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Miami Children’s Health Foundation Fundraiser Hosted by Andres Asion

Monday, January 12th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – January 10, 2015 – Over 200 guests found themselves galavanting through South Beach last weekend to help raise funds for the Miami Children’s Health Foundation. The evening, which also marked as a birthday celebration for prominent real estate specialist Andres Asion, kicked off with a spectacular Paella dinner at La Piaggia Beach Club. DJ Rascal was on hand to provide the perfect sounds for everyone to let loose. With all the dancing guests were able to cool down with savory liquid nitrogen cocktails. Later in the night, guests boarded the Thomas Gold Fanfare Bus where the DJ and laser light show kept the party going on the way to Miami’s newest lounge, La Bodega. The final stop had attendees mixing and mingling on the mezzanine level overlooking the lounge.


03-Brian Elias, Philip Levine, & Andres Asion

Brian Elias, Mayor Philip Levine, & Andres Asion

04-Andres Asion & Kamal Hotchandani

Andres Asion & Kamal Hotchandani


Ana Quincoces & Andres Asion

06-Anthony Garrett & Nick D'annunzio

Anthony Garrett & Nick D’Annunzio

07-Alejandro Gonzalez & Daniella Goddard

Alejandro Gonzalez & Daniella Goddard

08-Pamela Conde & Cesar Conde1

Pamela & Cesar Conde

09-Andres Asion & Luly Valls

Andres Asion & Luly Valls

10-Jorge Plasencia & Andres Asion

Jorge Plasencia & Andres Asion

Edgardo Defortuna, Ana Christina Defortuna, & Andres Asion

Edgardo & Ana Christina Defortuna, & Andres Asion

Pamela Conde, Cesar Conde, Almy Tessarolo, & Peter Kellner

Pamela & Cesar Conde, Almy Tessarolo, & Peter Kellner

13-Andres Asion, Tamz, & Kamal Hotchandani

Andres Asion, Tamz, & Kamal Hotchandani

14-DJ Rascal

DJ Rascal

15-Rascal DJing & Andres Asion

DJ Rascal & Andres Asion

16-Andres Asion & Rascal1

Andres Asion & DJ Rascal









24-Beatriz Nahuz & Gabriela Depillis

Beatriz Nahuz & Gabriela Depillis

25-Stephanie Maria & Ana Uribe

Stephanie Maria & Ana Uribe

26-Lizette Castillo & Melissa Echevarria

Lizette Castillo & Melissa Echevarria

27-Catalina Martinez & Grissell Tudisco

Catalina Martinez & Grissell Tudisco

28-Sorah Diaha & Grissell Tudisco

Sorah Diaha & Grissell Tudisco


30-Daisy Olivera, Maria Elena Salinas, & Andres Asion

Daisy Olivera, María Elena Salinas, & Andres Asion

31-Ricardo Dunin & Andres Asion

Ricardo Dunin & Andres Asion

Friend & Andres Asion

Ana Maria Canseco & Andres Asion

Jorge Plasencia, Maithe Gonzalez, Carolina Guerrero, Jose Paz, & Carlos Navarro

Jorge Plasencia, Maithe Gonzalez, Carolina Guerrero, Jose Paz, & Carlos Navarro


Casey Koslowski, Michelle Nunez, Andres Asion, & Maritza Meza


Sara Pozo-Gazitua, Luis Andre Gazitúa, Lisette Calderon, Gabe Albelo, & Andres Asion

Christine Martinez de Castro, Ryan Bailey, Rebecca Carballo, & Carlos Carballo

Christine Martinez de Castro, Ryan Bailey, Rebecca Carballo, & Carlos Carballo 

Andrea Cornejo, Andrea Leon, & Desiree Del Rio

Catalina Martinez, Andrea Cuevas, Shelley Figueroa, & Sorah Diaha

Catalina Martinez, Andrea Cuevas, Shelley Figueroa, & Sorah Diaha




42-Grissell Tudisco & Ricardo Dunin

Grissell Tudisco & Ricardo Dunin

43-Frank Trelles, Tony Priscal, & Lena Trelles

Frank Trelles, Tony Priscal, & Lena Trelles

44-Anderson, Pinho, Awdeh, Tessarolo, & Friend

 Jessica Anderson, Ariel Pinho, Richard Awdeh, & Almy Tessarolo

45-Father Albert & Maria Asion

Father Albert & Maria Asion

Maria Asion, Julian Asion Jr., Wendy Grant, & Julian Asion Sr.

Maria & Julian Asion Jr., Wendy Grant, & Julian Asion

47-Peter Kellner, Wendy Grant, & Cesar Conde

Peter Kellner, Wendy Grant, & Cesar Conde

Andres Asion, Wendy Grant, Lourdes Balls, & Felipe Balls

Andres Asion, Wendy Grant, Lourdes & Felipe Valls

49-Wendy Grant, Mariaelena Salanen, & Andres Asion

Wendy Grant, María Elena Salinas, & Andres Asion

50-Julian Asion Jr., Julian Asion Sr., & Andres Asion

Julian Jr., Julian, & Andres Asion

51-Maria Asion, Julian Asion, & Ines Flax1

Maria & Julian Asion, & Ines Flax

52-Maria Asion, Andres Asion, & Julian Asion

Maria, Andres, & Julian Asion




56-Andres Asion1

Andres Asion

57-Luly Valls & Friend1

Natalia Murillejo & Ana Uribe

58-Andres Asion, Luly Valls, & Friend1

Natalia Murillejo, Andres Asion, & Ana Uribe

59-Luly Valls, Andres Asion, & Friend

60-Castillo, Murillejo,  Maria, Uribe, Maria, & Jones

Lizette Castillo, Natalia Murillejo, Angela Santa Maria, Ana Uribe, Stephanie Maria, & Jodi Jones


Natalia Murillejo, Andres Asion, Ana Uribe, Stephanie Maria, & Angela Santa Maria

Jennifer Cervera, Cristy Gort, Jennifer Lopez, Raquel Dominguez, & Judy Anez

Jennifer Cervera, Cristy Gort, Jennifer Lopez, Raquel Dominguez, & Judy Anez


64-Michelle Jacobs & Friends

Michelle Jacobs

65-Tony Priscal1

Tony Priscal





71-Andres Asion Getting off Bus

Andres Asion

72-Andres Asion Getting off Bus3




76-Laura Yaber, Peter Kellner, & Cesar Conde

Laura Yaber, Peter Kellner, & Cesar Conde

77-Dr.Richard Awdeh & Friend

Jessica Anderson & Richard Awdeh


Ana Quincoces


Alexander Norton, Ana Quincoces, Daisy Olivera, & Andres Asion

80-Gallagher, Baskin, Slipnan, Slipman, & Farcy

David Farcy, Curtis & Diane Slipman, Michael Baskin, & Erin Gallagher

81-Tony Priscal & Friends

Tony Priscal, Christine Martinez de Castro, Ryan Bailey, & Alex Fernandez

82-Alex Fernandez, Sandra, & Tony Priscal

Alex Fernandez, Sandra & Tony Priscal

83-Christa Marie

Christa Marie



86-Michelle Quinoa & Laura Yaber

Michelle Quinoa & Laura Yaber

87-Tracy Galya & Stacy Potash

Tracy Galya & Stacy Potash

88-Grissell Tudisco

Grissell Tudisco

89-Erin Gallagher & Diane Slipman

Erin Gallagher & Diane Slipman


Ruth Palma

Target & Rodner Figueroa Mother’s Day Brunch at Casa Tua

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


Maria Elena Salinas, Rodner Figueroa, & Luly Valls

Miami, FL – May 1, 2014 – It was all about honoring some fabulous women on Thursday afternoon as Target hosted a Mother’s Day brunch at Casa Tua, co-hosted by Univision style expert, Rodner Figueroa. The event celebrated Latina moms and showcased the latest spring fashion trends via a fashion show. Attendees included María Elena Salinas and Maity Interiano from Univision, Celebrity Chef Ana Quincoces, Lourdes and Luly Valls from the successful Versailles restaurant, among others. Guests shared why Mother’s Day is special to them, what they admire most about their moms and how they celebrate.


Ana Quincoces, Mercedes Soler, & Romina Nabhen


Ana & Ela Quincoces, & Beba Rodriguez


Ana Quincoces & Beba Rodriguez


Romina Nabhen



Rodner Figueroa







Luly Valls & Rodner Figueroa















Rodner Figueroa






















Annie Vazquez & Maria Mercedes Ferre


Carmen & Annie Vazquez


Maria Mercedes Ferre & Helen Aguirre Ferre


Maria Mercedes Ferre


Lourdes Valls, Aurora de la Fe, & Luly Valls


Luly Valls


Maity Interiano & Rodner Figueroa


Maria Elena Salinas


Rodner Figueroa & Luly Valls


Rodner Figueroa





Andres Asion’s Birthday

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Miami- Jan. 14, 2012– The lights shined bright above the Miami skyline at the penthouse rooftop of the Icon South Beach. Andres Asion and Wendy Grant, celebrated their birthdays together with close family and friends, where donations were collected to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. DJs Sandman and Irie kept the dance floor hot and momentum high during the cool evening with their sounds. The soiree proved to be a great success, benefiting a good cause.

Wendy Grant & Andres Asion

Wayne Boich, Dora Puig, & Andres Asion

Olga Garrido, Wendy Grant, Luly Valls, & Sofia Ilaneza

Olga Garrido, Sofia Ilaneza, & Luly Valls

Claudia Cardona, Jamie Coco, Tara Zottola, & Marianne Delionado

DJ Irie, Andres Asion, & DJ Sandman

Sean Wolfington, Beau Ferrari, Maria Elena Salinas, & Wendy Grant

Ana Wolfington & Juliana Velez

Andres Asion & Sean Wolfington

Brian Burke, Christine Martinez, & Andres Asion

Andres Asion & Wendy Grant

Karelia Leon & Yani Salgado

Colleen Chambers & Jaedra Wedel

Lisette Riera, Karen Lapekas, & Talia Matey

Yani Salgado

Andres Asion

Andres Asion

Austin Gorris, Jeremy Doan, Ashlee Doan, & Kari Herrick

Dora Puig & Daisy Olivera

Eugene Ramirez & Daisy Olivera

Ignacio Caltagirone & Alexia Bermello

Jason Dubler, Nicole Cunnigham, Laura Buccellati, & Chad Lehman

Manny Arvesu & Saline Arvesu

Maria Asion & Andres Asion

Nicole Sontica & Benjamin Jaras

Roger Borges & Rodner Figueroa

Susie Valls, Alfredo Gonzalez, Christi Elias, Rita Dargham, & Israel Gonzalez

Talia Matney & Karen Lapekas

Wayne Boich & Andres Asion

Wendy Grant