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Seth Browarnik Hosts Lexus ‘Through the Lens’ at Faena Forum

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Miami Beach, FL – January 12, 2017 – Taking place at the newly reopened Faena Forum, Lexus, World Red Eye ‘s Seth Browarnik and actor Dane DeHaan, star of the upcoming  film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, unveiled the debut of a model of the SKYJET – a single-seat pursuit craft featured in the film at the Lexus ‘Through The Lens’ celebration.

7-Dane DeHaan Speaking11

Dane DeHaan

10-Spiros Fotinos Speaking21

Spiros Fotinos

12-Spiros Fotinos Speaking17

9.3-Dane DeHaan Speaking7

Dane DeHaan & Spiros Fotinos

14-DSC_114019-DSC_1254 20.1-DSC_1183

22-Ahol Sniffs Glue

Ahol Sniffs Glue

21-Seth Browarnik & Ahol Sniffs Glue6

Seth Browarnik & Ahol Sniffs Glue

26-Lena Koorse, Ahol Sniffs Glue, Ana Williams, Alexandra Nicole, & Seth Browarnik2

Lena Koorse, Ahol Sniffs Glue, Anna Williams, Allie LaSorte, & Seth Browarnik

47.1-Bill Kearney & Courtland Lantaff6

Bill Kearney & Courtland Lantaff

Kieth Paciello,Flip, Tommy Cab, & Alfred Spellman

Keith Paciello, Flip Falca, Tommy Cabrerizo, & Alfred Spellman

39-DSC_0729 40-DSC_0871 41-DSC_0799 41.1-DSC_0778 41.2-DSC_0738


44-Sophia Resing4

Sophia Resing

45-Sophia Resing & Angelene Fenuta3

Sophia Resing & Angelene Fenuta

46-Sophia Resing & Amanda Wellsh2

Sophia Resing & Amanda Wellsh

47-Omar Dewindt & Courtland Lantaff4

Omar Dewindt & Courtland Lantaff

48-Omar Dewindt, Lorelle Binder, & Jourdan Binder2

Omar Dewindt, Lorelle & Jourdan Binder

Seth Browarnik, Lorelle Binder, Jourdan Binder, Laurent Fraticelli, &

Seth Browarnik, Lorelle & Jourdan Binder, Laurent Fraticelli, & Arnaud Espineira

Hadley Henriette, Laura Connelly, & Mark Edward Harris

Hadley Henriette, Laura Connelly, & Mark Edward Harris

48.2-Nicole Lozano, Stephanie Gold, & Lesley Lyons9

Nicole Lozano, Stephanie Gold, & Lesley Lyons

48.3-Greg Frehling & Karina Frehling2

Greg & Karina Frehling

49.1-Seth Browarnik & Ali Costas2

Seth Browarnik & Ali Kostas

24-Ana Williams, & Lena Koorse4

Anna Williams, Nathan Browning, & Lena Koorse

23-Ahol Sniffs Glue & Navin Chatani1

Ahol Sniffs Glue & Navin Chatani

49.3-Nicola Siervo & Friend7

David Martinez & Nicola Siervo

49.4-Nicola Siervo & Navin Chatani5

Nicola Siervo & Navin Chatani

49.5-Nicola Siervo, Seth Browarnik, & Navin Chatani3

Nicola Siervo, Seth Browarnik, & Navin Chatani


Nicola Siervo, Navin Chatani, & David Farcy

50-Flip, Nick D'Annunzio, & Lyndon Smith7

Flip Falca, Nick D’Annunzio, & Lyndon Smith

Flip, Nick D'Annunzio, Seth Browarnik, Lyndon Smith, Tommy Cab, Christine Fernandez

Flip Falca, Nick D’Annunzio, Seth Browarnik, Lyndon Smith, Tommy Cabrerizo, Alisha Talbot, David Farcy, & Christine Fernandez

Seth Browarnik, Lyndon Smith, Tommy Cab, Christine Fernandez, & Luis Arguello

Seth Browarnik, Lyndon Smith, Tommy Cabrerizo, Alisha Talbot, David Farcy, Christine Fernandez, & Luis Arguello


Laurent Fraticelli, Alfred Spellman, Lyndon Smith, & Arnaud Espineira

54-Adam Shuman, Greg Williams, & Nicola Siervo2

Adam Shuman, Greg Williams, & Nicola Siervo

Ben Mauro, Sawa, Yoshihiro Sawa, & Laurent Bouzige

Ben Mauro, Yoshihiro Sawa, & Laurent Bouzige

55-Christopher Adeleke & Gabriela Soik2

Christopher Adeleke & Gabriela Soik

55.1-Dana Dwyer & Jeremy Spund1

Dana Dwyer & Jeremy Spund

55.2-Rene Pereda & Paulo Cardoso5

Rene Pereda & Paulo Cardoso

56-Marlene Garcia & Michelle Addison2

Marlene Garcia & Michele Addison

57.1--Josh Wagner & Seth Browarnik2

Josh Wagner & Seth Browarnik


59-Seth Browarnik, Jessica Ezratti, & Misha Ezratti6

Seth Browarnik, Jessica & Misha Ezratti

Dreps, Gustavo Oviedo, Ahol Sniffs Glue, & Gio Borace

Dreps, Gustavo Oviedo, Ahol Sniffs Glue, & Gio Borace

27-John Cisneros, LP Steele, Anastasia Alimova, Bruno Cardinelli, & Josh Wagner2

John Cisneros, LP Steele, Anastasia Alimova, Bruno Cardinelli, & Josh Wagner

61-Jenny Moscoso, Kylie Kertesz2

Jenny Moscoso, Kylie Kertesz, & Priscilla Tarrau


Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates January, 24th Anniversary Issue with Cover Star Olivia Culpo at Ricky’s

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
1-Olivia Culpo21

Olivia Culpo

Miami Beach, FL – January 11, 2017 – Ocean Drive magazine, South Florida’s premiere glossy, known as Miami’s bible – celebrated its highly anticipated, January, 24th Anniversary issue with cover star and glamorous beauty, Olivia Culpo at Ricky’s South Beach. South Beach’s hottest new entertainment playground played host to Publisher Courtland Lantaff, Editor-in- Chief Jared  Shapiro, Mayor of Miami Beach Philip Levine, Menin Hospitality’s Keith Menin, mega-attorney Brian Elias and many other VIPs including Culpo who celebrated the magazine’s anniversary and her Ocean Drive cover debut. The multi-hyphenate model, actress, social media sensation and fashion and  beauty influencer joins a long list of icons who have graced the magazine’s anniversary past covers including Heidi Klum, Sofia  Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria, Niki Taylor, Ashley Benson, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and  more. Notables and tastemakers enjoyed wines by Kim Crawford, specialty cocktails by Hangar 1 Vodka and water from Aquacai – all  paired with Ricky’s modern-day, Carnival-themed delectable bites.

2-Olivia Culpo3

Olivia Culpo

3-Courtland Lantaff & Olivia Culpo2

Courtland Lantaff & Olivia Culpo


Olivia Culpo & Jared Shapiro

5-Olivia Culpo & Danny Jelaca2

Olivia Culpo & Danny Jelaca

6-DSC_0072 7-DSC_0078

8-Athena Georgiadis & Lyndsay Reyes2

Athena Georgiadis & Lyndsay Reyes

9-Athena Georgiadis & Lyndsay Reyes7

10-Stephan Macricostas & Emily Lantaff4

Stephan Macricostas & Emily Lantaff


Philip Levine & Olivia Culpo

11.1-Mayor Philip Levine & Olivia Culpo1

12-Keith Menin, Olivia Culpo, & Jared Shapiro2

Keith Menin, Olivia Culpo, & Jared Shapiro

Lauren Menin, Evelyn Menin, Keith Menin, & Olivia Culpo

Lauren, Evelyn & Keith Menin, & Olivia Culpo

Courtland Lantaff, Mayor Philip Levine, Olivia Culpo, & Jared Shapiro

Courtland Lantaff, Philip Levine, Olivia Culpo, & Jared Shapiro

15-Courtland Lantaff & Emily Lantaff

Courtland & Emily Lantaff

16-Olivia Culpo & Andrea Minski2

Olivia Culpo & Andrea Minski


17.1-Mayor Philip Levine & Keith Menin5

Philip Levine & Keith Menin

18-Andres Cuellar & Danny Jelaca6

Andres Cuellar & Danny Jelaca

Brian Elias, Lacey Abbott, & Scott Ballin

Brian Elias, Lacey Abbott, & Scott Ballin

20-Courtland Lantaff, Brian Elias, Lacey Abbott, & Scott Ballin2

Courtland Lantaff, Brian Elias, Lacey Abbott, & Scott Ballin

Stephan Macricostas, Lauren Shapiro, Emily Lantaff, & CHayanne Coe

Stephan Macricostas, Lauren Shapiro, Emily Lantaff, & Chayanne Coe

Lizzy Martinez, Gaby Beyer, Nikolette Machado, & Sofia Habib

Lizzy Martinez, Gaby Beyer, Nikolette Machado, & Sofia Habib

Maddalena Segato, Kalex Velez, Catherine Corsica, & Lavinia Otero

Maddalena Segato, Kalex Velez, Catherine Corsica, & Lavinia Otero

24-Catherine Corsica & Lavinia Otero7

Catherine Corsica & Lavinia Otero

26-DSC_0108 27-DSC_0113 28-DSC_0593 29-DSC_0416 29.1-DSC_0516 29.2-DSC_0627 29.3-DSC_0631

30-Giorgio Suighi & Nicola Ianeselli3

Giorgio Suighi & Nicola Ianeselli

31-Rod Vanderbilt & Katie Jackson1

Rod Vanderbilt & Katie Jackson

32-Pamela Diaz Deleone, Rod Vanderbilt, & Tyler Diaz Deleone

Pamela Diaz-de-Leon, Rod Vanderbilt, & Tyler Diaz-de-Leon

Nick Nistico, Lina Beltran, Jenna Ingraham, & Nick Doyle

Nick Nistico, Lina Beltran, Jenna Ingraham, & Nick Doyle

33-Lissette Colls & Dara Hirsh4

Lissette Colls & Dara Hirsh

34-Lissette Colls & Dara Hirsh7

35-Melissa Ledezma & Maria Azpurua3

Melissa Ledezma & Maria Azpurua

36-Jackie Kwal & Michael Rosen2

Jackie Kwal & Michael Rosen

37-Maddalena Segato & Kalex Velez4

Kalex Velez & Maddalena Segato

38-Alex Norton & Emilie Sobel1

Alex Norton & Emilie Sobel

39-Od Odero, Rita Salvitti, & Ahmed Elfatairy8

OD Odero, Rita Salvitti, & Ahmed Elfatairy

40-DSC_0563 41-DSC_0360 z-DSC_0058

Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates Smith & Wollensky’s 20 Years in Miami

Thursday, January 12th, 2017


Miami Beach, FL – January 11, 2017 – Smith & Wollensky celebrated 20 years in Miami and the completion of its extensive restaurant renovation, hosting a grand bash with some of Miami’s most notable names in media and hospitality. Regarded in many circles as “America’s Steakhouse,” Smith & Wollensky showcased upgraded and modernized dining and private event spaces, an expanded indoor bar and lounge and its stunning new Overlook Deck; an uncovered second-story terrace that features breathtaking views of South Pointe Park and Government Cut plus a full bar, lounge and table seating. Guests can look forward to dining and live entertainment at the Overlook Deck on Thursday through Sunday evenings starting January 26th.

2-Leonard Ryan & Michael Feighery

Leonard Ryan & Michael Feighery

4-Michael Feighery, Kim Lapine & Matt King3 copy

Michael Feighery, Kim Lapine, & Matt King

5-Michael Feighery, Henry Delgado & Courtland Lantaff

Michael Feighery, Henry Delgado, & Courtland Lantaff

6-Ray Briels, Cristina Franco, Karianne Arscenault & Sydne Hornstein

Ray Briels, Cristina Franco, Karianne Arsenault, & Sydne Hornstein

8-Marian Canals, Mauro Mejia & Monica Gomez

Marian Canals, Mauro Mejia, & Monica Gomez

9-_N3A4448 10-_N3A4403 11-_N3A4416 12-_N3A4546

13-Alina Petre & Cristi Marin

Cristi Marin & Alina Petre

14-Alina Petre, Cristi Marin & Marius Mates

Cristi Marin, Alina Petre, & Marius Mates

15-Pat Houlihan, Tommy Hart & Una Murphy

Pat Houlihan, Tommy Hart, & Una Murphy

15.1-Michelle Lorenzo, Lori & Emilie Sobel & Michele Berlowitz

Michelle Lorenzo, Lori & Emilie Sobel, & Michele Berlowitz

16-Val & Victoria Dimnici & Goran Lugonja

Val & Victoria Dimnici, & Goran Lugonja

17-_N3A4671 17.2-_N3A4422

18-Matt King & Eduardo Perez1

Matt King & Eduardo Perez

19-_N3A4560 19.1-_N3A4397 20-_N3A4442

21-Matt King

Matt King

22-Leonard Ryan & Matt King

Leonard Ryan & Matt King

22.1-Michael Feighery & Leonard Ryan

Michael Feighery & Leonard Ryan

22.2-Oliver Munday & Nathan Evans

Oliver Munday & Nathan Evans

23-Courtland & Emily Lantaff

Courtland & Emily Lantaff

24-Courtland Lantaff & Kim Lapine

Courtland Lantaff & Kim Lapine

25-Marlene Kalaf- Hernandez & Yarley Simon

Marlene Kalaf-Hernandez & Yarley Simon

38-_N3A4543 39-_N3A4425 40-_N3A4675

Ocean Drive Magazine & Franciacorta Host Private Dinner at Scarpetta

Thursday, December 15th, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 14, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine and Franciacorta hosted a private dinner at Scarpetta at Fontainebleau Miami Beach drawing 20 VIP notables and industry influencers. Guests were treated to a four course dinner curated with each course specially paired with wines from Franciacorta.
2-_mg_8057_new 2-4-_mg_8042_new 3-_mg_8043_new


Vittorio Marzotto & Courtland Lantaff


Tom Austin, Courtland Lantaff, & AJ Rosenfeld


AJ Rosenfeld, Courtland Lantaff, & Seth Browarnik


Courtland & Emily Lantaff


Alex Karas, Pietro Riccobono, & Vittorio Marzotto


Vittorio Marzotto, Trixia Angel, & Alex Karas


Seth Browarnik, Vittorio Marzotto, Heather Blaze, & Navin Chatani


Tom Austin, Rascal, Michelle Chala, Navin Chatani, & Heather Blaze


Heather Blaze & Navin Chatani


Rascal & Ana Rivera


Michelle Rodriguez & Hector Cortes


Michelle Chala, Eddy Martinez, Christina Lopez, & Roland Ortiz


Eddy Martinez, Christina Lopez, & Roland Ortiz


Emily Gamboa, Michelle Chala, & Ana Rivera


Trixia Angel & Emily Lantaff


Gorancho Boshkov

17-gorancho-boshkov-speaking7_new 17-5-gorancho-boshkov-speaking2_new 18-gorancho-boshkov-speaking_new


Gorancho Boshkov



Gorancho Boshkov & Pietro Riccobono

21-_mg_8171_new 21-5-20-6-23-_mg_8187_new 22-20-6-22-_mg_8191_new

y-_mg_8136_new z-_mg_8137_new

Art Basel Magazine Presents 7th Annual Women in Arts Luncheon at Scarpetta

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


Miami Beach, FL – December 1, 2016 – Art Basel Magazine, the official magazine for Art Basel Miami Beach celebrated the industry’s most influential women in the art world at their 7th annual “Women In Arts” luncheon at Scarpetta. Sue Hostetler, Editor-in- Chief along with Nadja Swarovski, co-hosted the afternoon honoring three women whose careers have made a long-standing impact on the art community. This year’s honorees include: Diana Al-Hadid, the Sryian-born, celebrated contemporary artist who creates sculptures, installations, panels and drawings using various media; Lilly Tartifoff, co-chair of the Board of Trustees of Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles and major philanthropist; and Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Founder and President of Cisneros Fontanals Arts Foundation (cifo), and renowned arts patron.

1-1-_n3a7237_new 1-2-_n3a7219_new 1-3-_n3a7451_new


Diana Al Hadid


Sue Hostetler


Lilly Tartikoff Karatz


Ellen Salpeter, Petra Levin, Dee Dee Sides, Carolina Garcia Jayaram & Sarah Arison


Susan Abrams, Courtland Lantaff, Sandra Christensen & Debra Halpert


Elias Synalovski, Cristina De Windt, Concetta Duncan, & Ginta Costa


Elias Synalovski, Michele Oka Doner, Cristina De Windt, & Jared Shapiro


Karen Lord, Petra Levin & Stefanie Reed


Jared Shapiro & Petra Levin

6-_n3a7259_new 6-1-_n3a7198_new 6-2-_n3a7216_new 6-2-_n3a7224_new 6-3-_n3a7222_new 6-4-_n3a7229_new 6-5-_n3a7234_new


Shelley Foxaarons & Isolde Brielmaier


Caroline Powers & Blair Voltz Clarke


Diana Al Hadid, Shamim Momin, Samantha Frank, & Marianne Boesky


Rachel Felder, Susan Sterling, & Tanya Selvaratnam


Elias Synalovski & Michele Oka Doner


Petra Levin & Elias Synalovski


Caroline Powers, Lilly Tartikoff Karatz, Ben Bourgeois, & Lauren King


Lilly Tartikoff Karatz, Sue Hostetler, Ella Fontanals Cisneros, & Diana Al Hadid


Thomas Aastad, Lindsay Kordik, Concetta Duncan, & Ginta Costa


Nancy Wilhelms & Hannah Thomsen

Roland Mouret Personal Appearance & Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Roland Mouret

Bal Harbour, FL – November 30, 2016 – Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour and Ocean Drive magazine along with Kinga Lampert and Rochelle Finvarb hosted esteemed Designer Roland Mouret for breakfast along with 30 fellow style sophisticates. Guests broke from their Art Basel festivities to be the first to preview the French designer’s Pre Spring 2017 collection. VIPs in attendance included Tennis Pro Martina Navratilova, Melissa Netkin, Diana Furman and Ocean Drive Publisher Courtland Lantaff.


Rochelle Finvarb, Roland Mouret, & Kinga Lampert


Elias Synalovski & Roland Mouret


Isabella Stanzione


Roland Mouret

6-roland-mouret-speaking_new 7-dsc_9216_new 7-6-dsc_9230_new 10-dsc_8920_new 11-dsc_8945_new 12-dsc_8957_new 13-dsc_9575_new 14-dsc_9514_new 15-dsc_9506_new 17-dsc_9478_new 18-dsc_9445_new 19-dsc_9102_new 20-dsc_9094_new 21-dsc_9135_new 25-dsc_9160_new 28-dsc_9288_new 29-dsc_9601_new 31-dsc_9076_new 32-dsc_9302_new 34-dsc_9334_new 35dsc_9657_new


Elias Synalovski

38-elias-synalovski-speaking3_new 39-dsc_8660_new


Martina Navratilova, Roland Mouret, Julia Lemigova, & Elias Synalovski


Martina Navratilova, Roland Mouret, & Julia Lemigova

Kinga Lampert, Roland Mouret, & Rochelle Finvarb

Kinga Lampert, Roland Mouret, & Rochelle Finvarb


Courtland Lantaff & Roland Mouret


Kemella Marques & Roland Mouret


Alessandra Cavalcante & Roland Mouret


Alessandra Cavalcante


Rochelle Finvarb


Kemella Marques, Alessandra Cavalcante, & Jo Paes


Roland Mouret & Rochelle Finvarb


Roland Mouret & Kinga Lampert


Kinga Lampert & Roland Mouret


Kinda Lampert, Rochelle Finvarb, & Marnie Loeb


Melissa Babil, Rochelle Finvarb, & Marnie Loeb


Martina Navratilova, Roland Mouret, Julia Lemigova, & Kinga Lampert


Roland Mouret & Kinga Lampert



Courtland Lantaff & Jewel Bertman

59-dsc_9915_new 61-dsc_8599_new


Aulden Brown


Caryn Lubetsky & Melissa Netkin


Dara Hirsh & Katie Jackson


Debbie Fishman & Roland Mouret


Jo Paes, Alessandra Cavalcante, & Kemella Marques


Melissa Netkin & Courtland Lantaff


Roland Mouret & Melissa Netkin


Dara Hirsh, Courtland Lantaff, & Katie Jackson

Ocean Drive Magazine Hosts Annual Hot Chefs Celebration at Palm Court

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Miami, FL – November 15, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine and Miami Design District hosted South Florida’s Hotest Chefs with their annual Hot Chefs event. Piaget hosted VIPs for a pre-event cocktail hour where guests got a sneak peak at Estefans Kitchen’s highly anticipated menu. Later in the evening the main fête geared up taking place at Miami Design District’s Palm Court event space drawing 300 local tastemakers and foodies. Culinary connoisseurs toasted the buzz-worthy evening with Anna de Codorníu sparkling wine and Old Forester cocktails while savoring tastings from the high profile “Hot Chefs” that were featured in the Glossy’s November issue. Featured restaurants included Ariete, Estefans Kitchen, FOOQ’s, KYU, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, and ZEST. For dessert party goers cooled down with Landyfingrs specialty popsicles which were infused with fresh and fun ingredients.

1-_n3a2843 2-_n3a3006 2-1_n3a2803 3-_n3a2794 3-1-_n3a2753 3-2-_n3a2818


Nancy Bernstein


Emily & Courtland Lantaff


Danilo Di Michele & Jerry Chery


Danilo Di Michele, Jared Shapiro, & Jerry Chery


Sandra Santiago, Alex & Gigi Duff


Nancy Bernstein, Gigi Duff, & Sylvia Laurent



Lana Bernstein & Sylvia Laurent


Nancy Bernstein & Sylvia Laurent

27-_n3a2787 28-_n3a2788
29-_n3a2863 29-1_n3a2886 30-_n3a2880 31-_n3a2900


Brendaliz Goldstein & Jenn Bynoe


Tobi Rae Hundley, Catherine Salter, & Alicia Peristeris


Selen Arditi, Archana Bhandari, & Ronit Nestelbaum


Marta Cecilia & Eduardo Pinto

35-_n3a2796 36-_n3a2758



Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates Miami’s Industry Leading Men at SLS Brickell

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


Miami, FL – October 19, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine hosted an invitation only cocktail celebration at the newly constructed SLS Brickell honoring notable Miami men, profiled in Ocean Drive’s October Men’s issue– each who are at the top of their industries and contribute to the ever-evolving vibe of Miami. The event was comprised of an esteemed host committee including DJ Irie, Thomas Meding, Aaron Salgado, and Jeremy Ford fashionably styled by Rag & Bone and were gifted He’s A 10– It’s A 10 Haircare’s newest line for men. Attendees savored light bites by SBE and toasted along side our hosts with cocktails courtesy of Gentleman Jack and wines by Barton & Guestier while overlooking the scenic skyline from the glistening pool deck.
3-1-_n3a6262 3-_n3a6563


Jared Shapiro


Thomas Meding


Aaron Salgado, Thomas Meding, Jared Shapiro & DJ Irie


Aaron Salgado, Thomas Meding & DJ Irie


DJ Irie, Thomas Meding & Courtland Lantaff


Paul Gray & Courtland Lantaff


Courtland Lantaff & Leslie Wolfson


Alex Norton & Andrew Peleckis

10-1-_n3a6336_new 11-_n3a6250_new 11-1-_n3a6549_new 11-2-_n3a6547_new 11-3-_n3a6271_new 12-_n3a6330_new 14-_n3a6334_new 15-_n3a6533_new 15-1-_n3a6352_new


Matt Brooks & Jared Shapiro


Emma Rojas & Kim Couey


Lauren LaPuma & Michelle Dayiantis


Patrick Bidwill, Patricia Delinois, Thomas Meding, & Matt Brooks


Ceiliah Epner, Sismai Roman, & Miguel Bolaños


Dean Neiger & Melissa Silva Leos


Nicole Metropulls & Ludlow Dawes


Sandy Belini & Simona Taranu


Aaron Salgado


50-_n3a6559_new 51-_n3a6561_new 52-_n3a6577_new


Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates September Issue with Cover Star Katharine McPhee at The Confidante

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Katharine McPhee

Miami Beach, FL – September 23, 2016 – Ocean Drive magazine’s Editor-in- Chief, Jared Shapiro, and Publisher, Courtland Lantaff, joined Hollywood starlet, CBS Scorpion’s leading lady and the magazine’s September Fall Fashion Issue cover star, Katharine McPhee, at The Confidante Miami Beach Hotel. The gorgeous double-threat, actor and singer stepped out in a Zac Posen white dress and delighted the invitation-only audience with ballads in celebration of her Ocean Drive cover. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails by Svedka vodka and wines by Kim Crawford. Inside the issue, McPhee opens up about achieving her Hollywood dreams after American Idol, life after divorce, what she looks for in a man and much more.


Katharine McPhee

21-katherine-mcphee8 3-katherine-mcphee11

Katherine McPhee & Jared Shapiro

Katharine McPhee & Jared Shapiro

JP Oliver & Katherine McPhee

JP Oliver & Katharine McPhee

7-dsc_0175 8-dsc_0120 9-dsc_0160 9-2-dsc_0126 9-3-dsc_0112 10-1-dsc_0530


Katharine McPhee





Katharine McPhee

10-7-katharine-mcphee-singing24 11-katherine-mcphee18 21-1-dsc_0548 21-2-dsc_0431

Danny Jelaca & Katherine McPhee

Danny Jelaca & Katharine McPhee

Katherine McPhee & Courtland Lantaff

Katharine McPhee & Courtland Lantaff

Chad Fabricant, JP Oliver, & Courtland Lantaff

Chad Fabricant, JP Oliver, & Courtland Lantaff

Yj On, Eric Brogna, & Lauren Shapiro

Yj On, Eric Brogna, & Lauren Shapiro

Marcel van Gemerden, Price Shapiro, & Matt Pluz

Marcel van Gemerden, Price Shapiro, & Matt Pluz

26-dsc_0220 27-dsc_0215 28-dsc_0257 29-dsc_0236 30-dsc_0233 31-dsc_0585 32-dsc_0411

Alan Roth & Barclay Roth

Alan & Barclay Roth

Alex Duff & Gigi Duff

Alex & Gigi Duff

Bru Kodsi & Dan Kodsi

Bru & Dan Kodsi

Athena Georgiadis & Chris Carter

Athena Georgiadis & Chris Carter

Bento Queiroz & Rayani Queiroz

Bento Queiroz & Rayani Queiroz

Courtland Lantaff & Emily Lantaff

Courtland & Emily Lantaff



Q&A: Ocean Drive Magazine Hosts “Art of The City” Celebrating Artist Peter Tunney

Sunday, July 31st, 2016
1-Peter Tunney17_new

Peter Tunney

Miami, FL – July 20, 2016 – Ocean Drive Magazine hosted it’s “Art of The City” event with featured artist, Peter Tunney who made a noteworthy arrival into his Wynwood Walls gallery on a custom scooter. ​Ocean Drive magazine’s limited-edition “Art of The City” issue features Tunney’s work, “Cailin” on its Summer, Art of The City cover. Tunney’s cover art was also featured as part of the magazine’s online charity art auction which ran on Miami luminaries​ j​oining the magazines Editor-in-Chief, Jared Shapiro and Publisher, Courtland Lantaff were Mayor ​Carlos ​Gimenez, Wynwood pioneer and Wynwood Walls creator Jessica Goldman, nightlife icon and street art collector David Grutman with new wife, model Isabel Rangel Grutman, Southern Wine and Spirits and founders of South Beach Wine & Food Festival Arlene and Wayne Chaplin and over 150 VIP​​s​.​ All proceeds benefit Artists for Peace and Justice.

World Red Eye was able to catch a moment with Tunney, who gave us a closer look into his world of art, what new projects we can expect and what he thinks about Miami’s art culture today.

2-Jessica Goldman Srebnick & Peter Tunney4_new

Jessica Goldman Srebnick & Peter Tunney

WRE: How did you get your start in the art world?

PT: I declared myself an artist in 1987 after the stock market crash. I took everything out of my apartment on 60th Street and painted each item before putting it back in a new spot, including painting over my TV screen.

WRE: How does it feel having a limited edition cover of Ocean Drive magazine’s special “Art of the City” piece?

PT: I like seeing it, I like being a paradigm breaker. Art on the cover of a magazine thrills me, even if it wasn’t mine. In this case it is and that’s just an additional thrill.

3-Jessica Goldman Srebnick & Peter Tunney1_new

WRE: Can you tell us more about the giant polaroid artwork of “Cailin”, that is being donated to the auction?

PT: Cailin Russo is a dear friend and amazingly talented singer, songwriter and really an insanely great model. We shot tons of Giant Polaroids together and she is just a total chameleon and professional. In this photo, it was the last shot of the day and I double exposed her into my oldest painted jeans. It was an unexpected miracle when we peeled it back; I love the ancient degradation and elements of an accident.

4-Courtland Lantaff, Peter Tunney, & Jared Shapiro_new

Courtland Lantaff, Peter Tunney, & Jared Shapiro

WRE: What is it like to work with the giant vintage polaroid that was once used by Andy Warhol himself?

PT: It’s just a surreal treat every time! Every image is an event, and the fact that giants like Warhol and Chuck Close have used it makes it that much cooler. It also makes you think a little harder and be respectful.

WRE: Much of your work features specific words or sayings, could you expand more on what message you are trying to get across with this? What do you want people to take away from your art?

PT: I don’t really think of it in those terms; stuff is just coming out of me and I’m compelled to put it out there. I guess overall I am trying to just be here, be present, enjoy the now and in general have less fear and pay attention better.

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Peter Tunney

Cruising Wynwood through hundreds of siiick murals blasting Frank Ocean is something I really cherish; it’s just real time magic.

Peter Tunney

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WRE: Can you expand more on how you incorporate photography into your pieces?

PT: Photography is mostly a base for me; a canvas with an image already on it. I like to add to, layer up and change a static photo into something slightly more interesting. The Giant Polaroid can create layered images through double and triple exposures. If I add a few layers to that and reshoot it, it really becomes something else, an object where the viewer is not sure what is the painting, what is the photo and where each begins or ends.

WRE: What is your favorite medium to work with? Why?

PT: I like garbage, literally stuff I find in the trash. I get great satisfaction finding a wonderful piece of garbage and turning it into a treasured object.

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WRE: How have you seen art in Miami evolve over the years?

PT: It’s become a mecca for artists, collectors, exhibitions, museums and galleries. When you bring so much critical mass there will be good, bad and ugly, but it will certainly be a dynamic scene. People now come to Miami from all over the world to buy art; it used to be NYC or London, now you can add Miami to the list. Miami is rocking!

WRE: Why do you think Wynwood Walls has become increasingly popular?

PT: Wynwood Walls is a special place. It’s the most coveted place to do a wall, and it’s something to see. It’s diverse, it’s big, and it’s a deep well of artists and artwork that touch so many people, causes and social activations. Wynwood is the big movement in art at this time and it’s awesome in every respect. So people that come here are blown away and tell their friends. Wynwood Walls is super busy right now and it’s Monday in late July. A few years ago I would close from May until November. Today we get thousands of people every day!

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Michael Bernstein, Asha & Jamie Elias, & Peter Tunney

WRE: You’ve been spotted jetting around town in very cool-looking vehicles, can you tell us more about this?

PT: I like cruising around in these amazing rolling works of art created by my buddy Yarrow Mazetti, he is the genius behind Art Cars. Cruising Wynwood through hundreds of siiiiiiik murals blasting Frank Ocean is something I really cherish; it’s just real time magic.

WRE: We hear you are launching a company with Wynwood aficionado Jessica Goldman, can you tell us more about it?

PT: Not really, not yet. It’s called GOLDMAN Global Arts and we are executing monumental global art projects and small local projects. More will be revealed soon.  Jessica is the best partner one could have and we are both super stoked and working on creating amazing projects around the world. You will hear about our groundbreaking Miami projects this fall…

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Asha & Jamie Elias

WRE: What advice would you give to young artists trying to make it?

PT: Have big goals and low expectations. It’s a tough and long road. Watch the Calder documentary and watch 100 art bio docs; see the many different ways to survive. But mostly be true to you, have something to say and learn how to say it. Try to be a better artist every day, every hour, think and work all the time.

WRE: What can we expect from you in the future in regards to your work?

PT: Lots of new projects, many public facing big works, and hopefully better work in general. I am trying and working daily to become a better artist – for me. It’s always hard, it’s like writing a hit song or having a best seller, you have to give up and then suddenly something comes… to be continued.

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Isabela Rangel Grutman & David Grutman

9-Amy Tunney, Isabela Rangel Grutman, & Ashley Turchin_new

Amy Tunney, Isabela Rangel Grutman, & Ashley Turchin

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Sebastian Guejman & Ashley Turchin

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Arlene Chaplin & Leslie Wolfson

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Emilie Sobel