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Mynt Fridays

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – May 11, 2012 – Mynt Fridays took a new turn this week with Miss Poppins in the DJ booth, bringing a lively new energy to Mynt. Everyone was clearly in the weekend party mode, unleashing the tension from the work week out on the dance floor.

Miss Popins

Mayes Jairegui & Fernada Nunez del Prado

Daniela Londono

Daniela Londono, Andrea Beilmann, & Monica Ramirez

Amber Danielle

Heather Marie & Amber Danielle

Mariuxi Orellana & Uti Torres

Mariuxi Orellana

Streltsova Tania

Bernardo Veiga & Caro Hernandez

Leila Hachachnia & Marie Chloe Voisin

Mayes Jairegui & Fernada Nunez del Prado

Michele Sabatiele

Uti Torres

Saturdays at Mynt

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – November 19, 2011 – DJ Rascal joined resident DJ Julian Ingrosso at Mynt Lounge this past Saturday for a set that can best be described as indescribable. The night started off hot and ended even hotter with the newly updated renovations to Mynt Lounge. Everyone admired the updated space and used it wisely by dancing the night away!

DJ Rascal

Alexandra Napoles & Melissa Aguilar

Magela Pons & Daniela Sevelius

Johanna Segura & Mariale Medina

Norka Haiek & Diana Hernandez

Julian Ingrosso

Maria Clauda Galli

Amanda Hopes Field & Sydney Poning

Andrea Fuentes & Carla Zappala

Marina Talako & Maryan Mustafa

Christiano Piquet & Julia Piquet

DJ Rascal

Julian Ingrosso & DJ Rascal

Liz Nolan & DJ Rascal

Monica Ramirez & Daniela Londono

Oliver Jay & Carina Grenier

Paloma Pinheiro

Sharon Filter & Thais Jerez