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Bianca at Delano Grand Opening

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Mickey Rourke & Chris Paciello

Miami Beach, FL – January 26, 2012 – Thursday night, Las Vegas’ The Light Group marked their first foray into the Miami market with the Grand Opening of BIANCA at Delano. Invited guests celebrated the re-launch of Delano with an indoor/outdoor celebration featuring musical performances by both Chris Botti and Little Louie Vega, who was joined by Michelle Rodriguez for his live set. Additional celebrity attendees included Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, Jessica Stam, Kevin Connolly, Evan Ross, Sammy Sosa, & Jonathan Cheban. Both Ebanks and Stam donned Versace while enjoying their evening at South Beach’s most iconic hotel.

Ingrid Casares, Chris Paciello, & Andy Masi

Michelle Rodriguez, Selita Ebanks, & Jessica Stam

Alex Rodriguez & Ingrid Casares

Michael Capponi & Sammy Sosa

Kevin Connolly

Evan Ross & Little Louie Vega

Selita Ebanks & Michelle Rodriguez

Jessica Stam & Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks & Jessica Stam

Erica Almeida, Jonathan Cheban, Catherine Portes, & Richie Akiva

Jorge & Darlene Perez, & Marty & David Hamamoto

Lisa Cortes, Ingrid Casares, & Jose Ortiz

Lisa Cortes & Ingrid Casares

Wayne Boich, Bert Hedaya, & Cynthia Marin

Jonathan Breene, George Lindemann, Suzy Buckley, & Criselda Breene

Daniela Swaebe & Michael Comras

James Cruz

Jessica Stam & Charlie Wiggins

Alexis Brba & Mark Lehmkuhl

Jamil Bouchareb, Ira Lang, Rich Rinella, Mark Lehmkuhl, Alexis Brba, & Phillip Sylvester

Chris Botti

Sam Robin, Shelley Golden, & Susie Wahab

Jonathan Breene, Raj Vattikuti, & Michael Breene

Ali Mahallati, Iran Issa Khan, & Raj Vattikuti

Ivan Rusilko, Athina Marturet, Michael Gongora, & Iran Issa Khan

Bert Hedaya, Richie Akiva, Kevin Connolly, & Richie Hedaya

Michael Comras, Nicola Siervo, & Antonio Martucci

Michael Capponi, JP Oliver, & Chris Paciello

Chris Botti

Jonathan Cheban & Catherine Portes

Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez & Little Louie Vega

James Cruz & Jonathan Cheban

Lyndon Smith & Javon

Michael Drieling & Ricardo Dunin

Lyndon Smith, Shauna Bass, & Jason Odio

Bert Hedaya & Richie Akiva

Richie Akiva & Bert Hedaya

Jorge & Darlene Perez

Linley Edwards & Michelle Rodriguez

Michael Capponi & Alexandra Genis

Courtland Lantaff, Michael Dreiling, Jean Franco Siervo, & Ricardo Dunin

Michael Gross

Lisa Petrillo & Bill McCue

Shelley & Richard Golden

Little Louie Vega & Courtland Lantaff

David Grutman & Chris Paciello

Linley Edwards, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Gross, Selita Ebanks, & Chris Paciello

Andy Masi & Ronnie Madra

Evan Ross, David Grutman, Jonathan Cheban, Burton Wilkins, & Richie Akiva

David Grutman, Alexandra Genis, & Michael Capponi

Carlos Betancourt & Michael Capponi

Jason Binn’s Birthday at Bianca

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Bianca at Delano

Miami Beach, FL – Delano is always the perfect backdrop for an iconic event. There is no hotel in Miami that exudes South Beach quite the way the Delano does. From its classic deco architecture, to timeless sparse design, to the memories that one has of their most glamorous experience at this hotel, you just can’t help but  feel sexy the second you enter the lobby. Tonight you could feel the excitement as a new era began at a legendary hotel. Delano was reborn … but with all of the same classic South Beach characteristics and characters. Only Jason Binn could bring a crowd like this back together with long time friend Chris Paciello. Binn created the South Beach ethos having helped to brand the Delano fifteen years ago as an international hot spot. Tonight, as he celebrated his birthday previewing the hotels new restaurant Bianca (designed by Sam Robins), South Beach’s orginators came to celebrate a man and a property who put Miami on the map as an international jet set destination.

Happy Birthday Jason and welcome back Delano. Two innovative legends that have helped to defin a magical city.

Pharrell Williams & Jason Binn

Haley Binn, Alan, Diane, Nathan, & Jessica Lieberman, & Jason Binn

Rony Seikaly, Chris Paciello, & Jeff Soffer

Jeff Soffer, Ugo Colombo, & David Grutman

Nicola Siervo, Karim Masri, & David Grutman

Jason Binn, Jorge & Darlene Perez

Ugo Colombo, Darlene & Jorge Perez

Ugo Colombo & Pharrell Williams

Ugo & Sara Colombo & Pharrell Williams

Darlene & Jorge Perez

Eric Milon & Sam Robins

Shareef Malnik, Gabrielle Anwar, & Chris Paciello

Nathan & Alan Lieberman

Nathan & Alan Lieberman, & Jason Binn

Diane Lieberman & Melissa Katz

Haley Binn & Courtland Lantaff

Melissa Katz & Gigi Whitman

Gigi Whitman & Oren Halegua

Evan Ross

Jorge Perez & Rony Seikaly

Seth Greenberg & Jeffrey Chodorow

Michael Capponi & Eric Milon

Jason Binn & Eric Milon

Gabrielle Anwar & Shareef Malnik

Ugo & Sara Colombo, Pharrell Williams, Haley & Jason Binn

Ugo Colombo, Pharrell Williams, Darlene Perez, Jason Binn, & Jorge Perez

Chad Fabrikant, Lana Bernstein, & Courtland Lantaff

Jason Binn

Jason Binn

Rony Seikaly, Jeff Soffer, David Grutman, Nicola Siervo, Michael Capponi, Karim Masri, & Ugo Colombo

Stuart Miller, Rony Seikaly, Jason Binn, Jeff Soffer, Karim Masri, David Grutman, & Nicola Siervo

Rony Seikaly, Jason Binn, Ugo Colombo, Jeff Soffer, & Karim Masri

Seth, David Grutman, & Jason Binn

Nathan & Jessica Lieberman

David Siguaw

Eric Milon

Mina & Camilo Miguel

Jason Binn & Jovar Andrews

Seth Greenberg & Sasha Maitymanko

Michael Capponi, Tara Solomon, Nick D’Annunzio, & Eric Milon

Justin & Heather Weisser, & Jonathan Nussbaum

Diane Lieberman & Jason Binn

Pharrell Williams & Jason Binn

Brian Vickers, Cora Skinner, & David Resnick

Martina Borgomanero, Rian Maercks, Nicole Kirigin & Lilly Zanardi

Linley Edwards, Khiara, Olga Pavlova, & Miky Grendene

Lilly Zanardi, Karim Masri, & Nicole Kirigin

Fabian Basabe & Ana Cristina

Miky Grendene & Ugo Colombo

Ugo Colombo, Miky Grendene, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello

Jason Binn, Ugo Colombo, Miky Grendene, Nicola Siervo, & Chris Paciello

Cecilia Benatoff, Haley Binn, & Jessica Dornbusch

Tony Cho & Ximena Castillo

Karim Masri & Miky Grendene

Jason Binn & Guy Chetwynd

Mina Otsuka & Sir Ivan

Haley Binn

Haley & Jason Binn, & Ana Cristina

Happy Birthday Keith Paciello

Friday, May 21st, 2010


Miami Beach – May 21, 2010 – From Liquid to Rokbar to Bella Rose, Keith has been a fixture in nightlife in South Beach for well over a decade. You might see him standing at the door or tucked back by a bar, but rest assure he is watching everything that goes on. His outgoing hard work has helped make some of the hottest places even hotter. Happy Birthday buddy!