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David Grutman & Cedric Gervais’ 1st Annual BBQ with Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial at Casa Groot

Sunday, March 29th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – March 26, 2015 – Miami Nightlife King, David Grutman, opened the doors to his home for the first ever David Grutman & Cedric Gervais Miami Music Week BBQ with Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial. The pool party and BBQ served as the perfect kickoff for Miami’s biggest music week with the biggest names in town including Paris Hilton, David Guetta, Afrojack, Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, and Kaskade. The sun was beaming and the champagne was flowing as guests were treated to an ultimate outdoor party playground that featured everything from water slides to mariachi bands and even a mermaid. The legendary Funkmaster Flex jumped on the turntables and closed out the perfect afternoon rager. Also seen mixing and mingling at the BBQ was Reggie Bush, Angela Simmons, Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke, Dean Winters, and Kimbo Slice. Best party of the week? We certainly think so.


1-Dave Grutman, Uncle Luke, Funk Master Flex, & David Guetta

David Grutman, Uncle Luke, Funk Master Flex, & David Guetta

1.2-Afrojack, Uncle Luke, & Cedric Gervais

Afrojack, Uncle Luke, & Cedric Gervais

2-DJ Vice, Jared Garcia, Paris Hilton, & Alesso

Vice, Jared Garcia, Paris Hilton, & Alesso

3-Sebastian Ingrosso & Afrojack

Sebastian Ingrosso & Afrojack

4-Afrojack & Ash Pournouri1

Afrojack & Ash Pournouri

5-David Guetta & Cedric Gervais

David Guetta & Cedric Gervais

6-Paris Hilton & DJ Vice.jpg6-

Paris Hilton & Vice

7-Afrojack & David Guetta

Afrojack & David Guetta



9-Dave Grutman & Kimbo Slice

David Grutman & Kimbo Slice

10-Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons





15-Afrojack & Uncle Luke

Afrojack & Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke, Funk Master Flex, & David Guetta

17- Uncle Luke, Funk Master Flex, & David Guetta

18- Uncle Luke & Funk Master Flex

Uncle Luke & Funk Master Flex

18.3-Funk Master Flex & David Guetta

Funk Master Flex & David Guetta

19-Afrojack & Cedric Gervais

Afrojack & Cedric Gervais

20-Cedric Gervais4

Cedric Gervais

21--Cedric Gervais2

22-DJ Vice & Cedric Gervais

Vice & Cedric Gervais

23-Jimmy Greenup, Chef Sylvain, Seth Browarnik, & Cedric Gervais

Jimmy Greenup, Chef Sylvain, Seth Browarnik, & Cedric Gervais

23.3-Chris Paciello, Uncle Luke, Dave Grutman, & Isabela Rangel

Chris Paciello, Uncle Luke, David Grutman, & Isabela Rangel

23.6-Dave Grutman, Larsa Pippen, & Uncle Luke

David Grutman, Larsa Pippen, & Uncle Luke

24-Pete Kalamoutsos, Max Vangeli, & Alesso

Pete Kalamoutsos, Max Vangeli, & Alesso

25-Noah Tepperberg & Reggie Bush

Noah Tepperberg & Reggie Bush

26-Noah Tepperberg & Reggie Bush2

27-Moet & Chandon8

28-Moet & Chandon9







Cayla Parks


36-Cayla Parks1

Cayla Parks

37-Cayla Parks2

38- Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton


39-Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush

40-Reggie Bush1

40.4-Joey Goldman, Dave Grutman, David Font, Ira Lang, & Navin Chatani

Joey Goldman, David Grutman, David Font, Ira Lang, & Navin Chatani

41-Michael Dreiling, Chris Paciello, Francis Milon, Moe Garcia, David Resnick, & Seth Browarnik

Michael Dreiling, Chris Paciello, Francis Milon, Mo Garcia, David Resnick, & Seth Browarnik

42-Michael Dreiling, Noah Tepperberg, Chris Paciello, Moe Garcia, & David Resnick

Michael Dreiling, Noah Tepperberg, Chris Paciello, Moe Garcia, & David Resnick















56-David Guetta

David Guetta

57-David Guetta1





62-Emily Simes1

Emily Simes






Cayla Parks





75-Joe Lahoud & Cedric Gervais

Joe Lahoud & Cedric Gervais

76-Joe Lahoud & Cedric Gervais1




80-Kate Compton

Kate Compton

81-Natali Gomez & Daniella Shaw

Natali Gomez & Daniella Shaw

82-Scot Lerner & Alexia Aidan

Scot Lerner & Alexia Aidan

83-Emily Simes & Angela Pokipala

Emily Simes & Angela Pokipala




86.6-Moet & Chandon5


88-Moet & Chandon4



91-Anastasia Hisel, Jaila Graham, & Cayla Parks

Anastasia Hisel, Jaila Graham, & Cayla Parks

92-Hannah Haar, Amanda Boyle, & Emily Simes

Hannah Haar, Amanda Boyle, & Emily Simes

93-Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, & Yoni Goldberg

Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, & Yoni Goldberg

94-Kevin Mitchell & Yoni Goldberg

Kevin Mitchell & Yoni Goldberg

95-Mike Gardner, Uncle Luke, & Jimmy Vargas

Mike Gardner, Uncle Luke, & Jimmy Vargas





Amanda Boyle


Amanda Boyle & Hannah Haar

101-Fabrikant, Brodsky, Smith, Browarnik, Gnazzo, & Shapiro

Chad Fabrikant, Lynn Hason, Stephanie Smith, Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, & Jared Shapiro

102-Linley Edwards, Scot Lerner, Ronnie Madra, Cami, Jason Strauss, Jeff Altman, & Valerio Morabito1

Linley Edwards, Scot Lerner, Ronnie Madra, Tami Levy, Jason Strauss, Jeff Altman, & Valerio Morabito

103-Funk Master Flex & Chris Paciello

Funk Master Flex & Chris Paciello



106-Salvador, Nir Guetta, & Ash Pournouri

Salvador, Nir Guetta, & Ash Pournouri

107-Nir Guetta, Salvador, & Afrojack1

Nir Guetta, Salvador, & Afrojack


Lisa Hochstein & Irish Sarah

109-KM & Kate Compton

KM & Kate Compton

110-Lana Najjar & Bina Despain

Lana Najjar & Bina Despain

111-DJ Vice & DJ Ruckus

Vice & Ruckus

112-Imani Gordon & Marcus Gilbert

Imani Gordon & Marcus Gilbert

113-Francis Milon & Chris Paciello

Francis Milon & Chris Paciello

114-Dave Grutman, Valerio Morabito, & Chris Paciello1

David Grutman, Valerio Morabito, & Chris Paciello


Jeffrey Klein, Erik Guanche, & Phil Goldfarb

115-Dean Winter, Morgan Adams, & Reed Zaroff

Dean Winter, Morgan Adams, & Reed Zaroff

116-Elie Deshe & Julia Lacour

Elie Deshe & Julia Lacour



117-Mike Hache1

Mike Hache

118-Mike Hache

119-Mike Hache & Chris Adamo

Mike Hache & Chris Adamo



121-Antonio Martucci & Chef Sylvain

Antonio Martucci & Chef Sylvain

122-Jessica Rosenblum, Noah Tepperberg, & Melissa Woods

Jessica Rosenblum, Noah Tepperberg, & Melissa Wood

123-Jason Strauss, DJ Vice, & Scot Lerner

Jason Strauss, Vice, & Scot Lerner

124-Markus Fowler, Thomas Molin, Ash Pournouri, & Sebastian Ingrosso

Markus Fowler, Thomas Molin, Ash Pournouri, & Sebastian Ingrosso

125-Scott Werner, Jeff Altman, Cami, & Ronnie Madra

Scott Werner, Jeff Altman, Tami Levy, & Ronnie Madra

126-Noah Tepperberg, Jean Gui, & Paul Morris

Noah Tepperberg, Jean Gui, & Paul Morris

127-Seth Browarnik & Andrew Sasson

Seth Browarnik & Andrew Sasson



130-Jason Amos, Lyndon Smith, Fabi Jones, & DJ Vice

Jason Amos, Lyndon Smith, Fabi Jones, & Vice

131-Lynsey Lastauskas & Ashley Rossi

Lynsey Lastauskas & Ashley Rossi

132-Moet & Chandon6

133-Moet & Chandon7


134-Seth Browarnik, Icey Mike, & Navin Chatani

Seth Browarnik, Icey Mike, & Navin Chatani

135-Seth Browarnik, Mike Gardner, Uncle Luke, & Jimmy Vargas

Seth Browarnik, Mike Gardner, Uncle Luke, & Jimmy Vargas









WorldRedEye Hosts One Year Anniversary of E11EVEN Miami

Monday, February 9th, 2015

01- DSC_2356

Miami, FL – February 5, 2015 – A place where many late nights turn into early mornings. A place that allows all inhibitions to be let go and gives party goers the freedom to get as rowdy as they want. A place that has switched up the game and truly brings something different to the nightlife world. Within one year E11EVEN Miami has become a staple hotspot, attracting crowds at all hours of the day, literally. It only seemed fitting that exactly one year later we take it back to where it all began and celebrate the true milestone, WorldRedEye style. Thursday night was without a doubt one for the books as we celebrated the one year anniversary. Vice made his return to the decks and laid out a killer set while the dancers put on a jaw-dropping performance that reminded everyone why this is truly a one-of-a-kind spot. The drinks kept pouring, the crowd continued to grow bigger and the good vibes were contagious all night long. It’s been an incredible year and we can’t wait to see what else E11EVEN has in store for Miami’s partiers.

02- DSC_2320

03- DSC_3499

04- DSC_3479

05- DSC_2740

06- DSC_2716

07- DSC_2706

08- DSC_2685

09- DSC_2681

10- DSC_2677

11- DSC_2989

12- DSC_2874

24- VICE


25- VICE3

26- VICE DJing9

27- VICE DJing1

28- VICE DJing2


23- DSC_3472

Chris Jones & Vice

22- DSC_3461

Chris Jones, Vice, & Seth Browarnik

15- DSC_2593

Seth Browarnik, David Grutman, & David Simkins

14- DSC_3521

Arin Maericks, David Simkins, Seth Browarnik, Tommy Pooch, Flip Falca, Chris Jones, & Angelo Fresquet

13- DSC_3519

Seth Browarnik, Tommy Pooch, Chris Jones, & Flip Falca

17- DSC_2622

Jessica Rosenblum, David Grutman, Mike Zuckerman, & Theo Pasa

16- DSC_2607

Jessica Rosenblum & Seth Browarnik

18- DSC_3179

David Simkins. Arin Maericks, Tommy Pooch, & Adrian Gonzalez

19- David Grutman & Mark Roberts

David Grutman & Mark Roberts

20- Mark Roberts & Andres Asion

Mark Roberts & Andres Asion

21- Michael Cohen & Mark Roberts

Michael Cohen & Mark Roberts

30- Jordana F, Sara Flanigan, & Stephanie Hettchen

Jordana F, Sara Flanigan, & Stephanie Hettchen

31- DSC_3422

33- DSC_2426

34- DSC_2411

35- DSC_3088

36- DSC_3080

37- DSC_2509

38- Blair Aaron & Jason Manus

Blair Aaron & Jason Manus

39- DSC_2638

Cool Richard

40- DSC_2933

Mike Zuckerman

41- DSC_2983

29- DSC_2533

32- DSC_2547

43- DSC_3474

Chris Jones

44- DSC_3510

Chris Jones & Arin Maericks

45- DSC_2947

David Resnick, Brett Harris, & Tony Cho

46- DSC_2602

Moe Garcia & Rob Crosoli

47- Lauren Khoury & Alejandra Enriquez

Lauren Khoury & Alejandra Enriquez

48- Alma Rodriguez & Friends

Todd Goldenfarb, Alma Rodriguez, & Adrian Gonzalez

Carlos Dominguez, Bret Harris, Allan Nathan, David Simkins, & David Resnick

Carlos Dominguez, Brett Harris, Allan Nathan, David Simkins, & David Resnick

50- DSC_2463

Greg Robin, David Simkins, Seth Browarnik, Andres Asion, & Rene Pereda

51- DSC_2385

Tony Cho, David Resnick, Seth Browarnik, Greg Robin, & Rene Pereda

52- DSC_3020

Adrian Gonzalez, Seth Browarnik & Antonio Misuraca

53- Jared Shapiro, Price Shapiro, & Chad Fabrikant

Jared & Price Shapiro, & Chad Fabrikant

54- Seth Browarnik & Jared Shapiro

Seth Browarnik & Jared Shapiro

55- DSC_2943

Tony Cho & Seth Browarnik

56- Luciana Scarabello & Mike Zuckerman1

Luciana Scarabello & Mike Zuckerman

58- DSC_2964

Phoebe Brandt

59- DSC_2579

Matias Pellegrini, Cindy Lopez, & Alejandro Puga

60- DSC_3356

Greg Robin

61- DSC_3164

Antonio Misuraca, Greg Robin, Sam, & Tommy Pooch

Luis Vento, Efrain Mendez, Mano Rojas, & David Reed

Luis Vento, Efrain Mendez, Mano Rojas, & David Reed

Fernando Garibay at LIV

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – November 30, 2012 – Fernando Garibay proved his musical talents at LIV Friday night, showing that his years of experience have turned him into an incredible artist. Scott Disick was seen out at LIV enjoying the music of the night.

Fernando Garibay

Scott Disick & Philip Goldfarb

David Resnick & Rocky Ziri

Elizabeth Amador-Escobar

Mike Aaron

Fernando Garibay

Cristina Mesa, Cristi Stone, Jessica Darko, & Elizabeth Amador-Escobar

Courtney Monet, Ryan Troy, & Liana Berrios

Seth Browarnik & Mo Garcia

Seth Browarnik & Philip Goldfarb

Andrew Sasson & Mo Garcia

Mike Troy

Fernando Garibay

Sunny Lerit, Kristina Kay, & Melissa Lanfranco

Bianca Maria, Sunny Lerit, Kristina Kay, & Melissa Lanfranco

Benny Diez

Once in a Blue Moon

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – September 15, 2012 – Lance Burstyn proposed to his love Manoela Corradi under a full moon, but it wasn’t just any full moon…it was a blue Moon which only occurs once every several years.. The old saying “Once in a Blue Moon” is used to describe a rare or unusual event. So, during this rare Celestial Phenomenon, Burstyn proposed to Corradi at 11:59PM and they were engaged.

The couple planned on having a small birthday party for Manoela which turned out be an incredible engagement party for their closest friends and family. The celebratory party showcased everything from romantic Swans to Brazilian Samba drummers and dancers dressed to the tee.

Lance Burstyn & Manoela Corradi

Manoela Corradi & Lance Burstyn

Alejandra Pinera & Manoela Corradi

Ashlee Harrison, Lance Burstyn, Manoela Corradi, Kamal Hotchandani, & Joey Goldman

Lance Burstyn & Alan Zelcer

David Resnick, Chris Paciello, & Lance Burstyn

Ashley Fels, Johnny Wizman, & Manoela Corradi

Roberto Corradi, Manoela Corradi, & Lance Burstyn

Lance Burstyn, Anita Burstyn, Roberto Corradi, & Manoela Corradi

Lance Burstyn, Karim Masri, & Navin Chatani

Joey Krutel, Sam Hertzberg, & Tommy Pooch

Dan Goodstadt, Evelyn Castro, & Keith Menin

Valentina Sarria & Antonio Misuraca

Rosanna Ding & Ira Lang

Lance Burstyn & Mike Arama

Manoela Corradi

Manoela Corradi & Lance Burstyn

Jason Hardi, Karim de Picciotto, & Marko Gojanovic

Howard Silverman, Ira Lang, & Andrew Lermsider

Evelyn Castro & Lindsay Rider

Leah Papell & Nadia Greenberg

Rosanna Ding & Crystal Silverman

Howard & Crystal Sliverman

Ashlee Harrison & Manoela Corradi

Ashlee Harrison & Keith Powell

Lindsay Rider, Sandy Becher, & Kelly Prep

Marko Gojanovic & Jason Hardi

Arik & Sima Meimoun

Lance Burstyn

Roberto Corradi & Lance Burstyn

Roberto Corradi

Sam Burstyn

Lance Burstyn & Manoela Corradi

Manoela Corradi & Lance Burstyn

Manoela Corradi, Lance Burstyn, Sandra Araujo, & Falvia Tallo

Jose Frias, Lance Burstyn, Marcus Aral, & Manoela Corradi

Manoela Corradi, Marcus Aral, & Lance Burstyn

Manoela Corradi & Roberto Corradi

Lance Burstyn, Anita Burstyn, Manoela Corradi, & Roberto Corradi

Lance Burstyn, Roberto & Sanae Corradi, & Manoela Corradi

Manoela Corradi & Roberto Corradi

Lance Burstyn

Johnny Wizman, Lance Burstyn, & Sam Burstyn

Jose Frias, Lance Burstyn, & Marcus Aral

Lance Burstyn & Amiel Aviman

Gerald & Oksana Shvartsman

Michael Zuckerman & Luciana Scarabello

Lance Burstyn & Roberto Corradi

Lance Burstyn & Jason Hardi

Keith Powell & Lance Burstyn

Saskia Neillsen & Jason Hardi

Saskia Neillsen, Jason Hardi, & Katharina Linke

Lance Burstyn

Oh Really?!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Miami, FL – April 14, 2012 – This past Saturday Oh Really?! Music hosted their first installment of The Art Walk Concert Series in Wywood. This concert series will happen every Art Walk (second Saturday each month and is set in an incredible new outdoor studio designed by the team over at Maps. The series was filled with live art installations by some of the most sought after local and national artists including Jona Cerwinske and Jason Boogie (VJ AV8).

The main focus of the Oh Really?! Art Walk Concert Series is to introduce our community to new homegrown talent and this event they hosted Miami’s own Krisp. Jack Daniels sponsored the event with complimentary drinks all night for all in attendance.

David Sinopoli, Paulie Lardi, Jeffrey Bonfido, & Jason Odio

Paulie Lardi & Jason Odio

Paulie Lardi & Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske

Square 2

Paloma de Mazieres & Danielle Yaniz

Sophia Bernstein & Emily Orschan

Anddra Diaz, Alexandra Delgado, & Jilian Sanz

Chris Jones, Jason Odio, & ILLA

David Sinopli & Jason Odio

Jason  Odio & Max Baum

Chido Lopez & Charlie Woods

Alexandra Limia, Maria Tamayo, Paloma de Mazieres & Danielle Yaniz

Tyler Anderson, Ashley Berg, David Resnick, Anya de Frias, & Max Baum

Jason Odio, Phil Rodriguez, & David Sinopoli

Goda Karosaite, Itziar Diez-Canedo, & Fernanda Estevez

Juan Perez & Christyne de Quesada

Gerogina De Almagro & Jason Odio

Desiree Notario & Amber Penny

Amber Knittel & Ashlee Harrison

Stephanie Perou & Natalie Varela

Marc Adam

Jeffrey Bonfido, Paulie Lardi, & Jona Cerwinske

Natalie Falf & Kristen Beliveau

Monique Landon, Justin Hodges, Jose de Almagro, Georgina de Almagro, Phil Rodriguez, Paul Lardi, Jason Odio, & Javier Odio

Miami Children’s Museum Gala

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 31, 2012 – On Saturday Miami Children’s Museum transported more than 600 attendees back in time with a 60s inspired evening at the 2012 Be A Kid Again Gala, “All You Need is Love”. More than $1 million was raised in support of educational programming with the help of generous donors, sponsors, an extensive silent auction and an exclusive live auction hosted by Big 105.9 FM Morning Host Paul Castronovo and humorist, Dave Barry. The event was chaired by Lisa Schejola Akin, Melissa Netkin and honored world-renowed artist, Romero Britto, for his longstanding commitment to the Museum. The night’s major sponsors included Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, Alan Potamkin and Brigitt Rok, the Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation, Baptist Health South Florida, Coastal Construction, The Fairholme Foundation, Gloria Martin, and the Miami Marlins.

Dave Barry & Paul Castronovo

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

Dave Barry, Jeff Berkowitz, & Deborah Spiegelman

Jeff Berkowitz, Deborah Spiegelman, Romero Britto, & Dave Barry

Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, Gloria Porcella, Francesca Cancellara, & Susan Abraham

Jeff Berkowitz, Melissa Netkin, Kimberley Crespo, Fernando Crespo, John Moore, & Kelly Moore

Paul Castronovo & Dave Barry

Jeff Berkowitz & Romero Britto

Melissa Netkin

Melissa Medina & Yolanda Berkowtiz

Jilian Sanz & Sarah Mimelli

Katherine & Anthony Rubino

David Resnick

Romero Britto & Melissa Netkin

Siri Willoch & Shannon Hori

Pamela Merz & Faith Hogen

Sarah Sullivan, Jackie Allen, Eddie Allen, & Lisa Schejola Akin

Richard Berkowitz, Jeff Berkowtiz, Romero Britto, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Deborah Spiegelman & Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz

Paul & Gina Castronovo

Katrina Chebotar & Matt Reynolds

Marlin Pernetti, Alexis Sims, & Rullina Acra

Thomas Abraham, Alina Shriver, & Pavlo Munoz

Abigail & FJ Pollack

Crystal Crocker & Allana Katt

Debra Weiss Goodstone, Jeri Beth Cohen, & Abby Cynamon

Emily Devine, Nick Debiase, & Larry Goodman

Eric Johnson & Ana Perez

Isabel Jaubert, Katherine Davis, & Jilian Sanz

Jeff Berkowitz & Dave Barry

Jennifer Elegant & Lisette Owens

Jimmy & Lauren Newmeyer

Jordana Davis, Jolie Berkowtiz, Melissa Medina, & Lisa Gelfman

Lauren Bacon, Patrick Ahern, Amanda Abril, Alejandro Rodriguez, Olivia Symes, & Dustin Symes

Naomi Gordon, Vince Cecilia, Sandy Grossman, & Richard Berkowitz

Gilt City Inaugural Insider

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – January 26, 2012 – Last Thursday night, Gilt City Miami feted its inaugural Insider, Internet mogul, entrepreneur and trendsetter, Loren Ridinger. On a beautiful Miami night, the city’s social elite came out to support Loren and Gilt City at her private home in South Beach. The evening kicked-off Loren’s personally curated slate of sales, including Cowshed Spa at The Soho Beach House, Casa Tua, Curve boutique, and many more live on Gilt City now:

Loren Ridinger & Lee Schrager

Johnathan Cheban, Loren Ridinger, James Wark, & Lee Schrager

Robert Caldwell

Parri Johnson & Michelle Pooch

JR & Loren Rindinger

Johnathan Cheban, Judy Anez, & Barbra Bermudo

Ricardo Restrepo , Johnathan Cheban, Lee Schrager, & Tommy Pooch

Tommy & Michelle Pooch & Parri & Jeff Johnson

Thomas Kramer & Tommy Pooch

Maria Checca & Natalia Diaz

James Wark & Amy Zarkarin

Johnathan Cheban & Roman

Cara Crowley & Marina White

Andrew Weissman, Michael Simkins, Marc Ashley, & Antonio Misuraca

Lee Schrager, JR & Loren Ridinger, & Ricardo Restrepo

Maria Checca & Natalia Diaz

Loren & JR Rindinger, & Thomas Kramer

David Resnick & Antonio Misuraca

Ginger Harris & Maria Tettamanti

Daniel & Marcella Novella

Jason Binn’s Birthday at Bianca

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Bianca at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – Delano is always the perfect backdrop for an iconic event. There is no hotel in Miami that exudes South Beach quite the way the Delano does. From its classic deco architecture, to timeless sparse design, to the memories that one has of their most glamorous experience at this hotel, you just can’t help but  feel sexy the second you enter the lobby. Tonight you could feel the excitement as a new era began at a legendary hotel. Delano was reborn … but with all of the same classic South Beach characteristics and characters. Only Jason Binn could bring a crowd like this back together with long time friend Chris Paciello. Binn created the South Beach ethos having helped to brand the Delano fifteen years ago as an international hot spot. Tonight, as he celebrated his birthday previewing the hotels new restaurant Bianca (designed by Sam Robins), South Beach’s orginators came to celebrate a man and a property who put Miami on the map as an international jet set destination.

Happy Birthday Jason and welcome back Delano. Two innovative legends that have helped to defin a magical city.

Pharrell Williams & Jason Binn

Haley Binn, Alan, Diane, Nathan, & Jessica Lieberman, & Jason Binn

Rony Seikaly, Chris Paciello, & Jeff Soffer

Jeff Soffer, Ugo Colombo, & David Grutman

Nicola Siervo, Karim Masri, & David Grutman

Jason Binn, Jorge & Darlene Perez

Ugo Colombo, Darlene & Jorge Perez

Ugo Colombo & Pharrell Williams

Ugo & Sara Colombo & Pharrell Williams

Darlene & Jorge Perez

Eric Milon & Sam Robins

Shareef Malnik, Gabrielle Anwar, & Chris Paciello

Nathan & Alan Lieberman

Nathan & Alan Lieberman, & Jason Binn

Diane Lieberman & Melissa Katz

Haley Binn & Courtland Lantaff

Melissa Katz & Gigi Whitman

Gigi Whitman & Oren Halegua

Evan Ross

Jorge Perez & Rony Seikaly

Seth Greenberg & Jeffrey Chodorow

Michael Capponi & Eric Milon

Jason Binn & Eric Milon

Gabrielle Anwar & Shareef Malnik

Ugo & Sara Colombo, Pharrell Williams, Haley & Jason Binn

Ugo Colombo, Pharrell Williams, Darlene Perez, Jason Binn, & Jorge Perez

Chad Fabrikant, Lana Bernstein, & Courtland Lantaff

Jason Binn

Jason Binn

Rony Seikaly, Jeff Soffer, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, Michael Capponi, Karim Masri, & Ugo Colombo

Stuart Miller, Rony Seikaly, Jason Binn, Jeff Soffer, Karim Masri, David Grutman, & Nicola Siervo

Rony Seikaly, Jason Binn, Ugo Colombo, Jeff Soffer, & Karim Masri

Seth, David Grutman, & Jason Binn

Nathan & Jessica Lieberman

David Siguaw

Eric Milon

Mina & Camilo Miguel

Jason Binn & Jovar Andrews

Seth Greenberg & Sasha Maitymanko

Michael Capponi, Tara Solomon, Nick D’Annunzio, & Eric Milon

Justin & Heather Weisser, & Jonathan Nussbaum

Diane Lieberman & Jason Binn

Pharrell Williams & Jason Binn

Brian Vickers, Cora Skinner, & David Resnick

Martina Borgomanero, Rian Maercks, Nicole Kirigin & Lilly Zanardi

Linley Edwards, Khiara, Olga Pavlova, & Miky Grendene

Lilly Zanardi, Karim Masri, & Nicole Kirigin

Fabian Basabe & Ana Cristina

Miky Grendene & Ugo Colombo

Ugo Colombo, Miky Grendene, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello

Jason Binn, Ugo Colombo, Miky Grendene, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello

Cecilia Benatoff, Haley Binn, & Jessica Dornbusch

Tony Cho & Ximena Castillo

Karim Masri & Miky Grendene

Jason Binn & Guy Chetwynd

Mina Otsuka & Sir Ivan

Haley Binn

Haley & Jason Binn, & Ana Cristina