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Andre Saraiva x Mickey Madden at The Surf Lodge

Monday, December 7th, 2015


Miami Beach, FL – December 4, 2015 – The Surf Lodge with Andre Saraiva and Mickey Madden hosted an intimate dinner created by Chef Spike Mendelsohn, featuring exclusive performance by Collapsing Scenery. Andre Sariava was also on hand to do a live painting for guests to admire.

2-Jihad Harkeem & Julia Fox2

Jihad Harkeem & Julia Fox

2.5-Danni G & Jihad Harkeem1

Danni G & Jihad Harkeem

3-Ben Mills, Jordan Stephens, Azim Majid & Nichole Fitch3

Ben Mills, Jordan Stephens, Azim Majid, & Nichole Fitch

4-Alex Weiss, Maia Wojcik, May Kwok, & Faran Krentcil2

Alex Weiss, Maia Wojcik, May Kwok, & Faran Krentcil

5-Kelly Taub, Esther Park, & Anie Mys7

Kelly Taub, Esther Park, & Annie Mys

6-Kelly Taub & Esther Park3

Kelly Taub & Esther Park

7-Megan Howe & Laurel Pearcy1

Megan Howe & Laurel Pearcy

8-Michelle Crosby1

Michelle Crosby

9-Kiko Baixauli & Felicia Marquez5

Kiko Baixauli & Felicia Marquez

10-Thaila Ayala & Julia Faria3

Thaila Ayala & Julia Faria

11-Taeko & Asuka1

Taeko & Asuka

12-Lindsay Colley & Jenny Held3

Lindsay Colley & Jenny Held


Lindsay Colley


Jenny Held

15-DJ Wade Crescent5

DJ Wade Crescent

16-DJ Wade Crescent1

17-Jenna Snyder-Phillips, Teri Kaplan, & Katie Sharrar3

Jenna Snyder-Phillips, Teri Kaplan, & Katie Sharrar

18-Elaine Roark, Helena Kubicka de Braganca, & Dannies Swatosh1

Elaine Roark, Helena Kubicka de Braganca, & Dannies Swatosh

19-Jon Picco & Charlotte Dawes2

Jon Picco & Charlotte Dawes

20-Michael Regester & Lexi Ench2

Michael Regester & Lexi Ench

21-Huy Tran & English Berthoumieux1

Huy Tran & English Berthoumieux

22-Maria Rubin & Layne Smerilson3

Maria Rubin & Layne Smerilson

23-Stacy Engman3

Stacy Engman

24-Millie Brown, Ellen von Unwerth, Stacy Engman, & Angela-4

Millie Brown, Ellen von Unwerth, Stacy Engman, & Angela

25-Dana Wood, DeDe Guthartz, Wendy Cohen, & Rachel Jablow5

Dana Wood, DeDe Guthartz, Wendy Cohen, & Rachel Jablow

26-Dana Wood, Wendy Cohen, & Rachel Jablow3

Dana Wood, Wendy Cohen, & Rachel Jablow

27-Sinclair Tucker, Meghann Cannon, & Paige Elkington3

Sinclair Tucker, Meghann Cannon, & Paige Elkington

28-Meghann Cannon & Sinclair Tucker1

Meghann Cannon & Sinclair Tucker

x-Dan Single, Bambi Northwood Blyth, & Jordan Barrett1

Dan Single, Bambi Northwood Blyth, & Jordan Barrett

y-Kieren Taylor & Julie Long1

Kieren Taylor & Julie Long



Miley Cyrus Performs with the Flaming Lips at The Raleigh Hosted by Tommy Hilfiger, Jeffrey Deitch, & V Magazine

Friday, December 5th, 2014

01-37 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

Miami Beach, FL – December 3, 2014 – Last night was without a doubt one for the books as Tommy Hilfiger, Jeffrey Deitch, and V Magazine hosted an exclusive Art Basel opening night celebration at The Raleigh with special performance by Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips. It was truly a performance to remember as Cyrus captivated the crowd with her lively personality and killer sounds. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott, along with artists Romero Britto and Kehinde Wiley were amongst the sea of fans watching the wild performance.


Miley Cyrus





Miley Cyrus




10-23 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

11-22 Miley

12-20 Miley

13-34 MIley

14-21 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

15-35 MIley

16-33 miley

17-32 Miley

18-31 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

19-30 Miley

20-28 Miley

21-29 Miley

22-36 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

23-38 Miley


25-27 Miley



28-17 Miley

Miley Cyrus

29-18 Miley

30-19 Miley

31-26 Miley

32-25 Miley

Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips

33-24 Miley

34-5Tommy Hilfiger & Dee Ocleppo

Tommy Hilfiger & Dee Ocleppo

35-6 Dee Ocleppo

Dee Ocleppo

36-7Dee Ocleppo & Marc Quinn

Dee Ocleppo & Marc Quinn

37-8 Dee Ocleppo & Marc Quinn

38-Patrick Schwartznegger, Britto, Dan Bilzerian, & jeffrey Dietch

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Romero Britto, & Dan Bilzerian

39-Jeffrey Deitch & Andre Saraiva-1

Jeffrey Deitch & Andre Saraiva

45-Jeffrey Deitch & Andre Saraiva

Jeremy Scott

41-Tommy Hilfiger & Marc Quinn

Tommy Hilfiger & Marc Quinn

42-Tommy Hilfiger

Marc Bell & Tommy Hilfiger

43-4Nelly Hooper & Tommy Hilfiger

Nelly Hooper & Tommy Hilfiger

44-2Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

46-Jeffrey Deitch & Romero Britto1

Jeffrey Deitch & Romero Britto

47-Jeffrey Deitch & Romero Britto2

48-14Anthony Shriver & Romero Britto

Anthony Shriver, Tommy Hilfiger, & Romero Britto

49-13Romero Britto & Anthony Shriver

Romero Britto & Anthony Shriver

50-Romero Britto & Kehinde Wiley

Romero Britto & Kehinde Wiley

51-16 Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley

52-Dee Ocleppo & Victoria Silvstedt

Dee Ocleppo & Victoria Silvstedt

53-Ines Rivero

Ines Rivero

54-10Marc Bell & Jenn Dale

Jennifer & Marc Bell

55-12 Jean Pigozzi & Yvonne Force

Jean Pigozzi & Yvonne Force

The Gale – Art Basel Miami Beach

Friday, December 13th, 2013


Miami Beach, FL – December 5-7, 2013 – This year during Art Basel Miami Beach, The Gale transformed into a playground of music and fashion-driven events. On the rooftop, a Tiki Disco took over, bringing the masses of Miami, as well as the cool kids from New York to its open sky venue.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the hotel, Rec Room made the metamorphosis from Miami club to home to Chez André for night after night of karaoke, sung by everyone from the local set to celebs. But that wasn’t all for the space. On the final night of Art Basel, the space lent itself as a satellite local for Amy Sacco’s No. 8, which packed in the celebs as well. The Gale was, without a doubt, a place to see and be seen this past artful week.

Chez André

In the basement of The Gale at Rec Room during Art Basel Miami Beach, the party got started with Chez André’s pop up. In collaboration with Andre Balazs and Andre Saraiva, the karaoke-centric event, which originally started during New York Fashion Week at The Standard East Village, made its way to Miami for another round of fun, only this time it was amid the wood walls of the hotel’s lower-level club. On the second night of the pop-up party, Adrian Grenier stopped in for a follow-up after his performance the night before of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” for an audience that included Nicole and Lionel Richie. Later in the night, Paris and Nicky Hilton joined the party and caught up with Grenier. On Friday, Savannah Buffet took to the stage to sing The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”



Paris Hilton


Josh Wagner & Paris Hilton


Nicole Richie


 Matt Cohler, Adrian Grenier, & Nicolas Ullman



Matt Cohler & Adrian Grenier





Adrian Grenier


Nicolas Ullman



Andre Saraiva


Josh Wagner, Sebastian Puga, Andre Saraiva, & G. Love


 Patrick McMullan & Jeffrey Deitch


Adrian Grenier & Patrick McMullan



Adrian Grenier


Josh Wagner & Andre Saraiva



Josh Wagner & Merlin Bronques



Suzy Buckley Woodward


Criselda Breene, Christina Getty-Maercks, & Suzy Buckley Woodward


Rich Santelises


Nur Khan


Nur Khan & Lauryn Flynn


Andre Saraiva


 Adrian Grenier & Apollonia Vanova


Lauren Andrews, Steve Tisch, & Andrea Tamburello


Josh Wagner & Nayara


Patrick McMullan & Fabian Basabe


Patrick McMullan & Sarah Arison


 Paul Mcgilloway & Adam James


Adam James



Fabian Basabe & Tayo Otti


 Hari Kalyan, Chelsea Wilkerson, Rosie Odonnel, & Julie Long







Fabian & Martina Basabe


Josh Wagner



Whitney LeMonte


Janna Vanburkleo & Elle Evans



DJ Ruvan






 Rony’s Photobooth & Merlin Bronques



Merlin Bronques, Giavonna Brascia, & Charis Kirchheimer


 Kim Goss, Noah Flom, Gerry Graham, Zey Halici, Natalie Gryzwa, & Stephen Ligambi


Alethea Myers & Eric Hoower


Josh Wagner & Paul Harris


Sebastian Puga


Janna Vanburkleo & Elle Evans




No.8 at Rec Room

The last night of Art Basel of Art Basel was celebrated with the No. 8 pop up at Rec Room, where Amy Sacco hosted, along with Joshua Wagner and Bobby Rossi and three-time Grammy nominee Mike Larson spun a mix of hip-hop. Serena Williams popped in to get her groove on with her entourage, and ended up dancing the night away.



Amanda Digiovanni, Angela Laino, & Waleuska Pallais

Amanda Digiovanni, Angela Laino, & Waleuska Pallais


Alex La Cruz & Tracey Lansing


Bette Ann Schlossberg & Lisa Nicole


Jared Jukel & Paris Alana


Matt Brooks & Marni Blickman


Shaolin Low & Frances Smith






PAPER Magazine & Tiki Disco at Gale Rooftop

The Gale was a hotspot for Art Basel Miami Beach soirees, including Tiki Disco Miami, presented by PAPER Magazine, Perrier, ASOS and Refinery29. With music by DJs Eli Escobar, Andy Pry & Llpydski, providing background tunes, the Brooklyn summer party made its way to Miami Beach for a three-day pop-up club. Opening night took place on Thursday, December 5 on the roof of the Gale Hotel. Attendees included fashionistas to nightlife gurus and celebs like Kellan Lutz, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Hannah Bronfman. Guest DJs Justin Miller and Rory Phillips also took to the decks to bring a little ear candy to the fete.











Lorraine Sangre


Lincoln O’Barry


 Rose Frick & Two Squared


 Candace Lott





Kailey Magder & Vanessa Hoza


Amanda Del Duca & David Lundblad


 Georgia Luzi


 Catalina Martinez, Brie Allio, Natalia Castro, & Josh Fu


 Nicole Ianniello, ASTR, & The Knocks


 Brooks Kossover & Kelsea Dakota











Rob Life




 Albie Alexander, Josh Wagner, Travis Bass, & Ro Anand


The Gale & Regent Hotel

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Josh Wagner

Miami Beach, FL – December 19, 2012 – If ever there were a property to adequately represent the ever-evolving dream of what South Beach is and will forever be, said real estate would need to speak to the city’s architectural introduction of Art Deco design, the rooted and rich cultural diversity and SoBe’s sometimes infamous reputation for breeding all things charming and wild. Gale South Beach and Regent Hotel fit the bill rather perfectly.

The Art Deco hotel, originally constructed by architect L. Murray Dixon circa 1941, can be credited for coining the classic boutique hotel concept. But with the influx of massive resorts and skyscrapers rising along Collins Avenue like wild fire, the popularity of the property eventually lost momentum. While our attention may have drifted, those of us born and bred in Miami never lost sight of what made South Beach, well, South Beach.

Cue 2012 and Menin Hotels resurrected Gale South Beach just in time for a peek during Art Basel Miami Beach. Slated to officially open late January 2013, LDV Hospitality’s nightlife venues during Basel gave locals and international guests a preview of coming attractions. “We are thrilled with our Art Basel week and preview of our food and beverage venues at the Gale Hotel: Dolce Italian, Rec Room, and the Regent Cocktail Club,” says John Meadow, Principal at LDV Hospitality. “For years we have been planning our revitalization of the property and developing experiences that embrace both the grandeur of Collins Avenue but more importantly the laid back charming beach life of the local community.”

“Personally, my best night was Saturday night in Rec Room,” Meadow adds, “because I finally got over my opening week jitters, let loose and rocked it with DJ Matteo. There is no greater feeling in this crazy business than experiencing one of your charming dreams brought to life.”

While we reflect back on our Basel nights at Gale South Beach, including Le Baron’s opening night party, Alec Monopoly’s live artwork installation at Rec Room, and StyleCaster’s “Miami’s 20 Most Stylish” bash, LDV Hospitality’s Miami Managing Partner Josh Wagner gives us even more insight into the newly-unveiled locale.

Q: You’ve overseen a long list of Morgans Hotel properties including Skybar at the Shore Club, Sunset Lounge at Mondrian, and Florida Room at the Delano. What makes Gale South Beach a particularly special project for you?

A: I’ve had the privilege to work in some great properties over the years and have worked with some remarkable people. I was lucky to have started my career working with a company that was founded by Ian Schrager, the man who coined the phrase “boutique hotel”. Over the years the term has been brutalized and we now see 300 plus room hotels calling themselves “boutique”.

The Gale is truly boutique, an 87-room hotel driven by four food and beverage outlets. This is what the original formula was based upon: a thoughtful, well-designed hotel that’s driven by its common areas. What I particularly love about the Gale is that we are building a brand from scratch, we are not replicating anything and everything here is an original concept. We are building the ethos and we are creating the story and we hope our guests will feel that when they walk in the door. We have paid attention to every detail, making sure to give the space soul.

Our goal with this project is to provide friendly, attentive service offering a quality product with programming to match. This property is being built with the local customer at its core. I have lived in Miami for 12 years and pride myself on being a local and delivering a product that will not only make our out of town guests pleased, but also offer them an authentic local experience.  I hope to make this town proud by offering an unparalleled space built by Miami for Miamians.

Q: With so many other events taking place around town, how were you able to properly curate the list of those that would take place at Gale South Beach during Art Basel?

A: The project was ahead of schedule so we had to make it all come together very quickly. This time taught me how important our relationships and friends really are. We were able to call upon our friends and make great things happen on the fly. Everyone we partnered with was someone that we understand, and vice versa, so it all felt natural and everyone was all-smiles during the entire week.

Q: What were some of the highlights from Art Basel at Gale?

A: There are so many to list. The opening night with Le Baron, they are old friends and this was a great way to kick of the week. Alec Monopoly doing a piece live in Rec Room, The Krug Dinner with Adrian Grenier, The launch of our BeachKred party and Santlov’s Tunnel Gallery, Spencer Tunick’s champagne reception, Falling Whistles’ installation in the Regent Cocktail Club, StyleCaster taking over the property for one night, our partner Amy Sacco being the amazing woman she is every night, Demi Moore closing down Rec Room three nights in a row, and many more to list, but the biggest highlight was seeing smiles from ear to ear on our guest’s faces. Art Basel 2012 was a memorable week and a great way to preview the property!

Q: You’ve been witness to some pretty epic moments in Miami nightlife. How will Rec Room and Regent Cocktail Club be different from other places on South Beach?

A: The goal is not to be different; rather, the goal is to complement the great venues this city has to offer! I am not just talking about South Beach, I am talking about Miami as a whole. As a city we are no longer separated by a bay, we are a city to embrace as a whole and we want to be a place that complements everything this city has to offer. We have world-class nightclubs, lounges and restaurants and the goal for Rec Room and Regent Cocktail Club is to be considered world-class destinations as well.

For Rec Room we are going to provide high-energy fun, great drinks and amazing music that will feature 70’s, 80’s, funk, disco, soul, and old school hip hop. In The Regent Cocktail Club we are going back to basics and have assembled a stellar bar team that can provide perfectly crafted cocktails in a setting that allows a conversation and an opportunity to discover new spirits and cocktails. We have a staff that can educate if a guest is interested, and will do so without being pretentious. Our goal is to be friendly, attentive and deliver a quality product, and we hope that is something that is not considered different in this town, for Miami is getting better every day and these should be considered norms.

Here’s a toast to Gale South Beach for everything it was, is and will be in 2013 and forward.

Additional Photos: Nathan Valentine, Ryan Troy, & Matt Root

Le Baron Opening Night at Rec Room on December 4, 2012

On the opening night of Art Basel, the Rec Room opened its doors for the first time ever for a legendary evening and a phenomenal way to start off the week.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst & Tony Shafrazi

Danny Moorla, Julian Lennon, & Josh Wagner

Jose Parla & Danny Moorla

Jose Parla

Josh Wagner & Sam Keller

Josh Wagner & Sam Keller

André Saraiva & Josh Wagner

André Saraiva

Marc Spiegler

Greg Boust & Benjamin Moreau

Greg Boust

Greg Boust & Josh Wagner

Sebastian Puga

Philip Rebeiz

Lionel Benseroon & Josh Wagner

Lionel Benseroon, Josh Wagner, Roy Alpert, & Tolga Albayraka

Nektar De Stagni, Nicole Soden, Nick Theobald, Jayma Cardoso, & Bhakti Baxter

Ricardo Dunin

Domingo Zapata

Flavia Tallo

Grisell Tudisco & Flavia Tallo

Alejandro Gonzalez

Gioia Jansen

Alejandro Cabanellas

Sam Keller

Marc Spiegler

David Simkins & Allese Thomson

Bette Ann Schlossberg & Devin el Tigre

Bette Ann Schlossberg

Alejandro Gonzalez

Roy Alpert, Josh Wagner, & Golden Boy

Josh Wagner, Allese Thomson, & David Simkins

Tommy Saleh & Josh Wagner

Danny Moorla & Sebastian Puga

Ricardo Dunin

Todd Goldenfarb

Louis Aguirre & Kamal Hotchandani

Josh Wagner, Domingo Zapata, & Sarah Mirmelli

Tony Shafrazi & Philip Rebeiz

Bibs & Alan Roth

The Arab Parrot & Lincoln O’Barry

Tolga Albayraka

Roy Alpert & Nick Scappa

Nick Scappa & Peter Richardson

Alejandro Cabanellas, Golden Boy, Lionel Benseroon, & Sebastian Puga

Evelyn Castro

Joshua Phillips & Dov Konetz

Todd Goldenfarb & Alan Roth

Nicole Soden

André Saraiva

Alec Monoploy Live Art Installation at Rec Room on December 5, 2012

Alec Monopoly, A$AP Rocky, & Dan

Alec Monopoly & A$AP Rocky


Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles’ home base was inside the Regent Cocktail Club the entire week of Art Basel. The installation spread awareness to end the deadliest war on the planet in the Congo.  The Regent Cocktail Club was a place for conversation and cocktails to raise awareness and support for the cause.

Kwasi Gyasi, Darin Vartanian, & Joy Rheman

Elide Rita, Tini Courtney, & Gaelle Dreyfus

Darin Vartanian, Tommy Banis, Adam Moonves, & Tate B

Krug Dinner with Adrian Grenier at Dolce on December 6, 2012

Adrian Grenier

Sarah Arison

Rec Room on December 6, 2012

Adrian Grenier

Eugene Remm & Katia Tallarico


December 7, 2012

The Stylecaster party celebrated of the 20 most stylish Miamians took place at the rooftop at the Rec Room and throughout the entire property.

Paul Sevigny & Josh Wagner

Ari Goldberg

James Wark

Ryan Schinman & Josh Wagner

David Schenchmann & Eric Marx

Anastasia Ganias & Lisle Richards

Ben Pundole, Chelsea Leyland, Erica Domesek, & Joey Carlucci

Chelsea Leyland & Ben Pundole

Erica Domesek

Crispy Soloperto


Marni Blickman

Crispy Soloperto


December 8, 2012

Amy Sacco, Bobby Rossi, Josh Wagner and Bungalow 8 hosted celebration of the arrival of the RecRoom.

Dave Welty & Alex Osorio

Karlie Reitano & Joanne Birkitt

Morgan Dorr & Amanda Estrella

Spencer Tunick Cocktail Reception at Regent Cocktail Club on December 7, 2012

Spencer Tunick & David Hershkovits

Spencer Tunick & Josh Wagner

Spencer Tunick & Carlo McCormick

Spencer Tunick & Eric Doeringer

Esteban Cortazar

Gale Shuffleboard on December 10, 2012

Hendricks Gin rooftop shuffle board Tournament was the perfect way to wind down from Art Basel. Hendricks Gin cocktails accompanied by an old Miami pastime created a relaxing, cool environment.

Ebany Binks, Anna Mixon, & Adrian Grenier

Laura David, Julien Meidioni, & Samuel Ammar

Julien Meidioni & Samuel Ammar

Jacqueline Sanabia & Craig Okun

Michelle Findeis & David Pipier

Nick Nistico & Jim Ryan

Armani Ramos, Nick Nistico, & Jim Ryan

Armani Ramos & Nick Nistico

John Lermayer & Nick Nistico

Le Baron & Chez André

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Andre Balazs & Chelsea Handler at Chez André

Miami Beach, FL – December 6-8, 2012 – To kick-off the 2012 activation of Le Baron, we paid tribute to the Parisian nightclub and its annual participation in Art Basel Miami Beach with a flashback from evenings past. And now that this year has come to a close, we’re wrapping up our Basel coverage with yet another Le Baron recap (including the hilarious karaoke night we spent at Chez André) from the outpost’s most recent festivities.

Per usual, the guest list was strictly A-list and the integration of mystery locations made each night of the pop-up wildly anticipated. If you weren’t there (or didn’t get in) here’s a look past the velvet rope at Nikki Beach, Jelsomino and other hosting venues.

Pharrell Williams at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Andre Saraiva & Emmanuel Perrotin at Orchid for Le Baron

Julian Lennon at Chez André

Benjamin Moreau, Nicolas Ullman, & Andre Saraiva at Chez André

Andre Saraiva, Andre Balazs, & Chelsea Handler at Chez André

The Strokes at Chez André

The Strokes at Chez André

Johan Lindeberg at Chez André

David Prutting

Nick D’Annunzio at Chez André

Seth Browarnik & Nick Scappa at Chez André

Fabian Basabe at Chez André

Greg Frehling & Karina Ors at Chez André

Sebastian Puga & Ben James at Chez André

Sebastian Puga, Gabriella Lopez, & Kathy Rigal at Chez André

Andre Balazs & Sebastian Puga at Chez André

Andre Balazs, Lucy McIntyre, & Sebastian Puga at Chez André

Greg Frehling & Karina Ors

Greg Frehling, Karina Ors, Lincoln O’Barry, & Jesse at Chez André

Johan Lindeberg at Jelsomino for Le Baron

Sam Keller & Lincoln O’Barry at Jelsomino for Le Baron

Lincoln O’Barry, Grisell Tudisco, & Rich at Jelsomino for Le Baron

Grisell Tudisco at Jelsomino for Le Baron

Grisell Tudisco

Le Baron at Orchid

Melissa Katz at Orchid for Le Baron

Joshua Winstead & Emily Haines at Orchid for Le Baron

Lillian Banderas, Chris Allen, & Najara Isawesome at Orchid for Le Baron

Anastasiya Siro, Andre Saraiva, & Victoria Golembiovskaya at Orchid for Le Baron

Andre Saraiva, Scout Willis, & Emmanuel Perrotin at Orchid for Le Baron

Kristian Gonzalez, Michelle Leshem, & Sean Drake at Orchid for Le Baron

Cindy Borjas, Kristian Gonzalez, Michelle Leshem, Sean Drake, & Marissa Battista at Orchid for Le Baron

Tara Sokolow-Benmeleh, Grissell Tudisco, & Flavia Tallo at Orchid for Le Baron

Ivory, Joshua Winstead, & Emily Haines at Orchid for Le Baron

Ivory at Orchid for Le Baron

Debra Anderson & Hugh McGrory at Orchid for Le Baron

Carla River at Orchid for Le Baron

Joules Scott Key & Alef Molinari at Orchid for Le Baron

Z Larner & Sheldon Scott at Orchid for Le Baron

Jessica Naimark & Tara Sokolow-Benmeleh at Orchid for Le Baron

Madison Utendahl & Scout Willis at Orchid for Le Baron

Mariale Medina, Annette Perusquia, & Olga Medina at Orchid for Le Baron

Ryan Wollner, Olga Shlyakhova, & Stefan Seo at Orchid for Le Baron

Paulina Leroy at Orchid for Le Baron

Waris, Victoria Alexandra, & Johan Lindeberg at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Maria Cecilia at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Karen Careno, Valentina Salas, Algeria Beracasa, & Silvana Kiss at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Ashleigh Hults, Ashley Wirkus, & Cristina Gibson at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Shannon Richardson, Mathew Dipple, Alexandra Wetzeo, & Lisa Pomares at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Ken Yamaguchi, Elsa Lagaron, Lisa Mimoun, Nayrouz Tatanaki, & Rafael Hermen at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Sidonie Pascaud & Alix Thomsen at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Julia Issembert & Blake Weinberg at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Kristian Laliberte & Natalie Obradovich at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Stamatis Astra & Diane Mantouvalos at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Sarah Owen, Dan Kurtz, & Dana Dynamite at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Alex Cohen & Anne Huntington at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Kara Cozzolino, Rebecca Damavandi, & Laura Schirato at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Anna Plaks & Katie Gowdy at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Diorely Cid & Erika Gomez at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Tony & Ximena Cho at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Gina Bulgin, Kalani Fo, & Jenni Capurro at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Maria Cecilia & Julia Acevedo at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Sophie Murrell & Sarah Owen at Nikki Beach for Le Baron

Farewell Sebastian Puga

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – I met Sebastian when he first started out as a hip kid promoter doing parties, that for the first time, made me feel old. Sebastian and his crew which consisted of Paulo, Tatanka, Roy and EVERY hot young South Beach model composed what they call, 150. The 150 people at a party that really make it hot. They were it. Not only did Sebastian start a whole new era in South Beach by bringing the new crowd to the clubs, he was smart and business savyy. His good relationships soon paid off and his career soared. Club management deals and director of events positions were being offered, and now, his major move to NYC to run events and what may be the coolest spot in the whole city – Le Bain at The Standard. Good luck, you truly deserve the best !

Sebastian Puga & Kristin Cavallari

Sebastian Puga & Lil’ Jon

Sebastian Puga, Wade, & Luke McEacharan

Sebastian Puga

Sebastian Puga, Lisa Treister, & Kelis

Simon Rex, Sebastian Puga, Jimmy Debello, & Andre Legacy

Michelle Woods & Sebastian Puga

Sebastian Puga & Sam Keller

Cisco Adler & Sebastian Puga

Ernesto, Alicia Rodriguez, Eric Dunshee, & Sebastian Puga

Alex, G.Love, & Sebastian Puga

Anna Mixon & Sebastian Puga

Zack Bush, Navin, & Sebastian Puga

Cuba Gooding Jr. & Sebastian Puga

Diego Garcia & Sebastian Puga

Golden Boy & Sebastian Puga

Kristian Gonzalez, Sebastian Puga, & Johnny The Boy

Jake Jefferson, Sebastian Puga, Ben Pundole, Felix Da Housecat, Seth, DJ Irie, & David Barton

Sebastian Puga, Tatanka, Leigh Lezark, & Geordon Nicol

Lucy McIntyre & Sebastian Puga

Michelle Leshem, Roy Alpert, Sebastian Puga, & Melissa Leshem

Seth Miller, Nick Montealegre, Anna Mixon, Sebastian Puga, Wade Crescent, & Dashil Hernandez

Paul Sevigny, Andre Saraiva, & Sebastian Puga

Pauly Shore, Devyn Ackerman, & Sebastian Puga

Sebastian Puga, Andy Rourke, & Joshua Menendez

Sam Baum, Sebastian Puga, & Theopholis London

Sebastian Puga & Jake Jefferson

Sebastian Puga & Johnny The Boy

Sebastian Puga

Sebastian Puga & Roy Alpert

Sebastian Puga & Ruckus

Sebastian Puga

Sebastian Puga, Joshua Menendez, & Tommie Sunshine

Sebastian Puga

Spencer Project, Sebastian Puga, & Gabriella Lopez