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Ocean Drive Magazine Celebrates Annual Art of the Party with Cover Star Katie Holmes

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

1-Katie Holmes1

Katie Holmes

Miami Beach, FL – December 4, 2015 – Ocean Drive magazine celebrated their highly anticipated, artful December issue with cover star, Katie Holmes, at the private estate of Stephen and Petra Levin on Miami Beach. Ocean Drive magazine Publisher Courtland Lantaff, Editor-in-Chief, Jared Shapiro and hosts Petra and Stephen Levin welcomed the actress, along with other VIP guests including jewelry designer  Stephen Webster, Mayor of Miami Beach Philip Levine, Brian Elias, shoe and home design guru Donald Pliner and more. The invitation-only event that was supported by Baptist Health System took place amongst the backdrop of the Levins  significant collection of over 250 works of modern and contemporary sculpture, paintings and photography. Included in the collection are works by Jeff Koons, Ai Wei Wei, Takashi Murakami, Urs Fischer, Claes Oldenburg, Alex Katz, Pablo Picasso, Tom Wesselmann, Richard Prince, Anselm Kiefer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anish Kapoor, Frank Stella,  Helmut Newton, Keith Haring, Rod Arad, George Condo, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Jacques Lipchitz and more. VIPs and tastemakers enjoyed perusing the breathtaking art while enjoying specialty cocktails courtesy of Effen Vodka paired with epicurean hors d’oeuvres. Guests were also treated to a first look at Audi’s new 2017 Q7 and S7 Quattro.

2-Katie Holmes & Petra Levin1

Katie Holmes & Petra Levin

3-Katie Holmes & Jared Shapiro1

Katie Holmes & Jared Shapiro

5-Katie Holmes & Courtland Lantaff

Katie Holmes & Courtland Lantaff

6-Katie Holmes2

Katie Holmes

7-Katie Holmes with media4

8-Katie Holmes with media3

9-Katie Holmes with media2





11.5-DSC_7487 12-DSC_7937 14-DSC_7914 15-DSC_7496

17.5-Brian Elias, Philip Levine, & Ricky Arriola

Brian Elias, Philip Levine, & Ricky Arriola 


Philip Levine, Ricky Arriola, & Edgardo Defortuna


20-Courtland Lantaff, Petra Levin, & Ana Cristina & Edgardo Defortuna

Courtland Lantaff, Petra Levin, Ana Cristina & Edgardo Defortuna

21-Oscar Feldenkriess, Petra Levin, & Ana Cristina & Edgardo Defortuna

Oscar Feldenkreis, Petra Levin, Ana Cristina & Edgardo Defortuna

22-Petra Levin & Stephen Webster

Petra Levin & Stephen Webster

23-Yolanda Berkowitz & Petra Levin

Yolanda Berkowitz & Petra Levin

24-Petra Levin & Jared Shapiro1

Petra Levin & Jared Shapiro

25-Petra Levin & Jared Shapiro2


Petra Levin

28-Christian Acosta

Christian Acosta


Yolanda Berkowitz & Lisa Pliner


Lisa & Donald Pliner

29.6-Zoey, & Lisa & Donald Pliner

Zoey, Lisa, & Donald Pliner


Courtland Lantaff, Lisa Pliner, Emily Gamboa, & Donald Pliner

29.8-Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, Emily Gamboa, & Courtland Lantaff

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, Emily Gamboa, & Courtland Lantaff


Yolanda Berkowitz, Jeff Ransdell, Stephen Macricostas, AJ & Brooke Rosenfeld

30.3-Stephen Macricostas & Jeff Ransdell

Stephen Macricostas & Jeff Ransdell

30.5-Jeff Ransdell & David Pulley

Jeff Ransdell & David Pulley


Seth Browarnik, Brooke & AJ Rosenfeld, & Lauren Gnazzo


AJ Rosenfeld & Seth Browarnik


Brooke & AJ Rosenfeld


Dan Hechtkopf & Price Shapiro


Ana Cristina, Edgardo Defortuna, & Peggy Fucci


Stephanie & Daniel Gold, Nicole & Edgar Lozano


Tony & Ximena Cho


Young Jean On & Ximena Cho


Leslie Weil, Tony Cho, Vanessa Wurm, & Ximena Cho


Vanessa Wurm, Tony & Ximena Cho


Philip Levine Leslie Sloane, Rob, & Tony Cho

39.7--Bernard Schayes, Bill McCue, & Jeff Berkowtiz

Bernard Schayes, Bill McCue, & Jeff Berkowtiz

Cliff & Mary Floyd

41-Aurora Estevez, Elysze Held, & Frances Salgado

Aurora Estevez, Elysze Held, & Frances Salgado 


Aurora Estevez & Frances Salgado 

42-Elisabeth Willis & Alain Degrave

Elizabeth Willis & Alain Degrave

42.5-Brenda & Steve Weinstein

Brenda & Steve Weinstein

43-Roland Ortiz & Eddy Martinez

Roland Ortiz & Eddy Martinez

44-Chris Cataldi, Kim Hanson, & Trevor Hague

Chris Cataldi, Kim Hanson, & Trevor Hague

46-Andrea Greenberg, Alejandro Aparicio, Michele Addison, & Rachel Reddington

Andrea Greenberg, Alejandro Aparicio, Michele Addison, & Rachel Reddington

46.5-Yolanda Berkowitz, Frances Salgado, & Aurora Estevez

Yolanda Berkowitz, Frances Salgado, & Aurora Estevez

47-Albert & Holly Baril

Albert & Holly Baril

48-Lisa Petrillo & AJ Rosenfeld

Lisa Petrillo & AJ Rosenfeld

49-Emily Gamboa, Lisa Petrillo, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Emily Gamboa, Lisa Petrillo, & Yolanda Berkowitz

50-Stephen & Anastasia Webster

Stephen & Anastasia Webster


Jared Galbut & Keith Menin

52-Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna

Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna


Jeff Berkowitz & Oscar Feldenkreis


Rachel Redington & Elizabeth Willis


Andrea Greenberg & Seth Browarnik


Jon Rosen & Ricky Elias


Jon Rosen, Sara Tool, & Brian Elias


Jon Rosen & Sara Tool


Alejandro Aparicio & Andrea Greenberg


Stephen Macriostas & David Pulley


Stephen Macriostas, Young Jean On, & David Pulley


Harrison Gale, Katarina Simic, Susan & Marc Abrams

60.5-Sydney Brisbane, Eddy Martinez, Jeff Ransdell, Roland Ortiz, & Joronne Jeter

Sydney Brisbane, Eddy Martinez, Jeff Ransdell, Roland Ortiz, & Joronne Jeter


Lisa Petrillo & Lisa Pliner

61-Matt & Conny Nixdorf, & Donald Pliner

Matt & Conny Nixdorf, & Donald Pliner

62-Jared Shapiro, Davina & Daniel Levin

Jared Shapiro, Davina & Daniel Levin

p-Lisa Pliner & Philip Levine

Lisa Pliner & Philip Levine

q-Dana & Gary Shear

Dana & Gary Shear

s-Sandra Yawn, Gary Shear, Claudia Potamkin, & Dana Shear

Sandra Yawn, Gary Shear, Claudia Potamkin, & Dana Shear

t-Shannon Kelly & Joseph Eger1

Shannon Kelly & Joseph Eger

u-Constanza Montalva & Christopher Adeleke

Constanza Montalva & Christopher Adeleke

v-Ana Rivera & Alina Goryachikh

Ana Rivera & Alina Goryachikh

x-Ana Rivera & ALina Goryachikh1 y-DSC_7477 z-DSC_7481

Belvedere Vodka & Moët & Chandon Champagne Present Dinner Hosted by Masaharu Morimoto & Anita Lo

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Masaharu Morimoto & Masayuki Komatsu

Miami Beach, FL – February 21, 2015 – Belvedere Vodka and Moët & Chandon Champagne hosted an over-the-top dinner featuring cuisine from highly acclaimed chefs Masaharu Morimoto and Anita Lo at The Shelborne. Guests were treated to an intimate cocktail hour featuring delicious libations as well as delectable sushi and bites from the acclaimed chefs. Following the cocktail hour, guests sat down for the intimate dinner under the stars that featured a four-course meal with champagne and drink pairing. Guests were treated to Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2006 and cocktails featuring the all new Belvedere Wild Berry vodka to go perfectly with each course. Chef Moromito showed that cooking is not his only talent, as he sang a song for everyone to end the wonderful evening.


3-Masaharu Morimoto1_new

Masaharu Morimoto

4-Masaharu Morimoto & Manabu Inoue1_new

Manabu Inoue & Masaharu Morimoto

5-Mark Stone & Anita Lo_new

Mark Stone & Anita Lo

6-Anita Lo5_new

Anita Lo

7-Todd Sicolo0_new

Todd Sicolo

8-Manabu Inoue2_new

Manabu Inoue

Masaharu Morimoto



Masaharu Morimoto


Masayuki Komatsu


Anita Lo

Masayuki Komatsu

Masaharu Morimoto & Masayuki Komatsu





21.2-Brianna Castro & Masaharu Morimoto_new

Brianna Castro & Masaharu Morimoto



Brianna Castro 




Masaharu Morimoto


Anita Lo



Aaron Diaz, Lola Ponce, & Jonathan Torres

Aaron Diaz, Lola Ponce, & Jonathan Torres

31-Anna Bailey & Leighann Hughs_new

Anna Bailey & Leighann Hughs

Lisa Petrillo, Matt Brooks, Bill McCue, & Marni Blickman

Lisa Petrillo, Matt Brooks, Bill McCue, & Marni Blickman

34-Marcy Fikany & John Fikany1_new

Marcy & John Fikany

35-Roberto Malta & Jason Cohen1_new

Roberto Malta & Jason Cohen







Masaharu Morimoto




Masayuki Komatsu






51-Leighann Hughs_new

Leighann Hughs

52-Steven Trujillo & Diego Dantas_new

Steven Trujillo & Diego Dantas



Mark Stone & Catherine DeOrio


Catherine DeOrio, Mark Stone, & Marlene Leslie

Catherine DeOrio, Mark Stone, & Marlene Leslie

David Olivares, Teron Beal, & Michelle Nowosatko

David Olivares, Teron Beal, & Michelle Nowosatko

Sergio Echeverria, Lisa Lardi Echevarria, Lillian Rojas, & Michael Erber

Sergio & Lisa Lardi Echevarria, Lillian Rojas, & Michael Erber

yLisa Petrillo & Bill McCue_new

Lisa Petrillo & Bill McCue




Elite Health Tackles “Manopause” in The Man Cave

Monday, October 6th, 2014


Aventura, FL – October 9, 2014 – Who says a doctor’s visit can’t be fun? Last night, guests at Elite Health Center received more than their typical health checkup as they enjoyed luxury sports cars (Ferraris and Lamborghinis from Lou La Vie), sexy burlesque dancers and Negroni cocktails for the center’s “Man Cave” event. Chief Physician Dr. Rudy Eberwein was on hand to offer guests complimentary wellness and nutrition consultations, while the virile host committee — Ausbert de Arce,  Sean Donaldson, Robert Onuska and Bill McCue – respectfully “observed” the strip-tease performances. Elite Health Center is a state-of-the-art health institute specializing in men’s well-being, including customized anti-aging programs that maximize physical, mental, and sexual prowess.






Ausbert de Arce, Gennady Krupinkas, Michael Goldin, Rudy Eberwein, Bill McCue, & Robert Onuska


Ausbert de Arce, Rudy Eberwein, & Michael Goldin


Ausbert de Arce & James Balaila


Michael Goldin, Ekaterina Baxter, & Bill McCue


Michael Goldin & Ekaterina Baxter


Michael Goldin, Gennady Krupinkas, & Rudy Eberwein






Robert Onuska, Sean Donaldson, Ausbert de Arce, & Bill McCue


Tara Solomon, Michael Goldin, Gennady Krupinkas, & Rudy Eberwein


Tara Solomon & Sean Donaldson


Rudy Salgado & Michael Goldin







Eman Nofal, Hamzah Nofal, Rudy Eberwein, & James Balaila


Hamzah Nofal & Eman Nofal


Hamzah Nofal & Rock Ruby


Nick Penny & David McMahon

Perfecto Gastrobar Official Miami Launch

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Miami, FL – April 8, 2014 – Chef and restaurateur Oscar Manresa hosted the official launch of Perfecto Gastrobar, his first U.S. restaurant location in Brickell on Tuesday evening. From small plates to big flavors, everyone was able to experience a Barcelona-inspired feast second to none. Guests of the night sinned on Catalonian hard sausage and grilled bread with rubbed tomato, marinated tomato tartare, roasted chicken croquettes, Perfecto’s signature octopus dish, fried calamari and angel hair seafood paella. Rounding out the evening was a decadent dessert of Catalan cream. Attendees sipped on mojitos and wine throughout the night, while enjoying deep house, European beats and pop remixes spun by Perfecto Gastrobar’s very own DJ FER-R.




Oscar Manresa & Daniel Torres


Oscar Manresa



Oscar Manresa & Daniel Torres


















Adam & Janice Petrillo, Lisa Petrillo, & Bill McCue


Susanne Birbragher, Joyce Chehevar, & Suzy Buckley Woodward


Francesa Hall & Carole Seikaly


Dora Diaz & Brandi Reddick


Julio Gallo & James Davis


Kyle Morley, Nick Gunia, Maria Gunia, Carly Patterson, Steve Patterson, & Jillian Posner





Dorgis Curbelo





Virginie Vinson & Ronan Dearce


Glen & Francesca Hall


Alex Pinho, Sarah Schwartz, & Tricia Thomas


Tricia Thomas & Donald Goldberg


Carole & Oscar Seikaly


Timothy Walker & Matthew Lieberman


Uccio Zecchini & Brandon Brugal


Sebastian Malavenda & Bernarda Reyes


Tara Solomon & John Lin


Dana Shear & John Lin


Gary & Dana Shear


Oscar Manresa & Nick D’Annunzio


Bronwyn Miller & Maury Udell


Carolina Benoit, Carolina Duplat, & Juliana Mesa


Jillian Posner, Carly Patterson, & Dana Shear


Ausberto de Arce, Petra Mesa, Jordi Escala, & Betsy Gonzalez Nemni


Leon Nieuwoudt & Helen Hernandez


Ferran Lozano, Oscar Manresa, & Jordi Escala





De GRISOGONO’s Inaugural Celebration

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – October 24, 2013 – Guess who’s coming to dinner? For de Grisogono, it was 250 of Miami’s socialites at a private dinner party kicking off the city’s social season. Ugo and Sara Colombo graciously opened their home to the Bal Harbour Boutique’s extensive guests list, which included Maryna Linchuk, Ines Rivero,Fabian and Martina Basabe, Ingrid Hoffman, Barbara Becker, Iran Issa Kahn, Alfredo and Elizabeth Beracasa, Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, Oscar Feldenkreis, Nickel Goeske and Veronica Cervera Goeske and Lisa and Lenny Hochstein.

Founder and Creative Director of the Geneva-based jewelry house toasted 20 years of de Grisogono’s success with the poolside dinner and a special presentation of the 20th Anniversary High Jewelry Collection. Guests dined on a feast by Casa Tua, while the Goldsingers, directly from France, entertained the crowd. As the ultimate dessert, guests received a key, one of which will unlock a vitrine at the Bal Harbour boutique. That lucky key holder will be treated to one of the de Grisogono pieces selected by Gruosi himself. The brand is known for its extensive collection of black diamonds, as well as jewelry and watches.

Fawaz Gruosi, Sara & Ugo Colombo

Lisa & Lenny Hochstein

Ines Rivero & Ernesto Estrada

Anthony Shriver & FJ Pollak

Dorita & Oscar Feldenkreis

Jeff Berkowitz, Lorena & Gil Dezer

Adrienne bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Lisa Petrillo

Adrienne bon Haes & Marvin Ross Friedman

Dana Shear & Sara Harrelson

Gina Goldberg & Linda Levy Goldberg

Finsky Vlada, Masha Hanson, Elena Baykova, & Irina Artemova

Criselda Breene, Daniela Swaebe, & Suzy Buckley

Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz, & Lydia Touzet

Lydia Touzet & Yolanda Berkowitz

Louis Aguirre & Tui Pranich

Bertil Espegren & Sam Robins

Iran Issa Khan & Matt MacDonald

Nick D’Annunzio, Marcella Novela, & Martina Basabe

Petar Petrov & Andrea Petrova

David Grutman & Anthony Shriver

Maryna Linchuck & Masha Hanson

Michael Capponi & Klara Dallas

Sarah Colombo, Ken Gorin, & Linda Flanagan

John Yanopoulos, Lucy Yanopoulos, Linda Flanagan, & Ken Gorin

Gary & Dana Shear

Fawaz Gruosi & Maryna Linchuck

Irina Artemova & Elena Baykova

Ashley Stetts & David Grutman

Bill McCue & Lisa Petrillo

Patrick Markert & Catherine Anne Markert

Lauren & David Beall, & Suzy Buckley

Anthony Shriver & Elizabeth Beracasa

Lorie Baker & Bertil Espegren

Nicola Siervo & Tatiana Munoz

Alfredo Beracasa & Fawaz Gruosi

Hadley & Yannick Henriette, & Suzy Buckley

Courtland Lantaff & Emily Gamboa

Stephen Berkman & Christian Mahe de Berdouare

Tui Pranich & Iran Issa Khan

Walid & Susie Wahab, Leann Standish, Tara Benmeleh, Marcella & Daniel Novela

Sabrina Baldieri & Denise de Luca

Jean Claude Chalhoub & Erin Newberg

Brenda Nestor & Sylvester Lukis

David Grutman, Ashley Stetts, Lisa & Lenny Hochstein

Fuor d’Acqua Opening

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Miami Beach, FL – July 16, 2013 – South Beach now has a hint of Tuscany with the opening of Fuor d’Acqua, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant located on Washington Avenue. Restaurateur Antonio Martucci has not only brought the concept from Florence to Miami, but the fish is being imported directly from Florence as well. With a menu full of seafood variety and elegant pastas, there is plenty to choose from. The indoor/outdoor villa was filled with Miami socialites for the grand opening on Tuesday and everyone got to try the decadent dishes for themselves.

Rolando Biamonte, Chef Jemal, Antonio Martucci, & Remo Biamonte

Remo Biamonte, Antonio Martucci, & Rolando Biamonte

Alexandra Novato, Antonio Martucci, & Nicola Siervo

Mercedes Spencer, Dino Spencer, Antonio Martucci, & Oscar Seikaly

Antonio Martucci & Paulo Cardoso

Francesco Caracciolo, Antonio Martucci, & Sam Robin

Antonio Martucci & Victoria Ellen

Jeffrey Booze & Antonio Martucci

Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon

Tara Solomon & Brandi Reddick

Tara Solomon, Ali Mahallati, & Brandi Reddick

Patrick Pizzorni & Antonio Martucci

Antonio Martucci & Cameron Cervera

Laura Bries, Antonio Martucci, & Clarissa Hines

Criselda Breene, Brandi Reddick, & Sam Robin

Carlos Betancourt, Dale Newberg, & Beau Beasely

Bill McCue, Lisa Petrillo, Kathryn Orosz, & Bruce Orosz

Lisa Petrillo & Kathryn Orosz

Erin Newberg & Nick D’Annunzio

Laura Fitzpatrick & Michael Capponi

Martina Basabe & Fabian Basabe

Ali Mahallati & Criselda Breene

Natalie Pena & Cameron Cervera

Doug Stevens & Joy Newman

Erin Cummins & Marko Gojanovic

Isabelle Farrell, Andrea Yurko, Burton Wilkins, & Jennifer Becker

Nicole Lozano, Dana Shear, & Lesley Lions

Vivianne Kurweil, Laura Buccellati, & Vene Giufurta

Gables Ponce Grand Opening

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Coral Gables, FL – July 2, 2013 – Gables Ponce celebrated its grand opening with A Night of Discovery where nearly 300 guests explored Coral Gables’ newest luxury residential community in a unique, progressive fashion. In addition to a ribbon cutting ceremony with Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason, guests enjoyed a fashion show featuring Summer fashion trends from Village of Merrick Park as well as live entertainment by Latin dancers and a Spanish guitarist on the pool deck. Epicure Gourmet Market presented an gorgeous dessert presentation as blackjack, billiards and interactive Mojito mixing in Club Ponce were all taking place at the interactive grand opening.

Lisa Petrillo

Lisa Petrillo, Sue Ansel, Mayor Jim Cason, & Mark Trowbridge

Lisa Petrillo, Sue Ansel, Mark Trowbridge, & Mayor Jim Cason

Mark Trowbridge, Sue Ansel, Lisa Petrillo, & Mayor Jim Cason

Mark Trowbridge & Sue Ansel

Sue Ansel & Lisa Petrillo

Lisa Petrillo & Bill McCue

Diana Gonzalez & Lisa Petrillo

Jillian Lewis & David Reece

Chris Smurda, Jamie Ellis, & Matt Bearden

Miguel Despian & Ariadna Torres

Destination Fashion 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Peter Dundas

Bal Harbour, FL – November 10, 2012 – Saturday night Micky and Madeleine Arison presented DESTINATION FASHION 2012 benefitting The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis at Bal Harbour Shops. Guests joined broadcasting legend and Event Master of Ceremonies Tom Brokaw and Honorary Chairs, Academy Award winning actor Tommy Lee Jones and Dawn Jones, along with international polo player Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras and Delfina Blaquier at the star-studded charity celebration at Bal Harbour Shops.

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour presented an exclusive fashion show, Emilio Pucci Spring 2013 Collection designed by Peter Dundas and the finale of the evening included a private concert featuring Enrique Iglesias. The incredible event raised an astonishing 31 million dollars for the Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis.

Madeleine & Micky Arison, & Enrique Iglesias

Micky & Madeleine Arison, & Enrique Iglesias

Lisa Sayfie, Amy Sayfie, Enrique Iglesias, Stephanie Sayfie, & Nicole Sayfie

Suzie Sayfie, Enrique Iglesias, & Amy Sayfie

Joe Manganiello & Tom Brokaw

Micky Arison, Pat Riley, Madeleine Arison, Chris Riley, & Tom Brokaw

John MacColl, Dorothy Hamill, Dara Torres, Marylu Kauder, & Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw, Delfina Blaquier, & Nacho Figueras

Wayne & Kathleen Newton

Miguel Cabrera, Bruce Bowen, & Tony Perez

Miguel Cabrera, Jeff Conine, & Tony Perez

Nick Buoniconti, Mark Dalton, & Rod Gilbertrod

Barth & Kathy Green, & Tom Brokaw

Kathy & Barth Green, Edie Laquer, & Deborah Slack

Sanford Ziff & Tibor Hollo

Joe Manganiello & Bridget Peters

Dara Torres & Tom Brokaw

Roberta & Harvey Chaplin

Jason & Michelle Rubell

Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz

Dan & Trish Bell

Louis Oliver & Leanna Kelly

Tony & Pituka Perez, Linda Levy Goldberg, & Sid Goldberg

Yolanda Berkowitz

Tom Brokaw

Marc Buoniconti

Marc & Nick Buoniconti

Nick Buoniconti

Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw, Marc & Nick Buoniconti

Tom Brokaw, Madeleine & Micky Arison

Christine Lynn & Tom Brokaw

Suzie Sayfie, Nick Buoniconti, & Stephanie Sayfie

Tom Brokaw, Dawn Laurel & Tommy Lee Jones, Delfina Blaquier, & Nacho Figueras

Tommy Lee & Dawn Laurel Jones, Delfina Blaquier, & Nacho Figueras

Beatrice & Sanford Ziff

Christine Lynn & Donna Shalala

Matthew Settle & James Lafferty

Nacho Figueras & Lea Black

Nacho Figueras, Delfina Blaquier, Bridget Peters, & Joe Manganiello

Chris Riley, Meredith & Tom Brokaw

Meredith & Tom Brokaw, & Chris Riley

Tom Brokaw, Christine Lynn, & Mark Dalton

Tom Brokaw & Pat Riley

Tracy & Alonzo Mourning

Tracy & Alonzo Mourning, & Lynn & Nick Buoniconti

Cynthia Vijitakula, Marc Buoniconti, Emilio & Gloria Estefan

Marc Buoniconti & Gloria Estefan

Bridget Peters & Joe Manganiello

Mera & Don Rubell

Arlene & Wayne Chaplin

Roberta Chaplin & Rick Barry

Chanin Carlin & Barth Green

Norma Jean Abraham & Matthew Settle

Maria Beguiristain, Yolanda Berkowitz, Gigi Whitman, & Lea Black

Nicole Lozano, Maria Beguiristain, & Yolanda Berkowitz

Peter Dundas & Elaine Lancaster

Peter Dundas

Elaine Lancaster, Peter Dundas, & Suzie Sayfie

Diane Lieberman & Elaine Lancaster

Bill McCue & Lisa Petrillo

John Lin & Suzy Buckley

Shannon Hori & Kendall Cogan

Tina & Dan Carlo

Aaron & Christina Getty Maercks

Marysol Patton

Angela, Gigi, & Stanley Whitman

Jennifer Valoppi & Barth Green

Wayne Newton & Cathy Jones

Andi Edelstein & Christopher Cuomo

Wendy Crawford Boardman & Brad Leland

Irene Korge & Louis Oliver

Judi Prokop Newman & Mike Piazza

Judy Lefton & Miguel Cabrera

Maria Rosa Lopez Munoz & Dwight Stephenson

Mary Frank & Nick Buoniconti

Helio Castroneves & Adrienne Bosh

Jim & James Ferraro

Laura Buccellati & Fabian Basabe

Fabian Basabe

Irene Korge & Mariana Cruz

Jim Ferraro

Dan & Merle Weiss, Tony & Neil Goodman

Peter Dundas

Peter Dundas

Louis Oliver, Irene Korge, Wayne Newton, & Cathy Jones

Mary Frank, Nick Buoniconti, Dorothy Hamill, & Emilio Estefan

Dara Torres & James Lafferty

Penny Stamps & Joe Manganiello

Trish Bell & Alonzo Mourning

Yolanda Berkowitz & Bruce Bowen

Ingrid Fatio & Scott Erickson

Michelle Rubell & Tico Torres

Millinda & Matt Sinnreich

Lauren Book & Gil de Ferran

Linda Levy Goldberg & Mike Eruzione

Linda Flanagan & Ken Gorin

Wayne Newton & Diane Lieberman

Diane Lieberman, Oscar & Carole Seikaly

Carole & Oscar Seikaly

Michelle & Jason Rubell

Tim Hardaway

Frances Aldrich Sevilla Sacasa & Tim Hardaway

Sheila Hollo & Jeff Conine

Sheila Slewett & Colin Egglesfield

Nir & Sandy Serossi, & Ron Book

Oscar & Carole Seikaly, Frank Amadeo, & Marysol Patton

Tom Murphy, Sean Murphy, Brian Elias, & Morten Aagaard

Morten Aagaard & Amy Sayfie

Christina Getty Maercks, Amy Sayfie, Nicole Sayfie Porcelli, Tina Carlo, & Ade Baptista

Richard & Shelley Golden, & Donald Pliner

Lisa & Donald Pliner, & Shannon Hori

Lisa & Donald Pliner

Lisa & Donald Pliner, & Manny Hernandez

DJ Irie & Bruce Bowen

Ron  Book & DJ Irie

Tracy Mourning & DJ Irie

Katrina Campins, DJ Irie, Stephanie Sayfie, & Randy Fischer

Mariana Cruz

Catherine Merkert

Luciana & Camilo Miguel

Jorge Sanchez Calderon

Katrina Campins

Tommy & Michelle Pooch, & DJ Irie

Ken Gorin, Linda Flanagan, & Seth Browarnik

Manny Hernandez, Seth Browarnik, & Peter Dundas

Manny Hernandez, Suzie Sayfie, Seth Browarnik, & Alberto Tamargo

Carlos & Lori Suarez, & Michael Bernstein

Diane Lieberman, Sir Ivan, & Catia Carlate

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Stephanie Sayfie & Enrique Iglesias

Seth Browarnik, Enrique Iglesias, & Manny Hernandez

Nick & Micky Arison

Stephanie, Amy, Lisa, & Nicole Sayfie

Enrique Iglesias

Bianca at Delano Grand Opening

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Mickey Rourke & Chris Paciello

Miami Beach, FL – January 26, 2012 – Thursday night, Las Vegas’ The Light Group marked their first foray into the Miami market with the Grand Opening of BIANCA at Delano. Invited guests celebrated the re-launch of Delano with an indoor/outdoor celebration featuring musical performances by both Chris Botti and Little Louie Vega, who was joined by Michelle Rodriguez for his live set. Additional celebrity attendees included Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, Jessica Stam, Kevin Connolly, Evan Ross, Sammy Sosa, & Jonathan Cheban. Both Ebanks and Stam donned Versace while enjoying their evening at South Beach’s most iconic hotel.

Ingrid Casares, Chris Paciello, & Andy Masi

Michelle Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, & Jessica Stam

Alex Rodriguez & Ingrid Casares

Michael Capponi & Sammy Sosa

Kevin Connolly

Evan Ross & Little Louie Vega

Selita Ebanks & Michelle Rodriguez

Jessica Stam & Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks & Jessica Stam

Erica Almeida, Jonathan Cheban, Catherine Portes, & Richie Akiva

Jorge & Darlene Perez, & Marty & David Hamamoto

Lisa Cortes, Ingrid Casares, & Jose Ortiz

Lisa Cortes & Ingrid Casares

Wayne Boich, Bert Hedaya, & Cynthia Marin

Jonathan Breene, George Lindemann, Suzy Buckley, & Criselda Breene

Daniela Swaebe & Michael Comras

James Cruz

Jessica Stam & Charlie Wiggins

Alexis Brba & Mark Lehmkuhl

Jamil Bouchareb, Ira Lang, Rich Rinella, Mark Lehmkuhl, Alexis Brba, & Phillip Sylvester

Chris Botti

Sam Robin, Shelley Golden, & Susie Wahab

Jonathan Breene, Raj Vattikuti, & Michael Breene

Ali Mahallati, Iran Issa Khan, & Raj Vattikuti

Ivan Rusilko, Athina Marturet, Michael Gongora, & Iran Issa Khan

Bert Hedaya, Richie Akiva, Kevin Connolly, & Richie Hedaya

Michael Comras, Nicola Siervo, & Antonio Martucci

Michael Capponi, JP Oliver, & Chris Paciello

Chris Botti

Jonathan Cheban & Catherine Portes

Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

James Cruz & Jonathan Cheban

Lyndon Smith & Javon

Michael Drieling & Ricardo Dunin

Lyndon Smith, Shauna Bass, & Jason Odio

Bert Hedaya & Richie Akiva

Richie Akiva & Bert Hedaya

Jorge & Darlene Perez

Linley Edwards & Michelle Rodriguez

Michael Capponi & Alexandra Genis

Courtland Lantaff, Michael Dreiling, Jean Franco Siervo, & Ricardo Dunin

Michael Gross

Lisa Petrillo & Bill McCue

Shelley & Richard Golden

Little Louie Vega & Courtland Lantaff

David Grutman & Chris Paciello

Linley Edwards, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Gross, Selita Ebanks, & Chris Paciello

Andy Masi & Ronnie Madra

Evan Ross, David Grutman, Jonathan Cheban, Burton Wilkins, & Richie Akiva

David Grutman, Alexandra Genis, & Michael Capponi

Carlos Betancourt & Michael Capponi