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L’Appartement Grand Opening

Thursday, February 25th, 2016


Miami, FL – February 23, 2016 – Design enthusiasts found a new place to discover some iconic pieces and shop as they joined L’Appartement in celebrating the grand opening. L’Appartement is a new kind of place to find design pieces, furniture, accessories and home decor signed by European Designers. This unique concept store is organized as a true Parisian apartment, with different rooms, a boudoir, a dining room, a casual living room, a more classic one and the kids room. the kitchen is the central area of the house and as soon as you push the door, you can already fell at home. Colorful, warm and eclectic, L’appartement Store only showcases exclusive design brands.

7-_N3A8751_new 8-_N3A8778_new 9-_N3A8395_new 9.2-_N3A8600_new 9.3-_N3A8552_new

10-Maria Elena Sanchez, Emmanuelle Bernard & Sarah Hamon _new

Maria Elena Sanchez, Emmanuelle Bernard, & Sarah Hamon

11-Amanda Williams & Kristelle Gauchet_new

Amanda Williams & Kristelle Gauchet

11.5-Adam Redolfi & Valentina Colman_new

Adam Redolfi & Valentina Colman

11.7-Jerome Cherki & Robert Chafin_new

Jerome Cherki & Robert Chafin

11.8-14.1-Florian Jouin, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Soledad Lowe & Emmanuelle Bernard_new

Florian Jouin, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Soledad Lowe, & Emmanuelle Bernard

11.9-Jerome Cherki, Emmanuelle Bernard & Christian Bernard_new

Jerome Cherki, Emmanuelle & Christian Bernard

12-_N3A8606_new 12.4-_N3A8614_new 12.5-_N3A8746_new 14-_N3A8476_new

14.1-Herrard Marie Sophie, Christian Bernard, Made He Bernard_new

Marie-Sophie Herrard & Christian Bernard

14.5-Guy Tomer & Doug Smith_new

Guy Tomer & Doug Smith

14.7-Michael Vandermael & Fernanda Espejo_new

Michael Vandormael & Fernanda Espejo

14.8-Emmanuelle Theard, Claire Savoldelli & Benjamin Zaeringer_new

Emmanuelle Theard, Claire Savoldelli, & Ben Zaehringer


16-Justin & Soledad Lowe_new

Justin & Soledad Lowe

17-_N3A8425_new 18-_N3A8472_new

19-Miguel Lewis & Monica Arellano_new

Miguel Lewis & Monica Arellano

19.5-Laila Rocha, Claire Malouli & Monica Diaz_new

Laila Rocha, Monica Diaz, & Claire Malouli

20-Vanessa Coopmans & Anna Laniado_new

Vanessa Coopmans & Anna Laniado

21-Paul Mansonhing, Oscar Arevalo, Melanie Oliva, Mike Oliva & Gustavo Alonso_new

Paul Mansonhing, Oscar Arevalo, Melanie & Mike Oliva, & Gustavo Alonso

22-Mary Montes & Maria Garcia_new

Mary Montes & Maria Garcia

23-Maria Elena Sanchez & Coral Conway_new

Maria Elena Sanchez & Coral Conway

24-Jerome Cherki & Andrew Olis_new

Jerome Cherki & Andrew Olis

25-Chloe Dolandis_new

Chloe Dolandis

48-Florian Jouin, Laure Williams & Christian Bernard_new

Florian Jouin, Laure Williams, & Christian Bernard

49-Florian Jouin, Emmanuelle Bernard, Eduardo Hepp, Stephen Pelliccia & Randy Bullard_new

Florian Jouin, Emmanuelle Bernard, Eduardo Hepp, Stephen Pelliccia, & Randy Bullard

49.5-20-Melanie Fields & Louis Gachelin_new

Melanie Fields & Louis Gachelin

50-2-_N3A8639_new 51-1-_N3A8539_new

51.5-Stephen Pelliccia, Eduardo Hepp & Randy Bullard_new

Stephen Pelliccia, Eduardo Hepp, & Randy Bullard

51.7-Ricardo Tojdowski, Eduardo Hepp, Stephen Pelliccia & Randy Bullard_new

Ricardo Tojdowski, Eduardo Hepp, Stephen Pelliccia, & Randy Bullard

51.8-Yamile Mathurin, Emilia Howard, Adrian Avila & Juan Betancourt_new

Yamiley Mathurin, Emilia Howard, Adrian Avila, & Juan Betancourt

51.9-3.5-Mary Montes, Adrian Avila & Maria Garcia_new

Maria Garcia, Adrian Avila, & Mary Montes


Adrian Avila

53-3-Adrian Avila_new

55-5-Adrian Avila1_new

ArtNexus Party presented by Park Grove

Sunday, December 7th, 2014


Miami Beach, FL – December 5, 2014 – In celebration of Art Basel, the 13th edition of the annual ArtNexus Party was hosted by Terra Group and The Related Group at their joint development; Park Grove with architecture by OMA/ Rem Koolhaas. The party included a silent auction curated by ArtNexus Editor and Founder Celia Birbragher to benefit the ArtNexus Foundation and a   commissioned site-specific installation by renowned artist Ivan Navarro curated by Sofia Casarin, Liaisons Corporation. Dance Floor, as the title of the installation suggests, is an interactive space of 3,000 square feet of mirrored floor with an array of suspended transit objects –traffic signal lights and police car bar lights– in conjunction with a live music performance by the artist. The installation overall, reflects on what the artist calls an “urban theatre,” where objects are de-contextualized from their original   urban function and transformed into a new form of public art experience. The event was supported by partners Tui Lifestyle, Warren Henry, Tabacasa, Bacardi, Penfolds and Redbull.











DJ Mauricio Parra


Celia & Susanne Birbragher



Ivan Navarro, Celia Birbragher, Susanne Birbragher, & DJ Mauricio


Susanne Birbragher


Susanne & Celia Birbragher













Estefania Mai & Mora Barber


Flavia Russo & Faye Falangola




Steve Benisty & Anna Laniado


Clara Bullrich & Jose Lain


Joy Dean, Shane Elipot, Sofia Casarin, & Jose Carlos Diaz


Jacquelyn McCaw, Stacy Sagel, Benjamin Nicolas, & Ashley Hodas


Alfredo Ginocchio, Jose Carlos Martinat, & Andrew Ferrero


Edith Dicconson & Everard Findlay


Daniela Cordova & Eduardo Saenger


Daniela Cordova, Eduardo Saenger, Sofia Casarin, Itzel Mendez, & Matthew Carpenter


Kristen Goodrich & Jose Bedia


George Hidalgo, Fidel Lopez, Carmen SantaMarina, Juan Carlos Aragon, & Juan Delgado


Alina Delavega, Sabrina MacLean, & Milena Arango


Alina & Mayi Delavega, & Alans Berdoure


Susie Perez & Claudia Torres


Mora Bacal, Diego Bianchi, & Maia Guemes




Sofia Casarin & Ivan Navarro


DJ Mauricio Parra & Ivan Navarro


Carolann Ross, Amanda Ellison, & Sofia Casarin


Jennifer Gerson & Joycelyn Bejar


Natalia Marti & Aleix Barba

Burberry Fall/Winter Presentation

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Coral Gables, FL – October 10, 2013 – When you receive an invitation for an exclusive Burberry experience, it’s not something you pass up, especially when it is linked to a great cause. At the Village of Merrick Park, the brand presented its fall/winter 2013 collection with Eduardo Barco and Angela Maria Tafur Barco and Susanne Birbragher as hosts. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Give to Colombia, a non-profit organization that creates, promotes and facilitates alliances between international donors and Colombian grassroots organizations. A portion of proceeds from purchases of the collection’s heart-adorned button-ups, burgundy booties and decadent handbags all benefited the organization from the night of the event through the 17th for invitees.

Susanne Birbragher & Criselda Breene

Susanne Birbragher, Criselda Breene, & Carole Vargas

Ortal Simoni & Leeat Benharrouch

Adriana Companet & Anna Laniado

David Ludwick & Ortal Simoni

Lorena Torres, Pilar Larraz, Paola Vergara, & Carole Vargas

Candelaria Badessich, Claudia Ammirata, Magali Laplana, & Juana Castaneda

Carolina Lanao, Adriana Rendon, Angela Maria Tafur, Susanne Birbragher, & Magali Laplana

Susanne Birbragher & Philippe Houdard

Adriana Rendon

Natalia Ariza

Diego Sanabria, Katya Tsvetova, & David Ludwig

Lorena Torres & Criselda Breene

Lorena Torres & Criselda Breene

Erika Correia & Adriana Companet

Claudia Ammirata, Alejandro Cure, & Carolina Lanao

The Art of Illumination

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Miami, FL – November 10, 2012 – Saturday, The Wolfsonian Visionaries hosted their third annual fundraising event, The Art of Illumination, to benefit The Wolfsonian–Florida International University. The event, which focused on the power and beauty of light with LED light installations from local artists and designers featured throughout the venue, was held at the historic Moore Building in the heart of Miami’s famed design district. The evening coincided with the museum’s seventeenth anniversary and featured signature dishes from Miami’s top restaurants and caterers, as well as top shelf spirits from Bacardi, music, and entertainment.

The evening’s theme of illumination was inspired by the Arts of Illumination: Illuminating the Arts, an exterior facade project funded in part through a Knight Arts Challenge grant with support also provided by the Jerome A. Yavitz Charitable Foundation, Isabel and Marvin Leibowitz, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Visionaries challenged a small group of Miami-based artists, designers, and creatives to rethink the influence and everyday use of light with LED installations to be auctioned off at the event. Participants were invited to design an object using Lighting Dynamics LED strip lighting in a way that promotes ambiance, beauty, and innovation. All proceeds from the silent auction will benefit The Wolfsonian.

In addition to the installations and auction, other highlights included dance performances inspired by art, architecture, and the idea of illumination by Dance NOW! Miami throughout the evening. A pop-up museum shop was featured with items for sale including novelty items created specifically for the event and will benefit the Visionaries. The design and construction of the pop-up shop was being donated by Bloom Interior Architecture.

Cathy Leff & Ian Rand

Micky Wolfson, Jessica Londono, Cathy Leff, & Michael Gongora

Doug Scott, Adrienne bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Olga Granda-Scott

Adrienne bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, & Olga Granda-Scott

Susanne Birbragher, Vivianne De Kuyper, & Aranza Gayosso

Beto Girladi

Beto Girladi

Michael Katz, Jesus Bravo, Nisi Berryman, Lisa Austin, & Jim Hofford

Kira Kaplan, Jennifer Pear, Nima Zaney, & Jill Barzilay

Beverly Barrett & Silvia Barisione

Daniel & Marcella Novela

Clarisa Brignone & Erin Nehama

Cathy Leff, Ian Rand, & Mylinh Nguyen

Beverly Barrett, Micky Wolfson, Cathy Leff, Silvia Barisione, & Aaron & Quetsy Puckett

Carl Hildebrand, Cathy Leff, Ian Rand, & Olga Granda Scott

Chris Adamo, Randi Wolfson, Micky Wolfson, Doug Scott, & Olga Granda-Scott

Chloe Cheltz, Olga Granda-Scott, Doug Scott, & Lucia Schito

Edward Nieto, Nisi Berryman, Olga Granda-Scott, & Doug Scott

Ian Rand & Mylinh Nguyen

Tommy Gomez & Derrek Roncek

Susanne Birbragher & Enrique Rubio

Aimet & Josh Oberhausen, Chloe Cheltz, & Darin Held

Nikolay Nedev, Cristina Canton, Elizabeth Cardona, & Peter Nedev

Lidia Nunez & Melissa Shalloway

Melissa Shalloway

Valeria Soltanik & Anna Laniado

Chloe Cheltz & Darin Held

Susanne Birbragher & Vivianne De Kuyper

Lou Montello, Andrea Vasquez, Sherry Venger, & Kevin Venger

Milena Magrinelli, Darin Held, Lucia Schito, & Nisi Berryman

Hernesto Aragon, Sean Black, Dunja Pacirski, Ian Rand, & Christian Avila

Chloe Cheltz, Olga Granda-Scott, Doug Scott, & Lucia Schito

Randi Wolfson, Chris Adamo, Lauren Zuckerman Saab, Jennifer Efron-Duffy, & Aubrey Duffy

Jessica Wade Pfeffer, Lauren Deutch, & Anne Owen

Sharon Rauvola, Joy Longhino, & Buffy Rappaport-Koczwara

Aimet Oberhausen, Ian Rand, & Michelle Areces

Ian Rand & Michelle Areces

Julie Wright & Erin Wolfe

Fendi at De La Cruz Collection

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Miami, FL – March 13, 2012 –FENDI held an exclusive event at the De La Cruz Collection in celebration of their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and partnership with DASH. 200 VIP clients and Miami’s finest guests enjoyed champagne, a private gallery viewing, and an intimate seated dinner. Attendees also observed the domestic premiere of the FENDI Spring/Summer 2012 runway show. The event was supportive of DASH’s Young Designers Scholarship Fund.

Walid & Susie Wahab, Anne Owen, Rosa & Carlos De La Cruz, Stacy Van Praagh, Susanne Birbragher, & Craig Robins

Rosa & Carlos De La Cruz

Ken Lyon & Carlos De La Cruz

Jorge & Amanda Rodriguez

Susie & Walid Wahab

Stacy Van Praagh & Susie & Walid Wahab

Stacy Van Praagh, Walid & Susie Wahab, & Rosa De La Cruz

Carlos De La Cruz & Craig Robins

Susanne Birbragher & Stacy Van Praagh

Craig Robins & Rosa De La Cruz

Dean Christopher, Katharine Rubino, & Stephen Brunell

Carlos De La Cruz & Debra Scholl

Craig Robins & Susanne Birbragher

Anne Owen & Carlos De La Cruz

Sam Robin, Walid & Susie Wahab

Stacy Van Praagh & Stephan Brunell

Criselda Breene, Michelle Areces, & Katharine Rubino

Carolyn Travis & Dan Mikesell

Craig Robins, Stacy Robins, Joan & Jerry Robins

Stacy Robins, Jerry & Joan Robins

Erica Fickling & John Lin

Gotmar Gorin & Katharine Rubino

Linda Swayze-Butler & Melissa Swayze

Jon Lin & Pearl Lee

Criselda Breene & Susanne Birbragher

Robin Kaplan, Michelle Areces, & Anna Laniado

Romina Earis, Alonso Escudero, & Ana Hughes

Cathy Leff & Carlos De La Cruz

Don Rubell & Carlos De La Cruz

Beau Beasley & Michelle Pooch

Carlos De La Cruz

Tara Solomon & Nick D’Annunzio

Lilaj Segal, Susanne Birbragher, Criselda & Jonathan Breene, & Susie & Walid Wahab

Iran Issa-Kahn & Sam Robin

Dennis Scholl & Debra Scholl

Manny Machado, Luis Rigua, & Anne Owen

John Lin, Suzy Buckley, & Josh Woodward

Rosa De La Cruz & Stacy Van Praagh