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Saturday, November 12th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – November 12, 2016 – FDR was brimming with good vibes as party goers flooded into the club to throw back a little liquid courage and get down to some bangin’ beats.

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Shaila Vanessa & Anna Monnar

7-1-img_6536_new 7-2-img_6529_new


Angelica Sundqvist, Jessica Anderson, & Moira Miner


Marcela & Gabriela Fazio


Sami Bresalier, Ashley Scheer, & Bari Bresalier


Nebria Ragland, Morgan Joiner, & Jasmyne Johnson


Mora Miner & Shalia Vanessa


DJ Aliyo



Sami Bresalier, Ashley Scheer, Bari Bresalier, & Mimo Montana


Saturday, September 24th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – September 24, 2016 – It was another epic night at FDR as party goers came in to relish the night with endless bottles and beats.

3-img_7979 4-img_7980 5-img_7991 6-img_7996 8-img_8023 10-img_8113 11-img_7979 12-img_7980 13-img_7975


Paola Arango

13-2-22-5-img_8072 14-img_8014 14-1-img_8012 20-29-img_8126 21-30-img_8129 21-1-26-19-gq-friends 21-2-27-20-img_8076 22-3-28-img_8118 23-25-18-gj1 24-img_8096


Dushon Ex Daniels



Monday, September 19th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – September 17, 2016 – Sexy party-goers flooded into FDR for the endless night of drinks & drinking that is #FDRonSaturdays.

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Mimo Montana



Dushon Ex Daniels


Dushon Ex Daniels & DJ Legato


DJ Legato


DJ Kootz

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – August 27, 2016 – A dance floor full of life, drinks that never end, and a crowd filled with beautiful people. The party was definitely ON at #FDRonSaturdays at FDR.

4.5-Kat Turchik & Alona Geisman_new

Kat Turchik & Alona Geisman


7-Jordan Cuff & Madison Kiser_new

Jordan Cuff & Madison Kiser


7.7-Michelle Jendo, Jennifer Jendo, & Ashourina Adam_new

Michelle Jendo, Jennifer Jendo, & Ashourina Adam

8-DSC_3361_new 9-DSC_3348_new 10-DSC_3352_new 12-DSC_3364_new



13-DSC_3293_new 14-DSC_3343_new 19-DSC_3422_new

20-Veronica Mastropietro & Liz Sandoval_new

Veronica Mastropietro & Liz Sandoval

22-DSC_3261_new 23-DSC_3400_new 24-DSC_3256_new 26-DSC_3429_new


Dushon Ex Daniels

28-DSC_3405_new 29-DSC_3413_new 30-DSC_3416_new 31-DSC_3418_new 32-DSC_3392_new 33-DSC_3373_new 34-DSC_3310_new


Saturday, August 20th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – August 20, 2016 – Every night of the weekend must be savored and FDR has just what it takes to make Saturdays every bit as sweet as possible.

3-DSC_2018 3.1-DSC_2006 3.5-DSC_1958

4-Dj Kootz

DJ Kazootz

5-Dj Kootz1

6-Legato & Kazootz

DJ Legato & DJ Kazootz


DJ Legato

7.2-DSC_2037 7.3-DSC_2106 7.4-DSC_2109 7.5DSC_2119 7.6-DSC_2147 8-DSC_2150

9-Alexandra Natale & Tylor Guerin

Alexandra Natale & Tylor Guerin

10-DSC_2026 10.1-DSC_2088 10.2-DSC_2084 10.5b-14-DSC_2191 11-DSC_2175 11-DSC_2180 14-DSC_2033 16-DSC_1959 zz-DSC_1951


Saturday, July 30th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – July 30, 2016 – Partiers bounced their way into FDR on Saturday and braced themselves for a rowdy night.

2-DSC_9006 4-DSC_9071 5-DSC_9003

6-Bernadette Reifbock & Tina Vinzenz

Bernadette Reifbock & Tina Vinzenz

7-DSC_8995 7.1-DSC_9070 7.2-DSC_9069

7.3-Juliette Vaccarello & Michelle Didionidio1

Juliette Vaccarello & Michelle Didionidio

8-DSC_8994 9.6-DSC_9056 10-DSC_9057 14-DSC_8999 15-DSC_9019 17-DSC_8942 20-DSC_9027 21-DSC_8940


Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – July 23, 2016 – Saturday night was nothing but a success at Miami Beach’s very own FDR, where party people drank and danced their weekend away.

1.2-DSC_7179_new 1.3-DSC_7187_new

3-Ashley Megan, Shontay Jones, & Vanessa West_new

Ashley Megan, Shontay Jones, & Vanessa West

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Third Eye Fridays at FDR

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
2-Delishez Lii_new

Delishez Lii

Miami Beach, FL – July 22, 2016 – It was an epic night at FDR for their weekly Third Eye Friday party, where things got pleasantly weird for the people of Miami Beach.

4-Neon Miller & Anthony Gonzalez_new

Neon Miller & Anthony Gonzalez

5-The Bacalao Afietado, LaDonna Sucia, & Neon Miller_new

The Bacalao Afietado, LaDonna Sucia, & Neon Miller

6.5-Neon Miller, The Bacalao Afietado, Ernesto Arambatzis, & friends_new

Neon Miller, The Bacalao Afietado, & Ernesto Arambatzis

7-Ernesto Arambatzis & Anthony Gonzalez_new

Ernesto Arambatzis & Anthony Gonzalez

10-Anthony Gonzalez, Tony Ferro, & Neon Miller_new

Anthony Gonzalez, Tony Ferro, & Neon Miller

11-Dasha Sweetwater, Neon Miller, & friend6_new

Dasha Sweetwater, & Neon Miller

12-Dasha Sweetwater12_new

Dasha Sweetwater

14-IMG_3492_new 15-IMG_3621_new 16-IMG_3582_new

17-LaDonna Sucia_new

LaDonna Sucia

18-LaDonna Sucia1_new

19-The Bacalao Afietado11_new

The Bacalao Afietado

20-The Bacalao Afietado & friend1_new

21-Michael Anthony Parker9_new

Michael Anthony Parker

22-Michael Anthony Parker6_new 22.3-IMG_3506_new

23-Genisis Salcedo & friend_new

Genisis Salcedo

23.5-Luca Turillo & John Betancourt_new

Luca Turillo & John Betancourt

24-IMG_3358_new 26-IMG_3565_new 27-IMG_3732_new

28-Ernesto Arambatzis & DJ_new

Ernesto Arambatzis

29-Ernesto Arambatzis & friend15_new

31-Ernesto Arambatzis & friend29_new

33-Ernesto Arambatzis & friend_new

Ernesto Arambatzis

z-1-Delishez Lii & friends_new

Delishez Lii



Saturday, July 16th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – July 16, 2016 – It’s never a dull Saturday night at FDR when DJ Legato lifted the Miami Beach crowd up with his sick set.

Lesha Marie & Rossana Castillo_new

Lesha Marie & Rossana Castillo

2-Brittney Jordan_new

Brittney Jordan

3.1-Natalie W. & Mo Ramos_new

Mo Ramo




6-Jamine Downs, Dushon Ex Daniels, & Renee Dowling_new

Jamine Downs, Dushon Ex Daniels, & Renee Dowling

7-DSC_5398_new 7.5-DSC_5486_new 7.6-DSC_5220_new 7.8-Pascale Telasco, Sakia Ottley, & Stephanie Telasco_new 7.9-DSC_5285_new


DJ Legato

8.1-DSC_5570_new 8.2a-DSC_5500_new 8.3-DSC_5274_new

10-Stephanie Schmalbach & Jessica Dawn_new

Stephanie Schmalbach & Jessica Dawn

11-Cinthia Arce & Magda Delgado_new

Cinthia Arce & Magda Delgado

13-Ximena Mia, Jules Milan, & Kendrick Cavalri_new

Ximena Mia, Jules Milan, & Kendrick Cavalri

14-DSC_5102_new y-12-DSC_5556_new z-8.4-DSC_5360_new

Third Eye Fridays at FDR

Friday, July 15th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – July 15, 2016 – Third Eye Fridays never fails the people of Miami Beach, blessing them with yet another epic night at FDR.

1-Neon Miller1_new

Neon Miller

2-LaDonna Sucia, Dasha Sweetwaters, & Neon Miller_new

LaDonna Sucia, Dasha Sweetwaters, & Neon Miller

3-Dasha Sweetwaters, Neon Miller, & The Bacalao Afietado3_new

Dasha Sweetwaters, Neon Miller, & The Bacalao Afietado

4-Dasha Sweetwaters_new

Dasha Sweetwaters

5-Dasha Sweetwaters2_new



6-The Bacalao Afietado1_new

The Bacalao Afietado

7-The Bacalao Afietado8_new 7.2-The Bacalao Afietado4_new


The Bacalao Afietado

7.3a-Michael Anthony Parker_new

Michael Anthony Parker

-Michael Anthony Parker12_new 7.5-Michael Anthony Parker9_new 7.9-IMG_1019_new

8-Anthony Gonzalez & Franco_new

Anthony Gonzalez & Franco


12-Ernesto Arambatzis_new

Ernesto Arambatzis

13-Brianna Garcia, Ryan Badilla & Ernesto Arambatzis_new

Brianna Garcia, Ryan Badilla & Ernesto Arambatzis


14-Neon Miller & Ernesto Arambatzis_new

Neon Miller & Ernesto Arambatzis

15-Ryan Badilla & Brianna Garcia_new

Ryan Badilla & Brianna Garcia

15.1-Jessica Montoya & Brian Castro_new

Jessica Montoya & Brian Castro

15.3-IMG_0906_new 15.5-IMG_0978_new

15.5a-Eddie Chavez & friends_new

Eddie Chavez

15.5b-Eddie Chavez & friends4_new 15.5d-IMG_0847_new 15.6-IMG_0965_new 15.7-Dina Log & friend_new 15.8-IMG_1017_new

15.8a-Ernesto Arambatzis, Anthony Gonzalez, & friends_new

Ernesto Arambatzis, & Anthony Gonzalez

15.8b-IMG_0862_new 16-IMG_0985_new

Third Eye Fridays at FDR

Friday, July 8th, 2016


Miami Beach – July 8, 2016 – FDR keeps it freaky, funky and fresh to kick off another beautiful Miami weekend with Third Eye Friday.

1.2-Victoria Elisabeth Black

Victoria Elisabeth Black

2-Delishez Lii

Delishez Lii

3-Poomie Yamsakul

Poomie Yamsakul


5-Neon Miller3

Neon Miller

6-Sleeper, Neon Miller, & LaDonna Sucia

Sleeper, Neon Miller, & LaDonna Sucia

6.1-Neon Miller, LaDonna Sucia, & Dasha Sweetwater

Neon Miller, LaDonna Sucia, & Dasha Sweetwater

7-LaDonna Sucia13

LaDonna Sucia

9-LaDonna Sucia & friend

10-Julian Camilo, & friend

Julian Camilo

12-Julian Camilo, & friends

12.1-Aaron Candell & BrittNay Vollmar

Aaron Candell & BrittNay Vollmar

15-Miranda Lanvin

Miranda Lanvin


18-The Bacalao Afietado

The Bacalao Afietado

19-The Bacalao Afietado, Dasha Sweetwater, & friend

The Bacalao Afietado & Dasha Sweetwater

19.5-24.5-xyy-IMG_9777 20-IMG_9636 21-IMG_9635 22-IMG_9641 23-IMG_9619 24-IMG_9707 25-IMG_9900

25.2-Lazaro Arias & Mariano Arvelo

Lazaro Arias & Mariano Arvelo

26-Mark Asciutto & friend

Mark Asciutto

26.1-Michael Anthony Parker2

Michael Anthony Parker

27-Frank Pumarejo & Rafael Calderon

Frank Pumarejo & Rafael Calderon

28-Jordan Braun & Emilie Sobel

Jordan Braun & Emilie Sobel

29-Emilie Sobel, Jordan Braun, Kevin O’Donnell, Michael Stavredes, & Adam Brunson

Emilie Sobel, Jordan Braun, Kevin O’Donnell, Michael Stavredes & Adam Brunson

v-Neon Miller, Victoria Elisabeth Black, Delishez Lii, & friends3

Neon Miller, Victoria Elisabeth Black & Delishez Lii

w-Neon Miller, Sleeper, Victoria Elisabeth Black, Poomie Yamsakul, Kunst, Delishez Lii, Julian Camilo, & friends

Neon Miller, Sleeper, Victoria Elisabeth Black, Poomie Yamsakul, Kunst, Delishez Lii, & Julian Camilo

z-1-Delishez Lii, Victoria Elisabeth Black, & friends

Delishez Lii & Victoria Elisabeth Black


Saturday, July 2nd, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – July 2, 2016 – It was a night like no other at FDR where party people got lit under the disco, drinking and dancing until the sun came up.

2-IMG_1476_new 3-IMG_1445_new

6-Deejay Cruz & friend_new

Deejay Cruz

7-Jennifer Brayie & friend_new

Jennifer Brayie

8-Anthounette Muñoz, Cristie Erba, & Priscilla Gonzalez_new

Anthounette Muñoz, Cristie Erba, & Priscilla Gonzalez

9-Rene Joy & Jaye_new

Rene Joy

9.1-Constanze Montenegro & friend_new

Constanze Montenegro

9.2-IMG_1351_new 9.3-IMG_1417_new 10-IMG_1460_new 10.2-IMG_1463_new

10.3-Matte Royal, Laetitia Saquella, & friend_new

Matte Royal, & Laetitia Saquella


11-Desyree Nicole & Chris Michael_new

Desyree Nicole & Chris Michael

12-Dushon ex Daniels & N.O.R.E_new

Dushon ex Daniels & N.O.R.E

13-IMG_1288_new 14-IMG_1290_new 15-IMG_1347_new 15.3--IMG_1442_new 15.4-IMG_1268_new 15.5-IMG_1381_new 16-IMG_1255_new

16.5-20-Fewture & DJ Legato_new

Fewture & DJ Legato

17-DJ Legato8_new

DJ Legato

18-DJ Legato5_new 19-DJ Legato_new z-IMG_1386_new