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Design Miami/ Art Basel 2015 Collectors Preview & Vernissage

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


Miami, FL – December 1, 2015 – The who’s who of the art world came out to the Design Miami/ Collectors Preview as the 11th edition of the fair opened its doors. This gave collectors from around the world the opportunity to admire the curated exhibits and browse around before they were showcased to the public. Later in the day select VIP guests were invited to a special, invite-only Vernissage where collectors and gallerists seized the opportunity to preview the famed art bazaar.






7- Anna Williams, Susan Ainsworth, Craig Robins, & Rene Kamm_new

 Anna Williams, Susan Ainsworth, Craig Robins, & Rene Kamm

8- Michelle & Jason Rubell, & Arlene Chaplin_new

Michelle & Jason Rubell, & Arlene Chaplin

9-Susan Richards & George Lindemann_new

Susan Richards & George Lindemann

10-Walid & Susie Wahab_new

Walid & Susie Wahab

 Elle MacPherson

13-Criag Robins & Jeff Soffer_new

Craig Robins & Jeff Soffer

14-Didier Krzentowski & Craig Robins_new

Didier Krzentowski & Craig Robins

16-George Lindemann_new

George Lindemann

Wendell Castle

17.2-Craig Robins, Clemence Krzentowski, & Rodman Primack_new

Craig Robins, Clemence Krzentowski, & Rodman Primack

17.3-Brandon Grom & Anna Williams_new

Brandon Grom & Anna Williams

18- Joe Furst_new

Joe Furst

18- Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark_new

 Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark

19-Laurie Lynn & Richard Stark1_new

 Laurie Lynn Stark

22-Laurie Lynn Stark1_new

23- Simon & Nikolai Haas_new

Simon & Nikolai Haas

26-Haas Brothers_new

Nikolai & Simon Haas

27 - Fernando Romero & Nadja Swarovski_new

Fernando Romero & Nadja Swarovski


28-Fernando Romero & Nadja Swarovski1_new

Fernando Romero & Nadja Swarovski

29- Fernando Romero & Nadja Swarovski2_new

31- Natalie Kovacs_new

Natalie Kovacs

32-Patrick Seguin_new

Patrick Seguin

33-Craig Robins & Patrick Seguin_new

Craig Robins & Patrick Seguin

39-Craig Robins & Patrick Seguin1_new

40- Patrick Seguin, Rodman Primack, & Craig Robins_new

Patrick Seguin, Rodman Primack, & Craig Robins

42- Michael Jinkowski, Yves Behar, & Suzanne Trocme_new

Michael Jinkowski, Yves Behar, & Suzanne Trocme

43- Noah Horowitz, Samir Sabet d'Arce, & Marc Spiegler_new

Noah Horowitz, Samir Sabet d’Arce, & Marc Spiegler

44- Stephanie Reed, Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes_new

Stephanie Reed, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne bon Haes

44.3- Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne Bon Haes_new

Marvin Ross Friedman & Adrienne bon Haes

45- Mohsen Mostafavi & Grace La_new

Mohsen Mostafavi & Grace La

45-Vanessa Grout, Kathryn Mikesell, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne Bon Haes_new

Vanessa Grout, Kathryn Mikesell, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne bon Haes

46- Cathy Leff, Clark Reynolds, Dennis Leyva, Deborah Harris, Helen Allen, & Jane Wooldridge_new

Cathy Leff, Clark Reynolds, Dennis Leyva, Deborah Harris, Helen Allen, & Jane Wooldridge

47-Nadja Swarovski & Fernando Romero & friends_new

Nadja Swarovski & Fernando Romero

49-Nadja Swarovski & Fernando Romero_new

50-Simon de Pury & Ethan Suplee_new

Simon de Pury & Ethan Suplee

53-Simon & Nikolai Haas & friend_new

Simon & Nikolai Haas





Stefano Tonchi




62-Carlos Suarez, Sarah Harrelson, & Lori Warriner_new

Carlos Suarez, Sarah Harrelson, & Lori Warriner

63-Mario Cader Frech, Robert Wennett, & Stephanie Goto_new

Mario Cader Frech, Robert Wennett, & Stephanie Goto

64-Criselda Breene & Pria Punjabi_new

Criselda Breene & Pria Punjab

65-Criselda Breene, Pria Punjabi, Jonathan Breene, Fernanda Domit, & Andrea Noboa_new

Criselda Breene, Pria Punjabi, Jonathan Breene, Fernanda Domit, & Andrea Noboa

66 - Douglas Harsevoort, Joanne Cheung, Yiliu Shen-Burke, Jenny Shen, & Steven Meyer_new

Douglas Harsevoort, Joanne Cheung, Yi Liu Shen-Burke, Jenny Shen, & Steven Meyer

66.8-Douglas Harsevoort, Steven Meyer, Yiliu Shen-Burke speaking, Joanne Cheung, & Mohsen Mostafavi_new


68-Craig Robins1_new

Craig Robins

71-Craig Robins4_new


72-Craig Robins5_new

Craig Robins

72 - Clemence Krzentowski, Craig Robins, & friend_new

Clemence Krzentowski & Craig Robins


75- Flynn McGarry_new

Flynn McGarry

75.3-Flynn McGarry1_new














89-Katie Stout_new

Katie Stout

90-Lauren Pellerano Gomez2_new

Lauren Pellerano Gomez


Susie & Walid Wahab







100-Alisha Talbot & Pablo de Ritis_new

Alisha Talbot & Pablo de Ritis

101-Timothy Walker, Marcella Novela, & Marc C_new

Timothy Walker, Marcella Novela, & Marc C

102-Linus Adolfsson, Nikolai & Simon Haas, & PJ Park_new

Linus Adolfsson, Nikolai & Simon Haas, & PJ Park

105-Vanessa Grout, Kathryn Mikesell, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne Bon Haes1_new

Vanessa Grout, Kathryn Mikesell, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Adrienne bon Haes

106-Michele Oka Doner & Ana-Marie Codina Barlick_new

Michele Oka Doner & Ana-Marie Codina Barlick

107-Claire Breukel & Anja Randegger_new

Claire Breukel & Anja Randegger

108-Alejandro & Ximena Gonzalez _new

Alejandro & Ximena Gonzalez

109-Kathryn Mikesell, & Cassie, Paul, & Estelle Berg_new

Kathryn Mikesell, Cassie, Paul, & Estelle Berg



113-Lauren Pellerano Gomez_new

Lauren Pellerano Gomez













125-Armando Collado, Susane Ronai, Jill Behrman, & Wayne Taylor_new

Armando Collado, Susane Ronai, Jill Behrman, & Wayne Taylor

127-Debbie Robins, Philip Levine, & Scott Robins_new

Debbie Robins, Philip Levine, & Scott Robins

128-Dakota Jackson, Roslee Goldberg, & Rodman Primack_new

Dakota Jackson, Roslee Goldberg, & Rodman Primack

130-Dakota Jackson, Roslee Goldberg, & Rodman Primack1_new

131-Fernando Romero, Nadja Swarovski, & Robbie Antonio_new

Fernando Romero, Nadja Swarovski, & Robbie Antonio




135-Chris de La Fe & Victor Bared_new

Chris de La Fe & Victor Bared

136-Carolina & Juan Ballejo_new

Carolina & Juan Ballejo





142-Dana Tang, Rodman Primack, & Richard Gluckman_new

Dana Tang, Rodman Primack, & Richard Gluckman

143-Dana Tang, Robbie Antonio, Rodman Primack, & Richard Gluckman_new

Dana Tang, Robbie Antonio, Rodman Primack, & Richard Gluckman

144-Tony Chambers, Robbie Antonio, Sarah Douglas, & Malcom Young_new

Tony Chambers, Robbie Antonio, Sarah Douglas, & Malcom Young


146-Craig Robins7_new

Craig Robins

147-Yves Behar & friends2_new

Yves Behar

148-Emmett Moore & Nina Johnson Mileweski1_new

Emmett Moore & Nina Johnson-Mileweski

149-Maria Vinos & Eduardo Olbes_new

Maria Vinos & Eduardo Olbes

150-Shane Kerr & Chantal Nicholson_new

Shane Kerr & Chantal Nicholson

Dakota Jackson, Robbie Antonio, Roslee Goldberg, & Edward Tyler Nahem_new

Dakota Jackson, Robbie Antonio, Roslee Goldberg, & Edward Tyler Nahem

Dana Shear & Francesca Halpryn_new

Dana Shear & Francesca Halpryn

Daniel Novela & Miguel Cardoso_new

Daniel Novela & Miguel Cardoso

Jackie Fletcher & Daniel Arsham_new

Jackie Fletcher & Daniel Arsham

Jennifer Valoppi & Christian de Berdouare_new

Jennifer Valoppi & Christian de Berdouare

Jonathan Gonzalez & Anthony Spinello_new

Jonathan Gonzalez & Anthony Spinello

Keppie & Maria del Campo_new

Keppie & Maria del Campo

Mariana Amaral & Esther Schattan_new

Mariana Amaral & Esther Schattan

Michael Gongora & Kristen Rosen Gonzalez_new

Michael Gongora & Kristen Rosen Gonzalez

Michelle Bernstein & Linda Krinsky_new

Michelle Bernstein & Linda Krinsky

Michelle Perr & Elisa Chiu_new

Michelle Perr & Elisa Chiu

Pedro Maal & Leonardo Davalos_new

Pedro Maal & Leonardo Davalos

Sarah Douglas, Tony Chambers, & Gina Nanni_new

Sarah Douglas, Tony Chambers, & Gina Nanni

Spring Dautel, Nilani Trent, & friend_new

Spring Dautel & Nilani Trent

Stefan Golangco & Andrey Furmanovich_new

Stefan Golangco & Andrey Furmanovich

WALL Fridays

Friday, September 18th, 2015



Miami Beach, FL – September 18, 2015 – WALL was on fire on Friday with SAINT CLAIR turning up the heat at the decks, causing for an all-night rager. Partiers couldn’t get enough of this bombshell, so they stuck around until sunrise.





1-Melody Le & Saint Clair1


2-Melody Le & Saint Clair4

9.1-DJ John Cash & Saint Clair3


10-Saint Clair, Seth Browarnik, Jason Odio, & Navin Chatani3

SAINT CLAIR, Seth Browarnik, Jason Odio, & Navin Chatani

11-Seth Browarnik, Jason Odio, & Navin Chatani5

Seth Browarnik, Jason Odio, & Navin Chatani

12-Seth Browarnik & Lauren Gnazzo3

Seth Browarnik & Lauren Gnazzo

13-Lauren Gnazzo2

Lauren Gnazzo

13.1-Laura, Alexis Farley, Kat Jade, & Kat2

Laura, Alexis Farley, Kat Jade, & Kat

13.2-Alexis Farley, Skylar Hauswirth, & Kat3

Alexis Farley, Skylar Hauswirth, & Kat

13.3-Alexis Farley & Friend14

Alexis Farley

15-Kat Jade & Macy Mariano7

Kat Jade & Macy Mariano

16-Kat Jade & Macy Mariano2

17-Karina Zakaryan, Nick Rose, & Natalie Gomez2

Karina Zakaryan, Nick Rose, & Natalie Gomez



21-Jason Odio, Navin Chatani, & Chris de la Fe3

Jason Odio, Navin Chatani, & Chris de la Fe

22-Melody Le & Chris de la Fe3

Melody Le & Chris de la Fe





29-Patrick Pizzorni, Kyle Jay, & Donna Ferro3

Patrick Pizzorni, Kyle Jay, & Donna Ferro


31-Caroline Hinton & Melissa Pierce5

Caroline Hinton & Melissa Pierce


Jungle Boogie at The Deauville

Thursday, August 13th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – August 14, 2015 – Partiers paraded into The Deauville on Friday to indulge in some Jungle Boogie madness. Funky decor set the tone for a crazy night, and partiers drank up until the early morning hours.



Emilia Menocal


Mathieu Massa & Emilia Menocal

5-Jeimy Katherine & Suzanna Faraj

Jeimy Katherine & Suzanna Faraj


Barclay Gang

6.5-Jessica Acosta Rubio & Alessandra Giffuni

Jessica Acosta Rubio & Alessandra Giffuni


Barclay Gang



9.5-Gabby Mejia DJing3

10-Gabby Mejia DJing1

Gabby Mejia

11-Gabby Mejia DJing2

11.5-Gabby Mejia DJing4

11.6-Gabby Mejia


12-Chris De La Fe, Victor Bare, & Joseph Souto

Chris De La Fe, Victor Bare, & Joseph Souto


Mathieu Massa, Josh Wagner, Seth Browarnik, & Jason Odio


Mathieu Massa, Josh Wagner, & Seth Browarnik


Josh Wagner & Seth Browarnik


Carmel Ophir, Jourdan Binder, & Seth Browarnik


Carmel Ophir, Michael Robbins, Dade Sokoloff, & Jourdan Binder


Michael Robbins & Dade Sokoloff


Dade Sokoloff & Seth Browarnik


Granville Adams


Suzanna Faraj & Jeimy Katherine


21=Miguel Endara & Friends

Miguel Endara


Sidebar Saturdays

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

01- Atmosphere at Sidebar

Miami, FL – February 7, 2015 – Authenticity oozed from every nook and cranny of this tucked away gem last Saturday. Sidebar has become increasingly popular for its outdoor bar, good vibes and ecclectic atmosphere that unites people of all kinds.

02- Atmosphere at Sidebar2

03- Atmosphere at Sidebar4

04- Atmosphere at Sidebar5

05- IMG_0475

06- Pipa Val & Brandy Raulerson1

Pipa Val & Brandy Raulerson

07- IMG_0405

08- IMG_0467

09- IMG_0471

10- IMG_0435

11- IMG_0251

12- Atmosphere at Sidebar9

13- Atmosphere at Sidebar7

14- Atmosphere at Sidebar10

15- IMG_0266

16- IMG_0301

17- IMG_0296

18- IMG_0244

19- IMG_0240

20- IMG_0335

21- IMG_0370

22- IMG_0375

23- Atmosphere at Sidebar12

24- Atmosphere at Sidebar6

25- Pipa Val

Pipa Val

26- Demi Busquet & Amber Fajardo

Demi Busquet & Amber Fajardo

27- Demi Busquet & Amber Fajardo1

28- IMG_0459

29- IMG_0431

30- IMG_0393

31- Stephanie Reinoso, Brittany Gonzalez, & Alexis Gonzalez

Stephanie Reinoso, Brittany & Alexis Gonzalez

32- IMG_0374

33- IMG_0284

34- IMG_0403

35- Joseph & Angel Souto, Anthony Summerlin, Chris De La Fe, & Jason Odio

Joseph & Angel Souto, Anthony Summerlin, Chris De La Fe, & Jason Odio

Amigos For Kids 2014 Voya Miami Celebrity Domino Night

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Miami, FL – June 14, 2014 – More than 1,800 guests filled up Jungle Island on Saturday night to get down at one of Miami’s most popular annual fundraisers, Voya Miami Celebrity Domino Night. Presented by Bacardí USA, the evening was in celebration of Amigos For Kids, a Miami-based non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. The 2014 Voya Miami Celebrity Domino Night featured celeb domino players, endless libations, a silent auction, live entertainment, South Florida culinary fare and much more. Grammy Award winning music artist Willy Chirino kicked off the night with a live performance that had everyone moving and grooving. Later, Miami Heat resident DJ Irie kept the night alive playing hit after hit. With all the dancing guests worked up an appetite and munched on delicious bites from Café Pilon, Cancun Grill, Edda’s Cake Designs, Goya Foods, Italy Today, Jojo Tea, Jungle Island, Los Ranchos, Mena Catering, Paella’s R Us,  Papa John’s Pizza, Pasta Factory, Patagonia, Shula’s Steakhouse, Sushi Maki, and Versailles Restaurant.

The highlight of the night by far was that guests were able to have a blast all while helping to raise funds and create awareness about child abuse and neglect. Notables in attendance included Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado, Gaby Espino, actress Carolina Tejera, Maripily Rivera, Laura Flores, Louis Aguirre, Jackie Nespral.



Andres Asion & Wendy Grant


DJ Irie & Andres Asion



DJ Irie


Andres Asion


Wendy Grant & Andres Asion


 Andres Asion 





 Andres Asion






Jorge Plasencia


Andrea Cruz & Kelly Blanco

Nicole Valls, Rosa Maria Plasencia, DJ Irie, Jorge Plasencia, & Ana Quinconces


Rosa Maria Plasencia, Eddie Cutillas, & Nicole Valls


Pedro Capo & Rosa Maria Plasencia


Jackie Nespral, Pedro Capo, Maribel Santa Cruz, Jorge & Rosa Maria Plasencia, & Louis Aguirre


Gaby Espino


Jackie Nespral & Louis Aguirre



Nicole Valls


Nicole Valls & Pamela Silva Conde


Luis Alfonso Borrego, Jackie Nespral, Pedro Capo, Alicia Machado, Jorge Plasencia, Gaby Espino, Rosa Maria Plasencia, & Louis Aguirre


Andres Asion, Rosa Maria Plasencia, Pedro Capo, Nicole Valls, & Jackie Nespral


Carlos Navarro & Louis Aguirre



Andres Asion












DJ Irie


Pepe Billete



Willy Chirino





Willy Chirino









Marielis Aponte & Marcel Laniado


Kelly Blanco & Andrea Cruz









Rosa Maria Plasencia & DJ Irie


Gaby Espino & Alicia Machado


Mike Blandino


Chris De La Fe, Melody Le, & Victor Bared




Gabby Valle, Kenly Sliencieux, & Karen Loria


Gaby Espino, Mane De La Parra, & Alicia Machado


Kelly Blanco & Andrea Cruz


Nicole Valls & Jackie Nespral


Susset Cabrera


Stephanie Fernandez, Jennifer Gomez Vita, & Gaby Espino



Del Toro X Evoca1

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Miami, FL – October 24 & 26, 2013 – If the shoe fits, wear it—especially if it’s from Del Toro’s latest collaboration with Evoca1. The comfy and cool shoe brand, known for partnering with local artists, recently launched a shoe designed by Elio Mercado, a.k.a. Evoca1. The collaboration was a long time coming. When Del Toro’s owners were shopping for new office space in Wynwood, they stumbled upon a wolf mural that struck a chord with them. That mural was by Evoca1. The team admired it so much, they requested Evoca1 make a mural for their own space. And the relationship blossomed from walls to footwear, yielding shoes inspired by the classic Western wolf motif of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The partnership also marked a new technique for the brand. Here, the leather of the chukka and slipper styles is directly printed on, giving a hand-painted look to the shoes. Says Matthew Chevallard, the brains behind Del Toro, “My purpose is to continue building and embracing the special cultural movement progressing in Miami, and working with key members of the community, like Elio, to further convey my brand’s message and bring the art I love to the industry Del Toro focuses on.” For Mercado, the opportunity was about exploring new horizons. “The greatest element of the project was being able to offer my art and my vision in a new medium: fashion. In leveraging the luxury platform that Del Toro has built, we’ve resulted in the perfect partnership.” To celebrate the launch, the brand hosted a cocktail party fueled with fashion, music, art and cocktails in its Wynwood boutique.


Matt Chevallard & Evoca1

Evoca1 & Andres Delgado

Bradley Bowers, Matt Chevallard, & Benjamin Elias

Jacqueline Kirstein & Camilo Rios

Andre Dawson, Mike Young, Samantha Kent, & Nick Ens

Jourdan Binder & Brian Rodriguez

Nick Ilaneras & Gloria Hernando

Jacqueline Kirstein & Eliza Aho

Yuri Tuma & Remy Walker

Evoca1 & Yuri Mercado

Chris Dischino, Yuri Mercado, Evoca1, & Eunique Fowler

Benjamin Elias & Chris Dischino

Exclusive VIP Preview at Casa Tua

Just two days prior, Del Toro revealed its collaboration with Evoca1 at a private dinner at Casa Tua on Thursday, October 24. VIP attendees enjoyed fare from the Miami Beach restaurant while taking in the brand’s latest offering. In the past, Del Toro has partnered with Miami artists like Typoe and Johnny Robles to create artist-designed shoes. As Miami grows its art community, Del Toro will surely be there to let you walk a mile—literally—in its artists’ shoes.

Evoca 1

Evoca 1 & Typoe

Evoca1 & Matthew Chevallard

Chris De La fe, Nikole Ferrer, John Rodriguez, & Evalina Artagaveytia

Menchy Cotes & Victor Bared

Andrea Gomez, Francesca Morello, & Menchy Cotes

Chris Jones & Jason Odio

Humberto Ramirez, Isabel T Marcano, Gabriel & Anakarina Ginevra

Evoca1 & Jona Cerwinske

Tommy Cab & Chris De La Fe

Eliza Aho & Chris Dischino

Chris Dischino & Menchy Cotes

Angela Noel & Typoe

Jason Odio & Nicole Camet

Gary Kirstein, Matthew Chevallard, Jacqueline Kirstein, & Leslie Kirstein

Matthew Chevallard & Jacqueline Kirstein

Benjamin Elias, Bradley Bowers, & Julian Ariel Romero

George Massa, Vicky Dincecco, Yuri Mercado, & Evoca1

Carla Provder, Al & Mari Mitrani, & Michelina Mottolese

Scott Jove, Hiram Pierre, David Chaplin, & Camilo Rios

Victor Bared, Tommy Cab, John Rodriguez, & Camilo Rios

Evoca1 & Yuri Mercado

Cristina Gonzalez & Rachel Furst

Jason Odio & Jasmine Izaguirre

iii Points

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

James Murphy

Miami, FL – October 3-5, 2013 – This past weekend, Miami’s nightlife set took a weekend-long trip to Wynwood for iii Points, the art, music and technology fest put together by Amir Ben-Zion, Erica Freshman, David Sinopoli, Jason Odio and the record label Young Turks (the label behind the xx and SBTRKT). Through DJ sets, locally made art installations and burgeoning technology, Wynwood became more than just a hipster hang, it transformed the city into a cultural epicenter. “The neighborhood was busy, places that would be normally closed were hosting events that were out of the box, like freeze dance, music showcases, panel talks. There were many new faces exploring all the amazing little nooks that make Wynwood so incredible,” says Freshman. “Seeing it all come together, people interacting, dancing and marinating in the spirit of iii Points was my favorite aspect of the festival.” Fueling that spirit were acts like Yacht, Jamie xx, DJ Shadow and James Murphy. Providing art candy were local talents like Agustina Woodgate, Sleeper, Twinhaus, Jason Peterman and Typoe, making sure there was plenty to see in addition to what you could hear. Agustina Woodgate created a grand holographic entrance that swept Instagram by storm, while Jason Peterman did 3D mapping and Twinhaus created its “Moving Ride.” Can we expect another dynamic festival next year? According to Freshman, “Yes, for sure.” Until then, revel in these highlights as experienced by Freshman herself.

Claire Evans of Yacht

Art Installations

Jona Cerwinske & Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash)

Tommy Cab & Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske & Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash)

Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash) & Jona Cerwinske

Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash)

Jona Cerwinske

Chris De La Fe, Jona Cerwinske, Tommy Cab, Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash), Jason Odio, & Victor Bared

Brian Butler


Point Blank, Music by Jacques Greene, Koreless, James Murphy, Jamie xx

It was the show of all shows. James Murphy played a bunch of old disco and funk remixes. And he only played vinyl. Some of the tracks included, Paul Simon’s “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” re-mixed by Todd Terje. He kept it in that 100-110 bpm tempo and had it super funky with lots of horns, strings and percussion. Meanwhile, Jaques Greene was so into his delivery, think full body movement from behind the booth, robotic and sexy dance moves. Jamie xx, however, was all ‘90s sounds, like drum and bass and house. He closed out his set with an xx song, of course. And Koreless created the eye candy with a pop-up installation.

Jacques Greene, David Sinopoli, & James Murphy

Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Anthony Spinello, Lauren Gnazzo, Typoe, & Agustina Woodgate

Christina McDonald, Alina Pokidova, Taneisha Rodriguez, & Jax Browne

Alina Pokidova & Jax Browne

David Sinopoli, Jason Odio, & Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash)

Jason Odio & Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash)

Grissell Tudisco, Gina Canoniga, & Leah Stern

Adam & Erica Freshman, Spring Keys, & Jose Ortiz

Jacques Greene

Aileen Quintana


Daisy Williams & Koreless

Max Pierre & Karina Atala

Nick D’Annunzio, Bertil Espegren, & Jose Ortiz

Sunny D, Gina Canoniga, Adam Sosnick, & Jill Berger

Seth Browarnik, Lauren Gnazzo, Lance Burstyn, Manoela Corradi, & Adam Freshman

Rhett Bennett & Karina Revoredo

Gaudi Castro, Natalie Marchionni, & Flip Falca

Jamie XX


Karina Frehling & Jordana Mesner

Danny Timiraos

James Murphy

James Murphy

Spring Keys & Erica Freshman

Samsung Influencer Dinner at the WEC

Dinner was served upstairs at Cafeina with Anthony Spinello as the host and food prepared by Chef Micheal Shikany. The just dessert? Everyone at dinner received the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. Here’s to never being without technology.

Claire Evans of Yacht

Anthony Spinello

Agustina Woodgate, Anthony Spinello, & Cristina Lei Rodriguez

Caius Pawson, Molly Hawkins, & Typoe

Daisy Williams, Koreless, & Jacques Greene

Caius Pawson & Molly Hawkins

Jona Bechtolt & Claire Evans of Yacht

Austin Paul & Taylor Wagner

Koreless & Jacques Greene

Daisy Williams & Koreless


Some of the songs played included “Party at the NSA” (a new song), “Utopia,” “Dystopia” and “Psychic City.” Jona and Claire from the band had great banter on stage, including an impromptu Q&A segment with the audience. Topics included: the band’s favorite animal as a collective (which is the domestic housecat) and if Jona has a gag reflex. There was a lot of energy in the small performance space. It was an intimate show, but it felt just right.

Claire Evans of Yacht



Rebeca Lange, Katherine Pearl, & Claudia Caballe


Point Bass, Music by Fortune Howl, DJ Shadow, XXYYXX

XXYYXX played a awesome version of his track “About You” with an extra long build up and breakdown, follow by a brand new unreleased song. The audience went mad. It was a feeling of pure energy.

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow

Tatiana Cartaya & Tommy Cab

Tatiana Cartaya, Jason Odio, & Santlov

Tatanka, Santlov, & Dalva

Victor Bared, Randy Mims, & Chris De La Fe

Squirrel & Flip Falca

Nicole De La Fuente & Tatiana Cartaya

Alex Clements, Fortune Howl, & Guillermo Casanova

Fortune Howl

Melissa Gonzalez, Steve Zaffuti, & Michelle Gamoci

Sisi De Goytisolo, Dalva, & Frances Hassun

Pirate Stereo

Priyanka Chopra at LIV

Friday, August 9th, 2013

DJ Affect & Priyanka Chopra

Miami Beach, FL – August 7, 2013 – Indian film actress and singer, and was the winner of the Miss World pageant of 2000, Priyanka Chopra came out to LIV’s Dirty Hairy party on Wednesday where she took over the mic with DJ Affect.

DJ Affect & Priyanka Chopra

DJ Affect & Priyanka Chopra

Helena Toennes & Angela de Jong

Kendall Woods

Caitlin Nordstrom

Daniela Poublan

DJ Affect

DJ Affect

Chris Adamo

Jimmy Greenup

Joey Butera, Chris Adamo, & Jimmy Greenup

Purple & Priyanka Chopra

Moacyr Timas, DJ Affect, & Joey Butera

Joey Butera, DJ Affect, & DJ Aliyo


Helena Toennes & Angela de Jong

Daria Dvurechenskaya & Anastasia Machekhina

Luciano Grzeszczak & Kendall Woods

Ariane Silva & Daniela Poublan

Leticia Menenguci & Arnando Prando

Jimmy Greenup

Chris De La Fe, Junior Alonso, & Jason Odio

Lyndon Smith & Burton Wilkins

TARA, Ink.’s Third Annual Closing Capsule Show

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Nicole Hanriot, Vy Nguyen, Irene Sultan, Libby De Santis, & Anna Kosturova

Miami Beach, FL – July 22, 2013 – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim came to steamy close as swimwear brands Anna Kosturova, Beach Riot, Indah, Lolli Swim and Manglar debuted their 2014 collections at The Raleigh’s Cabaña Grande tent. More than 500 guests, including basketball star Dennis Rodman attended the show. For the third consecutive year  public relations and events agency, TARA, Ink. produced the sultry finale show. TARA, Ink closed MB Fashion Week once again with a one of the best collections of swim designers in their annual capsule collection show.

Vy Nguyen, Nicole Hanriot, & Anna Kosturova

Kelsey Rigby

Milica Cigoja & Alexis Randock

Kelly Thomas

Princess Pia Mia

Dennis Rodman

Irene Sultan

Kelly Thomas

Anna Kosturova

Kelly Thomas

Nicole Hanriot

Princess Pia Mia & Vy Nguyen