcaba, & Richard Tojdowski

Kristen Haake, Chris Haake, Elena Vertlib, Beau Hequin, & Gustavo Perez

Kristen Haake, Chris Haake, Elena Vertlib, Beau Hequin, & Gustavo Perez

Carlos Lopez, Nina Bergeret, Adrian Burke, & Anabella Harvey

Carlos Lopez, Nina Bergeret, Adrian Burke, & Annabel Harvey

16.2-Andy Nichelson, Christina Choi, & Julian Duque1

Andy Nichelson, Christina Choi, & Julian Duque

16.3-Matthew Ferrara & Chanei Ferrara1

Matthew & Chanei Ferrara

16.4-DSC_4228 16.5-DSC_4240

16.6-Zoe Sigle & Gabriel Villar del Saz2

Zoe Sigle & Gabriel Villar del Saz

17-Christina Choi & Andy Nichelson

Christina Choi & Andy Nichelson

18-Billy Cordon & Danny Jelaca4

Billy Cordon & Danny Jelaca

19-DJ Hans4

DJ Hans

21-DSC_4149 22-DSC_3990 23-DSC_3978 24-DSC_4316 25-DSC_4318 26-DSC_4274 27-DSC_4268 28-DSC_4283 29-DSC_4049

30-Elena Vertlib & Beau Hequin1

Elena Vertlib & Beau Hequin

31-Alex Soto & Laura Soto4

Alex & Laura Soto

32-Anton Kuzmin & Kesi Gibson7

Anton Kuzmin & Kesi Gibson

33-Katherine Grace McGee & MacGregor McGee2

Katherine Grace & MacGregor McGee

34-Ray Figueroa & Jessica Figueroa2

Ray & Jessica Figueroa

Teresa Cerrico, Aramis Lorie, & Anabella Harvey

Teresa Cesario, Aramis Lorie, & Annabel Harvey

Justin Pallack, Teresa Cesario, Josh Wagner, Jannelle Urrutia, & Gabe Urrutia

Justin Pallack, Teresa Cesario, Josh Wagner, Jannelle & Gabe Urrutia

Villa Azur For Her

Monday, January 16th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 16, 2017 – Villa Azur lured in ladies from near and far for the “Villa Azur For Her” dinner party.

1.1-IMG_4866 2-IMG_4903

2.1-Vida Alimi & Sophia Da Costa1

Vida Alimi & Sophia Da Costa

3-Andrea Couttenye & Syama Reyes 2

Andrea Couttenye & Syama Reyes

4-Francesca Cruz & Roxana Garciga0

Francesca Cruz & Roxana Garciga

5.5-Sophia Da Costa, Vida Alimi & Friends2

Sophia Da Costa & Vida Alimi

5.6-Andrea Couttenye, Syama Reyes & Friends0

Andrea Couttenye & Syama Reyes

5.7-IMG_4892 5.8-IMG_4871 5.9-IMG_4862 6-IMG_4991

6.7-DJ Yez0

DJ Yez


11.5-7-Francesca Cruz, Roxana Garciga & friends4

Francesca Cruz & Roxana Garciga

12-IMG_4969 13-IMG_4853 14-IMG_5008 15-IMG_5010 16-IMG_5014 17-IMG_5019 18-IMG_5024 21-IMG_5028

Underline UnderArt Opening Celebration by Friends of The Underline

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Friends of The Underline hosted UnderArt celebration featuring public art installations along the future Underline. Miami-based artists included Bhakti Baxter, Naomi Fisher, Nicolas Lobo, and Agustina Woodgate. Attendees enjoyed the day’s festivities complete with various activities including, spray-painting for kids, dog sketching, painting en plein-air, food, music and interviews with the artists and members of our community through’s live internet radio.

2-DSC_5250 3-DSC_5260 4-DSC_5247



6-Chytea4 7-Yvette Henning, Yazmin Ibargue & Chytea7

8-Reggie Laroche6

Reggie Laroche

9-Reggie Laroche81 10-Jessi Berrin3 10.1-35-DSC_5245 10.2-34-DSC_5239

11-Reggie Laroche, Jessi Berrin & Alice Bravo6

Reggie Laroche, Jessi Berrin, & Alice Bravo

13-Jessi Berrin & Reggie Laroche7

Jessi Berrin & Reggie Laroche

14-Jessi Berrin & Reggie Laroche8

15-Jessi Berrin, Reggie Laroche, & Meg Daly78

Jessi Berrin, Reggie Laroche, & Meg Daly

15.4-Jessi Berrin & Gita Shamdasani10

Jessi Berrin & Gita Shamdasani

15.5-John Daly & Emmett Moore37

John Daly & Emmett Moore

16.5-Lourdes Castro

Lourdes Castro

16.7-22-Dino DiArtist2

Dino DiArtist

16.8-DSC_4876 16.9-DSC_4867 16.10-Daniella Harris2

17-Daniella Harris10

Daniella Harris

20-Daniella Harris & Chytea19

Daniella Harris & Chytea

22-Natalia Quiroz & Stephanie Wong16

Natalia Quiroz & Stephanie Wong

23-Devin Chowdhury & Gita Shamdasani14

Devin Chowdhury & Gita Shamdasani

24-Parker Thomson & Alice Bravo18

Parker Thomson & Alice Bravo

25-Devin Cejas, Alice Bravo, Meg Daly, & Arden Karson5

Devin Cejas, Alice Bravo, Meg Daly, & Arden Karson

26-Devin Cejas, Jessi Berrin, Alice Bravo, Meg Daly, & Arden Karson4

Devin Cejas, Jessi Berrin, Alice Bravo, Meg Daly, & Arden Karson

26.5-Milo Aukerman, Ivan Segura, Adam Schachner, Sara Gallo, & Luis Luis3

Milo Aukerman, Ivan Segura, Adam Schachner, Sara Gallo, & Luis Luis

27-Alice Bravo & Chytea20

Alice Bravo & Chytea



29-Chytea29 30-Chytea17 31-Chytea21




35.5-Naomi Fishes6

Naomi Fishes

36-DSC_4947 37-DSC_4970 38-DSC_4977 38-DSC_4983 40-DSC_4997 40.3-DSC_5096 40.4-DSC_5081 40.6-44-DSC_5077 40.7-DSC_5035 40.8-DSC_5111 41.5-DSC_5109 42-DSC_5050 43-DSC_5072

44.1-Laura Ericksen & Gita Shamdasani44

Laura Ericksen & Gita Shamdasani

44.2-Gita Shamdasani & Naomi Fisher9

Gita Shamdasani & Naomi Fisher

44.3-Jeff Wechsler, Debi Wechsler, Meg Daly, & John Daly31

Jeff Wechsler, Debi Wechsler, Meg Daly, & John Daly

44.4-Meg Daly, George Lindemann, Debi Wechsler & Amanda Sanfilippo22

Meg Daly, George Lindemann, Debi Wechsler, & Amanda Sanfilippo

45-DSC_5203 46-DSC_5171 47-DSC_5113 48-DSC_5120 49-DSC_5124

Crew Love at Basement Miami

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Miami Beach , FL – January 15, 2017 – Sunday night at Basement was filled with adventure when party-goers came to end their weekend the right way with music, bowling, and iceskating.


4-Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj3_new

Arielis Fuentes & Shay Maraj

5-Just Dimy0_new

Just Dimy


7-Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas9_new

Stephanue Padron & Jenna Rojas


Arielis Fuentes

8-IMG_4539_new 9-IMG_4546_new 10-IMG_4582_new 11-IMG_4551_new 13-IMG_4547_new 15-IMG_4567_new 16-IMG_4553_new

Secret Sin Sundays at WALL

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 15, 2017 – WALL’s Secret Sin Sundays was the place to be to end the weekend with a bang.

1.5-IMG_4815 2-IMG_4802 3-IMG_4771 4-IMG_4759 5-IMG_4821 6-IMG_4680 7-IMG_4721 8-IMG_4709 8.1-IMG_4789

8.2-Leo Medina1

DJ Leo Medina

8.3-Jonathan Estallo & Leo Medina 2

Jonathan Estallo & DJ Leo Medina

8.4-Jonathan Estallo, Livitup, Leo Medina & Friends0 8.5-Jonathan Estallo, DJ Liv It Up, DJ Leo Medina & Friends3

8.6-Louis Dee, Jonathan Estallo & DJ Liv It Up 7

Louis Dee, Jonathan Estallo,DJ Leo Medina, & DJ Liv It Up

8.7-IMG_4837 8.8-IMG_4776

9-Amber-Leigh Caropolo & Tessa Caropolo3

Amber-Leigh Caropolo & Tessa Caropolo

12-IMG_4607 13-IMG_4611 14.1-IMG_4782 14.2-IMG_4747 15-IMG_4634

16-Jonathan Estallo & Friends1

Jonathan Estallo

17-IMG_4797 18-IMG_4630 19-IMG_4622 20-IMG_4798 21-IMG_4828

R3hab at LIV

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2017 – R3hab’s beats were bumping when he took over LIV on Saturday. The party-goers could not get enough and stayed till closing hour.



2.2-DSC_4806_new 2.3-DSC_4770_new 3-DSC_4779_new



5-DSC_4851_new 6-DSC_4826_new 7-DSC_4889_new



19-DSC_4957_new 20-DSC_4912_new

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young4_new

Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

21-Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young14_new

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young & Savannah Young

Breanna Youn, Brooklynne Young, & Savannah Young


Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

Brenda Combs, Racquel Adzima, & Dana Biddle

25-DSC_5114_new 26-DSC_5148_new 27-DSC_5143_new

27.1-Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake12_new

Summer Stone & Serena Wedlake

28.1-DSC_4430_new 29-DSC_4862_new

30-Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov5_new

Boryana Valerieva & Ekaterina Chekov

31-Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino3_new

Gina Mazzoli, Sara Jacobi, & Jacqui Marino



33.1-DSC_4700_new 34-DSC_4715_new

35-R3hab & Purple1_new

R3hab & Purple

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

Stephanie Taliana, Diana Ingerman, Michelle Romano, & Sarah Parker

39.1-Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez2_new

Kristina Kontek & Gladys Benitez

38-DSC_4458_new 39-DSC_4335_new 40-DSC_4341_new

41-Mednas & Sarah Irish32_new

Mednas & Sarah Irish

Cherry Pop Saturdays at Sidebar

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Miami, FL – January 14, 2017 – Sidebar is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy the Miami weather with good vibes and even better music.

2-DSC_1887 3-DSC_1891 3.5DSC_1907

5-Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

Josie Jones & Mariana Ortiz

5.5-DSC_1934 5.6-DSC_1870

6-Derek Rosada & Friend

Derek Rosada

7-Dainel Smanrara & Friends

Daniel Smanrara

8-DSC_1815 9-DSC_1843 10-DSC_1875

11-Nathalie Acevedo

Nathalie Acevedo


13-Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

Sam Oritz & Nathalie Acevedo

15-Carla Andrenia & Domingo Murillo

16-Domingo Murillo & Friends

Domingo Murillo


19-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs DJing

Spinser Tracey & DJ Rob Riggs

20-Spinser Tracey & Rob Riggs