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Ruckus’ Birthday at LIV

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – October 12, 2012 – Ruckus has been a staple in the Miami nightlife seen for years now and is sought after by many. LIV showed him some birthday love Friday night, giving this charismatic DJ just what he wished for.




Jenn Klein

Caitlin Roth

Kayleigh Cox

Julia Choe, Nina Pastena, & Kayleigh Cox

Ruckus & Moe Garcia

Ruckus & Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez & Purple



Jimmy Greenup & Junior Alonso

Jimmy Greenup

Junior Alonso

Jimmy Greenup


Kimberly Jane, Romina Quintana, Vanessa Noboa, Ricarda Barran, & Jamzz

Kimberly Jane, Romina Quintana, Vanessa Noboa, & Jamzz

Tatiane de Donnp, Raylane Raysa, & Paula Cotta

Ella Campbell

Morganne Wray, Sonja Ewy, & Courtney Williams

Mynt Thursdays

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 16, 2012 – Last Thursday marked another great night at Mynt, with a hot crowd and good vibes. Mynt VIP director, Oliver Jay, celebrated his birthday at the club with close friends to the sounds of DJ Tracy Young.

Daniela Ortega, Cristina Perruolo, Sasha Alcorta, & Vinna Katz

Andrea Fuentes & Mara Ciarcia

Carhil Fontana, Henrique Reverin, & Alexandra Graterol

Vinna Katz, Daniela Ortega,  Sasha Alcorta, & Cristina Perruolo

Ilaria Negri, Tatiana Ballerini, & Elena Romagnoli

Marivi Coronado, Gesy Lynn, & Maria Coronado

Tatjana Lausevic, Suzana Lucic, Dragana Milasin, & Ivana Mastilo

Ryan Atkin & Diana Villarmarzo

Natalia Escobar & Valeria Saffon

Tatjana Lausevic & Suzana Lucic

Vinna Katz, Daniela Ortega, Sasha Alcorta, & Cristina Perruolo

Dragana Milasin & Ivana Mastilo

Michelle Fren & Jenna Missaggia

Taylor Rhodenbaugh & Kimberly Jane

LMFAO & Sidney Samson at LIV

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

LeBron James & DJ Irie

Miami Beach, FL – June 22, 2012 – The night after winning the NBA Championships, LeBron James came back to LIV for a performance by party rockers LMFAO with Sidney Samson in the DJ booth. Whitney Port of The City also came out to join in the festivities at LIV.

Blair Molitor, Whitney Port, & Emily Korenberg



Zachary Ralph, Alejandro Diaz Bazan, Mike Aaron, & Steven Arwood

Alejandro Diaz Bazan, Mike Aaron, & Steven Arwood

Steven Arwood & Morganne Wray

Netta Bodman

Kelly Werme & Julia Nolan

Nicole McCarty

Kimberly Jane & Kelly Werme

Alexandra Raveling



Burton Wilkins


Netta Bodman, Robyn Prywes, Max Baum, Liana Berrios, Stephanie Whaler, & Tamara Rubinov

Amanda Carlow, Rachel Silver, & Julie Ball

Ryan Troy & Kelly Gray

Robin Prywes

Nicole McCarty, Lara Kaye, & Kyley Shea

Netta Bodman, Stephanie Whaler, & Tamar Rubinov

Daniela Mencos & Haley Elizabeth

Sidney Samson



Mynt Fridays

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Natasha & Valentina

Miami Beach, FL – June 15, 2012 – Mynt Fridays keep going strong each week and the summer vibes have crept their way in. Resident DJ Julian Ingrosso provided the music for the night and the overall feel of the crowd.

Natasha & Valentina

Natasha & Valentina

Lavanya Yohanathan

Estefany Gomez & Alexandra Schlaubitz

Kimberly Jane

Julian Ingrosso

Brittany Reyes

Jackie Bofill, Gabriela Portela, & Deanna Etzold

Gabriela Portela & Deanna Etzold

Alice Ederle & Joseph Casey

Damasia Ball & Jenna Portela

Wendy Rodriguez, Isabel Enes, Gonzalez K, & Brittany Reyes

Andreina Rojo & Briana Tadeo

Carroll Malloy & Roberta Danzilo

Katrina Peterson

Katrina Peterson & Jacklyn Rudd

Jade Mdidi

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon at Favela Beach

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon

Miami Beach, FL – June 5, 2012 – Miami Marlins’ starting pitcher, Ricky Nolasco came out to Favela Beach at WALL Tuesday night and hung out with Lil’ Jon for one of the best weeknight parties in South Beach. Nolasco, currently one of the top pitchers in MLB, celebrated his success to the sounds of DJ Ruen and in the company of Miami’s favorite local crowd.

Ricky Nolasco & Lil’ Jon

Sal Camaraza, Jeremy Spund, Ricky Nolasco, & Lil’ Jon

Matt Werner, Vanessa Castano, Lil’ Jon, & Chris De La Fe

Lil’ Jon & Chris De La Fe

Navin Chatani & Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith, Tatanka, Navin Chatani, & Alex Mantofel

Lyndon Smith & Gaudi Castro

Paulo Cardosa & Ruen

Tatanka, Megan Lozano, & Jonathan Estallo

Antonio Martucci, Burton Wilkins, & Kelly Gray

Lexi Lynn

Kelly Gray

Danielle Goodwin & Gabrielle Ressa

Sara Peeraerts

Vanessa Castano

Danielle Goodwin & Gabrielle Ressa


Megan Lozano & Maria Bove

Vanessa Castano

Steven Arwood

Nicole McCarty

Ana Knapp

Kimberly Jane

Lexi Lynn

Sami Schnur & Maria Schnur

Nicole McCarty & Ana Knapp

Ale Zelaya & Pao Korder

Heather Delorme, Bekah Simmons, Mischelee Schrader, & Danielle Pexa

Sara Peeraerts, Lory Pearl, & Rhett Bennett

Sonja Ewy, Dustin Heil, & Jessica Smith

Kelly Werme & Sonja Ewy

Courtney Williams & Sonja Ewy

Jessica Smith


Jonathan Estallo

Ruckus at LIV

Friday, June 1st, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – May 30, 2012 – After a long weekend away, all the hot Miami locals returned to LIV Wednesday night for the usual Dirty Harry debauchery. DJ Ruckus entertained with an exciting and diverse set of house music, hip hop and pop that welcomed everyone back from there Memorial Day Weekend holiday and kick off the Summer fun at the Fontainebleau.


Kelly Werme & Kimberly Jane

Su Unlu

Kelly Gray, Jordyn Hartlein, & Su Unlu

Jordan Hartlein

Kimberly Jane & Jordyn Hartlein

Kelly Werme & Kimberly Lane

Kelly Werme, Kimberly Jane, Jordyn Hartlein, & Jimmy Greenup


Jovar Andrews & Ruckus

Ekaterina Khodorich & Jinni Pan

DJ Ruckus

Daniella Mencos, Maria Avila, & Chloe Gasset

Adriana Sanchez & Natasha Colon

DJ Courtney, Paige Rivkind, & Shari Gurkin

Jessica Aeillo

Monica Daniela & Andrea Escobar

Alesso at LIV

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, & Nicky Romero

Miami Beach, FL- May 23, 2012 – All of Miami flocked to LIV on Wednesday to see and hear Alesso and he definitely rocked it out. Sebastian Ingrosso and Nicky Romero were back behind the DJ booth as well, reminding of WMC and what summer in Miami is all about.

Sebastian Ingrosso, David Grutman, Alesso, & Nicky Romero

Sebastian Ingrosso



Alexandra Raveling

Caitlin Nordstrom

Jennifer Foley

Carrie Stull & Alexia Delorme

Marcela Guerra & Maggie Ycaza

Steph Reyes

Lindsay Pulaski

Monica Lefkof, Nicole Barrio, & Stacey Hoffman



Daniel Pendelton

Chloe Koplin

Julia Nolan & Liz Nolan

Tyler Loy

Ryan Troy & Sebastian Ingrosso

Annie Gustafsson, Kelly Werme, & Kimberly Jane

Amaris Genemar, Caitlin O’Neill, & Xaviera Espinosa

Annie Gustafsson & Kelly Werme

Andrews Lorenzana

Sebastian Ingrosso & Purple


Brandon Kovacs, Nicky Romero, & Kelly Werme

Brandon Kovacs, Chloe Koplin, Nicky Romero, & Biz Martinez

Caitlin Byrne, Becca Kingsdorf, & Ashley Woolbert

Jessica Escobar, Juliana Moreno, & Stephanie Hallett

Lisa Sa & Ekaterina Khodorich

Tyler Loy

Gaudi Castro, Tyler Loy, & Danny Timiraos

Nikki Page & Andrea Rodriguez

Annabel Gonzalez

Keith Paciello’s Birthday at FDR

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Alfred Spellman, Moe Garcia, Keith Paciello, Mark Levinthal, Bill Spector, Conrad, & Chris Paciello

Miami Beach, FL – May 21, 2012 – Monday, our good buddy, Keith Paciello celebrated his birthday at FDR at the Delano with his legendary band of friends. Keith’s brother Chris along with Alfred Spellman, Moe Garcia, Angel Febres, & Conrad Gomez hosted the night while Mark Leventhal & Mr. Mauricio spun and local artist Jona Cerwinske painted. It was like the 90’s all over again. Paciello and his group have been a staple to Miami Beach and we are pleased to wish Keith another very happy birthday. Love you brother!

Keith Paciello

Jona Cerwinske

Jamie Baratta & Mr. Mauricio

David Grutman & Keith Paciello

Lauren Louis & Homeo Ganem

Marina Perkaj

Jaclyn Waters

Jamie Kenna & Kenna Ramirez

Rebecca W. & Genesis O.

Amy Pereda & Burt Reynolds

Louis Arzu & Al Nelson

Bailey Murray

Kimberly Jane & Kelly Werme

Hilda Luna & Chiara Cucinella

Lena Garrett & Shari Gurkin

Lorena Arias & Carolina Gonzalez

Mia Tidwell & Lindsay Buxbaum

Conrad, Bill Spector, Angel Febres, & Moe Garcia

Mynt Fridays

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – May 17, 2012 – Mynt Fridays continue to start the weekend off in Miami Beach with DJ Rascal on the music and the crowd on the dance floor. Mynt is definitely a hotspot for the summer crowd.


Kimberly Jane

Gesy Lynn

Gabriela Soto & Peyton Fannin

Belen Alvarado, Fernanda Arenas, Sonia Montalva, & Beatriz Naranjo

Beatriz Naranjo

Andrea Restrepo & Maria Teresa Tupini

Angelis Frias

Nikki Marts & Angelis Frias

Nikki Marts

Schannel Morgart

Danielle Mrad & Bassem Balaa

Catalina Moreno & Melissa Taylor

Stephanie Vara

Jess Obrien & Christina O’Neill

Maria Teresa Tupini & Gesy Lynn

Ilona Ozem & Lily Su

Aline Matos

Delia Nunez & Olga Rodriguez

Bruna Sfeir & Aline Matos

Melissa Jackson & Jacque Villars

Fernanda Arenas

Judith Salcedo & Ileana Florescz

Sebastian Ingrosso at Amnesia

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May, 20, 2012 – Amnesia had a full house on Sunday with an energetic crowd that left with an experience that can only be described as pure madness. Sebastian Ingrosso opened his set with “Greyhound” making it clear that insanity would be the theme of the night. The electrifying sounds had everyone moving their feet and dancing through all hours of the night. Alesso also joined in the DJ booth and Otto Knows came out to support to make the night complete. This performance can only be a sign of the pre-memorial day craziness that will soon ensue.

Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso

Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Alexandra Raveling

Sebastian Ingrosso

Brit Jean

Carly McCall

Cassie Yasso & Nicole Vasil

Kimberly Jane

Kelly Werme & Kimberly Jane

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Angelique Miller

Amanda Cox, Rocky Moyes, & Carly McCall

Courtney Williams, Zoe Rene, & Cassie Yasso

Cassie Yasso

Samantha Johnson

Erin Calderon & Helen Koshal

Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Alexandra Raveling

Kelly Werme & Kimberly Jane

Jimmy Greenup

Karina Alegria & Nicole Alegria

Rocky Moyes, Carly McCall, & Julz Hart

Lellany Mejias & Gaby Godwin

Amanda Cox

Zachary Ralph & Courtney Williams

Gaudi Castro

Alesso, Otto Knows, & James Fowell

Carly McCall & Julz Hart

Cassie Yasso & Nicole Vasil

Dan Ribero & Gianfranco Dossena

Antonio Martucci, Navin Chatani, & Derek O’Neill Butler

David Grutman, Kamal Hotchandani, Olyea Savchuk, Samir Shah, & Jilian Sanz

Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Otto Knows, & David Grutman

James Fowell, Otto Knows, Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, & David Grutman

James Fowell, Sebastian Ingrosso, & David Grutman

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

Sebastian Ingrosso

Nero at LIV

Friday, May 18th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – May 16, 2012 – Last night was a huge party at LIV with Nero in the DJ booth tearing down the walls of the club with his terrorizing sound. The Miami crowd was anticipating this show and their expectations were definitely met and we can’t wait to have Nero in our presence again!

David Grutman

Jena Luckman

Jade Turner

Alexandra Raveling, Lindsay Pulaski, & Carly McCall

Lindsay Pulaski

Melanie Ribbe & Jade Turner

Cedric Gervais & Melanie Ribbe

Max Baum

James Fowell & Nero

Nero & Ruen



Mara Marella & Meg Evergard

Kimberly Jane

Blakey Clopton & Jackie Stryker

Chloe Koplin & Shelbi Arielle

Manue Seker & Nilda Seker

Leola Bell

Leola Bell

Lauriane Idn

Manue Seker & Nilda Seker

Stephanie Caputo & Kelly Alvarez

Nilda Seker

DJ Damaged Goods & Dana Danger

Purple & DJ Politix


Morten Breum at LIV

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Morten Breum

Miami Beach, FL – May 2, 2012 – Morten Breum brought LIV to another level Wednesday night with his specific style and high quality taste level. LIV is starting to feel the summer heat and the Miami Beach partygoers have already started to unleash their wild sides, especially with Morten Breum in the house.

Mortem Breum

Jessica Smith

Kimberly Jane, Lyndsay Hall, & Kelly Werme

Chandler Sultan, Casey Gourley, & Erika Gourley

Kimberly Jane

Erin Cummins & Kelly Gray

Angelique Miller

Amaris Genemar

Kat Hick & Francis Martins

Jade Turner & Amaris Genemar

Chandler Sultan, Casey Gourley, Erika Gourley, & Erica Jerome

Kimberly Jane, Lyndsay Hall, & Kelly Werme

Lyndsay Hall

Jessica Angel & Chris Adamo

Chandler Sultan

Leslie Diaz & Amanda Monti

Leslie Diaz & Amanda Monti

Maria Avila

Su Unlu

Su Unlu & Ryan Troy

Angelique Miller & Rudy Ravot

Morganne Wray & Mike Aaron

Morten Breum & Ruen

Morten Breum

Lyndsay Hall & Kelly Werme

Ekaterina Khodorich