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Tommy Trash at LIV

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Tommy Trash

Miami Beach, FL – April 4, 2012 – Tommy Trash heated up LIV Wednesday night with a set of fresh new music and a refreshing vibe for LIV. The crowd was loving the music and the midweek escape that everyone  looks forward to!

Tommy Trash

Stephanie Bean

Ginger Shay

Stephanie Bean

DJ Rascal & Liz Nolan

Rachel Resnick & Danielle Goodwin

Burton Wilkins & Lindsey Lukkari

Carly McCall

Brooke Davis

Tommy Trash

Jessica Who

Albania Sofia

Maggie Goldberg

Erin Shay & Lauren Quesdada

Stephanie Bean

Caroline Haga & Ida Sophi Horne

Tommy Trash

Anna Monnar

Tesia Valdera & Kelly Gray

Kelley Marchette

Mike Aaron & Sonja Ewy

Vincent Ferraro, Lina Tumanyan, & Tess Verneuil

Megan Murphy, Anna Monnar, & Albania Sofia

Ginger Shay, Erin Shay, & Lauren Quesada

Tommy Trash

Digital Lab & Tommy Trash

Biz Martinez, Tommy Trash, & Digital Lab

Tommy Trash