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The Pursuit of Abstraction VIP Preview Celebration at The Wolfsonian-FIU

Monday, October 17th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – October 13, 2016 – Members, press, and special guests received an advance glimpse at the wonder of The Pursuit of Abstraction, The Wolfsonian–FIU’s exhibition on modern-age spirituality. Guests explored the mystical works on view, enjoyed specialty cocktails by Bacardi, and met the curator behind the curtain, Matthew Abess. Focusing on works produced between 1900 and 1950, the exhibition takes a close look at North American and European artists that turned to abstract thought, feeling, and form as counterpoints to the concrete realities and alienation of modern life. As the world around them became  increasingly secular and urbanized, these makers imagined new expressions of spiritual awareness that drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources: philosophy, mythology,  psychology, poetry, and ideologies ranging from established religious doctrines (Christianity and  Buddhism) to newer, lesser-known schools of thought (Theosophy and Anthroposophy). Despite this diversity, common threads are found in an emphasis on transformation, allusion to forces within and forces beyond, and the depiction of otherworldly figures. The Pursuit of Abstraction will be on view through April 16, 2017, and paired with an online content platform with images, essays, and other supplementary material. In addition to Kirchner, featured artists include Mabel Alvarez, Wenzel Hablik, Victor Karl Hammer, Gertrude Hermes, Agnes Pelton, Henry van de Velde, and Ida O’Keeffe, younger sister of Georgia O’Keeffe.


Shay Maraj


Tim Rodgers & Mathew Abess


Mathew Abess, Tim Rodgers, John Fumagalli, & Jeri Wolfson


Jeri Woflson, Jay Waxenberg, & Shay Maraj


Jeri Wolfson



John Fumagalli



Mathew Abess



Tim Rodgers

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Jeri Wolfson



Eric Greenwald, Mathew & Taylor Abess, & Candace Garvey


Mathew & Taylor Abess, & Candace Gravey


Mathew & Taylor Abess


Aura Reinhardt & Jon Mogul


Sarah Kenneally & Douglas Suarez


Silvia De La Torre & Victoria Ramirez


Dulce Arguelles & Fifi Betancourt


Jay Waxenberg & Shay Maraj


Jose Dominguez & Christopher Mendez


Patricia Massey & Beatriz Portela


Power of Design 2014: Complaints

Monday, March 24th, 2014


Miami, FL – March 20 – 22, 2014 – “Power of Design 2014: Complaints” united participants in a milestone event that used art and design to highlight community challenges and initiate collective problem-solving.  This was the inaugural year of the event and focused on design’s role in transforming society. The festival’s mission was to engage the community by exploring the relevance of ideas embedded in the museum’s collection. “Power of Design 2014”: Complaints brought together change-makers, thought leaders and visionaries from multiple fields for lively discussions, presentations, performances, exhibitions and more. The event was not intended to focus simply on complaints, but on what comes next: action, innovation and collective problem-solving. Highlights of the program included: novelist and public radio host Kurt Andersen as master of ceremonies; political humorist Andy Borowitz on how humor helps complaints get heard and how political humor can spur political change; group discussions with renowned experts on topics that included cities, air travel and watchdog journalism; a hands-on program for children led by Todd Oldham; a dialogue between Pulitzer Prize–winning author Michael Chabon, virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier, and Wired magazine powerhouse Clive Thompson who explored challenges and opportunities of the digital age, co-curated by Intelligence Squared.  The event was presented by The Wolfsonian–FIU and WLRN in partnership with the Miami Herald, and support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

An Inalienable Right & Bummer at The Wolfsonian





Steven Heller, Cathy Leff, & Todd Oldham

Steven Heller, Cathy Leff, & Todd Oldham


Cathy Leff & Celina Agaton


Steven Heller & Cathy Leff


Cathy Leff & Steven Heller








Cathy Leff


Steven Heller


Todd Oldham


Todd Oldham & Steven Heller
















Collecting Complaints at The Wolfsonian










Susan & Dennis Richard


Frederick Doner, Steven Heller, & Gabe Klein


Billy Kimball, Cathy Leff, & Judith Rodin


Gabe Klein, Michele Oka Doner, & Ric Herrero


Louis Wolfson, Chris Adamo, & Tim Oliveri


Marla Revis Patti, Dennis Richard, & Michael Patti


Michele Oka Doner & Susan Birbragher


Mary & Edward Crawford




Jon  Mogul


Todd Oldham


Christian Larsen


Steven Heller


Cathy Leff, Jon Mogul, Steven Heller, Christian Larsen, & Todd Oldham









Gabe Klein, Bernard Zyscovich, Suria Yaffar, Michele Oka Doner, & Frederick Doner


Suria Yaffar & Cathy Leff


Celina Agaton, Samantha Garcia, & Fataah Dihaan




Prophets of the Digital Age at PAMM


Kurt Andersen, Jaron Lanier, Clive Thompson, & Michael Chabon

Kurt Andersen, Jaron Lanier, Clive Thompson, & Michael Chabon


Michael Chabon, Clive Thompson, Jaron Lanier, & Kurt Andersen


Jane Wooldridge


Cathy Leff


Matt Haggman


Hannah Kaye


Barbara de Vries & Alastair Gordon


Jane Wooldridge, Bianca Erickson, Marisa Toccin Lucas, Cathy Leff, & Matt Haggman


Bianca Erickson & Marisa Toccin Lucas


Carol Coletta & Cathy Leff



Marisa Toccin Lucas & Bianca Erickson



Nancy Novogrod & Cathy Leff

Michael Chabon, Marianne Devine, & John Devine

Michael Chabon, Marianne & John Devine

Steven Heller, Ashlea Powell, & Gabe Klein

Steven Heller, Ashlea Powell, & Gabe Klein

Hannah Kaye, Jaron Lanier, & Cathy Leff

Hannah Kaye, Jaron Lanier, & Cathy Leff

Chris Adamo, Iran Issa-Khan, & Casey Steadman

Chris Adamo, Iran Issa-Khan, & Casey Steadman

Andy Borowitz, Lizzi Ross, Sara Sjolund, Michael Chabon, & Billy Kimball

Andy Borowitz, Lizzi Ross, Sara Sjolund, Michael Chabon, & Billy Kimball