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Aventura ParkSquare Hosts Season Kickoff Cocktail Celebration

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Aventura, FL – September 29, 2016 – The highly-anticipated Aventura ParkSquare, one of the country’s most forward-thinking mixed-use development projects with wellness as the cornerstone of its design, hosted a kickoff cocktail event in celebration of South Florida’s bustling social season. Hosted by developer Integra Investments and Aventura Magazine, VIP guests and community leaders were in attendance at the premier sales center for the project which is sure to usher in a modern era for the neighborhood. Special guests were treated to an evening of delectable hors d’oeuvres, desserts and cocktails with lounge music set to DJ Austin Pollis amidst an indoor/outdoor setting of laid-back luxury. At the celebratory gathering at the sleek sales center designed by Steven G. Interiors, those in attendance received the first look at the project’s newly unveiled interior renderings, while experiencing the refined finishes offered to Aventura ParkSquare’s future residents. The nearly 7.5 acre development will encompass 131 luxury residential condos exclusively sold by Crescendo Real Estate, in addition to vast retail, upscale boutiques, fine dining and restaurants, office tower, wellness medical center, and a flagship Aloft hotel.

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David Garazi & Raquel Cohen


Isaac & David Garazi


Daphne Golan & Sissy Avni


Trish Widowfield & Jeff Widowfield


Victor Ballestas, Steven G & Ivan Ramirez


Sima Kohen

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Matthew Albregts & Cesar Santos


Nick Brunzell


Stephanie De Maria


Raquel Cohen & Sissy Avni


Evgenia Zarubin & Victor Zarubin


Ivan Ramirez & Lisbeth Arellano


Austin Pollis


Aristocrazy Hosts Summer Soirée

Saturday, July 9th, 2016


Aventura, FL – July 7, 2016 – Aristocrazy presented its Summer Soirée at Aventura Mall. Hosted by creative director Juan Suarez and tastemaker Daniela Botero, guests included a mix of local bloggers, models, TV personalities and media influencers. In addition to a preview of the brand’s latest collections, the professional beauty team at GLAMSQUAD offered complimentary lashes and summer braids. Delectable bites, craft libations and music completed the lavish experience.

2.1-WRE_9394_new 2.2-WRE_9452_new

3-Daniela Botero4_new

Daniela Botero

4-Daniela Botero_new 5-Daniela Botero7_new

6-Daniela Botero8_new

Daniela Botero

6.2-WRE_8336_new 6.3-WRE_8330_new 6.5-WRE_8546_new

8-Analisa Marecos_new

Analisa Marecos

9-Analisa Marecos1_new

10-Andy Faerman & Jenny Lopez_new

Andy Faerman & Jenny Lopez

11-Karen Carreno & Mario Alzate1_new

Karen Carreno & Mario Alzate

14-Lyssa Goldberg & Melissa Puppo_new

Lyssa Goldberg & Melissa Puppo

15-Lina Zafra & Daniela Botero2_new

Lina Zafra & Daniela Botero

16-Daniela Botero & Juan Suarez_new

Daniela Botero & Juan Suarez

17-Daniela Botero & Priscilla Burgos_new

Daniela Botero & Priscilla Burgos

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29-Jenny Lopez, Analia Marecos, Karen Carreno, Daniela Botero, & Friends2_new

Jenny Lopez, Analia Marecos, Karen Carreno, & Daniela Botero

30-Anna Diug, Juan Suarez, Gemma Galdeano, Gaby Sama, & Cinttya Andalon2_new

Anna Diug, Juan Suarez, Gemma Galdeano, Gaby Sama, & Cintya Andalon

31-Chuky Reyna, Juan Suarez, & Cinttya Andalon_new

Chuky Reyna, Juan Suarez, & Cintya Andalon

32-Bianca Latge, Teresa Vallés, & Vivien Jelena Simic2_new

Bianca Latge, Teresa Vallés, & Vivien Jelena Simic

33-Kimberly Pfaehler, Ana Cristina Mariño, & Jannely Espinal1_new

Kimberly Pfaehler, Ana Cristina Mariño, & Jannely Espinal

34-WRE_8377_new 35-WRE_8380_new 36-WRE_8386_new 37-WRE_9124_new 38-WRE_9581_new

39-Teresa Vallés, Vivien Jelena Simic, & Bianca Latge_new

Teresa Vallés, Vivien Jelena Simic, & Bianca Latge

40-Kimberly Pfaehler & Friend1_new

Kimberly Pfaehler

41-Kimberly Pfaehler_new

42-Jessica Rodriguez & Friend_new

Jessica Rodriguez

43-Jessica Rodriguez & Andres Lopez_new

Jessica Rodriguez & Andres Lopez

44-12-Eduardo Guindo & Teresa Vallés2_new

Eduardo Guindo & Teresa Vallés

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Brooks Brothers Celebrates Aventura Opening

Monday, November 24th, 2014


Aventura, FL – November 20, 2014 – Right in time for the holiday madness to begin, Brooks Brothers officially opened its third Miami location at Aventura Mall last week. Attendees sipped on bubbly and munched on hors d’oeuvres as they took a look at some of the latest styles and trends. Best part of the evening was that everyone was shopping for a great cause as some of the proceeds from the evening went to benefit the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.











Edith Vaca & Vicky Halloun


Ivan Sanchez Pirizhniak & Marc LaMonica


Larry & Susan Jay


Susan Jay, Vicky Halloun, & Joseph Panoff


DJ Jane













Amy Ferguson, Shelli Benfatti, & Hillary Goldberg


Amy Ferguson & Carol Soffer


Maria Pena & Xiema Cabezas

Noemi Rodriguez, Francis Rodriguez, Carlos Caraballo, & Amaria Caraballo

Noemi Rodriguez, Francis Rodriguez, Carlos Caraballo, & Amaria Caraballo

Sam Edelman at Nordstrom

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Sam Edelman

Aventura, FL – March 8, 2013 – Miami’s shoe lovers rejoiced and got to meet designer Sam Edelman at the Nordstrom in Aventura Mall last week. He hosted a meet and greet with his biggest fans while showcasing his new Spring 2013 Collection that has just about every style from wedges and pumps to flats and sandals. Ladies got to shop while sipping champagne and having light bites for a fabulous Friday night. Edelman made his second South Florida stop at the Mall at Wellington Green Saturday evening. Shoe shoppers in the West Palm area got a chance to meet the designer himself and enjoy the special shopping event at Nordstrom as well.

Sam Edelman

Debbie Laglaive & Sam Edelman

Noriko Jimbo & Sam Edelman

Ashley Bennett & Sam Edelman

Amanda Pizarro & Sam Edelman

Lisa Mccormack Burgoyne, Jesse Edelman, & Sam Edelman

Amanda Pizarro & Sam Edelman

Helen Le Van & Sam Edelman

Helen Le Van

Julie Hooper

Marion Vijar

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman

Julie Hooper & Marion Vijar

Sam Edelman

John Dulin, Tacey Powers, Sam Edelman, Trisha Rogers, & Susan Pellish-Thaler

Amanda Pizarro & Olga Pizarro

Julie Hooper & Marion Vijar

Kelly Downey & Sarah Hendricks

John Dulin, Trisha Rogers, Sam Edelman, & Tacey Powers

Celebrity Chef Golf Tournament

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

José Andrés

Aventura, FL – February 23, 2013 – José Andrés and his celebrity chef friends got up at the crack of dawn to make it out to the Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura for a 7:30am golf tournament on Saturday presented by Benchmark Hospitality. Each foursome of golfers was paired with a chef, winemaker, or spirit producer as they made the rounds. It was an eat-as-you-go style of golfing, where food and drink stations were set up throughout the course. Everyone made it through all 18 holes with top chefs Spike Mendelsohn, Tim Love, Edward Lee, Ming Tsai, and Alex Guarnaschelli taking their best swings alongside PGA Latin America Tour Player Willy Pumarol for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

José Andrés

Spike Mendelsohn, José Andrés, Alex Guarnaschelli, & Tim Love

José Andrés & Willy Pumarol

Willy Pumarol & José Andrés

José Andrés

Tim Love

Edward Lee

José Andrés

Alex Guarnaschelli

Ming Tsai

Nadia G.

Nadia G.

José Andrés & Nadia G.

José Andrés

Willy Pumarol

Ming Tsai & Edward Lee

Edward Lee

Spike Mendelsohn & Tim Love

Spike Mendelsohn & Tim Love

José Andrés

Louis Vuitton Aventura

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Aventura, FL – February 7, 2013 – Iconic luxury brand Louis Vuitton has just opened its newest Maison in Aventura at the expansive, upscale Aventura Mall. This is not just merely a store by any means. A Louis Vuitton Maison sets itself apart by offering every product category in both men’s and women’s fashion from leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories to watches and jewelry. But there’s more. The concept of a Maison is that it’s a space which becomes a travel destination- a place people come to see and experience for themselves because of its magnitude. It brings art and cultural elements into retail for sophisticated shoppers to have an unforgettable experience. Maison Aventura really incorporates the artistic element not only with its exterior, but also with the interior’s permanent and rotating exhibitions. It’s also the first store to offer “Made To Order Shoes” for men and among the first to introduce the custom handbags for women. Step inside the all-new Louis Vuitton Maison Aventura as we take a tour on opening night.

The Maison stands out from the rest of the mall with its beautiful all-white, bi-level exterior designed by architect Peter Marino, making it among the largest in North America.

A unique three radii staircase connects the two levels, making a grand entrance for anyone who walks down it. Made of polished stainless steel and glass with handrails wrapped in Louis Vuitton’s nomad leather, the winding staircase leads down to a custom radial teak floor made to size for the Maison. Hanging above the grand staircase is a permanent sculpture created by the Cuban-born artist and sculptor Jorge Pardo, just for Louis Vuitton.

Women’s ready-to-wear is on the second floor, which is called the “women’s universe.” Step into a woman’s world for elements inspired by land, air, and sea with its lacquered panels resembling water. To complete the space, the second permanent art installation is here: a very feminine, floral collage by Dan Colen.

Guests are welcomed to the world of Louis Vuitton with an art exhibition space in the vestibule of the store’s main entrance. Designed as a rotational exhibition space, prominent artists for the cultured Miami clientele are featured. The first to be shown is visual artist Janaina Tschape, debuting a joyous and colorful video accompanied by two paneled “paper cuts”.

John Mulliken, John Batchelor, Craig Robins, Janaina Yschape, & Herve Mikaeloff

Jackie Soffer, Craig Robins, Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet,  Mathieu Le Bozec, & Michael Burke

Jackie Soffer, David Goubert, & Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet

In a different form of art, the “men’s universe” holds the very first “Made to Order Shoes” salon in the United States. It’s the combination of Louis Vuitton’s history and traditional old-world craftsmanship with a passion for innovation that brought about this level of service and personalization. Shoes are the most sophisticated and telling accessory a man can wear, which is why Louis Vuitton has gone to such great lengths to make them spectacular.

Gentlemen choose between six models in classic and elegant lines, four types of soles and three different insteps to give each shoe character and define its style. He then chooses from eight types of superior quality leathers to be hand cut-anything from grains calf leather to something exotic like alligator, ostrich, or python. These leathers are treated into eight elegant and deep shades. Finally, the owner’s initials can be embossed inside the shoe for a hidden signature to make it truly his own. “Made to Order Shoes” bring out the top-notch innovation and quality a guy can buy in allowing him to custom design a pair of shoes to reflect his own personality.

In celebration of the big opening, shoppers got some insight into Louis Vuitton’s heritage with live demonstrations of the brand’s expertise. Seasoned artisans were onsite showing their highly-specialized skills from the House’s shoe atelier in Fiesso D’Artico. They used the finest tools and very meticulous artistry to showcase the craftsmanship of the iconic LV trunks and hand-painted techniques used on leather goods.

The made-to-order leather goods service gives women the rare opportunity to enjoy a special personalization of an iconic bag- a must for any devoted Louis Vuitton fashionista.

The Haute Maroquinerie salon is the part of the Maison where women can customize their very own Louis Vuitton bag. Women choose from five classic shapes in 26 colors, eight beautiful types of skins, and two sizes to create their very own, unique bag. There’s also a private garden terrace for the ladies to enjoy while their bags are being hand-crafted in the salon. Hand-painted and stitched, these bags are the definition of luxury in the most artistic and fashionable way.

Since Louis Vuitton is the epitome of luxury suitcases and travel trunks and bags, opening night featured an Art of Packing demonstration in the Maison’s new travel room.

Shoppers learned how to make the most out of a Louis Vuitton trunk and how to pack and fold essentials properly for smooth traveling.

Debra Scholl & Sarah Scholl

Don & Michelle Soffer

Howard Weinberg & Don Soffer

Carole Seikaly

Joyce Gato

Michelle Varat & Typoe

Yaniv Cohen & Stefanie Reed

Carole & Oscar Seikaly

Christina Termine & Brittany Lopez

Rubin & Leeat Ben Harroush

Brigitte & Michael Burke, & Gary Lewis

Soraya Fays & Cedric Aumonier

Vincent Pages, Joshua Phillips, & Nelson Giacometto

Dana & Gary Shear

Nancy Murray

Brooke Soffer & Jackie Soffer

Mathieu Le Bozec & Michael Burke

Glen Singer & Lisa Stein

Sol & Alejandro Biel

Joyce Gato

Artefacto Home Grand Opening

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Aventura, FL – July 12, 2012 – Artefacto Home opened its doors in Aventura as the largest luxury furnishings destination in Florida with an elaborate champagne celebration for over 2,000 VIPs. Guests were greeted with a pair of “dancing chandeliers” as aerialists dangling from chandeliers performed while pouring champagne.

Celebrating Artefacto’s 10th anniversary year, owner Paulo Bacchi debuted his 42,000-square-foot concept store, unveiling a mega-luxe design playground of crystal white floors with hundreds of exclusive interior and outdoor designs.

Artefacto has become the biggest name in home furnishings in Miami, nurturing its own brand of global design for developers, designers and homeowners. Notable guests included Paulo and Lais Bacchi, DJ Irie, Tracy Mourning, Romero Britto, Helio Castroneves, Ricardo Dunin, Alexia Echeverria, and many more.

Briggs Solomon

Helio Castroneves & Paulo Bacchi

Romero Britto, Lais Bacchi, & Paulo Bacchi

Paulo Bacchi, Ricardo Dunin, Amy Zakarin, & Courtland Lantaff

Alexia Echevarria, James Davis, Tracy Mourning, & Herman Echevarria

Lukas Klessig, Marcella Novela, & Daniel Novella

DJ Irie


Paulo & Lais Bacchi

Cindy Resnick, Helio Castroneves, & Janete Slosberg

Lottie Mithcell & Anna de Ferran

Metis Atash, Briggs Solomon, & Sharon Rauvola

Andrea Sanchez & Jasmine Izaguirre

Xavier Carville & Emily Doreen

Marcella & Daniel Novella

Tracy Mourning & Paulo Bacchi

Asha Elias & Juliet Velez

Nicole Mejia & Jamtz Babie

Gary & Dana Shear

DJ Irie, & Dana & Gary Shear

Herman & Alexia Echevarria

Elizabeth Amador Escobar & Natalie Mor

Jim Mozina & Amy Zakarin

Ticiane Justus, Roberto Justus, Lais & Paulo Bacchi

GUESS 30 Year Anniversary

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Aventura, FL – April 26, 2012 – The 30th Anniversary Private Shopping Event at GUESS Aventura Mall allowed guests to enjoy exclusive offers including triple points & premium gifts from GUESS and OPI with any purchase, plus 10% of all event sales benefitted Save the Children.® Those who attended were the first to shop the limited-edition GUESS 30th Anniversary Collection while enjoying hors d’oeuvres & champagne.

Anna Conti

Torsten Borchert & Constanze Kamin

Tracy Larkee & Danielle Castrillo

Amanda Terry & Joanna Materna

Dre Veliz & Sheryl K.

CH Carolina Herrera Boutique Opening

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – March 8, 2012 – Mrs. Carolina Herrera and hostess – Catherine Anne Markert, Christina Getty-Maercks, and Sarah Pendergast celebrated the grand opening of the CH Carolina Herrera Boutique in Bal Harbour Shops, with a percentage of sales through the weekend benefiting the Jackson Memorial Foundation. The new space embodies the spirit of warmth and elegance, which is consistent throughout CH Carolina Herrera worldwide with the use of rich materials like grey oak, wenge and tinted walnut.  With signature touches of red throughout and a juxtaposition of texture and proportion, the interior achieves a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance. With a total distribution in 26 countries, the CH Carolina Herrera Bal Harbour opening was one of many this year for Carolina Herrera, contributing to the current 83 free standing locations and 190 shop-in-shops worldwide.

Carolina Herrera

Sam Robins, Iran Issa Khan, Carolina Herrera, & Irene Zingg

Catherine Anne Markert, Christina Getty-Maerks, Nina Miguel, Tammy Napoli, & Tamara Galinsky

Sam Robins & Christina Getty Maerks

Catherine Anne Markert & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

Eddy Goicolea & Kat Rivas

Karen Soto & Beatriz Grande

Jean Marie Kouri, Nina Miguel, & Vaida Harvey

Nina Miguel & Valda Harvey

Christina Getty Maerks & Saun Lightbourne

Christina Getty Maerks & Tammy Napoli

Emilia Boulton, Rodner Figueroa, & Maria Teresa Picon

Tamar Burton, Denise DiMare, & Linda Mondragon

Edlin Hernandez, Irene Hernandez, & Joceline May

Anthony & Deborah Lennon

Sofia Llaneza & Essie Llaneza

Eveliny Klein

Darcy Towsley, Nina Miguel, & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard

Barbara Hevia & Michelle Machin Jefferies

Deborah & Anthony Lennon

Fabiola Velarde & Vanessa Trujillo

Nicole Boswell & Saun Lightbourne

Hernan Bas Louis Vuitton Installation

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Aventura, FL – March 2, 2012 – Louis Vuitton commissioned Miami Native artist, Hernan Bas to create an installation for Louis Vuitton Aventura. As part of this exhibit, Bas created an original Louis Vuitton inspired film and sculpture installation which explored the art of travel, a theme synonymous with the Mansion’s heritage, tradition, and creative spirit. Using his own creative expression to interpret the notion of travel and personal exploration, the sculpture features assorted bindles, created from Louis Vuitton’s iconic canvas, borne on long birch branches.

Hernan Bas

Welcome Home Veterans Day Ceremony

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Chris Bosh

Aventura, FL – November 11, 2011 – In cooperation with the Miami VA Healthcare System, the City of Aventura hosted a “Welcome Home” Veterans Day Ceremony honoring the sacrifices made by our Veteran heroes, including our newest generation of Veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The public was invited to hear stories of sacrifice and honor and thank our Veterans for their service to our country. Chris and Adrienne Bosh atteneded the ceremony to commemorate the armed forces alongside Mayor Susan Gottlieb.

Adrienne & Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh & Mayor Susan Gottlieb

Mayor Susan Gottlieb

Adrienne & Chris Bosh

Chris & Adrienne Bosh

Chris Bosh

Zo’s Summer Groove Golf Classic

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Aventura, FL – July 22, 2011 – Zo’s Summer Groove Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Golf Classic Presented by Hublot Watches, Coca-Cola & beverages by BACARDÍ Rums: Kicking off the weekend, Zo’s Summer Groove Golf Classic debuted it’s new location at Fairmont Turnberry Isle. Welcoming golfers to South Florida’s premier golf course with a breakfast reception, beverages and post-event award reception with dessert buffet, this exclusive course is where Zo, celebrities and professional athletes play. The event opens doors for ticket holders to play the course, and for the first time, the option to play with a celebrity.

Alonzo Mourning

Erik Spoelstra, Alonzo Mourning, & Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor & Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning

Anthony Anderson

Jeffrey Donovan

Anthony Anderson

Jamal Thomas & Jason Taylor

Alonzo Morning, Jason Taylor, & Terry Kirby

Terry Kirby, Jason Taylor, & Alonzo Morning

Alonzo Morning & Terry Kirby

Alonzo Morning, Roland Martin, & Lamar Thomas

Alonzo Mourning & Jeffrey Donovan

Bill Russell

Bruce Bowen

Bruce Bowen & Alonzo Morning

Bruce Smith

Lamar Thomas, Jason Taylor, & Terry Kirby

Anthony Anderson

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Morning & Roland Martin

Jason Taylor

Alonzo Morning, Terry Kirby, & Jason Taylor

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning & Jeffrey Donovan

Bruce Smith

Lamar Thomas

Orlando “El Duque” Pedroso

Steve Stowe, Anthony Anderson, Mike Walker, Kenny McCormick, & Brian Hecker