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MIFF: Tropical Cabaret at El Tucán

Monday, March 14th, 2016


Miami, FL – March 11, 2016 – El Tucán Miami hosted Miami International Film Festival filmmakers for a Tropical Cabaret, making for an evening so perfectly old school Miami, as the festival ramped up for the final weekend.














16-Alice Sarfati & Carolina Piña _new

Alice Sarfati & Carolina Piña

16.9-Margeni Munoz & Jessica Wade2_new

Margene Munoz & Jessica Wade Pfeffer

17-Carlos Lechuga & Thais Drassinower_new

Carlos Lechuga & Thais Drassinower

18-Jaie Laplante, Thais Belmonte, & Selton Mello_new

Jaie Laplante, Thais Belmonte, & Selton Mello

18.5-27-Jaie Laplante & Jennifer_new

Jaie Laplante

20-Jessica Wade & Friend2_new

Jessica Wade Pfeffer

21-Debbie Gold & Kenny Riches_new

Debbie Gold & Kenny Riches

22-Santiago Martí, Natalia Garagiola, Gonzalo Tobal, & Pablo Ingercher_new

Santiago Martí, Natalia Garagiola, Gonzalo Tobal, & Pablo Ingercher

23-Ralf van Dooren, Kylene Morita, & Victor van Roon2_new

Ralf van Dooren, Kylene Morita, & Victor van Roon

24-Pedro Rossy, Mia Marchand, Jose Munoz, & Gerardo Rubio_new

Pedro Rossy, Mia Marchand, Jose Munoz, & Gerardo Rubio

25-Fawn Bornstein, Sarah Kurtenbach, Yurancy Rodriguez, Maclyn Clapperton, Gina Cueto, & Marizza Contreras_new

Fawn Bornstein, Sarah Kurtenbach, Yurancy Rodriguez, Maclyn Clapperton, Gina Cueto, & Marizza Contreras

26-Leticia Tonos, Liz Pasillas, & Jonalex Herrera1_new

Leticia Tonos, Liz Pasillas, & Jonalex Herrera

28-Sarah Kurtenbach & Marizza Contreras_new

Sarah Kurtenbach & Marizza Contreras

29-Yurancy Rodriguez & Norma helou_new

Yurancy Rodriguez & Norma Helou

30-Ashley Myers & Trey Shults_new

Ashley Myers & Trey Shults

x-Nelson O, Alex Lopez, & Boris Ibacache_new

Nelson O, Alex Lopez, & Boris Ibacache

y-IMG_9191_new z-IMG_9201_new

You Can’t Buy Love. Adopt It. at The Standard

Friday, June 27th, 2014


Rachel Robinson, Dani Campbell, Karla Kelley, Fortune Feimster, & Tara Briceno

Miami Beach, FL – June 26, 2014 – It was a puppy paradise at The Standard on Thursday evening as Jamie’s Rescue hosted the biggest animal adoption event of the year. Animal lovers flocked from all over to check out some adorable pups who were waiting for the perfect person to claim them as their own. In between playtime with the furry canines, attendees were able to enjoy delicious cocktails and raffles games. Comedian and Chelsea Lately star Fortune Feimster came out to show support.


Dani Campbell, Rachel Robinson, Erin Newberg, Jamie Robinson, Tara Briceno, Jaclyn Segal






Matt & Libby Gutman












Cindi Soliz, Erin Newberg, & Jaclyn Segal


Dale & Erin Newberg


Dale Newberg & Kelly Gold





Arlene Delgado & Sindy Perez


Rachel & Jamie Robinson


Erin Dunn, Starr Hawkins, Rachel Robinson, & Michelle Moore


DJ Bounce


Derek Degrazio







Johna Myers & Lauren Foster 


Alex & Patricia Leary


Rachel Robinson & Giana Hawkins


Natalie Gee, Rachel Robinson, Bret Schukis, & Michelle Moore


Natalie Gee & Michelle Moore


Craig Carter, Fortune Feimster, & Marizza Contreras


Rachel Robinson, Fortune Feimster, & Dani Campbell


Rachel Robinson, Fortune Feimster, Dani Campbell, & Karla Kelley


Ashanty Williams & Lauren Feingold


Gio Barberena & Jeff Greene


Barbara Peterson-Malesci








Mina Rofeh, Rachel Robinson, & Jaclyn Segal


Mina Rofeh


Shana Saka


Quinten Fearon




Shelborne Tuesdays

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – December 20, 2011 – After 5 years at the Astor Hotel, and another 5 years at the Delano Hotel, TAI Entertainment‘s famous Tuesday Night party has made it’s way down the block to it’s new home, the newly renovated Shelborne South Beach. Like the opening night, expect nothing but fun and exciting times ahead from the weekly party.

Alan Roth, Keith Menin, & Tommy Pooch

Alan Roth, Keith Menin, Tommy Pooch, & Steven Bauer

Carley Johnston & Paulo Cardosa

Carley Johnston, Burton Wilkins, Courtney Williams, & Jinni Pan Akararungpradit

DJ Irie & Danielle Almeida

Tatanka & Tommy Pooch

Alan Roth & Diana Garcia

DJ Sandman

Janna Vanburkleo & Kristen Lynn Gorano

Angela Kersten & Ashley Manno

Whitney Moore, Marta Ortiz, Aga Lea, Barbara Victoria, & Laela Vastrick

Beau Beasley, Ani Siera, Suzie Ketchum, & Jennifer Leong

Jinni Pan Akararungpradit, Derek Williams, & Sandra Kubicka

Candace Lott, Elizabeth Wright, & Adam Risolia

Jessica Palu, Morganne Wray, & Courtney Williams

Brandon Corone & Patrick Slettman

Mike Aaron & Paulo Cardosa

Mike Aaron & Kim Beatrice

Keith Menin, Evyln Castro, & Zac Courtney

Julie Burstein, Trixia Angel, & Marizza Contreras

Daniele Brown & Rebekah Keida

Tina Powers & Elizabeth Powers

Laela Vastrick

Giselle Orentis

Janira Hernandez, Chris Phashion, Daniella Perez, & Edwin Muhammad

Rami Sarafa, Paola Ekelund, Steven Bauer, Noah Becker, & Beau Beasely

Alan Roth & Keith Menin

Antonio Martucci, Tommy Pooch, Jonathan Babicka, & Michelle Pooch

Ashley Manno & Angela Kersten

Brie Eltz, Erika Gamboa, Rakhi, & Chandra

Cheryl Hohweiler & Daniele Brown

Chris Tellbuescher

Derek Williams & Courtney Williams

Elizabeth Powers, Tina Powers, Monika Arenas, & Barbie Jean

Giselle Orentis & Julissa Gugman

Greg Shepard

Lyndon Smith & Daniele Brown