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Curve Soleil & Violet & Grace Summer Sale

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – June 9, 2012 – For the first time ever, two of Miami’s most coveted boutiques  joined forces, offering locals a sneak preview of their spring/summer sales. Curve Soleil, the Miami outpost of the 15-year-old trendsetting Hollywood boutique, and Violet & Grace, the sought-after jewelry boutique specializing in unique finds, took over a penthouse suite and hosted an afternoon filled with everything a female has ever dreamt of: first dibs on 30 – 40% off Spring/Summer 2012 designer clothing and accessories, complimentary styling sessions, manicures by Nails 111, Mandarine Napoléon cocktails, bites and a live DJ.

Cynthia Marin

Cynthia Marin

Cynthia Marin, Zhaila Gonzalez, & Annie de la Rosa

Alexandra Spang & Jen Landon

Diana Hernandez & Noele Norton

Diana Hernandez & Brandon Fogel

Zhaila Gonzalez & Carolina Gomez

Bellina Filigenzi

Bellina Filigenzi & Zoila Alvarez

Bellina Filigenzi, Zhaila Gonzalez, & Zoila Alvarez

Ina Lettmann, Nevena Borissova, & Carolina Gomez

Ina Lettmann & Carolina Gomez

DJ Sample

Nevena Borissova, Diana Hernandez, & Brandon Fogel

Diana Hernandez, Brandon Fogel, & Noele Norton

Cynthia Marin & Jessica Conn

Jemina Ouazanan & Sabrina Adraoui

Tamisha Damas & Lindsey MacWilliam

Taneish Simpson & Zhaila Gonzalez