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The Art Basel Miami Beach 15th Anniversary Dinner Honoring Irma & Norman Braman at Smith & Wollensky

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – November 27, 2016 – Miamians celebrated the Art Basel Miami Beach 15th Anniversary Dinner honoring Irma and Norman Braman at Smith & Wollensky. Among the 60 guests were former Director, Sam Keller current Director, Noah Horowitz and Global Director, Marc Spiegler.


Craig Robins & Marc Spiegler

Norman Braman, Jackie Soffer, & Craig Robins

Norman Braman, Jackie Soffer, & Craig Robins

Marc Spiegler, Norman Braman, Craig Robins, & Sam Keller

Marc Spiegler, Norman Braman, Craig Robins, & Sam Keller

Sam Keller, Irma Braman, Norman Braman, Bob Goodman, & Diane Goodman

Sam Keller, Irma & Norman Braman, Bob Goodman, & Stefanie Reed


Sam Keller, Norman Braman, & Bob Goodman


Bob & Diane Goodman


Bob Goodman & Paul Cejas


Carlos de la Cruz, Norma Braman, & Rosa de la Cruz


Mera Rubell

10-dsc_0036_new 11-dsc_0074_new


Marc Spiegler, Craig Robins, & Ellen Salpeter

Petra Levin, Stephanie Reed, & Ellen Salpeter

Petra Levin, Stefanie Reed, & Ellen Salpeter

Stefani Reed, Evan Reed, Mario Cader-Frech, & Debra Scholl

Stefanie & Evan Reed, Mario Cader-Frech, & Debra Scholl


Stefanie & Evan Reed


Stefanie & Rebecca Reed


Rebecca & Evan Reed


Judith Keller & Frank Safarik


Louise Sorensen & Katherine Hinds


Paul Rothberg & Ruth Shack

Jeff Wechsler, Constance Collins, & Martin Margulies

Jeff Wechsler, Constance Collins, & Martin Margulies


Dana Shack, Paula Friedland, Jeff & Debi Wechsler

Paul Cejas, Michelle Rubell, Mera Rubell, & John Rubell

Paul Cejas, Michelle, Mera, & Don Rubell

Carlos de la Cruz, Rosa de la Cruz, & Craig Robins

Carlos & Rosa de la Cruz, & Craig Robins


Michael Putney & Karen Evans


Michelle & Jason Rubell


Rene Kamm & Noah Horowitz


Gerri & Stephen Helfman


Mera Rubel & Neisen Kasdin


Michele Sandoz & Irene Kim


Debra & Dennis Scholl


Michele Sandoz, Ella Cisneros, & Trudy Cejas



YoungArts Backyard Ball Kick-Off with Max Mara at The Miami Beach EDITION

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – November 2, 2016 – In celebration of Max Mara’s third consecutive year as presenting sponsor of the YoungArts Backyard Ball performance and gala, Max Mara hosted an exclusive Resort 2017 runway show at The Miami Beach EDITION. The city’s most stylish influencers were privy to the luxury brand’s latest resort wear collection on the hotel’s La Vista Terrace, while YoungArts alumna Clare Semes (2010 Winner in Music) played the classical violin along with Sarah Peters, violinist, of New World Symphony. YoungArts President & CEO Carolina García Jayaram shared remarks about the organization’s exciting ongoing public programming and its signature National YoungArts Week punctuated by the annual Backyard Ball gala and after-party on January 14, 2017. Beverage sponsorship was provided courtesy of Absolut ELYX and Perrier Jouet.
3-img_5246_new 4-img_5261_new 5-img_5278_new 6-1-img_5235_new 6-3-img_5464_new 6-4-img_5472_new 8-img_5340_new 9-img_5349_new 9-1-img_5485_new 9-2-img_5505_new 9-3-img_5537_new 9-4-img_5475_new 9-5-img_5443_new 9-6-24-img_5202_new 10-img_5354_new 12-img_5575_new 13-img_5582_new 14-img_5647_new 15-img_5389_new 16-img_5301_new 16-img_5411_new 17-img_5545_new 18-img_5380_new 31-img_5141_new 31-1-img_5102_new 32-img_5110_new34-harry-hersh-oti-roberts-remi-roberts-andres-fanjul-marcela-braga10


Florencia Jimenez-Marcos, Harry Hersh, Carolina García Jayaram, & Jewel Malone


Pepe Mar, Tara Benmeleh, & David Castillo


Viviane Vorbe & Silvia Souza


Dina Ansaldi & Jane Guinn


Marcela Braga & Andres Fanjul


Joshua Wagner & Esther Park


Howard Miller & Mario Sancarranco


Lauren Fitzpatrick & Crista Azqueta


Carolina García Jayaram

44-img_5148 45-img_5144 46-img_5089img_5793img_5801


Britta Hanson, Nina Schurmaier, & Catherine Prescott



Kate Carrick, Jayaram Jewel Malone, Matthew & Taylor Abess, & Annhy Shim-Morel


Crista Azqueta, Lauren Fitzpatrick, & James Ferraro


Pepe Mar, Esther Park, & David Arraya


Debra Scholl & John Clark


Mario Rodriguez & Elina Kalnina


Julio Quaresma, Sonia Lukene, & Jose Mario

Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Annual Benefactor Recognition Dinner at Vhernier

Sunday, April 24th, 2016


Miami, FL – April 15, 2016 – Pérez Art Museum Miami welcomed Benefactor and above-level donors to the Fourth Annual PAMM Benefactor Recognition Dinner, hosted by Vhernier in the Miami Design District. Director Franklin Sirmans was honored to recognize some of the museum’s most generous supporters for their continued generosity and leadership. Guests were welcomed to a champagne reception in Vhernier’s showroom, followed by a three-course dinner in Palm Court.  A few April showers didn’t dampen spirits and the elegant evening was enjoyed by all.


3-DSC_8156_new 4-DSC_8163_new 5-DSC_8166_new 6-DSC_8167_new 7-DSC_8257_new

8-Andy Hall, Gail Meyers, Mark Oren, & Nedra Oren4_new

Gail Meyers, Andy Hall, Mark & Nedra Oren

8.5-Barry Goldstein & Patty Goldstein1_new

Barry & Patty Goldstein

9-Dede Moss & Rafael Miyar2_new

Dede Moss & Rafael Miyar

9.3-Marijean Miyar & Bob Moss2_new

Marijean Miyar & Bob Moss

9.4-Laura Kaplan & Lola Jacobson2_new

Laura Kaplan & Lola Jacobson

9.5-12-Bill Kleh & Patty Kleh2_new

Bill & Patty Kleh

10-Deborah Scarpa & Craig Dickmann2_new

Deborah Scarpa & Craig Dickmann

11-Andrew Hall & Tom van Straaten3_new

Andrew Hall & Tom van Straaten

11.3-Silvana Facchini & Robert Bovet6_new

Silvana Facchini & Robert Bovet

11.5-Dorothy Podhurst & Aaron Podhurst1_new

Dorothy & Aaron Podhurst

11.6-Leann Standish & Sandra Lapciuc2_new

Leann Standish & Sandra Lapciuc

12-David Frankl, Leann Standish, & Patty Kleh2_new

David Frankel, Leann Standish, & Patty Kleh

12.5-Jerry Lindzon, Pauldine France, Patricia Papper, & Mireille Chancy Gonzalez2_new

Jerry Lindzon, Pauldine France, Patricia Papper, & Mireille Chancy Gonzalez

14-Chris Armstrong, Werner Grob, Ana Bierman, & Mitch Bierman2_new

Chris Armstrong, Werner Grob, Ana & Mitch Bierman

14.5-18-Ronni Elegant, Ira Elegant, & Deborah Scarpa1_new

Ronni & Ira Elegant, & Deborah Scarpa

15-Deborah Scarpa, Jeffrey Kaplan, & Laura Kaplan1_new

Deborah Scarpa, Jeffrey & Laura Kaplan

15.5-17-Peter Zubizarreta, Aymee Zubizarreta, Patty Kleh, & Bill Kleh_new

Peter & Aymee Zubizarreta, Patty & Bill Kleh

15.7-Peter MacNamara, Terry Vento, & Patricia Papper_new

Peter MacNamara, Terry Vento, & Patricia Papper

15.8-19-Terry Vento, Debra Scholl, & Diane Grob1_new

Terry Vento, Debra Scholl, & Diane Grob

16-Ana Bierman, Mark Rosenblum, & Alison Rosenblum2_new

Ana Bierman, Mark & Alison Rosenblum

16.5-DSC_8174_new 16.5-DSC_8197_new 17-DSC_8186_new 18-DSC_8182_new 19-DSC_8264_new 20-DSC_8294_new

20.4-Sylvia Pope, Greg Kendall, & Kandy Kramer1_new

Sylvia Pope, Greg Kendall, & Kandy Kramer

20.5-Aaron Podhurst & Charles Stuzin2_new

Aaron Podhurst & Charles Stuzin

21-Hal Philipps & Tobias Ostrander2_new

Hal Philipps & Tobias Ostrander

22-Dorothy Podhurst & Roz Stuzin3_new

Dorothy Podhurst & Roz Stuzin

23-Patrick McDowell, Camille McDowell, Aida Levitan, & Fernando Petit1_new

Patrick & Camille McDowell, Aida Levitan, & Fernando Petit

24-DSC_8270_new 25-DSC_8215_new 26-DSC_8224_new 27-DSC_8320_new 28-DSC_8322_new 31-DSC_8316_new 32-DSC_8314_new 32.3-DSC_8310_new 32.5-29-26.5-DSC_8328_new 33-DSC_8417_new

34-Dede Moss_new

Dede Moss

35-Patricia Papper & Jessica Sirmans2_new

Patricia Papper & Jessica Sirmans

36-DSC_8354_new 37-DSC_8348_new 38-DSC_8407_new 39-DSC_8361_new 40-DSC_8592_new 41-DSC_8572_new

42-Franklin Sirmans Speaking19_new

Franklin Sirmans

43-Franklin Sirmans Speaking7_new 44-Franklin Sirmans Speaking3_new

45-Leo Vargas Speaking2_new

Leo Vargas

46-Leo Vargas Speaking14_new 47-Leo Vargas Speaking10_new

49-Leo Vargas & Franklin Sirmans2_new

Leo Vargas & Franklin Sirmans

50--Franklin Sirmans & Jessica Sirmans5_new

Jessica & Franklin Sirmans



Mark Oren

52.5-Lola Jacobson & Marisa Toccin3_new

Lola Jacobson & Marisa Toccin


54-Leann Standish Speaking7_new

Leann Standish

55-Leann Standish Speaking3_new 56-DSC_8601_new 57-DSC_8703_new

Cultured Magazine, NET-A-PORTER & the Rubell Family Collection Celebrate Women in Art

Friday, May 8th, 2015


Mera Rubell

Miami, FL – May 5, 2015 – NET-A-PORTER, the Rubell Family Collection and Sarah Harrelson, founder of Cultured Magazine hosted a lavish luncheon for 50 women. Mera Rubell led an inspiring discussion about art, collecting and the women artists in their vast collection. This is the first in a series for Cultured Magazine, NET-A-PORTER and the Rubell Family Collection.

2 -DSC_1222_new

Mera Rubell



4 -DSC_1202_new

Mera Rubell & Sarah Harrelson

4.5-Mera Rubell & Juan Roselione-Valadez1_new

Mera Rubell & Juan Roselione-Valadez


Sarah Harrelson, Michelle & Mera Rubell, & Stefanie Reed


Stefanie Reed, Debra Scholl, Trudy Cejas, & Lisa Heiden-Koffler


Lisa Heiden-Koffler & Tina Carlo


Yolanda Berkowitz & Criselda Breene


Michelle Rubell, Sara Colombo, Christina Echavarria, Criselda Breene, Asha Elias, & Kathryn Mikesell


11 -DSC_1138_new

Ivana Berendika


Andrea Noboa, Cynthia Rodriguez, & Priya Panjabi

11.6-Karen Lord, Debra Scholl, & Stephanie Reed_new

Karen Lord, Debra Scholl, & Stefanie Reed

12 -DSC_1302_new

Suzy Wahab & Ranjana Khan


Ranjana Khan, Suzy Wahab, & Maria Stavrou


Debra Scholl & Kathryn Mikesell


Andreea Baclea, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Amy Rosenberg


Heather Kaminetsky & Arlene Chaplin


Sarah Harrelson & Monica Kalpakian


Ivana Berendika & Mera Rubell


Mera Rubell


Amy Rosenberg, Andreea Baclea, & Yolanda Berkowitz


Stefanie Reed & Michelle Rubell


Lori Warriner & Marilyn Webber


Dara Friedman, Susan Richards, & Mera Rubell


Susan Richards, Dara Friedman, & Mera Rubell

25 -DSC_1259_new

Dara Friedman, Susan Richards, & Mera Rubell

25.5-Picasso Doll_new


Sarah Harrelson & Mera Rubell

28-Mera Rubell speaking1_new

Mera Rubell


Sarah Harrelson, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Mera Rubell 

30 -DSC_7220_new


Heather Kaminetsky, Juan Roselione-Valadez, Sarah Harrelson, & Mera Rubell

31 -Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson speaking11_new

Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson

31.5-Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson speaking_new

32-Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson speaking9_new

33-Juan Roselione-Valadez, Sarah Harrelson, & Mera Rubell speaking1_new

34-Juan Roselione-Valadez, Sarah Harrelson, & Mera Rubell speaking2_new

Juan Roselione-Valadez, Sarah Harrelson, & Mera Rubell

35-Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson speaking1_new

Mera Rubell, Juan Roselione-Valadez, & Sarah Harrelson

36 -Mera Rubell speaking_new

Mera Rubell

36.5-Michelle & Mera Rubell_new

Michelle & Mera Rubell

38-Tiffany Speyer, Mera & Michelle Rubell_new

Tiffany Speyer, Mera & Michelle Rubell

42-Michelle & Mera Rubell, & Ranjana Khan_new

Michelle & Mera Rubell, & Ranjana Khan


Tiffany Speyer, Alisa Romano, Olga Blavatnik, & Andrea Noboa

44-Trudy Cejas, Kinga Lampert, & Arlene Chaplin_new

Trudy Cejas, Kinga Lampert, & Arlene Chaplin


Lori Warriner, Soledad Picon, & Criselda Breene


Heather Kaminetsky, Juan Roselione-Valadez, Sarah Harrelson, & Mera Rubell


48.5 -Sara Colombo, Fernanda Domit, & Carola Pimentel_new

Sara Colombo, Fernanda Domit, & Carola Pimentel

48.5a-Clara Bullrich, Municha Underhill, & Soledad Picon_new

Clara Bullrich, Municha Underhill, & Soledad Picon


Tiffany Speyer, Andrea Noboa, Sarah Harrelson, Maria Stavrou, Monica Kalpakian, & Ivana Berendika


Louis Vuitton Design District Grand Opening

Monday, April 20th, 2015


Miami, FL – April 16, 2015 – As much a tribute to art and design as to couture fashion, Louis Vuitton’s stunning new emporium ushers in a vibrant era of sophisticated shopping and high style both inside and out. Aside from offering the complete world of Louis Vuitton leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches and fine jewelry, the architectural gem boasts an aluminum paneled facade created by Japanese architect Jun Aoki in collaboration with Mirei Uchibe. It is an abstract representation of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Damier pattern. The interior space portrays influences from Art Deco design and 1950’s Tropical Modernism, paying homage to the architectural history of Miami Beach. This, as well as original artworks, a gallery space and landscaped rooftop courtyard make this a must-visit travel destination.





On Thursday, April 16, Louis Vuitton celebrated its newest store opening in Miami’s Design District. Noteworthy guests in attendance included, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton Americas, Anthony Ledru, co-director of Art Basel, Marc Spiegler, co-founder of Miami’s Design District, Craig Robins, famed art collector and wife, Jason and Michelle Rubell, and New World Symphony Gala chair, Tatiana Silva. The opening party attracted many of the who’s who of Miami’s design community. Guests mixed and mingled all while enjoying this grand celebration.

5-Marc Spiegler & Craig Robins2

Marc Spiegler & Craig Robins

6-Anthony Ledru, Marc Spiegler, & Craig Robins1

Anthony Ledru, Marc Spiegler, & Craig Robins

6.4-Craig Robins & Anthony Ledru

Craig Robins & Anthony Ledru

6.5-Craig Robins & Jackie Soffer

Craig Robins & Jackie Soffer


6.8a-Jackie Soffer, Nikki Simkins, & Michelle Rubell

Jackie Soffer, Nikki Simkins, & Michelle Rubell

7-Dennis & Debra Scholl

Dennis & Debra Scholl

8-Evan & Stefanie Reed

Evan & Stefanie Reed

8.5-Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes

Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes

9-Irma Braman

Irma Braman

10-Ana Hughes Freund

Ana Hughes Freund

10.5-Roma & Erika Cohen

Roma & Erika Cohen

11-Bernice Steinbaum

Bernice Steinbaum

12-Anthony Ledru & Tatiana Silva2

Anthony Ledru & Tatiana Silva

13-Anthony Ledru & Tatiana Silva

14-Tatiana Silva, Craig Robins, & Monica Kalpakian

Tatiana Silva, Craig Robins, & Monica Kalpakian

15-Monica Kalpakian

Monica Kalpakia

16-Luli Ballestrin

Luli Ballestrin

17-Julia Medvedova, Yeliz Titiz, Tamara Medvedova

Julia Medvedova, Yeliz Titiz, & Tamara Medvedova

18-Carola Urtubey, Silvana Larrarte, Luli Ballestrin, & Soledad Picon

Carola Urtubey, Silvana Larrarte, Luli Ballestrin, & Soledad Picon

19-Elliot & Jessica Dornbush, Jason Rubell

Elliot & Jessica Dornbusch, & Jason Rubell

20-Nikki & Michael Simkins

Nikki & Michael Simkins

20.5-Dana Shear & Daniela Swaebe

Dana Shear & Daniela Swaebe

21-Andreea Baclea & Eilah Campbell-Beavers

Andreea Baclea & Eilah Campbell-Beavers

21.5-Iva Kosovic

Iva Kosovic

22-Elizabeth Resnick & Maya Ezratti

Elizabeth Resnick & Maya Ezratti

22.5-Lidia Perfaur & Maria Tettamanti

Lidia Perfaur & Maria Tettamanti

23-Anna Sherrill & Sofia Joelsson1

Anna Sherrill & Sofia Joelsson

23.5-Pedro & Fernanda Domit

Pedro & Fernanda Domit

24-Horacio Silva & Ben Trapold

Horacio Silva & Ben Trapold


Shane Elipot & Jose Diaz

26-Erica Phillips & Andres Fanjul Jr

Erica Phillips & Andres Fanjul Jr

27-David Simkins, Marc Spiegler, & Nathan Browning

David Simkins, Marc Spiegler, & Nathan Browning

28-Anthony Spinello & Craig Robins

Anthony Spinello & Craig Robins

29-Nico Totaro, Gustazo Espinoza, Amaia Pagalday, & Mario Cader-Frech

Nico Totaro, Gustazo Espinoza, Amaia Pagalday, & Mario Cader-Frech

30-Enrique Gomez de Molina, Eric Domege, Bernice Steinbaum, Troy Abbot, & Cristian Roth

Enrique Gomez de Molina, Eric Domege, Bernice Steinbaum, Troy Abbot, & Cristian Roth

31-Anna Smirnova, Irina Lopatine-Volskaya, Tatiana Silva, & Nina Miguel

Anna Smirnova, Irina Lopatine-Volskaya, Tatiana Silva, & Nina Miguel



Charitable Couples Luncheon & Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour

Thursday, April 16th, 2015


Miami, FL – April 15, 2015 – Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour hosted its second annual Charitable Couples Event where five couples were honored and recognized for their philanthropic commitment in our community. Vice President/General Manager for Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour, Frances Salgado, welcomed the VIP crowd to the exclusive event and presented each couple with an award for inspiring change and making a difference. Those being honored included Debra & Dennis Scholl for Locust Projects, Eilah & Ben Beavers for Miami Children’s Health Foundation, Melissa & Robert Netkin for Miami Children’s Museum, Nancy & Jon Batchelor for Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science, and Erica & Mark Mutchnik for National YoungArts Foundation. Last year’s Charitable Couple honorees Tara Solomon & Nick D’Annunzio for Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, Keila & Sergio Stiberman for Women’s International Zionist Organization, and Sandy Levy for Diabetes Research Institute were also in attendance. Over 60 others of Miami’s elite, including Andreea Baclea, Regina Moody, Yolanda Berkowitz, Lucy Morillo, Debbie Spiegelman, and Jackie Malamed also joined in on the joyful celebration. Guests enjoyed a tasty lunch, which was followed by a runway fashion presentation of the Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Spring 2015 Collection which featured looks for both men and women.




4.5-Yolanda Berkowitz & Melissa Netkin

Yolanda Berkowitz & Melissa Netkin

5-Deborah & Dennis Scholl

Debra  & Dennis Scholl

6-Deborah & Dennis Scholl, Debra Frank, & Chana Sheldon

Debra & Dennis Scholl, Debra Frank, & Chana Sheldon

6.54-Jon & Nancy Batchelor

Jon & Nancy Batchelor

6.56-Erika Koopman & Jackie Malamed

Erika Koopman & Jackie Malamed

7-Tara Solomon & Nick D'Annunzio

Tara Solomon & Nick D’Annunzio



9.4-Frances Esquenazi speaking2

9.5-Frances Esquenazi speaking1

Frances Salgado

10-Chana Sheldon & Frances Esquenazi speaking

Chana Sheldon & Frances Salgado

11-Chana Sheldon & Frances Esquenazi speaking1


Frances Salgado & Chana Sheldon

13-Chana Sheldon & Frances Esquenazi, & Deborah & Dennis Scholl

Chana Sheldon, Frances Salgado, Debra & Dennis Scholl

14-Erica & Mark Mutchnik, Frances Esquenazi & friend

Erica & Mark Mutchnik, & Frances Salgado

15-Jon & Nancy Bacthelor, Frances Esquenazi, & friend

Jon & Nancy Batchelor, & Frances Salgado

15.5-Marile Lopez,Frances Esquenazi, & Eilah

Marile Lopez, Frances Salgado, & Eilah

15.6-Robert & melissa Netkin, Deborah Spiegelman, & Frances Esquenazi

Robert & Melissa Netkin, Deborah Spiegelman, & Frances Salgado

16-Frances Esquenazi speaking5

Frances Salgado















30-Marile Lopez, Eilah Beavers, Lucy Morillo, Gil Wernovsky, & Andreea Baclea

Marile Lopez, Eilah Beavers, Lucy Morillo, Gil Wernovsky, & Andreea Baclea

31-Lucy Morillo, Marile Lopez, & Meschelle Huether

Lucy Morillo, Marile Lopez, & Meschelle Huether

32-Leslie Munsell, Anna Batchelor, & Chris Powers

Leslie Munsell, Anna Batchelor, & Chris Powers

33-Eilah Beavers, Andreea Baclea, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Eilah Beavers, Andreea Baclea, & Yolanda Berkowitz

34-Sandra Berkowitz & Melissa Netkin

Sandra Berkowitz & Melissa Netkin

35-Robert & Melissa Netkin

Robert & Melissa Netkin

36-Scott Voelkerm Simone Weissman, & Jon Batchelor Jr

Scott Voelkerm, Simone Weissman, & Jon Batchelor Jr

Deborah & Dennis Scholl3

Debra & Dennis Scholl

Deborah Spiegelman & Melissa Netkin

Deborah Spiegelman & Melissa Netkin

Eilah Beavers & Frances Esquenazi

Eilah Beavers & Frances Salgado

y-Traasdahl, Buccellati, Baclea, Konrad, Beavers, Wernovsky, Morillo, Lopez, & Huether

Siri Willoch Traasdahl, Laura Buccellati, Andreea Baclea, Angelique Konrad, Eilah Beavers, Gill Wernovsky, Lucy Morillo, Marile Lopez, & Meschelle Huether

z-Batchelor, Netkin, Beavers, Esquenazi, Scholl, & Mutchink

Jon & Nancy Batchelor, Melissa Netkin, Eliah Beavers, Frances Salgado, Debra & Dennis Scholl, & Erica & Mark Mutchink

Locust Projects 2015 Spring Fling in the Magic City

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – April 11, 2015 –  Locust Projects’ Spring Fling is always without a doubt one of the highlights to Miami’s social calendar, bringing art lovers together for a unique evening featuring art, delicious food, drinks, music. Locust Projects celebrated the best of midcentury chic Miami at its 2015 Spring Fling in the Magic City, at the critically acclaimed Herzog & De Meuron designed 1111 Building on Lincoln Road. Host committee including power-house names like Debra & Dennis Scholl, Jorge & Darlene Perez, Craig Robins, John S. & James L. Knight Foundation, and Holland & Knight LLP teamed up to plan the signature event, which attracted a diverse and enthusiastic group of South Florida’s top collectors, enthusiasts, artists, and hipsters. In signature Locust Projects fashion, Spring Fling attendees had all of their senses tickled as they are treated to delectable treats from Michael Schwartz’s Design District brainchild, Harry’s Pizzeria, Miami Beach’s Shake Shack, Macchialina, and Lyon & Lyon to name a few, along with speciality cocktails courtesy of Grey Goose Vodka. The Silent Luxury Auction included a Neiman Marcus shopping spree; gift certificates to restaurants; experiences at the Miami City Ballet and the Perez Art Museum Miami, and much more. Guests also danced the night away to music by Lolo. By far the highlight of the evening was Locust Projects’ blockbuster Silent Art Auction featuring hand-picked and internationally renowned artists such as Justin Beal, McArthur Binion, Isaac Brest, Oliver Clegg, Karl Haendel, Alexander Kroll, Tony Lewis, Fernando Mastrangelo, Jason Middlebrook, Kori Newkirk, Peter Peri, and Ruby Sky Stiler among others. The proceeds from this event provide essential funding for exhibitions and programming.




2.5-Jordana Pomeroy


Doreen Lima, Lauren Lanster, Steve Lanster, & Isabelle Kowal

Doreen Lima, Lauren & Steve Lanster, & Isabelle Kowal













13-Lolo DJing






18-Jasmine Kastel

Jasmine Kastel

19-Luis Rigual & Lauren Gnazzo

Luis Rigual & Lauren Gnazzo

21-Dennis & Debra Scholl1

Dennis & Debra Scholl

21.4-Bonnie Clearwater1

Bonnie Clearwater

21.4a-Tobias Ostrander

Tobias Ostrander



22-Kathryn Mikesell & John Lin

Kathryn Mikesell & John Lin

23-Chana Sheldon, Amy Pollack, & Jordana Pomeroy

Chana Sheldon, Amy Pollack, & Jordana Pomeroy

Debra Frank, Chana Sheldon, Amy Pollack, & Jordana Pomeroy

Debra Frank, Chana Sheldon, Amy Pollack, & Jordana Pomeroy

25-Jessenia Gonzalez & Javier Sasieta

Jessenia Gonzalez & Javier Sasieta

26-Katherine Mikesell, Zoe Lukov, Mariana Pariani, & Judy Holm

Katherine Mikesell, Zoe Lukov, Mariana Pariani, & Judy Holm

27-Jeannine Lehr, Allison Turk, & Paul Lehr

Jeannine Lehr, Allison Turk, & Paul Lehr

28-Judy Holm & Pablo De Ritis

Judy Holm & Pablo De Ritis

29-Jose Diaz & Diego Singh

Jose Diaz & Diego Singh




Sefra Alexandra, Louise Levin, Ombretta Agro, Ron Andruff, & Lori Nozick

Sefra Alexandra, Louise Levin, Ombretta Agro, Ron Andruff, & Lori Nozick

33-Gary Davis, Chana & Sammy Sheldon, & Barbara Davis

Gary Davis, Chana & Sammy Sheldon, & Barbara Davis

33.5-Stuart Sheldon, Estelle Berg, & Paul Berg

Stuart Sheldon, Estelle Berg, & Paul Berg

34-Christy & Gavin McKenzie

Christy & Gavin McKenzie

35-Ana Clara Silva & Amanda Sanfilippo

Ana Clara Silva & Amanda Sanfilippo

36-Karla Baquedano & Joana Spiess

Karla Baquedano & Joana Spiess

37-Patrick Schuh & Doreen Lima

Patrick Schuh & Doreen Lima

38-Alfonso & Munisha Goyeneche

Alfonso & Munisha Goyeneche

Paul Berg, David Castillo, Estelle Berg, & Chana Sheldon

Paul Berg, David Castillo, Estelle Berg, & Chana Sheldon

40-Stuart & Judith Rohatiner, & Chana Sheldon

Stuart & Judith Rohatiner, & Chana Sheldon

Gavin & Christy McKenzie

Gavin & Christy McKenzie

Michael & Sara Soueid

Michael & Sara Soueid

Myk Likhov & Judy Holm

Myk Likhov & Judy Holm

Typoe, Aric Kurzman, Maggie Hernandez, & Adler Guerier

Typoe, Aric Kurzman, Maggie Hernandez, & Adler Guerier

Second Annual Reception for the PAMM Fund for African American Art

Friday, April 3rd, 2015


Miami, FL – April 1, 2015 – Pérez Art Museum Miami announced the acquisition of  three new works by African American artists Terry Adkins, Ed Clark and Leslie Hewitt at the Second Annual Reception for the PAMM Fund for African American Art. The reception was held in celebration of the fund’s inaugural year.  The evening featured performances by Peter London Global Dance Company and jazz musicians throughout the museum’s galleries. The PAMM Fund for African American Art was initiated with a $1 million grant funded equally by Jorge Perez and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to support the growth of the collection of Miami’s flagship museum with works by African American and African Diaspora artists. It is supported and sustained through the museum’s acquisition group, the PAMM Ambassadors for African American Art. The artworks by Terry Adkins, Ed Clark and Leslie Hewitt represent a variety of artistic  practices, ranging from sculpture and painting to photography. The artists explore a range of subjects relating to art and materiality, history and the African Diaspora, thereby adding important voices to the contemporary African American dialogue in PAMM’s permanent collection.

2-Alberto Ibarguen & Jorge M. Perez_new

Alberto Ibarguen & Jorge Perez

3-Dennis & Debra Scholl, & Barron Channer_new

Dennis & Debra Scholl, & Barron Channer

4-Dennis Scholl & Peter London_new

Dennis Scholl & Peter London



7 -DSC_3651_new






12 -Ashleigh Greene_new

Ashleigh Greene




13-Zoe Lattimer & Becky Jones_new

Zoe Lattimer & Becky Jones

14-Zoe Lattimer & Becky Jones1_new

15-Nora Rivera, Tomas Esson, & Tobias Ostrander_new

Nora Rivera, Tomas Esson, & Tobias Ostrander

16-Pola Reydburd, Tobias Ostrander, & Marijean Miyar_new

Pola Reydburd, Tobias Ostrander, & Marijean Miyar

17-Jorge M. Perez, Ed Clark, & Alberto Ibarguen_new

Jorge Perez, Ed Clark, & Alberto Ibarguen

18-Jorge M. Perez, Ed Clark, & Alberto Ibarguen1_new

19-Giana Bell & Jimmy Edwards2_new

Giana Bell & Jimmy Edwards

20-Leslie Cooper_new

Leslie Cooper

21 -DSC_3734_new






24-Alberto Ibarguen Speaking1_new

Alberto Ibarguen

25-Alberto Ibarguen Speaking3_new

26-Jorge M. Perez Speaking4_new

Jorge Perez

27-Jorge M. Perez Speaking5_new

28 -Jorge M. Perez Speaking1_new

28.5-Marilyn Holifield Speaking1_new

Marilyn Holifield

28.6-Marilyn Holifield Speaking3_new



31 -DSC_4199_new



33-Duval-Carrie, Ibarguen, Esson, McKissack, Clark, & Holifield_new

Edouard Duval-Carrie, Alberto Ibarguen, Tomas Esson, Deryl McKissack, Ed Clark, & Marilyn Holifield

34-Frederica Wilson & Keon Hardemon_new

Frederica Wilson & Keon Hardemon

35-Monique Hayes & Rochelle Gapere_new

Monique Hayes & Rochelle Gapere

36-Lisa McGill & John West_new

Lisa McGill & John West

37-Ibarguen, Papper, London, Schecter, Hoffman, & Harris_new

Susana Ibarguen, Pat Papper, Peter London, Terry Schecter, Debi Hoffman, & Orene Harris

39-MacKenzie, Thompson, Johnson, & Vento_new

Jonathan MacKenzie, JoHanna Thompson, Yvonne Johnson, & Terry Vento

40 -Norbert & Sandra Seals, Yvonne Johnson, & Baron Channer_new

Norbert & Sandra Seals, Yvonne Johnson, & Barron Channer

40.4-Terese Coudreaut, Debra Scholl, & Deann Frost_new

Terese Coudreaut, Debra Scholl, & Deann Frost

40.5-Carol Ann Taylor, Marlon Hill, & Candice Verrasammy_new

Carol Ann Taylor, Marlon Hill, & Candice Verrasammy

42-Tomas Esson & Nora Rivera1_new

Tomas Esson & Nora Rivera




Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Art of the Party Presented by Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


Miami, FL – January 17, 2015 – It was a night full of surprise and delight at Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Art of the Party presented by Louis Vuitton where Magic City’s art patrons, cultural ambassadors, philanthropic leaders and social tastemakers gathered to reaffirm their commitment to the museum’s robust education program, the largest behind the Miami-Dade County school system. Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and music superstar Pitbull attended the night of samba and soul. Kurkova along with Miami and New York notables mixed and mingled in the Art of the Party Supper Club, which gave a modern twist to the traditional gala. Within the nightlife setting of Super Club in the museum’s second-floor special exhibition galleries, party goers reveled in amazement of the intricate five inch, paper silhouette portrait of guests crafted by Mr. Cheng, which quickly became collector pieces among friends; the 20-person flash mob that emerged from the crowd dancing to Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” ignited a vibrant dance scene; and the 20-person Samba procession, reminiscent of Brazil’s Carnival festivities, led guests to the after party. Simultaneously below the star-studded sky, guests of the Chef’s Table four-course, seated dinner were serenaded with a 90 minute performance by Soul Train Award winner Nicole Henry, who is in the midst of a four-month U.S. tour. Pérez Art Museum Miami Board Chair Aaron Podhurst opened the night with a heart-felt thanks and Dom Perignon Champagne toast to Art of the Party chairs Wayne and Arlene Chaplin. The Remix after party quickly came to life in the hands of popular Brazilian band Batuke Samba Funk and their signature high energy beats. Legendary sax player and James Brown band leader, Pee Wee Ellis, joined the dynamic group for the waterfront concert that kept guests dancing into the early hours. Lee Brian Schrager conceptualized the three-piece night and enlisted the expertise of famed, fourth-generation Chef Thomas Troisgros, who flew from Rio de Janeiro for the occasion, to orchestrate the evening’s two distinct dinner parties.


Jorge Perez, Pitbull, Stephen Ross, & Carlos Jimenez


Karolina Kurkova








Karolina Kurkova



Craig Robins


Jorge Perez, Jeff Krinsky, Aaron Podhurst, & Thom Collins


Dennis & Debra Scholl


Karolina Kurkova & Archie Drury


Nick, Christina, & Jorge Perez, Karolina Kurkova, & Jon Paul Perez






Jeff Krinsky


Jorge Perez & Jeff Krinsky


Stephen & Kara Ross, & Jorge Perez 


Chris Armstrong, Pitbull, & Greg Ferrero


Wayne & Arlene Chaplin, & Pitbull


Wayne & Arlene Chaplin, & Lee Schrager


Jonathan & Criselda Breene


Susie & Walid Wahab, & Iran Issa Khan


Evan & Stefanie Reed


Jason & Michelle Rubell


Thom Collins, Jorge Perez, & David Martin


Christina & David Martin, & Thom Collins