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Basement Bowl at The Miami Beach EDITION

Friday, December 5th, 2014


Miami Beach, FL – December 6, 2014 – Party goers spun their way into The Miami Beach EDITION on Saturday night as Savannah Buffett and Tropical Acres hosted the Basement Bowl. Guests brought their A-game as they bowled their way into the night, enjoying the killer lanes in the hotel. A crowd also spent time mixing and mingling over at the ice skating rink. Without a doubt The Miami Beach EDITION add’s the perfect touch to this city bringing, fun and excitement for people of who’ve been a little bored of the same old thing.

Savannah Buffett






Savannah Buffett


Louie Vega




Laura Hoy & Julie Davis


Fantashia Hauss & Jenee Lendzion


Laura Kruger & Karen Lelchuk

Caroline Berdugo, Rachel Baum, & friend

Caroline Berdugo & Rachel Baum

Max Botkin, Allison Kunath, & Tziporah Mandel

Max Botkin, Allison Kunath, & Tziporah Mandel


Franca, Nick, Adam, Lexi, & Savannah Buffett

Magsie Leborgne, Catrina Reingold, Randi Wolfson Adamo, & Savanahh Buffet

Magsie Leborgne, Catrina Reingold, Randi Wolfson Adamo, & Savanah Buffet


Savannah Buffett










Daniela & Brian Peeler


Eduardo Garcia & Caroline Li


Caroline Tell & Evan Gasman


Dana Pickles & Apples Ficalora

Raul Gasteazoro, Alicia Henry, & Noel Graupner

Raul Gasteazoro, Alicia Henry, & Noel Graupner


Steven Hof & Luiza Farber

Hillary Choo, Laura Terrazas, Dana Pucci, & Alexander Bruce

Hillary Choo, Laura Terrazas, Dana Pucci, & Alexander Bruce


 David Collins & Monica Arias


Eric Stevens & Matt Root




Music on Marco Carola at STORY

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – October 26, 2013 – It’s not everyday that an Ibiza legend graces STORY’s large and mystique dance floor with a seven week residency. By far one of the most respected, consistent, and growing artists on the scene with his weekly “Music On” parties at Amnesia Ibiza; Marco is a name known worldwide to all electronic music enthusiasts.

STORY, MMG’s youngest club, will host Marco Carola and friends for a Music On Residency weekly, right here in our own backyard. Along with partners Link & Miami Rebels, MMG brings you the best at Underground Story every Saturday.

Marco will be traveling between New York and Miami for the next month and half playing Marquee Fridays before hopping a plane to Miami the next morning for STORY Saturdays!

Marco Carola

Marco Carola

Bailey Murray

Bialey Murray, Lauren Quattro, & Laura H

Lucaz Zaglul, Karla Delgado, & Coloma Kamboosky

Lucaz Zaglul & Karla Delgado

Coloma Kamboosky

Tyler Loy

Angelique Miller


Lauren Schwartz


Maria Avila

Gina Pointillo & Cara Bertsch

Viktoria Ellen & Mallory Gray

Ludamila Lobo, Constantine Fabrini, & Bruna Mattos

Emi Guerra

Biz Martinez

Marco Carola

Angelique Miller

Cara Bertsch

Bailey Murray & Matt Root

Bailey Murray, Ryan Troy, Lauren Quattro, & Laura H

Esmeralda Dekaj, Max Baum, & Sasha Barr

Hyde Saturdays

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – February 2, 2013 – Hyde Beach at SLS has everything needed for a perfect Saturday night out in Miami. DJ Erok was on the music while the crowd sipped on drinks while mingling and dancing.

Bailey Murray & Julie Davis

Meghan Owen & Jentry Owen

Christine Esagunde & Aline Kfouri

DJ Erok

Christine Esagunde, Aline Kfouri, Marianne Saliba, & Viola S

Christine Esagunde, Aline Kfouri, Marianne Saliba, Philip Kraft, & Viola S

Laura Hoy, Reed Nicol, Julie Davis, & Bailey Murray

Marianne Saliba, Philip Kraft, & Viola S

Julie Davis & Laura Hoy

Sander van Doorn at LIV

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Sander van Doorn

Miami Beach, FL – July 19, 2012 – Sander van Doorn exceded Miami’s expectations last Thursday bringing his deep, unique sound to LIV during Miami Swim Week. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend and get a dose of some great music.

Sander van Doorn

Christine Mirabal

Adriana Medico & Bailey Murray

Julie Jasmine & Shami Waissmann

Todd Gallagher

Sander van Doorn

David Grutman

Sander van Doorn

Jessica Levi, Sofi Henriquez, & Haley Kanter

Ari Rapado

Adriana Medico & Ryan Troy

Todd Gallagher

Claire & Samantha

Adriana Medico

David Grutman

Jamil Array, Kim Mason, Laura Hoy, & Kyle Grimes

Sasha Martinez, Lauren Correa, & Tina Naranjo

Meredith Root

Tyler Loy & Manuela Escallon

Seth Browarnik

Sander van Doorn

Jorge Matta

Sander van Doorn

Julia Nolan

Su Unlu & Kelly Gray

Sander van Doorn