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Electus at Soho Beach House

Friday, January 28th, 2011

John Walsh & Ben Silverman

Miami Beach, FL January  25, 2011 – Ben Silverman Presented the Electus and BING NATPE party at Soho Beach House which was the hottest party at the NATPE Conference this year ! Top worldwide industry execs, top agents, models, Miami Heat player Chris Bosh, Jon Feltheimer (Head of Lionsgate), Head of Pro Sieben Sat 1, John Walsh, heads of Paramount, CBS and Warners Distribution, Telemundo stars, Univision stars, and even the creators of Baywatch ! Electus recently announced their new international in-house distribution arm, Electus/Engine Distribution which they acquired from Chris Philip.

Liz Gately, Ben Silverman & Tony Disanto

Blanca Soto

Chris Bosh, Adrienne Williams, & Ben Silverman

Danny Villa, Amy Weller, & Thom Filicia

Joe Francis, Nathan Lieberman, Jorge Moreno, & Janelle Gueits

Louis Aguirre & Nathan Lieberman

Chris Bosh & Adrienne Williams

Adrienne Williams

Ben Silverman & Adrienne Williams

Bill Block & Chris Philip

Bruce Orosz, John Walsh, Rudy Boess & Chris Philip

Dom Selafini & Chris Philip

Liz Gately  & Tony Disanto

Liz Gately, Ben Silverman & Tony Disanto

Danny Villa & Amy Weller

Derek Tarver & Ashlee Harrison

Amy Weller & Danny Villa

John Walsh & Bruce Orosz

Lauren Berlingeri & Karolina Lundbert

Nathan Lieberman, Jorge Moreno, & Janelle Gueits

Wendy Herrera & Lolo Sudarsky