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Zedd & Porter Robinson at LIV

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Zedd & Porter Robinson

Miami Beach, FL – October 4, 2012 – Zedd & Porter Robinson made their way to LIV Thursday night as part of their hot fall tour. The combination of the two powerful DJs lead to an impeccable set with a very unique sound and double the energy.

Zedd & Porter Robinson

Tiff Zaystev

Leticia Santos

Cara Michelle & Elisha Bornstein

Cara Michelle

Caitlin Booth, Caitlin Roth, & Liz Godwin

Erica Churba

Erica Churba

Paris Alana

Stephanie Bascone

Shelbi Arielle

Carly Tighe

Jenn Bond

Zedd & Porter Robinson

Caitlin Booth, Leticia Santos, Caitlin Roth, & Liz Godwin

Lisa Finocchietti & Meredith Root

Lyndon Smith, Lindsey Lukkari, & Samar Mekhail

Antonio Martucci, Mednas, & Brett Weithorn

Brett Weithorn & Paris Alana

Cara Michelle

Cara Michelle & Elisha Bornstein

Erica Churba & Tiff Zaystev

Tiff Zaystev & Erica Churba

Javier Chacon

Porter Robinson & Zedd

Xaitana Cardoso & Stephanie Bascone

Jessika Ferraro & Melissa Mejia

Kat Jade, Xaitana Cardoso, Stephanie Bascone, & Shelbi Arielle

Sidney Samson at LIV

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Diplo, Sidney Samson, & Tiesto

Miami Beach, FL – April 11, 2012 – Sidney Samson took to the decks at the dirty Harry party at LIV Wednesday night with enthusiasm and rocked the club till early Thursday morning. Dj friends diplo and tiesto stopped in to enjoy the party and cool the crowd off with the co2 guns as the party was on fire!

Tiesto & Sidney Samson

Sidney Samson

Tiesto & Sidney Samson

Sidney Samson

Elisha Bornstein & Cara Dubec

Dragonfly & Jordyn Chandler Hartlein

Erin Cummins

Becca Long & Danielle Goodwin

Priscilla Allouche

Heather Stroh

Angelina Brooke

Sidney Samson

Tiesto & Sidney Samson

Diplo, Tiesto, & Kelly Cobb

Tiesto, Diplo, Kelly Cobb, & Sidney Samson


Purple, Tiesto, & Sidney Samson

Tiesto & Sidney Samson

Tiesto & Sidney Samson

Olivia Tucek, Kylie Rosabal, & Donna Ferro

Francis Martins & Alejandra Pinera

Angelina Brooke & Heather Stroh

Charlotte Wright & Smash

Laura Aguilar & Heather Stroh

Lyndsay Hall

Burton Wilkins & Tiesto

Burton Wilkins, Tiesto, Kelly Cobb, & Puprle

Diplo, Sidney Samson, Tiesto, & Levent Dayan

Tiesto & Diplo