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UNICO 20°87° Art Basel Pop-Up at Nobu Eden Roc

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 1 – 3, 2016 – Located at 20° N 87° W on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in Riviera Maya, UNICO 20°87° celebrated its anticipated 2017 opening with a three-day pop-up event during Art Basel at its sister property, Nobu Eden Roc Miami Beach. Designed and developed to deliver immersive experiences that engage both the local culture and today’s discerning guests, UNICO 20°87° invited Miami locals and art aficionados to a signature preview of its new curated adults-only, all-inclusive hotel brand.



Daniela Botero

3-daniela-botero1_new 3-4-dsc_8857_new 3-4-dsc_9103_new


Daniela Botero

5-daniela-botero3_new 6-daniela-botero9_new 7-dsc_8812_new 8-dsc_8838_new 9-dsc_8841_new 10-dsc_8851_new


Daniela Botero

12-dsc_9185_new 13-dsc_9196_new


Ale Rivas


Caryssa Lumbard & Alfonso Garrido


Allie Kaplan, Simon Cohen, & Lexi Kaplan


Paula Lemme & Maria Zappas


Elad Zvalanco, Spencer Ludwig, Jourdan Binder, & Mark Gamez


Simon Cohen & Ami Pomeranc


Spencer Ludwig

21-spencer-ludwig2_new 22-dsc_9311_new


Allie & Lexi Kaplan


Montserrat Castanon & Irena Stanisic


Julia Alzate


Dana Baasiri & Kristy Benowitz

26-dsc_9059_new 27-dsc_9046_new 30-dsc_9134_new 31-dsc_9150_new 32-dsc_8938_new 33-dsc_8948_new 34-dsc_8955_new 35-dsc_8931_new 36-dsc_9015_new 37-dsc_9073_new 38-dsc_9011_new 39-dsc_9080_new


Elad Zvalanco

dsc_9286_new zdsc_9116_new





Kristy Benowitz & Jenny Palmer


Cristina Rafuls & Michele Arellano


Kristy Benowitz & Matthew Kern


Paula Antoniazzi, Andrea Chapur, Jenny Lopez, & Paula Lemme


Prima Creel, Marika Simon, Melissa Santell, & Melissa Labor



Jenny Lopez



Lisa Dengler & Madelynn Furlong


Marika Simon, Lisa Dengler, & Madelynn Furlong


Marika Simon, Lisa Dengler, & Madelynn Furlong


Zorana Jovanovic & Bridget Bahl


Zorana Jovanovic & Bridget Bahl



Michele Arellano, Cristina Rafuls, Kristy Benowitz, & Jenny Palmer


Bobbiette Palmer, Tauj Mahall, & Stevie Boi



Alfonso Garrido, Irena Stanisic, Montserrat Castanon & Paula Antoniazzi


Alfonso Garrido, Irena Stanisic, & Montserrat Castanon


Michelle Endara, Marika Simon, & Begoñia Cosio



Bobbiette Palmer & Stevie Boi


Shannon Hines & Oktyabrina Mollaeva


Shannon Hines






Mani De Osu


Bridget Bahl


Kris Lillemets & Rebecca Lee


Claire Sulmers & Kelley Carter



Carlos Abia, Asha Ustuner, Paula Antoniazzi, Andrea Chapur, Alejandro Bonet, Ale Rivas, & Gloria Medina


Kelly O’Hara & Annie Jensen


Jordan Shapiro & Dana Goldberg


Alicia Elo & Salomon Guindi


Paula Antoniazzi & Paula Lemme


Kristy & Shayne Benowitz


Kari Van Treuren & Shayne Benowitz


Kelsea Ullrich & Grace Deale


Patrice Courtaban & Elena Alexandra


Ely Jir, Simon Guindi, & Ron Ben-Ishay


Kitty Cash



Marty Minor



Marika Simon & Desean Mills


Marika Simon & Kristy Benowitz



Erika Ugarte & Natalia Quiroz


Joanne Jones & Claudia Acanda


Kyle Luneburg & Jezzica Bellitti


Andrea Chapur, Simon Guindi, & Paula Antoniazzi


Dean Bloch, Andrea Chapur, Simon Guindi, & Paula Antoniazzi


Kelsea Ullrich, Grace Deale, Hannah Kim, & Marisa Taddei


Paula Lemme, Montserrat Castanon, Paula Antoniazzi, Marika Simon, Shayne & Kristy Benowitz


Ami Pomeranc, Simon Guindi, Dean Bloch, Solomon Guindi, Shari Matluck, Lauren Shusterman, Bonnie Sherman, & Kristy Benowitz


VIP Preview of Campton Yard at The Hall

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – April 29, 2016 – Star chef Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef acclaim debuted the preview of Campton Yard, an outdoor hangout located at South Beach’s bohemian boutique hotel, The Hall. Opening Friday, May 6th, 2016, Campton Yard will bring to South Beach a unique food and beverage concept, offering backyard bites, fresh, Florida-inspired cocktails, an impressive selection of Caribbean and local beer, and all-around chill vibes. An essential addition to the South Beach landscape, Campton Yard’s laid back, casual ambiance and friendly staff will make for an ideal al fresco hangout, in the midst of all the action.


3-IMG_8914_new 4-IMG_8957_new 5-IMG_9013_new 6-IMG_9214_new 7-IMG_9025_new 8-IMG_9268_new

9-Bogdana Ocheret, Martin Garcia, & Akshay Bahl_new

Martin Garcia, Bogdana Ocheret, & Akshay Bahl

9.5-Jose Noriega, Jerry Antou, Petre Trpkovski, Jose Pedroso, & Maja Jovanovska_new

Jose Noriega, Jerry Antou, Petre Trpkovski, Jose Pedroso, & Maja Jovanovska

10-Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez & Christain Gonzalez_new

Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez & Christian Gonzalez

10.5-Nicolette Neves & Bernarda Reyes_new

Nicolette Neves & Bernarda Reyes

11-Christain Gonzalez & Ashley liemer_new

Christian Gonzalez & Ashley Liemer

12-Jourdan Binder, Lorelle Kahn, Christain Gonzalez, Cindy Bee, & Tatiana Cartaya_new

Jourdan Binder, Lorelle Kahn, Christian Gonzalez, Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez, & Tatiana Cartaya

14-Jourdan Binder, Mikey Stern, Sarkis Anac, Gili Zimmerman, & Scott Rosen_new

Jourdan Binder, Mikey Stern, Gili Zimmerman, Sarkis Anac, & Scott Rosen

14.5-Tatiana Cartaya, Tathiana Rosado, & Katrina Perez_new

Tatiana Cartaya, Tathiana Rosado, & Katrina Perez

15-IMG_9347_new 16-IMG_8987_new 17-IMG_8995_new 18-IMG_9210_new 18.5-IMG_9004_new 19-IMG_9180_new 19.5-IMG_8937_new 20-IMG_9225_new

21-Mariana Michelsen1_new

Mariana Michelsen

22-Katrina Perez & Tathiana Rosado_new

Katrina Perez & Tathiana Rosado

22-Magali Meunier & Vanessa Coraretti_new

Magali Meunier & Vanessa Coraretti


23-Emilia Menocal, Marisa Batista, & Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez_new

Emilia Menocal, Marisa Batista, & Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez

24-Marisa Batista & Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez_new

Marisa Batista & Cindy Borjas-Gonzalez

25-IMG_9243_new 26-IMG_9372_new 27-IMG_9207_new

27.3-Aura Cotofan, TJ Kawamura, Dane Andrews, Gaston Depusoir, & Friend_new

Aura Cotofan, TJ Kawamura, Dane Andrews, & Gaston Depusoir

27.5-Gabrielle Clark, Elizabeth MacKinlay, Laura Standley, Jenny Schleiger, & Spike Mendelsohn_new

Gabrielle Clark, Elizabeth MacKinlay, Martin Garcia, Laura Standley, Jenny Schleiger, & Spike Mendelsohn

28-Spike Mendelsohn & Mike Colletti_new

Spike Mendelsohn & Mike Colletti

28.5-Spike Mendelsohn & Akshay Bahl_new

Spike Mendelsohn & Akshay Bahl

29-Spike Mendelsohn_new

Spike Mendelsohn

30-IMG_9450_new 31-IMG_9479_new

32-Marisa Batista3_new

Marisa Batista

33-Mariana Michelsen2_new

Mariana Michelsen

34-Mike Colletti1_new

Mike Colletti

35-Spike Mendelsohn & Mike CollettiA_new

Spike Mendelsohn & Mike Colletti

y-IMG_9536_new z-IMG_9411_new

Dale’s Night Out at TALDE Miami Beach

Monday, February 29th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – February 27, 2016 – Guests of Thompson Miami Beach partied like chefs with Dale Talde and friends at TALDE Miami Beach at Dale’s Night Out, the unofficial after-party for South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The event featured a special edition of TALDE’s Late Night Noodles with a special menu, think Almas Caviar and tater tots. Guests enjoyed sounds by DJ Reid Waters and beer and cocktails sponsored by Peroni and Absolut Elyx.


2.5-Jourdan Binder & Josh Wagner_new

Jourdan Binder & Josh Wagner

4-John Bush, Jerry Tesar, Nate Stambaugh & Dale Talde_new

John Bush, Jerry Tesar, Nate Stambaugh, & Dale Talde

5-Tony Velazquez, Jeremy Ford & Dale Talde_new

Tony Velazquez, Jeremy Ford, & Dale Talde

6-Tony Velazquez & Jean George_new

Tony Velazquez & Jean-Georges Vongerichten

7-Jean George & Tony Velazquez_new

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Rachel Barowsky, & Tony Velazquez


7.5-Kim Nolen, Dale Talde & Marisa Batista1_new

Kim Nolan, Dale Talde, & Marisa Batista

8-Dale Talde & Jean George_new

Dale Talde & Jean-Georges Vongerichten

8.5--Michele Arellano & Austin Nowak_new

Michele Arellano & Austin Nowak

9-Maile Gamez & David Foulquier_new

Maile Gamez & David Foulquier

10-David Massoni & Paula Antoniazzi_new

Maile Gamez, David Massoni, & Paula Antoniazzi

12-Paula Antoniazzi & Delfina Guemas_new

Paula Antoniazzi & Delfina Guemes


14-Josh Wagner & Jeremy Ford_new

Josh Wagner & Jeremy Ford

15-Hilary Refaeli, Barbara Agozzino & Chasidty Mackison_new

Hilary Refaeli, Barbara Agozzino, & Chasidty Mackison

16-Latrice & Raksa Dan_new

Latrice & Raksa Dan

17-Gaby Martinez, Christina Horta & Rachel Schueg_new

Gaby Martinez, Christina Horta, & Rachel Schueg

17.5-William Baines, Jerry Boeck & Garrett Rogacki_new

Garrett Rogacki, Jerry Boeck, & William Baines

19-David Massoni, Dale Talde & John Bush_new

David Massoni, Dale Talde, & John Bush

20-Reid Waters_new

Reid Waters

21-Teresa Cesario & David Massoni_new

Teresa Cesario & David Massoni

22-Selena Cunkle & Mike Vivelo_new

Selena Cunkle & Mike Vivelo

23-Lina Varriale & Tom Mckenna_new

Ashley Brozic & Tom Mckenna

y-Ofer Cohen, Jonathan & Eileen Andrade_new

Ofer Cohen, Jonathan & Eileen Andrade


Ping Pong, Pizza, & Peroni at Market at The Miami Beach EDITION

Monday, February 29th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – February 26, 2016 – After everyone was finished making their rounds at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival on Friday night, guests made their way to Market at The Miami Beach EDITION for an after party. Jean-Georges Vongerichten played host at his restaurant Market for festival-goers and fellow chefs to try out the new Italian menu offerings, sip some Peroni, and take on the ping pong lover at his own game.


3-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten & Josh Wagner_new

Jean-Georges Vongerichten & Josh Wagner

4-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten_new

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

5-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten4_new 7-WRE_7038_new 8-WRE_6829_new

9-Jessica & Mona Elsayed_new

Jessica & Mona Elsayed

10-Jessica & Mona Elsayed2_new

11-Louise Vongerichten, Celine Jaffredou, & Lina Varriale1_new

Celine Jaffredou, Louise Vongerichten, & Lina Varriale

13-Lena Sotnick, Kate Bur, & Cathy Aronin1_new

Lena Sotnick, Kate Bur, & Cathy Aronin

14-Lena Sotnick, Kate Bur, & Cathy Aronin_new

14.2-Josh Wagner, Maile Gamez, & Tatanka_new

Josh Wagner, Maile Gamez, & Tatanka

15-Maile Gamez & Tatanka_new

Maile Gamez & Tatanka

16-Belkys Nerey & Demetri Mouratis_new

Belkys Nerey & Demetri Mouratis

17-Alex Chang & Jourdan Binder_new

Alex Chang & Jourdan Binder

18-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten7_new

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

19-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten10_new 20-Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten11_new

20-Rachel Reynolds_new

Rachel Reynolds




23-Tatanka, Rachel Reynolds, & Ryan Tate_new

Tatanka, Rachel Reynolds, & Ryan Tate

23.3-John Bush, Dale Talde, & Dave Missoni_new

John Bush, Dale Talde, & Dave Missoni

Dave Missoni, Josh Wagner, Dale Talde, & Josh Bush

Dave Missoni, Josh Wagner, Dale Talde, & Josh Bush

25-Belkys Nerey & Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten_new

Belkys Nerey & Jean-Georges Vongerichten

26-Belkys Nerey & Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten1_new

28-Mike Hewitt & Kristel Arabian_new

Mike Hewitt & Kristel Arabian

Agatha Kavanaugh, Mike Hewitt, & Kristel Arabian

Agatha Kavanaugh, Mike Hewitt, & Kristel Arabian

30-Steve Santana & Thania Parolari_new

Steve Santana & Thania Parolari

31-WRE_6706_new 32-WRE_6721_new 33-WRE_6738_new 34-WRE_6692_new 34.1-WRE_6918_new 34.2-WRE_6858_new

Sara Liss, Lesley Abravanel, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, & Friend

Sara Liss, Lesley Abravanel, & Jean-Georges Vongerichten

36-Dale Talde & Ryan Tate_new

Dale Talde & Ryan Tate

37-Dale & Agnes Talde_new

Dale & Agnes Talde

38-WRE_6956_new 40-WRE_6880_new

Lauren Turchin & Hillary Hertzberg_new

Lauren Turchin & Hillary Hertzberg



WRE_7118_new WRE_7122_new WRE_7126_new

1306 Grand Opening Celebration

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Miami, FL – January 14, 2016 – The guys behind Grand Central introduced a new nightlife destination to Miami. Blending a passion for cocktail culture, live music and unpretentious vibes, 1306 is the perfect unison of a neighborhood cocktail bar and versatile event space, located in the heart of Downtown Miami, in a historic building from the 1920’s. At the grand opening celebration, guests enjoyed handcraft cocktails by Virginia King in the intimate bar space, while watching live performances by Afrobeta, Cleaveland Jones, and Ray Milian in the open-air event space just next door.
4-IMG_0377_new 5-IMG_0746_new

6-Cleveland Jones65_new

Cleaveland Jones

7-Cleveland Jones68_new 8-Cleveland Jones27_new 9-Cleveland Jones20_new

10-Cleveland Jones17_new

Cleaveland Jones

11-Cleveland Jones7_new 12-Cleveland Jones5_new 14-Cleveland Jones49_new 15-Cleveland Jones47_new

16-Cleveland Jones58_new

Cleaveland Jones


18-Aramis Lorie & Josh Wagner_new

Aramis Lorie & Josh Wagner

20-Michelle Leshem & Josh Wagner2_new

Michelle Leshem & Josh Wagner

21-Diego Martinelli, Michelle Leshem, Claudia Caballe, & Patrick Walsh1_new

Diego Martinelli, Michelle Leshem, Claudia Caballe, & Patrick Walsh

22-Emilia Menocal, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Carlos Lopez1_new

Emilia Menocal, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Carlos Lopez

23-Jackie Fernandez, Claudia Alonso, Michelle Rivero, & Christina Haramboure1_new

Jackie Fernandez, Claudia Alonso, Michelle Rivero, & Christina Haramboure

24-Simonett Pereira, Stefania Aronin, & Maria Mendizabal1_new

Simonett Pereira, Stefania Aronin, & Maria Mendizabal

25-Marina Sampaio, Victoria Sampaio, & Kevin Coster1_new

Marina & Victoria Sampaio, & Kevin Coster

25.5-Annie Louis & Diana Granados1_new

Annie Louis & Diana Granados

26-Virginia King6_new

Virginia King

27-Paula Duro & Edgar Alvarez_new

Paula Duro & Edgar Alvarez

27.5-Boris Lambertelli, Enrico Carducci, Sara Boni, & Dario Amaranto1_new

Boris Lambertelli, Enrico Carducci, Sara Boni, & Dario Amaranto

2-Darwin, Gio Borace, AholSniffsGlue, & Dreps Galvis1_new

Gio Borace, Ahol Sniffs Glue, & Dreps Galvis

1--AholSniffsGlue & Veronica Gessa3_new

Ahol Sniffs Glue & Veronica Gessa

28-Lindsay Pumpa, Catalina Martinez, & Francois Nehama1_new

Lindsay Pumpa, Catalina Martinez, & Francois Nehama

29-Viviana Torres, Mary Montero, Bellina Filigenzi, & Vincent Filigenzi1_new

Viviana Torres, Mary Montero, Bellina & Vincent Filigenzi

30-Monica Larcada, Marthica Galvis, & Kim Nolan_new

Monica Larcada, Marthica Galvis, & Kim Nolan

31-David Rodriguez & Vanessa Montoya_new

David Rodriguez & Vanessa Montoya

32-Jordyn Newsome, Andrea Arauz, & Melissa Rosko1_new

Jordyn Newsome, Andrea Arauz, & Melissa Rosko

33-Ariel Raboin & Sarah Bowers2_new

Ariel Raboin & Sarah Bowers

34-Giovanna Medina & Alejandro Gonzalez_new

Giovanna Medina & Alejandro Gonzalez


36-Diana Granados & Annie Louis1_new

Diana Granados & Annie Louis

37-Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja1_new

Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja

38-Kesia Nepomuceno & Genevie Pantoja2_new

39-Aramis Lorie & Barbara Basti1_new

Aramis Lorie & Barbara Basti

40-Marissa Martinelli, Mariana Michelson, Whitney Hawkin, & Mariel Schmidt1_new

Marissa Martinelli, Mariana Michelson, Whitney Hawkin, & Mariel Schmidt

41-Justine Zohar, Jackie Casey, & Cindy Lopez1_new

Justine Zohar, Jackie Casey, & Cindy Lopez

x-IMG_0560_new xy-v-IMG_0966_new y-IMG_0515_new z-IMG_0508_new


Seth Browarnik Hosts Private HAIG CLUB™ Dinner in Miami Presented by World Red Eye

Sunday, September 27th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – September 18, 2015 – Closing out the week toasting the latest taste to hit the market, World Red Eye’s very own Seth Browarnik hosted some of Miami’s top local influencers for an exclusive dinner celebrating the HAIG CLUB™ Miami program. The series features extraordinary pop-up experiences in stylish cities around the globe where HAIG CLUB™ is served. Each evening’s event opened up the world of the House of Haig, where Scotch Whisky is introduced in unexpected ways to influential guests. For the final night, guests savored an array of hand-crafted cocktails and feasted on an over-the-top meal created by Chef Michelle Bernstein.

2-John Lin, Luis Rigual, Lauren Gnazzo, & Seth Browarnik1

John Lin, Luis Rigual, Lauren Gnazzo, & Seth Browarnik

AJ Rosenfeld, Jared Shapiro, & Seth Browarnik

AJ Rosenfeld, Jared Shapiro, & Seth Browarnik

Gigi Spadei, Matthew Sherman, & Nathan Lieberman

Gigi Spadei, Matthew Sherman, & Nathan Lieberman

Jessica Lieberman, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman

Jessica Lieberman, Sebastian Guejman, & Ashley Turchin

6-Chris Hudnall & Jordana Mesner1

Chris Hudnall & Jordana Mesner

Josh Wagner, Nisha Singh, Lorelle Binder, & Jordan Binder

Josh Wagner, Nisha Singh, Lorelle & Jourdan Binder


8-Nicola Siervo & Friend2

Nicola Siervo & Tatiana Munoz

9-Nicola Siervo & Navin Chatani2

Nicola Siervo & Navin Chatani

9.5-Ira Lang & Karina Choza2

Ira Lang & Karina Choza

10-Alexis Vrba & Jamil Bouchareb4

Alexis Vrba & Jamil Bouchareb




Julio Cabrera


12.3-Seth Browarnik & AJ Rosenfeld1

Seth Browarnik & AJ Rosenfeld

Lorelle Binder, Jordan Binder, & Lauren Gnazzo

Lorelle & Jourdan Binder, & Lauren Gnazzo

13-Lauren Gnazzo & Friend2

Luis Rigual & Lauren Gnazzo

14-John Lin & Friend2

John Lin & Luis Rigual

John Lin, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman

John Lin, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman

Jim Sias, Samantha Schaef, & Joesph Krutel

Jim Sias, Samantha Schaef, & Joseph Krutel

Ewan Gunn, Gerry Graham, & Jim Sias

Ewan Gunn, Gerry Graham, & Jim Sias

17-Jonathan Newberg & Jessica Newberg2

Jonathan & Jessica Newberg

18-Nathan Lieberman & Jessica Liberman3

Nathan & Jessica Lieberman

19-Nathan Lieberman, Nicola Siervo, Jessica Liberman, Seth Browarnik, & Navin Chatani1

Nathan Lieberman, Nicola Siervo, Jessica Lieberman, Seth Browarnik, & Navin Chatani

20-Georgia Sinclair4

Georgia Sinclair






26-Ewan Gunn Speaking11

Seth Browarnik & Ewan Gunn

27-Seth Browarnik & Ewan Gunn7



30-Jessica Lieberman & Nathan Lieberman1

Jessica & Nathan Lieberman

Lorelle Binder, Josh Wagner, & Nisha Singh

Josh Wagner & Nisha Singh

32-John Lin, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman4

John Lin, Ashley Turchin, & Sebastian Guejman

Nicola Siervo, Nathan Lieberman, JP Parlevechio, Jared Shapiro, & Andy Kostas

Nicola Siervo, Nathan Lieberman, JP Parlavecchio, Jared Shapiro, & Andy Kostas

34-Nicola Siervo & JP Parlevechio

Nicola Siervo & JP Parlavecchio

Seth Browarnik, Ali Kostas, & Nicola Siervo

Seth Browarnik, Ali Kostas, & Nicola Siervo

Andy Kostas, Ally Kostas, & Sasha Naimi1

Andy & Ali Kostas, & Sasha Naimi


Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress with Ferran Adrià at Miami Dade College Chapman Conference Center

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015


Miami, FL – September 21, 2015 – Estrella Damm presented Gastronomy Congress, “The Changing Face of Modern Gastronomy,” featuring an all-star culinary lineup including: Ferran Adrià, of elBulli, the world’s most awarded chef; Lluís Garcia, Director of the elBullifoundation and former elBulli Restaurant Director; Diego Muñoz, head chef at Michelin rated Astrid y Gastón in Lima; Fran Agudo, head chef at Michelin star rated Tickets Bar in Barcelona; and David Gil, creative pastry chef for Albert Adrià’s restaurants in Barcelona. The Congress included a live cooking demonstration by Diego Muñoz, Fran Agudo and David Gil, where guests learned the latest culinary trends and techniques from these influential and avant-garde chefs from Lima and Barcelona. Additionally, Ferran Adrià along with Lluís Garcia provided a presentation focused on the future of “the restaurant” as a concept, as well as the evolution of elBulli into the elBullifoundation, which is a creative think tank for the culinary world with the mantra of “eat knowledge to nurture creativity.” Guests at the Gastronomy Congress received complimentary passed tapas created by the Miami Culinary Institute, Estrella Dammbeer and a copy of Albert Adrià’s latest recipe book, Tapas: TICKETS Cuisine.



4-Fran Agudo, Marjsnne kalf, Ferran Adria, Floris Van Neerrijnen & David Gill

Fran Agudo, Marjanne Kalf, Ferran Adrià, Floris Van Neerrijnen, & David Gil

5-Diego Munoz, Sara Pastor, Maria Contreras, Ferran Adria, Jordi Escala & Friend

Diego Muñoz, Sara Pastor, Maria Contreras, Ferran Adrià, & Jordi Escala

5.5-Collen Engle, Ferran Adria, & Ana Machad

Collen Engle, Ferran Adrià, & Ana Machad

6-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo

David Gil & Fran Agudo

7-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Speaking4

David Gil

8-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Speaking2

David Gil & Fran Agudo


9-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Speaking1

David Gil & Fran Agudo

10-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Speaking

11-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Signing books2

David Gil & Fran Agudo

12-Davia Gill & Fran Agudo Signing books1

David Gil

13-Galena Mosovich Speaking3

Galena Mosovich


13.6Collen Engle

Collen Engle

13.7-Collen Engle Speaking

15-Diego Munoz Speaking

Diego Muñoz

16-Diego Munoz Speaking2






16.8-Diego Munoz & Ceaser Rodriguez Speaking

Diego Muñoz & Ceaser Rodriguez

16.9-Diego Munoz & Ceaser Rodriguez Speaking3

17-Diego Munoz & Ceaser Rodriguez Speaking2

18-Ferran Adria Speaking4

Ferran Adrià

19-Ferran Adria Speaking6

20-Ferran Adria Speaking

21-Ferran Adria Speaking3


23-Rafael Perez, Jossimar Lopez Rodriguez, & Lujan Leo Amado1

Rafael Perez, Jossimar Lopez Rodriguez, & Lujan Leo Amado

24-Gustavo Rech & Maxwell Parise

Gustavo Rech & Maxwell Parise




28-Todd Erickson1

Todd Erickson

29-Carolina Fernandez-Lovo, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Ferran Adrià, Cristy Planas, Marisa Batista, & Paula Antoniazzi

Carolina Fernandez-Lovo, Maile Gamez, Jourdan Binder, Ferran Adrià, Cristy Planas, Marisa Batista, & Paula Antoniazzi

29.5-Azdine Sallem & Johana Rivera

Azdine Sallem & Johanna Rivera

29.6-Diego Munoz & Agustina Pais

Diego Muñoz & Agustina Pais

30-Chef James, Gabriel Bedoya, & Angel Gozalez

Chef James, Gabriel Bedoya, & Angel Gonzalez

31-Marian Staresinic, Vittorio Colacitti, & Michael Lehmkuhl

Marian Staresinic, Vittorio Colacitti, & Michael Lehmkuhl

32-Maile Gamez, Paula Antoniazzi, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Cristy Planas Pardo

Maile Gamez, Paula Antoniazzi, Jourdan Binder, Marisa Batista, & Cristy Planas Pardo


Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami Grand Opening Celebration

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – June 18, 2015 – Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami, the first Hyatt Centric-branded hotel in Miami Beach and the second worldwide has finally opened its doors and it wouldn’t be official without a grand opening celebration. The bash featured music by local Miami band Xperimento, along with complimentary cocktails and light bites courtesy of Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant DECK sixteen.



5-Xperimento performing 4


6-Xperimento performing 1

7-Xperimento performing 5







14-Rodolfo Choperena

Rodolfo Choperena

15-Jack Conrad & Neda Heffron

Jack Conrad & Neda Heffron

16-Victoria Grad & Price Shapiro

Victoria Grad & Price Shapiro

17-Sunday & Marie Alaby

Sunday & Marie Alaby

18-Alex Caceres & Daniel Zink

Alex Caceres & Daniel Zink

18.2-Christopher Juenrn & Gabriela Perez

Christopher Juenrn & Gabriela Perez

19-Brian Vujnovic & Ricardo Mendes 1

Brian Vujnovic & Ricardo Mendes

Matt Moore, Kelly Moore, Jerry McDonald, Joanne McDonald, & Craig McDonald

Matt & Kelly Moore, Jerry, Joanne, & Craig McDonald

22-Mark Wagner, Fred Hoffmann, & George Vizer

Mark Wagner, Fred Hoffmann, & George Vizer

23-Brandon Cooke & Natalie Morgan

Brandon Cooke & Natalie Morgan

23.4- 36-Dasa Blue & Tomas Loewy 1

Dasa Blue & Tomas Loewy
















39-Robert Finvarb & Courtland Lantaff

Robert Finvarb & Courtland Lantaff

40-Jared Shapiro, Robert Finvarb, & Courtland Lantaff

Jared Shapiro, Robert Finvarb, & Courtland Lantaff

41-Jared Shapiro, Gynaika Santamaria, & Anthony Liggins

Jared Shapiro, Gynaika Santamaria, & Anthony Liggins

42-Erica Korman, Jared Shapiro, Robert Finvarb, Rochelle Finvarb, Courtland Lantaff, & Kim Walker

Erica Korman, Jared Shapiro, Robert & Rochelle Finvarb, Courtland Lantaff, & Kim Walker

43-Robert Finvarb, Rochelle Finvarb, Ricardo Mendes, Ivette Goizueta-Merdes, Brian Vuknovic, & Lela Vujnovic

Robert & Rochelle Finvarb, Ricardo Mendes, Ivette Goizueta-Mendes, Brian & Lela Vujnovic

Danielle Richards, Carla Jakubovic, Alicia Steele, & Sanjit Rampal

Danielle Richards, Carla Jakubovic, Alicia Steele, & Sanjit Rampal

46-Danielle Richards & Alicia Steele

Danielle Richards & Alicia Steele

47-Erica Korman & Rochelle Finvarb

Erica Korman & Rochelle Finvarb

48-Lorelle & Jourdan Binder

Lorelle & Jourdan Binder

49-Mike Foster & Friend

Mike Foster

50-Fabio Fernandez & Thomas Pham 2

Fabio Fernandez & Thomas Pham

51-Becky Gritza, Taire Souza, & Macela Zavala 1

Becky Gritza, Taire Souza, & Macela Zavala

52-Mishaal Ashemimry, Mryam Ghandour, & Giovanni Madina

Mishaal Ashemimry, Mryam Ghandour, & Giovanni Madina

Fabio Fernandez, Yavuz Ulusar, & Thomas Pham

Fabio Fernandez, Yavuz Ulusar, & Thomas Pham

54-Anne Levenson, Anthony Liggins, & Gynaika Santamaria

Anne Levenson, Anthony Liggins, & Gynaika Santamaria












67-Rodolfo Choperena 1

Rodolfo Choperena

Gynaika Santamaria, Rochelle Finvarb, & Peggy Hollander

Gynaika Santamaria, Rochelle Finvarb, & Peggy Hollander

Jared Shapiro, Rochelle Finvarb, & Robert Finvarb

Jared Shapiro, Rochelle & Robert Finvarb

Katie Klemme, Jessica Lewis, & Drew Smith

Katie Klemme, Jessica Lewis, & Drew Smith

rBarbara Agoszino, Irina Victoria, & Adriana Ospnia

Barbara Agoszino, Irina Victoria, & Adriana Ospnia

Robert & Rochelle Finvarb

Robert & Rochelle Finvarb

xJessica Anderson & Fabrizzio de Castro

Jessica Anderson & Fabrizzio de Castro

xxFabio Fernandez & Thomas Pham

Fabio Fernandez & Thomas Pham



#WRE5 Private Anniversary Dinner Presented by Absolut Elyx

Friday, May 29th, 2015


Miami, FL – May 27, 2015 – We can’t believe it’s been five years since we opened our lenses to the world, capturing the special and iconic moments in not only Miami, but around the globe. To kick off our 5-year anniversary weekend festivities, we brought together an exclusive crowd for an invite-only dinner celebration at Quality Meats. The dinner was a part of the Absolut Elyx’s Raw Integrity influencer series which highlights brand pillars in the art and entertainment industry. The evening also celebrated the digital release of SNAP, a short film directed by Jessica Dornbusch and produced by Seth Browarnik. We would like to say thank you to our loyal clients and friends who have let us capture all of the memorable nights in Miami as well as enabled us to grow and become what World Red Eye is today.

We’d love for our readers to join in on the anniversary madness as we continue the celebrations all weekend long. Kicking off the festivities will be an invite-only bash on Friday night at 1 Hotel South Beach, followed by endless bottle parades at LIV Saturday night and capping it all off on Sunday with an epic pool party at Hyde Beach at SLS, which are both open to the public.

2-Philip Levine & Seth Browarnik_new

Philip Levine & Seth Browarnik

3-Philip Levine & Seth Browarnik1_new

4 - Philip Levine, Seth Browarnik, & David Grutman_new

 Philip Levine, Seth Browarnik, & David Grutman

4.5-Seth Browarnik, Philip Levine, & Marvin Ross Friedman_new

Seth Browarnik, Philip Levine, & Marvin Ross Friedman

4.6-Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo & Nick D'Annunzio_new

Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo & Nick D’Annunzio



8 - DSC_6521_new





11-Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Seth Browarnik1_new

Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Seth Browarnik

12 - Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes_new

Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes

12.5-Seth Browarnik, Cheryl Stephenson, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman_new

Seth Browarnik, Cheryl Stephenson, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman

13-AJ Rosenfeld, Courtland Lantaff, Alfred Spellman, & Billy Corben_new

AJ Rosenfeld, Courtland Lantaff, Alfred Spellman, & Billy Corben

14-Alfred Spellman, Billy Corben, & Jeff Berkowitz_new

Alfred Spellman, Billy Corben, & Jeff Berkowitz

15 - Alfred Spellman, Billy Corben, Jeff Berkowitz, & Seth Browarnik_new

 Alfred Spellman, Billy Corben, Jeff Berkowitz, & Seth Browarnik

15.2-AJ Rosenfeld, Seth Browarnik, Bill Corban, & Alfred Spellman_new

AJ Rosenfeld, Seth Browarnik, Billy Corben, & Alfred Spellman

15.3-Cheryl Stephenson, Carlos Suarez, & Sarah Harrelson_new

Cheryl Stephenson, Carlos Suarez, & Sarah Harrelson