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Making the Connection: New World Symphony’s 29th Anniversary Gala

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Miami, FL – February 11, 2017 – New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, held its highly anticipated annual Gala in celebration of the organization’s 29 years of community engagement. The gala paid tribute to its Founder and Artistic Director, Michael Tilson Thomas, with a special appearance by six-time Tony Award-winner and recent National Medal of Arts honoree, Audra McDonald. Sponsored by Volvo, Bacardi and Total Wine & More, the evening began with a cocktail reception where guests toasted to the organization’s innovative accomplishments. Volvo, the new Official Automobile of the New World Symphony, presented an impressive display of their luxury vehicles. The marquee moment of the evening was the performance by the New World Symphony Fellows, Audra McDonald and MTT himself. Following the performance, Gala Chairs Stephen and Sabine Bittel joined guests for a seated dinner staged throughout the New World Center. To top off the affair, gala patrons continued the evening at an exclusive late night after party with musical guest Michael Andrew Big Band. All proceeds from the 29th annual Gala benefit New World Symphony’s mission to provide meaningful cultural programs to the South Florida community, while preparing young musicians for careers in the world of classical music.

Craig Robins, Jessica & Franklin Sirmans

Marvin Ross Friedman & Edward Shumsky

Edward Shumsky & Susan Kronick

Sarah Arison & Susan Kronick

Tui Pranich, Petra Levin, Diane & Alan Lieberman

Saskia French & Petra Levin

Suzy Buckley Woodward & Luis Rigual

Rita & Ron Magill

Stephany Kim & Iva Kosović

Iran Issa Khan & Tui Pranich

Stephen Bittel, Monica Russo, & Sabine Bittel

Stephen & Sabine Bittel

Sara Solomon, Tracey Corwin, & Kellen French

J Alford Flippin & Rosemarie Metzger

Jill & Eric Barton

Mark Niehaus & Lisa Voyapek

Pablo & Christina Estades

Deniz Dosdogru, Amelia Perea, & Samantha Bravo

Thomas & Saskia French

Linus Ilario Spano & Marina del Rosario Huang

David Himmel, Elizabeth Ferritto, Tripp & Jen Davis

Kim, Brian, & Rose Kabot

Patricia Kleh, Patrick & Camille McDowell, & Willam Kleh

Sheryl Larchu, Alison Cooper, Jennifer & Abel Aluart, Nina Wood Charles, & Nathan Charles

Susan Kronick, Edward Shumsky, Franklin & Jessica Sirmans

Adrienne bon Haes & Marvin Ross Friedman

Sabine & Stephen Bittel

Housing Works Hosts Second Annual Design on a Dime at Moore Building

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Miami, FL – February 4, 2017 –  Housing Works, a leading AIDS-service and advocacy organization, hosted its highly-anticipated fundraising event, Design on a Dime, at the Moore Building in the heart of the city’s Design District. The two-day, star-studded benefit raised $320,000 in support of the organization’s mission to end AIDS. For the second year in a row, participating interior designers and influential tastemakers created over 25 one-of-a-kind room vignettes with designer furniture, art and home décor merchandise, which was donated directly from top brands and sold for up to 80% off retail during the ticketed “VIP Cocktail Hour & Sale” on Saturday, February 4th. The cocktail reception and preview sale were followed by the “Chairman’s Dinner” where philanthropist and socialite Criselda Breene and celebrity photographer Iran Issa-Khan were honored. Event guests included James Huniford, Barbara Becker, Christina Getty, Sam Robin, Blaine Trump, Michael Boodro, Criselda and Jonathan Breene, Fabian and Martina Borgomanero Basabe, Elaine Griffin, Martin Amado, and Dana and Gary Shear. Honorary Chairs included Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live!,” Cristina Saralegui, journalist, actor and talk show host, and tennis player and entrepreneur Venus Williams for V*Starr Interiors.

Criselda Breene

Iran Issa Khan & Criselda Breene

Tui Pranich, Criselda Breene & Iran Issa Khan

Richard Gray, Criselda & Jonathan Breene

Christina Getty, Sebastian Mueller-Soppart, & Heather Kleisner

Fabian Basabe, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, Silvia Karman Cubiñá & George Lindemann

Michael Boodro

Criselda Breene & Michael Boodro

Criselda Breene & Michael Boodro

Iran Issa Khan & Michael Boodro

Iran Issa Khan

James Huniford

Malcolm Domecq, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Criselda Breene, & Anastasia Koutsioukis

Eduardo & Athena Marturet, Tui Pranich, Criselda Breene, & Iran Issa Khan

Eduardo & Athena Marturet

Nima Zandy & Michelle Areces-Zandy

Matthew Bernardo

Matthew Bernardo & Jayson Mathieu

Juan Lopez Salaberry & Barbara Becker

Craig Robins & Iran Issa Khan

Amanda Church & Criselda Breene

Criselda Breene & Alexa Wolman

Alexa Wolman & Silvia Karman Cubiñá

Iran Issa Khan & Tui Pranich

Pedro Maal & Fabian Basabe

Robert Refino & James Huniford

Michael Boodro & Sam Robin

Pedro Maal, Sam Robin, Martina Bogomanero Basabe & Fabian Basabe


Forte Dei Marmi Conversation Series – Naeem Khan: Fashioning the Global Political Runway

Monday, January 23rd, 2017
1-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff1

Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff

Miami, FL – January 20, 2017 – In keeping with Forte dei Marmi’s Arts Club agenda to promote the art of intelligent conversation, internationally acclaimed fashion designer Naeem Khan engaged in a Q & A with cultural entrepreneur Cathy Leff. The topic of conversation, of course, was the intersection of fashion and politics. Khan, one of former First Lady Michele Obama’s favorite designers, reflected on his experiences designing for Mrs. Obama. He also shared his views on the role of the designer and fashion in the broader culture, how fashion reflects and shapes individual and collective identity, and the multiple meanings and messages conveyed by fashion and its wearers. The event was hosted by Tatyana Silva, FDM’s founder with Sarah Harrelson and Cultured Magazine. Prior to the talk, guests enjoyed Forte dei Marmi’ signature cocktails and “marble” bites and a very appropriate, specially curated “Americana” playlist, featuring everything from jazz to rap, anthems and marches, and protest songs. Following the talk, guests enjoyed a culinary experience downstairs at the restaurant with a menu created by Forte dei Marmi’s Michelin-star chef Antonio Mellino.

10-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking17

Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff

11-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking16 12-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking12 13-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking14

14-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking15

Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff

16-Naeem Khan & Cathy Leff speaking18

20-Paul Cejas speaking & Sam Robin

Paul Cejas & Sam Robin

21-Oscar Carvallo speakikng & Jessika Angarita

Oscar Carvallo & Jessika Angarita

22-Oscar Carvallo, Jessika Angarita, & Elysze Held speaking1

Oscar Carvallo, Jessika Angarita, & Elysze Held

23-Susie Wahab, Princess Firyal speaking, Criselda Breene, & Jonathan Breene

Susie Wahab, Princess Firyal, Criselda & Jonathan Breene

24-Sarah Harrelson & Alison Pincus

Sarah Harrelson & Alison Pincus

25-Sarah Harrelson & Alison Pincus1

26-Susie Wahab, Walid Wahab, & Princess Firyal

Susie & Walid Wahab, & Princess Firyal

27-Naeem Khan, Tatyana Silva, & Riccardo Silva

Naeem Khan, Tatyana & Riccardo Silva

28-Naeem Khan, Tatyana Silva, Cathy Leff & Riccardo Silva

Naeem Khan, Tatyana Silva, Cathy Leff, & Riccardo Silva

29-Sam Robin, Naeem Khan, & Cathy Leff

Sam Robin, Naeem Khan, & Cathy Leff

30-Sam Robin, Heather Kleisner, & Tatyana Silva

Sam Robin, Heather Kleisner, & Tatyana Silva

30.1-Criselda Breene & Sam Robin

Criselda Breene & Sam Robin

30.2-Paul & Trudy Cejas

Paul & Trudy Cejas

30.3-Yolanda Berkowitz & Suzy Buckley Woodward

Yolanda Berkowitz & Suzy Buckley Woodward

31-Yolanda Berkowitz & Elysze Held1

Yolanda Berkowitz & Elysze Held

32-Elysze Held & Naeem Khan

Elysze Held & Naeem Khan

32.1-Anick Vorbe & Andreea Baclea

Anick Vorbe & Andreea Baclea

33-DSC_8207 34-DSC_8212 35-DSC_8467

36-George Lindemann & Riccardo Silva

George Lindemann & Riccardo Silva

37-Sarah Harrelson, George Lindemann, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Sarah Harrelson, George Lindemann, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Suzy Buckley Woodward, Jeff Berkowitz, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Suzy Buckley Woodward, Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

38-Sam Robin, Elysze Held, & Gigi Ganatra-Duff

Sam Robin, Elysze Held, & Gigi Ganatra-Duff

38.1-Ali Mahallati & Jeff Berkowitz

Ali Mahallati & Jeff Berkowitz

39-Lori Warriner & Anil Kakar

Lori Warriner & Anil Kakar

40-Carlos Betancourt & Alberto Lat

Carlos Betancourt & Alberto Latorre

40.1-DSC_8679 40.2-DSC_8487 41-DSC_8632

Naeem Khan, Alberto Latorre, Carlos Betancourt, Sam Robin, & Iran Issa Khan

Naeem Khan, Alberto Latorre, Carlos Betancourt, Sam Robin, & Iran Issa Khan

50-Sarah Harrelson & Cathy Leff

Sarah Harrelson & Cathy Leff

51.1-Criselda Breene, Tatyana Silva, & Friend

Criselda Breene & Tatyana Silva

51.2-Riccardo Silva, Jonathan Breene, & Susie Wahab

Riccardo Silva, Jonathan Breene, & Susie Wahab

51.3-Princess Firyal & Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan & Princess Firyal

52-Naeem Khan & Iran Issa Khan

Naeem Khan & Iran Issa Khan

53-Elysze Held & Susie Wahab

Iran Issa Khan & Susie Wahab

54-Hilary Tisch & Lauren Beall

Hilary Tisch & Lauren Beall

55-Nataly Stuart & Naeem Khan

Nataly Stuart & Naeem Khan

57-Charly Delgado, Carl Pascuzzi, & Alberto Latorre

Charly Delgado, Carl Pascuzzi, & Alberto Latorre

58-Jessika Angarita, Oscar Carvallo, & Yndira Marin

Jessika Angarita, Oscar Carvallo, & Yndira Marin


Friends Celebrate Martina Basabe at Casa Tua

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 17, 2017 – Friends and family gathered at Miami hotspot, Casa Tua, to celebrate the birthday of Martina Borgomanero Basabe.

2-Fabian Basabe & Martina Basabe5

Fabian Basabe & Martina Borgomanero Basabe

Fabian Basabe, Martina Basabe, & Nick D'Annunzio

Fabian Basabe, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, & Nick D’Annunzio

Fabian Basabe, Marcella Novela, & Nick D'Annunzio

Fernanda Domit & Iran Issa Khan1

Fernanda Domit & Iran Issa Khan


Marcella Novela, Ricardo Dunin, Alison Zhuk, & Jillian Posner

Marcella Novela, Ricardo Dunin, Alison Zhuk, & Jillian Posner

Jilian Sanz, Mary Jo Shore, & Maria Tettamanti

Jilian Sanz, Mary Jo Shore, & Maria Tettamanti

9-Jillian Jacobson, Michael Shore, Jilian Sanz, Mary Jo Shore, & Vene Giufurta2

Michael Shore & Jillian Jacobson



Fabian Basabe

11-Martina Basabe & Fabian Basabe21

Martina Borgomanero Basabe & Fabian Basabe

12-Martina Basabe & Fabian Basabe17

13-Martina Basabe & Fabian Basabe14

Martina Borgomanero Basabe

14-DSC_5595 15-DSC_5373

16-Alberto LaTorre & Christina Getty2

Alberto LaTorre & Christina Getty

17-Christina Getty, Martina Basabe, & Jillian Jacobson

Christina Getty, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, & Jillian Jacobson

18-Criselda Breene & Tui2

Criselda Breene & Tui

18.1-Fernanda Domit & Iran Issa Khan1

Fernanda Domit & Iran Issa Khan

Ali Mahallati, Michael Shore, & Iran Issa Khan

Ali Mahallati, Michael Shore, & Iran Issa Khan

20-Fernanda Domit, Iran Issa Khan, Criselda Breene & Tui1

Fernanda Domit, Iran Issa Khan, Criselda Breene & Tui

21-DSC_5750 21.1-DSC_5790

Ricardo Dunin, Martina Basabe, Marcella Novela, & Nick D'Annunzio

Ricardo Dunin, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, Marcella Novela, & Nick D’Annunzio


Martina Borgomanero Basabe

24-Christina Getty & Fabian Basabe3

Fabian Basabe & Christina Getty

25-Christina Getty & Tara Solomon6

Christina Getty & Tara Solomon

26-Jessie Jones & Renato Freitas1

Jessie Jones & Renato Freitas

Rachel Levy, Javan Joslin, & Marcella Novela

Rachel Levy, Javan Joslin, & Marcella Novela

James Davis, Mark Tamis, Amanda Tamis, & Brooke Price

James Davis, Mark & Amanda Tamis, & Brooke Price

Jessie Jones, Fabian Basabe, Vene Giufurta, Zachary Price, & Rene Luis

Jessie Jones, Fabian Basabe, Vene Giufurta, Zachary Price, & Rene Luis

30-Maria Tettamanti, Lauren Gnazzo, & Mary Jo Shore6

Maria Tettamanti, Lauren Gnazzo, & Mary Jo Shore

Brandon Fogel, Martina Basabe, & James Wark

Brandon Fogel, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, & James Wark

32-Rebecca Jelke & Thomas Jelke4

Rebecca & Thomas Jelke


Martina Borgomanero Basabe


Martina Borgomanero Basabe

35-Rene Luis & Randy Alonso2

Rene Luis & Randy Alonso

36-Fabian Basabe & Iran Issa Khan1

Fabian Basabe & Iran Issa Khan

37-James Wark2

James Wark

Intimate Dinner Previewing Forte Dei Marmi Restaurant and Arts Club

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Sara Slocum

Miami Beach, FL – December 17, 2016 – Tatiana Silva, Heather Kleisner, and Terry Zarikian previewed Two Michelin-Star Chef, Antonio Mellino’s cuisine at Forte Dei Marmi, the new restaurant and Arts Club situated in the renovated Italian oceanside villa by Chad Oppenheim located South of Fifth on Miami Beach. The intimate group of friends, who came together from different parts of the world, celebrated with organic wine and cocktails and a multi-course tasting menu, highlighting signature dishes created by Chef Mellino for this occasion as a “preview” of what’s to come. New York based composer Ricardo Romaneiro created the mood with his unconventionally melodic recorded sounds as the group continued partying back upstairs at the Arts Club after dinner. While Forte Dei Marmi restaurant and Arts Club gets ready to officially open on January 17, 2017,  a “preview” opening period starts December 21, 2016, offering an opportunity to enjoy, explore and share sophisticated epicurean experiences. The New Year’s Eve party will be a unique soiree featuring an unlimited flow of 2007 Vintage Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, Forte Dei Marmi’s  specialty organic cocktails, a Bronze “Frutti De Mare” experience composed of seasonal oysters, Maine lobster, Petrossian organic caviar, Alaskan king crab, and a variety of inspired seafood salads. A live “fireworks” curated performance by resident artist Ricardo Romaneiro featuring Sandbox Percussion, Hannah Summer, Ramin & Justin Abrams followed by live DJ set by David Sisa. For more information regarding New Year’s Eve and other inquiries, please call 305.815.4360 or e-mail



Tatyana Silva & Martina Navratilova


Tatyana Silva & Antonio Mellino


Tatyana Silva, Heather Kleisner, & Nick Fielding


Criselda Breene & Barbara Becker


Julia Lemigova, Martina Navratilova, & Criselda Breene

Julia Lemigova, Barbara Becker, Heather Kleisner, Martina Navratilova, Juan Lopez Salaberry, & Caroline St George

Julia Lemigova, Barbara Becker, Heather Kleisner, Martina Navratilova, Juan Lopez Salaberry, & Caroline St. George

9-dsc_7281 10-dsc_7300 25-dsc_7749 26-dsc_7550 27-dsc_7536 28-dsc_8117


Amaris Jones & Fernanda Domit

30-amaris-jones 30-1-dsc_7518


Tatyana Silva & Barbara Backer


Tatyana Silva, Barbara Backer, & Iran Issa Khan


Fernanda & Pedro Domit, & Sam Robin



Heather Kleisner, Nick Fielding, & Jennifer Massolo



Jonathan Breene & Heather Kleisner

Lydia Martin, Crispy Soloperto, & Elyzabeth Schwartz

Lydia Martin, Crispy Soloperto, & Elizabeth Schwartz


Antonio Mellino

36-1-dsc_7367 36-2-dsc_7616 36-7dsc_7491


Iran Issa Khan, Criselda Breene, & Walid Wahab


Criselda Breene, Jonathan Breene, & Tatyana Silva


Criselda Breene, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Ali Mahallati, Walid Wahab, & Barbara Becker


Juan Lopez Salaberry, Amaris Jones, & Barbara Becker


Jennifer Massolo, Barbara Becker, & Heather Kleisner


Christian Gibbon & Susie Wahab


Walid & Susie Wahab


Iran Issa Khan & Tatyana Silva


Alex Thermiotis, Mercedes Gonzalez de Herrera, Corina Thermiotis, & Terry Zarikian

Christian Gibbon, Iran Issa Khan, Lydia Martin, Sam Robins, & Elizabeth Schwartz

Christian Gibbon, Iran Issa Khan, Lydia Martin, Sam Robins, & Elizabeth Schwartz


Erin Newberg, Crispy Soloperto, Tatyana Silva, & Amaris Jones


Suzy Buckley Woodward, Erin Newberg, & Elysze Held


Devonie Nicholas, Terry Zarikian, & Jackie Olensky


Tatyana Silva & Amaris Jones


Erin Newberg & Typoe


Elysze Held & Ana Quincoces


Elizabeth Schwartz & Martina Navratilova

55-dsc_8303 56-dsc_7659



God’s Love We Deliver Cookbook Launch Hosted by Blaine Trump & Lee Schrager at The Setai

Sunday, December 18th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 15, 2016 – Blaine Trump and Lee Schrager celebrated the recent launch of God’s Love We Deliver Cookbook: Nourishing Stories and Recipes from Notable Friends with a reception at The Setai. Compiled by Jon Gilman and Christopher Idone, in celebration of more than 30 years of service, God’s Love We Deliver Cookbook: Nourishing Stories and Recipes from Notable Friends is an illustrated cookbook like no other, packed with family recipes and personal anecdotes from 75 supporters of this NYC non-profit fixture. Born of the idea that the sharing or preparing of a meal is among the greatest acts of love, this intimate and exquisitely photographed compilation reaffirms and reminds us that many of our most precious and cherished moments occur around the dinner table and in the kitchen. From Alan Cumming’s Stovies and Jennifer Hudson’s Feta-Stuffed Chicken Burgers to Ina Garten’s Perfect Roast Turkey and Michael Kors’s Grandma Bea’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, each superb and sometimes hilarious (Roz Chast, for example) contribution offers a glimpse into the home of the recipe-giver and is certain to inspire the making of new memories. God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers more than 1.5 million meals each year for thousands of New Yorkers living with severe illnesses. The meals are individually tailored to meet clients’ medical needs. All of their services are free of charge. There is no waiting list. They do this all with the help of 10,000 volunteers each year.

2-dsc_2121 3-dsc_2132


Blaine Trump



Lee Schrager


Blaine Trump & Lee Schrager



David Ludwigson, Jon Gilman, Karen Pearl, Blaine Trump, & Lee Schrager



David Ludwigson, Jon Gilman, Karen Pearl, Blaine Trump, & Lee Schrager


Jon Gilman, Blaine Trump, Karen Pearl, & David Ludwigson


Yoav Suprun, Blaine Trump, David & Lisa Desmond


Jon Gilman, Blaine Trump, & David Ludwigson


David Desmond, Kinga Lampert, & Blaine Trump


Lisa Heiden-Koffler, Lisa Desmond, Kinga Lampert, & Blaine Trump


Marisa Toccin Lucas, Jennifer Valoppi, Madeleine & Micky Arison

18-dsc_2103 19-dsc_2113 20-dsc_1962 21-dsc_1869 22-dsc_1885 23-dsc_1901


Craig Lamont


Craig Lamont & David Ludwigson


Farid Moussallem, Blaine Trump, Julio Gallo, & Iran Issa Khan


James Davis, Micky & Madeleine Arison, Blaine Trump, & Steve Simon


Madeleine Arison, Lee Schrager, Blaine Trump, Micky Arison, & Chris Riley


James Davis, Chris Riley, & Steve Simon


Iran Issa Khan & Mireille Chancy Gonzalez


Marisa Toccin Lucas & Suzy Buckley Woodward


Lisa Desmond & Yoav Suprun


Blaine Trump & Steve Simon


Lee Schrager & Blaine Trump


Chris Riley & Blaine Trump


Adrian Kahn & Carmelina Santoro


Mathias Gervais & Lee Schrager


Mitchel Nunez, Brad Learmonth, & Noelio Hernandez


Fabio Nunes, Lee Schrager, & Ken Gorin


Lee Schrager & Belkys Nerey


Ali Mahallati & Tui Pranich


Tricia & Matthew Johnson


Jon Gilman, Chad Fabrikant, & Lee Schrager


Renee Rodgers, Chris Riley, & Tom Rogers


Pat Berkule, Stephanie de Kantzow, & Karen Pearl


Q&A: Susanne Bartsch Presents: The Bareback Follies at El Tucán

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Susanne Bartsch

Miami, FL – November 22, 2016 – The legendary Susanne Bartsch brought her nightlife magic to El Tucán for an over the top cabaret extravaganza, titled, “Bareback Follies.” Guests enjoyed eclectic and eccentric acts by guest performers like Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias, Boylesque, Dirty Martini, and more. Susanne Bartsch is New York City’s patron saint of transformation and inclusion. The parties she’s thrown for three decades—from Paris to Tokyo—have provided a venue for countless creative souls and “creatures” to express themselves, come together and forget the hum-drum of the everyday. Susanne has become notorious for the beautiful, strange, and outlandishly dressed people who flock to her events.

World Red Eye caught up with the nightlife starlit, who gave us a closer look into how she began her career in the entertainment industry and what goes into all of the incredible, over-the-top costumes and performances.


Susanne Bartsch

WRE: You’ve been coined as a New York nightlife icon, how did you first get involved in this industry?

SB: I owned a fashion store selling clothes that were designed by young people from London, which was where I had moved from. There was a thriving nightlife culture in London and it had an element of dressing up that I felt New York was missing when I came here. So, I decided to throw a party that had that element – bright lights, high energy music where people go see and be seen in their finery.

WRE: How did owning this boutique play into your nightlife career and looks?

SB: I started the parties as a cross-promotional tool for the boutique, and I think it played into my nightlife career by launching me into the fashion world becoming known as someone in the fashion business. Also, the first big event I produced was a fashion show for my store at the Roxy, showing the designers what I sold. It was a big, fabulous, chaotic revelation and I think I definitely said to myself, “Wow! I think I’m onto something here.”


Expressing your self freely with fashion is really just having a visual conversation with the world.

Susanne Bartsch


WRE: What should someone expect to experience when attending one of your parties?

SB: I always encourage people to come in a “look”…that doesn’t mean you have to have a birdcage on your head, but putting energy into what you’re wearing is step one for YOU to have a great special time, at least for me. I also think the guest list is much more interesting if it’s a mix of people. For music, I love it to be festive and happy. I’m not really into dark, druggy, droning thumping, depending on the event as well. There may be performers doing things throughout the night. I prefer to spend my decorating budgets on say, one girl in a latex bodysuit sitting on a ladder and knitting a sweater rather than on balloons, but ideally the budget allows both.

WRE: How do you come up with these various looks? Do you have help creating them?

SB: The looks are usually a collaborative effort between the designers and myself. I style myself mostly along with the hair and makeup I work with. I’m inspired by everything!


Susanne Bartsch



WRE: Why is it important to you that your guests can express themselves in however they please?

SB: It makes me happy to see people expressing themselves. I also think there’s a certain liberating sense of freedom that comes from wearing something outside of the norm. Dressing up is a high! It really is. If I feel worn out and a little low energy and the day of an event I’m like, “Ugh, how am I going to get through this?” I know that if I just show up and go through the process of getting dressed up, that I will feel better and have more energy for the party.

WRE: Why was El Tucán the perfect spot to bring your show to Miami?

SB: El Tucán is an absolute jewel of a space. The owners really created the perfect supper club with a show. The show I brought to El Tucán was sort of a remounting and retooling of a show I first developed called “Cabaret Rose” for Dom Perignon. It was basically my version of a classic variety cabaret from the days when that was actually something that people went to for entertainment, but I gave it my own modern twist. El Tucán is very throwback meets now, executed impeccably.

3-4-aquaria9_new 3-6-aquaria8_new

WRE: What are you hoping people take away from your parties?

SB: A renewed sense of the joy of living.

WRE: What do you think it is about your parties that have been such a big hit and keep people coming back for more?

SB: The energy. That is something that you can’t really explain or quantify but you know it when it’s there. Also, seeing things you’ve never seen before.


WRE: Why do you think this culture of being able to express yourself freely is becoming increasingly popular?

SB: I’m not sure why, but I think it’s only going to grow. What this question does make me think of it is the concept of community and tribes. Expressing your self freely with fashion is really just having a visual conversation with the world. If you wear something that is out of the realm of “pedestrian” you are really saying,  “I have something different I want or need to add to this conversation.” It’s like everybody walking around wearing fig leaves and then all the sudden somebody shows up in a gorilla suit. Why are you wearing a gorilla suit? Well because that person wants to talk about the idea of evolution from primates as opposed to the accepted notion of Adam and Eve. Well that gorilla suit definitely shakes things up! It’s a bad example, but a basic one. Fashion can be a real catalyst for moving the culture and for shaking things up.



WRE: Tell us about what it was like having your own exhibition at The Museum at FIT?

SB: It was surreal, nerve-wracking, and wonderful. I didn’t “design” the clothes on display, a lot of them were a collaborative effort. I was very happy to be able to show stuff that a lot of my friends through the years designed, but it was also bittersweet because not all of the people whose designs were in the show are still with us. Having the clothes properly displayed in an exhibition kind of brought them and the time back to life, more so than when they are just in a box in storage. It was also an amazing, moving experience for me, and such an honor.

WRE: Where do you see yourself and your brand 10 years from now?

SB: Either six or two years into my new job as the first female president. I think that we’re going to be needing to inject a little fun into the world!

6-aquaria5_new 7-aquaria1_new 8-aquaria_new


Iran Issa Khan & Criselda Breene


Criselda Breene, Susanne Bartsch, & Iran Issa Khan


Criselda Breene & Tara Solomon


Yurika Nakazono, Timothy Walker, & Soledad Lowe


Barbara Hulanicki, Soledad Lowe, & Timothy Walker


Dirty Martini

21-dirty-martini5_new 22-dirty-martini8_new 23-dirty-martini9_new


Dirty Martini

25-dirty-martini14_new 26-dirty-martini17_new 27-img_7154_new 28-img_7160_new 29-img_7163_new 30-img_7197_new 31-img_7726_new 32-img_7742_new 34-img_7831_new 34-1-img_7886_new 34-2-img_7887_new


Joey Arias



Amanda Lepore

36-amanda-lepore9_new 37-amanda-lepore1_new 37-1-amanda-lepore2_new




Aquaria, Susanne Bartsch, Joey Arias, Dirty Martini, & Jonte





Aquaria, Susanne Bartsch, Tara Solomon, Joey Arias, Jonte, Rify Royalty, & Dirty Martini

43-img_8368_new 44-img_8529_new 45-img_8650_new


Aquaria & Susanne Bartsch


Susanne Bartsch & Tara Solomon


Athena Dion & Susanne Bartsch

I prefer to spend my decorating budgets on say, one girl in a latex bodysuit sitting on a ladder and knitting a sweater rather than on balloons, but ideally the budget allows both.

Susanne Bartsch



Jupiter Velvet, Delishez, Athena Dion, Lii Miss ToTo, Persephone, Gio Profera, & Von Lips

Maman Fine Art Hosts MISO CHIC Kick Off

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Nicolas Leiva

Miami, FL – November 14, 2016 – Maman Fine Art in the Miami Design District hosted the kick off for this year’s MISO CHIC – The Miami Symphony Orchestra’s most coveted event by lovers of Music, Art & Philanthropy held at the Adrienne Arsht Center – Knight Concert Hall on Sunday, November 20th.The evening showcased works by Iran Issa-Khan, Nicolas Leiva, Julio Le Parc and Vik Muniz among others. Petit Pois Catering + Design provided equally artistic libations and a curated culinary experience. Notables gathered from near and far in support of this year’s concert which will benefit Voices for Children and No More Tears – a charities that support victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.


Nicolas Leiva

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Eduardo Marturet, Sandra Moss, Nelson F. Hincapie, & Athena Marturet

Eduardo Marturet, Sandra Moss, Nelson F. Hincapie, & Athena Marturet

Daniel Maman, Michelle Areces-Zandy, Nicolas Leiva, & Nima Zandy

Daniel Maman, Michelle Areces-Zandy, Nicolas Leiva, & Nima Zandy

Daniel Mama, Sandra Moss, Athena Marturet, & Carolina Lanao

Daniel Maman, Sandra Moss, Athena Marturet, & Carolina Lanao


Sandra Moss & Athena Marturet


Criselda Breene

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Sissi Fleitas, Athena Marturet, & Siudy Garrido

Patricia Pacino de Maman, Daniel Maman, Iran Issa Khan, & Athena Marturet

Patricia Pacino de Maman, Daniel Maman, Iran Issa Khan, & Athena Marturet

Patricia Pacino de Maman, Lucia Maman, Daniel Maman, & Athena Marturet

Patricia Pacino de Maman, Lucia Maman, Daniel Maman, & Athena Marturet


Jonathan & Criselda Breene, Barbara Becker, & Tui Pranich


Judith Kamps Garcia, Luis Garcia Fanjul, & Patricia Pacino de Maman

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Martin Gastelu, Mauro Gironi, & Mario Vergel


Martina Borgomanero Basabe, Fabian Basabe, & Michelle Areces-Zandy


Michelle Areces & Bronwyn Miller


Michelle Areces-Zandy & Iran Issa Khan


Nicolas Felizola & Danny Jelaca

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Iran Issa Khan & Bronwyn Miller

Michael Shore, Iran Issa Khan, & Mary Jo Shore

Michael Shore, Iran Issa Khan, & Mary Jo Shore


Danny Jelaca, Iran Issa Khan, Athena Marturet, & Jeffrey Kljajich

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