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Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne bon Haes Host Holiday Cocktail Celebration

Monday, November 28th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 19, 2016 – Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne bon Haes kicked off the Holiday Season with a small cocktail reception for a few friends, both longstanding and new. They noted there is no time like the present to spend time with fond friends. The conversation was convivial as glasses overflowed with Veuve Clicquot and guests nibbled on caviar blinis and sumptuous bites from Thierry’s Catering.


Ximena Caminos, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne bon Haes


Ximena Caminos, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Alan Faena


Ximena Caminos, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Alan Faena


Marvin Ross Friedman & Micky Wolfson


Micky Wolfson, Bonnie Clearwater, & Ambassador Steven Green


Stefanie & Evan Reed


Stefanie Reed, Dorothea Green, & Kimberly Green


Ellen Salpeter, Austin & Sarah Harrelson


Soledad & Justin Lowe, & Monica Kalpakian


Soledad Lowe & Soledad Picon


Diane & Alan Lieberman


Monica Kalpakian & Dorothea Green


Marvin Ross Friedman, Monica Kalpakian, & Dorothea Green


Adrienne bon Haes & Alan Faena


Adrienne Bon Haes & Elysze Held


Adrienne Bon Haes, Rene & Nina Gonzalez


Adrienne Bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, Jennifer Kronenberg, & Carlos Guerra


Carlos Guerra, Jennifer Kronenberg, Allie LaSorte, Marvin Ross Friedman, Seth Browarnik, & Maria Beguiristain

15-img_0141 16-img_0151


Munich Underhill & Judy Weiser


Pedro & Fernanda Domit


Carlos Guerra, John Seligman, & Jennifer Kronenberg


Robert Wennett, Alfonso Goyeneche, & Alejandro Viel


Claudia Omsky & Rosie Kohn


Claudia Omsky, Adrienne bon Haes, & Ximena Caminos

24-img_0134 25-img_0136 26-img_0162

Ocean Drive Magazine & Art Basel Magazine Host FURTIF ART PROJECT Preview at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour

Monday, November 14th, 2016


Bal Harbour, FL – November 9, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine and sister publication Art Basel Magazine along with Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour showed off their artful style and preview of the FURTIF ART PROJECT. This season’s most sought-after and modern designers were featured in a runway fashion show surrounded by Miami’s leading arts philanthropists, collectors and art lovers including hostesses Petra Levin, Adrienne bon Haes, Cathy Leff, Taylor Abess. The FURTIF ART PROJECT, a one-of-a-kind artistic collaboration with Roche Bobois has called upon six notable talents to reimagine the iconic FURTIF desk. Heidi Klum, Venus Williams, RISK, Santiago Rubino, TYPOE, and AHOL each transformed the desks into works of art which are available for auction with proceeds benefiting one of Miami’s most notable and respected charity organizations, Lotus House. The auction of Heidi Klum’s design will benefit UNICEF. In attendance at the event were participating artists TYPOE, AHOL and Santiago Rubino along with Ocean Drive Publisher Courtland Lantaff, Editor-in-Chief Jared Shapiro and Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Vice President and General Manager Elias Synalovski. Guests enjoyed dinner by-the-bite courtesy of Atlantikos at St. Regis Bal Harbour and dessert by Wynwood Parlor. The FURTIF ART PROJECT will be on display at Roche Bobois’ Wynwood Miami Warehouse and available for auction through December 5 at



Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro & Elias Synalovski

30-_n3a0650 31-_n3a0757 32-_n3a0750 33-_n3a0741 34-_n3a0737 35-_n3a0768 36-_n3a0780 37-_n3a0796 38-_n3a0862 39-_n3a0956 40-_n3a0966 41-_n3a0943 42-_n3a0983 43-_n3a0995 44-_n3a0805 45-_n3a0815 46-_n3a0856 47-_n3a0844 48-_n3a0888 49-_n3a1002 49-1-_n3a0930


Adrienne Bon Haes & Marvin Ross Friedman


Typoe, Santiago Rubino, & Ahol Sniffs Glue


Ahol Sniffs Glue & Coutland Lantaff


Sarah Friedman, Katelynn Danluck, & Emilie Sobel


Petra Levin, Taylor Abess, & Cathy Leff


Petra Levin, Taylor Abess, Cathy Leff, & Jared Shapiro


Lisa Percy, Alison Ballen, Petra Levin, & Elias Synalovski


Richard Miltner, Cathy Leff, Taylor & Matthew Abess, & Silvia Barisione


Cathy Leff, Elias Synalovski, & Cristina De Windt


Courtland Lantaff, Elias Synalovski, & Jared Shapiro


Santiago Rubino & Jared Shapiro

57-_n3a0343 57-1-_n3a0392 57-2-_n3a0345 57-3-_n3a0359 57-4-_n3a0403 57-5-_n3a0349 57-6-_n3a0427 57-7-_n3a0471


Cathy Leff & Leslie Wolfson


Taylor & Matthew Abess


Jared Shapiro & Paul Gray





diptyque Miami Candle Launch Hosted by Sarah Harrelson

Thursday, September 29th, 2016


Bal Harbour, FL – September 28, 2016 – Cultured Magazine’s Sarah Harrelson hosted a cocktail party at her home in celebration of the launch of the diptyque Miami exclusive candle. The candle is available at the Bal Harbour boutique at the Bal Harbour Shops, and will be available in the Brickell City Centre store in November 2016.

2-dsc_6261_new 3-dsc_6191_new


Sarah Harrelson & Jeff Berkowitz


Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz


Kinga Lampert & Criselda Breene


Susie & Walid Wahab


Adrienne Bon Haes & Maria Beguiristain

Adrienne Bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Sarah Harrelson

Adrienne Bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Sarah Harrelson


Matthew Bannister & Walid Wahab

Sarah Harrelson, Walid Wahab, & Matthew Bannister

Sarah Harrelson, Walid Wahab, & Matthew Bannister


Austin & Sarah Harrelson


Marvin Ross Friedman & Austin Harrelson


Marvin Ross Friedman


Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Criselda Breene


Colleen Kiesel, Eduard Valadez, & Mary Wallace

Colleen Kiesel, Eduard Valadez, & Mary Wallace


Danie Gomez Ortigoza, Natalie & Celene Gee


Adam Koffler, Lisa Heiden Koffler, & Jeff Berkowitz


Chad Oppenheim, Silvia Karman Cubiñá, & Jason Rubell

Chad Oppenheim, Ilona Oppenheim, & Matthew Bannister

Chad & Ilona Oppenheim, & Matthew Bannister


Jason & Michelle Rubell, Kim & Todd Glaser


Oscar Seikaly, Stefanie & Evan Reed


Karla Garcia & Kelly Saks Guerra


Hassan Pierre & Anastasia Koutsioukis


Alex Duff & Todd Glaser

Criselda Breene, Gigi Duff, & Lisa Heiden

Criselda Breene, Gigi Duff, & Lisa Heiden Koffler


Oscar Seikaly & Sarah Harrelson


C’est Rouge Launch Celebration at Faena Theatre

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
1-Colin Watson, Romero Britto, Calyann Barnett, & Dwyane Wade1_new

Colin Watson, Romero Britto, Calyann Barnett, & Dwyane Wade

Miami Beach, FL – June 3, 2016 – Guests entered the mesmerizing universe of C’EST ROUGE, a sensual and seductive revue set in the intimate 150-seat cabaret-style Faena Theater.  Blanca Li, internationally celebrated choreographer, peeled back the curtain and orchestrated a fantasyland of beauty, mystery, and desire told through enthralling vignettes set to Latin American and Jazz rhythms of the C’EST ROUGE septet band.

2-Dwyane Wade & Calyann Barnett1_new

Dwyane Wade & Calyann Barnett

2.5-Alan Faena & Ximena Caminos_new

Alan Faena & Ximena Caminos

35-x-Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne bon Haes2_new

Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne bon Haes

25-George Lindemann & Ugo Colombo_new

George Lindemann & Ugo Colombo

3-WRE_9319_new 4-WRE_9777_new 5-WRE_9817_new 6-WRE_0096_new 7-WRE_0054_new 8-WRE_0114_new

9-Ilona & Chad Oppenheim1_new

Ilona & Chad Oppenheim

9.5-Roma Calderon, Clarisa Brignone, & Ines Rivero_new

Roma Calderon, Clarisa Brignone, & Ines Rivero

10-Iran Issa Khan, Sam Robin, & Cathy Leff_new

Iran Issa Khan, Sam Robin, & Cathy Leff

11-WRE_9235_new 12-WRE_9622_new 14-WRE_0277_new 15-WRE_0281_new 16-WRE_9688_new 17-WRE_9931_new 18-WRE_9942_new 19-WRE_9998_new 20-WRE_0037_new 21-WRE_0182_new 22-WRE_0148_new

23-Andrew Stevens & Friend_new

Barbara Hulanicki & Andrew Stevens

23.2-Jill Buchanan, Andrew Stevens, & Kim Swift_new

Jill Buchanan, Andrew Stevens, & Kim Swift

23.5-Fabian Basabe, Brooke Price, & Rene Ruiz_new

Fabian Basabe, Brooke Price, & Rene Ruiz

24-Aaron Puckett & Lexing Zhang1_new

Aaron Puckett & Lexing Zhang

26-Adam Koffler, Michelle Areces-Zandy, Theo Koffler, Quade Koffler, Lisa Sebag, Emmanuel Sebag, & Lisa Heiden Koffler_new

Adam Koffler, Michelle Areces-Zandy, Theo & Quade Koffler, Lisa & Emmanuel Sebag, Lisa Heiden Koffler

26.3-Jonathan & Criselda Breene_new

Jonathan & Criselda Breen

26.5-Navin Chatani & Heather Blaze_new

Navin Chatani & Heather Blaze

27.5-Tatiana & Nicola Siervo2_new

Tatiana & Nicola Siervo

29-Granville Adams & Tayo Otiti1_new

Granville Adams & Tayo Otiti

36.5-v-Soledad & Justin Lowe_new

Soledad & Justin Lowe

30-Justin Keeperman & Luis Rigual1_new

Justin Keeperman & Luis Rigual

31-Daniela Swaebe, Andrea Baclea, Marcella Novela, & Parmiss Mass1_new

Daniela Swaebe, Andreea Baclea, Marcella Novela, & Parmiss Mass

32-Gigi Ganatra-Duff, Ricardo Dunin, Gita Shandasani, Marcella Novela, Carlos Betancourt, & Roma Calderon_new

Gigi Ganatra-Duff, Ricardo Dunin, Gita Shandasani, Marcella Novela, Carlos Betancourt, & Roma Calderon

33-Susan Davies, Kelly Framel, & Zoe Lukov2_new

Susan Davies, Kelly Framel, & Zoe Lukov

34-xy-Pablo de Ritis, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman_new

Pablo de Ritis, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman

36-u-Adriana de Moura1_new

Adriana de Moura

37-Gita Shandasani & Nick D'Annunzio_new

Gita Shandasani & Nick D’Annunzio

38-Christy & David Martin_new

Christy & David Martin

39=Jaie Laplante & Nelson O1_new

Jaie Laplante & Nelson O

40-y-Romney Reyes & Brooke Reyes_new

Romney & Brooke Reyes

40.5-z-Blanca Li_new

Blanca Li

41-Julian, Ana, Neisen Kasdin_new

Julian, Ana, & Neisen Kasdin

42-Yagiro Lara, Carlos Betancourt, Brandi Reddick, & Alberto Latorre1_new

Yagiro Lara, Carlos Betancourt, Brandi Reddick, & Alberto Latorre

43-Brandi Reddick & Alberto Latorre1_new

Brandi Reddick & Alberto Latorre

44-Bernerd Garsen & Daisy Olivera1_new

Bernerd Garsen & Daisy Olivera

28-Bhakti & Sandra Baxter_new

Bhakti & Sandra Baxter

29.5-Spring & Sean McManus_new

Spring & Sean McManus

45-Candela Ferro & Khotan Fernandez1_new

Candela Ferro & Khotan Fernandez


Loewe & Solar Magazine Present “Marquetry in Leather” at Loewe

Monday, May 16th, 2016


Miami, FL – May 11, 2016 – On the occasion of the second edition of Maison&Objet Americas, Loewe and Solar Magazine presented a special “Marquetry in Leather” furniture project conceived and directed by Jonathan Anderson, and the first issue of Solar Magazine. Notable attendees included Alan Faena and Ximena Caminos, Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne bon Haes, Kelly Framel and Zachary Lynd, Igor Ramírez García Peralta, Michaela Dosamantes, Anastasia Koutsioukis and Ahmet Erkaya, Rodman Primack,  Maximiliano Patanae, Santiago Tarditi, Daniela Botero, Adriana Castro and Jenny Lopez.

Following its presence at the recent edition of the Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair in Milan, LOEWE now presents in Miami a set of oak furniture featuring unique designs composed from multiple fragments of leather in various shapes and colors. The innovative project updates existing forms of craft in an elaborate process informed by methods used in traditional bookbinding and woodworking. Specifically, the special project, conceived by LOEWE creative director Jonathan Anderson, gives a novel articulation to the ancient technique of marquetry, in which inlays of various materials are used to embellish furniture. For LOEWE’s new project, leather cutouts have been applied onto the wood surfaces of three-dimensional objects to create decorative motifs adapted from archival prints and patterns.

2-_new3-DSC_1745_new 4-DSC_1751_new 4.8-DSC_1756_new 4.9-DSC_1753_new 6-DSC_1763_new 7-DSC_1767_new 8-DSC_1774_new 9-DSC_1773_new 10-DSC_1776_new 11-DSC_1789_new 11.4-DSC_1799_new 12-DSC_1794_new 12.5-DSC_1940_new 12.5a-18.3-DSC_1979_new 12.5c-18.2-DSC_2024_new

12.6-Igor Ramirez, Alan Faena, & Michaela Dosamantes1_new

Igor Ramírez García Peralta, Alan Faena, & Michaela Dosamantes

12.6a-Igor Ramirez, Daniela Pascasio, & Maxi Patanae2_new

Igor Ramírez García Peralta, Daniela Pascasio, & Maxi Patanae


12.6e-Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, Ximena Caminos, & Alan Faena1_new

Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, Ximena Caminos, & Alan Faena

12.7-Alan Faena, Kelly Framel, & Zachary Lynd3_new

Alan Faena, Kelly Framel, & Zachary Lynd

12.8--Kelly Framel & Zachary Lynd4_new

Kelly Framel & Zachary Lynd

15-Alan Faena & Carlos Couturier1_new

Alan Faena & Carlos Couturier

16-Igor Ramirez & Neil Vazquez_new

Igor Ramírez García Peralta & Neil Vazquez

17-Igor Ramirez & Michaela Dosamantes5_new

Igor Ramírez García Peralta & Michaela Dosamantes

18-DSC_1998_new 21-DSC_1845_new 22-DSC_1876_new

23.5-Jhon Santos & Adriana Castro7_new

Jhon Santos & Adriana Castro

24-DSC_1872_new 25-DSC_1874_new 26-DSC_1850_new 27-DSC_1884_new

28-Linda Levy Goldberg & Monica Clausell8_new

Linda Levy Goldberg & Monica Clausell

29-Linda Levy Goldberg2_new

Linda Levy Goldberg

30-DSC_1892_new 31-DSC_1907_new 32-DSC_1971_new 33-DSC_1962_new 34-DSC_2540_new

35-Adrienne Bon Haes, Elysze held, Marvin Ross Friedman3_new

Adrienne Bon Haes, Elysze Held & Marvin Ross Friedman

36-Elysze Held & Brett Landon2_new

Elysze Held & Brett Landon

38-Rodman Primack & Michaela Dosamantes2_new

Rodman Primack & Michaela Dosamantes

38.7-Josh August & Josh Veasey2_new

Josh August & Josh Veasey

Gabriela Benacerraf _ Pilar de la Nogal2

Gabriela Benacerraf & Pilar de la Nogal

39-Karla Baquedano & Neil Vazquez2_new

Karla Baquedano & Neil Vazquez

39.5-Jhon Santos & Karla Baquedano2_new

Jhon Santos & Karla Baquedano

40-Arielle Gutierrez, Charlie Leone, Robo Cruz, & Karla Baquedano2_new

Arielle Gutierrez, Charlie Leone, Robo Cruz, & Karla Baquedano

41-Brett Landon, Ana Alfonzo, & Juan Salazar1_new

Brett Landon, Ana Alfonzo, & Juan Salazar

42-Lauren Gnazzo & Luis Rigual11_new

Lauren Gnazzo & Luis Rigual

43-Luis Rigual & Anna Williams2_new

Luis Rigual & Anna Williams

44-DSC_2099_new 45-DSC_2093_new

45.5-Daniela Botero & Jenny Lopez5_new

Daniela Botero & Jenny Lopez

46-Kim Swift & Kelly Framel1_new

Kim Swift & Kelly Framel

47-Margaux Borradaile & Charlie Borradaile6_new

Margaux & Charlie Borradaile

Anastasia Koutsioukis _ Ahmet Erkaya1

Anastasia Koutsioukis & Ahmet Erkaya

48-Diana Montes & Santiago Tarditi2_new

Diana Montes & Santiago Tarditi

r-Karla Baquedano, Arielle Gutierrez, & Joana Spiess3_new

Karla Baquedano, Arielle Gutierrez, & Joana Spiess

t-Linda Levy Goldberg & Monica Clausell2_new

Linda Levy Goldberg & Monica Clausell

u-xy_new v-x-DSC_2520_new x-DSC_2499_new xy-DSC_2509_new y-DSC_2490_new z-=DSC_2485_new

Havana Nights Hosted by Mario Cader-Frech & Robert Wennett at 1111

Thursday, March 17th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – March 12, 2016 – Filled with the excitement and glamour of 50’s casino culture, the Havana Nights party at 1111 took its guests on a literal journey back to Cuba’s golden era. The evening was hosted by Mario Cader-Frech and Robert Wennett.

5-Robert Wennet & Mario Cader Frech10_new

Robert Wennett & Mario Cader-Frech

2-Sylvia Arguello1_new

Silvia Arguello, Martina Veesa, & Lee Dahlberg

2.5-Martina Veesa & Lee Dahlberg0_new

Martina Veesa & Lee Dahlberg

2.7-Isabel Martinez, Lee Dahlberg, Martina Veesa, Ignacio Barrios_new

Isabel Martinez, Lee Dahlberg, Martina Veesa, & Ignacio Barrios

3-Ankie & Fran Barns2_new

Pilar Cader & Fredrik Johansson

4-Yul and Linda Vazquez1_new

Yul & Linda Vazquez

5.5-Tracy Slavens & Daniel Schwartz_new

Tracy Slavens & Daniel Schwartz

5.5a-Sean Maloney & Randy Florke_new

Randy Florke & Sean Maloney

5.6-Alfonso Martinez & Luis Pons_new

Alfonso Martinez & Luis Pons

5.6a-Fred Hochberg & Tom Healy _new

Fred Hochberg & Tom Healy

5.6b-Ernesto Arguello & Ashley Cooper_new

Ernesto Arguello & Ashley Cooper

5.6c-Llana Sod _new

Ilana Sod

5.7-Wil Gonzalez & Kristy Gonzalez _new

Will & Kristy Gonzalez

5.8-Alex Fischer and Andrea Valiente2_new

Alex Fischer & Andrea Valiente

6-Mario Cader Frech & Robert Wennet21_new

Mario Cader-Frech & Robert Wennett

6.5-Andrea Samayoa & Mauricio Samayoa_new

Andrea & Mauricio Samayoa

7-Elena Lee, Mark Norbury, Steve Miller, Victoria Fajado_new

Elena Lee, Mark Norbury, Steve Miller, & Victoria Fajado

8-Elena Lee, Paula Fantoni, Matteo Fantoni, Victoria Fajardo_new

Elena Lee, Paula & Matteo Fantoni, & Victoria Fajardo

9-IMG_9845_new 10-IMG_9981_new 11-IMG_0321_new 12-IMG_0112_new 14-IMG_0071_new 15-IMG_0220_new

15.1-Criselda Breene & Sylvia Arguello3_new

Criselda Breene & Silvia Arguello

15.2-Criselda Breene & Friend2_new

Criselda Breene

15.3-26-Robert Wennet, Sylvia Arguello & Mario Cader Frech_new

Robert Wennett, Silvia Arguello, & Mario Cader-Frech

15.3a-Chris fuelling, Sylvia Arguello, & Olga fuelling0_new

Chris Fuelling, Silvia Arguello, Olga Fuelling, & Crystal Andrew

15.4-Carolina Lenao, Mario Cader-Frech, & Mariangela Capuzzo2_new

Carolina Lanao, Mario Cader-Frech, & Mariangela Capuzzo

15.5-Louis Aguirre, Silvia Karman Cubin¦âa¦ü, Alfredo Cubin¦âa¦ü, & Matt MacDonald1_new

Louis Aguirre, Silvia Karman & Alfredo Cubiñá, & Matt MacDonald

16-Austin Nowlin, Robert Wennett, & Barry Sternlicht2_new

Austin Nowlin, Robert Wennett, & Barry Sternlicht

17-Chris Luken, Lars Christiaanse, Erik Lobato, & David Winer2_new

Chris Luken, Lars Christiaanse, Erik Lobato, & David Winer

18-Eric Domege, Mario Cader Frech, & Christian Roth1_new

Eric Domege, Mario Cader-Frech, & Christian Roth

19-Matteo Fantoni, Paula Fantoni , Ugo Colombo, & Sara Colombo2_new

Matteo & Paula Fantoni, Ugo & Sara Colombo

20-Mario Cader Frech, Adrienne Bon Haes & Marvin Ross Friedman3_new

Mario Cader-Frech, Adrienne bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman

21-Mario Cader Frech, Amanda Harris, & Pepe Carmona1_new

Mario Cader-Frech, Amanda Harris, & Pepe Carmona

22-Amanda Harris & Cristal Andrew2_new

Amanda Harris & Crystal Andrew

23-Paula Lattes & Sara Colombo1_new

Paula Lattes & Sara Colombo

24-Soledad Picon & Mario Cader-Frech5_new

Soledad Picon & Mario Cader-Frech

24.5-Javier Acosta & Martina VS_new

Javier Acosta & Martina VS

25-Tatiana Rodriguez, Willy Martin, Catharina Deleboer, & Luis Luyando_new

Tatiana Rodriguez, Willy Martin, Catharina Ledeboer, & Luis Luyando

25.5-Joe Falk1_new

Joe Falk

26-IMG_0538_new 27-IMG_0469_new 28-IMG_0211_new 29-IMG_0143_new

30-Mario Cader-Frech, Irene Marie, Andrea Samayoa, & Mauricio Samayoa2_new

Mario Cader-Frech, Irene Marie, Andrea & Mauricio Samayoa

31Amanda Mejia , Jorge Mejia, Nick Griffin, Robert-Wennet, & Adriana Cisneors3_new

Amanda & Jorge Mejia, Nick Griffin, Robert Wennett, & Adriana Cisneros

32-Amanda Mejia & Adriana Cisneors2_new

Amanda Mejia & Adriana Cisneros

33-Maria Alvarez, Julio Arguello, & Olga Arguello_new

Maria Alvarez, Julio & Olga Arguello

34-Cheryl Soell, Sky Meadow Palma, Irma Gomez1_new

Cheryl Soell, Sky Meadow Palma, & Irma Gomez


35-Crystal Andrew & Javier Acosta_new

Crystal Andrew & Javier Acosta

x-Danny Taha & Farida taha_new

Danny & Farida Taha

y-Pepe Carmona, Amanda Harris, Andrea Samayoa, Mauricio Samayoa_new

Pepe Carmona, Amanda Harris, Andrea & Mauricio Samayoa

yz-Antonio di Oronzo, Carolina alvarez-Mathies, Ernesto Mathies, Carolina Lanao, Rodner Figueroa_new

Antonio di Oronzo, Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Ernesto Mathies, Carolina Lanao, & Rodner Figueroa

La Mer & Kelly Framel Celebrate An Evening of Beauty & Art at PAMM

Sunday, January 31st, 2016


Miami, FL – January 27, 2016 – Ultra-luxurious skincare brand La Mer and Kelly Framel of the Glamourai hosted an elegant evening for Miami’s elite at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, to celebrate La Mer’s brand heritage and their latest skincare innovation, The Lifting Eye Serum. With the ocean at the heart of the La Mer brand, guests enjoyed a private tour of the museum’s latest sea-inspired artwork followed by a three-course dinner in the exhibition space with sweeping views of Biscayne Bay.

2-IMG_0487_new 3-IMG_0471_new 6-IMG_0598_new 7-IMG_0521_new 8-IMG_0509_new 9-IMG_0046_new 10-IMG_0012_new 11-IMG_0027_new 11.5-IMG_0611_new 12-IMG_0021_new 12.5-IMG_1011_new 14-IMG_1218_new

15-Dana Shear, Kelly Framel, & Criselda Breene1_new

Dana Shear, Kelly Framel, & Criselda Breene

16-Dana Shear & Kelly Framel1_new

Dana Shear & Kelly Framel

17-Kelly Framel & Criselda Breene1_new

Kelly Framel & Criselda Breene

18-Kelly Framel & Ines Rivero3_new

Kelly Framel & Ines Rivero

19-Kelly Framel & Zachary Lynd6_new

Kelly Framel & Zachary Lynd

20-Kelly Framel, Zachary Lynd, & Hassan Pierre1_new

Kelly Framel, Zachary Lynd, & Hassan Pierre

21-Kelly Framel & Hassan Pierre_new

Kelly Framel & Hassan Pierre

22-Nick D'Annunzio & Maria Beguiristain1_new

Nick D’Annunzio & Maria Beguiristain

23-Nick D'Annunzio & Tara Solomon1_new

Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon

24-Dana Shear & Tara Solomon2_new

Dana Shear & Tara Solomon

25-Tara Solomon & Hillary Ortiz1_new

Tara Solomon & Brandi Reddick

25.5-Ria Michelle & Criselda Breene1_new

Ria Michelle & Criselda Breene

26-Sam Robin, Criselda Breene, & Tara Solomon2_new

Sam Robin, Criselda Breene, & Tara Solomon


Erin Cerminara

28-IMG_0283_new 29-IMG_0391_new 30-IMG_0379_new

31-Clyde Johnson8_new

Clyde Johnson

32-Clyde Johnson4_new 33-Clyde Johnson7_new 34-IMG_0079_new 35-IMG_0541_new

36-Julie Sarinana, Chloe King, & Lily Martinez_new

Julie Sarinana, Chloe King, & Lily Martinez

37-Chloe King & Joanna Czech1_new

Chloe King & Joanna Czech

37.5-Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes1_new

Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne bon Haes

38-Erin Cerminara & SunHee Grinnell2_new

Erin Cerminara & SunHee Grinnell

Kelly Framel & Erin Cerminara1

Kelly Framel & Erin Cerminara

39-Raquel Watters, Kelly Framel, Erin Cerminara, & Elysze Held2_new

Raquel Watters, Kelly Framel, Erin Cerminara, & Elysze Held

40-Kelly Framel & SunHee Grinnell3_new

Kelly Framel & SunHee Grinnell

41-Daniela Botero2_new

Daniela Botero

42-Lydia Pinnell & Lauren Fitzpatrick_new

Lydia Pinnell & Lauren Fitzpatrick

st-Joanna Czech & Clyde Johnson1_new

Joanna Czech & Clyde Johnson

t-Soledad Lowe, Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes1_new

Soledad Lowe, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne bon Haes

v-Raquel Watters, Norma Quintero, & Linda Levy Goldberg_new

Raquel Watters, Norma Quintero, & Linda Levy Goldberg

x-Isabelle Conner, Ria Michelle, & Clyde Johnson1_new

Isabelle Conner, Ria Michelle, & Clyde Johnson

y-IMG_0533_new z-IMG_0529_new

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 First Choice

Friday, December 4th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – December 2, 2015 – Ahh, it’s that time of year again. It’s safe to say that looking forward to “opening day” of anything is always exciting, but there’s certainly nothing quite like opening day of Art Basel Miami Beach. Collectors from all over the world made their way to the Miami Beach Convention Center on for the Art Basel “First Choice VIP” preview. Big names such as Elle Macpherson, Brett Ratner, Aby Rosen and more were amongst some of the Basel goers who came out to get an exclusive first look of the incredible works.


Elle Macpherson


Brett Ratner, Don Soffer, & Elle Macpherson


Craig Robins, Jackie Soffer, Brett Ratner, Jean Pigozzi, & Don Soffer


 Jean Pigozzi & Don Soffer


Brett Ratner & Don Soffer


Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne bon Haes, & Courtland Lantaff


Carlos Betancourt, Adrienne bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman


Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne bon Haes, Jane Wooldridge, & David Simkins


Marc Spiegler


Lana Bernstein, Marc Spiegler, Courtland Lantaff, & Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro, Lana Bernstein, Bob Goodman, & Courtland Lantaff


Alan Lieberman & Bruce Orosz


Walid Wahab, Thaddaeus Ropac, Alan & Diane Lieberman, & Susie Wahab


Marty Margulies



Amy Herman, Marty Margulies, Gerri Helfman, & Debbie Braman Wexler


Roland Augustine, Dennis & Debra Scholl, Diane & Bruce Halley


Cheryl Stephenson, Carlos Suarez & Sarah Harrelson


Stephen & Petra Levin






Princess Firyal of Jordan & Thaddaeus Ropac


Chuck Close


Chuck Close & Eve Xanthopolus


Jared Shapiro


Ron Burkle & Andrew Sasson


Manny Machado


Bonnie Clearwater



Jeff Randall, Bonnie Clearwater, Courtland Lantaff, AJ Rosenfeld, & Jared Shapiro


Jared Shapiro & Jeff Randall


Courtland Lantaff & Katharine Rubino


Courtland Lantaff & Aby Rosen


Aby Rosen



Dan Hechtkopf, Jeff Randall, & Price Shapiro


Serena Simkins, Mark Bornen, Michelle & Jason Rubell


AJ Rosenfeld, Jessica & Elliot Dornbusch


Jean Pigozzi


Nan Bush & Pablo Alfaro




Izzy & Alexis Havenick




Kate Shanley & Franklin Sirmans


Diane Solway & Stefano Tonchi


Norman Braman



Colby Jordan & Alberto Mugrabi




Megan Riley & Ricardo Dunin


Sir Ivan & Patrick McMullan


Carlos Betancourt & Alberto Latorre


Richard LeFrak & Dori Cooperman


Brandi Reddick


Calvin Hughes, Laurie Jennings, & Desmond Howard


Kinga Lampert



Ricky Arriola & Kenneth Weisman


Miky Grendene & Ugo Colombo


Marc Spiegler


Dennis Leyva

Design Miami/ Art Basel 2015 Collectors Preview & Vernissage

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


Miami, FL – December 1, 2015 – The who’s who of the art world came out to the Design Miami/ Collectors Preview as the 11th edition of the fair opened its doors. This gave collectors from around the world the opportunity to admire the curated exhibits and browse around before they were showcased to the public. Later in the day select VIP guests were invited to a special, invite-only Vernissage where collectors and gallerists seized the opportunity to preview the famed art bazaar.






7- Anna Williams, Susan Ainsworth, Craig Robins, & Rene Kamm_new

 Anna Williams, Susan Ainsworth, Craig Robins, & Rene Kamm

8- Michelle & Jason Rubell, & Arlene Chaplin_new

Michelle & Jason Rubell, & Arlene Chaplin

9-Susan Richards & George Lindemann_new

Susan Richards & George Lindemann

10-Walid & Susie Wahab_new

Walid & Susie Wahab

 Elle MacPherson

13-Criag Robins & Jeff Soffer_new

Craig Robins & Jeff Soffer

14-Didier Krzentowski & Craig Robins_new

Didier Krzentowski & Craig Robins

16-George Lindemann_new

George Lindemann

Wendell Castle

17.2-Craig Robins, Clemence Krzentowski, & Rodman Primack_new

Craig Robins, Clemence Krzentowski, & Rodman Primack

17.3-Brandon Grom & Anna Williams_new

Brandon Grom & Anna Williams

18- Joe Furst_new

Joe Furst

18- Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark_new

 Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark

19-Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark1_new

 Laurie Lynn Stark

22-Laurie Lynn Stark1_new

23- Simon & Nikolai Haas_new

Simon & Nikolai Haas

26-Haas Brothers_new

Nikolai & Simon Haas