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Côte d’Or Paris at SET Fridays

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Johanna Da Ru & Rebekah Keida

Miami Beach, FL – July 19, 2013 – It was a fun and funky night at SET Fridays with the Côte d’Or Paris To Tokyo 2014 Collection coming down the runway for swim week. Michael Capponi, Eric and Francis Milon, Mark Lehmkuhl, Antonio Misuraca, and Oliver Jay hosted this great event where  DJ Julian Ingrosso played the perfect soundtrack to the show.

Rebekah Keida

Johanna Da Ru

Rebekah Keida

Rebekah Keida

Johanna Da Ru

Rebekah Keida

Rebekah Keida

Kent Anderson, Bill Dean, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Loy Anderson, & Chris Dishino

Eric Milon & Lauren Fitzpatrick

Lauren Fitzpatrick & Michael Capponi

Jamie Bowling & Lauren Arrington

Kristina Kay & Emily Farache

Julian Ingrosso

Bettina Anderson & Lucy Bidwell

Chris Dishino & Laura Terrazas

Kent Anderson, Bettina Anderson, & Lucy Bidwell

Oliver Jay

Roman Jones, David Farcy, Kevin Fitzpatrick, & Stephanie Theis Fajardo

Kevin Fitzpatrick & Stephanie Theis Fajardo

Paradise Social Club

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Miami Beach , FL – July 19, 2013 – The Paradise Fund proudly hosted its inaugural “Paradise Social Club” fundraiser gala in Miami Beach on Friday at Terra Veritatis. The recently remodeled, 18,100-square-foot waterfront estate and private residence served as backdrop for the celebration, fashioned after Havana, Cuba, circa 1957.

The Paradise Fund co-founders Christopher DiSchino, Kent Anderson and Loy Anderson lll joined co-host Michael Capponi, for an evening of glamour and sophistication. Proceeds will benefit The Paradise Fund’s Children’s Relief Program, which helps disadvantaged children by way of providing books, homes, medicine, schools and other tools needed to create a better life.

During the celebration, guests were transported to the glory days of 1950s Havana, dancing to live performances by Cuban artists Norberto Y Marisela, sipping libations from Bacardi and toking on freshly hand-rolled cigars from Wynwood Cigar Factory.

Tara Solomon, Loy Anderson, Chris Dischino, & Kent Anderson

Chris Dischino, Felicia Marquez, Kent Anderson, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Michael Capponi, & Loy Anderson

Loy Anderson, Chris Dischino, Tara Solomon, & Kent Anderson

Loy Anderson, Chris Dischino, & Kent Anderson

Loy Anderson, Bettina Anderson, & Kent Anderson

Lucy Bidwell & Bettina Anderson

Lauren Fitzpatrick & Michael Capponi

Lauren Fitzpatrick & Felicia Marquez

Felicia Marquez & Sarah Bromley

Chris Dischino & Felicia Marquez

Michael Capponi & Lauren Fitzpatrick

Michael Capponi, Lauren Fitzpatrick, & Jeff Rice

Lauren Fitzpatrick, Jacquelynn Powers, & Christina Wilson

Lauren Fitzpatrick, Loy Anderson, & Jaana Luik

Loy Anderson, Lauren Arrington, & Jamie Bowling

Loy Anderson, Bettina Anderson, Lucy Bidwell, & Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson, Lauren Fitzpatrick, & Chris Dischino

Lauren Fitzpatrick

Chris Dischino, Lauren Fitzpatrick, & Kent Anderson

Elle West & Joanna Esther

Kelly Hughes & Alina Pokidova

Kent Anderson & Lucy Bidwell

Tara Solomon & Ian Flannery

Lauren Arrington & Jamie Bowling

Alexis Vrba & Kaila Mardoyan

Tara Solomon & Ian Flannery

Bettina Anderson & Lucy Bidwell

Michael Martin & Jean Philippe Bernard

Julien Gay, Guillaume Lellouche, & Michael Martin

Melanie Tillbrook, Kristina Kay, Jose Frias, & Jackie Waldman

Omar Dewindt & Chris Dischino

Carly & Steven Patterson, & Gary & Dana Shear

Chris Dischino, Laura Terrazas, Ernesto Reyes, & Stephen Nunez

Irina Reinoso & Mila Dago

Janice Santos & Mark Kreisler

Javier Guerra & Michael Grieco

Jeff Rice & Vincent de Paul

Vincent De Paul, Eric Milon, & Sanjay Matai

Jacquelynn Powers, Christina Wilson, & Eric Milon

Fifth Annual Paradise Fund Grand Casino

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Palm Beach, FL – November 23, 2012 – The Paradise Fund kicked off the 2012/2013 Palm Beach social season with the fifth annual Paradise Grand Casino, which took place on Friday, November 23rd at the Historic Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. Five hundred of New York and Palm Beach’s young, philanthropic trendsetters gathered at this invitation-only event sponsored by Lamborghini and Sabadell Bank & Trust Palm Beach.

Guests sampled delectable bites from Buccan’s James Beard nominated chef, Clay Conley, and sipped signature cocktails from famed New York speak-easy, Death & Co’s, curated bar. Palm Beach and New York movers and shakers gambled the night away, mingled and danced to the sounds of Manhattan-based, award-winning crooner Doug Acosta and his swing orchestra.

Proceeds raised at the 2012 Paradise Grand Casino will directly benefit The Haiti Empowerment Mission and St. Jude’s Medical Research Hospital; two very important children’s charities supported by The Paradise Fund’s own Children’s Relief Fund. The Fifth Annual Paradise Grand Casino marked the fourth event for The Paradise Fund this year, others include The Paradise Fund Miami launch in May 2012, TPF’s New York launch in October 2012 and a fourth launch planned in Los Angeles later this year. The Paradise Fund recently sponsored 48 Haitian students for the 2012-2013 School Year for Haiti Empowerment Mission, founded by Michael Capponi.

Kent Anderson, Loy Anderson, Hilary Jordan, & Chris Dischino

Loy Anderson, Michael Capponi, Lauren Fitzpatrick, & Kent Anderson

Kait Parker & Loy Anderson

Kim Ward & Chris Dischino

Hilary Jordan & Dack Patriarca

James Laham, Jade Toback, Jean Michael Lif, & Charlotte Zahringer

Erik Waldin & Alex Hufty Griswold

Felicia Marquez & Monica Tetrault

Hadley & Yannick Henriette

Hadley Henriette & Amanda Caulder

Felicia Marquez, Michael Capponi, & Lauren Fitzpatrick

Michael Capponi & Lauren Fitzpatrick

Mary Tobin & Whitney Burbank

Sarah Gates & Alexander Ives

Tony Antoine & Wilhemenia Rodena

Mary Brittain Cheatham, Karl Koppertop, & Kendall Cheatham

Stacy Nichols, India Paull, & Carla Shah

Tracey Mack, April Wehle, & Molly Sullivan

Madeleine Kent & Catherine Kent

Bobby Kreusler, Shannon Carnahan, Chris Burdett, Trena Thompson, & Chappy Adams

Carin & Derek Acree, Bill & Brooke Mckernan

Winston Lapham & Bettina Anderson

Christina Moens, Law Slagsvol, & Bella Slagsvol

Shannon Carnahan & Trena Thompson

Mary Tobin, Kent Anderson, & Whitney Burbank

Loy Anderson, Chris Dischino, Hilary Jordan, & Kent Anderson

Cori Seaberg, Mary Brittain Cheatham, Leeana Smith-Ryland, & Bettina Anderson

Carla Shah & Stacy Nichols

Kim Ward, Natalie Hensley, & Susan Dischino

The Paradise Fund Miami Launch

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May 11, 2012 – More than 300 of Miami’s philanthropic trendsetters celebrated the launch of The Paradise Fund’s newest branch, The Paradise Fund: Miami, at the Shelborne South Beach hotel on Friday, May 11, 2012. Due to the overwhelming response for admission to this event, Menin Hotels re-decorated Vesper American Brasserie to accommodate the guests, who sampled creative new cocktails from Atlantico Rum, such as the Atlantico Cane Harvest and light-bites from the Vesper American Brasserie’s new summer menu. DJ Clarke LaMotte moved guests to their feet who danced both poolside and inside several VIP lounges set up across the venue.  Raffle Prizes included a stay at the newly revamped Shelborne South Beach Hotel, a custom pair of Del Toro shoes, an exclusive case of Atlantico Private CaskRum and tickets to see Madama Butterfly at the Miami Lyric Opera.

A children’s-need based organization established nearly a decade ago in Palm Beach, Florida, The Paradise Fund is expanding its operations to Miami, New York City and Los Angeles this year. The launch of Paradise Fund: Miami marked the first in a series of nationwide launch parties designed to engage its guests and encourage their involvement in the Fund’s philanthropic works both locally and around the world. Second only to its mission to benefit children’s health, welfare and education, with events like Paradise Casino, held annual at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach each November, The Paradise Fund is quickly re-defining a new generation of fundraising events. “Our local Board of Trustee’s is working hard to create a special, annual fundraiser, the likes of which Miami has never seen”, said Chris DiSchino, co-founder and chairman of The Paradise Fund’s Miami Chapter. The Paradise Fund’s current projects include working with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as community redevelopment in post-earthquake Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Bette Ann Schlossberg & Florina Resnik

Farah Sayegh & Sophie Konigsfeldt

Monica Loaiza, Jessica Epstein, & Amanda Marie

Dina Goldentayer & Cara Thompson

Lauren Turchin & Olivia Feldman

Alison Hill & Cornelia van der Geest

Alison Hill, Cornelia van der Geest, Chris Dischino, & Felicia Marquez

Chris Dischino & Felicia Marquez

Mark Kreisler & Molly Stubstad

Erica Fickling & Ernest Reese

Jolie Mestre, Michelle Pimienta, & Natasha Castellon

Camila Valverde, Sofia Rovirosa, & Sisi De Goytisolo

Anderson Martinez, Nicole Sanchez, & Ernesto Reyes

Loy Anderson, Felicia Marquez, & Chris Dischino

Cami Zapata & Laura Terrazas

Laura Terrazas & Alfredo Granai

Loy Anderson & Chris Dischino

Tania Sibonney, Chris Dischino, & Bette Ann Schlossberg