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Chris Paciello’s Birthday

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Chris Paciello at Bianca at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 14, 2012 – Friday night, Chris Paciello kicked off his Birthday celebration at Bianca at Delano. Invited guests enjoyed Bianca and UMI Sushi favorites on the terrace before heading down to FDR to hear Rony Seikaly spin. The evening brought together old friends and Miami’s beloved industry crowd.

Iran Issa Khan, Sam Robin, & Chris Paciello

Sam Robin, Chris Paciello, & Iran Issa Khan

Rony Seikaly & Chris Paciello

Rony Seikaly & David Grutman

Michelle & Tommy Pooch

Michelle Pooch, David Grutman, & Tommy Pooch

Nicola Siervo & Brad Furman

Linley Edwards & Brad Furman

Molly Tipps, Jamila Jones, Marko Gojanovic, Katie Luddy, Malin Svensson, Gioia Jansen, & Ecaterina Andreev

Erica Almeida & Marko Gojanovic

Elizabeth Pena, Cleo Vo Dai, & Macy Pellici

Jamila Jones & Michael Malone

Malin Svensson & Ecaterina Andreev

Rebecka Fermann & Antonio Martucci

Arlette Carlin & Alex Omes

Veronica Espinel, Sonia Perez, & Diana Perez

Sonia Perez & Diana Perez

Mayleen Gonzalez & Dana Dowd

Rebecka Fermann & Alexia Delorme

Rebecka Fermann, Marko Gojanovic,  & Alexia Delorme

Mary Marchesano & Tatiana Munoz

Evelyn Castro & Keith Menin

Antonio Martucci, Simone Cavalletti, & Chris Paciello

Chiara Cucinella, Louisa Raske, Kendra Bentley, Chris Paciello, & Kelly Corso

Chiara Cucinella, Louisa Raske, Kendra Bentley, & Kelly Corso

Chris Paciello & Keith Menin

Rony Seikaly at FDR at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 14, 2012 – Following the dinner party on the Bianca terrace, guests continued Chris Paciello’s birthday celebration in FDR at Delano with Rony Seikaly in the DJ booth and he had the party guests dancing till the lights came on at 5am!

Gianfranco Dossena & Rony Seikaly

Kendra Bentley, Linley Edwards, & Kelly Parks

Chris Paciello & Brian Timmons

Anthony Zurella & Lillie Roman

Algeria Beracasa & Pili Gomez

Jean Marc & Lauren Saigh

Alexis Vrba, Lina Rodriguez, & Yamuna Sapir

DJ Irie at FDR at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 15, 2012 – Saturday night, guests celebrated round two of Chris Paciello’s Birthday celebration at FDR at Delano with music by Miami’s DJ Irie and resident DJ Gunars. The room was packed with a great crowd, that enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed Paciello’s birthday festivities.

DJ Irie & Oren Alexander

DJ Irie & Gunars

Jon Warech & Alfred Spellman

Ashley Gretz, Donae Burston, & Natasha Sen

Christine Klingspor, Chris Paciello, & Michael Grieco

January Howard, Jovar Andrews, & Jessica Galeota

Jessica Galeota & Ashley Gretz

Kelly Lafond

Leah Estes

Dani Bueno

DJ Irie

DJ Irie

Amanda Simo & Amy Carson

Renee Medina & Kelly Lafond

Brittany Jones, Kaile Smith, & Erica Johnson

Jessica Brown, Whitney Collins, Brittany Jones, Kaile Smith, & Erica Johnson

Jessica Brown & Whitney Collins

Kathryn Johnson & Nikki Page

Rachel Mahan, Marcel Katz, Leah Estes, & Dani Bueno

Michelle Hernandez & Natalie Eskert

Chris Paciello & Big Hec

Sharoni Rotberg & Oren Alexander

Chad Fabrikant, DJ Irie, & Matt Brooks

DJ Irie

Jon Warech

Erica Almeida & Nina Torres

Leah Estes & Dani Bueno

Matt Brooks & DJ Irie

Oren Alexander & DJ Irie

Model Beach Volleyball – Day 1

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 31, 2012 – Day one at the The 2012 Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament had modeling agencies battle in a live beach volleyball tournament for South Beach supremacy . There were special appearances by volleyball champions April Ross & Jennifer Kessy, #4 Women’s Pro Team Worldwide, 2012 Sports Illustrated Model Nina Agdal, and other special guests includingGeoff Stults, Michael Bay, James Mardsen, Josh Hopkins, and Shawn Merriman.

WorldRedEye served as the official media sponsor of the 2012 LUDUS Model Beach Volleyball Tournament (MBVT) in association with the National Volleyball League (NVL) . We cannot wait until the next event!

Malin Svensson

Bruna Hort

Annie Gustafsson

Justin Stolarczyk, Dashil Hernandez, Joelle Pforr, Malin Svensson, Gioia Jansen, Frankie Godoy, Michael Malone, & Marko Gojanovic

Nina Agdal & Geoff Stults

Shawne Merriman

Alyssa Riley

Alyssa Riley & Joelle Pforr

Hayley Wheeler & Effy Harvard

Effy Harvard

Jordan Postrel

Lays Silva & Constatini

Francis Martins & Bruna Hort

Carlee Laronn & Elizabeth Zayas

Gioia Jansen

Martin Reader & John Binstock

Michael Malone

Michael Malone & Taylor Hannum

Dashil Hernandez & Justin Stolarzic

Ashley Robinso & Sonja Ewy

Erica Almeida & Rayla Jacunda

Pamela Lima & Aksana Samy

Taylor Hannum

Taylor Hannum, Michael Malone, Gioia Jansen, & Frankie Godoy

Ocean Drive Magazine Cover Party

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

Miami Beach, FL – February 6, 2012 – In celebration of her February cover of Ocean Drive magazine, Gabrielle Union and boyfriend Dwyane Wade attended an exclusive dinner party at Bianca in the Delano hotel presented by St. Germain.  The couple arrived in a Jaguar XJ courtesy of The Collection before dining and mingling with friends. Others in attendance that night were Ocean Drive magazine publisher Courtland Lantaff, editor in chief Suzy Buckley,  and Nick Arison.  Dwyane gushed with pride over Gabrielle’s cover and was excited to be out supporting her; he also made mention that she has now “been inducted into the Ocean Drive magazine family” (referring back to his own cover April 2008).

Gabrielle Union

Courtland Lantaff, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, & JP Oliver

Dwyane Wade, Suzy Buckley, & Gabrielle Union

Ken Gorin & Dwyane Wade

Ken Gorin & Linda Flanagan

Ken Gorin, Linda Flanagan, Jenna Green, & Nick Arison


Gunars & DJ Jean Marc

Castiana Johnson & Marsha Stepina

Johnathan Yaskoff & Kasey Ashcraft

Michelle McGregor & Krista Marrama

Dana Shear

Michael Capponi & Alexandra Genis

Annilie Hastley, Nick Chavez, Nicole Verdoll, & Josh moody

Ken Gorin, Linda Flanagan, & Courtland Lantaff

Carolina Jatem & Jenisei Couso

Guilly Booth, Hannah Edwards, & Barbara Becker

Marvion Campbell, Gabriella Soto, Elizabeth Marti, & Patricia Salas

Vincent DePaul

Bianca at Delano Grand Opening

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Mickey Rourke & Chris Paciello

Miami Beach, FL – January 26, 2012 – Thursday night, Las Vegas’ The Light Group marked their first foray into the Miami market with the Grand Opening of BIANCA at Delano. Invited guests celebrated the re-launch of Delano with an indoor/outdoor celebration featuring musical performances by both Chris Botti and Little Louie Vega, who was joined by Michelle Rodriguez for his live set. Additional celebrity attendees included Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, Jessica Stam, Kevin Connolly, Evan Ross, Sammy Sosa, & Jonathan Cheban. Both Ebanks and Stam donned Versace while enjoying their evening at South Beach’s most iconic hotel.

Ingrid Casares, Chris Paciello, & Andy Masi

Michelle Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, & Jessica Stam

Alex Rodriguez & Ingrid Casares

Michael Capponi & Sammy Sosa

Kevin Connolly

Evan Ross & Little Louie Vega

Selita Ebanks & Michelle Rodriguez

Jessica Stam & Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks & Jessica Stam

Erica Almeida, Jonathan Cheban, Catherine Portes, & Richie Akiva

Jorge & Darlene Perez, & Marty & David Hamamoto

Lisa Cortes, Ingrid Casares, & Jose Ortiz

Lisa Cortes & Ingrid Casares

Wayne Boich, Bert Hedaya, & Cynthia Marin

Jonathan Breene, George Lindemann, Suzy Buckley, & Criselda Breene

Daniela Swaebe & Michael Comras

James Cruz

Jessica Stam & Charlie Wiggins

Alexis Brba & Mark Lehmkuhl

Jamil Bouchareb, Ira Lang, Rich Rinella, Mark Lehmkuhl, Alexis Brba, & Phillip Sylvester

Chris Botti

Sam Robin, Shelley Golden, & Susie Wahab

Jonathan Breene, Raj Vattikuti, & Michael Breene

Ali Mahallati, Iran Issa Khan, & Raj Vattikuti

Ivan Rusilko, Athina Marturet, Michael Gongora, & Iran Issa Khan

Bert Hedaya, Richie Akiva, Kevin Connolly, & Richie Hedaya

Michael Comras, Nicola Siervo, & Antonio Martucci

Michael Capponi, JP Oliver, & Chris Paciello

Chris Botti

Jonathan Cheban & Catherine Portes

Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

James Cruz & Jonathan Cheban

Lyndon Smith & Javon

Michael Drieling & Ricardo Dunin

Lyndon Smith, Shauna Bass, & Jason Odio

Bert Hedaya & Richie Akiva

Richie Akiva & Bert Hedaya

Jorge & Darlene Perez

Linley Edwards & Michelle Rodriguez

Michael Capponi & Alexandra Genis

Courtland Lantaff, Michael Dreiling, Jean Franco Siervo, & Ricardo Dunin

Michael Gross

Lisa Petrillo & Bill McCue

Shelley & Richard Golden

Little Louie Vega & Courtland Lantaff

David Grutman & Chris Paciello

Linley Edwards, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Gross, Selita Ebanks, & Chris Paciello

Andy Masi & Ronnie Madra

Evan Ross, David Grutman, Jonathan Cheban, Burton Wilkins, & Richie Akiva

David Grutman, Alexandra Genis, & Michael Capponi

Carlos Betancourt & Michael Capponi

Skrillex Pool Party at Arkadia

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – December 18, 2011 – Dubstep came to the Fontainebleau in a big way on Sunday when Arkadia presented Skrillex poolside to an eager and excited group of beautiful, eccentric fans. Performing crowd favorites such as “Cinema” and “First of the Year”, Skrillex’s performance also featured new material including his “Levels” remix and some yet  to be named intense tracks.

Gaudi Castro

Stephanie Wahler


Sam Baum & Skrillex

12th Planet & Nadastrom

12th Planet

Camille Monte, Desiree Bakes, Samantha Blake, & Dafna Zachary

Lindsay Ragusa & Francesca Loss

Alex Allen & Jamie Isicoff

Liz Nolan & Julia Nolan

Kyla Fox, Vera Rejtinger, & Ragan Creel


Dallas Witcher & Gaudi Castro

Elisa Pigna

Cheryl Hohweiler & Rebekah Keida




Skrillex & 12th Planet

Purple & Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand, William Commandeur, & Biz Martinez

Biz Martinez, Aramis Lori, & Jake Jefferson

Burton Wilkins & Chris Paciello

Netta Bodman

Michelle Casares

Christine Reda & April Serafin

Courtney Williams

Erica Almeida, Leticia Santos, & Liz Godwin

Sophie Ilebakke & Vera Rejtinder



Nathan Valentine & Skrillex

Jimmy Greenup & Kim Martin

Rebekah Keida & Cheryl Hohweiler