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Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball 2014 – Day 1

Monday, February 10th, 2014


Miami Beach, FL – February 8, 2014 – Things were heating up on the sand as The 5th annual Model Beach Volleyball Tournament started off with a bang Saturday morning at Lummus Park in Miami Beach. Top modeling agencies in Miami, as well as some of the top professional volleyball players across the world, got together and formed co-ed teams and competed in a thrilling two-day beach volleyball tournament. These top agencies included Next, CGM, Elite, Ford, MC2, Mega, Front, Oceans, Runways and Wilhelmina. Models were draped head-to-toe in Wildfox Couture, including everything from eyewear to swim to apparel. Wildfox had even customized one of a kind agency team uniforms which turned out to be a hot commodity on the court. Day one’s battle consisted of a bracket style competition where teams competed against each other in round robin format. Rockstar energy and Coconut Cartel kept the beaches, players and guests hydrated under the intense heat. Inside the VIP tent, models, media and celebrities enjoyed complimentary cocktails by Miami Cocktail Company & Heineken Light. The team that finishes best on Sunday were set to win a complimentary round trip to an unknown destination. The event exclusively benefitted the Irie Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of South Florida’s youth through educational and extracurricular opportunities and improve the graduation rates among young students.










Ashton Berkley


McKenna Berkley & Ashley Berkley


Lauren Goodman & Cyndi Perera



Hope, Allison, Nicole, Giselle, & Jessica


 Marko Gojanovic


Erin Cummins, Alexis Lauren, Greg Silverstein, Ashton Berkley, McKenna Berkley, Marko Gojanovic, & Amy Welby









Gabbi Shayne, Micaela Weiss, & Molly Stubsad


Greg Silverstein & Brandon Shores


Ashton Berkley & McKenna Berkley


Mitia Breckenridge, Emmanuel Fiore, & Mike Aaron




DJ Zog


Michael Malone & Marko Gojanovic

23-Rick Delgado DJ-Irie,-&-Olivia-Ormos

Rick Delgado, DJ Irie, & Olivia Ormos


DJ Irie

25-DSC_4359-Rick Delgado

Rick Delgado















Greg Silverstein, Alexis Lauren, & Nick Bateman


Jesse Palmer & Olivia Ormos


Michael Malone, Ecaterina Andreev, & Alex Mijares


Lara Zaragosa & Ari Kaplan


Ari Kaplan






Front Management at HaVen

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


Miami Beach, FL – January 11, 2014 – Front Management took over Destination Saturdays at HaVen last week as they hosted a party at the Miami Beach hotspot. The crowd was filled with stunning models mingling away. DJ Kristian Caro’s killer set was the perfect as he made sure everyone was hyped for a night of dancing and drinking.




 Mario Blanco, Christian Alexander, & Dashil Hernandez


Jessica Bleier, Christian Alexander, & Dashil Hernandez


Jessica Bleier, Sarah Barnes, & Christian Alexander


Bashar Kallabat, Brigitta Fuentes, & Christian Alexander


Rebekah Keida, Jean-Raymond Alexandre, & Dashil Hernandez


Hansel Tee & Jean-Raymond Alexandre


Hadar Pitchon & Michael Stanley


Dashil Hernandez


Giselle & Frances Colon


Amanda Chamberlain






Kristian Caro



Mary Elizabeth, Anke Rice, & Zackary Harron De Montaderin


Joanna Narvaez, Ecaterina Andreev, & Ana Gonzalez


Cheryl Kate & Jenny Rey


Cristian Alexander & Chelsea Wichmann


Christian Alexander & Sonya Olson


Dania Graibe & Mario Blanco


Brad Cozza & Ben Arndt


Ben Ardnt, Christian Alexander, & James Kirk

Arty at Mansion

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


Miami Beach, FL – October 6, 2012 – Saturday at Mansion for Others Play House, We Play Mansion party goers experienced the sounds of Arty. Russian sensation, Arty, has taken the EDM world by storm and his set was much appreciated at Mansion.



Ivy Aparicio & Shannon Austin

Ecaterina Andreev & Carolina Gonzalez

Arty & Laurent Simeca

Marcos Santos

Caroline Le Bail & Beto Biscaia

Chrispy Alexander & Carolina Gonzalez

Booba, Julien Tardieu, & Gato

Ocean Drive Fashion Week Luncheon

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – September 21, 2012 – Ocean Drive magazine invited 30 female tastemakers for an afternoon luncheon at The Setai to celebrate their 11th annual Fall Fashion Week. The guests enjoyed a specially curated menu and cocktails by Chambord Vodka while previewing fashions by Balmain, Equipment, and Helmut Lang showcased by Design District’s newest boutique addition, Apt 606. Attendees included Lana Bernstein, Susan Penrod, Rebecca Interian, Jenna Ingraham, Pelin Munis, Aria Deshe, Jorian Weiner, Brooke Rosenfeld and Nikki Simkins.

Helen Le Van

Helen Le Van

Brooke Rosenfeld & Lyndsey Cooper

Heather Boucher & Joyce Gato

Heather Boucher, Buffy Koczwara, & Julia Kayton

Rebecca Interian, Susan Penrod, & Caitlin Perrone

Pelin Munis, Aria Zelnik, & Heather Malkoff

Helen Le Van

Ecaterina Andreev

Morganne Wray & Ecaterina Andreev

Ecaterina Andreev

Helen Le Van

Ecaterina Andreev, Morganne Wray, & Helen Le Van

Natalija Dedci & Jemina Ouzanan

Martha Valdes Fauli & Brett Graff

Chris Paciello’s Birthday

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Chris Paciello at Bianca at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 14, 2012 – Friday night, Chris Paciello kicked off his Birthday celebration at Bianca at Delano. Invited guests enjoyed Bianca and UMI Sushi favorites on the terrace before heading down to FDR to hear Rony Seikaly spin. The evening brought together old friends and Miami’s beloved industry crowd.

Iran Issa Khan, Sam Robin, & Chris Paciello

Sam Robin, Chris Paciello, & Iran Issa Khan

Rony Seikaly & Chris Paciello

Rony Seikaly & David Grutman

Michelle & Tommy Pooch

Michelle Pooch, David Grutman, & Tommy Pooch

Nicola Siervo & Brad Furman

Linley Edwards & Brad Furman

Molly Tipps, Jamila Jones, Marko Gojanovic, Katie Luddy, Malin Svensson, Gioia Jansen, & Ecaterina Andreev

Erica Almeida & Marko Gojanovic

Elizabeth Pena, Cleo Vo Dai, & Macy Pellici

Jamila Jones & Michael Malone

Malin Svensson & Ecaterina Andreev

Rebecka Fermann & Antonio Martucci

Arlette Carlin & Alex Omes

Veronica Espinel, Sonia Perez, & Diana Perez

Sonia Perez & Diana Perez

Mayleen Gonzalez & Dana Dowd

Rebecka Fermann & Alexia Delorme

Rebecka Fermann, Marko Gojanovic,  & Alexia Delorme

Mary Marchesano & Tatiana Munoz

Evelyn Castro & Keith Menin

Antonio Martucci, Simone Cavalletti, & Chris Paciello

Chiara Cucinella, Louisa Raske, Kendra Bentley, Chris Paciello, & Kelly Corso

Chiara Cucinella, Louisa Raske, Kendra Bentley, & Kelly Corso

Chris Paciello & Keith Menin

Rony Seikaly at FDR at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 14, 2012 – Following the dinner party on the Bianca terrace, guests continued Chris Paciello’s birthday celebration in FDR at Delano with Rony Seikaly in the DJ booth and he had the party guests dancing till the lights came on at 5am!

Gianfranco Dossena & Rony Seikaly

Kendra Bentley, Linley Edwards, & Kelly Parks

Chris Paciello & Brian Timmons

Anthony Zurella & Lillie Roman

Algeria Beracasa & Pili Gomez

Jean Marc & Lauren Saigh

Alexis Vrba, Lina Rodriguez, & Yamuna Sapir

DJ Irie at FDR at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – September 15, 2012 – Saturday night, guests celebrated round two of Chris Paciello’s Birthday celebration at FDR at Delano with music by Miami’s DJ Irie and resident DJ Gunars. The room was packed with a great crowd, that enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed Paciello’s birthday festivities.

DJ Irie & Oren Alexander

DJ Irie & Gunars

Jon Warech & Alfred Spellman

Ashley Gretz, Donae Burston, & Natasha Sen

Christine Klingspor, Chris Paciello, & Michael Grieco

January Howard, Jovar Andrews, & Jessica Galeota

Jessica Galeota & Ashley Gretz

Kelly Lafond

Leah Estes

Dani Bueno

DJ Irie

DJ Irie

Amanda Simo & Amy Carson

Renee Medina & Kelly Lafond

Brittany Jones, Kaile Smith, & Erica Johnson

Jessica Brown, Whitney Collins, Brittany Jones, Kaile Smith, & Erica Johnson

Jessica Brown & Whitney Collins

Kathryn Johnson & Nikki Page

Rachel Mahan, Marcel Katz, Leah Estes, & Dani Bueno

Michelle Hernandez & Natalie Eskert

Chris Paciello & Big Hec

Sharoni Rotberg & Oren Alexander

Chad Fabrikant, DJ Irie, & Matt Brooks

DJ Irie

Jon Warech

Erica Almeida & Nina Torres

Leah Estes & Dani Bueno

Matt Brooks & DJ Irie

Oren Alexander & DJ Irie

Industry Tuesdays at Bamboo

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 28, 2012 – Industry Tuesday at Bamboo kicked off the week by celebrating the exit of nasty weather and welcomed the work week with a night of full on partying.


Biah Bops

Sydney Adler & Lauren Arrington

Thais Donato, Adriane Celestino, & Biah Bops

Adriana Fuentes, Naty Rodriguez, & Andrea Fuentes

Tina Powers

Roanna Ding, Tina Powers, & Eliza Powers

Eliza Powers, Tina Powers, & Rosanna Ding

Dezee Rae

DJ Juicy

Katrina Joseph, Curtis Joseph, General Alaba, & Valeria Karter

Ecaterina Andreev, Marko Gojanovic, & Carlotta di Napoli

Vladimir Jean & Dilo Minden

Alain Kalantar & Ekaterina Alexeeva

DJ Luka & DJ Juicy

Paolo Gambino & Lilli Lamar

NEXT Models at Bianca

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Celine Brinkgreve, Taina Barbosa, Sviatlana Sapeha, Ivana Korab, Shelby Israel, Kelly Hughs, Robin Rael, Lauren Tannehill, Christina Zapolski, Margeaux Raymond, Kristina Elise, & Brooke Lisowski

Miami Beach, FL – July 17, 2012 – The NEXT Model group came out to Bianca at Delano for a Swim Week kickoff dinner Tuesday night to prepare for the upcoming events. Everyone indulged and discussed their excitement about this week’s hottest events.

Elizabeth Zayaz, Stefani Ortega, Marko Gojanovic, Michael Malone, Ida Ibarra, Maria Juani, & Molly Tipps

Michael Malone, Ida Ibarra, Maria Juani, & Molly Tipps

Ecaterina Andreev, Christina Zapolski, Marko Gojanovic, & Margeaux Raymond

Christina Zapolski & Margeaux Raymond

Sviatlana Sapeha & Ivana Korab

Stefani Ortega & Elizabeth Zayaz

Molly Tipps & Alexandra Aguilera

Alexandra Aguilera

Kristina Elise & Jerry Chery

Brittany Churchill & Brooke Register

Kelly Hughs, Robin Rael, & Lauren Tannehill

Kristina Elise, Christina Zapolski, & Margeaux Raymond

Elizabeth Zayaz, Stefani Ortega, & Marko Gojanovic

Alistair Overeem & Marko Gojanovic

Celine Brinkgreve & Brooke Lisowski

Celine Brinkgreve & Taina Barbosa

Shelby Israel & Taina Barbosa

Tiesto at Amnesia

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – April 15, 2012 – Sunday Nights are usually quiet. Tiesto Changed that last weekend when noise levels were raised exponentially with pumping music and dancing club goers at Amnesia. It was an awesome spectacle to watch a crowd of thousands pile into the club and rock out to Tiesto’s classic and new-age dance music that is loved by all.


Aleksandra Borecka & Anastaiia Bondar

Chelsea Steinberg & Michelle Gajda

Lauren Lewis

Jessica Fala & Mary Fala

Zoe Rene & Hana Habib

Ecaterina Andreev


Jimmy Greenup & Antonio Martucci

Paola Rojas, Lukyanova Anastasia, & Olya Borisova

Paris Alana & Karen Benmeleh