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Purple Party Celebrating Prince’s Birthday at PAMM

Monday, June 13th, 2016


Miami, FL, – June 9, 2016 – Visitors gathered at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) to celebrate the late Prince’s birthday at the Purple Party. Guests came out in their best purple outfits and danced as DJ Mike Deuce and DJ Lolo played the singer’s greatest hits. Guests were treated to pins and temporary tattoos of Prince, while enjoying drinks inspired by the Purple One on the terrace.



DJ Lolo

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9-Rebeca Gil, Angela Betancourt, Katherine Wald, & Alia Dia2_new

Rebeca Gil, Angela Betancourt, Katherine Wald, & Alia Dia

10-Toni Rashell, Daniela Backer, Marvin Wilmoth, & Jodie Alberga1_new

Toni Rashell, Daniela Backer, Marvin Wilmoth, & Jodie Alberga

11-Patricia Fanner, Arielle Biscayart, & Teresa Arupp2_new

Patricia Fanner, Arielle Biscayart, & Teresa Rupp

12-Kateri Schneider, Anne Guzik, & Amanda Crider2_new

Kateri Schneider, Anne Guzik, & Amanda Crider

14-Debra Owens, Deanna Christensen, Jill Baron, & Anthony Williams2_new

Debra Owens, Deanna Christensen, Jill Baron, & Anthony Williams

15-DSC_7049_new 16-DSC_7052_new 17-DSC_7167_new 18-DSC_7381_new 19-DSC_7473_new

20-Mike Deuce11_new

Mike Deuce

21-Mike Deuce6_new 22-Mike Deuce15_new

22.5-Mike Deuce, Junior Alonso, & Rudy Montejo2_new

Mike Deuce, Junior Alonso, & Rudy Montejo

22.6-Nadezhda Ame & Cristina Vidal5_new

Nadezhda Ame & Cristina Vidal

22.6a-Johnny Chavez & Leann Standish2_new

Johnny Chavez & Leann Standish

22.7-Heike Dempster & Dejha Carrington3_new

Heike Dempster & Dejha Carrington

22.8-Abby Lyn & Maria Murga2_new

Abby Lynn & Maria Murga

23-DSC_7386_new 23.5-DSC_7462_new

24-Moneeze Mujtaba, Yared Mai, & Vanessa Stelmach_new

Moneeze Mujtaba, Yared Mai, & Vanessa Stelmach

25-Betty Sodari & Dan Weiss2_new

Betty Sodari & Dan Weiss


27-Bailey Rinkel & Mandy Perkins2_new

Bailey Rinkel & Mandy Perkins

28-Asra Chatham & Eric Gilbert2_new

Asra Chatham & Eric Gilbert

28.5-Sebrina Taylor & Tanyka Womack9_new

Sebrina Taylor & Tanyka Womack

29-Presa Hall & Elena Kh3_new

Presa Hall & Elena Kh

30-Allison Spitzer & Erin Marra4_new

Allison Spitzer & Erin Marra

31-Ayase Rayel & Brittnay Starks2_new

Ayase Rayel & Brittany Starks

32-Denise Isaac & Lynelle Williams2_new

Denise Isaac & Lynelle Williams

33-Elle Hayes & Marissa Krumm4_new

Elle Hayes & Marissa Krumm

x-Stephanie Erickson & Beatrice Soriano3_new

Stephanie Erickson & Beatrice Soriano

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Make-A-Wish Garden Party

Thursday, May 1st, 2014


Miami, FL – April 27, 2014 – On Sunday afternoon, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida held its annual Garden Party, building excitement for the upcoming 20th Make-A-Wish Ball that will take place in November. Set affront a backdrop of glamour and sophistication, guests enjoyed an afternoon of delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, as well as performances by a group of talented musical performers assembled especially for the event.  Attendees also were able to indulge in an elaborately tiered tabletop candy tower which certainly brought out the inner child in all guests. The private affair was hosted by Lifetime Benefactors Al and Nancy Malnik – whose unprecedented gift of $1 million to Make-A-Wish Southern Florida remains the largest single contribution to the charity – at their Palm Beach county oceanfront estate. The grand finale of the afternoon served as testament to the life-changing power of a Wish. “Wish Child” Joey Giordano Jr. was introduced; he is an 8 year-old cancer survivor whose mother shared his moving story of persevering through his grueling journey, knowing that once he improved he would be able to fulfill his Wish of going on a Disney cruise.






Shareef Malnik, Norm Wedderburn, & Robert Hill

Shareef Malnik, Norm Wedderburn, & Robert Hill

Shareef Malnik, Adriana De Moura, & Frederic Marq

Shareef Malnik, Adriana De Moura, & Frederic Marq


Frederic Marq & Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura, Frederic Marq, & Tara Solomon

Adriana De Moura, Frederic Marq, & Tara Solomon


Nancy & Al Malnik

Nancy Malnik, Spencer Malnik, & Al Malnik

Nancy, Spencer, & Al Malnik

Gabrielle Anwar, Nancy Malnik, & Alli Malnik

Gabrielle Anwar, Nancy Malnik, & Alli Malnik


Al Malnik & Tara Solomon

Al Malnik, Nancy Malnik, & Spencer Malnik

Al, Nancy, & Spencer Malnik

Shareef Malnik, Adriana De Moura, & Frederic Marq

Shareef Malnik, Adriana De Moura, & Frederic Marq


Shareef Malnik, Gia, Joey, Joey Jr., & Libby Giordano, & Gabrielle Anwar


Joey, Joey Jr., Libby, & Gia Giordano, Gabrielle Anwar, & Shareef Malnik

Joey Giordano, Libby Giordano, Joey Giordano, & Gia Giordano

Joey, Joey Jr., Libby, & Gia Giordano






Gabrielle Anwar & Shareef Malnik





Gabrielle Anwar & Shareef Malnik



Gabrielle Anwar, Al & Shareef Malnik


Gabrielle Anwar, Shareef & Al Malnik




Nancy, Spencer, & Al Malnik


Joey, Gia, & Libby Giordano


Joey, Libby, Gia, & Joey Jr. Giordano


Joey, Gia, Joey Jr., & Libby Giordano


Shareef Malnik, Robert Hill, & Norm Wedderburn


Shareef Malnik & Norm Wedderburn


Shareef Malnik & Robert Hill




Al Malnik & Leathem Stearn


Joey Giordano Jr. & Shareef Malnik


Dan & Merle Weiss


Daniel & Marcella Novela


Francesca Cruz, Gabriella Wimmer, Aidee Korral, & Fernanda Ramos


Linda Levy Goldberg & Tara Solomon


Robert & Breda Hill


Tara Solomon & Francesca Cruz


Tara Solomon & Nick D’Annunzio









A Night at the Museum

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – April 26, 2012 – Bass Museum of Art celebrated its annual fundraiser “A Night at the Museum” on Thursday, April 26 with a private preview of “Charles LeDray: Bass Museum of Art.” Guests explored the new exhibition while enjoying hors d’oeuvres by TiramesU; cocktails & refreshments from Mandarine Napoleon, Kanon Organic Vodka and Societe Perrier; desserts by Stella’s Sweet Shoppe; and beats by Vida’s house DJ. Attendees were also introduced to an innovative silent auction of custom art experiences, including a studio visit and catered lunch with artist Carlos Betancourt and a private tour of WSVN 7 studios and dinner with Deco Drive anchor, Louis Aguirre. Guests included a select group of the city’s leading arts patrons and philanthropists, such as Silvia Karmen Cubina, event co-chairs Criselda Breene and Christina Getty-Maerks, George Lindemann, and Tara Solomon.

Ray Breslin

Yolanda Berkowitz

Christina Getty-Maercks, George Lindemann, & Criselda Breene

Criselda Breene, Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, & Diane & Alan Lieberman

Criselda Breene & Christina Getty-Maercks

Alan & Diane Lieberman

Terrence Riley & George Lindemann

Peter Boswell & Terrence Riley

Peter Boswell, Terrence Riley, & George Lindemann

Henry Blinder, Ruth Remington, Eric Gould, Laura Paresky Gould, & George Lindemann

Tom & Suzanne Murphy, David Arditi, Selen Binzman, Christina Getty-Maercks, & Criselda & Johnathan Breene

David Arditi & Selen Binzman

Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz

Megan & Terrence Riley

Eunique Fowler & Jourdan Binder

Jeff Berkowitz & Evan Reed

Johnathan Breene & Terrence Riley

Linda Levy Goldberg, Nicole Lozano, & Marilynn Freeland

Aimet & Josh Oberhausen & Tom & Suzanne Murphy

Laura Paresky Gould, Eric Gould, & Megan Riley

Laura Paresky Gould & Eric Gould

Criselda Breene & Jeff Berkowitz

Giles Neele, Tasha Lopez Cevictoria, & Dep Mar

Ray Breslin & Alan Lieberman

Jacques Smith

Eduardo & Athina Marturet

Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon

Anthony Shriver & Romero Britto

Romero Britto, Alina & Anthony Shriver

John Lin, Suzie & Walid Wahab, Michela Dalla Porte, & Mighael Halabu

Megan Riley & Jourdan Binder

Merle & Dan Weiss

Michael Katz & Jesus Bravo

Criselda Breene & Yolanda Berkowitz

Suzy Buckley & Daniela Swaebe

Belkys Nerey & Carlos Betancourt

Jay Jiggins, Bryan Ehrlich, & Paulina Nibens

Steven Rodriguez, Megan Riley, Lita Asscher, & Alan Randolph

Steven Rodriguez & Alan Randolph

Shannon Hori & Yolanda Berkowitz

Michael & Nikki Simkins & Sarah & Austin Harrelson

Nikki & Michael Simkins

Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz & Sarah Harrelson

Belkys Nerey & Carlos Betancourt

Shannon Hori & Suzy Buckley

Ipek Eris & Nura Burnad

Kendall Cogan & Johnathan Breene

Cinthia Sancos, Arianne Brown, & Hanna Gott

Mark & Julie Peresky, & Eric Gould

Fernando Wong & Cece Feinberg

Gamaliel Herrera, Johnathan Yascoff, Silvia Cubina, Mano Cader, Robert Wennett, & Carlos Betancourt

Daniel & Marcela Novella

Romero Britto

Stephen Goldberg

Black’s Annual Gala at Eden Roc Miami

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Adriana De Moura, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, Pitbull, & Alexia Echevarria

Miami, FL – April 2, 2011 – The Blacks’ Annual Gala – hosted by Lea & Roy Black – one of Miami’s most prestigious, star-studded charity events was back for its 17th straight year on Saturday night at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. The gala benefits at-risk kids through a dynamic public / private alliance with the Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services Department.  Celebrity notables included Hosts Roy & Lea Black, Adriana De Moura, Alexia Echeverria & Marysol Patton, Adam Gaynor, Gabrielle Anwar, Jeffrey Donovan, Joe Francis and Designers Lisa & Donald Pliner. Business icons and philanthropists spearheaded the fundraising. Guests enjoyed cocktails courtesy of GREY GOOSE vodka; an exquisite array of edibles presented by award-winning culinary genius, Two Taste Catering; a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Thorsten Leighty of Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach; and the musical stylings of DJ Irie, the Official DJ of the Miami Heat. The Blacks’ Annual Gala at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach Raised Approximetely $750,000.00 !!!


Lea Black

Lea Black & Dionne Warwick

Gabrielle Anwar & Shareef Malnik

Jeffrey Donovan & Michelle Woods

Christine Fernandez, Yakir Shoushan, Larry Sands, Christina Sands, & Austin Sands

Joan & Antonio Misuraca, & Valentina Sarria

Mario Vergel, Marysol Patton, Frank Amadeo & Ingrid Casares

Jason Binn & Melissa Katz

Lisa & Donald Pliner

David Siguaw & Jason Binn

Jason Binn & Donald Pliner

Frederic Marq, Adriana de Moura, Joe Francis, Marysol Patton, & Roy Black

Frederic Marq & Adriana De Moura

Frederic Marq, Adriana De Moura, & Marysol Patton

Adriana De Moura, Joe Francis, Lea Black & Marysol Patton

Marysol Patton & Alan Lieberman

Alan Lieberman, Antonio Misuraca, Roy Black, Jim Ferraro, & David Jagolizer

Lea Black, Joe Francis, Alexia & Herman Echevarria

Jilian Sanz & Sarah Mirmelli

Elaine Lancaster, Alan & Diane Lieberman

Veronica Menin & Eddie Freedman

Idalia Nunez, Kamal Hotchandani, & Raul Casares

Dionne Warwick

Adam Gaynor & Antonio Misuraca

Jus Ske

Gina Kirkpatrick & Sam Hershberg

DJ Irie & Jus Ske

Donald Pliner, Roy Black & Lisa Pliner

Jeffrey & Linda Chodorow

Lisa Pliner, Austin & Christina Sands

Merle & Dan Weiss

Alan Roth & Merle Weiss

Frederic Marq & Adriana De Moura

Larry Sands, Christine Fernandez, & Austin Sands

Jonathan Babicka & Stephan Morris

David Jagolizer & Jim Ferraro

Ellen Marchman, Anne Owen, & Jennifer Sybers

David & Christina Martin

Dan Weiss, Elaine Lancaster, & Merle Weiss

Anne Owen & Alan Roth

Donald Pliner & David Siguaw

Greg Cook & David Siguaw

Alexia Echervarria & David Siguaw

Greg Cook & Herman Echevarria

Big Syphe & Pitbull

Pitbull & Roy Black

Pitbull, Lea & Roy Black

Joe Francis & Adriana De Moura

Frederic Marq, Adriana De Moura, & Roy Black


Adriana De Moura, Joe Francis, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, Pitbull, & Alexia Echevarria

Joe Francis, Pitbull, David Siguaw, & Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura & Pitbull

Alexia Echevarria, Pitbull, & Marysol Patton