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SET Closing Party

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – January 13, 2013 – SET Nightclub had one final hurrah on Sunday night before closing for their grand renovation that will be complete with a new layout, look, and sophisticated feel. We can’t wait to see what SET will have to offer when they reopen in March 2013!

Eric Milon

Garrett & Dana Dwyer

Maria Bove & Stephanie Covert

Wendy Rodriguez

Jenny Ariza, Paola Corvea, & Gisele Coy May

Jonathan Estallo

Dana Dwyer & Anthony Vega

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon at Favela Beach

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon

Miami Beach, FL – June 5, 2012 – Miami Marlins’ starting pitcher, Ricky Nolasco came out to Favela Beach at WALL Tuesday night and hung out with Lil’ Jon for one of the best weeknight parties in South Beach. Nolasco, currently one of the top pitchers in MLB, celebrated his success to the sounds of DJ Ruen and in the company of Miami’s favorite local crowd.

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon

Sal Camaraza, Jeremy Spund, Ricky Nolasco, & Lil’ Jon

Matt Werner, Vanessa Castano, Lil’ Jon, & Chris De La Fe

Lil’ Jon & Chris De La Fe

Navin Chatani & Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith, Tatanka, Navin Chatani, & Alex Mantofel

Lyndon Smith & Gaudi Castro

Paulo Cardosa & Ruen

Tatanka, Megan Lozano, & Jonathan Estallo

Antonio Martucci, Burton Wilkins, & Kelly Gray

Lexi Lynn

Kelly Gray

Danielle Goodwin & Gabrielle Ressa

Sara Peeraerts

Vanessa Castano

Danielle Goodwin & Gabrielle Ressa


Megan Lozano & Maria Bove

Vanessa Castano

Steven Arwood

Nicole McCarty

Ana Knapp

Kimberly Jane

Lexi Lynn

Sami Schnur & Maria Schnur

Nicole McCarty & Ana Knapp

Ale Zelaya & Pao Korder

Heather Delorme, Bekah Simmons, Mischelee Schrader, & Danielle Pexa

Sara Peeraerts, Lory Pearl, & Rhett Bennett

Sonja Ewy, Dustin Heil, & Jessica Smith

Kelly Werme & Sonja Ewy

Courtney Williams & Sonja Ewy

Jessica Smith


Jonathan Estallo

Nicky Romero at LIV

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May 24, 2012 – Thursday night was one of the best nights LIV has seen lately and Nicky Romero was the reason. Romero played a huge variety and switched things up all night which made for a refreshing vibe for the LIV crowd.

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero

Addison Clarke & Maria Bove

Addison Clarke

Jordyn Hartlein

Nicky Romero

Addison Clarke, Sarah Lazow, & Su Unlu

Amanda Cox

Beau Beasley

Mercedes Brown, Beau Beasley, Beatrice Espady, & Jessica Michalzen

Caitlin O’Donald, Julia Nolan, & Jessica Aiello

Meredith Root & Amanda Morales

Addison Clarke, Sarah Lazow, & Maria Bove

Addison Clarke

Nicky Romero

Sara Catanzano, Ruxy Dumitru, & Jackie Danielle

Sara Catanzano

Su Unlu & Lyla Davis

Daniele Harrington & Biz Martinez

Natalie Garcia, Stephanie Avetrani, & Samantha Jalil

Mercedes Brown, Beatrice Espady, & Jessica Michalzen

Melanie Alvarez & Nicole Alvarez

Lyla Davis & Su Unlu

Kaitlyn Hurley

Tommy Pooch & Beau Beasley

Tyler Loy

Tyler Loy & Jennifer Bond

Ally Bee & Alex Major

Biz Martinez, Nicky Romero, & Brandon Kovacs

Nicky Romero

Favela Beach at WALL

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Maria Bove & Stephanie Covert

Miami Beach, FL – April 17, 2012 – Tuesday at WALL at the W South Beach was another exciting Favela Beach party. This week they changed things up a bit with DJ Irie spinning in the DJ booth. The crowd got hot and heavy, loving every minute of the joy of WALL.

Maria Bove & Stephanie Covert

Illya Biederman, Mike Aaron, & Courtney Williams

Michelle Casares, Andrea Kasinsky, & Daniela Medina

DJ Irie

Bianca Ianfranco & Kristina Pohlmann

Maira Bove

Maria Avila

DJ Irie

Mina Koch

Maria Bove & Stephanie Covert

Vanessa Lujan & Ana Gonzalez

Mina Koch

Maria Avila & Chloe Gasset

Paulo Cardosa & DJ Irie

Jon Temerian, Stephanie Covert, Maria Bove, & DJ Irie

Juan Stapff, Amy Sires, Erin Cummins, Alejandro Bazan Diaz, Illya Biederman, Courtney Williams, & Alaina Smidt

Fareoh at LIV

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – April 14, 2012 – This past Saturday at LIV was one of those nights where everyone was in rare form. Fareoh was in the DJ booth playing a variety of tracks while the crowd let go of their inhibitions and partied until closing time.

Sunny Middleton

Valentina Sarria & Sunny Middleton


Jonathan Duerr, Vito Reznik, & Nils

Maria Bove & Stephanie Covert

Vanessa Diminich

Valentina Sarria

Sunny Middleton

Vanessa Diminich

Matt Root & Bailey Murray

Mila Dago & Natasha Blanco

Gabrielle Ressa

Ashley Levy & Tiffany Golan

Sunny Middleton, Valentina Sarria, & Vanessa Diminich

Nyssa Ortino & Danielle Holtz

A-Trak at LIV

Saturday, March 17th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – March 14, 2012 – A-Trak played to a crazy Wednesday night crowd this week at LIV, pleasing the Spring break visitors and LIV’s devoted locals. Tiesto stopped by LIV to catch a glimpse of what is to come in the next week of non-stop music and parties.


Mike Aaron

Fabian Navas & Kelly Werme

Fabian Navas

Kelly Werme



Mike Aaron & Maria Bove

Angelique Miller

Amanda Cox

Illya Biederman & Annie Gustafsson

Danielle Jones, Carly McCall, & Ava Hirschorn

Michael Capponi & Tiesto


Kate Countryman

Kate Countryman & Bre Coe

Julie Davis & Dana James

Chiara Imperiali & Alice Baldi

Annie Gustafsson & Max Baum

Cameron Cervera, Biz Martinez, & Max Baum

Julie Davis & Dana James

Kelly Werme & Fabiana Navas

Maria Shibina & Maria Bessonova

Moe Garcia & Ross One


Taylor Wagner


Favela Beach’s Fat Tuesday at Wall

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Travis McCoy & Jeremy Shockey

Miami Beach, FL – February 7, 2012 – Favela Beach Tuesday night at Wall at the W South Beach was the hotspot for sure on South Beach. A special “Fat Tuesday” Edition of Favela Beach with appearances by Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush, and Travis McCoy.

Travis McCoy & Shannon James

DJ Ruen

Mala Bryan

Nicki Zwiesler

Molly Stubstad

Morganne Wray

Molly Stubstad & Maria Bove

Maria Avila & Chloe Gasset

Charish Glaze & Whitney Moore

Julia Musch & Christina Haddad

Tatanka & Paulo Cardosa

Burton Wilkins, Morganne Wray, Sonja Ewy, Courtney Williams, & Mike Aaron

Maria Bove

Sonja Ewy & Morganne Wray

Raquel Moyes, Alexa Prosniewski, & Lee Joselowitz

Marbella Oliveira & Mariana Barone

DJ Ruen, Mr. Mauricio, & Tatanka

Travis McCoy, Matt Werner, & Shannon James

Whitney Moore, Charish Glaze, & Mike Aaron

Rony Seikaly at LIV

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – January 14, 2012 – Rony Seikaly gave another crazy amazing performance at LIV at Fontainebleau on Saturday night and things got wild with dressed up sports fans and animal fanatics. Timati dropped by as a surprise and took the stage, making for an exciting, successful LIV night.

Barbie Moros

Chris Adamo

Rony Seikaly

Trinity Clark

Netta Bodman

Alyssa Arce & Ana Gonzalez

Carly McCall & Alexandra Raveling

Megan McGuire & Abbey Klesse

Vera Rejtinder


Timati & Igor Zag

Igor Zag, Timati, & Purple

Lauren de Kok, Kailey Hsu, Francesca Urso, & Suzanne Polakoff

Rayla Jacunda & Sofia Silva

Rene Dago, Elvira Dago, & Michael Capponi

Alistair Overeem & Michael Martin

Maria Bove & Caitlin Moores

Maria Bove

Michael Martin, Yannick Alessio, & Rudy Ravot

Ingrid Reichert

Favela Beach at WALL

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Carly McCall & Alexandra Raveling

Miami Beach, FL – January 10, 2012 – Every time Favela Beach comes to WALL everyone comes out to party like it’s the weekend no matter what day of the week they’re scheduled to perform. Tuesday was the perfect example of the dedication to both Favela Beach and WALL at the W South Beach.

Vigi Cutler & Casey Stephanie Steindberg

Elizabeth Wright & Candace Lott

Lindsay Pulaski

Antonio Martucci

Antonio Martucci & Alexandra Raveling

Vigi Cutler & Casey Stephanie Steindberg

Alexandra Raveling & Carly McCall

Gioia Jansen

Heather Marsh & Erin Johnson

Andrea Champeezy & Erin Landry

Carolina Restrepo & Mariana Jaramilo

DJ Ross One

Jade Berrian, Katie Luddy, & Rikki Allen

Jade Berrian & Rikki Allen

Michelle Madonna

DJ Ross One & DJ Erick La Peau

Chris Paciello, Gioia Jansen, & Nicola Siervo

Purple, Gioia Jansen, & Ana Gonzalez

Alexandra Raveling, Carly McCall, & Lindsay Pulaski

Rebekah Keida

Maria Bove

Milen Arro

Valentina Hernandez & Daniela Moreno

Eva Le Dantec, Jessica Collar, & Katherine Saldana

Heather Marsh, Jessica Cox, & Erin Johnson

Vigi Cutler & Juan Stapff

Chicco Secci at WALL

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Rebekah Keida

Miami Beach, FL – January 5, 2012 – Chicco Secci invaded WALL at W South Beach for another round of fun on Thursday night. WALL lit up to the music and DJ Ruen provided integral music to the night’s set with his own mix of flavor. No other Thursday night in Miami will compare to the ones had  at WALL.

Tina Klafstadbakken & Sophie Ilebakke

Sophie Ilebakke

Sophie Ilebakke & Tina Klafstadbakken

DJ Ruen

Chicco Secci

Brin Abel & DJ John Cash

Erik Yehezkel, Rebekah Keida, Johnny the Boy, & Marcel Katz

Adam Risolia & Elizabeth Wright

Tina Klafstadbakken & Sophie Ilebakke

Elizabeth Wright

Brin Abel

Jona Cerwinske

Maria Bove & Molly Stubstad

Sophie Ilebakke, Nathan Valentine, & Tina Klafstadbakken

Sophie Ilebakke

Tina Klafstadbakken, Burton Wilkins, Sophie Ilebakke, & Derek Williams

TV Rock at Amnesia

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Philippe B & TV Rock

Miami Beach, FL – November 12, 2011 – TV Rock performed alongside Amnesia’s resident DJ Philippe B on Saturday night and lured in a diverse crowd including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Craig David, & Larry Johnson.

TV Rock & Philippe B

Greta Jonusaite, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, & Lina Glibauskaite

Lina Glibauskaite,  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, & Greta Jonusaite

Larry Johnson, Ricky Anderson, & WB

Molly Tipps

Holly Hensler, Anik Garand, & Alexandra Cozart

Marcela Defert & Christina Antoniou

TV Rock

Marko Gonjanovic & Daniela Camato

Dovile Medeisyte & Johane Grosjean

Dominique Clerc

Mayne Zane, Matt Werner, & Dru Brett

Boop Radjaian

Dovile Medeisyte, Craig David, & Johane Grosjean

TV Rock

Frankie Godoy & Gioia Jansen

Gioia Jansen

Giulianna Ramirez & Alejandro Fontanals

Giulianna Ramirez

Greta Jonusaite & Lina Glibauskaite

Marko Gonjanovic & Daniela Camato

Mathilda Jansson

Nicole Mayorquin, Vanessa Vazquez, Alexandra, & Neveen Rayan

Melissa Corcos & Soni Schonthal

Jamie Norcia, Karen Benmeleh, & Sydney Adler

Philippe B

Ryan Troy

TV Rock & Philippe B

Matt Werner, Larry Johnson, Ricky Anderson, & WB

Matt Werner, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Maria Bove, & Molly Stubstad

Afrojack at LIV

Friday, October 28th, 2011


Miami Beach, FL – October 26, 2011 – Afrojack brought energy  like never seen or felt before to LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Wednesday night. The space was filled to maximum capacity and everyone anxiously awaited for Afrojack to perform his latest set. Erick Morillo was also present and eager to hear his fellow DJ perform. Not until the sun came up and the lights came on in LIV did the crowd finally

Afrojack & Erick Morillo


Julia Nolan, Angela Nolan, & Alexis Jackson

Chloe Gasset

Alexis Jackson


Kelley Marchette

Lyndsay Hugues & Kelley Marchette

Ana Gonzales  & Nicole Ferrer

Camille Royer

Gaudi Castro & Mike Troy



Jackie Nelson

Karen Benmeleh

Lyndsay Hugues & Kelley Marchette

Maria Bove

Jackie Nelson, Jessica Who, Jake Jefferson, Gaudi Castro, & Aramis Llorie

Emily Rosati, Julia Nolan, & Mike Aaron

Tiff Zaytsev & Erick Morillo