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Heineken “Save Your Seat” Campaign to Support Restoration of Miami Marine Stadium at Komodo

Monday, December 5th, 2016

David Grutman & DJ Khaled

Miami, FL – December 4, 2016 – This year, Heineken committed to refurbishing the Miami Marine Stadium with the help its influential friends, who drove record-breaking interest in this cause. As a result, the city of Miami recently approved a $45 million bond to make rebuilding the stadium a reality. To thank them for their help, Heineken gifted David Grutman, DJ Khaled, Shanina Shaik, DJ Ruckus, Jonathan Cheban, Tyson Beckford, Elle McPherson, Peter Tunny, Cedric Gervais, Craig Robbins, Harmony Korine, and more with two stadium chairs pulled from the stadium, which they then shared with the world via Instagram, Snapchat and more.

2-img_0032_new 3-img_0028_new


David Grutman & Carnage


David Grutman & Jonathan Cheban


David Grutman & Cedric Gervais


Ruckus & Shanina Shaik

Hebru Brantley Presents: “Theories From the Low End”

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Calvin Harris, Mari Kim, & Skrillex

Miami Beach, FL – December 1, 2016 – EDM’s elite, Calvin Harris and Skrillex joined admirers in checking out Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley’s latest exhibition, “Theories From the Low End” hosted by Tommy Cabrerizo and Alex Pirez with the help of David Grutman. Brantley’s exhibition explores modern folklore by inserting black superheroes into American comic history. The exhibition willl be open through January 7 at 2450 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami.

1-1-img_3787_new 2-img_3527_new 3-img_3818_new


Hebru Brantley


Hebru Brantley, Calvin Harris, & Charlie Tadman


Hebru Brantley & Skrillex



Hebru Brantley

6-2-img_3534_new 6-3-img_3536_new 7-img_3624_new 8-img_3722_new


Charlie Tadman, David Grutman, Hebru Brantley, & Calvin Harris


Laura Christine Clark, Meghan Otis, Lyndon Smith, & Alexandra Elizabeth Parker


Alex Pirez, Hebru Brantley, & Tommy Cabrerizo


Angel Febres & Tommy Cabrerizo


Hebru Brantley & Calvin Harris

13-img_3523_new 13-1-img_3804_new 14-img_3640_new 15-img_3766_new

Cris Cab & Tommy Cabrerizo


Aubrey Kia & Diane


Erin Cummins & Tika Camaj


Kaylee Ricciardi, Tika Camaj, & Erin Cummins


Gemma lee Farrell, Kaylee Ricciardi, Tika Camaj, & Erin Cummins


Marilyn Hue, Coughs, Dianne, Aubrey Kia, & Melissa Gross


Isabela Rangel Grutman, Chloe Hunter, & Sabrine Waitkus


Kiki Barth


Jacqueline Sposito & Sonny Bazbaz

25-img_3725_new 26-img_3811_new 27-img_3809_new 27-1-img_3772_new




SNBRN with Lil Jon at Just Dance at LIV

Sunday, July 31st, 2016
1-Lil Jon9_new

Lil Jon

Miami Beach, FL – July 21, 16 – Lil Jon joined Miami’s party people to enjoy SNBRN‘s electric set at LIV‘s Just Dance Thursdays rager.

2-Lil Jon & Lyndon Smith10_new

Lil Jon & Lyndon Smith

3-DSC_6090_new 4-DSC_6044_new 5-DSC_5764_new 6-DSC_5773_new 7-DSC_5827_new



9-DSC_6376_new 10-DSC_6402_new 11-DSC_6427_new



13-DSC_6604_new 14-DSC_6423_new 15-DSC_6642_new



28-DSC_6351_new 29-DSC_6742_new 30-DSC_5466_new 31-DSC_5869_new 32-DSC_5884_new 33-DSC_5894_new

34-Brianna Addolorato8_new

Brianna Addolorato

35-Brianna Addolorato3_new 35.1-DSC_5956_new

36-David Scheuer & Elizabeth Smith4_new

David Scheuer & Elizabeth Smith

36.1-Nick Botero & Rachel Resnick1_new

Nick Botero & Rachel Resnick

36.2-Isabella Elina, Becca Rosen, & Madison Meltzer1_new

Isabella Elina, Becca Rosen, & Madison Meltzer

38-DSC_5968_new 38.1-DSC_5642_new

38.1-Kayla Casciano, Sarah Lewis, & Stacey Framer3_new

Kayla Casciano, Sarah Lewis, & Stacey Framer

39-Kate Poncet, Corinna Sacchetta, & Jessica Totino6_new

Kate Poncet, Corinna Sacchetta, & Jessica Totino

39.1-Tayna Fernandes & Elaine Neves13_new

Tayna Fernandes & Elaine Neves

40-DSC_5653_new 41-DSC_5509_new DSC_5495_new DSC_5585_new

Octave One at Underground STORY

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

1-Atmosphere at Story47_new

Miami Beach, FL – July 23, 2016 – Techno siblings, Octave One, killed their set at STORY’s Underground rager Saturday night. It was the perfect atmosphere for party goers to let loose and dance until the early morning hours.

2-Atmosphere at Story40_new

3-Octave One_new

Octave One

4-Octave One2_new 5-Octave One3_new 6-Octave One48_new

7-Octave One42_new

Octave One

9-Octave One36_new 11-Octave One41_new 12-Atmosphere at Story7_new 13-Atmosphere at Story15_new 14-Atmosphere at Story3_new

15-Octave One43_new

Octave One

16-Atmosphere at Story5_new 17-Atmosphere at Story22_new 18-Atmosphere at Story24_new

19-Isabelle Bonatto_new

Isabelle Bonatto

20-Carolina Juskiewicz & Esabelle Bonatto_new

Carolina Juskiewicz & Esabelle Bonatto

21-Isabelle Bonatto & Carolina Juskiewicz1_new

Isabelle Bonatto & Carolina Juskiewicz

22-IMG_1229_new 23-IMG_0770_new 24-Dancers at Story7_new 25-Dancers at Story16_new 26-Dancers at Story9_new 27-IMG_0436_new 28-IMG_0748_new

30-Hannah Vonderhaff & Emily Morgan_new

Hannah Vonderhaff & Emily Morgan


Michael Woods at STORY

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

1-Atmosphere at Story17_new

Miami Beach, FL – July 22, 2016 – Michael Woods turned STORY into a full blown party on Friday night to celebrate DJ Dave Sol‘s birthday. Bottles were flowing and the packed club was loving Wood’s dope set.

2-Michael Woods3_new

Michael Woods

3-Michael Woods11_new 4-Michael Woods38_new 5-Michael Woods35_new

6-Michael Woods47_new

Michael Woods

7-Michael Woods30_new 8-Michael Woods22_new 10-Michael Woods7_new

11Michael Woods9_new

Michael Woods

28-Michael Woods16_new 29-Michael Woods70_new 30-Michael Woods74_new

31-Michael Woods77_new

Michael Woods

32-Michael Woods64_new 33-Michael Woods80_new 34-Dancers at Story9_new 34-Dancers at Story11_new 36-Dancers at Story17_new 36.1-IMG_1454_new 36.2--IMG_1457_new

36.3--Angie Amorre_new

Angie Amorre

47-Dave Sol_new

Dave Sol

48-Dave Sol6_new 49-Dave Sol9_new

49.1-Dave Sol & Michael Woods_new

Dave Sol & Michael Woods

49.3--Dave Sol & Michael Woods7_new

50-Dave Sol27_new

Dave Sol

51-Dave Sol30_new 52-Dave Sol25_new 53-Dave Sol33_new 54-Atmosphere at Story15_new 55-Atmosphere at Story_new 56-Atmosphere at Story27_new 57-Atmosphere at Story25_new 58IMG_0585_new 61-Dancers at Story26_new 62-Dancers at Story28_new 63-Dancers at Story24_new 64-IMG_0636_new 65-IMG_1507_new

66-Jessie Morrison, Ashlen Alexandra, & Angie Amorre_new

Jessie Morrison, Ashlen Alexandra, & Angie Amorre

67-IMG_1424_new 68-Atmosphere at Story36_new 69-Atmosphere at Story32_new 70-Atmosphere at Story35_new 71-Atmosphere at Story41_new

Marlon & Damien Wayans at STORY

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
1-Marlon Wayans1_new

Damien Wayans, Wayne Brown, & Marlon Wayans

Miami Beach, FL – July 21, 2016 – Party goers, including actor Marlon Wayans, turned all the way up at STORY this past Thursday night.

2-Purple, Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P1_new

Purple, Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P

3-IMG_4375_new 5-IMG_4688_new 6-IMG_4679_new 7-IMG_4704_new

8-Purple, Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P3_new

Purple, Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P

9-Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P1_new

Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P

10-Purple, Stevie J, Marlon Wayans, & Don P4_new 11-Stevie J & Marlon Wayans_new

12-FLY GUY3_new

Fly Guy

13-FLY GUY1_new 13.1-IMG_4403_new

14-Devon Delgado & Kaylee Lott_new

Devon Delgado & Kaylee Lott

15-Dallas Bunso_new

Dallas Bunso


17-Meltem Alpsagir & Ashley Canasi_new

Meltem Alpsagir & Ashley Canasi

18-IMG_4367_new 18.1-IMG_4644_new 19-IMG_4382_new 20-IMG_4380_new 20.1-IMG_4635_new 22-IMG_4592_new 23-IMG_4595_new 25-IMG_4710_new

26-Mariah Duran & Mariah Trinidad3_new

Mariah Duran & Mariah Trinidad

27-Mariah Duran & Mariah Trinidad_new 28-IMG_4421_new 30-IMG_4326_new 31-IMG_4432_new 33-IMG_4439_new

Marshmello at STORY

Monday, July 18th, 2016

22-Dancers at Story15_new

Miami Beach, FL – July 15, 2016 – The whole Mello Gang took to STORY on Friday night to watch EDM sensation, Marshmello, kill his epic bass-heavy set.

1-Atmosphere at Story34_new



2.1Marshmello24_new 3.9-Marshmello8_new 3.10-Marshmello11_new



4.1-Marshmello42_new 5-Marshmello60_new 6-Marshmello52_new



7-Marshmello57_new 8-Marshmello65_new 9-Marshmello89_new



15-Marshmello36_new 17-Atmosphere at Story1_new 18-Atmosphere at Story47_new 19-Dancers at Story20_new 20-Dancers at Story7_new 21-Dancers at Story11_new 23-Dancers at Story19_new 24-IMG_1224_new 25-IMG_1111_new 26-IMG_1050_new 27-IMG_1197_new 29-Atmosphere at Story13_new 31-Atmosphere at Story23_new 32-Atmosphere at Story24_new 33-Atmosphere at Story15_new 34-Atmosphere at Story18_new 36-IMG_1061_new 37-IMG_0475_new 38-IMG_1083_new 40-Dancers at Story30_new 42-Dancers at Story35_new 43-Dancers at Story38_new z-39-Atmosphere at Story30_new


Ja Rule at LIV

Monday, July 18th, 2016
1-Ja Rule_new

Ja Rule

Miami Beach, FL – July 15, 2016 – Ja Rule ruled the stage as he gave a dope performance at LIV on Friday night in the midst of Miami Swim Week madness.

2-Jimmy Vargas, Ja Rule, & Tommy Pooch_new

Jimmy Vargas, Ja Rule, & Tommy Pooch

3-Purple & Ja Rule_new

Purple & Ja Rule


5-Ja Rule - LIVE6_new

Ja Rule

5.1-Ja Rule - LIVE35_new 6-Ja Rule - LIVE30_new 7-Ja Rule - LIVE43_new

8-Ja Rule - LIVE42_new

Ja Rule

9-Ja Rule - LIVE13_new 10-Ja Rule - LIVE22_new 10.3-Ja Rule - LIVE1_new

10.5-Ja Rule - LIVE27_new

Ja Rule

10.6-Ja Rule - LIVE33_new 11-Ja Rule - LIVE31_new 11.1-Ja Rule - LIVE8_new

11.2-Ja Rule - LIVE24_new

Ja Rule

11.5-Ja Rule - LIVE39_new 12-Ja Rule - LIVE19_new 13-Ja Rule - LIVE25_new

15-Ja Rule - LIVE4_new

Ja Rule

16-Ja Rule - LIVE28_new 17-Ja Rule - LIVE26_new 18-Ja Rule - LIVE2_new 18.5-48-IMG_5873_new 18.7-49-IMG_5870_new 18.8-50-IMG_5777_new 19-IMG_5892_new 20-IMG_6011_new

21-Madisonraye Sutton & Nicole Ka_new

Madisonraye Sutton & Nicole Ka

23-Claudia Morales & Paulette Padilla_new

Claudia Morales & Paulette Padilla


25-Natalie Centeno & Claudia Ruiz1_new

Natalie Centeno & Claudia Ruiz


25.2-Natalie Kimmel, Clare Dreher, & Friend1_new

Natalie Kimmel & Clare Dreher


28-Natalie Diaz & Ashley Paige2_new

Natalie Diaz & Ashley Paige

29-IMG_5858_new 30-IMG_5854_new

PAMM Core Creative Cocktails & Collection Visit with Isabela & David Grutman

Sunday, June 5th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – June 2, 2016 – Pérez Art Museum Miami’s (PAMM) Core Creative members were invited to the South Beach home of David and Isabela Grutman. The intimate group enjoyed specialty cocktails and mingled amidst the Grutman’s collection of diverse contemporary art, including works by artists Andy Warhol, Peter Tunney, Augusto Esquivel, and Dante Dentoni. The guest list included notables such as Rick Ross, Skrillex, Peter Tunney, Typoe, Anthony Spinello, Santlov, Books Bischof, Cristina Gonzalez, and Tanvi & Sankesh Abbhi.

4-2-Dave Grutman & Rick Ross5_new

Dave Grutman & Rick Ross

5-1-Dave Grutman & Rick Ross2

6-Leann Standish, Rick Ross, & Dave Grutman_new

Leann Standish, Rick Ross, & Dave Grutman

7-Jim Hofford & Rick Ross2_new

Jim Hofford & Rick Ross

9-Jim Hofford, Lisa Austin, Dave Grutman, & Skrillex_new

Jim Hofford, Lisa Austin, Dave Grutman, & Skrillex

10-Books Bischof, Skrillex, & Cristina Gonzalez1_new

Books Bischof, Skrillex, & Cristina Gonzalez

11-Books Bischof, Cristina Gonzalez, Typoe, & Jordanna Cantor_new

Books Bischof, Cristina Gonzalez, Typoe, & Jordanna Cantor

12-IMG_0413_new 14-IMG_0416_new 15-IMG_0245_new

16-Typoe & Anthony Spinello_new

Typoe & Anthony Spinello

17-Typoe & Jordanna Cantor_new

Typoe & Jordanna Cantor

18-Christopher Adeleke & Bryan Hughes1_new

Christopher Adeleke & Bryan Hughes

19-Aida Levitan_new

Aida Levitan

19.5-Gabriela Wanderlust, Isabela Grutman, & Christopher Adeleke_new

Gabriela Wanderlust, Isabela Rangel Grutman, & Christopher Adeleke

19.6-26-Isabela Grutman & Kathryn Mikesell_new

Isabela Rangel Grutman & Kathryn Mikesell

19.6a-7-Isabela Grutman & Peter Tunney1_new

Isabela Rangel Grutman & Peter Tunney

19.7-25-Isabela Grutman & Ashlen Alexandra_new

Isabela Rangel Grutman & Ashlen Alexandra

19.8-24-Isabela Grutman & Ashlen Alexandra3_new

19.9-23-IMG_0078_new 19.9a-33-IMG_0072_new 19.9b-21-IMG_0069_new 20-IMG_0056_new 21-IMG_0396_new 22-IMG_0394_new 23-IMG_0153_new 23.5-IMG_0516_new

23.7-Tobi Rae Hundley, Alicia Peristeris, Luc Davidson, & Alison Zhuk1_new

Tobi Rae Hundley, Alicia Peristeris, Luc Davidson, & Alison Zhuk

24-IMG_0113_new 25-IMG_0118_new 27-IMG_0143_new 28-IMG_0060_new 29-IMG_0595_new

30-Christopher Adeleke, Gabriela Wanderlust, Skrillex, Alexandra Olsman, & Elaine Olla_new

Christopher Adeleke, Gabriela Wanderlust, Skrillex, Alexandra Olsman, & Elaine Olla

30.5-8-Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Skrillex, & Dave Grutman2_new

Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Skrillex, & Dave Grutman

31-Cool Richard & Skrillex_new

Cool Richard & Skrillex

32-John Lin, Leann Standish, Typoe, & Jordanna Cantor1_new

John Lin, Leann Standish, Typoe, & Jordanna Cantor

33-Kathryn Mikesell, Isabela Grutman, Leann Standish, Santlov, & Meredith Vey_new

Kathryn Mikesell, Isabela Rangel Grutman, Leann Standish, Santlov, & Meredith Vey

34-Peter Tunney & Leann Standish1_new

Peter Tunney & Leann Standish

35-Marcella Novela & Ashley Turchin1_new

Marcella Novela & Ashley Turchin

36-Dan & Kathryn Mikesell1_new

Dan & Kathryn Mikesell

37-Dan & Kathryn Mikesell, & Joe Berg_new

Dan & Kathryn Mikesell, Joe Berg

38-Johnny Chavez, Rachel & Roy Benmier, Micah Gustafson, Annabel Harvey, Jessica Acosta Rubio, & John Pensirikul_new

Johnny Chavez, Rachel & Roy Benmier, Micah Gustafson, Annabel Harvey, Jessica Acosta Rubio, Jon Pensirikul

39-Joe Berg & Dave Grutman_new

Joe Berg & Dave Grutman

40-Mo Garcia_new

Mo Garcia

v-Dan & Kathryn Mikesell, & Alison Zhuk1_new

Dan & Kathryn Mikesell, Alison Zhuk

x-Daniel Milewski, Nina Johnson-Milewski, & Leann Standish_new

Daniel Milewski, Nina Johnson-Milewski, & Leann Standish

y-IMG_0442_new z-IMG_0426_new

Some Like It Hot at The Forge

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – June 10, 2015 – The Forge was filled with nothing but good vibes and even better eats during their Some Like it Hot dinner party. Endless entertainment and killer food attracts guests constantly each week.


2-Shareef Malnik & Dave Grutman1

Shareef Malnik & David Grutman

3-Shareef Malnik, Dave Grutman, & Gabby Vasquez1

Shareef Malnik, David Grutman, & Gabby Vasquez

4-Dave Grutman, & Rachel Hanson1

David Grutman & Rachel Hanson

5-Lina Maya, & Aida Espinoza1-

Lina Maya & Aida Espinoza

5.3-Victoria & Olga York2

Victoria & Olga York

5.4-Mariann Tamposi, & Frankie Quintero1

Mariann Tamposi & Frankie Quintero

5.5-Ele Oren, Sarit Oren, Alexander Naaman1

Ele Oren, Sarit Oren, & Alexander Naaman

5.6--Audrey Cobb, & Danielle Cohen1

Audrey Cobb & Danielle Cohen

5.6-Freja Karlsson, & Nicholas Tamposi2

Freja Karlsson & Nicholas Tamposi

5.7--Adriana Ospina, & Kote Viera5

Adriana Ospina & Kote Viera

6-Ciera Pinheiro, Risa Ines, Julia Michael, & Amanda Sanchez

Ciera Pinheiro, Risa Ines, Julia Michael, & Amanda Sanchez

7-Ciera Pinheiro, Risa Ines, Julia Michael, & Amanda Sanchez, Ele Oren1

Ciera Pinheiro, Risa Ines, Julia Michael, Amanda Sanchez, & Ele Oren

7.4-Kiki Barth, Dashil H, Christian Alexander, Laeticia Huss, & Dominique Ehrl2

Kiki Barth, Dashil H, Christian Alexander, Laeticia Huss, & Dominique Ehrl

7.5-Kiki Barth, Dashil H1

Kiki Barth & Dashil H

10--Dominique Ehrl, & Laeticia Huss2

Laeticia Huss & Dominique Ehrl 

11-Laeticia Huss, & Dominique Ehrl1

12-Kiki Barth, & Dashil H2

Kiki Barth & Dashil H

13-Claire Fisher, & Leigh Fisher2

Claire Fisher & Leigh Fisher

14-Claire Fisher, Brazilian Dan, & Leigh Fisher2

Claire Fisher, Brazilian Dan, & Leigh Fisher

14.5-Jennifer Uribe, Lisset Benitez, & Synthia Guzman6

Jennifer Uribe, Lisset Benitez, & Synthia Guzman

14.6-Karina Iglesias, Jackie Mendez, Sista Marybeth

Karina Iglesias, Jackie Mendez, & Sista Marybeth

15-Dr. April Patterson, & Michelle DiMarco

Dr. April Patterson & Michelle DiMarco








23-Joe Dert4

Joe Dert

24-Joe Dert








33-Jackie Mendez performing56

Jackie Mendez

34-Jackie Mendez performing11

35-Jackie Mendez performing15

Jackie Mendez performing4

z-DSC_3348 5 Year Anniversary Party Presented by Moët & Chandon at LIV

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – May 30, 2015 – Following our epic bash at 1 Hotel South Beach, the World Red Eye team and friends took to one of our favorite Miami hotspots, LIV, to continue the madness. Endless Moët & Chandon flowed all night as Morten Breum was behind the decks pumping out an insane set that had everyone raging until the early morning hours.

Dave Grutman, Seth Browarnik, & Moe Garcia

David Grutman, Seth Browarnik, & Mo Garcia

4-Dave Grutman & Seth Browarnik9

David Grutman & Seth Browarnik

6-Seth Browarnik & Morten Breum2

Seth Browarnik & Morten Breum


Matt Brooks, Seth Browarnik, & Chris Adamo


Seth Browarnik & Chris Adamo



Matt Brooks, Rodrigo Gaya, Seth Browarnik, & Chris Adamo






Morten Breum


Morten Breum



15-Jordan Mermell4

Jordan Mermell










24-Alejandro Chavarria3

Alejandro Chavarria

25-Chris Adamo, Joe Lahoud, Jorge Matto, & Seth Browarnik7

Chris Adamo, Joe Lahoud, Jorge Matto, & Seth Browarnik


27-Ashlen Alexandra2

Ashlen Alexandra


29-Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, Matt Root, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Newberg, Lyndon Smith, Harold Estime, & Jordan Mermell

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, Seth Browarnik, Matt Root, Harold Estime, Lyndon Smith, & Jordan Mermell

29.5-Ryan Troy, Rodrigo Gaya, Purple, Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, Jordan Mermell, Matt Brooks, & Matt Root11

Ryan Troy, Rodrigo Gaya, Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, & Burton Wilkins

47-Purple & Burton Wilkins2

Purple & Burton Wilkins

48-Seth Browarnik & Joe Lahoud2

Seth Browarnik & Joe Lahoud

Whitney Prior, Kylie Kertesz, Seth Browarnik, & Jessica Newberg

48.4-]Rodrigo Gaya, Whitney Prior, Ryan Troy, Kylie Kertesz, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Newberg, & Harold Estime2

Rodrigo Gaya, Whitney Prior, Ryan Troy, Kylie Kertesz, Seth Browarnik, Jessica Newberg, & Harold Estime

Savannah Canavan, Alejandro Chavarria, Raul Lock, & Bianca Prieto

Savannah Canavan, Alejandro Chavarria, Raul Lock, & Bianca Prieto


49-Lauren Gnazzo, Matt Root, & Seth Browarnik

Lauren Gnazzo, Matt Root, & Seth Browarnik

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, & Seth Browarnik

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, & Seth Browarnik

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, Alejandro Chavarria, & Seth Browarnik

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, Alejandro Chavarria, & Seth Browarnik

Seth Browarnik, Marni Blickman, Rodrigo Gaya, & Ryan Troy

Seth Browarnik, Marni Blickman, Rodrigo Gaya, & Ryan Troy


Seth Browarnik, Matt Brooks, Lauren Gnazzo, Marni Blickman, & Rodrigo Gaya

52.6-Ryan Troy, Rodrigo Gaya, Purple, Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, Jordan Mermell, Matt Brooks, & Matt Root4

Rodrigo Gaya, Ryan Troy, Purple, Lauren Gnazzo, Jordan Mermell, Matt Brooks, & Seth Browarnik

52.7Rodrigo Gaya, Purple, Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, Jordan Mermell, & Matt Root3

Rodrigo Gaya, Purple, Lauren Gnazzo, Seth Browarnik, Jordan Mermell, & Matt Root


87-Jennifer Mann & Nicole Robles3

Jennifer Mann & Nicole Robles

88-Nicole Robles & Jennifer Mann2

Nicole Robles & Jennifer Mann



Kylie Kertesz, Jessica Newberg, & Lauren Gnazzo




100-Jordan Mermell & Rodrigo Gaya2

Jordan Mermell & Rodrigo Gaya



Matt Root, Lauren Gnazzo, & Kylie Kertesz

102-Jimmy Greenup & Matt Root6

Jimmy Greenup & Matt Root

103-Jimmy Greenup & Matt Root4


104.5Chris Adamo & Seth Browarnik5

Chris Adamo & Seth Browarnik

105-Morten Breum & Moe Garica1

Morten Breum & Mo Garcia

106-Nick D'Annunzio & Lyndon Smith4

Nick D’Annunzio & Lyndon Smith

Nick D'Annunzio, Moe Garica, Seth Browarnik, Joe Lahoud, & Lyndon Smith

Nick D’Annunzio, Mo Garica, Seth Browarnik, Joe Lahoud, & Lyndon Smith

Nick D'Annunzio, Moe Garica, Seth Browarnik, Joe Lahoud, & Lyndon Smith

Nick D’Annunzio, Mo Garcia, Seth Browarnik, & Lyndon Smith

Nick D'Annunzio, Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, & Matt Brooks

Nick D’Annunzio, Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, & Matt Brooks

110-Nick D'Annunzio & Friend

Nick D’Annunzio

111-Mednas & Friend12

Mednas & Sandi K

112-Andrew Stankus & Friend8

Andrew Stankus & Davor Lebinac


114-Harold Estime5

Harold Estime

115-Seth Browarnik, Moe Garcia, & Nick D'Annunzio1

Seth Browarnik, Mo Garcia, & Nick D’Annunzio

Seaspice Sundays

Sunday, April 12th, 2015


Miami, FL – April 12, 2015 – There is never a day where Seaspice isn’t packed with eager diners ready to indulge in the best eats and drinks. The stunning views, decor, and overall ambiance ties together this gem of a hot spot that is the perfect place to spend your Sunday.


3-Isabela Rangel & Dave Grutman

Isabela Rangel & Dave Grutman

3-Purple, Ashlen Alexandra3

Purple & Ashlen Alexandra

4-Selda Car, Danielle Hamo & Seyma Subasi

Selda Car, Danielle Hamo, & Seyma Subasi













17.8-Andreia Leroux & Ory Pelyo3

Andreia Leroux & Ory Pelyo

18-Batu Han1

Batu Han

Alban Mecaj

Alban Mecaj

Alban Mecaj6









Morgan Shara, Meggan Guberman, Jodi Schwimmer & Cory Kooperman0

Morgan Shara, Meggan Guberman, Jodi Schwimmer, & Cory Kooperman