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Vault Magazine Launch

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Barton G. Weiss

Miami Beach, FL – Mat 11, 2012 – Glamorous swells, vibrant vixens, society luminaries and erudite raconteurs gathered at The Villa by Barton G. for the launch of Vault Magazine. A massive reproduction of the issue’s cover formed the entrance to the gala, as more than 250 hand-selected guests walked through the “mouth” to experience a celebration that saw various elements of the magazine come to life.

Contributing photographers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg mixed with writers Tama Janowitz and Annette Stark, as legendary shooter Roxanne Lowit roamed the crowd, producing on-the-spot images that were immediately flashed upon a screen high overhead. At the evening’s height, a crane lowered a boxing ring over The Villa’s walls for a demonstration by “Rockstar” Charlie Himmelstein, profiled in the issue, and Alejandro Gamez. Then, as DJ Angel Clouthier spun her heavenly sounds, guests including True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, fashion television personality Robert Verdi, Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne, film director Cess Silvera and musician Kymani Marley enjoyed a lavish Bacardi bar and other beverages from Peroni and Société Perrier, as well as savory and sweet delicacies created by Barton G. Weiss himself wore the HD3 Slyde watch, showing off pages from

Finally, as some guests headed upstairs to view a clandestine peep show in a Villa suite, others lingered near the famous Thousand Mosaic Pool, where some of the naughtier guests shed their inhibitions (and clothes) as the night raged on.

Barton G. Weiss

Joe Manganiello

Rockstar Charlie

Gioia Jansen

Lee Dahlberg & Gioia Jansen

Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg

Paul Solberg, Barton G. Weiss, & Christopher Makos

Paul Solberg, Joe Manganiello, & Christopher Makos

Paul Solberg, George Wayne, Joe Manganiello with his mother, Roxanne Lowit, Christopher Makos, Barton G. Weiss, & Robert Verdi

Glenn Albin, Barton G. Weiss, & Eric Newill

George Wayne & Barton G. Weiss

Robert Verdi

George Wayne, Barton G. Weiss, Robert Verdi, & Roxanne Lowit

Lee Dahlberg

Gioia Jansen

Roxanne Lowit

Paul Solberg

Susan Magrino & Tara Solomon

Glenn Albin & Susan Magrino

Joe Manganiello, Susan Manganiello, & Glenn Albin

Susan Manganiello & Joe Manganiello

Eric Newill & Glenn Albin

Danny Santiago & Amaris Jones

Sonia Gibson

Tama Janowitz & Charlie Cinnamon

James Wark, John Lin, Jude Lin, & James Lin

Laila Gohar & Frederic Dechnik

Frederic Dechnik & Louis Aguirre

Frank Amadeo & Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke, Frank Amadeo, Louis Aguirre, & Frederic Dechnik

Melissa Katz & Glenn Albin

Dfernando Zaremba & David Fittin

Barton G. Weiss

Eric Newill, Glenn Albin & Barton G. Weiss

DJ Angel Clouthier

Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg

Rockstar Charlie

Rockstar Charlie

Gary James, Izabela Stancu, Lauren Foster,  Lee Dahlberg, & Gioia Jansen

Gino Campodonico & Joseph Quinones

Frederic Dechnik & Jilian Sanz

Chrispy Alexander

Charlie Cinnamon & Susan Magrino

Lauren Foster

Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg

Charlie Cinnamon & Roxanne Lowit

Annie Gustafsson, Jullien Herrera, Rockstar Charlie, & Courtney Williams

Annie Gustafsson & Courtney Williams

Robert Verdi

Christopher Makos, Robert Verdi, & Paul Solberg

George Wayne, Charlie Cinnamon, Susan Magrino, & Glenn Albin

Charlie Cinnamon, Iran Issa-Khan, Sam Robin, & Glenn Albin

Barton G. Weiss & Susan Magrino

Tara Solomon, Katrina Campins, & Dana Shear

Brooke & AJ Rosenfeld

Yadira Celeiro & Dania Yuliet

Erin Newberg

Michael Gongora & Malinka Max

Kevin Coster & Victoria Sampaio

Joe Manganiello & Barton G. Weiss

Joe Manganiello & Michael Gongora

Shamor Bellard & Israel Cancel

Jamie Mark, Melissa Katz, & Suzy Buckley

Melissa Katz, Barton G. Weiss, & Andrea Eastaugh

Heather Davis, Barton G. Weiss, Charlie Cinnamon, & Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster, Gary James, Laura Collard, Adrian Gonzalez, & Heather Davis

Laila Gohar, Frederic Dechnik, Julian Sanz, & James Timmins

Max Baum & Rene Pereda

Max Baum & Rene Pereda

Rockstar Charlie